Cancer is clearing, death is a healing

Damien Hirst, ‘For the Love of God’

Universal Medicine deceptively markets its healing services as complementary medicine when they are in truth body negative and life denying practices aimed at hastening death. Serge Benhayon’s puritanical magical thinking keeps followers in a state of paranoia and dread, where they believe minor emotional infractions are the cause of their illnesses and misfortunes. Writings on Universal Medicine’s propaganda sites on followers’ experience of cancer and their attitudes to death reveal existential confusion. The conflict instilled by Benhayon’s teachings sees them veering between self flagellation and grandiosity, consoling themselves with the belief they are being cleansed in preparation for an elevated rebirth.

Denigrating human life and the human body

In tones of fire and brimstone, Universal Medicine cult leader, Benhayon, portrays life on earth imprisoned in a physical body and having to associate with loveless astral cult members as an aberration, obstructing the faithful from ascending to the divine light of the soul.

With this living prophesy the false Lords will fall. Their hold will no longer be and the rising Sons will unfold the Divine Evolutionary Plan that has always been within. The seed of creation that is stored in the centre of every human being will sprout the knowingness of the Divine Will and express forth the Divine love. We will then arise and the body shall be no more. (Benhayon, 2006, p.165)

Esoteric morality is forever

Not only does Benhayon impose his puritanical brainwashing on followers in this life time, but into their future reincarnations. They don’t only learn to dread life in the here and now, but an eternity of loveless ‘prana in expression’.

If to truly heal the extent of your lovelessness requires you to have 4 to 5 lives that will not be so pleasant, then so be it. The many there-ever-after will be love-filled. (Benhayon, 2011, p.461)

The only escape from perpetual damnation is surrender to the emotionless, self-loving Livingness, ridding oneself of one’s ghastly humanity. His teaching that only Esoteric practitioners are capable of clearing pranic imposts from past lives not only instils dependency on Universal Medicine healing services, but secures commercial demand for his practitioner courses and membership of UM’s exclusive but bogus practitioners association.

Disease as punishment and blessing

Either way, disease is big business for Universal Medicine. Disease prevention is a subscription to the package of indoctrination that constitutes Esoteric clean living. Esoteric healing is not encumbered by attempting to relieve symptoms or treat disease, bypassing attempts to improve health to instead remove the ill energy – prana (Sanskrit for life energy) that Benhayon reckons causes disease. In spite of copious healings and followers claiming to feel good in spite of their illnesses, UM hasn’t presented a single case of successful clearing.

Blogger F, who recently passed away from cancer, promoted the Esoteric approach to management of her condition. She talked about the importance of a positive attitude, and how she was able to laugh in spite of her illness.

Another person had said “It is bizarre that you can laugh with all you are going through” and another said “You must have bad moments”, by which they meant days.

I pondered on all these comments and wondered why it is assumed by many that illness means misery.

Are we looking at illness in a false light?

I remarked to a friend that I would rather have had the cancer than be how I was before the illness.

As is often stated throughout the propaganda blogs, adherence to Universal Medicine’s Livingness saved followers from the degenerate life of sin and misery that preceded it. Born again UM’ers often say how well they thought they were doing until Serge told them, with the help of some trance inducing meditation, how polluted they really were, and persuaded them their whole being and life experience before UM was a pointless, dissolute waste.

Before the cancer I was to the outside world a positive bouncy person who looked after her health and seemed to have a fulfilling career and marriage.

The truth is that image was very superficial. Underneath I was a mess.I felt driven to achieve, to attend to everyone’s needs, to remove their pain, to make the world alright. My confidence was shallow and unsteady. I felt there was something I was missing as a woman. I worked so hard for others I had no quality time with my husband… the list could go on. 

The development of cancer is portrayed as a consequence of errant behaviour, no matter how innocuous. The Livingness death drive allows for no middle ground.

Yes it would have been lovely to have learnt all that I have learnt without the cancer, but those beliefs and ideals were so entrenched I feel I had to be made to completely stop in order to begin to feel what I had been doing to myself.

