UK Charity Commission hands compliance plan to the Sound Foundation – charity front for Universal Medicine cult

SoundFoundationBritish Not for Profit Sector Journal, ‘Third Sector’, has reported that the Commission is monitoring the Sound Foundation Charitable Trust and has given the trustees a deadline of May next year to comply with a plan to manage conflicts of interest and issues regarding public benefit.

The regulator received a complaint about the Sound Foundation’s use of charitable property and its relationship with a company that practices ‘esoteric medicine’.

Excerpts from the article are followed by a Who is Who of Universal Medicine UK. (Updated Feb 20, 2014)

Reiterating previous posts, in 2011, Universal Medicine’s ‘Way of the Livingness’ was denied charity status as a religion in the UK. Student notes from a lecture by Serge Benhayon state that Benhayon’s business partner, long time associate and accomplice on their musical projects, Chris James, allowed Universal Medicine to adopt his already established but inactive charity as their tax exempt fundraising front.

Over the next two years, public records show the charity raised over £1.8M to construct a conference and clinic facility, and a swim centre now rented to Benhayon’s stepdaughter, Simone, on the Lighthouse property in Somerset. The facility has been used for little more than Universal Medicine’s commerce in workshops, retreats and Esoteric healing services.

According to the UK Charity Commission website, the Sound Foundation’s activities are the ‘promotion of wellbeing through sound’. Sound Foundation founder, musician, Chris James, advertises himself as a student of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and a collaborator on music CDs sold relentlessly at UM events and online. Benhayon’s teachings which are accepted unquestioningly as the ‘one unified truth’ by his followers include denigration of both charity and music, with the exceptions of charities operated by the UniMed cult, and music produced by Benhayon and selected cult members.

As shown previously, The Sound Foundation name was used by Universal Medicine, who described it as their UK charity arm, until officials from the Charity Commission began to ask questions.

From the Third Sector article (full article available at the link):

Charity Commission hands action plan to health charity

Third Sector Online, 25 November 2013

…A spokeswoman for the commission said its action came after a complaint was made about the charity in May 2013 over the “the extent to which the trustees were using charity property for charitable purposes”.

She said that the complaint also “referred to relationships between the Sound Foundation and other organisations, one of which was Universal Medicine”.

Universal Medicine UK is a company based in Frome, Somerset, which practises “esoteric medicine”, according to its website. Universal Medicine also works in Australia and Vietnam, the website says.

The commission spokeswoman said that after receiving the complaint it contacted the trustees of the Sound Foundation to find out to what extent they operated the charity in accordance with its governing documents and for public benefit, and to what extent they managed conflicts of interest…

“We issued the trustees with an action plan in October and intend to monitor their progress against the plan. The trustees will need to satisfy the commission that they have complied with their action plan by 1 May 2014.”…

Esoteric Breast Massager and Universal Medicine UK company director, Sara Williams, has the hide to question the integrity of the Commission’s operations.

Sara Williams, a trustee of the Sound Foundation, said: “The board of trustees understand and accept in full that it is a matter of due process that any organisation receiving a complaint is obliged to act on receipt of said complaint. In accordance and in honour of this, we have and will continue to lay the Sound Foundation’s operations open to a fair, unbiased and proportionate enquiry that is evidence-based and meets the standard required of public bodies.”


It’ll be interesting to see how the Sound Foundation fares at going straight under UKCC monitoring and acting to benefit the public, rather than UM’s commercial interests.

In the meantime, word from the UK is that UM is raising funds to establish an aged care facility – a dire prospect in the light of Benhayon’s death drive and its endorsement by the cult doctors. We imagine this is being undertaken through the Sound Foundation and we’d appreciate any more information via the comments section below or use the contact tab at the top of the page.

Possible consequences

Our UK contacts have also suggested that should the Sound Foundation fail to satisfy the Commission’s action plan, the UKCC has the powers to reallocate the Sound Foundation’s assets to a legitimate charity.

Universal Medicine’s student investors need to consider whether they wish to donate more ££ to a charity under investigation for serious compliance issues, only for those funds to be reallocated to an organization infinitely more worthy and definitely not Esoteric.

