The tax exempt Universal Medicine College and Fiery Building Fund – donating to the Church of $erge

This Sunday, Universal Medicine will celebrate fundraising for the College of Universal Medicine with the first ever ‘Heavenly Picnic’. For the Benhayon clan it’s a routine call for cash, done regularly at every UM event since long before the College was registered as a charity. Student notes reveal how the Benhayons have collected funds to establish Universal Medicine’s profitable clinics and now the College, set up for ‘educational purposes’. Prior to the College’s registration as a charity, cult leader, Serge Benhayon, stipulated donations were made anonymously and without conditions, but now the tax exempt status saves him the trouble of hiding the funds.

The College of Universal Medicine is a charitable institution recognised by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). The Charity has set up a School Building Fund account called the Fiery Building Fund which has been endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the ATO. Fiery Building Fund website

We are now also a legal charity called “The College Of Universal Medicine” and any money that is donated is tax deductable. Serge read out a letter that he wrote to the tax department – go to the EDG section of the website to read this letter. He held nothing back in this letter yet it was passed. 

In the middle of reading out the letter Serge broke down in tears. He could not stop crying so Natalie had to finish the letter. He was crying because the Hierarchy were in the room and it was so amazing to feel them. It was a very profound moment. Esoteric Development Group notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, December 17, 2011, pp.1-2.

Official objects and actions

The objects of the College are the usual Benhayon cult balderdash.


In other words, the College is business as usual for the Universal Medicine pyramid scheme of abuse, but without the burden of paying tax. Our year long research into UM’s education, training and practices in Esoteric philosophy and medicine indicates CUM’s educational objectives include anti-health practices promoting death, molestation of sexual abuse victims taught as healing, sexist indoctrination combined with breast massage, pseudoscience, evolution denial and gender divisiveness taught as ‘Ageless Wisdom‘, narcissism, paranoia and emotional neutering taught as personal development and parenting advice, as well as disordered eating, personal boundary transgressions and privacy invasions in the name of therapy. Any of the cult’s abuses omitted from that list can be found on Our Mission page.

Within its constitution, the authorized actions of the College include the acquisition of real estate property, and the establishment of a building fund, as well as:

(i)  create or operate libraries used for the purposes of advancing the objects of the College;

shop-category-booksConsidering Benhayon’s condemnation of all other competing literature, and Universal Medicine’s tradition of book burnings, the library in its entirety will consist of six volumes of the Book of Serge.

(ii)  cooperate with any other institution, association or body having objects similar to the objects of the College;

Except that all non Esoteric institutions are regarded with hostility, as proponents of the Astral cult.

(v)  provide student accommodation and other facilities incidental to advancing the objects of the College;

Seeing UM’s objects are to present their ideal of ‘true health, harmony and a one-unified care, benefit and duty to all’ which entails the denigration of life and the human body and the promotion of death, and that the most dangerous cults tend to establish compounds to isolate followers from the greater community, that is one action to be viewed with vigilance.

More information on the College is available from the Australian Charity and Not For Profit Commission website. The current directors are Natalie Benhayon, business partner to Serge and Miranda Benhayon and amateur internet censor, Desiree Delaloye, and Brisbane barrister, Charles Wilson. Melbourne solicitor and Esoteric Breast Massager, Serryn O’Regan is Chairperson.

Serge Benhayon was a director of the College until August last year (post adverse publicity), but replaced himself with zero credentials daughter Natalie.

Addendum: Serge Benhayon resigned as director but it was reported he’d appointed himself Chairman in perpetuity (forever), apparently so no one can ‘bastardize the work’ by the Courier Mail last year. We’re seeking historical documentation to track slippery Sergio’s changing status.

Previous fundraising – soliciting anonymous donations

Prior to tax exempt charity status, Universal Medicine financed the plush Brisbane clinic with student donations. Let’s face it, flogging worthless products and services based on the lunatic ravings of an ex bankrupt toilet enlightenee are hardly going to found a financial empire. It makes better business sense to perform a cult conversion on the susceptible and then continuously bleed them for free money.

  • The Brisbane Clinic has been purchased but with a loan of $2million to pay off requires ongoing donations for another 2-3 years.

  • Donations of any size can be made depending on whether you can afford it.

  • Don’t donate because you feel you have to, everybody else is, etc etc.

