What to expect from this weekend’s Universal Medicine Couples Workshop

The Universal Medicine site is advertising this weekend’s couples workshop as ‘available to all’, probably because so few couples have survived cult leader Serge Benhayon’s relationship mangling teachings. A past attendee tells us what transpired at the workshop he attended and the conflict Serge’s sleazy presentation triggered between him and his partner. 

The publicity

The ‘Couples Workshop’ is designed to incorporate the esoteric way of relationship, which is the establishment of harmony via the energetic mediums of expression and communication.

Whilst the workshop is key for those ‘in relationships’, the word relationship applies to all human interactions. Thus, it is open to all who interact with human beings in daily life. This means it is open to all…

Because we are always in relationship, it is wise or at the very least it makes common sense to know how to establish harmonious interactions and interrelations with all those we share life with and or those we meet. In contrast, and if the key factor is not harmony and love, we can make the inescapable activity of relationship one of awkwardness or aggression, one-sided, domineering, bullying and or controlling. The latter evolves no one. Universal Medicine Site

Yah, we’ve all felt the ‘love’ of harmonious Esoteric interactions. I felt the love when the cult tried to shut down my blogs with bogus copyright and trademark infringement claims, or when the mystic dentist tried to have me charged with stalking for politely asking her to stop promoting a sexual predator. For once, though, the cult is right in that bullying evolves no one, proven by the fact UM followers’ brains continue to atrophy.

Seeing the cult is struggling to fill the seats at their sordid presentations, they’ve invited their growing number of single followers to the couples workshop at a special price of $75 while Esoteric couples pay $120 for two.

Note — if you are single or attend without your partner, you will be paired for the day with another single person.

Maybe the matchmaking of Esoteric eunuchs accounts for the extra fifteen bucks.

The teachings

Benhayon’s teachings that have been the death knell for so many previously sound relationships were explored in Esoteric relationships – subscription only and leave your emotions at the door.  Basically, as many of our readers have found, it’s impossible to relate to a partner who is obsessed with Serge and Universal Medicine and becomes uncommunicative, emotionally shut down, obstinately passive aggressive and insists the continuation of the relationship is conditional on both partners paying up to the Livingness death drive and bowing to Serge.

Anyone who joins Serge’s religion accepts sexist stereotyping, unsound health advice, inappropriate touching, the promotion of death and reincarnation over health, life and living, and a high financial expenditure for the privilege. They can then expect to have zero privacy, to routinely have their personal boundaries transgressed and exhibit their sex lives, their gynaecological functions and their histories of trauma and abuse publicly on the ‘truth’ blogs, and to call all of that ‘healing’ and self-loving choices.

Investors are also inclined to wonder why so many partners rebel.

The Couples Workshop ordeal

One of our correspondents attended the relationship workshop at Lennox Head two years ago with his then partner. She, like many of Brides of Serge, had been increasingly disinterested in intimacy since subscribing to Universal Medicine’s squalid Livingness, and as we know, Serge describes men as sex crazed animals while saying women don’t like sex and only do it to please men.

To our correspondent’s surprise, Serge began talking about sex at the workshop and particularly how women could seduce their partners.

He told a long story about how a woman can buy the best dress to excite her partner. The story went on and on which I knew would lead to the woman being her birthday suit. The members were engrossed. The metaphor was supposed to be that by being “themselves” unashamedly they would be the most attractive. No need to dress up.

However, Serge’s description of naked and oiled cult women grew increasingly salacious, and our friend was uncomfortable, particularly since followers had brought their adolescent daughters to the presentation.

He detailed them asking their partners to come and see them when they put their “dress” on and then emerging naked and saying “tah dah!! here I am!” He then said this would result in the biggest, hardest erections in their men.

The cult members laughed but he didn’t find it funny. After the workshop he remarked to his partner that he thought the content was inappropriate. He thought she would be embarrassed as he was and agree, but she dismissed his concerns, and said Serge ‘knew what he was doing’.

