Psychological Well-being 2013 Conference – another Universal Medicine cult front


Cult conference blurb:

Gold Coast ‘Behaviour Specialist & Counsellor” Tanya Curtis is the latest Universal Medicine cult member to front an undisclosed cult recruitment drive marketed as a conference. The speakers include cult leader, and unqualified founder of Esoteric mind-fuck psychology, Serge Benhayon, and a laundry list of ardent yes artists all lined up to promote the malignant commercial scam he’s taken to calling a religion.

UPDATE: The conference venue has suddenly changed from Bond University to the Mercure Resort at Carrara. 

We wonder if that has anything to do with Bond University receiving a notification featuring images of Serge Benhayon performing Deeper Femaleness, with his hand on a woman’s vulva calling it a healing for sexual abuse, and bunch of quotes from his self published tomes. We imagine the cult will blame us and call our notifications containing material the cult prefers not to disclose as ‘hate’, but if they want to blame someone, they should blame Serge for producing expensive, noxious rubbish that the public finds unacceptable. 

Esoteric Psychology – unmitigated destruction

Our regular readers know that the Universal Medicine version of Psychological Well-being is another hashed up SergeSpeak platitude, which when put through the reality tester translator, comes out as ‘inordinate level of emotional shutdown and antisocial brainwashing courtesy of bogan messiah, Serge Benhayon.’

Readers only need read a few posts on this site to understand how damaging his covert programming is – from dehumanized insensitivity to death, to moral judgement of those with disease, to the family fracturing effects of Esoteric parenting, to annihilation of compassion, to gender divisiveness, to routine personal boundary transgressions, to passive aggressive, emotionless love.

Benhayon’s covertly hypnotized investors call that mess being ‘connected’ and ‘loving’, and are busy deifying the misanthropic philistine and trying to get his Livingness death drive granted tax exempt status as a religion.

We’re trying to have the harm stopped.

Esoteric transparency – Cult? Who us?

We saw what happened when the Universal Medicine cult tried to stage a cyberbullying conference in December last year. Organizer, Sarah Davis, neglected to tell invited speakers of Real Media Real Change’s cult backing or of the group’s hostility to free speech. When notified, eight out of ten high profile speakers cancelled, to be replaced with cult ring-ins.

The Psychological Well-being conference to be held at Bond University, the Mercure Resort on the Gold Coast on December 9, 2013, is less ambitious. They’ve not attempted to recruit speakers who aren’t in the cult, and the result is a line up of nobodies, remarkable only for their misplaced worship of Serge Benhayon, cult leader and bullshit artist supreme.

The publicity makes an appeal to healthcare professionals, but only the truly dimwitted attend a day long conference that doesn’t gain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. And only the truly dimwitted would attend such an event without first running a Google check of the speakers. At the top of the bill, unqualified ex bankrupt, Serge Benhayon, appears in Google searches as a cult leader and a dangerous clown – renowned for teaching molestation of sexual abuse victims as ‘healing’, and his rape and murder apologism.

As for ‘the practical approach gaining significant results with clients’, the publicity doesn’t tell us what it is, who devised it and that the clients getting ‘results’ are cult members whose health is declining while their relationships are falling apart and their assets are disappearing into the Church of $erge.

The conference is a stab at gaining new recruits via slick marketing and zero substance – which is Universal Medicine all over. It’s also an undeniable attempt to get more money out of current adherents and to channel the funds through Benhayon’s tax exempt charity, the College of Universal Medicine, which has successfully raised millions to improve Benhayon’s property holdings. Publicity states that proceeds go to charity, but typical of Esoteric transparency, conveniently fails to mention which. We see it as our job to make sure the unwary know what they’re in for and where their money will end up.

A conference of sycophants – the speakers

Don’t expect variety in the conference content. It’ll be yet another obscene performance of Serge worship by a bunch of grasping recruiters.

The conference blurb on counsellor and cult member, Tanya Curtis, states that she comes from the premise that “People are not broken, they are already amazing”, thus our role as practitioners is not to fix a person, rather to support people to clear what does not feel so great which will allow them to express their true self.

In other words, she follows Serge’s toxic methodology to the letter, encouraging vulnerable clients to shut down their emotions and amplify their self absorption before programming them to discard prana – life energy – to surrender to Benhayon’s death drive.