Universal Medicine UK Who’s Who

Sound Foundation Trustees

Chris James (Christopher Requa James) of Goonellabah NSW.
  • Founded the Sound Foundation in 1993
  • Musician, Sounds Wonderful Pty Ltd. ABN 78 076 306 155
  • Long time associate and co-collaborator with Serge Benhayon on music compositions
  • Conducts voice and music workshops in schools, and for GPs and other government and corporate groups, and recruits to UM via these events.
  • Possible recipient of controversial federal funding to YWCA Goonellabah NSW. His publicity places him there at the time the funding was received.
Simone Benhayon
  • Daughter of Deborah Benhayon and stepdaughter of Serge
  • Head of UM’s UK operations
  • Operates private swim school Creative Aquatic and Esoteric healing practice at the Lighthouse, rented from the Sound Foundation.
  • Director of Universal Medicine UK
  • Director of EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) UK Europe
Sara Williams
Michael Nicholson
Michael Wood
  • We have no information on Michael Wood. Information is welcome, but will need to be verifiable.
  • UPDATE: Michael Wood, if he ever existed, has been replace by Jane Keep (see below) and D-grade wannabe celeb ‘food writer’ and anti free speech, Huff Post blogger and long time UM apologist, Dragana Brown.

Update Feb 20, 2014: Universal Medicine UK, described as UM’s UK non profit unit of service or whatever has shed three directors – incoming Sound Foundation trustee, Jane Keep, Sound Foundation trustee, Sara Williams, and Lighthouse proprietor, Simon Williams as of November 26,2013 – a few weeks after the charity commission hit the trust with the compliance plan, and I wrote up my exposure of the Sound Foundation’s lack of charitable activities.

Simone Benhayon is still hanging in there as UM UK’s sole director. And not that the departures mean anything. UM UK was small potatoes compared with the millions of GBP flowing through the tax exempt charitable trust – which is front for UM’s commercial activities anyway.

Other UK associates

Simon Williams (no relation to Sara)
Janet Williams (wife of Simon)
  • Co-proprietor & director of The Lighthouse
  • Former Company Director of Universal Medicine UK
  • Defends poor reviews of the Lighthouse B&B with typical Esoteric transparency, denying the premises has anything ‘to do with “religion”. Universal Medicine is a client of ours who makes use of the conference facilities on the premises and with whom we have had a wonderful working relationship for many years.’
Jane Keep
Jonathan & Rowena Stewart

Quacks in the System – Private Eye report on the Sound Foundation’s connections with the UK NHS

The tax exempt Sound Foundation charity – donating to Serge Benhayon’s UK Church 

The Way of the Livingness – when the Universal Medicine religion was denied charity status in the UK

The tax exempt College of Universal Medicine and Fiery Building Fund – donating to the Church of $erge

33 thoughts on “UK Charity Commission hands compliance plan to the Sound Foundation – charity front for Universal Medicine cult

  1. Are Serge’s propagandists, the Real Media Real Change crew and the league of male and female brides going to bombard the Third Sector now with accusations of media bias for reporting on a UKCC investigation that proceeded for six months and will proceed for six more?

    Are they going to describe the evidence submitted to the UKCC as false, defamatory and criminally injurious? Are they going to portray the UKCC’s actions in taking a long look at the tax exempt SF operations as persecution, abuse or trolling?

    Does the investigation make the UKCC liars and a ‘hate-group’?

    Is Universal Law going to mail out a bunch of legal threats to the Commission and the Third Sector?

    Funny how no cult member had a single word to say when the Third Sector reported the Way of the Livingness was rejected for charity status as a religion, and the Charity Commission reported on the dodgey dissolution clause in the charity’s trust deed.

    Write to them and tell them UM IS NOT A CULT, Victoria on behalf of …

  2. Sound Foundation Charity.
    Income £1.2m. Charitable expenditure £77,829.

    Childline (a charity offering a free, confidential phone counseling service to at risk children)
    Income £1,194,000. Charitable expenditure £1,194,000.

    I researched several charities I know of and support into the Charities Commission website and the figures were for the most part similar to Childline. Any money left over after running costs/salaries had been taken in to account to be applied to the following year was minimal. In the Sound Foundation’s case, they retained an incredible 94% of income for future use. No wonder they are being investigated.