Several days later our correspondent says his partner followed Serge’s instructions to the letter and called him into the bedroom whereupon she emerged from the bathroom naked and oiled and said ‘tah dah!’. This disturbed our friend because this was the first time his partner had been interested in sex in months. He was unhappy that first his partner developed a fixation with Serge, and then was sexually manipulated, first to reject her partner, and then to attempt to seduce him seemingly at Serge’s command.

Our friend later contacted other husbands and partners of the Brides of Serge and all of them said they’d experienced the same thing – exactly, down to the last detail.

The Outcome

For our friend and a number of other partners of followers, Serge’s sexual manipulation of his partner, and his uncomfortable experience at the couples workshop were just two of the nails Universal Medicine drove into the coffin of his relationship.

Most of our readers know there are only three possible outcomes from Universal Medicine’s noxious relationship teachings:

  1. Partners overcome their aversion to the cult’s intrusions and surrender completely to the all consuming Livingness.
  2. Relationships continue but with an underlying conflict keeping the situation in a state of tension and discord.
  3. Relationships end and the cult member partner hires Universal Law solicitors Mullumbimby, Lismore and Tweed Heads to take out an AVO against their partner that is usually baseless, which helps them monopolize child custody and secure a property settlement which will find its way into Universal Medicine’s coffers.

Enjoy this couples weekend.

37 thoughts on “What to expect from this weekend’s Universal Medicine Couples Workshop

  1. Watch out for Paula F F F F F Fletcher at the door, craning her neck looking for some more biz like an undertaker at the OK Corral. She’s got the cart outside and the partner all measured up for a fit-up for a good old AVO application. Nothing like throwing some shit early to discredit your next victim. Go in hard and go in fast. Number one rule- All men are bullies, abusive and aggressive. Especially (or when) if they jack up that their partner thinks Serge is a new age messiah or Imhotep reincarnated when he’s really a first rate nutter.

    From section 60cc of the family law act. – ” if a family violence order applies, or has applied, to the child or a member of the child’s family–any relevant inferences that can be drawn from the order….”

    The lesson; If you cant win a case on merits, assuming there are any, make sure you got every card in play. Even the joker and even if it fails most times. Well, I don’t believe in karma but I do believe in consequence. Especially when you play real dirty.

    • Paula Fletcher really is the family law equivalent of an ambulance chaser – except she was part of the crew that planted the dynamite under the relationship train in the first place. Dirty business is booming isn’t it Paula and the less public Cameron book burning Bell? 3 offices now from humble beginnings in Mullumbimby. Not bad going for solicitors from the cornflakes packet school of law. Bring the writs, duckies, and we’ll bring the subpoenas. Or maybe we’ll bring them first.

  2. My heart go’s out to you, Dobbs.

    Here’s the thing: No Woman, no Wayett …

    Ancient well hidden wisdom. Somehow, these days; only true psychopaths seem to know. I don’t get it either.

    Horrible! Hang in there.

  3. I had the pillow case’s and the healing symbol under the bed as well, not to mention Mona Lisa looking down on us watching, lol. Its enough to put anyone of sex, ooops sorry I meant Esoteric Love, lmao. What a Joke of a man that perv Serge is, dumb ass

  4. From the UM sales blurb- “In contrast, and if the key factor is not harmony and love, we can make the inescapable activity of relationship one of awkwardness or aggression, one-sided, domineering, bullying and or controlling. The latter evolves no one.”

    The words one-sided, domineering, bullying and controlling jump out like a four foot zit on the end of Serge’s ugly nose. Why that choice of those particular words? And why is it those words that ex partners or partners of members hear most from the UM’er? Again, in the up-side-down world of livingness, it is the members who become all of these things- on steroids- aided and abetted by the likes of PF.

    One-sided/ You betcha. They have no interest in anyone else point of view. Empathy is a thing of the past. Evil I think they call it.
    Aggression- Turbo charged aggression of non-communication, followed by relentless and mindless self interested decision making. “Fuck everyone else. I need to be self-loving”
    Domineering- By stealth. The introduction of food restrictions, lifestyle restrictions, intimacy restrictions IMPOSED without consultation or reason on the unsuspecting partner of the enchanted member.
    Bullying- Fingers in ears, foot-stomping pig ignorant points of view based on the dim-witted proclamations of Serge, the unqualified snake oil salesman.
    Controlling- Try living with someone with ever increasing religious fundamentalism. It’s very nature is control of reality and making everyone and everything conform to it.

