Quacks in the System – Private Eye report on Universal Medicine’s links with the UK NHS

quackIn its February 7 edition, Britain’s top selling current affairs magazine, Private Eye, reported on the NHS promoting the Universal Medicine cult and its sham charity, the Sound Foundation, at a ‘Self Care Forum’ event at UM’s UK headquarters, the Lighthouse in Frome, Somerset.

And while National Health Service employee, Sound Foundation trustee, and former UM UK company director, Jane Keep, managed to dodge the Private Eye magnifying glass, she hasn’t escaped ours.

Private Eye didn’t post the article online. A larger PDF copy can be found at this link.

Private Eye, Number 1359, 7-20 February 2014, p.33

Private Eye, Number 1359, 7-20 February 2014, p.33

Thanks to a reader for spotting this and sending us the image. We weren’t aware of the article, but thank you to whoever tipped the Eye off.

Private Eye’s article looks a lot like stuff I published here 3 months ago, so it’s a little disappointing they didn’t contact us for comment. Oh well. We could have pointed out that another of the speakers at the Self Care Forum Event, ex Esoteric Breast Massager, Jane Keep, is not only an NHS employee, but a former Universal Medicine UK company director, and a Sound Foundation Charity trustee.

Self Care Forum, Health in Our Hands Event Flyer

Self Care Forum, Health in Our Hands Event Flyer

We’re wondering if Jane Keep’s superiors at the NHS are aware of her involvement in the UM Esoteric ‘healing’ scam, and her trusteeship of a charity that is being monitored by the UK Charity Commission. How does she manage that conflict of interest? Perhaps we’ll ask them.

UM’s sham charity in Australia, the College of Universal Medicine also advertises a link to the UK National Health Service via Ms Keep and her PhD thesis on Self-Care at Work, ‘based on the teachings of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine’:

Amidst all of that, we have 600-800 people who have reversed that trend – lost excess weight, returned back to the workplace from being drop outs or unproductive and uncommitted, and, who have completely given up alcohol and drugs – each one of them is an extraordinary story. This no less than miraculous transformation has been the subject of a PhD in the UK and is now prominent in national health work being conducted in that country. The principles upon which these transformations occurred are simple – self care, and responsibility. http://coum.org/history-college-universal-medicine

Ms Keep didn’t bother to include the cult’s victims, including those molested under a pretence of healing, the families destroyed, the people ripped off, and those who’ve had their physical and mental health damaged by UM’s harmful practices in her ‘study’. Typical of UM apologists she focussed on narcissistic self-care by the cult’s professional sycophants and to hell with everyone else.

The same Jane Keep has broadcast that she controls the universe with her ‘self-loving choices’, except for the time she behaved sociably with a non Esoteric person and was punished with a ding in her car.

Cult reaction

Predictably, Private Eye received a bunch of outraged emails from the usual nincompoops regurgitating the old line about ‘media bias’ and that the paper had published ‘lies’. In brandishing their pointless Esoteric pitchforks however, none of them managed to to specify what information in the article above is false. Also, the few loveless and disgruntled males the cult once held responsible for all the ‘lies’ (SergeSpeak for uncomfortable facts) have dwindled to two mentally ill people. They must be two mentally ill people with a hell of a lot of clout, if they’re running charity commission investigations and reporting for about ten media organizations now.

I didn’t ask, but I’d love to know if Eunice Minford, the famous surgeon, NHS employee and euthanasia enthusiast, was one of the whingers, and what she thinks of being branded a quack – along with Australian cult medicos Dr Samuel Kim, Dr Howard Chilton, Dr Maxine Szramka, Dr Anne Malatt, Dr Jane Barker and Dr Elizabeth Skinner. The rest of the cult quacks can be found in our convenient Esoteric practitioner directory, the Naming Names page.

Another point that didn’t make it into the Private Eye report, is that Sound Foundation founder, Chris James, is a long term business partner of Serge Benhayon, collaborating on Benhayon family dirges. Chris James, via Sounds Wonderful, is also the cult’s most successful recruiter via his mind-fuck singalong international roadshow, currently touring Europe and the UK.

And a correction for Private Eye: New South Wales does have statutory regulation of unregistered health care practitioners through the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission. But it’s about as meaningful an entity as Serge’s mythical Lords of Form for all the good it does.

We could do away with the HCCC and the LOF, and no one would notice a difference.

quackPrivate Eye’s follow up reports: Serge of Interest – Private Eye does it again!

