The Sound Foundation Charity hates charity and music – except for the stuff they’re selling

Juzzie Smith, Chris James, Michael Benhayon all put out music that doesn’t need you to like it.

‘Juzzie Smith, Chris James, Michael Benhayon all put out music that doesn’t need you to like it.’ (EDG Student Notes)

The published object of the Sound Foundation Charitable Trust, founded by musician, Chris James, is to ‘benefit wellbeing through sound’. What that object doesn’t disclose is that the sound is restricted to that of cult leader, Serge Benhayon’s funny little voice – lecturing that music is poison – and the strains of muzak produced by business associate, James, and other cult members. Nor does the Foundation’s publicity mention that it’s a tax exempt front for the nasty Universal Medicine enterprise, which propagates belief that charity is evil on a par with paedophilia.

Update 2: Cult photographer and legal genius, Clayton Lloyd of Flawless Imaging, Goonellabah, issued a copyright infringement notice for the Chris James meme to the left, but did not take legal action when I issued a counter notice – another pathetic and unlawful abuse of DMCA takedowns by the cult in an attempt at censorship. My response to Lloyd is in the comments

Newcomers to the Universal Medicine mess may wonder why our exposure blogs feature music players. We, like most of our readers, love music, like we love life. The players are updated regularly in protest against Universal Medicine’s dreary puritanism, and also to provide some relief for the many loved ones of cult members trying to cohabitate in New Age Taliban households where they have to put up with cult warbling, and where non cult music is banned.

Profiting from puritanism

Our recent exposure of the Sound Foundation charity, which was recently issued a compliance order by the UK Charity Commission, has shown it to be a Universal Medicine front, adopted when Benhayon’s dubious ‘Way of the Livingness’ failed to gain charity status as a religion in the UK. Apart from it being a sham charity with the purpose of raising money to assist the expansion of UM’s commercial activities, it’s also a sham in its publicly detrimental fundamentalist demonization of non cult music. Serge Benhayon’s teachings that music is poison, apart from that produced by his business associates, serves no other purpose than to monopolize the music buying dollars of followers.

Our extensive collection of student notes taken at Esoteric Development Group lectures over several years shows that Benhayon’s sermons include a routine of denigration of music and condemnation of charity and altruism, followed by a sales pitch for Glorious Music, the latest dirges by Benhayon and Chris James (Sounds Wonderful Pty Ltd ABN 78 076 306 155), and topped by an appeal for donations to UM building funds.

Benhayon on music

As a race of beings, we are not yet mature enough to accept that all that takes place comes with energy and thus, not only do we get the musician’s music, but all of their undealt-with emotions. (Benhayon, 2011, p.115)

We are prepared to play music but not recognise that music enters the body no different to the way food enters the body…What happens then is no different, as in, the energy of what has been taken in will greatly affect you in many more ways than any temporal mind can imagine let alone accept.

When you can accept this revelation you are ready to hear that music is ten times more damaging than food poisoning if the music comes with pranic-energy. (Benhayon, 2011, p.428)

‘Benefiting wellbeing through sound’ – Esoteric voodoo and dubious claims to ‘healing’

Lecture notes from the Benhayon cash raking presentations reveal how Benhayon robs followers’ of the pleasure and appreciation of music via indoctrination with Esoteric voodoo balderdash (preceded by the obligatory ‘meditation’ trance induction).

(Apologies in advance. I’ve included a lot of notes here because we believe the public has a right to know exactly what a tax exempt charity is pushing – supposedly to benefit the public.)

  • The same is true of Music – often used to fill the emptiness.
  • We are seduced by a pleasing melody, appealing lyrics, but we receive a whole package of energy with the sound that we do not discern.
  • All that the musician is comes with the music – the depression, pot smoking, anger, the wanting to impress, be loved by , etc etc Music creates a vibration within the body.
  • Music is felt by the vascular system. Our heart has a rhythm and it can tell what music comes from the heart and that which does not. lf it does not it is discarded by the heart but held in the central nervous system.
  • Remains within the body for some time held in the central nervous system it can influence ones thoughts when at a low point – The lifestyle of the musician can influence how we will behave if that energy is sympathised with and allowed in.
  • Important to discern what we hear from our bodies first and not seduced by our ears. How does it feel.
  • Elvis’s earlier work is now clear to listen to. It was made when he was truly into his craft, before he lost himself in drugs etc..and now his re-incarnated life is much clearer…
  • Music has the potential to assist us in this return or can retard it.
  • The most damaging music is New Age/meditation music – we surrender to it
  • Rock music – more honest like me or not
  • Classical music – seducing We listened to a variety of music and felt how it was.
  • All of it was very unpleasant when one truly felt what it was like. Classical music was the most difficult to stay with oneself.
  • By contrast listening to Chris James track there was no imposing just allowed to be which was quite a relief after feeling the other tracks. We did some movement, gentle swaying, to chris while sat down, allowing the music to move us. The movement of harmony becomes Joy. Notes taken by Michael Dixon, July 24, 2010.

