Another Accountable Christmas!!

xmaskittiesFollowing my Christmas message, we wrap the year with a look at site trivia, the groundwork so far and give a glimpse of what’s coming up in bringing the Universal Medicine cult to account in 2014. (UPDATE: I’ve removed the Esoteric attempts at intimidation to their own post above.)

Venus’ Xmas Message

The festive season is always a challenge for anyone experiencing strains in their relationships, let alone our many readers whose relationships have been damaged by the Universal Medicine cult. That includes current followers.

As a wise old friend of mine says, the season when family and friends come together is not the best time to hit the intoxicants or the controversy button. If you do decide to open a dialogue about involvement in UM, keep it civil and sober, and back off sooner rather than later.

For those of you finding it tough this Christmas, please know you are not alone. A heap of our readers will experience grief over good relationships needlessly wrecked by an organization that deceptively markets ‘healing’. My personal advice would be to remember the good qualities of your loved ones, and the great things that have happened in your relationships in the past and focus on those. Leave the conflict resolution to an appropriate time. Remember that we who are active in exposing Universal Medicine are doing so in recognition of the suffering this group is causing, and we are determined to put a stop to the harm. We’re doing that out of concern for ALL of you, Astral or Eso or simply human, no exceptions.

When I set out to expose UM, I chose a certain tone and I’ve stuck to it. It’s made some people uncomfortable, but I don’t apologize. Readership of our blogs has grown and remained steady, and the aim that I’ve carried through is to keep the blogs interesting. Considering our posts average 2000 words a piece – more like magazine features than average blog posts, I’m proud that readers keep coming back and we’ve achieved that unfunded and without hiring internet professionals to optimize our pageviews. And while the media spotlight has been off UM for the time being, we’ve been consistent with the exposure and it has paid off in terms curtailing the cult’s recruitment and income stream.

To Serge’s followers, you are victims of one of the most devious and comprehensive deceptions most of us will ever see. I understand that many of you feel that you are under attack on our ‘hate blogs’ and I can understand how you might feel that way. However, we would rather hurt your feelings then see any more grievous damage done to you or your families. Your feelings will mend, but the damage to families, bodies, lives, dignity and finances may well be irreparable in some cases. Do I need to list the harms? As David Millikan told you, you’ve given up far too much for your ‘self-loving choices’: good relationships that could have had a chance otherwise, self esteem, personal autonomy, pleasure, health, hope, money. Some of you believe yourselves to be imprisoned for future lifetimes by one man’s sick oppression.

We will continue to question your allegiance to Serge, particularly as we unearth more evidence of his shady past – and believe me, there’s much more. Serge himself knows we’ve only scratched the surface of a long career of dishonesty.

When I see followers repeatedly poring over their painful pasts online, and having to tell themselves over and over that they’re ‘beautiful’ and full of light, I don’t see joy or self-love, or even self respect. True integrity and confidence has no need to continuously announce itself. I see the symptoms of internal conflict, projection, inability to move on from painful experiences and excruciatingly judgemental personal insecurity. I’ve also seen some of you physically deteriorate in front of my eyes through your facebook photos – dramatic weight loss in some cases, increasing haggardness, accelerated aging and for some you, obvious weight gain. All the result of malnutrition, lack of exercise, ludicrous sleep regimes and stress. I’ve said it before, the Esoteric diet is a recipe for metabolic dysfunction, Esoteric psychology is a recipe for emotional turmoil, and the doctors and psychologists among you are dangerously negligent for promoting Universal Medicine’s harms.

Is deterioration in your health and personal lives what you’ve paid and donated all that money for?

This Christmas, take a moment to remember Christmases past, when you weren’t trying to be Serge’s idea of perfect, when you had decent connections with loved ones outside of UM and when you weren’t frightened of prana. Remember what it was like to be relaxed? Forgiving?