  • Feel if you wish to support the growth of the work in this way and do it anonymously EDG notes taken by Michael Dixon, EDG 21 August 2010, p. 3


UniMed Brisbane commercial clinic’s reported AUD$2M mortgage repaid with student donations

Anonymous donations don’t require a receipt, which is conducive to avoiding tax.

There has been a new UniMed building and 6 acre grounds bought in Goonellabah (2.3 million). Serge showed us some pictures of the grounds – it is very very beautiful. UniMed needs anonomous (sic) gifts of investment for this new property to get up and running. EDG notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, September 18, 2011, p.4.

The purchase is not for Serge

In Australia Serge has personally purchased (around $2.5mil) a huge building, a cold storage facility on 6 acres and is holding it until such a time there is the call for the Australian charity to purchase it from him to develop a centre in Australia. If this does not happen over the next few years then serge will sell it. The call must come from the students. EDG notes taken by Michael Dixon, 18 February 2012 p.4.

In Australia Serge bought a property for the student body so that he could secure it. It is not for him. The student body will have to buy back this property from Serge. (If of course they want their own place). If they do not want it then Serge will sell it. It is not for him.

The property Serge bought is beautiful. It is huge and we will never outgrow it. It is worth investing it. The Code of Ethics to run such an organization will be even higher than the Code of Ethics we now have for the EPA. Serge also spoke about the nursing homes we will have to cater for all of us who are getting older and who will be looking for a place to live and die in our old age. EDG notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, February 18, 2012, p.5.

Note that students make donations on top of their copious consumption of UM’s money for nothing products and courses.

While student notes state the property isn’t for Serge, they also say the property will serve Benhayon’s business interests.


  • Presently a cold storage facility.

  • Purchase for $2.3Mi|

  • Not far from the existing clinic in Goonellabah.

  • 6 Acres, has existing buildings -1700m2 the size of 3 of the Iennox head stadiums which we currently hire. (Its huge)

  • All EDG’s, courses, lectures as well as performances by Michael and Chris James will be held here.

  • Only the retreats will be at Iennox as there is no accommodation at present.

  • This is Unimed claiming it.

  • We now need donations to help reduce the debt carried to purchase the property so it can be up and running as soon as possible.

  • Only donate if you feel to and can afford to.

  • lf you would like to donate contact Serge directly. EDG notes taken by Michael Dixon, May 23, 2011. (Date may be incorrect. Probably April 23, 2011)

There is 1700 square metres of building – and only 5 minutes away from the Clinic. [Goonellabah NSW]  The plan is to have 14-18 offices, and will ultimately be offering Home Hospice, an extended Clinic, and ultimately a College.  In time it will be used for all our Retreats etc.  The street no. is 37.

Serge presented that assistance is needed financially to get the ball rolling – and asked that we contribute in some way if we can and feel impulsed to do so, as we have done for the U.M. Brisbane Clinic.  If we find that we are in a position to assist, the energy of donation will reward the kidneys.  He mentioned that there will be free Retreats for cancer patients and for those experiencing illness or disease.

The greatest form of healing is not a cure, but a life not to reproduce it. EDG notes, anonymous note taker, (believed to be Kathleen Baldwin) April 23, 2011.

Free retreats for cancer patients, home hospice, nursing homes…death is a healing. The cult doctors can assure the patients that death isn’t the end but a reuniting with God. Or Sirius. That’s Dr Jane Barker in the photo below in a red parka, black slacks and white shoes. Universal Law solicitors are on hand to handle wills and bequests. That’s Paula not on the payroll Fletcher in the photo below, to the right of the bald investor, behind his shoulder.


Education is loveless

One wonders how the ATO passed Benhayon’s college of bullshit and its ‘educational purposes’, unless of course the cult lied by omission in its applications. We can’t imagine they submitted the workshop manuals featuring inappropriate touching and amateur sexual abuse therapy, stating, for example, that the energy of rape can remain in one’s chakras for thousands of years and can only be cleared by an Esoteric practitioner trained by the bogan messiah.

It’s doubtful Sergio disclosed to the ATO that his teachings are the One Unified Truth® to the exclusion of all other forms of knowledge, or his documented damnation of ideals, beliefs, intellect, emotions, compassion, altruism and charity.

