One year of Universal Medicine Accountability

On UMA’s first anniversary, it’s time to look at what’s been achieved in a year of bashing the Universal Medicine cult, and what hasn’t, and where to from here?

Maximum exposure

August 2012 I read the Da Vinci Mode feature written by David Leser in the Sydney Morning Herald. Ever since my experience with Universal Medicine in 2005 I’d wondered what had become of Serge Benhayon, the treatment room predator, his exorcism cottage industry and his buffer zone of feminine bullies.

Leser’s article disturbed me because it showed Benhayon’s dirty little empire had spread internationally, gained 2000 followers, most of whom are women, and also because it lacked critical details on Benhayon’s disturbing past, UM’s damaging teachings and practices, and its secret culture of abuse – a culture I’d experienced first hand.

With the help of a small community of informants and research of Benhayon’s sordid literature, I began posting those details on the internet, so that a year on, the public now has access to facts the Universal Medicine cult does not want them to know – summarized on the updated Our Mission page.

Partial successes and a false sense of security

We are sure the media exposure last year and the ongoing internet exposure has hit Universal Medicine’s inflated bottom line. Yet, considering the massive profit margin in their money for nothing products and services, although numbers are down at UM events, the Benhayons and others at the top of the Esoteric abuse pyramid are still making far too much cash from inflicting harm.

I’ve also heard that there’s a sense in the Lismore, Byron Bay community that Universal Medicine is being dealt with and brought to account. While the internet is a brilliantly democratic tool for disseminating information, it seems people read our blogs and think that because some evidence of UM’s abuses is now available online, the public is informed, someone will do something about the UM menace, and the whole sorry mess will go away.

The reality couldn’t be further from that. This and the FACTS blog were established to get information about UM onto the net where it could be found by those willing to look. We believe many people are still unaware UM is a cult, and are suffering in silence, unaware of our campaign. These blogs are only intended as a stop gap until the regulators catch up with Benhayon and his enablers, because blogs don’t bring harmful organizations to account – regulators and law enforcement do that, via the justice system, and they can’t and won’t act without complaints, statements and evidence officially lodged by individuals affected. Without those, it’s abusive business as usual for UM and our sites might as well be gossip sites.

Over the time I’ve researched and written these blogs, a tiny number of us have continuously submitted complaints and notifications to regulators and the media, however it hasn’t been enough for meaningful action to occur. In some cases that’s because the regulators and laws are dysfunctional, but more often it’s because notifications are insufficient without victims willing to come forward with names, dates and other evidence. Both regulators and the media say they’re unwilling to investigate unless victims speak up.

Over the year, I’ve heard many accounts and stories of harm, and over that time I’ve attempted to rally those affected to make themselves heard, by making official complaints, or writing to public representatives to tell their stories or ask for better public protection from dangerous scourges like UM.

Again I ask those affected to come forward. Please help put an end to the harm and to protect future victims from the hell many of you are experiencing.

The UMA bunker staff are not sure why so few people are willing to act against UM. Perhaps I haven’t taken the right approach and there’s some deficiency in the way I’ve tried to garner support. Or it might be that those affected are too damaged or fearful of reprisal from the unisex Brotherhood of cult bitches. Or is it that the type of individual attracted to UM tends to shy away from asserting their rights and making complaints? Perhaps they’re deterred by Louise Hay and Benhayon’s ilk of feelgood fascist and their brand of teaching that demonizes attributes like intelligence, enquiry and assertiveness – the level headed stuff that isn’t embossed with unicorns and rainbows and love hearts. It takes some degree of selflessness and sacrifice to seek justice and protect the vulnerable. But thanks to the deification of self and self absorption, a class of New Age charlatans can fleece and demoralize their customers and then threaten them with supernatural retribution for expressing the non ornamental sentiments that come with demanding accountability.

Regulatory inaction

The HCCC could and should shut UM down. I’ve shown them time and time again that Universal Medicine meets the criteria to be prohibited. UM calls itself a health service, it breaches numerous sections of the Code of Conduct for Unregistered Practitioners and it is a public health risk. In all cases, the HCCC has asked me to produce victims or corpses, and has been the antithesis of proactive in investigating the breaches.