The wind up

You can read all about what I’ve been up to all year on Our Mission page. I won’t bore you with it here, except to say I’m proud we’ve made decent progress. It’s never fast enough, but we haven’t gone backwards. The cult didn’t shut us down and won’t. Lord knows they tried. The legal threats they keep telling followers they’ve made have never materialized, and I managed to get the key messages of Serge’s damaging teachings up and online where they belong, so prospective customers can see what they’re getting into.

We’ve even seen UM attempt selective and minimal transparency by publicizing the backing of their events, however, they haven’t gone far enough, and we want them to publicize the occult doctrines, gender divisive teachings and inappropriate touching, so that customers can choose whether they really want to subscribe to that ‘truth’ before being softened up with gentle breath brainwashing, aka ‘meditation’. We also want to see financial transparency for the College of UM and the structure and financial backing of front groups and subsidiaries like the Esoteric Practitioners Association. If Universal Medicine has so much integrity, we want all the accounts made public.

Behind the scenes, I’ve maintained contact with regulators, public health activists, politicians and the media, and made sure they don’t forget Benhayon’s name and let him slip back under the radar, only for UM to expand into a problem similar to Scientology – toxic, exploitative and secretive – and too wealthy and too corrupt to bring down.

Site Trivia

Princess has done a run through for the FACTS site, and similarly the biggest month here at Accountability for pageviews was August, when the cult, Paula not on the payroll Fletcher in particular, tried to get us shut down with bogus legal complaints. So thanks for reading and your continued support. The other big months were March and April, after I put up the images of inappropriate touching from the healing workshop manuals, and gave the abusive practice of Esoteric Breast Massage a going over. Those stats also show that in spite of the cult succeeding in shutting down the Australian and UK URLs of the previous blogger blogs – without a court order – our readers had no difficulty finding us and making the transition.

Top 10 posts

I won’t count the Lost page (new readers’ first port of call) and the Naming Names page, which are at the top of the list. The stats are also slightly skewed because prior to the Blogger shutdown, the most read post was Packaging Death – Serge Benhayon’s Great Esoteric ‘Livingness’ Swindle, which would otherwise appear in the top ten somewhere.

  1. Universal Medicine’s Women’s Health Special – having your genitals touched by ‘The One’, and any other cult member who ‘feels to’
  2. Feel-good Fascists – feminine bullying within the Universal Medicine cult
  3. Esoteric Breast Massage Part 1 – marketing abuse and calling it ‘healing’
  4. Esoteric Breast Massage Part 3 – cult doctors promoting UM’s abusive women’s health practices
  5. The Universal Medicine Cult’s bogus censorship push – Updated August 14
  6. Psychological Well-being 2013 Conference – another Universal Medicine cult front
  7. Our Mission
  8. When Cults Become The New Internet Censor – with the help of Google
  9. Death Drive Part 2: Serge Benhayon & the cult doctors
  10. The Esoteric Practitioners Association – money for nothing

And our favourite Google search terms which readers used to find this site. (A lot of search terms were clearly entered by people searching for porn, so you can imagine who ends up at the Women in Livingness site.)

  • surprising breast massage part1
  • i feel great charm in breast touching
  • universal medical porn
  • esoteric men protect honor love cherish women
  • i’d like to chakra puncture serge benhayon in his dodgy eyes
  • serge esoteric healing lighthouse bad
  • esoteric healing for dummys
  • tennis coach touching women body
  • vulva love
  • esoteric self love
  • two lesbians touching each other cults on the coach (that person needs a spell checker)
  • does serge benhayon have any male followers
  • um cult deadly venus
  • esoteric media group scam
  • why are men bastards
  • not all males are bastards
  • esoteric men with breasts


Expect more exposure in 2014, but we may kick off the year with quotes from the complaints to Google that got the original blogger blog UK and Australian URLs shut down. The most hilarious and gobsmackingly dishonest were written by Paula Fletcher of Universal Law. Quelle surprise.

I’m also asking our readers to take a look at recent news reports about the federal government seeking to shut down the Australian Not for Profit and Charity Commission. The sham College of Universal Medicine is the perfect argument for why the regulator is necessary, and I’ll be contacting journalists and other commentators/stakeholders to present that case. You can help out by writing an email to our public representatives in January and pressuring them to do something about Serge Benhayon’s abuse of the tax and charity system. Details are in the post: Called to Account.