I have never blamed God for this or felt anger towards him because how I now feel is so very beautiful and so real. I awake feeling love in my body and joy at another day.Things no-one can ever take away from me…

Yet, feeling beautiful and full of love came at a price – rejection of her previous life and previous self for a personality dictated by Benhayon’s life denying doctrine of judgemental self absorption, where emotional expression and critical thinking are considered toxic.

All I needed to do was see the false light I had allowed myself to be in and reconnect to the amazing light I naturally am…

For you it may not be cancer. It may be a cold or a spot which makes you stop and look at the rhythm you are in day to day. Does it confirm and support you to be all of you or is it one dictated by the outside?…

A cold, a spot or cancer – unremarkable symptoms become homogenized with terminal illness – resulting in oppressive paranoia. UM followers can never be free from moral judgements and the notion that living in any way contrary to Esoteric edicts is deserving of punishment.

At first I was ashamed of the illness. I wanted to deny it, keep it secret. I knew it would spoil everyone’s image of me as the healthy one, the one with the answers. I had allowed myself to be in an ill rhythm dictated and driven by others’ needs, ideals and beliefs.

I am no longer ashamed it has happened and I now know the answers lie within.

With some decent therapy F. could have overcome the unnecessary shame she felt, but instead it was replaced with an unhealthy life and body denying cult conversion, where the only options are to surrender to the indoctrination, or risk an eternity of suffering. As convinced as she was that the answers lie within, those ‘answers’ were told to her in detail by Serge Benhayon, via books, EDG messages and podcasts – hundreds of thousands of words, much of it repetitive, programming her and other followers with what they believe to be intuition.

F. perhaps wasn’t aware of the contradictions in her statements.

Illness is not a failure; it is a clearing of what we have allowed in that is toxic to the body. This clearing is part of the process that endeavours to return us to the love we are…

Could it be that if we have been looking at illness and disease in a false light, considering it to be due to bad luck, a virus, an accident, genetics, a punishment, an inconvenience etc instead of seeing it as the loving stop we needed to get back into a rhythm that supports us to be all that we are?…

According to Benhayon’s teachings, illness is a clearing or correction or cleansing – in other words, a punishment for failure to adhere to his impossibly austere rules. F. used the words ‘loving stop’ as a euphemism for a painful, debilitating, life threatening penance for ‘allowing toxic energy to enter’.

You cannot cure cancer if the Soul is saying: this is the way I will cleanse all of you – should we then not learn to see it as a blessing, or better still, as a lesson as to how we have lived in contra to who we truly are? (Benhayon, 2011, p.620)

Medicine & Serge Benhayon – a sinister marketing ploy for an anti-healing con

Followers assert that Esoteric medicine works with Western medicine, and his claim to work with conventional medicine gains endorsement from the cult’s entranced health care professionals, which gives clients a false sense of security. Yet, Benhayon undermines medicine and medical practitioners.

Do not let your doctor/physician/practitioner or the like, advise you on good health and or clean living if they do not look and feel the whole of what they espouse. (Benhayon, 2011, p.479)

Many of our readers know that followers have foregone professional healthcare out of fear that non Esoteric practitioners are working with ‘offending’ energy that will do them harm. At the same time, they’re covertly programmed to disregard health care which aims for any form of relief, focusing instead on death, and banking on the improved rebirth promised by the ‘World’s Teacher’.

Maybe healing isn’t always a cure, living to a ripe old age, getting rid of symptoms, managing an illness or disease, but a way back to our divineness? a beautiful cycle of evolution?