Their most appalling failure so far has been their unwillingness to acknowledge the public health risk of Benhayon’s proven practice of indecently assaulting sexual abuse victims, and teaching inappropriate touching to a legion of dimwitted ‘healers’. The HCCC is failing to act in spite of the NSW Health Minister confirming that deceiving patients into consenting to inappropriate touching constitutes assault.

Again, the only way the regulator can be compelled to act is if it receives complaints plus public pressure. All year I’ve been writing to state and federal representatives about a range of issues to do with UM, from internet censorship, to the cult doctors fetishizing death, to treatment room assault. Once in a while, I get a response and some backing, but at every stage it’s me that’s instigating complaints and questions and pushing the politicians to advocate for UM’s victims. Mostly me and mostly alone, working full time at this at my own expense, while I have a day job and my own responsibilities. I then get accused of trying to aggrandize myself.

The complaints would have a whole lot more clout if it wasn’t just one or two of us writing these letters. The HCCC tried to depict me to the NSW Health Minister as some sort of wind bag/nuisance, telling her office I’d obtained all the information for my complaints from the Universal Medicine website. It’s not only an ignorant, incompetent and callous minimization of UM’s damaging and secretive activities – that are not marketed on its website – but a gross insult to our informants – people whose families have suffered because of UM, but do not feel empowered to make the complaints themselves.

Yet, how are we to prove the issues are genuine if no one else complains?

Ongoing internet censorship

This year we’ve seen the cult close down the Australian and UK URLs of our Blogger blogs due to a loophole in Australian law. We made a reasonably smooth transition to WordPress on a US URL, however the cult has since tried to shut me down with bogus copyright and trademark infringement claims. On issuing counter notices where I agreed to fight those matters in court, the cult failed to take legal action, so our blogs remain intact.

However, for most of the year, the cult has also been making legal complaints to Google to have links to our blogs removed from Google search results. It is only because I update my blogs with new posts that they are found in Google searches at all. If I stop writing, all links to my blogs will be removed and those seeking facts will not be able to find us.

Again, the legal complaints to Googles are false. It’s difficult to know if they are defamation claims because Google has no transparent process and hasn’t responded to my requests for copies of the complaints. I’ve only written facts on my blogs and my analysis and opinions of those facts, so I am not guilty of defamation, and I’m currently seeking legal advice for redress and to have the Google search results restored. The cult knows who I am, they have millions to spend on a legal defence and if I’m genuinely defaming them, they could clear their name by taking legal action. They also need to know they can be prosecuted for making false legal statements.

In the meantime, I’m looking at Australian law and applying to legislators to resolve Google assisted censorship of factual internet content by a multi-million dollar narcissism, molestation and death cult.

The road ahead

It almost escaped the Universal Medicine Accountability radar, but in late June, Senator Nick Xenophon saw the passing of the 2013 Charities Bill, heralding more scrutiny and accountability for charities with the introduction of public benefit test.

Extraordinarily, until December last year, anyone, including sleazy scam artist, Serge Benhayon, could set up a charity and receive tax free status with no public scrutiny. With the implementation of the Australian Charity and Not for Profit Commission and with thanks to the 2013 bill, charities like the Universal Medicine College, set up to ‘advance education’ will be required to pass a public benefit test, as announced by the indomitable Senator Xenophon in the video above. Xenophon was the instigator of both the ACNC and the 2013 charities bill as a response to cults and other abusive groups, including alleged religions operating abusively with tax exemptions.

One wonders what the ACNC will make of UM’s wholesome ‘education’ – the touching of sexual abuse victims’ breasts and genitals by unqualified twerps, the teaching of zero infection control, zero professional supervision Chakra-Puncture, evolution denial, ancient interplanetary gender wars, charity is an evil on a par with paedophilia, pornography causes earthquakes, emotions cause cancer, death is a healing, rape and murder are a balancing of karma, and the rest of Serge’s grubby ‘truths’, which his followers never question.