In addition, cult psychologist, Brendan Mooney’s favourite cult expert, Margaret Thaler Singer described the difference between education and thought reform indoctrination that occurs in cults. Education encourages logical thinking and questioning, is based on numerous bodies of knowledge and a two way communication between teacher and pupil, whereas thought reform and indoctrination are performed dictatorially, using deception and other unethical mind control practices, and questioning is not permitted. (Singer, 2003, p.58-9)

The latest cash drive

Some changes have been made to the Fiery Building Fund site since we last took screenshots. The photo above featuring Sergio running a donation drive tour of the College site, and featuring Dr Jane Barker, Paula Fletcher, financial advisor Christoph Schnell and cult psychologist (LOL) Caroline Raphael in white boots along with Benhayon’s business partner, College Director, Desiree Delaloye, has been removed.

The religious jargon has been removed from the ad for the ‘Heavenly Picnic’ and ‘About this website’.


According to the donations graph, the revenue has increased by almost AUD$400,000 in less than 2 months. It’s currently sitting at $548,000.


In the meantime, Benhayon is attempting to gain more tax exemption by claiming his counterfeit Ancient Wisdom (circa 1999) is the basis for a religion he calls the Livingness, but we might call the Church of $erge.

The Australian Charity and Not for Profit Commission is required to report to federal parliament annually, so please write to your local member of parliament and ask how an abusive, secretive, anti-education and anti-social group such as Universal Medicine is able to operate at a cost to tax payers – burdening health and social services, legal aid and the family court – without paying tax. CC your email to Senator Nick Xenophon and the Federal Minister for Social Services, Kevin Andrews. (Email addresses on the Prohibiting Serge Benhayon post.)

And for those attending the Hurry to Heaven fundraising, death and molestation celebratory picnic – don’t drink the Kool Aid.

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Thaler Singer, M. Cults in Our Midst, Jossey Bass, San Francisco, 2003

36 thoughts on “The tax exempt Universal Medicine College and Fiery Building Fund – donating to the Church of $erge

  1. FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS of student $$$ donations in two months just to make Pervey $erge’s church look legit. And more to come.

    What was it Rebecca Sourpuss Balderdash said?
    The hate-bloggers are obsessed with money – as if having a successful business that helps hundreds of people globally is a crime…
    And the money obsession is so old — the cost of a lecture with Serge Benhayon is $5 – what is that, the price of a coffee?

    Four hundred grand is a lot of cups of coffee, Precious.

  2. “In the middle of reading out the letter Serge broke down in tears. He could not stop crying so Natalie had to finish the letter. He was crying because the Hierarchy were in the room and it was so amazing to feel them. It was a very profound moment”

    I think it’s safe to say that Serge has jumped the shark. Which is saying something given the stellar heights of batshit insanity that pass for normal in UM land.

    • Serge was brought to tears by his greatest achievement – conning the Australian Tax Office – saving himself millions.

      Free money. Millions of dollars. No tax.

      And as Camelot says, look who’s paying.

      Does Serge ever cry about good marriages gone to hell, or children frightened so much they need therapy, or any of his followers making a premature departure for Sirius, at his instigation?

      It’s impossible to prove public detriment to the ACNC if no one speaks up. As far as they know, the Livingness is a harmless, kooky little religion attached to a health service.

      Jim Jones had everyone fooled too.

          • From that article in Texas – “A stuttering high school dropout with a gift for illuminating Scripture, Koresh preached the “New Light,” a self-styled gospel that required him to take multiple wives so that he could father enough children to sit on the 24 heavenly thrones described in the Book of Revelation. One of his wives was fourteen years old, another twelve. To his detractors, he was a false prophet, a con man, and a pedophile. To his followers, he was the messiah”

            Northern Star 2015-
            ” A softly spoken ex-bankrupt t with a gift for inventing Scripture, Benhayon preached the “New Light,” a self-styled gospel that required him to take young wives so that he could father enough children to ascend as a member of the hierarchy as described in the Book he wrote. One of his wives was fourteen years old when he met her. To his detractors, he was a false prophet, a con man, and a pedophile. To his followers, he was the messiah.”

            Here’s the sad thing- Many of David Koresh’s followers including his mother and an Australian survivor still believe he was the Messiah and he will resurrect….That’s the power of cult mind rewiring. Imagine the damage already done to a lot of people in Serge’s cult. And Serge is much more covert and manipulative.

