Glorious harassments from the Esoteric ‘lovers of humanity’

masshysteriaFor a year and a half I’ve been blogging about my experience of Universal Medicine, working to expose their harmful practices and bring Serge Benhayon and associates to account. Knowing a defamation writ against me would be unsuccessful, the cult has tried a series of bizarre stunts to shut me down. The latest is another baseless complaint to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority, with whom I’m registered, and a monumentally silly whinge to the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission – the scale of which beggars belief.

Observers of the Universal Medicine mess are dumbfounded by how the cult has gotten away with their abuses so long. As evidenced by the Brides of Serges’ righteous barrages against me, the group deters victims from speaking out by pitting them against an army of self-loving Eso-evangelists.

The harassments so far

  • Beginning October 2012, the cult applies to Google to have this and the Universal Medicine Cult blog removed from the Blogger platform, and for links to be removed from the Google search index, with a claim they intend to sue us for defamation. Although we’re labelled hate bloggers and trolls, defamation action is never attempted.
  • Universal Law sends legal threats to individuals and groups who have corresponded with me, including groups assisting ex followers and their families, and journalists.
  • May 2013, Rebecca Baldwin falsely accuses the ‘hate bloggers’ of false accusations.
  • Mystic dentist, Dr Rachel Hall, tries to have me arrested for stalking for sending her two emails five weeks apart asking her to stop promoting a sexual predator. The last was a reply to her threatening reply.
  • Cult members write numerous complaints to the WordPress platform complaining our blogs are hate blogs.
  • July, August 2013, Serge Benhayon, through Paula Fletcher of Universal Law solicitors of Mullumbimby, and several followers make false complaints of copyright infringement and trademark infringement to WordPress.
  • October 2013, cult psychologists, Marianna Masiorski, Brendan Mooney and Caroline Raphael, make a complaint to AHPRA of ‘slander and harassment’, ‘organized criminality’ and that I’m unfit to practice my profession because I have an ‘undiagnosed mental illness’.
  • Masiorski, Rebecca Baldwin, Real Media Real Change’s Sarah Davis and Desiree Delaloye sent me Christmas demands that I remove all reference to them and their public promotions of UM from my blogs.
  • Desiree Delaloye et al open the Debasing Evil 101 network on to allow large numbers of UM followers to bad mouth me and my analyses of their activities in a secret, password protected site, safe from the threat of having to defend their faulty groupthink to outsiders.

The Google complaints succeeded in having our UK and Australian URLs shut down (the blog stayed up in the USA), so we moved to WordPress. They also succeeded in having some links removed from Google search results, but the rest of the above went nowhere. We hear the cult is shutting down the very leaky Yammer bitch session.

Recent nonsense

On 6 February 2014 AHPRA received a notification from a person who wishes to remain anonymous about you under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law as in force in each state and territory (the National Law). A summary of the notification is as follows:

  • that you are incapable of practicing clearly and in the best interest of your clients
  • that you have no insight into how personal conduct affects professional integrity
  • that you have no respect for the Boards processes.
  • that you have provided inappropriate information via social media
  • that you are not managing your personal issues and psychosis and this is affecting your ability to practise in a professional and ethical manner.

The Board will now conduct an assessment of this notification to decide whether or not further action is required.

Two guesses which anonymous love-ly submitted that, but most of our readers will guess it in one.

AHPRA asked me for a response to the above, but seeing the complaint contains no evidence, there’s nothing to respond to, and it’ll be dismissed as having no substance just like the nearly identical complaint from the cult compromised psychologists.

Our anonymous complainant still hasn’t comprehended the concept of defamation either, despite all the cult’s accusations against me. One wonders if that particular ‘lover of humanity’ would be willing to present some evidence of my alleged psychosis in a court of law, and then answer some questions about ‘the evil lodge’, entity possession and the Four Lords of Form on horseback.

Spamming the ACCC

Anyway the AHPRA thing is nothing compared to what I’ve saved for last – the cult’s complaints to the ACCC. In December a little birdy dropped something cryptic into bunker intelligence mentioning the ACCC and UM student complaints. The bunker staff couldn’t work out what that meant, and the Lord of Form thought some ex students might have made a complaint to the Office of Fair Trading over the Esoteric Practitioners Association sham ‘accreditation’, but no.

