Self-Care in Health Care Conference 2013 – one more Universal Medicine cult front

Lismore, December 4, 2013, the Universal Medicine cult will hold another drive to recruit health professionals to their pyramid scheme of abuse. The self-loving cult knows nothing gives the toxic health scam marketed as Esoteric healing the appearance of legitimacy better than the endorsement of health professionals – no matter how woolly headed and professionally compromised they ‘truly are’.

Cult style Self-Care

This year the cult has run a series of recruitment events, co-opting legitimate causes to market their own agenda, but with minimum disclosure. In March this year, Real Media Real Change’s International Womens Day events marketing Esoteric Womens Health were deregistered by the UK based International Womens Day organization when the organisation was notified of abusive Esoteric Womens Health practices devised by amateur sexual abuse therapist, Serge Benhayon. Benhayon’s specialty is body negative and sexist indoctrination, combined with inappropriate touching. In November, Real Media Real Change celebrated International Mens Day by targeting blokes instead, and on December 9, the cult is holding the Psychological Wellbeing Conference on the Gold Coast.

Since we’ve exposed Real Media Real Change’s cult backing, deceptive marketing and lack of transparency, they’ve began to state their connection with Universal Medicine on their website, but have avoided doing so in their marketing. The two December conferences now bear Benhayon’s name as ‘inspiration’, and he will appear as a speaker, however, publicity fails to mention that ALL speakers at events this year, without exception, are Benhayon’s ‘students’ and unquestioning apologists. Nor does the publicity mention Benhayon’s far flung teachings on supernatural entities, imaginary enemies he calls the Four Lords of Form, and his random intergalactic and occult wackjobbery, mixed with pseudoscience. Publicity also studiously avoids Benhayon’s death worship, denigration of the human body and human life, vile sexism, and rape and murder apologism. Without irony, Benhayon calls himself a ‘healer’.

Self Care vs Self Interest

It makes some sense that the December conference in Lismore on ‘Self-Care’ is inspired by prize narcissist, Benhayon, who is so self-loving he’s attempted to establish the cult of Benhayon as a tax exempt church in the UK, and has succeeded in gaining charity status in Australia to expand his personal holdings.

The pity is that ‘Self-Care in Health Care’ shamelessly rips off legitimate initiatives in the health care industry such as the NHS backed ‘Self Care Forum‘, again which has been co-opted by the cult at the ‘Health is in Your Hands’ event at Universal Medicine headquarters in Frome on November 23, and backed by UM UK’s charity, The Sound Foundation. We’re waiting for a response from the organizer as to whether speakers, Jane Keep and Sara Williams informed the Self Care Forum of their conflicts of interest, in that they are both company directors of Universal Medicine UK, and Sara Williams is trustee of the Sound Foundation Charitable Trust, which is currently in trouble with the UK Charity Commission over conflicts of interest and serious questions about its public benefit.

Self-Care in UniMed Health Care – to hell with patients 

The NHS ‘Self Care Forum’ usefully promotes patient responsibility and self care. Yet, December’s Universal Medicine ‘Self-Care in Health Care Conference’ promotes hyphenated Esoteric Self-Care among healthcare providers. While it’s important for practitioners to take care of their own well being, Universal Medicine’s dishonest apologists place promotion of Benhayon and recruitment to his pyramid workshop scam well before patient care. In UM, ‘Self-Care’ is a euphemism for a willingness to compromise oneself in service to bent messiah, Benhayon.

What to expect from a Universal Medicine cult conference

One wonders how a conference held for a full day on a Wednesday will fare in attracting newcomers, but there is no doubt the cult is targeting new blood to increase patient referrals within their own cartel. Publicity states that Continuing Professional Development points ‘can be applied for and a certificate of attendance will be issued on the day’. The site also advertises the development of an ‘Online Self-care program’.

Feedback and discussion from this conference will support the current development of an Online Self-care Program.
This has been initiated by the SCHC team in response to feeling the call for a simple, practical and supportive framework for individuals to develop self-care in their lives – including work practices. Proceeds from the conference will support the development of this online initiative which will be free and available to the whole health-care community, both nationally and internationally.

In other words, another undertaking to lure the unsuspecting into the damaging enterprise that is the Universal Medicine cult.


Otherwise expect hugs, zombie stares, dietary neurosis and a lot of waffle on ‘everything is energy’ pseudoscience, gentle breath meditation, ‘love’, soulfull-ness, ‘truth’ and ‘integrity’.

But don’t expect sensible answers to sensible questions.

The Speakers

The SCHC team won’t be mentioning any of the following in their publicity, so we’ll take care of the facts and transparency for them. 

Dr. Jane Barker  (GP and Educator)

Dr Barker came out of retirement to flog Esoteric Women Health Pty Ltd, and the abusive practice of Esoteric Breast Massage, with its obligatory misandrist indoctrination, inappropriate touching, false therapeutic claims, denigration of the female body and over-servicing. A complaint to the HCCC about Dr Barker promoting UM decided her conduct ‘would not attract the criticism of [her] peers to the extent that further action is warranted”. Naturally, we disagree.

