Serge Benhayon’s lies to the NSW HCCC

Universal Medicine cult leader Serge Benhayon’s public lies are now so numerous they’ll soon take up their own dedicated blog page. They’re also so audacious Benhayon has extended his dishonesty to making false statements to regulatory authorities, which is an offence under state and federal laws. A decision letter from the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission about Benhayon teaching inappropriate touching at Esoteric Healing Workshops states that Benhayon has a current working with children’s certificate. A check with the Office of the Child Guardian reveals he has not. [Correction: subsequent checks have shown he gained or renewed the check on January 19, valid until 2019] But that is only one of several false statements made to the regulator by Serge and now Miranda Benhayon.

Universal Medicine followers will easily recognize the statements as false, but will they persist in believing in their guru’s utmost integrity? And more importantly, what excuses will the HCCC make this time for failing to adequately investigate and failing to act?

Lies about inappropriate touching and working with children

Universal Medicine is a public health risk operated by a dangerous predator, who on his own breaches numerous sections of the NSW Code of Conduct for Healthcare Practitioners. Yet in spite of being given new powers to investigate harmful practitioners without a complaint from an individual patient, sadly, the NSW HCCC has failed to exercise them, and demonstrated time and again reprehensible operational incompetence and dysfunction.

A recent complaint from an ex UM student about inappropriate touching taught at UM workshops was met with this official response:

While it is acknowledged you found your experience to be an uncomfortable one, the Commission found that the practice of massage used by UM is overseen by a Code of Conduct. This Code appears to stress the importance of placing ones hands in the appropriate position whilst massaging, and states that no touching deemed inappropriate will be accepted by those delivering the course. There appears to be no evidentiary basis to suggest that Mr Benhayon himself teaches students to massage the breast or genital area, and if a student should ignore the warning in the Code, that may be considered to be outside of Mr Benhayon’s control. In light of this information, the Commission has considered that this act of massage does not appear to pose a risk to public health and safety and therefore further investigation into the matter is not warranted.

The response, including what follows, has been submitted to the NSW parliamentary inquiry into false and misleading health related information, which is specifically examining the HCCC’s responses to complaints. In this instance it relates to Benhayon portraying himself as someone competent to provide therapy to sexual abuse survivors and doing so in a way that could traumatize or retraumatize clients, and is not regarded as ethical by any qualified sexual abuse therapist on the face of the earth.

The HCCC’s statement there is ‘no evidentiary basis that Benhayon teaches students to massage breasts and genitals’, inexcusably ignores the images from Esoteric Healing Workshop manuals submitted to the Commission of Serge himself doing precisely that. I was told when I first began communicating with the regulator that complaints made to the HCCC would be looked at in context of all prior complaints lodged. But apparently, the regulator’s stance is that Serge hasn’t done anything wrong because HE SAYS SO. The Commission unquestionably accepts the word of a man who has been the subject of numerous complaints. While last year it took me three blog posts to cover Benhayon’s breaches of his own fictitious ‘code’.

The complaint also raised concerns about UM adherents taking their children to UM events where Serge speaks about sex and sexual violence.

Mr Benhayon has a current working with children certificate and there is no indication he would act in an inappropriate manner whilst in the company of minors.

Except that we can provide statements from people who’ve attended Serge’s presentations, and student notes documenting the content. A call to the Office of the Child Guardian also told us there is no record of Serge Benhayon having a working with children check.

Update: He has a current check. However the working with children check is merely a check that Benhayon has not been convicted of any offences against children. The check does not protect children from unapprehended predators. 

Giving false or misleading information to the HCCC is an offence under the NSW Health Care Complaints Act (Part 7, Section 99).

But there’s more.

Mrs Benhayon appears to have a level 4 certificate in esoteric healing, a course delivered by UM, however there is no evidentiary basis to suggest she holds herself out to be a counsellor for UM.

Except we have student EDG notes from 2010 talking about Miranda working as an Esoteric counsellor, and that Natalie Benhayon had chucked in her studies in drafting and engineering to do the same. Again we have people who can provide statements to confirm it.

So congratulations Miranda, you’ve just broken the law.

Not that the HCCC minds. She has a level 4 certificate in Serge’s bullshit, so it’s all good. And Serge Benhayon knows he can tell the regulator anything, their processes are intransparent and they won’t check.

