The tax exempt Sound Foundation charity – donating to Serge Benhayon’s UK church


Serge Benhayon, UK Livingness Retreat, 2013, in the Sound Foundation conference facility. Construction funded by Universal Medicine students.

The Universal Medicine cult was denied charity status in the UK, but that hasn’t stopped the Benhayon enterprise from raising millions of gloriously tax free pounds through The Sound Foundation charity front to construct a plush Universal Medicine clinic and conference facility, and a swimming pool from which Sound Foundation trustee, Simone Benhayon, operates her swim school and Esoteric water healing racket.

Universal Medicine has a charity in the UK. The charity commission in the UK would not give UM charity status. Fortunately for us Chris James, one of the esoteric students had an existing charity called “the sound foundation” which he is allowing UM to use, as he does not need it. Esoteric Development Group lecture notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, December 17, 2011.

Fortunately for cult leader, Serge Benhayon, his long time ‘student’, business partner and the cult’s über recruiter, Chris James, provided a tax exempt front for UM’s UK commercial operations – not that Universal Medicine mentioned that to the Charity Commission. Just as they didn’t mention Benhayon’s teachings that charity is evil, but rape and murder are not. Documentation concerning the cult’s failed charity application will be posted soon on the FACTS blog.

Similar to the tax exempt College of Universal Medicine, the Sound Foundation has raised millions to provide conference and clinic facilities to the cult, so they can run their abusive commerce without the burden of tax.

We also have a building in the UK called the Lighthouse that was set up specially to be run esoterically…

The Lighthouse is a beautiful building that was bought by a couple of esoteric students in England. They used their own money to buy it- approx 3 million pounds. The Lighthouse is in Frome, Somerset. UK. (ibid.)

The Lighthouse building, Frome, Somerset. Universal Medicine's UK headquarters

The Lighthouse building, Frome, Somerset. Universal Medicine’s UK headquarters

Those students are Lighthouse proprietors, chartered accountant, Simon Williams and his wife Janet, who in spite of saying the Lighthouse has nothing to do with ‘religion’ and Universal Medicine are only clients of theirs are company directors of Universal Medicine UK (along with Sara Williams, Jane Keep and Simone Benhayon).

There is 35 acres on this property and Universal Medicine has leased some of this land for 999 years and is now building a conference centre on it with 8 treatment rooms, a commercial kitchen and a swimming pool for Simone to teach in. The Lighthouse itself provides accommodation for the students; there is a café there, a library and treatment rooms. It is a beautiful place and well worth a visit sometime in your life. You can have a look at it on the UM website-go to links when you get onto the UM website. The new conference centre at the Lighthouse has been designed esoterically and all details in getting it ready for use are been done by Serge and Simone so it is going to be fully esoterically designed right down to colours etc. Serge showed us slides of the Lighthouse. EDG notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, December 17, 2011. The notes go on to promote Chris James and Serge Benhayon’s latest musical collaboration.

Construction of the Lighthouse conference and training centre was completed in March 2012 at a cost to followers of £1.75M.


The Lighthouse property, Frome, Somerset, with Sound Foundation conference facility building (left).

Holding shares without dividends

Just as the Australian College of Universal Medicine Charity is said to be ‘not for Serge’, student notes tell us the Sound Foundation is raising money to serve Benhayon’s business interests. They also say the property will be owned by the student body.

The unimed charity in the UK has now got a 2.5million pound centre with kitchen, hall, accommodation and indoor swimming pool all for use for courses, retreats etc all purchased through student donations. It is not owned by anyone but by all of us for everyone to use. The direction of the centre and the charity is made in response to the call from the student body. It is run independently from unimed and ‘the lighthouse’. EDG notes taken by Michael Dixon,18 February 2012.

In both the UK and Australia we (Universal Medicine) now have charity status. This means that people can donate money. In the UK there has been 2.5 million pounds raised and this money belongs to the student body and the student body has built a conference centre where all the courses can be held as well as retreats and also free retreats for those who are ill. 