Unsurprisingly, registered cult psychologist, Caroline Raphael, who works in the room beside Serge’s at his Goonellabah headquarters has no achievements listed. She promotes herself with this line: From her experiences with Mental Health organizations and from her successful private practice she has noticed an alarming increase in the rates and severity in Mental Health Conditions. 

I guarantee she has. Particularly when she actively peddles Esoteric mind-fuck psychology, including toxic parenting advice, and literally telling patients Serge Benhayon is God, telling them she can’t help them if they protest, and charging them for it.

Cult psychotherapist, Jean Gamble, is another apologist, whose work includes a faulty argument for Universal Medicine not being a cult, disproven throughout this and the FACTS blog.

Through my professional training and psychotherapy practice I am qualified to recognise brain-washing and abuse and I can state categorically that Universal Medicine is involved in neither. The level of ethics, integrity and professionalism of the Universal Medicine team is exemplary. Universal Medicine Website

Cult psychologist Marianna Masiorski, is a frequent flyer on the Serge Benhayon devotional blogs and shamelessly targets depressed people, recommending they adopt Esoteric mind-fuck and surrender their emotions and their psychological autonomy to cult programming. More of her calibre is evident in the following statement of mental illness denial – an unprofessional, dangerously naive New Age attitude which can and does cost lives. Attitudes like hers result in mentally ill patients receiving inadequate or incompetent treatment including failing to refer them for appropriate specialist treatment when necessary.

She has a passion for supporting people who think they suffer a mental illness. Marianna supports people with practical and effective skills in dealing with symptoms that exist within the body that create a sense of mental disease. 

Does that include patients diagnosed by a proper professional, Marianna?

I don’t know anything about cult relationship counsellors, Annette Baker and Gabrielle Caplice, except they were speakers at the last Universal Medicine relationship workshop, which is nothing to be proud of considering the unsavoury sexual meddling that took place at past workshops, which further damaged the relationships of attendees.

Social worker, Ariana Ray is another Benhayon promoter, who has worked in child protection, and not only has no problem with cult leader Serge Benhayon having adolescent girls stay unaccompanied in his home, but is unable to recognize photographic evidence of molestation when she sees it. Ditto for all the speakers and shame on all of them. She’s also in favour of censoring those who speak out against sexual predators, as I did about Benhayon on Eunice Minford’s blog, only to be labelled a troll and have my comment removed.

Abuse per se is not acceptable and has to be given a clear NO. Including NO to internet ‘troll’s’ to abuse and use this site for their own abusive ends. The example of Trolling that we can see above is just another form of abuse that needs to be said NO to. I have no doubt that we as a people can say no to abuse where and when it occurs, people are waking up, changes are being made. More and more people are finding the power of saying NO! Ariana Ray, comment now removed.

NO! Don’t provide me with evidence my idol is an abuser. NO!

Ariana Ray nominated Natalie Benhayon in the Huffington Post Inspirational Women Photo Competition, but Natalie was disqualified when Serge Worshippers flooded the page’s comments with spam plugging Natalie’s Esoteric Women’s Health menstrual cycle app, marketed to blokes.

Social Worker, Sally Scott, is another stalwart on the Benhayon truth has no relation to facts blogs, with little of use to say, who declares she works with vulnerable women, but has a serious blind spot to the cult’s abuses.

And finally, welcome to the Naming Names page, Child Psychotherapist, Vanessa McHardy. So Vanessa, do the inner city London primary schools you work in know about your cult connection and the damaging Esoteric psychology you’re selling?

They will soon. Complete with images of Serge Benhayon’s ‘healing’ via molestation and personal boundary transgressions, and a few choice quotes on mental health from the bogan messiah himself.

Time too for that long overdue notification to go to the Australian Psychological Society and the Qld and NSW Education departments, complete with this list of abuse enablers, and a few more.

And again, don’t thank me. Thank Serge.

43 thoughts on “Psychological Well-being 2013 Conference – another Universal Medicine cult front

  1. Please put this tag in your blog post “Psychological Well-being” and their web address. This will help the post move up next to theirs in search engines, so we can alert anyone who may be not sensible enough to do a little bit of searching.