Lies about Esoteric Chakra-Puncture

I suspected such when I received a similar lame brained, unexamined response to a complaint I made about Esoteric Chakra-puncture. I was told by the HCCC Serge Benhayon had requested that I not be allowed to view the response he made. Serge has nothing to hide after all. So I asked the officer to read it to me over the phone.

I was told that Serge stated he developed the practice 12 years ago, in spite of advertising that Chakra-puncture is older than the Chinese Medicine tradition (5000 years) and there is no archaeological evidence of its existence outside of Serge’s addled brain. I was also told of the Chakra-puncture course outline, which has never been advertised publicly, and that the course includes 160 hours of class room study, 176 hours of supervised practical work and practitioners without a formal therapy qualification need to complete three units of anatomy and physiology and nutrition from an approved institution.

The complaint decision did not address concerns that students were practicing without supervision on family members, including children, after a paltry weekend course deficient in infection control training.

I asked the officer if she had evidence, in the form of a certified academic record from a government accredited institution that Serge Benhayon has completed the training specified by his own bogus ‘accreditation body’, but she was suddenly lost for words and written requests have not been answered.

That’s the calibre of investigation that takes place at our tax payer funded state regulators.

Where from here?

The images of Benhayon’s inappropriate touching have been resubmitted to the Commission, and the complainant has asked for an explanation of the decision in spite of the HCCC having evidence of inappropriate touching on file. The complainant has also asked for an explanation of the statement by the Commission that Serge Benhayon has a current working with children certificate when he does not. Student notes citing that Miranda Benhayon practices Esoteric counselling have been forwarded. A request has been made that if the HCCC insists on taking Esoteric accreditation seriously as a qualification, that they request certified copies of Miranda and Serge Benhayons’ academic transcripts, and that the Commission run an additional check with the educational institution that any such records submitted are authentic (and if they don’t, we will). A request has been made that they are prosecuted for making false statements to the Commission. And the lot is being submitted to the Parliamentary Committee looking at the HCCC and with any luck will be published on the parliamentary website as a public document under parliamentary privilege.

We will keep pushing until Serge’s con is fully exposed and he’s brought to full account for the damage he’s doing.

In addition, the Office of the Child Guardian has been sent a file of information including the images of inappropriate touching and quotes from Serge’s teachings on parenting, circumcision, entity possession, sexual violence, underaged sex and rape victims deserving their karma. His own material will prohibit him from passing a working with children check. [Correction: It makes no difference. Anyone can pass as long as they haven’t been convicted.]

Don’t blame me, blame Serge.

If anyone learns that Serge is having children stay in his home, please report him immediately to the NSW Child Protection Helpline 132 111, or Lismore police.

If any of our readers are aware of children who have stayed in the Benhayon household in the past, please use the Helpline number and give them the child’s name and any other information you have.

To Serge’s followers, ask yourselves what kind of a person lies to a public authority.

Then ask yourselves, what kind of people send their children to stay in his home knowing of his sleazy behaviour, and what kind of people stand by and allow that to happen?

Ask yourselves, how many lies do we have to expose before you wake up?

NSW Child Protection Helpline 132 111 (Notifications can be made anonymously. Information is kept confidential. Line is open 24 hours.)


15 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon’s lies to the NSW HCCC

  1. My money is on Serge telling his followers he in fact told the HCCC that he was applying for a working with children certificate, rather than he had one; and they didn’t report what he told them accurately. His gut instinct is to blame someone else, of course. Then he’ll say it was our fault he can’t get one- which he must have doing what he does (whatever that is) -because we made false notifications.

    Fact is, he was and is required to have one given he not only has children in his workshops, he has them in his clinic and at times, in his home (according to their own notes) He’s been breaking the law. Surprise, Surprise. Well not to us of course. But maybe to a vaguely aware member who has 2% of their brain left for their own thinking, shortly before it shuts down to group-think, neologisms and Serge’s next excuse.

    I wonder if this will snap at least a few of them out of the spell. And if Serge will at last have to take responsibility for something? No, right. It does sound unlikely. Sorry.

    • Yep, the faithful will continue to empty their heads and stop their ears with Serge’s flowery lies.