In the meantime, Universal Medicine is escalating the religious rhetoric in order to qualify for tax free status – in spite of Serge’s hypocritical condemnation of all religions, ideals and beliefs.

We need to make sure the ACNC and federal members of parliament and the senate are made aware of Universal Medicine’s profusion of public detriments, already at massive cost to individuals and taxpayer funded health and social services, legal aid and the family court.

It might not close UM down, but the ACNC can at least make sure the Benhayon underachievers and their hangers on pay taxes like the rest of us, and Serge has less cash to pour into his recruitment machine, and his ill gotten property portfolio.

I also encourage our readers to make those complaints and notifications. Since the change of government in Australia, we have an opportunity to alert a new group of representatives to the danger of UM, and if enough of us make ourselves heard we may gain their support. I’ve updated and reposted the Prohibiting Serge Benhayon post with the email addresses of the new ministers.

Please do your bit to help alleviate or prevent the suffering of others. Take it from me, the job may be for the most part thankless, but for what it’s worth, some of us will thank you, and we can at least share the consolation of a clean conscience. No amount of pious self-love can beat that.


15 thoughts on “One year of Universal Medicine Accountability

  1. Yep, there is no doubt if you talk to people in the community they think it is done and dusted. The fact is that this will be a blip on Serge’s ascendency to a full blown cash up cult if he isn’t stopped now. This does require other people to take action.

    For clarity, in case dim-witted culties are reading- There are many people we are aware of who could and should make complaints. They range from sexual assault, to serious breaches of the unregistered practitioners code. There are many examples of Serge and practitioners not referring people for proper medical advice and instead receiving bogus treatments, when in fact these people had serious illnesses. There are medicare anomalies, false studies, over treatment, referrals by doctors to cult-practitioners, deceptive marketing practices, breaches of the TGA, and many other things we are aware of. All good fodder for subpenas if some stupid cult lawyer should ever grow some & follow through on their empty threats.

    We should stress we have accounts of all of these things, and many have been referred to the relevant bodies. Those people that have recounted stories that won’t act, for reasons known to them, probably would step forward when and if Serge and UM appears to lose its power. There is no doubt that these people do not act because they perceive a threat from UM, its members, or from Serge. I can’t count the number of local alternative practitioners who have spat venom about the practices of UM, and then begged not to be mentioned. The same goes for doctors in the area.

    This is what I see happens and why I think people don’t act, keeping in mind the vast majority of victims of anything don’t. If you have hundreds of people denying there is a problem, screaming integrity, and prepared to deny and not seek proof, it is bound to scare the remaining few that may into not acting:

    A person gets recruited. After a few dozen treatments and meetings later, they are convinced their relationships are false, their partner is holding them back and abusive. They leave. Partner is in a spin. Partner cant work it out. After some time, they move on. Nothing happens. Serge wins another soul. This is the vast majority of ex-partners I have spoken to. They haven’t had the time or wherewithal to delve into UM and figure out that dark doctrine that Serge is peddling. The few that were all fired up couldn’t join the dots, and/or didn’t have time. Fair enough. They too moved on.

    In the community, there are those that have lost friends. Many many people I have spoken with tell me how their friends changed and became so judgmental, or Serge-ified, the relationships fell apart. In some case, the members rejected their friendships because they weren’t doing the “work” or they had an entity. True. This story is so common in the area, that I would say 1 in 2 locals will have a story along these lines, which makes sense given the inter-connectivity of people. All of these people have very negative views of UM, having seen what it has done to their former pals. Of course, Serge would just say they are in the “Astral cult” and guilty of the heinous crime of “thinking”

    The families of the members decide to take the softly approach. They think it is better to go along with it, then to rock the boat. I find it ironic that the members believe they are changing the world with their “light” when in fact, the people around them are ceasing to be honest with them, and humoring them for fear of confrontation or loss of the relationship all together. I have had that conversation a few too many times too. And with people I know members think are amazed at how light filled they are.