    I agree, they are not likely to get too many working professionals, but they may ensnare curious students from the uni who are studying psychology. You can just about pull a psyche degree out of a cornflake box (or your bottom if your Serge) and what they teach is pretty lame, so the name of the con-ference may be enough to have a few unsuspecting would be victims wandering in just to have their heads messed with by this sorry bunch of myopic brain dead numb-nuts and their two bit leader- with his excreted “esoteric psychology” and his hidden blue books of “philosophy” (cough)

    No worries, we’ll do our best to alert anyone that may wander in. I have a few thoughts. They’re going to love it.

    • Good idea – sort of kinda half did that. The cult has squadron of so called SEO consultants, but even they can’t optimize pissy, dishonest, repetitive content.

      Some of you commented on this event before, so I’m in the process of transferring the comments to this post. If you want them changed or anything, let me know, and please feel free to expand.

      I pulled them from the previous post so this rot didn’t derail that very disturbing content. Normally, it’s not an issue.

  2. There is always more from this grab your money mongrel and his many brides…Check out who the speakers are! How do they keep getting away with this evil ugly death dealing scam?? All to promote $erge and make more $$$$$ and break up more families and stuff up more lives.

    But wait there is still more….they are promoting (RMRC) International Men’s Day.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    How dare they!

    PS: Please note all proceeds go to charity!!!!!!! Serge Benhayon’s!!!!????????

    C’mon readers let’s stop this evil.

    • Yes, I want to know which charity. Let’s find out. I am sure they are very transparent and won’t mind telling.

    • The International Men’s Day UM cult misandry extravaganza will also cop a hammering in due course – with some choice quotes on men’s health and dick shrinkage from the Divine Dropkick.

      Don’t just lock up your daughters, lock up your balls!

      Hey, and save the rotten tomatoes for the FACTS exposé coming soon. Ta.

  3. I am alarmed at this new front. It looks like they are now taking the Scientology approach to recruitment.

    By absolute definition anyone associated with Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine manifestly lacks basic insight, least of all any credentials to be involved in people’s mental health. To imagine that they would be inviting vulnerable people and unwary practitioners to this event and then covertly indoctrinating them into UM is frightening-. In fact, I think it is very important we start alerting relevant bodies as to these individuals involvement with the cult before they can do more damage.

    Each one of them employ descriptions that is more or less Serge speak. Nothing suss there. And there is Serge’s smiling mug right next to his self rated blurb ( he left out the part, “well known cult leader, scam artist, and family destructer”) front and centre ready to get up and talk mumbo jumbo and wave his evil wand over the unsuspecting audience to prime them for the recruitment.

    Don’t worry Serge, we’ll put an end to this one too. Top of list. Geez. Do these guys ever give it a rest? The New World Religion is relentless isn’t it…

  4. I am sure it will just as successful as the Real Media Real Media change ‘summit’ was. Lots of empty seats, a whole lot of nothing discussed, and a small group of self satisfied ‘students’ frantically liking each others FB comments on what a ‘lovely’ day it was.

  5. Another ‘Trojan Horse’ for promulgating the mind numbing doctrines of Universal Medicine. I wonder if Benhayon will introduce himself as the Ascended Master with a direct link to the Hierarchy and in constant conflict with the Lords of Form and their legions of pranic entities lurking in every carton of milk and butter dish. That should go down well with an audience of psychology students.

  6. It’s incredibly underhand of all the speakers not to declare the group they all belong to on the flyer. But typical of the non disclosure of truth we all know they are capable of.

    Perhaps they are uncomfortable being out in the public gaze promoting UM under its real name?

    Hopefully any potential attendee will google Benhayon before signing up.

  7. Just some insight. A local UM clown started befriending a local male. After a short period of time he gave up the drink and smokes to please and align to this women’s and UM beliefs. Really out of character for this man. I heard last night he is currently attending conventional type counselling as he is now affected by the mind fuck he has been exposed to in the last couple of months. Yes he was vulnerable and now worse from the experience. As most of you know they will try and rope anyone in even though some do not get any financial gain themselves. They are willing to prey on others as this is all they have now and cannot relate to true living

  8. Oh How I wish so much that the ABC’s Four Corners would run a programme on this ugly evil destructive cult Universal Medicine and Serge Benahyon. A full expose’ of it all on camera would be so good then have it televised on national television.
    All UMer’s are so so underhanded as to declaring who they are that is how they are able to suck so many innocent people in – sneakily!Including patients of those cult doctors. If they have nothing to hide why be so underhanded. Always looking for more prey!