For Christmas I received the demands from a select group of Brides, saying my pointing out their financial and other connections with Universal Medicine was damaging their business, and that I should remove all reference to them from my blogs. I agreed to take them down if they agreed to stop promoting Serge.

By then they were amid their run at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. As one of the messages from the Yammer Debasing Evil debacle reads, it was ill fated:

During and after the ACCC there were so many comments about how we were never going to let comfort get in the way of true expression and how we were always going to make an effort to express where it was needed.

The Lord of Form still found it hard to believe they’d make a complaint about me, or us, and with good reason. Although solicitor, Paula Fletcher, cited the tort of injurious falsehood and misleading and deceptive conduct proscribed by section 18 of the Australian Consumer Law in schedule 2 of the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) in the cult’s complaints to Google, even the most decrepit and inebriated of the bunker staff knew complaints about my blogging were not a matter for the ACCC.

You’d think a lawyer or four would know that.

Curious, I applied to the ACCC through Freedom of Information asking for a copy of the complaint about me. At that point I suspected it had been submitted by the impressive Universal Law solicitors.

Although the ACCC refused the request, the refusal was like Christmas had come all over again, except more fun.

Much, much more fun.

The ACCC is giving serious consideration to refusing the request as currently framed under section 24 of the FOI Act on the grounds that the work involved in processing the request would substantially and unreasonably divert the ACCC’s resources from its other operations…

On advice from the relevant line area your request, as it currently stands, would involve consultation with approximately 150 third parties, would capture approximately 4,553 pages of material and I have formed the view that over 20 hours of staff time would be required to draw together the relevant documents…

In addition, I consider that, conservatively estimated, 1,149 hours of staff time would be required for tasks including examination of documents, consultation, copying of documents and notification of decision…

Processing this request would, in my view, be a substantial diversion of the ACCC’s resources within the meaning of section 24AA(l). To place it in context, the estimate above, if one person were dedicated to processing your FOI request, working 5 days a week, the person would require over 31 weeks to complete your request. It would require more than three staff members to work full time, 5 days a week, on your request alone to process the request within 60 days.

No, you haven’t read wrong. 150 self-loving Esoteric students submitted complaints about me to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, averaging 30 pages of material in each complaint. The officer at the ACCC who wrote the response said he hasn’t seen the complaints, but thinks the bulk of the 4,500 pages consist of attachments.

We’re used to hyperbole from UM, but this is a new stratosphere of silliness. Considering the number of lawyers attached to this group, whose numbskulled idea was that? In spite of the time they must have spent assessing and dismissing 150 complaints and wondering what on earth that lot were thinking, the ACCC thought the claims so insubstantial they didn’t see any necessity in informing me.

I’ve since revised the FOI request to something more doable, and apologized to the nice officer. If I’d known the scale of the stupidity, I would have narrowed it down. The ACCC can’t tell me at this stage whether the request will be granted, but if and when I receive documentation, you can guess where I’ll be putting it.

Hose down

As hilarious as this last episode is, it’s a little over the top. Yes?

As is hundreds of them complaining I’m bullying THEM.

The students need to ask themselves how far is the delusion going to go?

If I was guilty of injurious falsehood or defamation, Universal Law would have mounted a defamation action, it would have been sorted out in court over a year ago, WordPress would have used the court order to shut our blogs and that would have been the end of it.

It would have saved the Esoteric students the trouble of making fools of themselves with all those futile complaints and whatever harebrained schemes they might hatch next to try and shut me up.

Yet, even if they could silence us now, it won’t stop what’s coming to Serge Benhayon. I’ve said it before – it won’t be us that brings Serge and UM to account, but his past, and the facts. And people with much more authority.

11 thoughts on “Glorious harassments from the Esoteric ‘lovers of humanity’

  1. Sensational! 150 of them send 30 page a piece identical complaints to the ACCC whining that they’re not in a cult!

    During and after the ACCC there were so many comments about how we were never going to let comfort get in the way of true expression and how we were always going to make an effort to express where it was needed.

    Regardless of whether it wastes colossal amounts of everyone’s time and results in humiliation, they’ll persist with their true expression of stupidity – all for the love of Serge.

    • And Serge is loving every second of it – watching the poor fools publicly prostrate themselves and their careers in devotion to his rubbish.

      Dear Esoteric Students,

      Take another look at the barrage of complaints against me alone listed above. Then factor in the thousands of messages of indignant demand to media orgs and the copious blogging on the closed ‘truth’ sites.