      If you believe Esoteric healing symbols were released by Arcturans and that porn causes volcanic eruptions, you’ll believe anything.

      Making a false statement, in writing, to a public authority is a different matter, and I forgot to mention in the post that the recent decisions are being sent to the NSW Ombudsman requesting they investigate the HCCC’s procedural failures. They will look at Serge’s statement, and if someone doesn’t tell us exactly what Serge stated to the Commission, we’ll make an FOI request.

      Any way you slice it, Serge lied about having the check. The decision letter states he has a current certificate, and knowing them, they’re merely repeating what Serge told them. You either have the check or not.

      • What really pisses me off is that while this is true to form for Sergio the bullshitter and we’ve come to expect no less, what’s the HCCC’s excuse?

        A couple of outraged readers have asked me if the HCCC has been infiltrated by UM, but as much as the HCCC has unquestioning faith in Serge says so, it really boils down to dire incompetence. Terminal mediocrity.

  2. Also, I wonder how certificates of this kind transfer when abroad. Stoogio DEFINITELY had children involved in the UK last year in hands on techniques at an esoteric workshop. Probably in Vietnam too. In the UK children were OFF SCHOOL especially in order to attend the latest level of whatever the-shit-it-is. Those kids were all day in a room circulating around with adults from all corners of the globe, learning hands on/freaky techniques. Never mind the headfuck involved here, poor poor kids, never mind the idiotic level of trust the parents put in UM and Stooge, what about the vulnerability of these children as they encounter all manner of ‘loving’ and ‘beauti-ful’ fully grown men and women who have no clearance or checks done whatsover.

    • Maybe you can check that out Ripple. That’s the sort of thing that really worries me. Serge’s crap getting into the minds of kids, abetted by stupid parents who accept his supernatural/occult ideology.

      Here is a cult member who was in another cult as a child herself, who cant recognize that she is in a new cult (albeit with a different style)
      This by the way is not uncommon. I know of a handful who have been in other cults, who somehow can’t recognize being in a group that is centred on one guy who thinks he has special knowledge is also a cult. Shows you humans don’t necessarily learn from experience, or perhaps people need to be led and can’t think for themselves.

      These people are also allowing supernatural ideas to colonize the minds of their children. And despite her summation that UM is all about love ( a cult hallmark if ever there was one- don’t they all say the same?) it is really based on fear and judgment. Serge has just done a better job of changing the meaning of the words around so that fear is love and judgment is inclusion.

      Anyways, we will keep working to at least make sure Serge doesn’t have children at his courses or attend his clinic, or stay at his home or houses. That’s the least we can do as rational and responsible adults.

  3. To any of Serge’s victims who are reading, we understand why you would not want to come forward and make police or other complaints, but regardless of your age, please consider reporting your experience to the Child Helpline. The line will put you through to a social worker, and you can report anonymously. Our priority is to make sure Serge has no more victims and this is a chance for you to make a contribution and perhaps save a child and their family the same horror.
    Anyone else who is aware of Benhayon’s suspicious activities around minors – in or out of his home – please let the helpline know.
    NSW Child Protection Helpline 132 111
    Also check the Resources page on this blog where Venus has given links to abuse counselling services all around Australia.

  4. Some new info has come to light.

    I was told Serge has no working with children number under the new system. Under the new system, WWC check numbers can be checked against the government database. I’ve now been told it’s possible he has an old certificate that has not yet expired, but due to privacy laws the office can’t tell me if he does or doesn’t.

    I think that’s a shocking oversight, but there’s not much I can do about it. I’ve been on the phone most of the day trying to get some clarification.

    Still, the HCCC will need to find out if Serge has made a false statement and so will the Ombudsman because he may have committed an offence. They will be able to access that info as part of investigation.

    In the meantime, if this is just a misunderstanding, and Serge has a current certificate, it can easily be cleared up if he allows us to see it. So Serge, scan it and send it to my hotmail address darkly-venus[at]hotmaildotcom – same address Rachel Hall and Marianna Masiorski have used.

    I’ll then forward it to the compliance people at the office of the child guardian, and if it’s authentic there’ll be no problem and I’ll write a public apology. If it’s a fake, Serge will be in deep trouble.

    If you decide you’re above showing it to us, we’ll take it that you have something to hide, and that we’re justified in advising people to keep themselves and their kids away from you and your family. Either way, the Ombudsman’s office will get to the bottom of it.

