Esoteric Psychology & entity possession

FreudinFrazzleThe Psychological Well-Being Conference was just held on the Gold Coast, with a line up of insight deprived cult apologists flogging Universal Medicine cult leader Serge Benhayon’s damaged brainchild, Esoteric Psychology. Lending the thing undeserved legitimacy were registered psychologists and unabashed Serge worshippers, Marianna Masiorski and Caroline Raphael.

So while they were busy avoiding the subject of inappropriate touching of sexual abuse victims and Serge’s underaged houseguests, what psychological well-being palaver could punters expect? Emotions are the cause of all disease? Boys need the pack energy smacked out of them? Loving children emotionally has never worked? Or did Serge wheel out an old chestnut – entity possession? Or that the healing symbols have been blessed by ARCTURANS? Either way, there was bound to be some heinous balderdash the cult omitted from its publicity.

The business of mind-fuck

Look, I’m sure we’ve all had it up to here with Esoteric Psychology and Esoteric psychologists. We’ve seen Marianna Masiorski target depressed people by telling them to stop making an effort at anything and surrender to the cult, and Brendan Mooney keeping his cult goggles firmly in place to post a classic piece of denial on the UM site.

At the conference, Masiorski and Raphael talked up this kind of damaging rot:

An emotion is never a true feeling. It is at best the true feeling of your reactions to what you originally felt. Know this energetic truth, for emotions are the root cause of all diseases. (Benhayon, 2011, p.80)

If you love your children with and from emotional love, you are just passing down to another generation a form of love that has not ever worked. (Benhayon, 2011, p.693)

We have been confusing love for a baby with the enormous need they have of us. Too many foster that need so that the dependency keeps them needed as the child grows. This is not love – it is a form of control that is used to cover up for the adult who was not shown true love when they were young. (Benhayon, 2011, p.693)

How does that stuff go down with the Australian Psychological Society, Masiorski, Raphael and Mooney?


We’ve had a close look at exemplary scam artist, Serge Benhayon’s teachings on parenting and relationships, where loved ones don’t rate as a priority compared with his income stream. And then there’s the body negative man hating indoctrination that comes gratis with Esoteric Breast Massage, and the degrading magical thinking that insults the ill and disadvantaged. Not to mention the denigration of life and glorification of death that has resulted in cult members regarding death as nothing to grieve.

The exorcism roadshow

However, what we haven’t covered is Serge’s very medical, very scientific and superlatively healthy, self-loving teachings on entity possession – apart from a couple of tasters.

It is through these lower three chakras that the consciousness of the astral discarnates enters and influences thought…Schizophrenia is the result of such over-stimulation from the solar centre. The over-stimulation is caused by an excess in entity activity, allowing the discarnates access and control over their host. Recognition of this will go a long way to helping those that are not too far gone. The multi-personality syndrome is true, but it occurs because there is a multiple range of discarnates accessing and expressing through the incarnate’s vehicle using his or her lower-mind via the lower three centres. Knowledge of this will one day be the accepted norm. (Benhayon, 2006, p.371)

“The most convincing entity sessions I witnessed was not like the pairing up. It was two separate times with a bout 6 different people. It was a fair while ago but I remember Serge would select a volunteer from the audience (joking one time about how the person was coached on what to say). Serge would stand at the back of the room while the person sat or stood on the stage. He would then ask the person questions like ‘what do you think of when you think of the word Love?” There was a 8-10 year old young girl this time and she answered Mom, Dad, happy, friends, etc.. After several other questions, he would then stop take a moment and announce the entity had entered. You could see the girl become fidgety and distracted with a mischievous grin on her face and Serge would ask the same question ‘what do you think of when you think of the word Love?” the first word that came out of her mouth was pain, I cant remember it all in detail but all the words meanings were turned upside down after the entity was reportedly in. I saw grown men speak and express clearly before the possession and during the possession be lost for words and in tears because they simply said they could not feel/express the meaning of the word/s. Serge goes on to say we should not fear entities because they are just like you and me and cannot make us do anything without our permission. They are just lost and on the same path back to God like the rest of us.
Sayings like ‘He wasn’t himself’, I don’t know what came over him’, ‘I’ve never seen him like that before’, ;He was beside himself’, are all said to be example of when a person has allowed possession.”
Post by Gibbs, Cult Education Forum, June 2012

Benhayon has also written up entity possession as a convenient free pass for murder and rape.