      None of it has amounted to anything but wasted time and the pain of embarrassment.

      You’ll go to any lengths to avoid answering the questions.

      And you still flocked to Debasing Evil 101 to bad mouth me in ‘private’ and you still ended up looking like fools.

      All we’ve asked of you is to look at the evidence and answer the questions, and your reaction has been to shut down the messengers.

      Why do you excuse behaviours by Serge that you would not excuse from anyone else?

      How much have you paid for that privilege?

    • There just seems to be a massive brain drain among members. No sane person would think that sending in 150 identical complaints was going to have a positive outcome. I fear for the long term outcome when this hardcore group can be convinced to do anything, seemingly without question.

      • The only thing the they achieved with their barrrage of irrelevant eso-blather was convincing the ACCC that UM is a cult, and that the followers are suffering from an extreme case of delusional group psychosis. Well played, students. Well played.

  2. Who’re you calling decrepit & inebriated?! Oh my choccy goodness, that is stupendously ama-zing, how much time and effort has been spent on submitting all that? And by such calorie-starved puny individuals who could do worse than conserve their energy just to stay a-live. It must be that having your brain washed to this extent unlocks extraordinary powers of self-delusion and trance-like emailing and photo copying. And all the while sitting on a symbol which has the Ancient Wisdom to allow three or four calories to be unlocked from your watery prison-camp esoteric pea green lunch. What a life these poor fools have.

  3. The group is very consistent and have done a lot of the work for us in letting everyone know its nature. It’s saved us a lot of time. Literally. You should hear the conversations we have after. ” Yep, crazy” “Never seen anything like it?” “That’s right, they are totally brainwashed” “Ha,ha. It’s insane isn’t it” or something like that anyway.

    Let’s face it, when do people behave like that? Yes, there are groups that have agendas that will get out there and push them, but this is not the same. Here there is over 100 individuals who spend their time promoting and defending Serge as if they are him. They betray their myopia by consistently failing to address points raised in the media, or even by indicating what they disagree with and why. Instead it’s a eso-barrage of platitudes and superlatives about how Serge is a man of utmost integrity and how after two to ten years of doing what he said, the symptoms of their ailment went away, almost. (Although Serge does remind them that being symptom free means the dis-ease is just buried deeper and the only cure is DEATH)

    Here’s who they’ve barraged and harangued with their mindless crap so far to our knowledge:

    Medical Observer- for reporting matter of factly on a TGA issues. Their white noise led to further interest and another story on Serge’s baseless claims of being able to cure everything from cracked toe nails to cancer because he knew the energetic truth.

    Fairfax- to the journalists involved when Serge recanted his da Vinci claims when taken by surprise. “That is ridiculous. I would never claim that.” One hour later at the clinic: (imagine glazed looks and a chorus of voices) “Yes, Serge IS the reincarnation of Leonard da Vinci”

    That’s been put behind them now. He was only “joking”.

    The courier mail- for reporting on Serge’s hitherto unknown large property interests, leading to Serge going from a simple healer to a good businessman overnight in the minds of his followers. No contradictions noticed EVEN when it was also pointed out he had been bankrupt, in complete contradiction to his story of being the best businessman on earth. Still available on his website.

    Fairfax again- for a tame story in Good Weekend about Serge and his crazy worldview, with hints of the facts about Miranda and his background. Somehow the members thought it was biased and not factual, even though they couldn’t point out which bits. The reality is the author used a light hand and retained a lot of information he could have used.

    Media Watch- for media bias (?!) by those reporters who had simply reported facts, or as we have seen, the less salacious facts.

    Channel Seven- because Serge invited David Millikan to speak in his defence at a meeting and discovered David had an alternative idea formed from a lifetime of experience dealing with cults and sociopathic personalities. That was, that Serge is running a cult, and that the members were all in it. With no irony, they group moved as one to eject David from their midst, surrounded Serge to defend him, accepted a childish news article he churned out as factual, and wrote more posts on the blog “the truth about Serge Benhayon”- showing the self awareness of a chrysanthemum.

    Channel Nine- for imputing that UM is a cult in their rather tame 5 minute tacky report. Although Serge does look creepy, lies a lot, and the group rushed to sit around like a pack of zombies, further proving they are in a cult.

    Frome Times- for stating simple and already reported facts about Serge and UM.

    The ACNC- because members want to help Serge keep his tax free scam operational so they can hand over their last dollars to him with a stupid grin.