  9. Camelot, UM is certainly following the Scientology model with undisclosed front groups. One of Scientology’s most successful is the one attacking psychiatry – a revenge act because before it was a religion, Scientology was a less than mediocre psychotherapy that was poorly reviewed by the profession.

    Anyway, Serge is upping the recruitment drive, spreading the tentacles to compensate for the drop in revenue resulting from our exposure. Only problem is, his product is crap, and he’s not coming up with anything new.

    Anyway readers, keep your radars on and let us know of any new activities. We can’t do it all.

    The latest is Real Media Real Change announcing its TEAM of abuse deniers and underachieving arseholes, to be listed on the Naming Names page soon, but counting Rebecca Baldwin, and Northern Star cadet journalist and halfwitted liar, Hamish Broome – to be outed soon with his own special feature. So I guess we can expect more RMRC ‘events’ to publicly expose. We don’t expect they’ll become imaginative or innovative in the way they market Serge’s unpolished turds.

    La Metempsycose, I don’t expect many students to find their way into the con-ference (thx YKWB) – because it’ll be summer break at Bond Uni. They have summer school, but I’ll make sure the Uni knows a cult has hired the venue, and ask them not to advertise it on campus. Truly, the only students likely to be attracted to it are the ones likely to graduate as psychologists of the ilk of Masiorski and Raphael. Hazardous dimwits. There’s always a few in every graduating year. And as Winston says, their patients end up seeing other professionals to undo the damage.

    Winston, good to hear from you. Thanks to all for commenting.

    • So does that mean the Real Media Real Change TEAM are ready to answer questions about Sergio the bullshitter having young girls stay at his house?

      Will Katie Walls or Jennene Greenall answer our questions about ovarian readings, uterus massage and vaginal examinations? How often do they perform the Deeper Femaleness technique on their clients? How do their victims/clients react when told they’ve experienced sexual abuse because they were rapists in a past life?

      A TEAM gives them the illusion of safety in numbers I suppose. That’s okay. We’ll ask more questions.

      As for the mind fuck CON-ference, we’ll notify Bond Uni’s psych department as well.

  10. Sun Myung Moon died early last month. Thank Christ. Pun ironically intended. He went on for 60+ years accused with much of the same BS as Serge. Scientology still thrives long after their idiot carked it. David Koresh’s mother still thinks he is Christ. Etc, ad nausem.

    Point is, that Serge’s brand of mind-fuck is tried and tested. Deploying half-baked ‘professionals” to help recruit is out of the operating handbook. Note how this started to occur right after the media burst last year, which undoubtedly put a dampener on this word of mouth party that had gone on unfettered for over a decade. Little doubt however that the participants in this new front think they are sincere. Probably just like Sarah Davis was last year, trying to fight the evil of disagreeable facts she didn’t like the sound of (and deploying her insincere partner to assist in the scam) That is the danger of thought-reform. You don’t know it happened to you, you think the thoughts and feelings are your own, and you lose the ability to discern right from wrong, truth from fiction, good people from bad people.

    Serge will keep thinking up new ways to recruit. It’s our job to keep nipping these fronts in the bud lest UM does become full blown out of control cult that lasts 50 years. I want to see it gone in under two. I was sick of it in 2010 when my partner started walking around with a dazed look, ignoring me, forcing me onto her diet and giving me stink eye for listening to music or talking about the news- all while laughing while listening to Serge’s endless crap through the iPod, day and bloody night. I bet she’s doing it right now.

    Serge- you try it, we’ll knock it over.
    Members- what can I say that hasn’t been said? Wake up.

  11. A taste of Tanya. So to speak. I wonder how members who can’t communicate with their ex’s justify how it is nothing to do with THEIR behaviour. They should chat with Tanya about that. After all that is her line. She must be pretty bright too. After all, she understands that Serge is a fifth level master from Sham-ballah, the reincarnation of everyone famous he could think of, and that no one’s thinking is really their own, emotions are toxic and empathy causes cancer. Or something.

    I think we need to send out some warnings about FABIC also. While it doesn’t look like all the practitioners support UM, the site has a UM smell. AMAZING, AWESOME- etc. Danger Will Robinson.

    My prognosis is that you cant rely on most psychologist to have a clue. It’s very misleading. You imagine they might have some insight, but from what I can see and my experience it generally is not the case. They are as confused or more so than the next person. Just more dangerous because they think they know and others assume they do. Is there any hope for us mortals?

