Repost: Prohibiting Serge Benhayon – how you can help

Roll Out The Sycophants ReduxUniversal Medicine’s plethora of harms are well documented on this site, from photographic evidence of unqualified Serge Benhayon handling a woman’s genitals and teaching it as a ‘healing’ for sexual abuse, to the abuses of Esoteric Womens Health and Chakra-Puncture, the bogus Esoteric Practitioners Association, and Benhayon’s denigration of authentic healthcare whilst marketing death as healing. Benhayon is a public health risk who should have been prohibited from providing health services long ago – including hands on treatment and  teaching ‘healing’ workshops.

However, he can’t be prohibited without official complaints and nor can his many accomplices. Please help us make sure these abusers are brought to account, and that the regulators do their job of regulating.

Many of you are asking how Benhayon and Universal Medicine have engaged in highly questionable practices for over ten years without scrutiny. I’d suggest several reasons. Patients and health consumers do not know their rights and aren’t aware of the avenues for complaint; those abused are too psychologically damaged to go up against a multi-million dollar death cult with a hard core coterie of remunerated apologists, including medical doctors; and a lot of people are waiting for someone else to do something.

The harm has gone on too long and it’s time it stopped. Please make your contribution and help bring these people to account.

General Misconduct

If you have concerns about the conduct of any Universal Medicine associated practitioner, the following are posts on making official complaints including information on codes of conduct:

Complaints against Unregistered Practitioners in NSW – including Esoteric numbskull ‘healers’/practitioners/chakra-puncturists/breast masseuses, naturopaths, fake dieticians, nutritionists, massage therapists, counsellors, exercise physiologists etc.

Complaints against Registered Practitioners including dentists, psychologists, pharmacists, Chinese Medicine practitioners, physiotherapists and nurses.

Complaints against Doctors – the most culpable of all the cult’s recruiters.

Advertising Restrictions for Healthcare Practitioners

Also, UM students have been deceived into thinking they were studying to become accredited practitioners. Serge is not qualified to teach people how to tie shoelaces, let alone touch patients. Universal Medicine is not a registered training organization. Students who paid for courses under the impression they’d be accredited, or weren’t given refunds have grounds for complaint to the Office of Fair Trading & the ACCC. If they weren’t issued receipts, they can report UniMed to the ATO. The same applies to patients deceived by UniMed claims and services for which they didn’t receive receipts.

Patients can also complain about Esoteric healing services fraudulently written up as services eligible for health fund rebates or Medicare funding.

Sexual Misconduct/Inappropriate touching – victims and witnesses

Serge Benhayon not only molests patients and calls it healing, but has the audacity to have himself photographed doing it. The image below comes from a Sacred Esoteric Healing Workshop manual, which means he teaches this abhorrent behaviour to Esoteric ignoramus practitioners.

Because the workshop manual has been in use since 2002, we can surmise this appalling misconduct has been taking place for at least the last 11 years, enabled by doctors, lawyers, psychologists and other registered healthcare practitioners who know better. There is no excuse for this. The fact I’m the first and only person to publicly expose this, and the cult has attempted to silence and intimidate me, suggests the cult has been operating a long term secretive culture of sexual abuse. Portraying this pestilence as ‘healing’ is the worst kind of exploitation, and yet these hypocrites not only profit from it, but make all kinds of public noise about the abuse of women and are willing to make false accusations of bullying and abuse toward anyone who questions the group’s activities.

They need to be stopped.

The NSW Attorney General’s Department defines sexual and indecent assault as follows:

Sexual assault occurs when a person is forced, coerced or tricked into sexual acts against their will or without their consent, or if a child or young person under 18 is exposed to sexual activities.

Indecent assault is unwanted touching of a person’s body by another person. For example it can include kissing or inappropriate touching of a person’s breasts, bottom or genitals.

According to Section 3 of the NSW Code of Conduct for Unregistered Healthcare Practitioners, health practitioners must not provide health care of a type outside their experience or training, or that they are not qualified to provide. They must not mislead or deceive clients about their competence or ability.

Neither Benhayon nor any of the Esoteric practitioners he has trained are qualified to enquire about gynaecological or sexual histories, or to treat gyne conditions or the aftermath of sexual abuse, or to provide rape counselling. Whether or not they provide disclaimers about ‘permission’ and ‘trust’ or even have their victims sign consent forms, they are doing so via deception. The NSW Health Minister has confirmed deceiving patients into consenting to inappropriate touching by telling them it’s healing constitutes sexual assault and should be reported to police.