Serge than talked about music again – how it enters through the whole body, that it is a certain energy that sits and waits for you moments to bring out the emotions it is storing in you. How this energy will instruct you how to think, what to do/say etc and you will not even realise. You have let it in because of a need. Music is laced with poison. Esoteric Development Group lecture notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, September 18, 2010, p. 2.

Meditation: We did a meditation while Serge played Chris James music, Billy Joel music and Justin Timberlake music. Over the past 6 EDG’s Serge has spoken about sound and how important it is for us to learn to hear but to not take music into us. To let the music just be there and for us to remain ourselves. If we listen to music and you yourself are not at the same level the music is at eg listening to Chris James and Serge’s album and you let it in then you will be put into a process. The same happens if your level of energy is higher than the music. You would still put yourself into a process and drop in energy if you took the music in. The same happens if you read a book and take on the energy of the author or the characters in the book. It is important to never give your power away to music or to anything else. Never let music enter you. You have to be you. You have to be you all of the time. EDG notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, February 19, 2011, p.1.

Music is energy. We have to get that everything is energy. Serge can’t teach us what is happening with our eyes until we get what is happening with music. If we have ever used music to put us in a good mood then we have invited energy in and it has harmed us. We now have 4 people amongst us who can produce clear music that does not penetrate us. These are Michael and Emmalee Benhayon, Chris James and Juzzie Smith. They don’t have a need for us to like them. If for example a musician has a need and is therefore empty and then puts out music in that emptiness then that music enters into you and asks you to like them. The key to life is to choose the energy that allows you to be you.

Glorious music This music is a representation of the energy of 2012. Michael and Emmalee’s album is the first music written in that energy. It confirms you. It does not enter. It asks you to come up to it if you want to.

When Serge asked Michael and Curtis to come up with some dance steps to the song ‘Claiming it Baby” they knew it was for service and they came up with moves that help to release the hips and knees.

They knew it was no different that doing a massage or putting in a chakra puncture needle. It was something that they were doing to serve others.

At this EDG we listened to 3 songs by Michael and Emmalee.

The first song was a rock song and we could feel how it did not impose. Serge played it to show us that we could listen to music like that and not be harmed. The second song was called “Change”. This is an anointing song and the only bridging song on the album.

Michael and Emmalee have changed themselves and in the song they are inviting all of us to do the same. The third song was a beautiful love song written by Michael to his wife Emmalee and sung by Emmalee. The love song was for us all-to know that this kind of love is possible and that we can have it too. It was awesome. EDG notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, May 14, 2011, p.4.

For some time now Serge has being talking about music. We use music to change our moods, get in the mood etc. We tend to let the energy in music into us and then it plays itself out over time. We need to be able to identify embedded spots of energy in our body and release it. That is why we have The Livingness 2 course and also why we now have the new Esoteric movement class. Both help to release energy in the body that is being held there. Serge asked Michael Benhayon to play the piano. Michael played his own music and it was a joy to watch him play. His body was relaxed and he felt amazing.

When Serge asked him to play something that he had never played before you could feel how he just trusted his soul to come up with what was needed at the time. Serge pointed out that the Archangel Gabriel was with Michael as he played. Serge then asked Michael to play a bit of classical music. You could see how it affected his body.

His shoulders went hard and you could see him struggling with the energy that was coming in. Michael spoke after that and said that while he was playing the classical music he felt like he had no freedom, it made his body conform to it and drew him into it. It was imposing on him. Serge then explained that you couldn’t have full access to the soul if we have configured energy in the body. That is why we need to clear it. EDG Notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, August, 2011.

For the past 18 months Serge has been presenting about music.