    • Are the grim paintings behind her splattered with the dripping blood of peoples’ brains that exploded after trying to listen to Tan’s drivel on and on and on….?

    • Tanya Curtis, behaviour specialist, Worongary, Gold Coast, reckons in order to change behaviour we need to understand why a person behaves that way, or whatever.

      So why the lying, Tan? Why do UMers lie? Why don’t you disclose your backing for the CONference? Why don’t any of you answer questions? Why doesn’t Serge? Why do you excuse Serge having young girls stay unaccompanied in his home? Why would Kyla Plummer write a blog saying Serge doesn’t have his hand on a woman’s genitals when the photograph clearly shows it?

      Why does Serge carry on incessantly about paedophilia and rape? Why does he say murder isn’t evil but cheese is? Why does he need to touch genitals, bottoms and breasts? Why the vaginal examinations? Why the secrecy?

      Explain that behaviour, Tanya Curtis.

  12. I don’t fink Tan has a clue. Not even about her own behaviour. Why else would she be holding a con-ference for the cult without mentioning Universal Medicine.

    My prediction- UM will undergo a name change soon. You heard it hear first.
    Serge might change his name back to Sergio too. Who knows.

    • I’m sure they all have more than a clue – dishonest bastards.

      Ama-zing isn’t it, the consensus on what they don’t talk about in their publicity. Let’s not mention Universal Medicine, or the astral cult, Arcturus, the Lords of Form, Cathars, entities, evolution denial, the evils of charity, altruism, music, sport & education, lovelessness, prana, ovarian readings, vaginal examinations, uterus massage, the rape fixation, the Miranda Deborah switch, Deeper Femaleness, Serge’s underaged houseguests…

      • The rule of UM law appears to be… don’t mention any of those things to anyone outside the cult. Ever. And if outsiders bring it up, call them closed minded, abusive, loveless, or anything you can think of to deflect the question.


        That’s the first rule of UM. And no prizes for guessing the second rule of UM…

  13. More pseudo-intellectual dishonesty from the one of the faithful:

    “Love, on the other hand is free: it doesn’t ask or require you to follow anyone or become anything other than yourself”

    – Joel Levin

    Riddle me this then, Joel. Why are you following Serge to the point of being a clone and pouring thousands of dollars a year into his real estate empire if love is simply a choice?

    You’re in a cult run by a scam artist. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

    • Sounds like Serge regurg to me. I bet “How crazy is that” and the twee metaphor is right from the mouth of the master of mirth. Joel has lost the capacity to string words together himself, as have they all.

      It’s also meaningless mumbo jumbo too. What has love got to do with eating too much, or working too hard? Answer= nothing. Unless you think love is self-obsession. Oh yeah, check, they do. And if you buy Serge’s co-opted vision of “glory” vs “the pain of normal life”- right, right, they do. Shit no wonder they are such mixed up numb skulls. That is crazy. I mean real C-R-A-Z-Y.

  14. Annette Baker and Gabrielle Caplice are on par with Caroline Raphael for psychological insight. They are a couple and work together on their clients.

  15. This is the euphemised description of esoteric psychology from the UM website, where you can pay Serge to study.

    “Esoteric Psychology is an approach to developing the human being in accordance to the Ancient Wisdom’s teaching on the differences between Spirit and Soul. Such teachings began with Patanjali (considered 200BCE) whom some scholars regard as the father of psychology. Esoteric Psychology is based on the premise that the yet to re-awaken human being is under the consciousness as so chosen by the human spirit until such time that it can liberate itself from such limits and re-awaken back to its Soul and the Divine consciousness that so impulses the re-awakened state of being. In modern and more practical terms, Esoteric Psychology seeks to unite the ordinary person with a thinking that originates if not stems first from one’s inner-heart before the mind is engaged. This leads to equality and natural harmony with self and with all others equally”

    I Googled it and came up with a heap of pages from other nut-jobs running similar organizations as Serge. They all seem to have emanated from Alice Baily who had a form of it. Remember psychology was in its infancy around her time, so she would have been keen to have a version of her own. The premise is that the heart thinks ( or soul) not the mind- and therefore by switching off the mind, you will access higher intelligence. I think I’ve seen posts promoting this idea (that comes from the mind 😉 on group blogs. It’s a great one for Sergey boy, because it lends itself to his mission to get his members to turn off their critical thinking. Actually the only thinking they have. Once off, he’s free to toss in all sorts of garbage and turn good people bad, and borderline practitioners into ratbags who are happy to promulgate the same thinking (yes it is thinking) that screwed theirs. Talk about irony.