  3. Thank You so much, this summary is EXACTLY what I have been hoping for.

    I am tickled by the McDonald’s fries logo they dreamed up for the Shame Foundation. Bit of an afterthought that. And as you have said before Venus, where oh where has their webshite gone? That was so hastily published, just like the latest submissions to the Charity Commission, which are public documents and can be read on the Charity Commission website. Sara or someone else equally as pathetic was tasked with providing new waffle and shining the turd that is their Mission Statement. That in itself shows that they are running scared, to rapidly submit such hollow promises which ‘sound’ OK, but do not stand up in a breeze. I can assure you all that there is nothing charitable going on among the clever zombie ‘charity’ trustees, nor has there been anything truly charitable done to justify that huge swish building.
    The coffers are full, I can only imagine, as they want to build further on the land surrounding The Lighthouse. The visiting and UM-addicted ‘students’ drift around the site, weak and blurry headed due to lack of calories, sleep and fun. They traipse anti-clockwise around the lake, as directed by Stooge and wish the rest of their sorry lives away by imagining living out their old age in a Leonardo-print-filled compound with similarly half-dead skinny zombies.
    Then they go into the warm and hand over their bank details……………..

    • Would this be Sara Williams’ specially polished turd you were referring to? The Summary Information Return?

      And Sara, you might plan a International Womens Day event again to promote Creative Aquatic and Esoteric Womens Harm, but it won’t be officially registered this year – not when the organization receives the images and the content informing them of the abuse EWH truly is.

      And if you try and deceive anyone by borrowing the IWD name again, I’ll personally report you to the UKCC for deliberately deceptive marketing, which is against public benefit.

      • Yes Venus, that is the very same turd. I laugh reading that, as it is nearly 6 months down the line and I’d hazard a guess that the ‘significant spending’ since then is just as measly. LOOK at that, in black and white: £200 free room hire for sound workshop (probably a UM event, or Chris James’ event, trustee) plus £400 free retreat! AND THAT”S ALL FOLKS. Did it not crush them to submit that, evidence that they have spent £600 ONLY, and that is their ‘significant spending’ for the year???? And that £600 is ALL cycling back to UM anyway!! Did it not feel as if they were on very thin ice when they read that back? The money in the coffers is being very tightly grasped indeed. And for what? A UM death-home and free will writing workshops. How generous.

        • I wonder if they had any idea how deep they were in it when that SIR doc was submitted in July. The officials met with the trustees in June, and issued them with the action plan in October. Sara the Breast Massager was probably still in the eyelash fluttering phase when she compiled that fiction.

          And seriously, who is going to want to touch any of their events knowing their incontrovertible link to UM?

          I mean, would you rock up to a lecture on mental health if you knew it was run by Scientologists?

      • Bloody hell, that is a cobbled together pile of horseshit isn’t it? But knowing their real mission, they slipped this in:

        “Sponsor low income people to attend healing retreats held at the Sound Foundation Centre.
        Maintain the fabric of the recently built Sound Foundation Training Centre”

        Yes, that’s right. Spend more money on the building (the “fabric”) and “sponsor” people to get their heads fried. Serge does that here too- It’s actually a no-interest loan. I am sure it will be the same there.

        I notice that in her reaction to the third sector interview, Sara says- “we have and will continue to lay the Sound Foundation’s operations open to a fair, unbiased and proportionate enquiry that is evidence-based and meets the standard required of public bodies”

        Evidenced based? I take this to mean that in their minds, just collecting money from their members is a charitable act, and the astral cult can’t understand that because it is being accepted by those that are energetically of the highest integrity, that good is being done. How could the astral cult understand? they think feeding the starving in Africa is the equivalent of peadophilia. So says Serge and Victoria Lister. But they’ll pretend to go along with it anyway…

        I bet this is what the members are all being told too. “We are being investigated by the pranic astral cult members who are attacking us because they don’t understand energetic integrity, and because four loveless detractors, trolls and hate-bloggers have convinced several government bodies to do their bidding.”

        • As Donut said in a previous post, the sponsorships will be charged to the charity, and the low income cult fodder are likely put to work at UM money raking events as ‘volunteers’. The Charity Commission site states that the SF has no staff, but 30 volunteers. We’ve been told by several sources that when these low income lackeys do scrape together some money, they spend it on their UM habit.

          Public benefit.

          I hope the Commission noted William’s jab at the integrity of their process. From a woman, and an organization that wipes their publicity as soon as there’s any meaningful scrutiny. Hypocrite.

          Are there 4 loveless detractors now? I thought it was 2, including David Millikan and me and you, and Princess. Marianna Masiorski could only count up to 2.