If Benhayon or any other practitioner has touched your breasts or genitals please report them to the police and/or the HCCC. If you have witnessed Benhayon or any other practitioner touching breasts or genitals at any Esoteric ‘healing’ workshop, course or presentation or in a treatment room, please report it to the police and/or the HCCC. If you took part in workshops where you were instructed to touch other people’s genitals and told it was a healing practice, please report it to the HCCC.

The Commission already has substantial background material on Benhayon and Universal Medicine’s misconduct. They are required to look at all prior complaints about a practitioner whenever a new one is received. They did not act on my initial complaint about the ovarian reading because it occurred before the code for unregistered practitioners was in place (2008). The incident however, is recorded in their permanent database and is recorded as an event with Lismore police. The HCCC will act on any event that has occurred since 2008 and have the powers to prohibit Serge and his accomplices from providing health services. The police will act if Serge or any other practitioner has sexually or indecently assaulted anyone at any time. Such practitioners could and should be jailed.

You can talk to the NSW HCCC on 1 800 043 159

For free legal advice contact Law Access NSW 1 300 888 529, Legal Aid Qld  1 300 651 188 or Victoria Legal Aid 1800 677 402

Legitimate services providing counselling for sexual abuse for both men and women are listed here for Queensland and Australia Wide.

Caring for cult children

Please see the post, Serge Benhayon’s inappropriate behaviour with children which details abuses of children within the UM cult. If you’re aware of children staying in Serge Benhayon’s home, or being taken to Esoteric events, or being subjected to entity removals or exposed to lectures featuring adult content, report it to the NSW Child Protection Helpline on 132 111. The line is open 24 hours, 7 days and reports can be made anonymously.

Similarly, please report any cult member who has a child on the Esoteric diet or fails to take a child for proper medical care.

Other ways to call Universal Medicine and other harmful groups to account

The HCCC told me in order to be prohibited, Benhayon has to be in breach of the code of conduct and pose a public health risk. One look at his non nutritionally based diet should have been enough to convince them of that. But then there’s his telling a cancer patient ‘it’s time to go’ at a public lecture and promising her an improved reincarnation, and running a so called health service with the word ‘medicine’ in the business name, yet nothing in his doctrine or practices can be considered beneficial to health.

In addition, the commission and AHPRA has so far failed to act on complaints about doctors being in clear breach of their codes of conduct – exploiting patients’ lack of medical knowledge, misleading patients by endorsing untested modalities and referring them to piss-take Esoteric therapies, and failing to disclose personal and financial conflicts of interest. This in spite of the Commission being made aware of the damage being done by this group – breaking up relationships and families, using covert hypnotic indoctrination without consent, and followers suffering ill health as a consequence of Esoteric healing, including malnutrition related illness, eating disorders and mental health disorders. Also in spite of the Commission being made aware of the doctors endorsement of Benhayon’s death wish.

The Commission could have investigated and acted well before now and didn’t. They could have asked GPs in the Byron Shire about any of the above for confirmation, but they didn’t.

Instead they wait for patients who’ve been maimed, abused or killed to figure out how to make complaints.

So much for protecting the public.

Any Australian can help by writing to local members of state and federal parliament, or the relevant state or federal ministers

  • with any of the above concerns or with your story on how UniMed has impacted you or your family.
  • Tell them your story if the cult has attempted to bully, ostracize or intimidate you, including via threats of legal action.
  • Ask them to call for a review of legislation for protecting patients from problem practitioners and harmful groups
  • Ask them to initiate legislation to protect the public from the scourge of cults, particularly the practice of covert hypnosis without informed consent.
  • Ask that AHPRA properly investigate complaints and take disciplinary action against registered healthcare practitioners who breach the codes.
  • Ask that AHPRA does so without requiring evidence of a death toll.
  • Ask for a nationalized body to regulate unregistered healthcare practitioners like Serge Benhayon.
  • Ask for a review of policies which allows Google to censor our blogs and Google search results at cult instigation.
  • Ask how a harmful group such as Universal Medicine, which is burdening tax payer funded services, such as health and social services and the courts is able to operate a tax exempt publicly detrimental ‘charity’ for ‘educational purposes’.
  • Ask for better legal protections of people victimized by cults.

In NSW, ask for improvements in investigating breaches of the codes of conduct for both registered and unregistered healthcare practitioners, and improvements in enforcing the codes. It appears the codes are in place, but the will to enforce the codes and take disciplinary action is not.