Dr. Anne Malatt (Eye Surgeon)

Dr Malatt also shamelessly promotes Esoteric Women’s Health and has written numerous fawning and highly unprofessional articles on the Medicine and Serge Benhayon blogsite.

Section 8 of the Code of Conduct for Medical practitioners states: A conflict of interest in medical practice arises when a doctor, entrusted with acting in the interests of a patient, also has financial, professional or personal interests, or relationships with third parties, which may affect their care of the patient. 

Dr Malatt makes a nice profit from Benhayon’s teachings that tattoos carry the toxic energy of the tattooist through her Laser Tattoo removal business. The HCCC have not acted on a complaint to that affect or on breaches of advertising restrictions. They only act against doctors in breach if we produce corpses.

Dr. Eunice Minford (General Surgeon – UK)

Eunice Minford is one of Benhayon’s most verbose, offensive and rabid apologists, feigning outrage over victim blaming of sexual abuse victims but refusing to answer questions on her promotion of Benhayon, the rape and murder apologist and his remarks that rape victims are asking for it.

Ms Minford specializes in promoting euthanasia alongside Benhayon’s idiotic pseudoscience, frequently quoting the meaningless trope that ‘everything is energy’, implying grossly unrelated phenomena are somehow ‘connected’. When Minford or any other Benhayonist shrills that ‘everything is energy’, what they mean is “I can say whatever I want and pretend it means something, and it’s SCIENCE that hasn’t been proven yet, and besides, Serge says so and he’s a man of utmost integrity, akin to Pythagoras or someone.’

Caroline Raphael (Psychologist)


Raphael works in the room beside Serge at the Goonellabah clinic, and has referred to Serge as God during therapy sessions with patients. Caroline Raphael made a complaint about me to AHPRA, with cult psychologists Brendan Mooney and Marianna Masiorski, of professional misconduct citing ‘slander and harassment’ because I’ve made official complaints about Universal Medicine to regulators, police, media and politicians, and criticized their public promotions of a perverted public health menace .

Their laughable complaint will be posted on the internet soon.

Elizabeth Dolan (Registered Nurse)

Dolan is an Esoteric Breast Massager who develops a nasal discharge every time a client has too much prana. Spreads the Gospel of Serge, including telling rape victims they asked for it during Esoteric Breast Massage sessions.

Fiona Lotherington (Registered Nurse)

Not much to say here, except Fiona’s achievements amount to clone like comments on the cult’s truth blogs.

Kate Greenaway (Physiotherapist)

Long term Benhayon promoter, Greenaway, also works in the Goonellabah clinic and has self published non peer reviewed research on Esoteric modalities invented by scam artist Benhayon. She writes up Esoteric piss take, untested healing as physiotherapy for Medicare and private health rebates, a practice we might call insurance fraud.

Serge Benhayon (Complementary Healer)

Benhayon is a self proclaimed fifth degree initiate with exclusive psychic access to the Ascended Masters of the Hierarchy. His specialty is genital healing of sexual abuse victims, and his interests include sexual violence, property improvement and having cult members’ adolescent daughters stay unaccompanied in his home. Benhayon is responsible for devising all piss take ineffective Esoteric therapies, including acupuncture rip off, Esoteric Chakra-puncture and the non nutritionally based Esoteric diet, which causes disordered eating and malnutrition.

Sarah Davis (Host, writer and facilitator)

Davis is proprietor of anti-free speech cult front Real Media Real Change, which doubles as a pressure group to decrease press freedom. The RMRC team recently made windy submissions to the Australian Communications and Media Authority about the importance of media accountability, whilst deceptively marketing dubious Universal Medicine practices and events. RMRC is too superior for transparency and disclosure and has only recently declared its cult connection after being exposed by us. Sarah Davis is also an Esoteric hymn singer, and star of an Esoteric Womens Health promotional video, where no one mentions their financial connection to UM or the nature of the cult’s abusive women’s health practices. She is also the spouse of Northern Star cult informant journalist, Hamish Broome, who sought information from Universal Medicine’s victims under a pretence of writing a story, in order to pass the victims’ information and identities to the cult.

Chris James (Guest Presenter)

Musician, Chris James is Universal Medicine’s international recruiter. Locations in the touring schedule for his voice workshops match the locations of Universal Medicine clinics and meditation groups. James is a collaborator with Benhayon on the cult’s self produced muzak. Chris James is the founding trustee of the Sound Foundation Charitable Trust, Universal Medicine’s UK charity front, the subject of an investigation by the UK Charity Commission, which has issued the charity with a compliance deadline.

8 thoughts on “Self-Care in Health Care Conference 2013 – one more Universal Medicine cult front

  1. “A complaint to the HCCC about Dr Barker promoting UM decided her conduct ‘would not attract the criticism of [her] peers to the extent that further action is warranted”. Naturally, we disagree”

    Obviously the HCCC didn’t bother to ask any of her peers. I did. They were appalled. What they should say is “the overt criticism of their peers”. The HCCC are total lame-arses when it comes to investigating. Their approach is to imagine what someone would say, and declare that to be the case.