    Cult psychologists. Run to the shops and purchase some good books on how your brain works. It will set you back $50 and save you tens of thousands wasting your time and credibility with Serge’s co-opted fantasy musings. Fast. And give the “way it is” to an unbiased colleague and ask for a comment. (Not you Brendan. You need to grow some face hair first. You just go with it pal)

  16. By the way, for those of you who haven’t heard, cult psychologists, Marianna Masiorski, Caroline Raphael and Brendan Mooney made a complaint of professional misconduct and ‘organized criminality’ about me to AHPRA, with whom I’m a registered practitioner. The claim was of ‘slander and harassment’, which is not an issue within AHPRA’s jurisdiction. Defamation claims are tried in law courts. The alleged slander and harassment consists of my criticisms of the public promotion of a sexual predator and a dangerous molesting cult, as well as complaints I’ve made to the HCCC. Masiorski didn’t cite any breaches of my code of conduct or any crimes.

    The complaint was sent on October 15, timed as an attempt to intimidate me from running exposure of the psychological wellbeing con-ference, and trying to stop me from making notifications about their breaches.

    They don’t know me very well.

    • The latest update on the Masiorski, Mooney and Raphael complaint to AHPRA about me, is that they’ve submitted ‘further information’ to add to the complaint.

      They’ve dobbed me in for adding further ‘abuse and villification’ to my blog posts, and have told AHPRA that my behaviour is driven by underlying psychological issues that have been ‘unidentified, untreated and unresolved’, that my behaviour demonstrates psychological, emotional and mental instability, and I’m not ‘a fit and proper person’ for general registration as a health practitioner etc.


      The same people say Universal Medicine is NOT A CULT.

      They also asked that the ‘further information’ that didn’t include any actual evidence for the above claims apart from them taking offence at my criticism of their public endorsement of Sergio the sexual predator, be kept confidential. In other words, they sought to pathologize my activism against UM and deprive me of the opportunity to respond.

      So Masiorski et al, I see you’re not getting any brighter. My response to AHPRA hasn’t changed. My criticism of UM is not related to my professional practice and has no bearing on my care of patients. I’m not the one endorsing a vile little pervert who has adolescent girls stay unaccompanied in his home for sleepovers, teaches that loving one’s children emotionally ‘has never worked’, emotions are the cause of all disease, or that unqualified fools touching the genitals of sexual abuse victims is healing.

      Everything you submit that I receive will make its way onto the internet for holiday reading.

      And again, if you have a complaint of slander and defamation, the place to try it is in court. I’ll also be posting the complaints made to Google over a year ago by Universal Law where they ask Google for my name and contact details so they can take legal action against me. Raphael and Mooney are named as two of 55 clients.

      They’ve had more than a year to mount a defamation action, more than enough money to do it, and I’m on how many blogs now?

      And the best they can do is try to have me deregistered because I’ve not said gentle things about their public posturings, I’m ‘loveless and in pain’ and UNSTABLE, LOL, without evidence I’ve breached any professional code.

      • “They’ve dobbed me in for adding further ‘abuse and villification’ to my blog posts, and have told AHPRA that my behaviour is driven by underlying psychological issues that have been ‘unidentified, untreated and unresolved’, that my behaviour demonstrates psychological, emotional and mental instability, and I’m not ‘a fit and proper person’ for general registration as a health practitioner etc.”
        This makes one speechless(a rare event I might add for Feline)and cranky and flabbergasted. These so called psychologists can represent without a qualm and actively promote Serge Benhayon’s works and teachings courses etc and yet they question you and your psychological stability for exposing what is really going on. Gawd!!! Hmm and they will not see you in court but they have done and are doing their darnedest to shut you up.
        This says volumes. Keep up the good work DV. Truth is prevailing.

  17. The Psychological Well-being Conference has had a sudden venue change. Now no longer being held at Bond Uni, it’s shifted to the Mercure at Cararra. It might have something to do with a notification sent to Bond Uni complete with the images of ‘Deeper Femaleness’ and a few quotes of Serge’s Esoteric Psychology. There’s now no longer any mention of the proceeds going to an unspecified charity, either.