          • I don’t know. They seem to think it is between two and four. I’m just going along with the dimwits for the sake of irony. I think they can only imagine it is two or maybe four because they can’t believe that everyone else doesn’t agree with them, and their yummy feelings. (screw the facts)

            I hope that come May next year the Charity Commission does the right thing and shuts them down for scamming them when they couldn’t get their own way, and then obstructing their investigation by pretending to conform which they have no intention of doing so. And I pray the hapless ACNC put the kibosh on the tilt for registration as a religion here and decides to shut down their sham college and make Serge pay his back taxes. That would be karma at work. That’d make for a few more than two loveless detractors.

  4. I’m still intrigued by Real Media Real Change’s disappearing letter to the Echo editor – whisked away to Arcturus by decree from Scamballa himself, we presume. We don’t know who issued the order.

    We know the cult formed a lynch mob when the Echo ran an article on the backing of the Men’s Health Conference and bombarded the Echo office with airy remonstrations and gentle breath legal threats. Then Victoria ‘on behalf of’ Carter wrote the letter to the editor insisting repeatedly ‘UNIVERSAL MEDICINE IS NOT A CULT’ and then the letter was hastily pulled – to cop an express reincarnation on the FACTS blog, having dropped a few rungs on the initiation scale.

    Around the same time, the Third Sector was approaching the trustees of the Sound Foundation and the directors of the Universal Medicine College for comment on the investigations. I imagine Sergio ‘The One’ and the ascended parasites of his hierarchy realize they are going to be outed for real in the media – for a real change, reporting on the first real regulatory action against UM. Anyone then running a google search on UM is likely to come across the unconvincing letter to the ed saying ‘UM isn’t a cult – it’s like a religion, RMRC isn’t a cult front, we are being trolled and bullied and we’re taking legal action’. And then perhaps the opposition saying, ‘nuh’.

    In other words, they probably pulled it in anticipation of some adverse publicity.

    • Thankfully preserved here for eternity. And certainly in the UK when you Google Universal Medicine this, and other blogs are well up on page 1.

  5. IRONY!? LOL Did someone mention IRONY in relation to UM and Esoteric INTEGRITY?


    Anyway, someone passed on that Sound Foundation trustee, Simone Benhayon’s swim school Creative Aquatic has won Zoggs UK swim skool of the year.

    So how was that judged? I dunno, but you can imagine if it went to vote, it’s handy to have a few hundred cult struck investors to spam the crap out of the comp – a bit like the Esoteric spam attack that got Natalie Pty Ltd Benhayon disqualified from the Huff Post Inspirational Women Competition when the spammers kept flogging her unisex man-struation app.

    • These supposed fab swim skills are definitely those of Winston Churchill! Are they not?
      Isn’t it Simone’s claim to be the reincarnation of Winston Churchill?

      I am puzzled as to why this was said:”What perfect timing” (see below) maybe it is in view of the UKCC great interest in them all???
      Creative Aquatic
      November 19
      What Perfect timing we have WON Best Swim School in the Country and also hit over 1000 likes!! As promised if we hit 1000 likes we would have One free Day of Casual Swimming for all Creative Aquatic Members! So……
      SATURDAY 23rd NOVEMBER 2013 will be a Celebration of Free casual swimming for ALL MEMBERS from 11am until 2pm.
      Thankyou for ALL of your love and support and look forward to seeing you very soon!!

      • PS: By far the majority if not all the comments and likes on that site are of UMer’s.
        What a surprise!
        I do think that your theory could well be right PP.

  6. Who would have thought that a few loveless, abusive men who haven’t dealt with their issues and instead seek to blame the work which had’ touched part of them they they did not want touched’ (hmmm, now that I think about it, that sounds like another semi-confessional part of the Serge puzzle, but I digress) could engineer a global conspiracy of this magnitude against the Heirarchy’s plan of one-unified- truth on Earth?

    No doubt ‘The One’ is desperately trying to convince his Defense Brides that this is the contemporary incarnation of the Catholic Church persecuting the Cathar sect, and no doubt despite the increasingly nagging doubts in whatever remains of the loveless intellect lower-minds, they are trying their best to believe it, in the hope that enduring this temporal trial will assure them a few steps of progress up Serge’s Esoteric Initiation ladder to Sham-balla.