It certainly feels like that to me. So I will continue to smile and baffle those around me and perhaps one day they too will see illness/ disease and healing in a different light. F. Medicine and Serge Benhayon, How Cancer Has Changed My Life, July 7, 2013

The use of Esoteric Healing is not for one to live to a ‘ripe old age’, and nor is it about survival or getting better or curing diseases etc. It is an ongoing process of becoming more love until you are back to the full you = Soul. And hence the process of releasing all that which is not…that which we have chosen to lovelessly let in. (Benhayon, 2011, p.615)

Death is always a healing – and not part of the failure. (Benhayon, 2011, p.599)

Unfortunately the different light F. referred to is Benhayon’s dark glorification of death and the discarding of life.

Invalidating suffering

A positive attitude is invaluable in dealing with illness, however resilience is defined by a person’s ability to function in full cognisance of reality. The troubling side of F.’s baffling smile was the cult programming that dictates repression and denial as ways to cope with illness. F. and medical practitioner, Doctor A., who also has cancer were practically celebratory of their illness, describing cancer as a ‘grace’ and setting unrealistic coping benchmarks. The implication, accompanied by a lot of unnecessary self judgement, is that it’s not acceptable to complain, look bad, experience pain, feel ill or tired, not feel like smiling, or to be overweight. Doctor A. commented on F.’s blog:

I too have cancer and people find this confusing and confronting, in the face of my obvious wellness, lightness of being and vitality. It has been a grace for me too, a FULL STOP and an opportunity to truly feel the way I have been living and to make choices that are truly loving and supportive for me…p.s. Just for the record, everyone, I lost all that weight before the cancer appeared!  Comments on How Cancer Changed My Life

Apart from unnecessarily punishing those who experience disease, magical thinking invalidates suffering. Patients who feel pain or debilitation, fail to look great and maintain cheerfulness are regarded as morally deficient – guilty of failing to suppress emotions or negativity and therefore deserving of disease. The resulting sense of failure merely compounds their suffering.

It is a normal human condition to complain about being sick, having illness or disease and or having an accident or any other unsavoury incident occur. But all of those are forms of healing the lovelessness you have let in by not choosing to express the love you truly are. If only we knew what really comes out of us in an accident or through cancer etc…we would not ever complain. (Benhayon, 2011, p.616)

Benhayon isn’t complaining. Disease, dread and dependency are big business, after all.

A few days after F.’s blog, Dr A. posted her own, and the next post will examine her conflicted reflections on the behaviour she believes caused her cancer, as well as the absence of grief in cult members’ responses to death and dying.

Benhayon, S. The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006

Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011

Follow up: Guilt, death and the absence of grief

10 thoughts on “Cancer is clearing, death is a healing

    • Speechless… I truly don’t know what to say…

      There is no end to the extent of these people’s escapism. Unbelievable!

  1. Can barely believe that as she lay dying she blogged on that site. I hope Serge is proud of himself for twisting her mind right up until the last breaths. Hideous. ‘No doubt she will be having fun with the angels’ says one brainwashed shell of a woman in response.

  2. I mentioned to Venus just recently that I am aware of more than one person who has been misled by Serge’s/UM’s healing and avoiding proper medical treatment, narrowly avoiding death. I won’t go into specifics because the people don’t want to be named or identified. However if I know of several, how many are there out there? Scores, hundreds? And I bet there are some that chose death over treatment, lost in the head trip that Scourge has led them into. We know of at least one for certain.

    There is something very amiss with glorifying disease, especially cancers, because some link has been made between so-called karma, false energetic choices, and disease. But I can see if you’ve had your brain rewired to think there is a link, how that disease becomes something other than what it really is. “OMG, I just got a boil on my bum…it must be because I like looking at girls arses. Whoa, how many lifetimes will that take to heal!?”

    As for the few doctors who promote this stuff, they should be outed by the HCCC. But we know they are a lame duck bureaucracy hell bent on avoiding doing any actual work, so the chances are slim. Meantime, Serge can go on pretending he knows every thing in the universe “energetically” and how by moving our fingers we are causing havoc in the far corner of the cosmos upsetting the armless and limbless entities that communicate by feeling…and the group can walk around telling anyone who has questions…”what, it’s just an alternative healing group…look a basic lecture costs 5 bucks… less than you spend on coffee…why don’t you come along to see what it is really about?”