    Serge’s sales blurb reveals the real mangle you will get by outlaying more money with this two bit conman. If you know how to read it. Something Serge shares with his pretend former incarnation, Leo, is he writes all in reverse. But without the panache and completely bereft of any insight or wisdom.

    A relationship workshop from a guy who seduced a young girl in his family home, dumped his wife to shack up with the 16-17 year old girl, then controls her to be his loyal lieutenant, and manipulates his grown children into being sycophantic mini-me’s? Yep. He’s a real expert. Roll up Roll up! Cash please.

    • And word is when Serge dumped Deborah, he used the same excuse so many of our readers have heard upon unceremonious rejection: ‘YOU’RE HOLDING ME BACK FROM MY LIGHT’.

      So original.

      Think about it, our mate paid to attend a couples workshop that caused conflict in an already cult compromised relationship. I’d want my money back. His ex was right though – Serge knows what he’s doing.

      So unfortunately, Dobbsie, your relationship is suffering the long term effects of being Serged. Our condolences to you. One of our other readers talked about his girlfriend, who has a history of sexual abuse, not only being utterly unable to enjoy sex, but being completely distressed by it the further she got into the Livingness.

      Getting oiled up and naked might work in normal circumstances where a relationship usurper wasn’t shifting the goal posts. Your husband is an abuser, a bastard, a pervert, now today let’s turn him on, but let’s have Serge in your head, Chris James wailing in the background and Mona and a clearing candle and some symbols in line of sight. Serge knows exactly how this manipulation wreaks havoc. It is ALL planned.

      The other thing he works is that most people don’t have the confidence to speak openly about sex and particularly in a public situation. Our friend above thought he might have been the only one made uncomfortable by Serge’s sleazy lecture content, but I doubt it. The hard core investors would have been hanging on to every word and laughing with the slimy gags, but there would have been a bunch of people there who were confused, embarrassed or irritated as our friend was, but as in many group situations, they don’t want to rock the boat, and when it comes to sex, they don’t want to appear prudish. Serge knows he won’t get opposition.

      I have written the first of a couple of Esoteric sex posts. It’s not prudery to despise sexual abuse and I’m not afraid to lay out Serge’s revolting sexual exploitation. It’ll go up one of these days…

      • DV it IS ALL part of $erge’s controlling plan, that $erge’s teaching and behaviour is clever and ugly and evil enough to be able perpetuate this thru the blinded loyal cult member’s right thru to their sexual/partner relationships.
        What is acceptable depends on what the $erge says at that time and of course subject to change without notice. To keep the $$$$$’s coming in every way. How dare He.
        How dare he stand there and say these things. I am amazed that there wasn’t a revolt from the menfolk then and there – it is revolting.
        $erge is NO lovegod….
        Moving the goal post’s is a classic number one characteristic of a control freak. Thru confusion $erge keeps control.
        The UMar loses the ability to think rationally just like anyone in a controlling situation.
        Evil evil evil thru and thru.
        To all who have suffered so bad I really feel for you. May justice prevail.

      • I am fine, still tired but have been walking around with an slumbering infection for more than a year before this thing escalated and ended up in surgery or choking in it.
        I wonder what Eunice advice would have been if it comes to that matter.
        Another main concern combined with their esoteric belief system is the fact that anesthesia messes up your prana for quite a while. It takes time to recover from that. Thank god the common sense PL . Surgeon who removed the damn thing knew this too, and didn’t need Serge to spell it out. He gave me a dose which fitted the time he needed to remove the lump to reduce the after effects as much as possible as well. Unfortunately getting the thing out took longer than he thought it would. Which was nervewrecking for the both of us, considered the amount of anesthetics he gave me.
        In the end, however everything worked out well, but the point I am trying to make here is, based on the avoiding all “pranic” substances beliefs which anesthesia obviously is; how do these surgeons dose their anesthetics….?

