Esoteric legal action – Universal Medicine’s latest censorship FAIL

XWP-CHARIOTS-OF-WAR-1X02-xena-warrior-princess-18580789-748-576As expected, when I issued counter notices to the Universal Medicine cult’s bogus copyright and trademark infringement notices and agreed to challenge them in court, the legal action was not forthcoming. The threat to suspend this and the FACTS blog has passed and all disputed images have been restored. But we’re not dropping it there. The cult’s aggression and our success at standing up to their bullying has made us more determined to expose their abuses, and tackle them head on, with some special attention for Universal Law solicitors Mullumbimby.

To reiterate, in the last little while, cult graphic designer and business partner to the Benhayons, Desperate Desiree Delaloye, along with Rod Harvey and cult lawyer Paula not on the payroll Fletcher claimed copyright infringement on a number of images from this and the FACTS site. Fletcher also took a punt at trademark infringement over the naming of these blogs. None of the claims had any legal basis, and were a clear attempt at trying to intimidate me and have my blogs closed. When challenged to prove their claims in a court of law they backed down, in spite of telling cult members that they were taking legal action against me.

For cult members who still have any mental faculties intact, I’ll spell it out. Universal Medicine has not taken legal action against me. Their copyright and trademark infringement claims were bogus. The cult knows who I am and where I live and work. If I have written lies on my blogs Universal Medicine is free to clear its name by suing me for defamation. They have the wealth to do so, but haven’t brought legal action against me. THINK for a moment, why not?

I’ve written damaging things on these blogs, and the reason the cult hasn’t attempted defamation action is because they know I can back everything I say. If they bring an action, I’ll bring the best defamation lawyer and a raft of subpoenas and Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine will sink – on the public record and with the cameras rolling.

Taking on the Esoteric goon squad

One of our regular readers contacted me today concerned because my twitter feed had gone down. They asked if the cult had done it. The answer is no. I didn’t have time to check on it, and it bounced back up again – some tech issue between twitter and WordPress, presumably.

However, our reader’s attitude indicates a common misapprehension of the Universal Medicine cult – that they are more powerful and widespread than they really are. As we’ve seen they don’t have the power to shut my blogs or my twitter feed. Rather, the cult has gotten lucky. Bullies they are, and it’s bullying that has seen them fly under the regulatory radar for this long. They’ve relied on none of their victims standing up to them, and until last year that tack worked. They’ve also been in luck because they’ve used regulatory dysfunction to their advantage, along with Google’s paranoia about being sued. It’s the U.S. right to free speech that allows me to criticize UM here on these blogs. WordPress upheld U.S. laws protecting the freedom to expose facts by allowing me the opportunity to challenge the cult’s claims in court. Google Australia allows cults to censor the internet and suspended my Blogger blog, and is censoring Google searches via a bunch of bogus cease and desist requests, without giving me any recourse to fight back in a court of law. Australia’s freedom of speech laws are an aberration.

But minus the cult’s opportunistic exploitation of a legal loophole, they are nothing but a bunch of numbskulled incompetents and try hard bullies who aren’t used to people standing up to them. Pervey Uncle Sergey and his squadron of airheaded arseholes have no special powers, just an exaggerated sense of entitlement, delusional obstinacy and zero scruples, and that’s what makes them dangerous.

Yet, a smattering of media coverage last year, the Rick Ross Forum, and three blogs has done the cult a lot of damage. We are still too few, and if we had more solidarity among those who’ve been damaged by these bastards, we could have brought them down by now. I would like to encourage the cult’s victims, we are stronger when united, and some of you could make official complaints that could have that toxic organization shut down and Benhayon jailed. For the sake of other victims, past, present and future, please make those complaints.

To all our allies, and some of you have no personal involvement with the cult, thanks for supporting us and please keep reading and commenting. We are ludicrously under resourced and we need whatever support you can give.


We are mobilizing to take legal action against Universal Medicine, and are receiving legal advice on several fronts.

  • Class action to retrieve funds for bogus services, such as bogus therapies, EPA money for nothing fees and falsely ‘accredited’ healing courses
  • Class action for victims of sexual or psychological abuse.
  • Action against Universal Law’s, including vexatiously protracted family court proceedings, false accusations of abuse and vexatious use of AVOs.