Today he presented that music is like a drug. You can check out on it…

Through sound you can be fooled. Just like food music enters the body. Music affects us much longer than food. Dairy can be cleared out of the body in 6-9 months but it takes along time for music to be cleared out of the body. Music enters the dantien centre in the body – this is the centre of commitment to life as a human being. It therefore affects our commitment to life…

The power of nomination If we can nominate energy as being something we do not want in our body then that nominating allows it not to be absorbed. You can then walk into a room with any kind of music playing and say to yourself ‘I don’t want that energy in my body and you won’t let it enter.

The song “The circle of life” from the lion king Serge played the song first and we got to feel how pranic it is. The song builds up into something when it is nothing. It has the Maya of raw emotion and the glamour of delivering you somewhere when it doesn’t actually deliver you anywhere. The unresolved sadness of the musician-Elton John hits you. Then he played the same song but where Michael Benhayon had played all the instruments and recorded the song. It felt better. Then he got Chris James, Miranda Benhayon, Jenny James and Rebecca Baldwin to sing it and every with all those esoteric people singing it and playing it, it could not be made esoteric because it was imprinted with prana. This is a teaching for us to realize that there are things we need to let go off because they cannot be made esoteric. The Circle of life song is very pranic in its seed. The esoteric choir was singing between the seed and us so we were able to listen to it but that is all. Serge played the version of the song without the African drums. He said the version with the African drums is much more harmful.

The song “We are God’s children” was written in honour of who we really are. It represents humanity. It was written by Serge. It was given to Serge as an impress. He then hummed it to Chris James and they then put it together. Serge is not a musician. He did not contract when he was given a song. He knew no one else at that time could write it and that humanity needed it so he found a way to deliver it.

Image if he has said I don’t know how to play an instrument then the song would not come through. So he got out of the way. The soul is not attached. The soul gave it to Serge because people needed to hear it now. Chris James, Miranda Benhayon, Jenny James and Rebecca Baldwin sang We are God’s children and it was beautiful. EDG Notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, March 2012.

Elevating mediocrity – the Esoteric music consumer

The only way followers can appreciate Esoteric music is to write off the alternatives.

My past has been heavily entrenched in music… I loved every minute of it… or so I thought.

I can’t remember there being any particular big ah-ha moment, but about six years ago I stopped: I stopped listening to and singing other people’s songs, and I stopped playing the guitar. I was still being exposed to music but I stopped engaging with it. 

One wonders if that coincided with Suzanne commencing her practice of gentle breath meditation and a bunch of other Esoteric rituals.

During this time I have discovered so many things about music. I realised music had become a great place for me to hide and allow myself to be emotionally played with.

Suzanne goes on to push the cult line, blaming modern music for her disengagement, and then promoting the grubby Benhayon business.

We end up worshipping someone else’s image instead of worshipping and deeply connecting to our own natural beauty and divine expression.

The same happens with music. Well, thankfully not all music. If I put on any albums released by Glorious Music, I no longer feel bombarded or imposed upon. There is room for me to listen without someone trying to entice me into their emotional pain. I no longer need to be perfect, for perfection is not the goal. Truth is what I hear, and it doesn’t hurt to listen to it…

I have been pondering for a while, wondering when it would be time for me to come back to music as an expression. Is it possible for me to express the real me through music, and to truly enjoy music without succumbing to the emotional hooks I was previously drawn into?

Well, thanks to Glorious Music, I can now say, “YES!”  Suzanne Cox, The Joy of Music Without the Pain, Truth about Universal Medicine blog, November 13, 2013

‘Benefiting wellbeing through sound’?




Benhayon, S., Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011

13 thoughts on “The Sound Foundation Charity hates charity and music – except for the stuff they’re selling

  1. The only time I have felt that any music imposed on me was when I was relentlessly subjected to Chris James and then the awful pop pulp of Micheal’s attempt at music. It really did bring up strong emotions: Frustration at how bad it was, Anger at having to listen to it over and over, Annoyance that it was on again. Sadness that real music had disappeared. And a strong desire to throw up or throw the CD out the door.

    Of course the members will tell us it was a resistance to the light of the music. And I am sure because Serge has built associations (called anchors) with that music and their states of mind, that it triggers a deep dissociate state in the members that they presume means it is amazing. It sure ain’t.