    Also, it doesn’t alter the other false statements Serge and Miranda made in their responses to complaints.

    I’d also like to point out that it’s an offence to provide health services to children or hold home stays for minors without a working with children check, and that goes for all members of a household – including Miranda. So if any minors stay in Serge’s home, Miranda and anyone else living there is committing an offence and can be prosecuted.

    Natalie Benhayon is also committing an offence if she conducts youth groups and discusses sex or drug use without holding a check.

    • I’ll add that I have this in writing from the Child Guardian:

      We have written to Mr Serge Benhayon at Universal Medicine informing him of the Working With Children Check obligations should he or his employees be in child-related employment.

      They wouldn’t need to inform him if he had the Check. So odds are he doesn’t.

      Show us the certificate Serge. Show us that integrity we’ve heard so much about.

  5. I find it hard to believe Miranda has completed enough worthless esoteric training to even earn a level 4 certificate.

    So did she muck in with the plebs to do all the requisite workshops? Does anyone from UM want to answer that question? Has anyone sighted her participating in the Eso workshops?

    Or did she cop Serge’s special home skooling?

    Also, where are the academic records showing Serge, Miranda, Natalie and Curtis have completed their health science units at a government accredited institution? Apparently Michael was able to give health fund rebates for acupuncture prior to it becoming a regulated profession, so that would mean he’d completed some sort of training. But has anyone seen any evidence that any other Benhayon has done those health science units?

    Show us your working with children certificate Sergio, and while you’re at it, a certified academic record, and the same for your wife and kids. Or are they not only unqualified, but not accredited with the sham EPA?

  6. As expected no WWC certificate has materialized yet. And it won’t.

    The pity about this mess is that Miranda Benhayon will be collateral damage again for Serge’s lies. We don’t think for a minute she masterminded lying to the HCCC, and we do not want to see her prosecuted, let alone victimized for one more second. Serge has made her complicit in his scam, and none of us believe she has had a choice. ‘Invisible handcuffs’ is the term that comes to mind, quoting a recent case in the UK that made headlines.

    Do any of Serge’s followers care about how his lies impact Miranda?

    Do any of them wonder why she is kept at arm’s length from everybody except for the upper hierarchy of paid up parasites? Why is Serge so possessive? Who among that lot will support her if she wants out?

    Miranda, don’t go down with him. You don’t have to. You have options and there are people who care about you and can help you get out. You can achieve autonomy. We’re not going away. Nobody blames you.

    One phone call could get you your freedom.

  7. Oh, she was home skooled alright. And that is why Serge needs to stay away from kids.
    He hasn’t got a certificate, and won’t get one under the new system. Ergo, kids should not attend his workshops, clinic, events, or stay at his home or houses.

    Going forward, notifications have to be made each time kids are seen at these places. Furthermore, if you’ve attended a workshop in the past and witnessed Serge talk about explicit sexual matters when kids were present, as I have, he needs to be reported. Given that Natalie ran a series of in-school workshops where these sorts of conversations took place, it would be interesting to see if she has a certificate, and if not, how she was a part of those courses. (The courses that put $500K or so in Serge’s pocket indirectly via the YWCA that Serge and the YWCA managed to have an FOI suppressed when questioned)

  8. Serge probably has an esoteric Working With Children permit issued by the Hierarchy. You know, that group of supernatural ex-pedophiles and murderers who now reside in Sham-balla and look on approvingly when Serge cons the government into granting him tax-exempt status.

    • Yep. It was issued by the ‘Esoteric Protection Association Regulator’ (EPAR) set up by Serge in his inverted head.

    • Which reminds me – any of you willing to write an email, please reread the Called to Account post on the possible abolition of the ACNC. The pollies are back at work by now, federal parliament will resume in the next couple of weeks, so now is a good time for us to get heard. Not only do we need to protest the abolition of the ACNC, but please ask for increased powers to rout out sham charities like the atrocious anti-charity anti-education tax exempt College of UM. Email addresses are included in the post. Cheers.

  9. Happy Australia Day to you all!
    Thank you to those of you who are working tirelessly to help protect us Aussies from dangerous situations and people.
    Let’s all do our bit to keep Oz a happy and safe place to live.

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