  3. Let me spell the entire scam out.

    Serge has bought a nice spread at Wollengbar. It’s currently rented partly out, earning an income. There’s an old shed on it. The fund- money collected from his members- will improve the shed, or Serge’s asset. According to the fiery building fund site, once it is improved, an area of it will be leased by the charity- from its owner. That’s Serge- for use as the college.
    So Serge has got his asset improved, and developed a new cash flow and removed the cost of hiring halls every month to run his recruitment and indoctrination and events. He’s making his students – donors- pay him to run his courses to indoctrinate them. Cunning.

    It’s hard not to imagine that since Serge arrived dirt poor and verging on bankruptcy in the 90’s that he wasn’t eyeing property off and wishing he had a piece of the action. He must be proud of the way he has managed to build up such a nice portfolio at other peoples expense without really ever doing anything of value.

    As Venus points out, this is not new territory for Serge. He started this scam smallcale sa number of years ago when he first seduced Miranda and her parents into believing he was something he was not. His story was different then. He was an elite tennis coach slumming it on the North Coast. His M.O was similar and practice for the main event later. Back then he ran “elite tennis clinics’ coaxing parents into parting with monthly fee’s under the promise of greatness. His style was the same however- autocratic, dogmatic, strange and by a few accounts, pervy.. And true to form, his credentials were overblown and overstated. Self accredited- Again.

    In a prelude to the current property scam he started with a block of dirt the size of a tennis court. He led her parents to believe that he owned the property at Alstonville where he lived and had coaxed Miranda to live under the pretext of coaching to greatness, and encouraged her father to improve the tennis court on the property, at fair expense by all accounts. the concept was the same- Give the donor ( AKA sucker) a reason to believe that it benefits them to spend their money to improve his asset.

    Of course, the flaw in his plan that time was he didn’t own the property so the payoff was probably just the satisfaction of the con. But it was good practice for the main events. Mlranda’s dad was none too happy when he finally twigged and hopped on a plane to Sydney to check Serges bona fides to instead find a gaggle of creditors similarly ripped off in Sydney and baying for blood.

    There’s other accounts of scams involving others, but the information is a little detailed and blurry. But suffice to say, its more of the same. It probably got him into his current abode (recently vastly upgraded- with guess whose money?) suddenly in the late 90’s, five minutes after coming out of bankruptcy and to the great surprise of his then wife and now loyal cash counter, Deborah. Partly because of the acquisition, and partly because of his new house mate- you guessed it, Miranda. Aged 17.

    Not long after starting the cult after some practice runs with energy healers in Melbourne (that’s right no sudden epiphany or impress. He spotted an opportunity and ran with it) he was back in biz with his property scam. But now he had a gullible bunch of ‘students’ ripe for handing over the bucks. Long before he registered his charity, he was conning members into helping him buying land and assets. By 2006 he was hard it, raising funds to pay down mortgages for new property purchases. 13 or more to date. Who knows what else he has really. He really likes to befriend wealthy people and landowners. Makes sense really given his Modus Operandi.

    The fiery fund is a culmination of years of conning. Imagine his joy in getting his victims to help him execute this large scale scam? Building the sites, organising the events, running the books, putting themselves front line for the ‘charity’.

    No wonder he cried like a wounded puppy when he got the charity status. He just couldn’t believe his luck. After years of conning the shit out of people, he got government approval to keep going and to go bigger. The stamp of legitimacy in a life of conning. His move to a religion is just the next phase in the ongoing con that is Serge Benhayon. And no one stops him. The members will be there this Sunday with their chequebooks and cash filling his coffers. And He will be reflecting in the corner of his sick mind how it was just a few years back he convinced a poor dad to hand over his daughter and improve his tennis court, and now how he he is able to convince a whole community to do the same. Ahh, the satisfaction of honing ones life skills.

    Has there ever been a religious or new age cult leader who is not on the con? I don’t think so. Serge is clearly fulfilling his role and checking the boxes of the cult leader with a sense of entitlement as big as his grandiose self image of himself.

    Each year that goes on where he is left unchecked emboldens him further. Each dollar he collects, each parent he convinces he is a man of ‘absolute integrity’ is another paving stone on his path to the inevitable conclusion of each cult story, neatly summed up in the you tube video herein.