    Of course, I could be completely mistaken. I am merely one of four hate bloggers, mired in the astral cult and manipulated by The Lords of Form. My loveless thoughts and observations are not my own, rather they are impulsed into my mind by disembodied entities (much like “when a man is sexually attracted to under aged girls, and he knows it’s wrong but he just can’t stop thinking about it”, right Serge?), so none of this is my fault. I am just a lost son of God who is disconnected from my inner-heart and in resistance, but once I claim my awesome yumminess, step up to my truth and start pouring my earnings into the only charity on Earth that is not akin to pedophilia, I can start my soul-ful esoteric journey back to Sanat Kumara. Forget this not.

  7. May I encourage all of your readers to not only write to their Politicians but to also make an appointment with their local MP’s to speak of their concerns/experiences about Universal Medicine in what ever way it is that they have been hurt by $B UM.
    We had to wait a while for this appointment that we had today but it was well worth the wait. Politicians do receive so many letters pertaining to people’s concerns, BUT a visit from victims in person makes so much more of an impact it would appear. – Good luck

    • Good reminder Feline. And good work. We’re going to contact a few more soon too, especially in regards to making sure the ACNC do not allow UM to register as a religion for even more tax breaks and Laissez-faire donations to build the church of Serge and his various property interests.

  8. Speaking with the MP’s in person appears to be a way of really getting concerns expressed and heard.
    Make an appointment and all you have to do is tell the MP your story.
    Written notifications are very important but they may only reach the staffer’s…and get lost in the pile.
    That must not happen. Venus has alerted us to the fact before, – that these regulatory bodies need the laws to give them
    power, more power more backing. So for this to be able happen the politicians must be made aware of the horrific/sad stories…..
    No better way to do this than in person.

    • Thanks Feline, that’s great work.

      This Third Sector article outlining the Sound Foundation compliance issues will be included in a follow up email I send to political representatives shortly – including all the reps in the Byron Bay Lismore area.

      So if anyone else is writing emails or visiting their local member, please include it, with your own thoughts about UM having charity status.

  9. Headline news in the UK is criticism of The Charity Commission. Very interesting reading and it gives hope that the commission will be more careful and thorough in future, following the damning reports in the media lately:

    Taken from the above articles in the UK press:

    “David Orbison, a former commission case officer and whistleblower who won a case for unfair dismissal at an employment tribunal last July, says:

    The UK Charity Commission “does important and necessary work and its independent status is highly valued, but it does not do enough to identify and tackle abuse of charitable status.”

    “If a trustee is fraudulent or up to no good, they can run rings round the investigator because the commission is so risk averse”

    “It uses its information poorly to assess risk and often relies solely on trustees’ assurances. Where it does identify concerns in charities, it makes little use of its powers and fails to take tough action in some of the most serious cases.”

    Let’s hope that creepy Simone didn’t hypnotise the visiting Charity Commission investigators back in the summer.

    “The Charity Commission chief executive Sam Younger told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme it had been “too cautious” and was changing its approach.”

    The case that has been making headlines is that of so-called UK charity ‘The Cup Trust’. This case SHOULD lead to better investigations and stronger powers to act in future cases, such as the current Sound Foundation investigation.

    “This case illustrates the feeble and ineffective stance that has been adopted by the Charity Commission over several years when confronted with evidence of any serious abuse of the system,” says Orbison. “Rather than explore ways of using its powers so as to actively disrupt and expose such abuse within the charitable sector, it is content to simply document internally why it should take no action beyond offering advice to trustees running sham charities – advice that the Charity Commission knows can be simply ignored.”

    “One specialist sector lawyer suggests the Cup Trust case could actually enhance the commission’s prospects of gaining extra powers. “The Law Commission is going to look at charity law very shortly,” she says. “That is likely to involve a review of the commission’s powers. The fact that it was unable to act on the Cup Trust means it might be more likely to get any new powers it wanted.” GOOD!

    “Even if the commission did not have the power to act against the charity, it still had a duty to make the world at large aware of what was going on.” GOOD!

    So, what are they going to change?

    “We need to up our game in identifying where serious wrongdoing is happening in charities and then move more swiftly than we have traditionally… and to deploy our powers.”

    “THE EXTENT OF THE PROBLEM: Are there more ‘Cup Trusts’ out there?”

