Garnishing a SCAM – marketing the tax exempt College of Universal Medicine

CoUM LogoThe College of Universal Medicine has launched its website and is ‘taking enrolments’ for a bunch of courses without publicizing the details yet. We expected nothing new from the UniMed brains trust, and the rebranding of the Esoteric Development Group confirms what we suspected; the CoUM is really just the tired old products and services of the UM cult repackaged to avoid tax. They’ve merely added some fresh marketing double-speak to bamboozle the regulators and attract new customers. True to Universal Medicine form, the site’s privacy disclaimer is more detailed than the College ‘curriculum’, and the rest of it is crammed with blatant cultism and howling porkies.

Business turned ‘charity’ – same turd, different polish

the ghost writerPropaganda mistress, Rebecca Baldwin, and Serge Benhayon’s long suffering editor, Gabriele Conrad must be out to gluten free lunch or something, because the site reads as if it was written by Serge himself, or Binky the Pranic Primate short his quota of bananas. The thing is riddled with typos and grammatical horrors, with the exception of the comprehensive privacy statement – written in impeccable legalese. In fact prospective students will learn more about UM from that windy disclaimer and its attempts to indemnify inexcusable privacy invasions than from any number of workshops stuck on repeat.

Otherwise, the cult has simply recycled their reject religion, the ‘Way of the Livingness‘ products from the Study Universal Medicine site and transferred them to the tax exempt College. The Self-Care in Health Care and Psychological Wellbeing conference flops have morphed into ‘curriculum’ courses, and the Esoteric Development Group presentations are now called the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. But Sergio the bullshitter hasn’t channeled any new material. His lurid imagination is limited by intractable philistinism. Eight occult philosophy tomes later, he’s just rehashing his first loony manifesto, The Way It Is.

All new scamming

In spite of his stunted literary talents, Benhayon has an infinite gift for scam artistry. His latest and greatest triumph since having the CoUM granted charity status by a tax office surely on crack, is lightening his workload by persuading his professional hierarchy of parasites to take on teaching roles – for free.

The bank of College educators have the capacity to attract very large speaker’s fees, given their standing in their various fields, however, in recognition of the public interest which the College serves, these renowned educators and professionals offer their services to the charity free of charge, which in turn enables the College to keep its charges at a very reasonable level, for the calibre of education offered.

LOL! In other words, Serge will continue to charge good money for nothing, pay himself and his underachieving family from the charity, collect rent from the charity seeing he owns the title to the premises, operate his business on the charity premises once it’s renovated, sell his money for nothing products on the side, AND get his dimwitted apologists to work for nix.


Soul-full even!

New corporate flavoured jargon and hyperbole

Staffing the College with professionals – cult struck numbskulls as they are – is a stroke of marketing genius, giving the charity scam a veneer of legitimacy.

The College of Universal Medicine has amassed a very distinguished group of educators for courses and public educational events. These professionals range from scientists to doctors and medical specialists, and from university professors to linguists and lawyers, all with decades of experience in their field.

Welcome to the Naming Names page linguistics Professor, Bill Foley from Sydney Uni. The rest of that lot are already there.

Teachers, educators and professionals from all over the world have presented on behalf of the charity, and expressions of interest of prospective course offerings are being regularly received by the charity from highly qualified and experienced educators and professionals in their fields. All prospective courses are vetted by a committee of highly qualified experts, who ensure that the courses offered meet the exceptional integrity that the College of Universal Medicine represents, as well as aligning with its objects. All courses are ultimately subject to Board approval.

Serge’s top rung of self loving, self promoting sycophants are clamouring to work for nothing for the bogan messiah’s sham charity, and on closer inspection they’re really just the same parasites that staff the money for nothing Esoteric Practitioners Association, with a few added cling ons.

The new marketing jargon is a corporate pitch – including ‘wellness days in corporations Australia wide’ among the CoUM programs. It appears the cult aims to sell the ‘self-care’ death drive to corporate or health industry groups, as a commercial upgrade to the overworked ‘self-loving choices’ sold to bottom rung Eso-plebs.

Launching from the Self Care in Health Care conference, in 2013, the College’s Self Care formal courses will bring a wealth of information to healthcare workers, professionals of all fields, as well as general members of the public who want to deepen their awareness of how greater self care can impact on true wellbeing. For healthcare workers, the courses respond directly to research in the industry which has shown that patients tend to have better health outcomes when treated by doctors who self care.