    The UM college is another step in that direction. Serge is a master conman . A failed businessman who has made an empire out of one skill- Lying and conning while convincing all those around him that he is the most truthful and honest person ever while telling them most fantastic stories possible. He’s a confidence trickster extraordinaire. Possibly to the point of believing himself. Who knows. One thing is for sure, he doesn’t pay. His followers do. Their families do. The disaffected and the community do. The Australian Tax payer does.

    Time to end the reign of Serge and bring his lies and con to an end. Send letters and emails to the government departments and ministers responsible. Lets put him, his followers and us out of our misery. This story has gone on way too long./

      • I should add that the perfection of the con came when Serge realised that if you claim to be in contact with god and have untestable and therefore improvable information you benefit twice. First, you can’t be discredited- say when people find ou you were never an elite tennis coach- and by inference, you are doing “holy” (truthful, sacred) work, therefore you are beyond reproach. I bet he had plenty of time to ruminate on this while he waited out his bankruptcy, taking lessons from his previous failures and successes.
        The good part is if someone questions you- say us- we are under the influence of an evil or malignant agency and can’t see the truth of Serge’s wisdom. It’s neat. But well used, well documented and transparent to those who decide to think for themselves.

    • That is indeed a fab summary, Thanks Camelot. The Sound Foundation in the UK is the same scam. Serge found some rich land-owning fools to stump up cash and land for the building. A very saleable asset indeed, being improved all the time by ‘donations’ and only used by UM. Basically ‘hired’ from itself to feed money back up to the top. One day a diagram will be drawn to show the money flowing round and round and up to Serge, if there is a piece of paper big enough. It’s horrible but true.

  4. It’s also worth remembering while this has been going for around 10 years now, Benhayon’s ‘ancient wisdom’ (which is probably much younger than his second wife) has gained little traction in the wider world. While there is a hardcore of maybe 100 followers, and a few hundred more that regularly tune in to listen to him and his deranged ramblings. The majority of people that have encountered him have said a polite ‘no thank you’ and had nothing more to do with him. Proof of this – look at their Facebook likes, the blog comments on the sanitised and censored blogs they run, the repeat customers at the workshops – we are talking small numbers here, and many of them posting/liking multiple times. There’s not a large number of people willing to stand up and defend Universal Medicine.

    Not that that in any way diminishes the need to hold him and his stooges accountable for what they have done, but worth remembering as they desperately try and present themselves as a legitimate organisation.

    And when you look at the donations the ‘charities’ have gained, how sad that so few have been conned of so much, and their families forced to suffer while they sing and dance (gently) to Benhayon’s merry tune.

    • As someone gravely affected by family members being among the ‘wealthy landowners’ he befriends and somehow persuades to fill his coffers, I am very keen to know exactly what can be done to help bring this evil man down. My family have been involved for a long time but because I don’t live in the area I wasn’t aware of the whole story until recently. Is there a strategy in place? How can I help?

        • And keep reading here and other sites offering the truth about the Universal Medicine scam. There is a wealth of information, instructions of what you can do to help and links to organizations that can help you.

      • Write the Australian Charity commission and ATO and explain your concerns, You can also write to your local member and federal members explaining your experiences as to the affects that Serge and Universal Medicine has had on your family, and any worries you have about their health, state of mind, finances and so forth. Venus has contacts listed on the site.

        Anon, please go ahead and do this. We have spoken with scores of families and people such as yourself and as far as we know many decide not to act because they think their one voice wont make a difference. It will. Every time someone says something it helps bring awareness to those who need to know, and will eventually help those in Serge’s cult and those who might be drawn in in the future.

        Let’s end the scam.

    • Anonymous, it’s a fair point about UM only having a few hundred hard core followers. We do, however, know that a lot of very devout/damaged followers are not defending UM on Facebook or the blogs, yet they are very far gone, continuously empowering UM with more cash, and an unquantifiable number of their loved ones are suffering. Our fear is that this several hundred devotees are the beginnings of something that could reach the scale of Scientology if left unchecked – and if Serge doesn’t escalate his fiery death drive first.

      Also Anonymous, you may have read the previous post – A Year of UMA – which wasn’t exactly an anniversary celebration. I agree with W. Harper’s advice to consult a lawyer. Among those of us active against UM, our main strategy has been to get regulatory, media and political attention focussed on UM and its abuses. However, media, politicians and regulators simply won’t investigate or act if those affected don’t come forward and make official notifications and complaints. It’s not because they don’t care. I’ve communicated with politicians, journalists, regulators and police. They know my reports are not hearsay, I maintain contact with a number of these, but they need victims or those affected to go on the record.