Serge is going to run 3-day retreats for people who are ill so that they get to live in a new way for 3 days and then go home and reimprint their lives. EDG notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, February 18, 2012, p.5.

In other words, offering a ‘free’ service to a small number of patients in order to increase patronage of paid services – using the charity label as a marketing exercise for a tax exempt commercial enterprise. Student owners still pay full price to repeatedly attend Benhayon’s courses in indoctrination, and they make donations on top of their expenditure on workshops, healing sessions and money for nothing products. Not only are they not offered discounts, they’re paying premium price for low outlay bogus therapies and other rubbish invented by an unqualified scam artist.

Note that one million pounds have been donated by Sound Foundation trustee, Michael Nicholson; Simone Benhayon’s father in law, in the last two financial years. The Nicholson family are multi-millionaire owners of the nearby Upper Vobster Farm, which has been renovated into another accommodation facility to cater for those travelling to the Lighthouse to attend cult events. Advertising for UK events now includes contact details for Michael’s wife, Tricia Nicholson to take bookings.


Dishonesty and evading regulators

The Sound Foundation was founded in 1993 by Benhayon’s business partner and right hand man, Chris James, as the ‘Foundation of Sacred Sound’ and then ‘Healing Sounds’. Financial records dating back to 2008 showed no income and no activity until 2011. Income began to flow in after Universal Medicine failed to gain charity status in the UK as a religion. According to the UK Charity Commission website, the Sound Foundation’s activities are the ‘promotion of wellbeing through sound’. Its objects are listed as:


Cult publicity said something different, and appears to be going with whatever the TRUSTEES THINK FIT. SoundFoundationUM1

In response, Universal Medicine then set-up ‘UniMed UK’ as its non-profit unit of service to operate from the new dedicated site. Since then it has evolved to present on behalf of and for the Sound Foundation, a charity with the objective to serve all areas of true public benefit via the dissemination of sound living and healing. – screenshot taken in May 2013.

‘Benefiting wellbeing through sound’ and ‘the therapeutic benefits of music’ would be unusual activities for UM anyway, considering the only sounds Serge Benhayon regards as energetically correct are that of his own squeaky voice and the muzak produced by his talentless family or in collaboration with Chris James. Benhayon teaches that music causes cancer, except for that produced by the cult.

In the last few months, since a visit from UK Charity Commission officials, Universal Medicine has altered its publicity to distance its commercial operations from the charitable non activity of the Sound Foundation. That page now reads:

In response, Universal Medicine then set-up ‘Universal Medicine UK’ as its non-profit unit of service in the UK. Universal Medicine UK has evolved to present at various venues but now settling to hire the space as provided by the Sound Foundation, a charity with the objective to serve all areas of true public benefit via the dissemination of sound living and healing. 

Similarly, the Sound Foundation charity was listed as a UM service earlier this year, but now it’s not.

The publicity now says: 2. Universal Medicine UK: utilising the facilities of the The Lighthouse and the Sound Training Centre as hired from The Sound Foundation. 

Charity trustee, director of Universal Medicine UK and Esoteric breast massager, Sara Williams, no longer states that the Sound Foundation is ‘the Universal Medicine UK Charity’.

No, it wasn’t a typo. She named the Sound Foundation as UM’s Charity in the UK on the Spherical Living Facebook page as well, and gave us a taste of the charity’s activities – promotional Esoteric healing sessions ‘free of charge’, and some indoctrination from the guru on how healing is surrendering to death, backed by cult surgeon Eunice Minford. Hurry and click before Sara pulls it down.


The facilities

Universal Medicine put student donations to use in constructing a conference facility for Universal Medicine activities, events and recruitment drives, a clinic rented out to Esoteric healers, including director of the Esoteric Practitioners Association UK/EU, Jonathan Stewart, and an indoor swimming facility rented to Sound Foundation trustee Simone Benhayon (Serge’s stepdaughter), where she operates her Creative Aquatic swim school as well as Esoteric water healing sessions.