‘Formal courses’, ‘formal school’, ‘school courses’, ‘curriculum’?

Courses that achieve what? Lead to what? Graduation in a certificate of cult indoctrination, physical and mental decrepitude and new found poverty?

The terms are more weasel word euphemisms for health professionals selling a lethal cult agenda, and we know patients are a low priority to health professionals enamoured of Serge and his bent church.

Amidst all of that, we have 600-800 people who have reversed that trend – lost excess weight, returned back to the workplace from being drop outs or unproductive and uncommitted, and, who have completely given up alcohol and drugs – each one of them is an extraordinary story. This no less than miraculous transformation has been the subject of a PhD in the UK and is now prominent in national health work being conducted in that country. The principles upon which these transformations occurred are simple – self care, and responsibility.

The author of that study is none other than Universal Medicine UK company director, and trustee of the dodgy Sound Foundation charity, Jane Keep, who is also an NHS employee. Conflict of interest much?

As much as the CoUM would like us to believe they invented ‘self-care’, the cult has simply lifted the idea from legitimate NHS initiatives based on more persuasive data that patients have better outcomes when the patients themselves learn self-care. Pitching it to health workers who shouldn’t need to join a cult to learn how to look after themselves is a cynical recruitment ploy. Again, the cult counts on endorsement by compromised health professionals to pull in new victims.

Barefaced whoppers

The porkies start on the home page:

The College of Universal Medicine is a charitable educational institution that was established in 2011, following many years of non-profit and philanthropic activity prior by Universal Medicine.

The College of Universal Medicine was founded in 2011, following more than a decade of non-profit and philanthropic work by the founder, Serge Benhayon.

WHAT non-profit, philanthropic anything has Serge Benhayon ever done – milking money from families to financial breaking point and preaching hate?

Non profit my arse.

Then there’s the marketing blurb strategically placed to tickle the ACNC and other non profit sector spectators. The CoUM was set up to serve public benefit – SERGE SAYS SO:

In 2014, the College of Universal Medicine is set to open its doors as a formal school, which marks the growth of the College over the past 2-3 years, its dedication to serving the public interest, and the very strong reception from the public for the events which the College has hosted.

The following unattributed and undated quote (watch that space) claims the charity (no one has ever seen or heard of before outside the faithfull) had humble beginnings and aspirations. Very humble indeed:

The charity remains dedicated to opening a hall that will one day be able to broadcast these teachings so that those who cannot afford to pay can come and receive them. The best way to present the College’s curriculum is live presentations with screens showing the graphs and findings of research that has been, and is being undertaken.

Or was that ‘charity’ the longstanding building fund for constructing and renovating Serge’s business premises? 

Privacy invasions

In response to my exposure of the cult’s inexcusable privacy violations, the site’s privacy policy is an impressive summary of the Australian Privacy Act, which probably kept Universal Law from their soul-full calling of handling protracted cult divorce and property settlements for a few billable hours. Except it still doesn’t explain why unqualified Benhayons were collecting comprehensive and confidential medical information from one day workshop participants, including their HIV and mental health status, and lists of medication.

The policy states that the College can use personal information to contact those who sign up in relation to any of its services, and that the information can be provided to:

(i) any people by CoUM or acting on behalf in relation to our services;

(iii) any person action on your behalf;

(iv) lawyers, auditors and other advisors engaged by CoUM or acting on behalf

Either Paula not on the payroll Fletcher made a few typos there or that’s spherical legalese. She must have been in a hurry to get back to pressuring clients to take out baseless AVOs, or diverting bequests from long suffering dependents to the Church of $erge.

Omissions & evasions

Typical of cult transparency, the site omits mention of Sergio’s far flung ‘occult philosophy’ or the wacked pronouncements of his supernaturally acquired ‘Ageless Wisdom®‘. Entities, evil ‘pranic’ energy, and Serge’s sworn imaginary enemies, the four Lords of Form and the Astral cult are all absent from the marketing, as is the word ‘Esoteric’ seeing mangled New Age mumbo jumbo tends to undermine a pretence of public benefit.

Also absent is any disclosure of financial transparency. The site makes no mention of the administrative structure of the ‘charitable institution’, nor any breakdown of income or expenditure. But never mind, we’ll wait until the College submits their accounts to the Australian Charity and Not for Profit Commission as part of the new rules on financial accountability, and rip into them then.