And entities rape women and kids in the vicinity of anyone who has a drink or smokes dope.

Funny how the cult are so quiet about the exorcism shenanigans in their publicity these days, but before anyone was scrutinizing UM’s catalogue of abuses, Sergio openly pushed the supernatural mind-fuck that has instilled a special kind of dread into his habit forming cult conversion process. The following is a mild version of the kind of damaging nonsense that went on at the Sacred Esoteric Healing workshop I attended in 2005, where Serge scuttled around the room, having induced trance states in participants, to emotively implant suggestions on past life tortures, including execution, dismemberment and rape.

I witnessed innocent and vulnerable people lose their minds in ways some may never recover from.

Esoteric Healing And Beyond – Part 1

It is imperative to look closely at oneself on a regular basis. Knowledge of astral energy and its many ways of getting into you and around you is but a mere tool of what one should be doing for one-self.

Remembering always that these energies in truth are not more powerful than you hence the illusion of the hit that makes you feel that you are less. This then follows by your submission into this illusion and thus the emotional reaction allows the desired entry and hence the real lessening of your light begins.

If you are feeling off and not so well, clear it straight away. You may use the extractor 2 symbol or the 4th or 6th song in the Silk in Clouds CD. Both of these have been upgraded since their release by the ARCTURANS. This makes them more powerful and can clear quite easily the energy of illusion which takes by deceit the unsuspecting aspirant (you the student).

As you move onward and carry more light the resistance around you also increases. This is natural and is part of the occult law of this planet, at least for now. This resistance can come from those around you such as friends and family or colleagues etc. This is not them but their own resistance to hierarchy that then allows astral energy to enter and use them as points for this astral energy.

This is why it is important to not take personally any form of attack. (There are very few who willingly wield this power). Those around you who are affected are still responsible for their own resistance to their inner light. But they unknowingly allow the astral force to express through them.

This is clearly outlined in the discourses by the true masters and was spoken of by Jesus when he said. “You cannot serve two masters”. That is, serve the masters of wisdom or the lords of form whom reside in the astral sphere of emotion.

It is up to each and every individual to take full responsibility for their healing. This means plenty of self hands on work as well as the use of the music and symbol healing cards.

Organise swaps with local esoteric students whom you know are doing their own work otherwise they too can affect you.

Take full responsibility and do not let the light of the false colour enter into your being and allow the true light of the soul expire by its negation.


2nd December2004

Esoteric Healing and Beyond – Part 2


Our recent lecture on entities and spirits and other such forms of possession has led to quotes that remark on such phenomena from as early as Jesus to more recent early 19th century quotes from the books by Helena Roerich.

These quotes mention not only the well-known and accepted fact of this phenomenon but also the fact that if a spirit is removed more can return and enter. Or that, once a possessive spirit has been removed the person is left with the possibilities of it “returning for one thousand days more” – Agni Yoga.

These quotes are very true, although slightly inaccurate in that the same spirit never re-enters. You can of course have re-entry from one is of the same ilk as the one removed, but never the same one.

The possibility of re-entry does not last for 1000 days as stated, but is active for 100 days. This is because the weakness through which it enters has been magnified by the possessive spirit as it stationed itself via the emotional opening.

Furthermore, the mind-set that creates the entry is amplified by the presence of the spirit feeding it. This leaves the person weaker and more open to the emotional condition that has not been dealt with.

In esoteric healing as taught by the true masters of wisdom, these quotes do not apply with accuracy. For a start, the method of removal seals the opening. Furthermore, the energy pertaining to the area where the entity was, is transmuted, thus the possibility of a spirit re-entering of the same ilk is not possible. However a lesser kind can find its way in, if the person in question does not willingly seal, close the entry by dealing with the emotional condition it is attached to.

It should be well noted that Occult Law here is not broken by the esoteric practitioner when removing the offending disembodied intruder or sent etheric object. The entry of the spirit or the sent object is against occult law to begin with.

All possessions occur against God’s law. Nonetheless, they are not punished or cursed or sent where they came from by esoteric healing techniques. Instead they are released in and by the harmonious vibration of light, love and power. These are the essence rays 1st, 2nd and 3rd. When all combined you have Christ energy.