I’ve also made a 50 page submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Promotion of False or Misleading Health Related Information or Practices. It was one of four submissions I know of with UM as the subject. Public health activists Friends of Science in Medicine also gave UM a special mention in their submission, and have publicly supported mine. The Health Care Complaints Parliamentary Committee launched the inquiry in response to public health issues created by anti-vaccinationists, anti-water fluoridation crackpots (the ilk of mystic dentist, Dr Rachel Hall), other assorted quackery and regulatory dysfunction at the HCCC.

A large portion of my submission consists of extensive referenced quotes from Benhayon’s writings and UM publicity propagating false therapeutic claims and anti-health messages, and I’ve also called attention to Benhayon and Esoteric healers misleadingly portraying themselves as competent to take confidential medical and personal information and to treat victims of sexual abuse via inappropriate touching.

It’s likely the submissions will be published as parliamentary documents and they’re likely to attract media coverage. I’m not confident that the inquiry will lead to any meaningful regulation of Universal Medicine in the short term, but the publicity will help to deter more customers from becoming victims of the pyramid scheme of abuse conceived by a rape and murder apologist. It may also contribute to legislative reform in addressing harmful so called health practices, and that could roll on to influence legislative change in other states. Personally I think scams like UM need to be tackled at a federal level.

So that’s how I’ll be starting 2014.

Have a great Christmas and New Year, thanks for reading and for those of you who’ve contributed tip offs and comments, keep them coming. If any of you are feeling glum, check out the Meme Comp over at the Facts blog, or send us a message and we’ll send back a cyber hug. Our hearts are with you. See you next year, and let’s make sure Universal Medicine’s ‘Glory’ is shown up for what it ‘truly is’ in 2014 and we put a stop to the harm once and for all.

5 thoughts on “Another Accountable Christmas!!

  1. Now a reminder of the kind of season’s greetings Serge the puppet master delivers in response to Gayle Cue’s question in 2011 New Year interview about whether the holidays increase demand on his Esoteric healing services.

    ‘…we do see an increase in emergencies. Around about the fifteenth of December until the end of January because of people visiting family, and those sort of emergencies are coming up. And hospital visits…

    …everyone puts so much effort into making Christmas a joyous time. We make that same effort 365 days of the year.’

    Yeah, Serge is determined to denigrate and smash families all year round. So have any of those emergency Esoteric healings or year-round-money-for-nothing-touch-up sessions helped ANYONE to heal the relationships Serge and UM have damaged? The only relationships that improve for UMers are with fellow sycophants and only if they toe the cult line and desist from asking questions.

    It’s a bit like Serge’s views on parenting, the gender war he loves to stoke, and his catastrophizing of alcohol and drug problems and dairy products. All such issues can be remedied without joining a cult, without destroying your relationships and your ability to enjoy life and without selling your soul to a conniving little predator.

    • Heh, Women in Lyingness got 96,000 hits last year from 128 countries, apparently.

      And I’ll bet ten bucks at least a third of those were from ‘viewers’ searching for porn.

      Tell your contributors some of those search terms, Rebecca. They have a right to know.

  2. LOL!

    As a viewer from Europe, I can’t help wondering…
    When Nostradamus had his vision about the false king from the east: Maybe it was Serge…

  3. Seriously, as soon as I blogged about Esoteric Breast Massage and genital touching – 4 posts in total out of 100+ – the porn search terms started appearing in numbers – guessing 10-15% for a couple of months after they were posted.

    The Facts blog gets no porn search terms because there are no posts about EBM.

    Women in Lyingness posts regularly about ‘sexy’ self-love, breast massage, graphic descriptions of sexual abuse etc etc. Dozens of posts. So 30 per cent of their ‘viewers’ searching for porn is a conservative estimate.

    Is that figure about right, Rebecca?


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