In states outside NSW, there are no laws protecting patients from unregistered practitioners. So the likes of Serge Benhayon and the Eso-numbskulls may deceive and financially exploit patients, including patients with terminal illness, or mental illness, charge money for ineffective piss take invented therapies, invade privacy, use acupuncture needles without following sterile procedure and touch patients inappropriately with impunity. Ask your local state member, and the state minister for health and state attorney general to introduce a code of conduct for unregistered healthcare practitioners similar to that in NSW and that they appoint a regulatory body with powers to prohibit practitioners who breach the code. Or that they lobby for a national system of regulation for unregistered practitioners.

Also feel free to write to media organizations and newspapers, or to voice your concerns here in our comments areas or by submitting your story, which we will publish as a ‘Have Your Say’ post. Keep clicking on this blog and sister blogs Universal Medicine Cult, the FACTS about Universal Medicine so that loved ones of UM followers who aren’t yet aware this is a harmful cult can find us when they do a google search.

If you are concerned about UniMed’s questionable and dangerous activities, particularly the fact that patients are being abused, families are suffering and  there are children being damaged by this group,  please help us be heard where it counts.


Most of the following offices are aware of the Universal Medicine problem and have been sent images of Serge Benhayon handling women’s genitals.

Federal Health Minister, Peter Dutton:

Federal Attorney General (oversees law and legal issues), George Brandis:

Federal Minister for Communications (internet censorship), Malcolm Turnbull:

Federal Minister for Social Services (charity and not for profit sector), Kevin Andrews:

Federal Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne:

NSW Health Minister, Jillian Skinner:

NSW Attorney General, Brad Hazzard:

NSW Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli:

NSW State Member for Ballina and Minister for the North Coast, Don Page:

NSW State Member for Lismore, Thomas George:

NSW Legislative Council Member, Member of Joint Health Care complaints committee:

Federal Member for Richmond NSW (Mullumbimby, Bangalow, Byron Bay, Lennox Head etc.), Justine Elliott:

Federal Member for Page NSW (Lismore, Goonellabah, Wollongbar, Ballina etc), Kevin Hogan:

Qld Health Minister, Lawrence Springborg:

Qld Attorney General, Jarrod Bleijie:

Qld Education Minister, John-Paul Langbroek:

Victorian Health Minister, David Davis:

Victorian Attorney General,  Robert Clark:

Victorian Education Minister, Martin Dixon:

Federal Senator Nick Xenophon acts against cults and poor regulation:

8 thoughts on “Repost: Prohibiting Serge Benhayon – how you can help

  1. I would like to remind readers that the problems don’t end with Health issues. Universal Medicine has been promoting and selling courses for a number of years. These courses have been be sold under the pretext of gaining an accreditation. Many participants, having been handed anatomy study books, and referred to the “EPA” accrediting body would have fairly gained the impression of receiving some form of recognizable accreditation as a result of this expensive study. What they really received was a series of covert indoctrinations and a piece of paper from “Serge and the Hierarchy”. This is known as deceptive and misleading conduct and is a matter for the ACCC and DFT and ASQA. All are aware.

    I know many members can’t conceive that there is a problem and that the voices against Serge and UM are simply hysterical (or as Rebecca might say, abusive [As Rebecca, like many followers, cannot separate herself from Serge, as if deserved criticism of him is of them also. No it is not Rebecca. It is not an attack on wife’s and children, but in fact quite the opposite] ) however, the problems are real and widespread. It appears that in Australia (as with many other countries) so called complimentary health is, like irrational religious ideas, are afforded a respect and latitude that is not given to evidence based medicine or rational thought. The regulatory regime exists to strictly govern those who have given years of study to their professions, while turning a blind eye to those that simply declare themselves competent. There is a place for complimentary medicine, provided it knows it purpose and limitations. Many don’t. Serge has no idea. He boldly and unselfconsciously declares on his own website that “the marriage of Esoteric and Western Medicine is the greatest union that will serve humanity”. It is with this hubris and arrogance that Serge and his coterie promote unproven, dangerous and ill-conceived healing. They truly believe that they have some profound knowledge. There only ‘proofs’ are their own ‘studies’ on 37 people, anecdotal stories and a stupendous ability to discount the tales of horror coming from those less than enamored with UM ideas- such as Venus, and a room full of other people-mostly woman- who have been misdiagnosed, un-diagnosed, misled, not referred correctly, lied to, given ridiculous reasons for their ailments, or simply sold excessive therapeutically worthless treatments.