    So I say to all of your people in those boats, reading these blogs. ACT. While you remain silent Serge will keep doing what he does best. Ripping families and friendships apart. Filling his coffers. Spinning his grandiose tales of Astral planes and Hierarchies, Fiery plans and Lords of Form.Because of Serge and is insane ideas, many children will now only know single parents, and the cult lawyers will work to bring vexatious AVO’s to make sure that is the case. (Yes PF we mean you. We haven’t’ forgot. It’s on the list love) Many people will be mis-diagnosed, and spend thousands on worthless treatments that will help Serge buy another new car or another property. More people will fall into his web of lies, promulgated by his well-meaning band of ill-trained ‘practitioners’ following the most amazing code in the world.

    if you don’t know what to do, contact Venus through this site. She will point in your in the right direction. If you are reading and have something to say, comment. If you have a story, tell it. If you are worried about a friend, family member or partners, let us know.
    We are all fatigued from fighting the bullshit and mind boggling stupidity of Serge and the numbskull (literally) members, but if we let that defeat us, Serge will continue poisoning the lives of families and communities for his own gain for years to come. Unless he decides to ascend and take a few with him That must be stopped.

  2. Congratulations on making a year. It has been hard slog for all at UMA HQ.
    Great work has been accomplished…….A lot of exposure has been done about the hidden deceptive dangerous teachings and traps of Universal Medicine. These sites have provided insight and help to any who have been affected and well as stopping more victims.

  3. I’m adding this number to the Resources page and the Prohibiting Serge Benhayon page:

    NSW Child Protection Helpline 132 111

    If anyone becomes aware that children, usually adolescent girls, unaccompanied by parents, are houseguests at Serge Benhayon’s home, call that number. It’s open 24 hours, 7 days, and reports can be made anonymously.

    Social workers I’ve spoken to about Benhayon having young girls stay in his home for weeks at a time asked me what reason the parents have for allowing their daughters to stay there.

    What can I say?

    Take another look at the Esoteric Personal Boundaries post and the post on Serge’s graphic fantasies on underaged sex and tell me how anyone allows any child to stay with that worm.

  4. Interesting lecture on how memories can be manipulated. Think Serge, think leading questions, think covert hypnosis. Think false testimony. Think UM students.

    • Interesting about implanting false memory – Serge goes beyond that, controlling cult members’ minds so thoroughly that he implants new behaviours – as RJM showed in his comment on the previous post where students didn’t express sympathy for the recent death of one of his loved ones. We’ll see more of that in an upcoming post – complete emotional shut down – unable to respond humanely to death or illness, yet fixated on expresssing their stunted ‘feelings’ and taking selfies.

      It’s mind boggling to read the student blogs where they are reciting his bullshit verbatim. Unembellished regurgitation, word for word, straight out of his repetitious books and recordings. ‘Serge never tells us what to do.’

    • Another point here, is that we can safely say Serge’s victims aren’t experiencing false memories when their independent accounts have so many similarities – down to the language the worm uses when remarking on their genitals.

      It depresses me to watch the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Sexual Abuse playing out on ABC 7:30 and in the papers. Last week it was one man involved with the Scouts movement who blew the whistle on a molester decades ago. The powers that be did nothing. One man blew the whistle and blew it and blew it. Everyone else hoped it would all go away, and for decades more that abuser continued to abuse children, working in child protection and becoming legal guardian of some indigenous kids on the NSW coast.

      The whistleblower is now old and unwell, and fronting the Royal Commission with his account of the inaction. You could see in his face, there’s no satisfaction or relief or sense of justice in it finally being investigated – decades and many unnecessary victims too late.

  5. Whoo hoo! What an accomplishment. Well done!!!!!!
    Yes it is all so exhausting it drives you nuts………………. but think of all the progress made.
    The exposure of this evil cult.
    Here’s to the future.
    Keep up the good work bunker staff and satellite staff.

  6. PS: They at UM suffer from the worst form of VANITY, it is so embarrassing to read and hear. EGO – HUGE! Larger than life.
    AND what’s more they don’t/can’t hear themselves. It is really really sick.

    Yet at the same time they cannot/will not feel the normal emotions not even when someone dies.
    Now that is sick and evil and so not normal.