UniMed clinic treatment room at the Lighthouse facility, construction funded by students.

The Lighthouse advertises hire of the Sound Foundation conference facilities, but the dormitory style accommodation is purpose built for minimizing privacy as part of the cult’s conversion process of removing personal boundaries. It has limited appeal for corporate or other groups and that shows in the lack of bookings. The conference facilities, to date, have been used almost exclusively for Universal Medicine events with at least three months of each year booked solid with Esoteric workshops, retreats and back to back healing sessions from the Benhayon family and other Esoteric parasites, with tables full of money for nothing Universal Medicine merchandise for cash sales. 

All cashed up

lighthouseThe latest financial statements from the Sound Foundation, accessible on the UK Charity Commission website, show a large amount of income, over £1.8M in the last two financial years to September 30, 2012, but miniscule charitable expenditure; £80K for the same period. For all its supernatural ability to raise funds, including tithing via monthly direct debit, as stated in the Summary Information Return document, the charity has no website and no official publicity stating its mission, objects or activities. The same document states that the cult plans to foster relationships with local schools, health services and the media, and to run free events for local school children and health professionals. (UPDATE: The elusive Sound Foundation website reappeared some time late 2013 or in the first week of 2014 with the announcement ‘website coming soon’, and no other information. We expect it’ll be like the EPA website, which has been ‘coming soon’ since 2009.)

Sound Foundation activities to date that have been publicized have consisted of a couple of Esoteric healing promotional events as advertised by Sara Williams above, a couple of Chris James singing recruitment workshops, including a free event for GPs, and an International Womens Day event at Simone’s swimming pool, promoting the Creative Aquatic swim school and Esoteric healing services.

If the Sound Foundation gets around to providing charitable activities – benefiting wellbeing through sound, or sound wellbeing, or however they mash it or THINK FIT – it’ll be no surprise that those will be more promotional activities for the Universal Medicine commercial enterprise, provided by a retinue of UM investors and assisted by several dozen gormless unpaid volunteers looking to recruit to UM’s multi million pound pyramid scheme of abuse.

The Way of the Livingness – when Universal Medicine’s ‘religion’ was denied charity status in the UK

The UK Charity Commission hands compliance plan to the Sound Foundation – charity front for the Universal Medicine cult (with Universal Medicine UK Who’s Who)

19 thoughts on “The tax exempt Sound Foundation charity – donating to Serge Benhayon’s UK church

  1. Exposure like this would not be possible without our readers submitting information. It all began with Elizabeth Dolan’s innocent remark in the lecture notes at the top of the page – sent by an ex UM student.

    So thank you to all of you who have sent information, materials etc. and are doing your bit to expose UM and bring them to account. If you’re not sure what you have or whether it’s useful, send it anyway. The notes quoted here were part of a collection submitted, and the ex student wasn’t aware the notes were indicating a fraud – for which we found further evidence.

    A big thanks too to our UMA bunker ground staff in the UK – our eyes and ears, and helping us access accountability mechanisms there.

    We have a way to go, though, so please keep reading and keep contributing. UM are determined to intimidate us and halt our exposure, and have resorted to fresh threats against me.

    • The object of Serge’s charity scam is property. Both her and in the UK the funds raised are to purchase or improve properties.

      Prior to having his charity slip under the radar of the ATO, resulting in waterworks of unbounded joy, Serge managed to extract a fair amount of out of the followers by cash donations to help purchase other properties, and then by a share scheme to assist purchasing the QLD UniMed clinic, of which he remains the major shareholder. Surprise. Was it all legal? Probably not. Was it ethical. No. Bottom line, members cash improved Serge’s property and landholdings.