In this manner the possessive spirit also receives a healing and thus given a choice inspired by the vibration it feels during the extraction. The extraction does not impose on the spirit; it offers Hierarchy through inspiration only.

In all cases we must seal the door where evil dwells. Checking our breath regularly to make sure it is deep into the dantien (not out of it). This will close the lower centres and thus the heart is left un-opposed and not imposed upon.

Watch carefully on a regular basis your state of being and mind soundness. If they are not balanced stop, use the breath to the dantien and slowly re-gather. It is important to be always honest to see where you are coming from so that no emotion is being expressed.

Did you know that it is the personality that reacts to emotions and it is the spirit that expresses them! THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT POINT TO MAKE NOTE OF. For example: The spirit can express jealousy without you feeling it.

This means that you are causing harm without you being fully aware of it. Of course on other levels you are aware of it and hence are stacking up your akashic record…

The question now is: are you the master of your own creations or do you serve a master who is over you. You cannot serve them both. You cannot serve two masters.

In Truth & Light,


29th December 2004

Endorsed by psychologists, medical professionals, teachers, lawyers…

14 thoughts on “Esoteric Psychology & entity possession

  1. I wonder if they will bring this up at the conference tomorrow? Will Serge stand abreast the stage, emanating light from his crown chakra, connecting to Shamballa as he is, and reveal the coming battle of evil and good that will destroy mankind with ever increasing disease and the destruction of everything we know!!!!!
    Or will he run away and wilt at the first hard question thrown at him?

    “The battle ground will be the massacre of humankind. The evidence of this battle will be witnessed
    in the arduous days ahead that will be seen by all as man is left with more and more disease. The
    outfall of this will increase social chaos, and systems as known today will collapse, and all in
    standing to help and deliver light will be the true esoteric student who is armed with the disciplines
    learned and gained within and with it will deliver man out of his own doing. With it will come the
    days of glory when man will once again realise the SONSHIP energy within and thus emanate the
    true light of our Father Sanat Kumara.
    This discourse therefore becomes an absolute study in reflection and preparation of what is to come.
    The true disciple awaits with fervour the days ahead of earnest service delivered
    from their inner light…
    Much is now required to prepare.

    This reading comes to you from the entire Hierarchy in the earnest light of the Lord Maitreya who
    is preparing for these coming days as He will release His new energy as the Lord of Salvation.”

    • The LOF says that quote comes from this document: Guidelines for [Meditation] Group Leaders p.21

      The same document reckons Jesus said ‘if you are not with me, you are against me.’

      Ohhhh Jeez

      I only came across that archive site today. Interesting to see what the cult have wiped since media scrutiny commenced.

      Next time RMRC runs any cult recruitment drives, or the public cops another UM cult front, like the conference tomorrow, we can add exorcism and apocalypses to the inappropriate touching images and mind fuck quotes we send as notifications.

      The conference organizers may have noticed a few Medicare locals also pulled the ads for the conferences. We even received thank you messages, as they don’t normally screen events – posting, as they do, in good faith. They will screen from now on. And we’ll keep sending the notifications.

    • It’s a bit unusual for meditation group leaders to get a briefing in the APOCALYPSE don’t you think?

      ‘The massacre of humankind’, and the human body as the battle ground between the Astral forces and the divine light of God®.

      Very gentle. Very loving.

      And that turd is running a ‘health service’.

      And yeah, RJM, “As you move onward and carry more light the resistance around you also increases. This is natural and is part of the occult law of this planet, at least for now. This resistance can come from those around you such as friends and family or colleagues etc. This is not them but their own resistance to hierarchy that then allows astral energy to enter and use them as points for this astral energy.”