One of our new team members has successfully fended off an AVO application and accusations of spousal abuse but has been fighting for two years for access visits to his small child at a cost now of $100,000. No surprise, Paula Fletcher is representing his ex.

We are collecting evidence of Paula Fletcher’s conflicts of interest. First of all, we have email evidence of Serge Benhayon encouraging cult members to leave their partners because their non cult member partner is ‘holding them back from their light’. The cult members are then represented by Universal Law. Paula Fletcher has proven she acts for Serge Benhayon with her copyright infringement claim on his ass ugly healing symbols. We have the letter, on letterhead.

BlogDMCAFletcherNemo22082013BlogDMCAFletcherNemo222082013We know portions of property settlements are donated to the cult and Paula Fletcher handles these and bequests. She has her name all over the ‘truth’ blogs – screen-shots taken thanks, and finally we have email evidence of her pressuring her clients against their wishes to take out AVOs against non abusive partners. We are gathering evidence that she is abusing Legal Aid funds to bring vexatious AVOs and deliberately protracted proceedings, and we are organizing to have Universal Law brought to account via due process.

If you were involved with egregious legal battles involving Universal Law, or served with a baseless AVO, and suspect it was at the cult or Universal Law’s instigation please use the CONTACT FORM.

In the meantime, I’m not going anywhere. Even if the cult succeeded in bullying us off WordPress, we were preparing to regroup and launch elsewhere in a secure zone where we can’t be suspended via false claims. In addition, I’m making sure the damning information I have on UM is lodged officially and widely disseminated, so that whatever dirty tricks they resort to next (a knock on my head perhaps, Serge?) the information stays on the internet – where it belongs.

Defamation claim or censorship – Universal Medicine’s false complaints to Google

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21 thoughts on “Esoteric legal action – Universal Medicine’s latest censorship FAIL

  1. That’s me in the image above, by the way, frocked up for the fight, catching the arrows and firing back.

    Now, DON’T FREAK OUT if you’re looking through the site and you find some of the images still missing. I’ll get them back up ASAP. That’s Desiree’s fault because she is illiterate, and her notices confused the very patient and remarkably gracious WordPress staff. Long story but I had to disable some images myself so I could maintain reader access to posts.

    Thanks for all the support everyone. Pageviews jumped way up, and I think it’s because a lot of you acknowledge that if these blogs went down, access to factual information about UM – the stuff the cult doesn’t want you to know – would be wiped from the internet, and the cult would begin to grow again, like an aggressive malignancy.

    Please keep supporting us in bringing an end to the harm.

  2. Whoo hoo, that’s great news and no surprise really. We all knew they were desperate and full of it and couldn’t back it up, and just goes to prove what a $CAM Universal Medicine really is. The cult member’s are complete idiots (Hi Rebecca) and as for Uncle Pervy Sergey, he is just a gutless polished TURD hiding behind skirts and moron so called Professional’s, with no backbone what so ever. Congratulations and thank God for people like you Venus, who stick up to these bullies and Charlatan’s like the SLEAZY Serge Benhayon and his pathetic CULT. Justice will prevail. And as for you Sergio you Dirty Sleazy Pathetic Conman, please don’t despair, no matter what happens, I will see you in Hell, Promise 🙂

  3. Of course they failed, and I am happy you stood up to these bullies who try to use the law erroneously to intimidate and censor. A good precedent has been set and hopefully this will show others that Universal Medicine’s sabre-rattling is nothing but that.

    It is a shame you won’t get your victory in court and the chance to expose them further, but I am sure that day is coming soon.

    Keep up the good work

  4. That is great news Venus. Good to hear WordPress isn’t as uptight as Google was either.

    Paula Fletcher AVO abuse is beyond devious. I hardly can believe this is happening and it must be devastating to the families involved. The danger of UniMed is that they are more than dedicated to spread world wide. All this behind a mask of self loving choices and tenderness.
    Based on complete unfounded esoteric nonsense, which hasn’t anything to do with the real works of Alice Bailey for that matter, as well.

    I wonder how real theosophists would feel if they hear about her being reincarnated in Serge and read through his esoteric b.s. material. But it is almost to embarrassing to ask.

  5. What good news. Not surprising at all.
    What an evil devious $CAM UM and associates are..
    This dangerous $CAM cult must be stopped – sooner than later.
    It’s tentacles have spread we know.
    It is horrifying to know that the likes of Dr Kim and Rachel Hall are lecturing students.