      Our secondary strategy is exposure – making sure as much info as possible can be found online so that members of the public are aware of UM’s true workings – not just cult propaganda. We welcome new information, especially first hand accounts of any UM activities or damage, or other inside information about major players. Many of our readers previously only had access to the propaganda and can’t understand how their loved one has become a different person. It’s the first hand accounts – for example what went on at the couples workshop – that most strike a chord with readers. Our readers also like to know how things are in other households trying to cohabit with a cult member.

      So I’ll back W. Harper’s and Camelot’s suggestions. You might be in position to write to regulators or political representatives where you are or where your family lives. Consider spreading the word, asking around if anyone else knows about UM, and direct them here. Consider telling your story here, and I can help make you unidentifiable if that’s a concern. Or if you have any information that might help us in our complaints to regulators, use the Contact tab – top of the page. We know what to look for. We are also looking at taking legal action against UM for deceptive business practices, and for vexatious family court action by Universal Law solicitors.

  5. The one year anniversary might not be the party you were hoping for, but remember the first 4 pages of the disappeared Rick Ross thread at the beginning of 2012…?
    They were all about the blog’s which were already started on UniMed and kept disappearing as well. Many of the blog comments were digged up by R.R. forum member Corboy. At least you, Richard and Princess are still standing.
    Which most definitely is worth something, maybe even a lot… Time will have to tell; and people need to speak up.

    So, congratulations again.

    • Ho! Richard Raymond is busy having a FLING. He might come up for air one of these weeks. And Princess is on a prana bender – road testing a few new boyfriends etc.

      The cult did get Yvonne McIlwhaine’s UM Support Group blog shut down, quoted on the RR forum, but it’s still in the cache:

      Thanks anyway SubRosa, and everyone for your contributions.

      About the Contact form – for any of you worried about anonymity, you don’t need to use a real email address. Or get a non identifying hotmail or gmail account if you want a reply.

      The legal actions we’re considering are class actions, but again, you have to come forward to be part of it.

      And today’s sickening anecdote, which a heap of you will relate to – a reliable source was told by a woman her cult struck mother pushed her to see Serge for treatment. Serge made some extremely inappropriate remarks about her genitals during treatment in relation to a fertility issue. We don’t know if inappropriate touching was offered or occurred, but the woman was very distressed and our source – unlike Esoteric busy bodies – felt it was inappropriate to pry. The woman confronted her mother, who told her Serge didn’t mean anything by it, and it was ‘healing’. She later found out her parents have donated her inheritance to Serge’s tax exempt property scam.

      Another family implodes thanks to the self loving cult.

      • Well, the Blog’s are still out there for all to read, which wasn’t exactly easy thanks to paula fletcher.

        Confronting your new FLING with the fact that you’re into Serge Benheyon as a follower, detractor, or one of the Lords of Form sounds like a big NO, NO to me, BTW. Can’t blame him for taking a break if it comes to that one. Here is a link to one of my favorite blog posts written by Richard Raymond.

      • It’s funny when I post anecdotes – I usually get a few responses certain I’m talking about their loved one. Invariably, when we compare notes, it’s a different person, but same modus operandi – Serge trying the same scam and the same predatory behaviour on numbers of victims. The latest telling me the victim won’t come forward because they fear losing their inheritance from their cult struck parents.

        We’ve got cult members sending their adolescent daughters for sleepovers at Serge’s, and now older parents giving Serge a free pass to molest their grown daughters, and either threatening to cut them off if they protest, or choosing the vile scamming pervert over their own flesh and blood.

        Esoteric parenting guarantees a divided family, with all the money funnelled into a college of hate.

        • Serge has spent a long time convincing his flock that giving money to kids holds them in disregard and also in bad karma or some such shit. I guess it is natural that the parents are going to choose Serge over them, just like wives choose Serge over their husbands and their kids. It’s all about sacrifice. And the more investment he can get them make in his delusions, the more they are committed. I mean how can you turn back from leaving your marriage or partnership and splitting up your family, giving up your worldly good to UM (ie, Serge), spending tens of thousands on his courses…and then denying that all the love ins, the lovely people, the smart doctors, the yummy feelings, are all a part of a massive self-delusion? Not very easily.