      In the UK the property was purchased by some wealthy benefactors of the cult and then leased it back to UniMed for 999 years (a millennium! I guess they’ll all reincarnate 50 times by then and can keep meeting in the courtyard) The benefactors benefit in a few ways. The Nicholsons run a lodging up the road, frequented by cult members. There would be some other cash backs going on too. Meantime, over 2 million pounds was raised by the charity to improve the buildings. Nice for them, nice for UniMed UK. I haven’t seen the UniMed UK set up, but I would bet that Serge is a major shareholder. He’s now got a nicely renovated property at no bucks down on a 1000 year peppercorn rent returning revenues through rent and activities to UniMed. According to the books nothing is going back to the ‘charity’ from activities such as Simone’s swimming lessons, UM events and other ‘things’ that are hosted there so it must be heading back to the pockets of UniMed and a select few. Shock!

      In order to raise this money, Universal Medicine enlisted the help of Chris James who for some reason already had a charity in place- The (god awful) Sound foundation. When UM couldn’t get their charity through they just re branded and used that instead. Up until recently they called it the UM charity in the UK. When the UK Charity commission turned their gaze to them they distanced themselves from UM UK, said they promoted “sound healing” and acted like they weren’t up to no good. We are yet to find out if they have gotten away with it.

  2. The UK “charity” is ran on the same principle as the Australian one. To put money in Serge’s pocket.

    That is not my opinion, but an analysis of the constitution document by an expert, and more or less what the UK charity commission thought about Universal Medicine’s application there- albeit summed up in one line. But as our readers will see, it cuts to the heart of the heart of the deceptions. All they need to do is ask themselves in honestly, what “Public Benefit” Universal Medicine serves? How does improving buildings on property Serge owns or has an interest in benefit anyone? especially when it is clear that once the improvements are completed at the members expense, the facilities will be leased backed by the members with the money going right back to Serge.

    It’s a nice little fantasy that by sitting around being in your ‘truth’ that you are elevating the world (hence the public benefit) but that’s just the illusion Serge has wrapped around your heads to make you feel good about handing him your money. Meanwhile real world problems go on, and Serge’s coffers just get bigger.

  3. Okay, the latest pitch from the Sound Foundation charity front for UM is the Self Care: Health is in Our Hands event to be held at the SF Training Centre at the Lighthouse on November 23rd, as part of UK National Health Service initiative ‘Self Care Week’.

    The flyer says

    A local initiative sponsored by Somerset charity: Sound Foundation Charitable Trust ‘Working to Support Sound Health and Wellbeing for All,’ in collaboration with the Health Department’s National Self Care Forum’s ‘Self Care Week’.

    In other words Universal Medicine cult UK has greased its way into a legitimate NHS initiative, and planted Jane Keep and Sara Williams among the speakers. Quelle surprise. So being the ‘criminals’ and ‘detractors’ that we are, we’ve contacted the organizers to ask them if they are aware that Ms Keep and Ms Williams are both company directors of Universal Medicine UK, the enterprise that markets the abusive Womens Health practices of Esoteric Breast Massage, Esoteric Uterus massage and Deeper Femaleness, which involves touching the genitals of sexual abuse victims and calling it healing. We asked the Self Care Forum if they are aware that both Jane Keep and Sara Williams are Esoteric Breast massagers, and that the Sound Foundation is a charity front for the Universal Medicine cult. We asked how they feel about being part of marketing and recruitment exercise for a very sleazy business.

    Watch that space.

    • Plagiarist turds. We’ve just been sent this advertising a Universal Medicine cult event in Lismore on December 4 targeting health professionals, called Self Care in Healthcare.
      Universal Medicine parasites have lifted the name of a respectable NHS initiative so they can recruit to the cult.
      I wonder how the NHS and UK’s Self Care Forum will feel about that.
      To be outed soon.

      • Good God, Eunice Minford is speaking at this ‘conference’. Isn’t she the one with no bedside manner at all and a penchant for seeing ill people shuffle off? What the hell will this shit all amount to? Yet another UM jamboree and attempts will be made to suck the sympathy and love for life out of real health workers. Are you are tired, over-worked, stressed and doing your best to care for others? Then you need a remedy of brainwashing to the extent that you actually only care about your next fairy tale reincarnation and look upon suffering as healing. And to top it off, get up at 3am, tired or not, eat only seeds and hummous and sell at least 50 gluten free eye pillows to your patients as an act of Loving-ness and because $erge likes, no loves money.