    I think Serge simply one day got sick of listening to Prince as he ponced around shirtless in Alstonville in his convertible and then decided to unleash his dislikes on the world. With the exception of Elvis- he can’t give that one up.

    I still wonder why TV and movies are the exceptions? If he said they can influence you I would have to agree. But not a word. My guess, Serge likes TV and movies. If he suddenly decides he doesn’t, watch out members… you’ll be forced to watch You Tube video’s of Michael and Curtis showing you how to dance to release you knees, Natalie dancing (or so they say) and Michael serenading Emmalee with the only true love song mankind has known- endlessly (after paying a monthly cash subscription of course)

  2. Sorry to inflict it on our readers, but the above is Chris James in action, warbling a song Princess calls ‘Ahh Ahh Aaaarghh’
    Muzak to tear your hair to.

    Over James’ right shoulder I believe is cult lawyer Cameron Bell – he of the Esoteric fascist book burning. My aren’t we quiet lately, Cameron?

    Anyway, about the music player – contrast that insufferable ‘energetically correct’ bellowing with the evil track currently on the player – Erbarme dicht from Bach’s St Matthew’s Passion – a favourite of mine, and I know our Eric Dobbs is a big fan of Bach and the St Matthew’s in particular. The whole St Matthew’s concert is there on that playlist – track 37 – click the dropdown menu in the youtube frame for some nice holiday listening. My other favourite, which I think particularly apt for UM is the ripping violin and piano duo playing Saint Saens’ ‘Danse Macabre’ – track 29.

    Enjoy duckies.

    The cult will tell you those beautiful and timeless achievements cause them PAIN. But that’s the pain you get when you’ve been robbed of joy.

    • *Vomit*

      That’s not the first time I’ve heard, CJ esoterically butcher Elvis. I’m not a fan of The King as such, but hearing this drivel gives newfound appreciation of Presley’s recordings of the same songs. I am curious how an ode to ‘pranic’ love gets the UM stamp of approval, apart from the fact that Serge clearly likes it, therefore he says it’s esoteric. I’m sure I read a love blog rant about ‘falling in love’ and how pranic such terminology is, not to mention all that evil, disease-causing emotion. Then again, consistency is hardly one of Serge’s strong suits, so I shouldn’t expect any different from his devotees.

  3. I was waiting for the delusional twist on the tune. And the preaching. And there it was ” I will never look outside for true love again” And they say they help people’s relationships? I could go on why that is total bullshit that leads to a head up your own arse existence of self interest, but then I have already done that a few hundred times. I did like that tune, but his rendition now needs to be wiped clean from my memory banks.

    Looks like he took a few of the die hards to his alfresco karaoke session to back him up as he mangled a few well loved tunes. I keep seeing the tall bloke just to Cameron’s left. Either as the grinning buffoon being conned out of cash by Serge for the “fiery building (my new premises) fund” or at a retreat and now here. Is that Gabriel Conrad? Anyway, I am going to call them the ‘band on the con’

    Stuck inside these four walls, sent inside forever,
    Never seeing no one nice again like you,
    Mama you, mama you.
    If I ever get out of here,
    Thought of giving it all away
    To a registered charity.
    All I need is a pint a day
    If I ever get out of here.

    • Gabriele Conrad is an Esoteric woman, Precious. That bloke looks like he still has his cancer causing maleness. She’s one of only 9 women Esoteric Breast Massagers, remember? And EBMers can only be women because lesbians NEVER sexually objectify other women. NEVER. And it’s much easier for women to brainwash other women that all men are bastards while handling their breasts after conning them it will assist their gynaecological disorders. Blokes would be jailed.

      You may be confused because so many of Serge’s brides are blokes and even the chicks are equal Sons of God.

      Your lower mind still hasn’t ass-ended to the spherical ‘truth’.

        • The Brotherhood of Brides don’t know whether they’re Arthur or Martha.

          Thanks Dobbsie for the suggestions for the Christmas music player.

          It’s lucky Chris James lips move when he sings otherwise I wouldn’t be able to tell which end that noise is coming out of.

  4. It has taken this cat a couple of days to pluck up the courage be able to listen. Oh golly they destroyed the song.
    This version sounds worse than Feline and her alley cat friends singing after a night on the tiles.