          There is a whole branch of psychology that deals with how humans stick with bad choices and then heavily rationalize them based on their investment in those choices. For anyone in the cult who has made significant investment, turning around and admitting it is rubbish is nigh on impossible. The problem is they will keep making the investments, and assuming they don’t die first, a day will come when the real world will intersect with their phantasmagoria in an almighty crash. This weekends cash grab is another deepening of investment for the members. The edifice that comes out of it, a testimony to their collective delusions, and a shrine to Serge’s ability to hoodwink a lot of people all at once and avoid the wrath of justice.

          For now at least.

        • Narcissism (IMO) is a social disease these days. So, parents cutting off their children of their inheritance in this case, doesn’t come as a surprise to me.
          Even though I do understand (first hand) how complicated and difficult it is to face and comprehend the fact that your parents are malignant narcissists, I do hope that people who are in the situation concerning the side effects of Universal Medicine and the devastating effect it has on the next generation, do realize how lucky they are that a part of the road already has been paved by people like you, Venus, if it comes to taking legal action.

          Narcissists are incredibly hard to fight because they spin the tale in a way which makes you stand alone and unsupported by the rest of the world. Those who are victimized by Universal Medicine don’t exactly have ‘the being unsupported by the rest of the world’ excuse anymore and will have to decide who they truly are, if it comes to protecting themselves as well as others.

  6. Ah yes, Universal Medicine aka ” the money spinner “. But it’s all for the greater good, isn’t it? Of course Sergio broke down in tears when he read out that letter! All that money! I would have cried tears of joy too. As for “he didn’t hold anything back”… I know the student body probably feels that this is a good thing but for us astral people it basically reads as “he told the ATO all his bullshit and they were stupid enough to believe him”. I actually can’t believe that anyone would grant UM charity status, but then Scientology is a tax exempt religion in the USA (while at the same time being classified as a cult by most of Europe’s government agencies).

    Princess and Venus, you might be interested to hear that in the UK Serge is already on to the next thing. With the light house up and running – and serving shite food to the people of frome –
    He is now asking for donations to build a retirement home to house the ageing student body. Obviously, once this has been built with student donations, the students will have to cough up more money to pay for for their stay.

    • There’s a fair few comments on that food on Tripadvisor (and get ready for a flood of new positive reviews now…):

      “We were disappointed with the food.
      It was expensive and not good.
      Even though we paid quite a lot, there was not much on the plate and we felt ripped off.
      Recommend another place to eat if you stay here.”

      “The cake sizes were tiny, the Thai food watery and bland, other things we bought were very poor quality – but its not cheap.
      Service was shambolic – unprofessional.”

      Pretty much sums up the UM diet doesn’t it?

  7. What a master plan. Recruit them, train them for tens of thousands in useless modalities, get them to join your ‘best in the world’ practitioners body paying a regular fee, have them recruit by stealth, ask them for donations to improve your assets and buy more, lease them back to the students via the charity, save on tax, then slowly kill them with a bad diet and improper medical advice, get them to bequeath their life savings and property to you, shove them in a retirement village, send in a cult doctor to send them back to sirius, collect their money. One winner. Serge Benhayon and his over entitled kids. Losers- everyone else- students, partners of students, kids of students, parents and siblings, children of members, friends, family, community, tax payers, medical system, other practitioners in area…all in the name of a self-love-affair, some pretend initiation scale and ascension to the equally fictitious fiery realms. What a con. What a nasty peice of work Serge Benhayon is. For all humanity my arse.

    • So true is your comment Camelot.
      $B so so evil, the whole scope of this setup is so gut wrenching.
      What an evil mind to think of this in the first instance and then to carry out this evil master plan.
      With that sinister smirk/smile that they all wear. $CAM – Evil $CAM

    • Bloody hell. Firstly why do the huffington post let this numbskull write. She can’t, and she just repeats Serge. Read below for a taste of the Serge regurg:

      ” ..well-known physicist, Professor Brian Cox, in one of his talks on quantum physics says that “…subatomic building blocks of our bodies are constantly shifting in response to events that happened at the edge of the known universe a billion light years somewhere over there…(pointing towards the sky).” Even for the biggest of science sceptics, if we stop but for a moment and truly deeply feel into this statement would we not be far more responsible for absolutely everything that we say and indeed how we say it? [BTW, she has inferred a different meaning to Bryan Cox]

      If we consider that the Taboo of Paedophilia is a powerful configuration of a consciousness that is the complete opposite to Love, it is important that we also examine what or rather WHO feeds this consciousness to stay in control and have power over us.