      Whipped through the reality tester translator that comes out as, ‘when you start shutting down, becoming arrogant, bigoted and passive aggressive, while bowing to a con artist’s every whim and giving him all your money, people who care about you are going to become concerned, frustrated and despairing, and will have difficulty concealing it. Therefore reject them and surrender all your autonomy and the rest of your assets to me and my army of parasites…’

      • Yeah. I had a good laugh at that. Imagine a new comer to that meditation group? What’s astounding is that was publicly available and still is, and that Serge has a following (sorry not following. Those people blogging incessantly, singing (or whining) praise, and chanting how wonderful Serge is are just making better health choices. Nothing odd in their behavior. No)

        You can clearly see what’s happened with Serge. He has slowly become more convinced of his specialness as a response to his internal realization he is exactly the opposite. Probably about the time he scampered from Sydney after his failed property con, ensuing bankruptcy and later family disputes over his interest in a young charge. What better antidote to the realisation that you suck than to declare yourself master of the fucking universe. Literally. Once he’s got involved with what was initially energy healing, he’s got himself more and more worked up. Being the muddled headed thinker he is, and using the fledgling internet which is full of similar ratbags plus the bamboozled bullshit of Alice Bailey, as his source of “information” (aka Ancient Wisdom LOL), he’s whipped himself into a frenzy of discombobulated conclusions that you inevitably end up with when you travel down the path of magical thinking. There were light bulbs popping off everywhere in that feeble brain of his.

        For me the jury has been out on whether he believes his own BS. But having read that, I think he does. He makes a lot of effort so in his miswired brain it makes perfect sense. He’s worked it all out. He’s probably even had profound religious experiences that backs up his ideas and view of himself (haven’t we all) But being a sociopath there’s a problem. He also thinks he should be making lots of money, and he doesn’t really give a shit about anyone else, unless it benefits him. He can give a masterful impression he cares- that’s the paradox of a narcissist- but the whole thing is about him. Money madness and a massive Messianic complex rolled into one little skinny package of misery.

        And yep, even back then he was aware in his devious little mind that family members would buck up. He’s known he’s been running a cult for years. Every time I read paragraphs like that- and they abound- I think of his weasel face on TV with a stupid smirk as he remarks: ” I wouldn’t know how to run a cult” followed by the stupidly ironic remark ” What if I could get 2000 people to tell you it is not a cult” Doh! What a total unmitigated moron.

        Why would anyone follow this sick unit around? It is beyond me. I imagine (hope) one day perhaps some of them will wake up and see the whole thing in the abject ugliness it really is. It’d be like waking up after a night out and finding yourself wrapped up in bed with the most repellant person imaginable- you’d want to chew your arm off, shower for a month and run for the hills. And that analogy is closer to the truth than the (non) followers can imagine.

  2. “As you move onward and carry more light the resistance around you also increases. This is natural and is part of the occult law of this planet, at least for now. This resistance can come from those around you such as friends and family or colleagues etc. This is not them but their own resistance to hierarchy that then allows astral energy to enter and use them as points for this astral energy.

    This is why it is important to not take personally any form of attack. (There are very few who willingly wield this power). Those around you who are affected are still responsible for their own resistance to their inner light. But they unknowingly allow the astral force to express through them”

    Another prime example of both Serge (and his brainwashed minions) ignoring his own doctrine. If this is “natural and part of the occult law of this planet” then UM should cease the empty legal threats and “hate group” accusations directed at anyone with enough sense to question the Benhayon bullshit empire.

  3. I had the dubious pleasure of experiencing Serge’s alleged ability to facilitate entity possession a few years back, and can state unequivocally that it is an absolute crock of shit. He claims to be able to allow entities into clients en masse and remove them, but I can assure readers here that results depend entirely on whether you have already submitted to his belief system. I attended several workshops with an open mind, but I witnessed and experienced absolutely nothing to indicate that Serge was conducting anything other than an exercise in suggestibility. At another workshop I attended, he maintained that sexual attraction to underaged relatives was the result of entities influencing the pedophile, but I suspect he was just trying to rationalize his own questionable thought processes and conduct. Then again, I’m a member of the astral cult, so what do I know?

    • I can second that. Serge isn’t too happy when you don’t play ball either. He’s like a really bad stage hypnotist. He weeds out the suggestible ones, gets them up on stage and makes them perform. If you don’t, the members give you full on stink eye for showing him up or not being sucked in. I might have been impressed if he’d pulled a rabbit out of a hat rather than a bad trick out of his a…e

  4. Of course Serge has an apocalyptic vision with him as the Savior. If you care to (and can) read the whole document, it says: ” Serge is of service to US all as much as his body will allow”

    That’s right Serge and Christ are one. As Gabriel Conrad asserts, he is a fifth level bullshitter and Hells voice on earth and this juncture (?) of human history. Or similiar.