    May the news on this blog inspire and encourage many many others to report what they know and have sadly experienced.
    It will help you and others.

    Oh Golly gosh! You do take such a good photo DV!

  6. Great news, DV. The cult probably thought they had you between a rock and a hard place, but it’s good to see that justice and logic have prevailed so far. Serge needs to learn that he can’t bludgeon into submission any person that discovers and/or exposes his lies and indiscretions.

  7. Yes, thanks everyone. SERGE SAID SO will never be a valid reason to shut down the internet.

    And we can’t get over the irony of the cult hurling around accusations of abuse, when Desiree, Paula and Rod were more than happy to abuse legal process to attempt to intimidate me. In Paula’s case, it’s a calculated and habitual abuse of the system at a devastating cost to families – including children. Children are being prevented from knowing their own parents or other loved ones due to Paula’s false legal claims. We have the evidence to have her stopped and we are putting it into action as we speak.

    At the same time, everyone, never forget the manipulator behind all of this. Dirty Serge.

  8. OLB, I was looking forward to going to hell – at least they’ll have hot chips – until you said Serge will be there. And probably effing Chris James. Personally I’d rather they fucked off to another dimension and became bodies of light or Arcturans or whatever, but leave us hell dwellers in peace.

    And Feline, you know Venus means business when she busts out the bronze and leather tankini. The Lords of Form usually take that as the cue to move home with their mothers. The cult may be advised to pull their stupid heads in.

  9. This is one hell of a blow. Not just to the Universal Medicine thread, but most definitely also to some of the other high profile cases I was following on the Rick Ross forum. I might be sloppy on my spelling, but I am one ‘hell ‘ of reader; with a memory straight from heaven.

    Thank god for that…

  10. DV such fab news – we knew it didn’t we? Bogu$ Bullie$ – $honky $cam and so on and so forth.

    Every now and then I see what’s happening at UM HQ – BUT I always get a headache and want to bang my head on the wall.
    Sickening and sad really their brains have been fried, $B has messed with their heads- like people who have been taken hostage.
    YKWB was so so right it is like it all has a Trojan in it all – antidote = loud anti cult music.

    The link to the article below strikes me so much like a very desperate bullying attempt at damage control.

    Rounding up the UM troops to keep going – UM first no matter what?
    Maybe they will have to do their own workshops when $erge does a runner?
    Or just maybe and hopefully people are leaving the sinking ship.

    DV & PP well done – Here is your “BRAVERY AWARD.” Gutsy Gals! Women with such spine! Love it.
    Keep safe.

    • Pranic music with real voices definitely is a good antidote. So is pranic food like whole weed pancakes with cheese in it, for example. T-bone steaks and french fries made from real solid potato’s.
      Why..? Because it grounds you and these people need more than serious grounding. I will never forget how shocked I was when one of the most capable healers I personally know said that some people should be slept onto the ground, if it came to grounding. Which he btw never did for that matter.
      Hangover from hell can be a quick fix if it comes to grounding as well; as long as you don’t make a habit out of it. But that (of course) is a SubRosa ™.

      And yes DV & PP: Well done!

    • I meant whole wheat pancakes. Sorry, me and my English! (LOL)

      If they start eating whole weed pancakes, they might end up as stoned as Lee was when he reclaimed his periods, which is bad for physical grounding.

          • Ha! I doubt it. Although you probably could lose that gig by writing sensibly.

            I get what you’re saying about the grounding, though. The laxative diet the cult members are on would be messing with their neurological function, which explains the persistent air headedness and hysterics. It’s catastrophically low in B group vitamins, fat soluble vitamins and protein, and if they’re crapping loose or watery green stools, they’d be getting even less nutritional value from their so called fiery foods. Hence the brain atrophy.

    • I think it is Joel’s explanation for what he thinks he is achieving by being loyal to Serge the conman perv. It’s the contents of his mind. The same fantasy they are all involved in that keeps them abusing, denying, lying, criticizing. And rapping, badly. The same sort of fantasy that has brought all sorts of conflict, wars, human suffering throughout our short history. Joel’s- and the rest of the UM’ers- minds are so full of this dream that they can’t see what is really happening about them. Serge keeps shoveling it in, and they keep sucking it up.

      Meantime, we are resistant to the truth of who we truly are. So they say, and therefore justifying their abhorrent immoral behaviours.

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