    • “A relationship workshop from a guy who seduced a young girl in his family home, dumped his wife to shack up with the 16-17 year old girl, then controls her to be his loyal lieutenant, and manipulates his grown children into being sycophantic mini-me’s? Yep. He’s a real expert. Roll up Roll up! Cash please.”
      YKWB – Summed up so so so well.
      What an evil evil scam artist. No doubt Deborah Benhayon and Miranda Benhayon will be there in support of ‘Sexpert so not a lovegod know all know nothing Serge’.
      How come we never hear from Serge’s ex bride Deborah Benhayon and Serge’s current bride Miranda Benhayon?
      Aren’t they allowed to talk? To answer? To question? I wonder how he keeps them quiet.
      I bet they could tell us so so much. What are you hiding girls?
      How weird is it that they are in each others company so much there at UM HQ – so not normal for an ex wife to be with young current wife. Wouldn’t Deborah’s presence there be holding him back from his light? Or maybe she is there to help protect him from the light of truth that would reveal all. So weird. So sick.
      Why is all the talking and defending of Serge left to the fake adopted brides and fake grooms? No surprise that they are trying so so desperately really desperately to shut us all up and close ‘these reveal all’ sites down.
      Also I see Dr Jane Barker (another of Serge’s fake brides) has just had posted an article on how Serge is so wonderful –
      Dr Barker Serge’s evil teachings do not marry at all with anything normal let alone conventional medicine. You know that you should not be promoting such things. Shame on you.

      • The Truth about Esoteric Breast Massage Media Release 24/7/2012
        “As stated above, a very reputable doctor attends our monthly meetings – Dr Jane Barker (who is not a practitioner of the EBM). Dr Barker advises the practitioners about lumps, tissue changes and other things to look out for in terms of signs in a woman’s body to expedite them to seek medical advice. She also updates the practitioners on women’s health issues that may be relevant to assist them in providing a thorough service to all women.”

        Feline says: Do you agree the above quote and article gives the impression Dr J.B is an independent voice? BUT she is NOT and has never been as the article of yesterday shows (see below). She has been involved with Serge’s rubbish for years. I suppose although it appears that she has retired she sure hasn’t retired from using her doctorate to promote all of $erge’s evil $cam’s. How can she stand by and see the devastation to families and still feel that the source of these couple workshops namely Serge Benhayon is in any way healthy? It is sick perverted and destructive.

        “Serge presented to me a new concept – that of the importance of being able to feel energy. Western medicine does not have a name for that energetic life-force that is the difference between living and dying. Serge introduced the idea of energy and how the nature and flow of energy are integral to health and well-being.”

      • All the sergerized doctor’s are scary. I recently had surgery: a huge lump in my throat which was growing with the speed of light, made me look like the elephant man and was infected had to come out.
        The procedure of first having an injection through your throat before they cut it open was scary enough as it was. Fortunately I live on the other side of the world in a big city with pretty good, common sense doctors. But I was absolutely creeped out by the procedure and having to surrender to the plastic surgeon who was on the job to reduce the scar, wasn’t easy and believe it or not; the thought how lucky I was not living in small town Stepford Australia full of sergerized sergeons, as a Serge criticizer, sort of pulled me through.

        • I wondered where you’d gotten to, and we hope you’re on the mend.

          You’ve made a great point, and this is why these people need to be outed. Seriously, who would want to go under Eunice Minford’s knife knowing of her Esoteric beliefs, including the euthanasia fetish? I hope the NHS sacked her.

      • My latest comment ended up in the wrong thread, somehow. But considered the question what Eunice advice would have been in my situation; I reckon she would have advised me nice, long breastmasage.

      • Eunice the NHS surgeon’s advice would have been ‘everything is energy, therefore you got the throat disorder because you looked at a glass of champagne and you were a child molester in a previous life on another planet, men are rapists, Serge is a man of utmost integrity, you can’t know self-love until you’re chronically single like me, and come to my mindfuck and pseudoscience lecture at the Lighthouse and I’ll recite my poetry and treat you to my very warm social skills, that’ll be 80 pounds.’