    People have to take pills and visit shrinks because they do not express normal healthy emotions.

    Huh! they think they will convert the world I think not.

    Tell me please if the likes of Neil Ringe do not diagnose or heal what do you give them your hard earned dollars for?
    Yer recruit for SERGE!

    • Um, no.

      The mug above is Sarah Davis, and to save viewers the trouble of watching the video version of the loveblogs, it’s cult stalwarts, the Lie Lie Lie sisters and a couple of others talking about how precious they are. No more, no less. It’s an attempt at marketing Esoteric Women’s Health abuses, but doesn’t actually tell you anything. Who needs valium when you can watch that shit?

      Having said that, I didn’t watch it through. I was comatose after the first few minutes.

    • It’s as boring as batshit but it deserves to be seen on a nice URL using the word CULT on the FACTS site. So hold off on hurling the eggs and tomatoes until I get that up later today or tomorrow. K?
      With a spesh message for the personification of Esoteric transparency, Sarah Davis.

    • Remember the outrage expressed by the cult members when journalists wrote that Serge’s followers were predominately female? All that talk about ‘mistruths’ and the media ‘abusing women’ by accurately reporting that the majority of the cult members are women? If that was all ‘mistruths’ from an ‘abusive’ media then why does practically every effort at promotion made by UM entirely (or mostly) feature women, even to the exclusion of Serge himself? And if the cult isn’t isn’t mostly female in membership and focus how do we explain the handful of male members convincing themselves they’re experiencing periods after being psychologically gelded by Serge?

  7. Holy shit. Everyone can feel it? Yeah Sarah 1 and 2. They can. How self-obsessed and subjective you are. And not very truth-full.

    I want to see Lee Green now talking about his man periods and how gentle he is and how his penis has shrunk to the size of a clitoris. Where’s the man version? Christoph ” Huh, science is science, and everything Serge says is scientific and if it isnt Science hasn’t proved it yet. I used to be smart, look at my website, then I met Serge, now I don’t drink and wear a stupid grin. How Amazing” Lee Green ” I agree Christoph. I used to have a set of balls but now they are replaced with external ovaries. It’s AMAZING”

    It’s worth noting that the director of this cult-confession piece is none other than the three Baldwins confessors hapless bro Johnny- Michael is my friend, I think- Baldwin. On stage its banjo picking dad, back off camera is ‘WTF is going on my whole families in a cult since I was a teenager better join in’ Johnny. All that’s missing is mum. She’s get a good oblique bagging along with dad, so she might as well put her head there too. C’mn Mum, step up. Feel how AMAZING you are too. After all you’ve done a smashing job leading your kids into the cult. May as well own it.

    And this is the best Serge can do after 13 years of headfucking and home wrecking. Piss poor effort really.

  8. ” The UMA bunker staff are not sure why so few people are willing to act against UM. Perhaps I haven’t taken the right approach and there’s some deficiency in the way I’ve tried to garner support. Or it might be that those affected are too damaged or fearful of reprisal from the unisex Brotherhood of cult bitches. Or is it that the type of individual attracted to UM tends to shy away from asserting their rights and making complaints? Perhaps they’re deterred by Louise Hay and Benhayon’s ilk of feelgood fascist and their brand of teaching that demonizes attributes like intelligence, enquiry and assertiveness – the level headed stuff that isn’t embossed with unicorns and rainbows and love hearts. It takes some degree of selflessness and sacrifice to seek justice and protect the vulnerable. ”

    This is kind of frustrating, isn’t it? I’ve been pondering on this too. I remember at the Rick Ross forum thread (which all the sudden disappeared into cyberspace) the discussion at a certain point, pointed out how hard it was for the blokes to speak up because of the humiliation factor. Serge found a way to exploit the gender war in a way which makes it pretty hard to figure out what actually hit them as well.
    By the time the women have a pause to think again after filing AVO’s and the rest of the formula; they have invested too much into Serge’s way of thinking, the humiliation factor to them is even bigger based on all the consequences it has through their own actions.

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