    “The Cup Trust affair raises the question of whether there are more charities in the UK that raise large amounts of cash, give little to a cause and take advantage of tax relief.

    If so, are they apparently legal avoidance mechanisms similar to the trust, or are they examples of actual fraud?”

    “One sector expert, who does not want to be named, has estimated that as many as 50 charities might be involved in tax avoidance or fraud.” NAME THEM!

    “New regulations have recently been devised to counteract fraud in charities, including the ‘fit and proper persons’ test, which allows HMRC to refuse tax relief to a charity if it has concerns about a trustee or senior manager, and the ‘tainted donor’ rules, which prevent major donors claiming tax relief on donations to a charity they are connected to.”

    So, let’s wait and see if the SF trustees are FIT AND PROPER persons then, and if major donors (Nicholsons) can claim tax relief on their massive lump sums then.

    What is blindingly clear to me is the similarities between the amounts of charitable spending of The Cup Trust compared to it’s income: The Cup Trust raised £176 million in donation income and only gave £55,000 to charitable causes! I can’t do the maths, but that looks as bad as The Sound Foundation: £1,179,000 donations income, and £600 TOTAL ‘charitable’ spend out during 2013, according to their latest submission to the Charity Commission!

    And as I’ve said before that £600 was recycled to UM anyway, so PROPER charitable spend is NIL.

    • Sensational, Donut! Thank you.

      So that was the benefit of Nicholson throwing ONE MILLION POUNDS at the Church of Serge of which he is a trustee. Tax relief.


      A couple of points:

      This is why I put as much evidence as possible on the net AND flick it to the media as well AND hassle politicians. Never put all your eggs in the regulatory basket.

      The UKCC is relatively sharp compared with the ACNC but both seem to suffer from a Polyanna syndrome of assuming that everyone who applies for charity status is legit and and a nice person. The healthcare regulators are no different and are averse to acknowledging that scam artists like Serge the Bullshitter and his army of parasites operate health services in order to pillage the assets of cancer patients, abuse victims etc.

      I’ll use those stories to pressure the politicians and I encourage anyone sending their own letters to do the same.

      AND perhaps it’s time we take what we have to the BBC – while the spotlight is on the UKCC.


  10. Margaret Hodge, the MP behind the investigation would be a very good person to contact. This is a link to contact her via her website:
    I am sure she would be very interested in the “charity” work The Sound Foundation has been doing and the scale of some of the donations to it.

    • Thanks, but please don’t leave it to me. I’m up to my eyeballs in a submission to a NSW parliamentary inquiry with a deadline approaching, and my own business to run etc. I’ll try, but I’m not sure when I can get to it.

      UK friends, if you write to her, the local member for Frome and your local member, please tell them UM applied for charity status as the Way of the Livingness but were denied. They went on to adopt an existing charity operated by the head of UM’s business partner, and openly referred to the SF as UM’s UK charity until questioned by the UKCC. They have raised millions of pounds yet their scant charity activities are merely marketing and recruitment exercises for UM, with the money going back to UM. Otherwise their achievements are to construct business premises for UM UK’s commercial operations.

      Throw in links to the 3rd sector articles, the BBC story and the posts on this blog.


    • That’s the thing. Scientology was a poorly regarded psychotherapy racket until Hubbard took a look at US tax law and realized he could get exemption if he called it a Church. He used his Sci Fi writing habit to hatch a cosmology and voila, instant religion.

      No different to Serge. Religions get tax breaks.

      The problem is legislators are not educated about the differences between religions and cults, and when there’s any talk about scrutinizing religious charities, religious types among public representatives get defensive and start worrying that stricter regulation will affect some of the more worthy religious charities, like St Vinnies.

  11. The Sound Foundation website is live-ish again complete with Desiree’s logo featuring the McDonald’s fries on viagra and with an announcement ‘website coming soon’. (A bit like the EPA website, which is still ‘coming soon’ after 4 years or so.)

    From the blurb:

    Established in 1993, the Sound Foundation Charity is a Charitable Trust run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to the unified commitment of supporting sound health and wellbeing.

    The sound health and wellbeing of Serge and his parasites’ business interests…

    All funds arising from hire are invested into the ever-expanding sound wellbeing initiatives the Charity supports and carries out, in partnerships with local businesses, councils, schools and health services – both local and national.

    LOL! What initiatives? Where? With whom, apart from those profiting from UM?

