Serge of Interest – Private Eye does it again!

Private Eye Benhayon HeadlineThat worked nicely. The UK’s top selling current affairs magazine, Private Eye, was so impressed by the Universal Medicine cult’s frenzy of defensiveness over their probe into UM’s connections with the UK NHS they decided to follow up.  It’s no surprise to us cult members swamped the mailbag protesting about allegations the Eye didn’t make, and couldn’t quite specify which information published was ‘lies’.


Thanks to our mate Dubious Dick of in the UK for sending this in, and again, Private Eye didn’t include the story in its online edition, but a PDF can be found at this link (Issue No.1360, Feb 21 – Mar 6, 2014, p.31).

Private Eye Benhayon

I might drop the Byron Shire Echo and the Mackay Telegraph an email letting them know they’re not the only ones to cop an Esoteric deluge for daring to print anything that doesn’t accord with The One Unified Truth®, or as we’ve come to know it, SERGE SAYS SO.

It’s also heartening to see Eunice Minford the cult surgeon and euthanasia enthusiast finally getting the recognition she so craves and deserves. We’d love to see her receive more, particularly for her self-loving dedication to the advancement of pseudoscience, and her fondness for marketing the abusive practice of Esoteric Breast Massage and promoting a Glorious death.

Previous report: Quacks in the System – Private Eye reports on Universal Medicine’s links with the UK NHS

Follow up report: Private Eye follows up on UM’s links with the NHS

See also: UK Charity Commission hands compliance plan to Sound Foundation charity front for UM plus UM UK Who’s Who

Esoteric Breast Massage part 1 – marketing abuse and calling it ‘healing’

Private Eye Benhayon 2

Private Eye, Issue No.1360, Feb 21 -  Mar 6, 2014, p.31

Private Eye, Issue No.1360, Feb 21 – Mar 6, 2014, p.31

Update: For our amusement I posted a comment on Eunice’s YouTube video page (video in the comments area below – click the YouTube icon at the bottom of the video screen) with a link to this page to see what would happen. At the time there were only two other comments. The results were not disappointing. See screenshot below. At the 97 comment mark, Princess added hers. We might keep doing that every 100 comments or so to see how many times each they’ll rephrase the same Esoteric gushes.

Eunice on YouTubeEUNICEIt’s worth going to the page to experience the whole cult roll call. It looks uncannily like the Private Eye mailbag with added selfies. And great to see all our old favourites and a few of the less vocal, like Charles Wilson, the invisible Brisbane barrister and director of the College of Universal Medicine uncharitable fund. It’s kind of telling isn’t it, when the cult is huffing and puffing to anything that moves about how us hate bloggers/criminals are ‘under investigation’ and they’re ‘taking legal action’ against us, but we’ve heard not a peep from them, or their unstereotypically quiet Barrister.

Nice to see all the health professionals providing testimonials there for Eunice – in breach of advertising codes for health practitioners. I suppose the law irrelevant when you’re a special unisex Son of God™.

29 thoughts on “Serge of Interest – Private Eye does it again!

    • I Love Private Eye as well!
      ‘Private Eye’, they did this without contacting anyone affiliated with this site.
      Truth is prevailing and the ground swell is happening, internationally now as well.
      Great work.
      Let us hope that the love bombing from the UM’s (poor Private Eye) will lead to even more exposure.

  1. “We’re not in a cult” – they say as they bombard the Private Eye, Byron shire echo, Frome News, Fairfax, News Ltd, Medical observer, etc with unsolicited emails and letters blindly (and I mean that literally) defending a man who claims to be a fifth level initiate from shamballah ( to them) and an ordinary man (on TV)- many from households were members, just coincidentally, co-habitate having left their partners. Many of them just down the road from Serge.

    I ask you. Are they their own worse enemies or not? Jesus.

    And as was highlighted in the article, they claim hack journalism, media bias, lies and inaccuracies, and even, somewhat ironically, witch hunts, but can’t point out one. Exactly as has happened before with each accurate and often very tame media report.