    The cult will try and blame the ‘hate group’ (me) for the disruption, but seriously, we don’t have that much influence and even less charisma. Nope, all trouble with UM can be traced to its source, Serge Benhayon. If he and his cartel behaved ethically and ran an honest business, they wouldn’t be in any of this shit, and I promise, there is more shit to come.

    • Very interesting. I look forward to their “official” explanation for the venue change. The proceeds going to charity is still mentioned on the registration form. Still no mention of which charity though.

    • Well they’ve banged their inspiration on the site now : “Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.”

      Now if when people go to Serge’s courses, he would hand out a form that said this:

      “This is not really a course on how to heal. I am going to convince you into my own personal occult ideology using techniques on you to induce dissociative states where you will be highly suggestible. I will also induce states that will activate endorphin releases which are addictive. You will feel wonderful, but will come under my control and need to keep coming back for more. I will induce an unrealistic sense of certainty and all rational thought will be banished. In a few days you won’t remember what you used to believe and will agree with my ideas to the point of using my words. In time you will give up your family, partners, empathy, fairness, common decency and a lot of money.

      I authorize Serge Benhayon to covertly indoctrinate me________________________(name)______________(date)


    • Ha! Maybe you heard through the grapevine but some poor customer used the Contact form because they were having trouble with the conference enrolment form. They asked ME for help in enrolling and paying, lol.

      Yes, I replied, but no I did not take their credit card details.

      No they did not send a thank you reply for telling them to give it a wide berth.

  18. Chris James is busy raking in the dosh, and congratulating himself for making so little go such a long way – talent wise that is.

    I don’t want to call the poor pet a fuckwit. We can reserve that for the top rung parasites, including James. Unfortunately our undiscerning enquirer is a sitting duck for these bastards. A potential victim, and that really worries me.

    There’s a lot to be said for keeping the old reality tester in tune.

  19. There’s never a shortage of bullshit Dobbsie. Sergio has made an industry of it.

    The good news is I’m compiling a ‘Best of Sergio’ collection to put in front of a parliamentary inquiry into false and misleading health information.

    Hence burning the midnight oil.

    There’s mountains of it.

  20. Don’t thank me. It’s all Venus. I just mouth off here and there, fiddle with the colour scheme and drive Venus crazy, like earlier when I dropped cheese on the tiles and stepped in it.

    While Venus toils away on a parliamentary submission I was trying to spike some brandy butter. And so on.

  21. Thank god i am not the only one, with Tanya Curtis, on my second appointment after she explained her method, i mentioned to her that it sounded like she was teaching a faith, a type of behavior following’ , doesn’t sit right with me.. Only reason i went back was to take my husband, i was fighting with my gut instinct, then when I took my children in was when my gut kicked me, and i hadn’t been back.
    Thank goodness

    • Thank you for your comment. Tanya Curtis’ access to vulnerable families is a real concern. Bad enough if she is pushing a religious approach – but more disturbing is she’s a cultist and recruiter.

    • Yes Alli, she is a fundamentalist. Like all of the “mental health workers” in the group, she can’t recognise the dysfunction of the founder of her religion, and his obvious grandiose narcissism; albeit slightly obscured behind his benign charming persona. Tanya’s also got a few DVD’s available where she documents her hair-brained and ill-considered therapies based on Serge’s dangerous thinking about empathy.. She even explains how kids can sense energy and have clairvoyance. Again, regurgitating Serges fantasies.

      She is clearly unaware how children’s brains develop and as a behavioral “expert” you’d assume she’d have a clue. She doesn’t. Especially about her own.

      We know she other group psychologists are still recruiting people into the cult. We’ve been noting people who have been to see them that are now walking around spruiking UM propaganda.

      There is no law to stop these people. You can be incompetent, stupid, a fundamentalist and dangerous and no government department will touch it. Your gut instinct (“true” intuition) was right. But I wonder how many parents do not feel it, or don’t act on when they do.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • She is listed on the autism Qld funding for Autism. I forget what it is called, but the funding you get from the government to see certain specialist until your child turns 7 .. I waisted around $1k of it on her … Non of my kids liked her, my son, ASD and selective mutism, didn’t talk to her through 4 sessions , yet I took him to optimal communications on southport and he was talking by the end of the first session ..

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