    Whether as a Partner in a project with the Sound Foundation, an Organization hiring Sound Foundation facilities or as a Volunteer with the Sound Foundation, you will know you are contributing to initiatives of the highest integrity delivered for the benefit of all.

    What a joke. The SF has 4 months now to satisfy the UKCC’s action plan. Their biggest challenge will be comprehending public benefit. Especially when they think they’re ‘Sons of God’, the ‘Brotherhood’, the ‘New World Religion’ and Serge’s bullshit is ‘One Unified Truth’. All they know of ‘benefit’ is what’s beneficial to the expansion of the cult – or their own self-loving interests.

  12. Aha, I see that Jane Keep and Dragana Brown are now Sound Foundation trustees, replacing the invisible, deaf, blind and obviously DUMB Michael Wood. I don’t think he’s real. Michael Wood is a motorway service station! Maybe they meet there to concoct weak PR strategies disguised as giving.

    Well done All, I personally feel that they have been reading this and the sister blog and are in damage limitation mode.
    I’ve also spotted an article (Stop Press!) bigging up the Shame Foundation for doing a teeny weeny incy wincy bit of what may well be TRULY ‘charitable’. I call it a PR drive, as I have seen the picture of Dragana grinning and looking self-important as she hands over four chairs (oh WOW!) and some speakers (OMG!) and a fan (Wonderful!) to the local maternity unit.

    Someone had fun spending a few hundred in the Argos January Sale. And in return they get their newspaper spread about the importance of ‘self-care’, how wonderful and generous The Sound Foundation is and how they are all lovely people forging strong links with the NHS, and how wellbeing through sound doesn’t mean listening to ACTUAL music! God, I hope those midwives don’t put their own music to groove to on while spinning in their new chairs. Don’t they know to only listen to Glorious Music?

    • Well spotted, Donut.

      So now three out of six Sound Foundation trustees are Universal Medicine UK company directors – Sara, Simone and Jane. That’ll help manage their conflicts of interest.

      Then they bring in professional would be if she could be and by the way to hell with free speech drone, Dragana Brown, who loves getting her mug in the papers for whatever, doesn’t matter what. Who better to deflect attention from the UM UK trustees than a D grade semi celeb saying ‘look aren’t we generous. We’re a CHARITY. We could afford to buy a few neo natal humidicribs or some life support equipment, but nuh, we need the real munny to outfit Serge’s church. Have a few chairs.’

    • Odd about Serge, sorry, Michael Wood. yes.

      We’re quite confident they’re reading the blogs. They’d be fools if they didn’t. Sorry again, bigger fools. But the damage control is more likely related to the action plan issued by the CC.

      I chuckled when I read about the strong links with the NHS. Jane Keep is an NHS bureacrat who happens to be moonlighting as UM UK director and SF trustee. That’s their ‘strong link’. I also believe that to be a conflict of interest if she’s using NHS initiatives to promote the UM enterprise.

      We’ve also heard a rumour that the cult is telling donors that the UKCC investigation didn’t find anything. Right, so the Third Sector article is fiction? As is the documentation forwarded to us from the UKCC that they issued an action plan?

      But the Lords of Form and Arcturans are real.

      Yep, keep up those direct debits.

  13. Well the Sound Foundation website has been ‘coming soon’ again for at least six weeks.

    But there’s still no details of the nature of its charity work, no financial disclosure and no events announced – with only another 10 weeks or so until their compliance deadline. Funny how they don’t have the guts to try another International Womens Day event at Simone’s ‘love pool’.

    You’d better get cracking at operating charitably and accountably, Sara Williams.

    Next, we’ve had A LOT of hits and searches from the UK – searching for bad press on the Sound Foundation, Simone Benhayon, the Lighthouse etc.

    We notice Simone was nominated in a local paper for Frome Person of the Year, and didn’t win. Maybe the competition organizers could tell when votes are being stacked. We also notice she was gloating about providing free swim lessons to people who can’t afford them. If she could be bothered answering her phone…

    Otherwise the cult is busily crawling the blogs to try and work out how to diminish our google ranking – and they’ve opened a few more pointless facebook pages to try and increase their google search presence.

    Whatever. Problem is, their content is tired, repetitive propaganda. Cult members are the only ones who believe it. Here things are much more sensational. 😉 More so because it’s true.

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