    UMER’s and attendees have to pay to attend CJ’s ‘workshops’ right??
    Well I hope CJ’s has permission (other than Serge’s) to use Elvis’ songs and pays the appropriate royalties!

    “Wise men say stay away from absolutely anything to do with UM.” Merry Christmas

    May the Parliamentary Inquiry get 2014 off to a good start. ‘Happy New Year.’

  5. “Serge pointed out that the Archangel Gabriel was with Michael as he played”


    Yes, just like the time the Heirarchy was in the room when Serge wept with joy after conning the ATO into granting him tax exemption status.

    Or the time Shakespeare’s reincarnation was among the attendees at one if Serge’s mindfuck workshops.

    Or Audrey Hepburn’s reincarnation working reception at the UM clinic.

    Or Winston Churchill reincarnating as Serge’s stepdaughter, Simone.

    Seriously, how much esoteric BULLSHIT will these idiots swallow before they start questioning this delusional nutbag?

    It would appear their coprophagic apettites are insatiable.

    • It never ceases to amaze me either. The question boils down to this:

      Are we liars for pointing out that Serge lied about the stupdendous wealth of his past while in fact running from debt and in bankruptcy; exposing the charity scam (more or less verified in the UK and underway here); that the chances of him being the re-incarnation of Leonardo or anyone is extraordinarily remote; that he is a member of the “hierarchy” (although this does seem more likely as according to him it is full of ex-peadophiles and murderers)” OR that Serge is a grandiose, but very capable liar, and he made it all up.

      It’s pretty simple isn’t it. You either believe in the fantastic or you believe facts.

      Clearly the followers want to believe the fantastic. Facts, they studiously avoid. I don’t know how many times I have offered it to members to be told “Liar!!” promptly & automatically. I guess fairytales are spells that are hard to break and if you’re living in one, you don’t want it to end. Even if the chief fairy is really an evil goblin in disguise.

  6. The highly creative Chris James meme at the top of the page will be off air for a couple of weeks since cult photographer, Clayton Lloyd of Flawless Imaging, Goonellabah, has issued a false copyright infringement notice. We’ve been through this before with Desperate Desiree Delaloye, Rod Harvey and Paula Fletcher in August, when they tried to have my blogs shut down the same way. None of the complaints were actioned when challenged.

    Lloyd also issued a notice at that time, but we decided the blogs looked better with chimps standing in for Neil Ringe and Brendan Mooney, so we didn’t bother with a counter notice.

    Dear Clayton,
    Have you been taking legal advice from Universal Law?
    Talk to a copyright lawyer, dear.
    I did.
    Because he’s a fan of free speech he advised me for free. Nice of him, wasn’t it? It was a short conversation confirming what I already had researched about copyright law. You don’t have a case. You’d need to prove I tried to pass myself off as the photographer of the image, and tried to make money out of it. Even if you convinced a court of that, you’d then need to prove that my fair use of the image (for the purposes of news reporting, comment, criticism and satire etc.) has affected the commercial saleability of that photo. So do you really not know that, or is this yet another attempt at Esoteric bullying?
    With atmic love, Venus

    To our sane and intelligent readers, WordPress recently published an article about abuse of copyright law for the purposes of censorship. In recognition of the problem, they’ve simplified the process for responding with counter notices. It can now be done in less than 2 minutes via an online form.

    Google could learn a thing or two from WordPress.

    • I think it’s a case of esoteric indignation, hubris and ignorance mixed together. AKA the livingness. Plus Clayton is the partner of one ex Mrs Benhyaon, a sort of clayton husband if you like. It’s beholdent on him do ‘something’.

      Still no sign of the master- quiet after all this time. Why does he remain implacably silent? it is because he is so enlightened, or is it because he knows we know. He knows we know he knows not to do anything to highlight what we know. We all know where that is leading. Except of course those that think they know, who don’t really know anything. Especially the one that says he knows everything. You know what I mean?

  7. I saw Juzzie today busking in Byron. He can pull a crowd. The music wasn’t very esoteric. It was very upbeat, rocky and somewhat enjoyable. (Maybe this is why he isn’t charting on CULTRADIO 92.5. “don’t touch that dial, we’ll be right back with Miranda and Micheal’s number one hit. ‘the new era’- Again”) I did pick up some eso themes though. I wonder if he recognized the !Lord of Form! hovering like the nasty dark energy that he is. Hohahahahahahahaha

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