    So here we have Serge on TV saying ” I have no followers, I am just a simple mayan…man” and “I run a business, not a cult” while in reality, he holds himself out to be the Messiah of the new era. He says this knowing his followers (the ones that don’t exist) will not see his bald-faced lies just like they don’t see he is a two-bit huckster up to tricks he’s been honing for the better part of thirty years, but with the added twist of infallibility thrown in for good measure.

    It is amazing how if you say the words truth and love, how you can get away with lies and hate on a mass scale. What an utter bullshit artist Serge Benhayon is. The only apocalypse coming is his own when he reaps from the poisonous seeds he has been sowing for a lifetime.

  5. So what he is saying is that he is the only one who knows the “truth”
    Bloody hell, why can’t the members see how that is what a narcissist would say?
    I am amazed that they can not see through the lies he has pulled over their eyes!
    Some people I know say that UM is not a cult, but it is clear from that document, it is
    A cult
    Can’t this people wake up and
    Understand how they have been conned? It
    Never ceases to amaze me how people can be
    Tricked so easily. Wake followers!

  6. Problem is, while they all believe it Eric, it is not prison for any of them. They think it is liberation. But when they do finally realise they have been conned and it is all bullshit, they’ll look back and know they have been in solitary confinement for a long long time.

  7. The following is from the UM site it is new to the site. Damage control?!
    I am asking what are they if they are not a cult?
    WHY are they a Charity here in Australia?
    What good do they do? They are not putting any of the $$$$$$$’s that they earn back into the community?
    Huh – no converting hey??? No exceptional practices???‎

    Why it is quite clear that UniMed is not a cult
    A cult involves abnormal, sometimes secretive behaviour, an all powerful and controlling leader, dogma and doctrines. On that basis Universal Medicine is anything but a cult.
    Students of Universal Medicine courses and workshops are completely free to come and go as they please.
    There is no need to commit to any form of burdensome recurring fees of any sort.
    There is no need to commit to attend all or even some of the workshops/ retreats etc.
    Teachings are in the form similar to any established learning institution.
    There are no rituals, no mantras and no exceptional practices.
    If anyone feels they have not received full value for the respective course, workshop etc., Serge will readily refund their money in full.
    Entry level forums, workshops and retreats are open to all – there is no pre-qualification of any kind.
    The student body represents a wide mix of folk from all walks of life and from many corners of the world. Interestingly, professionals from the health industry represent a disproportionately higher element of the student body.
    There is absolutely nothing secret about Universal Medicine.
    There is absolutely no recruiting and converting – this is strict policy.
    While the courses and workshops are open to friends and family and anyone wishing to attend, preaching or imposing the virtues or benefits of attending is actively discouraged. There is no excuse for this to be misconstrued as Serge is many times on record stating it so.
    Benhayon’s presentations are there to be accepted or rejected. One is completely free to make up their own mind.
    Serge’s books are very detailed, substantial and far-reaching works.
    Anyone who has experienced his teachings will know that transparency is the hallmark of his methodology – any question goes and every question gets fully answered.
    The real power of this work is with the individual and their respective learning experiences are very much at the individual’s own pace.
    Each student is supported in coming to their own understanding of the teachings as presented, at their own pace and always, with their own awareness as informed by their valued background knowledge and prior experience. No one is asked to accept but to fully discern at every angle.
    There are no pre-requisites for attending or subscribing to the works. It is simply a case of, “here are the teachings – consider at will.”
    The best way to ask that question, “Is Universal Medicine a Cult?” is to attend one of these sessions and ask the student body directly.
    The answer is clear – Universal Medicine is the antithesis of a cult movement.

  8. PS:
    No it is not clear to me at all from the above writings of Serge that UM is not a cult.
    As DV’s article right here provides UM and SB’s works are very disturbing & sickening.
    I really have felt sick and upset since reading the creepy things from SB works.
    These are quotes from Serge Benhayons books that he proudly wrote.
    What they are and do ‘thunders so loud that one cannot hear what they are saying’

  9. Hmm you can receive a FULL refund! So that denial piece says:
    “If anyone feels they have not received full value for the respective course, workshop etc., Serge will readily refund their money in full.”

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