Only donate if you feel to

True to form, in spite of the charity’s financial non disclosure, they want us to believe their propaganda on ‘financial management’, including the claims:

The College of Universal Medicine is built on the highest principles of integrity.

The College of Universal Medicine is conducting fundraising to acquire an appropriate school building. The College’s fundraising activities are conducted strictly in accordance with all relevant state legislative requirements. 

But where’s the money? How is it spent? And to WHAT public benefit?

What might the Office of Fair Trading make of such false and misleading advertising?

And then there’s this insulting, outright bullshit the cult calls a ‘policy on donations’.

Offers from those wishing to make donations are individually considered.

● The College of Universal Medicine has declined to accept offers of donations in light of donors’ personal circumstances. This reflects the College’s commitment to the public interest and its purely charitable purpose. It has the firm policy of requesting that all those interested in donating first seek professional financial advice.

● Further, if the proposed donor is still interested in donating, but their personal circumstances suggest this may not be in their best interests, the College reserves the right to refuse the donation.

Is that a referral to cult struck financial advisors like that nitwit Christoph Schnelle?

We know Serge tells his low income followers they should never miss a workshop or presentation – no matter how many times they’ve done them. Each event presents something new, he says; new Lords of Form, new exorcisms, new paranoia, new sexism, child abuse and misanthropy…To make sure followers NEVER MISS paying to attend an event, the GENEROUS multi-millionaire advances the fee at a discount rate, which his working class followers faithfully repay later.

Real charitable.

Questions for Serge Benhayon, charity ‘chairman in perpetuity’

Or chairperson Serryn O’Regan, or directors, Charles Wilson, Desiree Delaloye, Anne McRitchie and Natalie Benhayon. We don’t mind who answers.

What exactly were Serge’s or UM’s non profit or philanthropic activities prior to 2011?

Where is the documentation and financial records for those activities?

What charitable activities has the CoUM undertaken since 2011? 

What charitable activities are planned?

Tax payers are entitled to view the charity’s accounts. Where are they?

Have the charity’s accounts been independently audited? 

What is the public benefit of the CoUM’s activities and how does the Astral cult, the Lords of Form, Arcturans, evolution denial, Esoteric Breast Massage, enmity to altruism, education and family, and inappropriate touching of sexual abuse victims contribute to public benefit?

Why don’t you answer the questions?

The College of Universal Medicine and the Fiery Building Fund – donating to the Church of $erge

Charging for Charity – the tax exempt College of Universal Medicine’s first annual evasion statement

The tax exempt College of Universal Medicine – a hostile education

14 thoughts on “Garnishing a SCAM – marketing the tax exempt College of Universal Medicine

  1. It cracks me up to think some of the followers don’t even conform….. Is smoking bad?? Is drinking coffee bad?? Is selling coffee to the public bad?? Well WTF I know that 2 do one or the other and follow the Serge pushy. I don’t really give a flying but makes you query their integrity based on “living ness” just like the Fwit founder. The reason I got from one of the dim wits was that “smoking is my friend”??? …… This whole “thing” is like Swiss cheese…….. Full of holes…..Serge doesn’t care as long as they are paying. Are fake TITS part of the dream too …….. 🙂 lol. What!! Changing the body from its natural state?? How does this relate to past life??? Tissues?? Hay??
    It’s hypnotics and deception and no integrity just money. But money is love ay Serge.

    • Rod tosser Harvey has a deli on the GC. I gather it’s not a cheese, vinegar & gluten free deli.

      And I don’t think he tells customers with tattoos they’re pranic.

    • Let’s not forget: according to Serge, “coffee is more evil than heroin”

      You’d think that would make some of these people agents of Satan by Serge’s reckoning, but as long as they keep handing over the cash I doubt he could give a flying fuck what they do to make a living.

  2. Freud would say it’s no accident that the College of UM logo resembles a gynaecological exam. o->

    An amateur one at that – Serge style.

    Jeez Desiree, you just can’t help yourself can you?

  3. Just in time for the launch of the College of UM site, we also have cult exercise physiologist, Danielle Pirera FLOGGING Esoteric healing:

    It’ll have its own post on the FACTS blog soon too. Among the outrageous claims she makes, is her claim that she’s a registered allied health professional. Registered WHERE? What does that mean?