  4. Seems like they are on a big expansion drive with all these conferences. Maybe the fall in numbers at their other “Universal Medicine” events means they’re looking for alt income/recruitment streams. Glad you are here to keep the public aware.

  5. “CPD points can be applied for and a certificate of attendance will be given on the day.”
    Says the Ad??!
    As usual this is all so so evil, it makes me cringe the monster marketer $erge is hard at work.
    Oh he is all so ‘LEGAL’ but always sailing so close to the wind. What a CON –

  6. A lot is galling about the Sound Foundation sham charity set up to benefit Sergio the bullshitter and a select group of parasites, but I’ll say it again, Michael Nicholson, in two years donated ONE MILLION POUNDS to that despicable cult scam.


    When we visited the Kantha Bopha hospital in Cambodia, we were told of an unnamed Californian family who donated US$1M to construct and establish a HIV maternity unit which allows HIV positive mothers to birth without transmitting the virus to their babies.

    Serge Benhayon will tell you that act of charity is evil on a par with paedophilia.


    But Pa Nicholson will donate a similar sum to glorify a sexual predator and his cult of narcissism and death. His wife Tricia, and sons David and James think that is yummy – part of their inheritance thrown at deifying an ex bankrupt, crotch grabbing creep, while they nod along with wackjob theories on Arcturan crop circles, evolution denial and archaic sexism.

    Or is that all just an act, and are they benefiting financially from the Sound Foundation, Universal Medicine UK and its web of creative accounting?

    Theories welcome.

  7. Another on the list of things that are bloody odd.

    The Sound Foundation’s SIR document, authored by the very honest Sara Williams states an intention to establish a Sound Foundation website.

    •Launch of the Sound Foundation Website – promoting awareness of the Sound Foundation Charity and its charitable activities and increasing access to the Sound Training Centre facilities for public use.

    Around the time the UKCC met with the trustees, the SF had a website under construction at this address: It matches the contact email address given for the Self Care event co-opted by the cult.

    Now that site is gone.

    A bit more bullshit to baffle the UKCC into thinking they are legit?

    • In the absence of any defence from ‘them’ who run the ‘charity’, we can speculate that it is just another piece of UM bullshit. Funny how that website popped up overnight to fit the bill when the investigation was underway. And has now gone. Makes you wonder if it fitted any purpose at all……

      Hmmmm, wonder how many wonder-full sound/wellbeing events have been held for the public benefit since then, which was June I think. Hmmmm. Maybe, like close to none?

      Wonder how many times the building has been hired out to groups as a venue for NON UM RELATED purposes since June? Hmmmm, maybe close to once.

      Hmmmmm, I wonder how it’s going with linking with and supporting local schools and groups interested in sound therapies/music therapies etc, as is their stated aim. Believe me, I am looking out for these events, but in particular wonder how the ‘charity’ can offer anything musical to local groups, as they have only one (mildly) musical trustee, and he lives in Australia. Not known for their musical efforts, the Benhayons and clan. What can they offer in the realm of Sound Therapy, as they all strictly limit their musical experiences to Benhayon amateur recordings of drivel. Not very wide a library of tunes, or sounds, or beats, or genres, not very child-friendly to hypnotically and repeatedly tunelessly babble ” Follow Me” and other headfuck mantras, not very normal to ban ALL other music, except Elvis.
      Probably bitten off way more than they can chew with those stated aims. Scrap it I say.

      Tell you what’s fascinating is the powers that the UK Charity Commission have to transfer assets from one charity to another, should the first one have raised funds and failed to use them for their stated aims. Maybe another musical charity could take the building and donations on, and do ACTUAL good work, with no creepy slant. Hmmm, let’s see what the feedback is from the investigation. We should carry on pushing for light to be shined on this Sound Foundation malarky, as I really suspect that it is no more than a cover for UMs UK profiteering.