Private Eye follows up on Universal Medicine’s links with the NHS

8 thoughts on “Quacks in the System – Private Eye report on Universal Medicine’s links with the UK NHS

  1. Update: Universal Medicine UK, described as UM’s UK non profit unit of service or whatever has shed three directors – incoming Sound Foundation trustee, Jane Keep, Sound Foundation trustee, Sara Williams, and Lighthouse proprietor, Simon Williams as of November 26, 2013 http://www.companiesintheuk.co.uk/directors/universal-medicine-uk

    – a few weeks after the charity commission hit the trust with a compliance plan, and I wrote up my exposure of the Sound Foundation’s lack of charitable activities.

    Simone Benhayon is still hanging in there as UM UK’s sole director.

    Not that the departures mean anything. UM UK was small potatoes compared with the millions of GBP flowing through the tax exempt charitable trust – which is front for UM’s commercial activities anyway.

  2. Disappointed to read that they didn’t/ haven’t contacted you……YET!
    This is a good expose, and the ground swell is kept moving.

  3. The members in a flap to defend Serge and his empire of lies don’t seem to notice the rot setting in.

    The UK Charity commission pulling them up for their Sham charity and a compliance notice.
    The stooge directors of UM UK quitting at around the same time.
    The ACNC investigating CoUM- and Serge’s hastily built site justifying its existence and his non philanthropic ethos on clear display.
    Serge stepping down as chairman for all eternity just as the ACNC powers kicked in.

    If any of them had the slightest desire for facts, and can connect the dots they would be able to see clearly that there is something ‘fishy’ with Serge. To borrow one of their neologisms.

    They can also look online and see how Serge’s companies and family ABN’s are structured and quickly deduce that tax is not being paid correctly. The ATO has. I wonder why John Hinchcliffe, Accountant and Auditor hasn’t done the maths? Cult – struck brain perhaps? Or Christoph Schnell, pseudo-science apologist and alleged financial planner? Cult muddled mind?

    Or any of the other “professionals” or even a smarter than average member? Why? Because facts are not as interesting as fantasy.

    Provided Serge is selling them a good story, they are prepared to pay ANY price.

    The ends (unreal as they are) justify the means.

    Extrapolate that thinking and I give you every religion and eventually every suicide bomber. Right now these members are kamikaze pilots for Serge, blowing up their integrity, honesty, professions, lives and brains to defend HIS empire.

    And we know how that will end.

  4. Jane Keep’s resume is interesting.

    Her connection to UM goes back to 2004 when she trained in Esoteric Healing. Currently she works for the NHS Greater Western Hospital in Wiltshire as staff engagement manager and holds a few consultancy jobs.

    Prior to 2009 she had similar positions as a health industry management consultant. In 2009, she chucked that lot to become one of Serge’s Eso-healing missionaries – practicing Esoteric Breast Massage and Esoteric Acupuncture (chakra-puncture for Australians, to avoid Australian regulators.)

    In 2011-2, she ditched the rip off ‘healings’ to return to management and secured her post at the NHS.

    Either she was hopeless at the Eso-healing, or it didn’t earn her the kind of money she can earn through an honest living, or both.

    OR Serge had an impress that the UK monopoly on Esoteric Breast Massage, along with trusteeship of his sham charity should go to his other puppet, Sara Williams, and Jane Keep should re-enter the Astral world of the NHS. We know Sergio loves himself a bit of public money.

    THE federal government has refused to release documents explaining the link, if any, between a $709,493 Commonwealth grant to the YWCA and six public lectures it hired controversial alternative therapy group Universal Medicine (UM) to conduct…

    In an email, UM founder Serge Benhayon said: “If you have questions regarding the funding of the YWCA and how it was spent you will need to refer those questions to the organisation who the funding concerns (YWCA). They chose to spend their money as they did. We provided the services.” http://www.medicalobserver.com.au/news/government-blocks-ywca-documents

    And then there’s Serge’s fetish for running his business tax free and calling it Esoteric ‘charity’.

    And now we have Serge’s operative within the NHS, Ms Jane Keep, speaking at the NHS Self Care week event held in collaboration with the Sound Foundation, with her boss at the GWH, Oonagh Fitzgerald also invited to speak. One wonders if Ms Fitzgerald or the other hospital executive directors were aware of the extent of Ms Keep’s connection to UM, or the UKCC’s action against the Sound Foundation.