        Then she’d give you a double dose of anaesthesia to match her standards, and tell you not to be afraid, ‘death is not the end it’s a reuniting with God’.

        Thank God Dr Jane Barker is retired and isn’t a surgeon.

    • SuzyQ,

      “$erge is NO lovegod ”

      You should seriously consider to buy yourself a Trademark: you can make bumper stickers out of that line.
      Think about it….

      $erge is NO lovegod ™

    • Dobbsie, I very much get what you’re saying.

      Serge is into manipulation in order to dominate and control. He does it in a number of ways – sexual divide and rule as described above, and also manipulating followers into serious moral and ethical compromises. There is certainly a voyeuristic element to it. Take Esoteric Breast Massage. Everyone insists SERGE NEVER TOUCHED A BREAST but he invented that abusive perversion, taught it to a selection of Brides and then took satisfaction from them taking it seriously and oh so earnestly practicing it on each other and then developing a large clientele of women willing to have their breasts handled under the most ridiculously bogus therapeutic auspices and charging for it. Deviant is right. Then there’s Deeper Femaleness and other Esoteric Healing techniques he’s devised that give him perverse pleasure as he gets to watch his devotees touch each others genitals and anuses in a group situation – also knowing from his treatment room sorties which of them are victims of sexual abuse.

      I’m never not gobsmacked by UM’s abuses.

      Grian, an observer of a recent UM event said they felt very creeped out by all the touchy feely nonsense that went on between participants, often creepy UM blokes touching other UM blokes’ partners. Our observer said it was nauseating and was concerned at the quality of individual attracted to UM events. Esoteric Sleaze courtesy of the Hierarchy.

  5. What sort of single sane person would go to a couple’s week-end to be paired up with a complete stranger? Such an event could REALLY bring out some strange, not to say dangerous, weirdos.

    • Pretty much any um member who ditched their partner because um told them too and then can’t find another one because everyone else thinks they are bat shit crazy, utterly boring, joyless, lifeless, dullards.

      I like UM in lower case, as in “um…” because thats what happens when you stop thinking, your intelligence shrinks and you end up believing in mermaids and atlantis and evil entities.

      So tell me, how do you know atlantis existed? “um…um… serge told me so”.

  6. susieQ, sorry for not spelling your name out right.

    Even though my auto correct is crazier then I am: my mistake.

    • Well spotted Y- We often forget about the sub business of the kids scamming the members too. Notice how it is only available at courses. Reason? Cash. And lots of it. All the members will buy this CD. Probably 2 or 3 copies each at $25/$30. Somewhere between $50-100K in someone’s pocket. Only when it has dropped from number 1 will they sell it on the internet and bother posting it. That pesky back catalogue of cult hits.

      And the first ever picture of Miranda on the internet. A milestone. Serge must think he has got away with that one now and it is all safe. The members at least have bought the whole story. Or don’t care. ( I think it is that unfortunately)

      There is another lesson in that one page which explains the whole debacle of UM and the head-space of the members. And it is Rebecca back at it again. I am going to quote her here, so it is NOT copyright infringement “Paula I’m not sure how I got a law degree and probably wont need it soon Fletcher”

      “You can’t escape your own glory when you listen to this album. The time has come, as the song goes, for us to know the sacred Kingdom that lives inside us all – no kings or peasants here… just sassy ladies off the high street who aren’t afraid to look sexy (Just Take the Picture), and gentlemen that know how to rock it out with unwavering love and tenderness…This album is at once a whole lot of fun and deeply profound. And yes, I cried on first listen…possibly more than once. .. Article by Rebecca Baldwin”

      The UM narrative is powerful isn’t it. It explains why Joel, Rebecca, Rachel, my wife, the squawking budgies, Neil, Sarah, Hamish et al, can overlook the obvious lies and con. The fantasy of transcendence has them drunk. They’ve become ideologues where the end justify the means. I ask what is the difference between denying and lying, or strapping a bomb to yourself to kill the infidels?? Not a lot. Once someone will lie, scheme, ignore facts and evidence, ignore or participate in abuse to justify their irrational and ill founded beliefs…they are treading the same path as those zealots they no doubt condemn.