    You have to ask, why now all the conferences? Mens Health, Mental Health, Women’s Health, Health Health…just when Universal Medicine brand stocks are at an all time low. It is just a co-incidence? I guess if it is, then it also a co-incidence that the groups are all run by card-carrying blog bashing members of Universal Medicine. I mean, it must be, because over at RMRC they deny that is their motivation and they have the highest integrity of any would be media group in the world, just like their mentor Serge- the most truthful man in the universe- and that other organization the “EPA”- which has so much integrity that the insurers heads spun so much in awe and amazement their noggins snapped of their necks.

    I would be very curious to hear how many medical practitioners show at this shin-dig. And how they are offering points for attending. What else is in their bag of tricks I wonder. I am sure there is something else around the corner. Probably sponsored by RMRC.

    • Nah, RMRC’s name has turned to crap. They are an abject flop. It’s a bit difficult to shake off the cult front tag when every member of your team is either on the UM payroll or found on the internet talking up Sergio the bullshitter and his Church, sorry, business.

      So Sarah Davis still organizes and promotes Universal Medicine events, but no longer as a representative of Real Media Real Change because the RMRC team have denied they’re the marketing front for UM.


      RMRC are now pretending to be anything other than UM in an attempt to clean up their name.

      It’s a bit like the cult’s new blog Everyday Lyingness, where they’ve omitted Serge and UM from the titles seeing pageviews had tanked on all the other worship sites.

      Very few medical practitioners will show at the Lismore thing, especially if we have anything to do with it. The cult thinks numbers are down because of our ’empty attacks and lies’, whatever that means, but no. Numbers are down because when people with functioning reality testers are informed of Serge’s disgraceful teachings and his abusive practices, with photographic evidence and referenced textual quotes, they don’t like what they see.

      RMRC characterises our informing stakeholders of RMRC’s backing and the exploitative practices and occult doctrines they work to keep quiet as ‘attacks’, but we believe people have a right to be given the facts.

      Sarah Davis and RMRC shouldn’t blame us if their ventures cop criticism and fail to attract new investors. They should blame Serge.

      • Now don’t take it personally, Dr Barker. I’m sure the GPs in the Northern Rivers would have no problem with you if you weren’t talking up Esoteric Breast Massage and backing a millionaire sleazebag with a messiah complex. Precious.

        Now, if any nurses or midwives reading would like to make a complaint about the Conference listing on the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association site, that would be peachy. Like GPs, nurses who haven’t had their brains fried by the cult tend not to like or support amateur sexual abuse counsellors who stick their hands on womens genitals, tell them they were abusers in a past life and that they can pass cancer causing energy to their babies via their breast milk if they love them emotionally.

        The Association has been sent a notification, but it would be nice to have some backing from a few members.

        • Oops, there goes the listing on the nurses and midwives association site – took the shuttle to Arcturus with the last atoms of Eunice Minford’s credibility.

          Thank you nurses and midwives. Sanity prevails.

          And if the cult is feeling ‘trolled’ and ‘attacked’, don’t thank us, thank Serge. It’s his toxic teachings that gets these listings pulled, not us. We’re just the messengers.

          We have been confusing love for a baby with the enormous need they have of us. Too many foster that need so that the dependency keeps them needed as the child grows. This is not love – it is a form of control that is used to cover up for the adult who was not shown true love when they were young. (Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, 2011, p.693)

  2. According to Victoria Carter:

    “The International Men’s Day Conference is receiving great support from the community”

    The Universal Medicine community, that is. Anyone who doesn’t support it belongs to a ‘hate group’ apparently.

  3. It seems UM threatened Echonet with legal action for allowing people to politely respond to the UM penned diatribe that accused anyone who questions Serge of belonging to a ‘hate group’. Can you feel the “one-unified truth”? Believe ‘The One’ or face the wrath of the esoteric Gestapo?

    To the ‘student body’ and the esoteric legal eagles: what kind of ‘truth’ is Serge peddling that cannot withstand criticism? Why can’t he just answer the questions? Why all the empty threats of legal action?

    The most self-loving choice you could make at this point is admit to yourselves that you’ve been taken for a ride, students.

  4. Natalie Benhayon has been added to the speaking bill at the self love CON to flog her menstrual cycle app, because Esoteric Women’s Health hasn’t flogged it enough. She’ll probably ask the cult members to buy another one, or to give them as Xmas gifts to the kiddies.

    Funny how the cult corrected the publicity after Venus had a go at them. They should just call Venus before any new ventures for a bit of consultation in probity. They have her number.

    Now Sarah Davis actually mentions she’s head of RMRC, the transparency challenged, anti-free speech, cult plugging ‘community initiative’.

    Bravo, Sarah. See transparency isn’t so hard is it?

    So who’s paying you?

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