    Girls, and several boys in the cult. Serge is a con, his occult doctrine is bullshit. Typical of all cult leaders, he’s focused on financial reward with disregard for laws and transparencies normal business people follow. Whenever anyone with common sense looks at the going-ons of the group, it is as obvious as dog balls on a mouse what is going on. You’re sacrificing your integrity and careers to prop up his empire because you’ve bought into his construct that you think delivers something amazing.

    The reality is you’re caught in a group dynamic wrapped around a monstrous lie. Perhaps dimly you realize it doesn’t add up, but you don’t have the intellectual honesty or social courage to speak your truth and ask the questions. How long will you keep defending the indefensible?

    Really, you have to ask yourself who is mentally deranged. We’re certain it’s not us, and we have facts on our side.

  2. Remember Feline’s fav show it is on TV again…you know the one that deals with Scams..
    “Checkout” such a top top expose’ program.
    Oh how I would love them to look at UM and EBM’s etc…etc

  3. The group will now be outraged that PE has implied EBM’s are either a prevention or cure for cancer. They will strenuously deny that has ever been said. In the past, Serge might have considered the empty threat of legal action. After all, EBM’s don’t do anything, other than let you connect to your breasts and femininity, and remove the imposing energies of male stares, partners gropes and babies suckling. (I still want to know where the men’s version is: EPM. You know, woman checking out your lunchbox, imposing groping and sucking?)

    But just a heads up. We have screen shots of web pages, articles, recordings and EDG notes where any reasonable person would infer that the reason for EBM’s is to remove the “ill-energetic-cause of cancer”. Which we will happily supply to PE or others if you start back down that line of denial. And bitch slap you back to reality.

  4. And UP go the pageviews!

    Don’t LOL too hard about the ‘self-care champions’ – for real – those two have sleazed their way into a preventative health care initiative to push Serge’s special brand of habit forming narcissism and cognitive dissonance. Urgh!

    Just briefly about Private Eye, it’s the kind of fearless, no bullshit, truly independent publication that we could use in Australia, where our media is far too timid.

    Where the cult might have given small scale publications like the Echo and the Mackay Tele a bit of a headache with their hysterics, Private Eye uses it as gasoline. The paper has been stirring the UK pot for 50 years or something.

    Next, if anyone wants to make a pitch to the Checkout, be my guest. Perhaps send them links to the EBM articles on this site, which include the cult’s bullshit therapeutic claims hastily erased from the original EBM site.

    I’m too busy. 😮

    Princess is useless. She’s quit her bid to qualify for the cross country luge and is now in training for a Lamington drive.

    • Thanks DV..I will contact Feline and tell her, I think she’s been away.
      I just know that she would LOVE to contact ‘Checkout.’
      That’s if I do not pip her to it.
      Chakra Puncture should also get a mention along with EBM in the tip off about the absolute rip off.

    • I didn’t realise that, and thought the writer of the article came up with the term “self care champs “. However, I do still think it’s laughable.

  5. Private Eye! Haha! Don’t think Sergio saw that one coming. And whoever coordinates the brides of serge is an idiot. everyone knows that Private Eye won’t be intimated by a few soulfull letters, they’ve fried much bigger fish than UM in the past. Quite on the contrary, their interest will have peaked after that love letter attack.

    Me thinks it is time to write another friendly letter to my MP and also the NHS self care board. Now that PE is involved there’s a much bigger incentive for damage control. I would urge other UK readers to do the same and write to the MP for Somerset or the NHS. The pot is on the stove, now it’s time to turn up the heat!

    • Thanx bunny, that’d be a great help.

      Super sleuth told us the local member for Frome is David Heath MP and also mentioned MP Margaret Hodge as interested in the machinations of the UK Charity Commission.

      If anyone would like to look up the UK Minister for Health, that would be good, and to contact anyone on the Self Care Forum Board, or if any of you have contacts at the NHS.