    She’s not AHPRA registered, so does that mean she’s a registered Medicare provider? If so, what item numbers is she using to write up piss-take Esoteric healing to the public purse?

    And if she’s portraying herself as ‘registered’ then she’s in breach of a bunch of advertising guidelines for health professionals.

    Expect me to rip into THAT mess soon.

    But note that Danielle Pirera, poster girl for compromised UM health professionals, will be one of the teaching staff at Serge’s sham college – graciously donating her time to recruit vulnerable patient/donors to a death & molestation cult.

  4. I’m rather speechless that a linguistics professor is following Serge.

    From William Foley’s bio:

    “I have worked in syntactic theory from a lexicalist approach and the role of semantics in syntax and have published extensively on this topic (Functional Syntax and Universal Grammar, Cambridge, 1984)”

    How someone with Professor Foley’s background could read the incomprehensible garbage in Serge’s books and choose to accept them as “ancient wisdom” is beyond me.

  5. I just tweeted this ABC 7:30 report on a dodgey children’s charity, which shows what happens when the financial accounts of charities are made public under the new rules. ABC News took a look at the accounts and began asking questions.

    In that case it was relatively small potatoes. $500K

    If they or another news org doesn’t ask questions of Serge Corp about where the money goes, we will, and we’ll keep asking them.

    Note that the CoUM has not submitted their accounts to the ACNC yet. The deadline is March 31st.

    • On the ACNC site CoUM is registered as : Small: Revenue less than $250,000. We know it has already exceeded this in fundraising with the “fiery building fund” alone. I wonder what Victoria Lister who assisted Serge set up his “charity” has to say now? For those that just joined the party, Victoria help Serge set up his “charity”. Here’s what they had to say about it way back in 2008.

      “It is still in the planning stages but will be a not for profit organisation / charity, a legal entity, so funds can be donated to it– this structure is the one which best suits what Universal Medicine is all about.- Brotherhood. Due to her inside knowledge Victoria can ensure that all the boxes are ticked so there are no loop holes – a common problem in not for profit organisations, The money with go towards setting up new clinics etc. Next year Serge will announce the Lord Maitreya’s Plan for the work as it will be the 10th Anniversary of Universal Medicine.

      Charity- was discussed as creating a greater platform of prana for the lords of form.
      Occultly – the energy of charity is the same as the energy of a paedophilia as it tries to use an innocent expression to disguise its ill pranic ways. Trying to compensate for own guilt through the use of innocent energy.”

      And this corker of a self fulfilling prophecy from Serge:

      “Serge said that if the board was ever to stuff up the trust then the karma they would have would be extremely hard to recover from. More will be made available about the trust by Universal Medicine when it is ready”

      It sure does suit what Universal Medicine is about. Putting money in Serge’s pockets. Here’s hoping that 7.30 takes a look at CoUM when they finally cook their books and get them out to the ACNC. It’s going to be bad karma all the way.

    • I’d love to see a 7:30 report on Sergio’s ‘educational charity’ where the education includes cats evolving into whales, volcanic eruptions caused by porn and the SCIENCE of reincarnation. Elvis is among us! In Goonellabah apparently.

      Or the other of UM’s planned ‘not for profit’ projects where Sergio sets up Esoteric Aged Care facilities for harvesting bequests. I can picture a leafy property at Wollongbar, with Dr Kim giving lethal ‘blessings’ and a big gate with the Esoteric revelation written on it: ‘Death is a healing’.

      • Speaking of which, the latest UM publicity has Serge saying ‘life is medicine’. He figured out death worship is bad for business.

        Anyway, a couple of things about that 7:30 Report on the Care 4 Kids bogus charity – it wasn’t just the dodgey accounts that got the attention of ABC 7:30. It was also a trail of complaints about the companies benefiting from the charitable funds.

        The moral of the story: make the complaints…

        The other thing, is that the requirement for charities to provide their financial records is new. Prior to this year, charities were not required to tell anyone how their tax exempt funds were spent.

        It’s been confirmed Minister Kevin Andrews will introduce legislation into parliament in the next two months to abolish the ACNC, so please write those emails and ask him how the CoUM got charity status in the first place and how the government intends to hold sham charities to account.

        Anyone interested in following the politics of the ACNC abolition, the twitter hashtag #ACNC links to lots of articles like that above.

        Tricky Vicky Lister might learn something.

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