      The money go round is VERY VERY hard to unpick, need to draw a spider diagram to demonstrate how funds trickle down to $erge. Clever accountant somewhere in there I shouldn’t wonder………….Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      • So the UKCC have powers to transfer assets to a more worthy charity?
        Let’s gun for that then.
        The scam Sound Foundation needs to be stripped of tax exempt charity status, tout de suite.
        In the follow up post on UM’s failed bid to be recognized as a religion for charity purposes, I’ll write a summary which can be used in letters to British MPs.
        Thx donut.

      • Am I right in saying that even if the money go round is hard to unpick and to demonstrate the funds trickle to Serge- surely the Benhayon’s are benefiting from running cash courses, cash healing sessions for groups and individuals and selling all those products for cash for months at a time at the Lighthouse?

        Would the SF be declaring the income for venue hire and treatment room hire? Is that a dumb question?

        Also I thought trustees weren’t allowed to benefit financially from charitable activities? Is anyone else confused or is it just me?

        • [I’ve transferred this comment from our good friend rippled donut from the Tax Exempt College of UM Hostile Education post over at the FACTS blog, Venus]

          I would not be at all surprised if that £77,829 was spent on crap like this:

          1) Free lunch and Chris James voice workshop for doctors: Since when has giving freebies to doctors been charitable? Drug companies and reps do i to make sales. So this was really just buttering up doctors and hoping Spewnice Minford can help recruit more bent professionals over a grated carrot and brocolii feast. Chris James’ fee travelled in UMs general direction and he got a free flight and holiday out of it. The money shelled out by the Sound Foundation for the free lunch trickled across the road to the lighthouse, and so boosted the cult’s UK hub. I wouldn’t be surprised if the grubby little behind-the-scenes cult underbelly, I mean trustees also took the charities money and used it to pay the charity for the generous hire of their building, and included that in that charitable giving total!

          2) Hire of swimming pool from Simone and the charities own building from itself, a fee for Simone and all the other useless scary UM speakers, herbal/chakra and massage practitioners. Free sessions offered as part of the Women’s Day cult recruitment drive. Payment to Sara Williams for printing a bloody leaflet to push the event? Food and drink from the lighthouse? Or maybe they were happy enough to just rake in cash on the back of the event as culties lined up to empty their bank accounts in exchange for eso herbs and esoteric soup.

          3) Retreat fee subsidies for low income or ill vulnerable, lonely ,desperate individuals. Oh look, the money goes from the so-called charity to $erge. Subsidised accommodation in the so-called charities dormitories for ‘volunteers’ attending the events? Another money go round made out to be a charitable ‘give’.

          4) Direct payments to other add-on Benhayon’s for gracing events with their presence, and contributing so generously and wonderfully by helping bend minds and giving the odd hug. Paying Benhayon airfares etc, so that the college or whatever they call themselves get the fantastic bonus of all the family in one creepy slimy group?

          That’s about the size of it. You unfortunately couldn’t make it up. Nothing much is contributed outside the cult, nothing much gained by the local community, or local groups, or the needy or schools or anyone. Nothing truly charitable is done. As far as I can tell unless you are already recruited no-one gains an damn thing from this so-called charity. $cam $cam $cam!

  8. Had to giggle to myself. I couldn’t see any symbols under chairs or tables in the pic of the “treatment” room. I zoomed in lol. The old eso pillowcase trick mmm. Also the box of tissues on the table to wipe your eyes after they have made you feel like shit and inserted the proboscis ready to suck your brain out and empty your wallet.

    • The el cheapo print of Da Vinci’s Money Lisa – which Sergio painted of course in his previous incarnation – was probably hastily pulled off the wall for the shot. Now install an ignoramus Esoteric practitioner burping and blowing their nose as the victim’s prana and entities come out of their useless carnal bodies, plus a faux stab in the dark psychic reading and some magical mind fuck about the SINS that have led to the target being ill, or not ill now but ill sometime in the future or in their next wretched life time because they were a rapist in the age of the Cathars. Or something.