      We’ve contacted some NHS people, including some Self Care Forum board members, and apart from letting them know about Eunice Minford’s euthanasia fetish and promotion of pseudoscience, we also complained about her disregard for our requests to stop promoting a sexual predator.


    No need to rewrite if they avoid specifying which allegations are ‘false’ again, and they’re just going to rehash Serge’s One Unified Truth they paid so much for.

    Try putting the hate mail all in one envelope this time, Rebecca. It’ll save on postage.

  7. Okay, the latest from the UK: the cult is telling the flock they’re reporting Private Eye to the Press Standards Office and the Trading Standards Agency, LOL.

    Truly, bullshit NEVER SLEEPS.

    Right, so the same people who fail to declare their conflicts of interest to their NHS employers; who are denied charity status, but just sneak the same scam into Chris James’ dormant charity; who fail to declare their conflicts of interest to the UKCC; who run a cyberbullying conference without informing the speakers of their cult backing and their hostility to free speech; who market ‘healthy self-loving choices’ without mentioning ‘clearing prana’; who run six propaganda blogs that somehow never mention entity possession, arcturans and the four lords of form; who market Esoteric healing ‘accreditation’ so that dimwits can ‘gain insurance’ that doesn’t indemnify abuse, and who didn’t bother telling the ACNC that their educational charity teaches that education and charity are ‘evil’ – these same people are going to whinge about Press and Trading Standards?

    And that wasn’t the full list.

  8. Feline sent this.

    Sexual abuse apologist, NHS surgeon, pseudoscience specialist and self care champion Eunice Minford crapping on about ‘love’ and the ‘harm of emotions’.

    Get me a bucket.

    • Lol, now click the little YouTube icon at the bottom of that screen and check out the comments – CULT ROLL CALL, LOL! after Venus put up a link to this page, lolololololol!!!!

      Even Jane Keep is there!

      Check out the comment from Caroline Raphael PSYCHOLOGIST! It’s a PISSER!

      Wow, how amazing to hear a doctor speak about how we can take care of ourselves, and the amazing benefits to this. Not just about offering fix it solutions, but offering our part in the healing process.

      AMAZING! Eunice is the first doctor in history to know ANYTHING about health care!

      • It’s kind of them to help us put faces to the names. So which do you suppose wrote four letters a piece, and how many times did they use the words ‘integrity’ and ‘amazing’?

        Sergio says when we move our little finger it has huge affect on the universe. It works for me. I make one little comment and the whole cult moves. Esoteric puppetry, heh heh.

      • Oh my god. Jane Keep says, “so much integrity Eunice – if I ever need surgery Eunice would be my choice!”

        No words for that. No words.

    • I wonder why she’s not mentioning Universal Medicine? I mean. she’s quoting Serge verbatim all through this clip. so why not mention that the source of her ideas is a tax-dodging, alleged fifth level initiate and multi-reincarnated world teacher from another dimension whose ‘self loving teachings’ included the notion that rape and murder victims have it coming, and that human existence is a mistake which can only be corrected by evolving toward our true state (soul) via death, but not before you leave Serge all of your life’s savings?

    • Funny how this one from a couple of years ago has only 4 comments, 2 of them by Dr Minford, at time of writing (but I am sure it will be rapidly increasing now it’s posted here). They are all a bit strange aren’t they? They seem to have no comprehension that the same 100 people writing the same thing over and over screams cult on par with stenciling a swastika on their foreheads like those poor souls who followed Charles Manson.

    • That video now has only 87 comments, but your screenshot shows 99. Charles Wilson’s comment is gone. The barrister has something to hide maybe. Another conflict of interest?

  9. Feline, don’t suppose that the Eso herbs are formulated etc etc blah blah by Michael and Nicole Serafin from Ballina, you know the cult compounding pharmacist. Hope the ‘Checkout’ gets to checkout these claims.

    • UM herbs are allegedly designed according to Pythagorean principles (LOL), following on from the equally batshit claim that Serge is the reincarnation of Pythagoras. I’m sure the TGA would like to see him demonstrate that.

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