      The UM’ers I think in time could kill while saying they are gentle, loving, truthful. To Rebecca and the other members: Do you think the guy walking to the compound to detonate the bomb thinks he is doing it out of hate, or truth? Ponder that for a while. If you can.

    • Hi Y, good to see you back 🙂

      Yes, Miranda – less photographed than the Loch Ness Monster. Serge might have let her off the leash an extra metre to feign that he’s not utterly controlling her every move, thought, word.

  7. Yes, I also tried to feel, if my heart expands with the so called soul-full music. Tried testing how much of my feeling abities from the Unimed Healing Courses (up to Level 4) were still there. It bored me out of my mind and made me cringe because of the bad singing and production. Gluten, dairy and common sense did good work shutting down the esoteric heart, I guess.

    • No Y, you just came to your real senses by your own insights of what is the truth and what isn’t. Bravo. I guess you are now enjoying the wonderful world of the senses again. All the beautiful music, food, and wonder there is in the world! Now that is glory-ous.

      Not the hollow fakery of the Benhayons and their fantastical world of prana, fire, dimwitted doctrines and overpriced CD’s of muzacal pap. Good on you for being yourself. You’re my hero.

  8. Y. Welcome back to all the good things life has to offer and there are many many.
    Good on you for your very courageous commonsense step.
    Scarlet knows from personal experience – you survive and reclaim your life.
    Enjoy enjoy enjoy your life you are worth it. Well done. 🙂

  9. What sort of sycophant needs Serge’s approval so much that he writes about men getting periods too? I am sorry I am all into men and women and masculine and feminine energy etc, but how would we the human race survived thus far if men actually got periods too? This has gone too far. I really can’t stand the way all the UM followers write anything just to get recognised to get heard to get the nod of approval from their leader. check this out http://womeninlivingness.com/2013/08/21/men-periods-and-the-our-cycles-period-app/ Men writing about getting periods and having cycles is BS. Its like saying men give birth. They just don’t so there!!!
    By the way has anyone heard of women trying to out do each other in their Sergey sycophancy ways. Normally when lots of women are so besotted by the one person “stuff” normally happens. “Jealousy, attention seeking, trying to be sexy and pretty” All the “stuff” UMers think they don’t do.

    ps DV how come PP has spell check and you don’t?

    • Ugh, what an IDIOT!

      I can’t read that site. Does my head in.

      ‘la la la, i’m a dude and i liek to concentrayt on my imaginary piriod cos then i won’t have to think about the fact i worship a nasty little pervert liek a GOD, and did i mention the OURCYCLES APP i think is grayt cos poor Natalie needs teh munny, la la la, hey i still have sum munny left, maybee i’ll give it to SERGE’ signed Lee Green.

      It’s another example of the cult transforming grown men into infantile, disempowered, brainless Esoteric ‘females’ to their commercial advantage, while grossly insulting real world human beings of both sexes. The lunacy (yes deriving from the word lunar – moon) never ends.

      Damn that PP. She’s outdone me again. I can’t find a spellcheck setting. Not sure what’s going on there.

  10. Lee is kidding us. The guy’s at the top of the pyramid have been stoned behind the scenes, and cooked this up to trigger us. Laughing their asses off.
    Can’t wait for the rest of the comments!

  11. “On awakening that morning, knowing deeply that this was the first day of my period, I felt everything. The holding back, the pushing, the drive, the burdens I had stacked up… you get the picture.”

    Oh dear.

    SubRosa you are so right, they must be smoking the good stuff. I am not sure how they don’t burst out laughing on stage when they deliver this material. But I am sure the thought of a few more ill-advised clicks on that terrible APP of theirs keeps their giggles at bay as the $$$ roll in.

    • That must have been one hell of a lousy, boring couples weekend;
      Which made Lee “Harvey” Green so passionately reclaim his periods. (LOL)


      Some people better stay away from smoking ” the good stuff”.

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