    We also have the cult’s similarly named stab at recruiting more health professionals via the Self Care in Health Care conference flop in Lismore in December.

    While the NHS Self Care Forum is a non profit preventative health care initiative aimed at improving patient self care, the cult is attempting to create a market for teaching health professionals how to look after themselves (‘selling ice to eskimos’ comes to mind) via UM products and services, and looking to deploy those cult converted health professionals to market UM’s habit forming crap to their trusting and vulnerable patients.

    At the same time, Jane Keep’s career is a stepping stone for Sergio to contract Universal Medicine to the NHS, and grab him some more easy public money.

    • I might add, Ms Keep’s current resumé makes no mention of UM at all.

      It’s a change of tune from her previous resumé which said:

      Jane’s work is based on the teachings of esoteric psychology and esoteric medicine as taught by Serge Benhayon, the School of Universal Medicine (www.universalmedicine.co.uk)

  5. “The highest standards of any healing service currently operating”

    “A man of utmost integrity”

    No matter which esoteric stone you look under, Serge and UM utterly fail to live up to their own hype of having the ‘highest standards’ and ‘utmost integrity’. At this point you have to wonder whether they’re adhering to ANY laws or regulations.

  6. The Medical Observer Article on UM’s YWCA federal funding rort for those of you who can’t access that article:

    Government blocks YWCA documents

    27th Nov 2012
    Byron Kaye
    THE federal government has refused to release documents explaining the link, if any, between a $709,493 Commonwealth grant to the YWCA and six public lectures it hired controversial alternative therapy group Universal Medicine (UM) to conduct.

    UM, under investigation by AHPRA, is accused by former members and families of existing members of being a cult that discourages people from eating some food and doing most exercise and claiming to prevent cancer, with scientifically untested methods like ‘esoteric breast massage’. UM denies the allegations.

    After MO learned YWCA engaged UM to run ‘body awareness education’ workshops late last year, a document on the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs website showed it gave the YWCA grant in March last year.

    But after MO’s request under Freedom Of Information for records concerning the grant and UM, the department refused all but four of 37 pages saying that, in part, the disclosure could “have an adverse effect on the YWCA by affecting its relationships with other entities and its reputation”.

    One page said UM “is engaged to provide counselling services to parents” without explanation. The department suppressed two other documents, saying: “YWCA raised objections… including that the information does not accurately reflect YWCA’s activities and accordingly could negatively impact on the successful working relationship it has developed with another entity”.

    MO does not suggest the YWCA used the whole grant to pay UM, and hoped to learn how much it did pay, if anything, via FOI.

    In an email, UM founder Serge Benhayon said: “If you have questions regarding the funding of the YWCA and how it was spent you will need to refer those questions to the organisation who the funding concerns (YWCA). They chose to spend their money as they did. We provided the services.”

    The YWCA did not return MO’s calls.

    Early 2012, Activliving’s cult stalwarts, Vicky Geary & Marcia Owen, were running Body Awareness Education/self-care recruitment punts ‘based on the work of Serge Benhayon,Universal Medicine’ in the Lismore area – not long after the premium priced publicly funded promotional lectures were run by SergeCorp through the Goonellabah YWCA. Flyer available at this link.

    I’ve got the FOI documents but so much has been cut out of them they’re pretty dull.

    • Serge must look back to the golden days before the dawn of the New Era (when charlatans, gurus and charities would be exposed as corrupt, in the energy of paedophilia and utter scams- or say he said) and recall how wonderful it was to suck bucks out the government (and then perhaps brag to a few people about it), recruit without resistance, spread his tentacles across the globe, and talk himself up as the reincarnation of whoever he could think of. Ah, those halcyon days of unmitigated unchecked bullshit.

      Now everywhere he turns the Lords of Form are waiting, controlling the media with their sinister black magic to write lies about him- a man of utter integrity, care and truth. How bizarre? How absurd? How arrogant of us and those journalists to comment on something they don’t understand- the one-unified-truth.

      I am sure that the members believe this is what is happening. I mean, it’s a big coincidence otherwise isn’t it? And there is no such thing as co-incidence. Just ask Jane Keep.

      We’re resisting the truth, the points of light he and the members are bringing to earth. We are channeling the Astral as the dark forces amass to stare down the fiery truth of Serge Benhayon, scammer and manipulator extraordinaire.

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