    The grim facts is, that according to Serge, the only real healing is death. That is what the group is really about, and that certainly is “one-unifying truth” because we’re all going there. Except some of us realize this life is beautiful, fragile, valuable, and truly amazing. And it ain’t Serge or his forever students.

  3. I’ve only just now read that Women in Livingness post that F. wrote before she passed away. I wasn’t aware she had, and I’m sorry to hear it. I don’t apologize for avoiding that blog. It really is too perverse.

    The Accountability team would like to express our deep sympathy for F.’s family and all others who loved her and feel the loss.

    I made a choice to write about F. and also Dr A. in the knowledge that I would be tapping into their highly personal experiences, and conscious of the potential for exploiting their suffering. Obviously, I chose to go ahead with it, because those blogs reveal the extent to which Benhayon’s doctrines infiltrate and exploit the most vulnerable at times when they have a right to find peace. I think it’s important that we don’t shy away from realistically and fearlessly measuring UM’s destruction – menacing to the death, and eating into hopes for future lives.

    F. lived and died with a great deal of unnecessary self blame. It would be comforting to believe she learned to love herself, but it was at the exclusion of major portions of her self and her history – years, relationships, experiences Benhayon would have told her were loveless, rejecting parts of herself she could not forgive but the rest of us would call human and even endearing. No thanks to Benhayon, she could not love the world and carried to the end a sense that the world and society had done her wrong.

    The world may not be perfect, but it’s not that bad.

    Rest in peace, F.

    • You’ve made a good point, Dobbsie.

      UM targets cancer patients – among other vulnerable people with difficult disorders. They know they can get money out of them, because they’re either desperate for a cure or desperate for relief and desperate for answers.

      They’re lured by the ‘healthy living’ and ‘self nurturing’ claims, but the insidious programming is in hate, self hate, judgement and punishment, and we’ve seen the quotes where Benhayon tells his followers to expect to feel worse while undergoing Esoteric bullshit healing, and that symptom relief is passé.

      And then there’s the Esoteric diet/eating disorder, designed to debilitate, and followers are told their symptoms of malnutrition are ‘clearing’ and ‘healing’ of their lovelessness. That malnutrition erodes immunity, and accelerates other types of degeneration, which makes them susceptible to cancer and any number of degenerative diseases.Poor immunity also makes their bodies less able to tolerate treatment and mount a defence against the cancer or illness.

      It’s a LETHAL SCAM.

  4. The creepiest quote on that post comes from Sergio the bullshitter:
    It is a normal human condition to complain about being sick, having illness or disease and or having an accident or any other unsavoury incident occur. But all of those are forms of healing the lovelessness you have let in by not choosing to express the love you truly are.

    Disease is healing. Accidents are healing. Being alive is lovelessness. Love is hate. Self nurturing is denying onself. Self love is unforgiving of one’s humanity. Love of humanity is anti-social narcissism. Compassion is taking on another’s poison. DON’T COMPLAIN!

    No wonder UMers prefer death. No one can live like that.

    • The denial of compassion is an interesting point. Someone close to me passed away not long prior to my encounters with UM, and during the workshops I attended none of the ‘students’ I shared that information with responded or displayed any sort of emotion, just a blank expression as if what I’d said had been utterly irrelevant or inconsequential.

      • It IS inconsequential to narcissists. Serge teaches that sympathy and empathy are poisonous, and to relate as a human being to the suffering of others is ‘pandering’.

        We can’t get over how effective Serge’s sociopathic programming is, because we’ve heard many different versions of your experience. Loved ones will approach a cult member and mention a long term relationship broke up or someone close to them died or became seriously ill, and there’s no response. That’s what Serge calls ‘loving’ and ‘connected’, but the reality tester calls shut down and bastards.

        • At least I was reassured that said loved one was struck down in her prime due to choices she’d made in previous incarnations. It was comforting and not at all offensive to be told that she had it coming, karmically speaking.

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