      Not a single person in their family wanted to acknowledge and accept it either at the time of the abuse or decades later. This particular person was told by their mother that they had gone mad from reading too many books and that they should be locked away – this to her own child for telling her about the abuse that indeed did take place! And their sister dismissed it as a bad dream!”

      The whole pathetic article is here:

      Dragana, what do you think we’ve been trying to tell you for year? Serge has one of his victims now married to him. Get it? You’re the person in your own article in denial. Talk about a bad dream.

      The Huffington Post clearly has no editorial standards at all. Besides being a dim wit & in denial Dragana is a shit writer and essentially a plagarist.

      Bloody Hell…

  8. If any cult members are reading these blogs, here’s a thought for the day:

    “The truth about Serge Benhayon will set you free (providing you’re willing to let it sink in), but it will shock, disturb and piss you off first”

    Have a nice life, if you can wake the fuck up and get it back, of course.

    • The cult members ARE reading the blogs, and rumour has it they’re saying we’re PRANIC! 😮

      Yes, you and I were chatting about that quote above from the Self Love Affair Facebook page administered by Esoteric GENIUS and Chakra-puncture rip off artist, Val Oliveira, and we agreed Eso students are incapable of comprehending the irony. That remark was originally a spherical insult aimed at us…


      LOL! I might start a page called SORRY YOU’RE SO FUCKING STUPID!

      Ripped off any cancer patients lately, Val?

      As for Dragana Brown Nose – if the combination of pseudoscience, abuse denial, idiocy and arrogance pisses you off, don’t read Eunice Minford’s latest. Seriously. Anyway, we’ve singled out Brown Nose & Minford for a major serve on the FACTS blog in the coming weeks, but preceded by a few items to show them for the noxious hypocrites they truly are. So save your worst on those two for that post.

  9. I’ve just updated this post with a correction. I’d written that Sergio the bullshitter had resigned as a CoUM director last year, which he had, but didn’t realize he was the College’s Chairman in perpetuity, which he had written into the constitution, probably with the help of Tricky Vicky Lister and the rest of the grubby cult lawyers. I’d forgotten the Courier Mail had reported on that last year. We’re endeavouring to get our hands on some more documentation regarding Serge’s position.

    Expect our friend You Know Who to supply us with a guest post soon explaining the implications.


    I’ll be posting this report in my Xmas/end of year wind up, but here’s a few points:

    The ACNC is going to compel charities to make their accounts public and stories like this show an increase in public pressure for not for profits to behave accountably BUT our beloved federal government doesn’t see the necessity and wants to shut the ACNC down – which will mean Sergio gets to run his business tax free and with no regulatory scrutiny – extremely bad news for the cult’s current and potential victims.

    Please write to federal minister for human services, Kevin Andrews (interviewed) and tell him how UM has affected you and your loved ones, how outrageous it is that the College of UM gained charity status in the first place, and what an insult it is to tax payers that damaging organizations like UM are tax exempt while the rest of us earn a living honestly. Tell them you are angered by the government allowing such organizations to abuse the charity and tax system, and that UM not only costs the goverment in terms of lost tax revenue but in burdening medical, judicial and social services. CC your local federal member and Senator Nick Xenophon.

    Kevin Andrews:
    Federal Member for Richmond NSW (Mullumbimby, Bangalow, Byron Bay, Lennox Head etc.), Justine Elliott:
    Federal Member for Page NSW (Lismore, Goonellabah, Wollongbar, Ballina etc), Kevin Hogan:
    Federal Senator Nick Xenophon:


  11. Jesus. Why would they shut down something that costs a measly $50M over 4 years when Serge alone is avoiding millions in tax??? Alarming. Imagine what that nutter from Hillsong is dodging? I think Kevin Andrews must be running his own charity or cult. It doesn’t make sense. That’s the danger of ideology over rationality. Another letter to write. Or I am starting my own charity if the ACNC shuts down. The anti-cult charity. First point of order, my income. One million dollars……hahahahahaha,

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