    Serge, without any qualifications, other than his own self proclaimed awakening (conveniently 2 minutes after leaving bankruptcy) has decided to set up and sell ‘healing courses’. Having spent a year or two going to courses himself, he probably realized how profitable it would be. (a big step up from a handful of tennis students) People are hungry for answers. Check out the psychic lines and new age book sales for proof. Being located within striking distance of Byron Bay doesn’t hurt, and why not set up in Somerset, heartland of British counter culture for some willing customers? Realizing the money making potential, one course after another is invented. Soon, he is not just selling courses, but his own borrowed and bastardized ideology whether the customer wants it or not. Originally repackaged Alice Bailey, he invents his own, and with a little practice in covert indoctrination and a handful of magic bull-dust there is a plethora of willing repeat customers.

    Serge has the lot: Courses being sold deceptively (and reportedly for cash) Customers believing they are learning healing being indoctrinated with his invented wisdom. Patients receiving misleading and inappropriate treatments, practitioners emulating him and promulgating the harm. And he achieves of this while gently claiming absolute integrity, care and love, and artfully dodging regulatory roadblocks.

    For members who doubt all of this and think there is no harm, I implore you to at least consider the old (ancient in fact) adage…follow the money. I recall not long ago most followers believed Serge lived on (energetically correct) baked beans and $4 a day. In his EDG notes he speaks of building clinics with the ‘money UM makes’. He has even set up a tax free charity to collect your money. But the truth is, that in the last 4-5 years he has amassed 12 properties in his own name. He has shares in others. He and his children drive expensive cars. He flies first class on his regular trips to make more money. He has recently had his house re modeled inside. He likes to pay in cash. The family has a trust, a well-known tax reduction device used by people who have high incomes. Rebecca asks why Serge works 12 hours a day as if that is a heroic and justifies the harm. Many business people work endless hours when they are on a winning formula. And indeed Serge, for the moment, is. I suspect that if nothing else, Serge’s real motives will one day be laid bare by the rapacious nature of the government who likes to collect it’s money. For everyone not inside this group, the money trail is as obvious as a drops of blood leading to the murder scene.

    So, if you have at anytime purchased a course of Universal Medicine and feel you were misled on what you would receive, I implore you to report it to the ACCC or Department of Fair trading. If you were given a receipt by Serge or Universal Medicine for your course, great. If not, call them and ask for one. If they refuse, let the ATO know. If you didn’t receive one to begin with, simply call the ATO and let them know. The more reports these departments receive, the quicker they will act.

    Like Venus, I ask you to act now. The time of reckoning is approaching and we want you to add your voice.

  2. “Most inexcusable is the behaviour of the cult doctors in endorsing Universal Medicine’s assault on wellbeing and their participation in the Benhayon’s death drive.
    Benhayon and his organization are given a veil of legitimacy by a team of affiliated medical professionals – doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists and the like who endorse its pernicious form of so called ‘Esoteric Medicine’
    However, he can’t be prohibited without official complaints and nor can his many accomplices. Please help us make sure these abusers are brought to account, and that the regulators do their job of regulating.” Excerpts from ‘Our Mission Update.’
    Totally truthful facts but so hard to get ones head around that some medical professionals do endorse Universal Medicine. I know this to be true from my personal experience. If you know of or have experienced any of these things then please please make your complaint to the HCCC.

  3. The changes to the Contacts listed include, new federal health minister, Peter Dutton, new federal Attorney General, George Brandis, new federal communications minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and the new member for Page, Kevin Hogan. I’ve also added Lennox Head resident and NSW member of the Joint Health Care Complaints Committee, Catherine Cusack.

  4. Infiltrating schools is entirely unacceptable. To the best of my knowledge this is not active in the UK at the moment but I have no doubt that it is on it’s way. I am aware of some people employed as early years professionals who are also committed UMers. I am inclined to inform employers of this connection. I will give this some thought. Many thanks for all your stalwart work and unrelenting pressure on this sad and tawdry organisation. It is greatly appreciated. Time also I think to take along hard look at those who occupy the orbital spaces but manage somehow to remain almost untarnished.

    • I too know of a few devoted UMers who are volunteering at schools in the UK, if I recall it right it was about helping pupils with their homework or reading skills etc All very well but I draw the line where those yummy volunteers play Benahyon’s crap ‘music’ in sessions and tell the children about ‘energy’ and how Mozart is pranic. Better nip this in the bud and fast.

  5. PS:


    Select your school from the list below for Access
    Richmond Christian College – Ballina
    St Carthages Primary School – LismoreSt Joseph’s Catholic Primary School – Alstonville
    Summerland Christian College – Goonellabah
    Holy Family Catholic Primary School – Ballina
    Emmanuel Anglican College – Ballina
    Byron Community Primary School – Byron Bay
    Blue Hills College – Goonellabah

    – ENGLAND –

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