      I think Jonathan Stewart et al charge 60 pounds or something for that shit.

      You know, if Richard Raymond wasn’t TARTING IT UP, he might have something sensible to say about all of this bollocks.

  9. From the Echonetdaily online newspaper:

    “In a letter to Echonetdaily recently, Mr Benhayon has denied the group is a cult.
    ‘I run a business – there is no cult, no group and no members. As a client of Universal Medicine, the business, you choose to attend, you pay, you get the service and you leave, returning if you so choose to,’ he said.”

    and from the same article:

    “Mr Warburton told Echonetdaily that both he and the story’s subject, Tony Steenson, are members of Universal Medicine, which he said was ‘like a religion’.”

    Seems to be a difference of opinion between Serge and his followers. Perhaps they could post here and clear up the confusion?


  10. The response to the Echo article by Victoria Carter seems to have disappeared from the pages of The Echo. For those that missed it, it’s quoted below. Sadly Google cache did not save Martin’s excellent rebuttal below it, but if anyone has it to hand it would be good to see it republished along side:

    “Conference targeted by hate group
    The International Men’s Day Conference is receiving great support from the community. We thank you for being a part of Starting the Conversation by including the article on Tony Steenson and this weekend’s conference in Echonetdaily on 13/11/13.
    We feel as a sign of good faith and respect for your producers and team to inform you that our organisation, Real Media Real Change (RMRC), has been targeted by a hate-group of a few people who over the last 12 months have engaged in a relentless campaign harassing RMRC and disseminating false and unsubstantiated allegations about us with the intent of raising doubts in the mind of our potential audience and partners about our motivation and integrity. All allegations are categorically false and set with an intention to harm and defame. We wanted to make sure you were aware of the vile and malicious attacks and to assure you of their falsity.
    RMRC continues its community work despite and regardless of the empty attacks and lies.
    The attacks have taken different forms including anonymous phone calls and emails to anyone with whom RMRC has been in contact – including venue hire operators, conference speakers, and even local MPs and the media. Hence, this letter to you.
    RMRC views the conduct of the hate-group most seriously, and possibly as injurious falsehood and defamation, and are are currently taking appropriate action through legal and law-enforcement channels.
    We believe that RMRC has been targeted because the original promoters of RMRC know each other through their association with an organisation called Universal Medicine – see our origins page and team bios on the RMRC website for further background on this:
    The central claim by this hate-group is that RMRC is a ‘front’ for Universal Medicine, which they have, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, labelled as a cult – with the charge that RMRC is delivering ‘cult propaganda’.
    It is important for us to clearly state clearly and categorically that RMRC was conceived as an independent community initiative and has no agenda other than to support accountability and connection in media. Our commitment stems from the fact that we are all active, engaged and concerned members of our communities. It is equally important that we state emphatically that Universal Medicine is not in any way a ‘cult’. Universal Medicine is an organisation that is committed to health and wellbeing at a deep personal level, within the community, and across people everywhere.
    The label has been applied by the hate-group with the object of marginalising the very important message that RMRC brings, with the awareness that the label will play on fear and distrust within the community, and incite a discernible anti-cult bias in many corners of the Australian media landscape.
    Again we make it clear that RMRC is not a marketing or advertising vehicle of Universal Medicine, and Universal Medicine is absolutely not a cult.
    RMRC collaborates with many different like-minded groups within the community, and such collaboration is conducive to producing media that are congruent with RMRC’s stated aim: to deliver quality media, and events that support the wellbeing and the healthy representation of people everywhere – regardless of their religion, gender, skin colour or nationality.
    We welcome collaboration with Universal Medicine and all organisations or bodies who share our vision of media that inspire and connect.
    We are looking forward to our Starting the Conversation event. We will keep you updated on the conference and further initiatives from RMRC as we continue to build relationships within the community and produce ‘Media that connect’.

    Victoria Carter, on behalf of Adam Warburton & RMRC”

    Source: Echonetdaily, google cache.

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