    The ACCC- no one knows why. That’s beyond stupid. But by now, the members are so unreflective and brain dead they will do whatever they’re told. Serge calls it “not being in comfort”. Which is code for them doing his bidding because he’s too gutless to do his own. And besides, he knows he’ll be outed if he tries.

    APHRA- baseless complaints projecting their state of mind onto the one person who is vocally trying to wake them up to the mind-fuck they’ve been subjected to.

    HCCC- as above

    The Byron shire Echo- for pointing out that a story submitted by a cult member suffered journalistic bias- because the subject of the story is being in the cult, and it was promoting a cult event. The very thing they had been accusing the media of. The additional irony is the story emanated from another cult front, Real Media Real Change, whose convenient but situation dependent mandate is “transparency in media”. They say.

    But words are cheap. Very cheap, and mangled along with common sense and decency by the cult.

    Then there’s the recent Private Eye articles where they got in a blather because they factually reported on an investigation by the UK charity commission into the factual case of UM using a dormant charity run by a Kojak lookalike who cant sing when they were rejected for clearly being full of shit when trying to set up their own sham. They just went “Oh well, fuck them, we’ll double sham by putting our sham through that sham- LET THERE BE A NEW WORLD RELIGION” Gimme money. The blather got Private Eye interested and they wrote another article.

    Of course.

    The great thing is by definition if you are in a cult, you don’t know it. Of course, everyone else is in a cult. And they can recognise other cults. But their “group” isn’t…. No, their “group” is the only one that knows the truth. It’s nothing like a cult, and just because they hang on every word some guy says, rush to every course and spend every spare dime on his “treatments” doesn’t make them gullible. Everyone else is. Not them.

    Yep. Time to spend some more money on one of his courses, rather than getting on with the bitter sweet reality of life. You know, the one you are living, not the fantasy one you’re dreaming about after your dead. “Oh Sweet death, where I foolishly give up a real life for a pretend one”.

    Now that’s a crap investment. Masterminded by Serge. A witless two bit conman with a very dodgy background and a massive talent for seduction.

    They are their own worst enemies when it comes to advertising the nature of UM. You just think that every so often a little light would flicker in the remnants of their brains and go “Oh, I am acting rather odd…..”

    But no. Time to write another complaint. If they ‘feel” to.

  4. It’s a real shame that the media bodies involved did not take UM to task for their base-less, fact-less accusations and complaints. But even if they did, I have no doubt that the legal system would then be judged biassed and in the control of a ‘handful of angry men’. There’s also no doubt that the 100 or so hardcore devotees will never be swayed from their beliefs, despite any evidence that challenges their views – as has been said so many times, they are just to invested, both emotionally and financially to entertain any doubts.

    What is very good news is that far less people are now exposed to UM without the tools to see the reality behind the false smiles and rather shoddy PR. A Google search for Universal Medicine lists on page 1 the groups own website in position 1 (perhaps a paid for listing), and then this blog, the Accountability blog, the MO article, the Courier Mail article, a youtube video of the Today Tonight piece etc etc. The truth is well and truly out there. UM and its supporters can deny it as much as they like, but when it comes to those not deeply involved with the group already, the majority of people searching for Universal Medicine are reading pages that deal with the facts.

    • You’ve reminded me of some of the cult propaganda being batted around behind the gentle-breath pay wall. They reckon that me and the LOF are Search Engine Optimization gurus, and that the blogs only get large numbers of pageviews because we use ‘sensationalist’ search terms – like guru, messiah, cult, exorcism etc.

      I hate to disappoint our love-lys, but the top seven search terms for this blog in descending order – and number one is triple the number for the second most used term:

      universal medicine accountability
      universal medicine accountability wordpress
      the facts about universal medicine
      universal medicine cult
      breast massage
      universal medicine
      serge benhayon

      We get pageviews because we’re presenting what people want to read – facts – not propaganda.

      • They just have no idea, and are prepared to throw around any half baked theory to hide from the truth, and sadly the ‘followers’ lap it all up without question. Next thing you’ll be told you’re actually controlling the internet, as well as every other media outlet in every country of the world, and all while sitting with a cat on your lap, somewhat like Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

        • Yes, apparently You Know Who and I are all the evil in the universe rolled into two grumblebums, all because we ask some very ordinary questions…

          This, from Alison Greig, was part of the supernatural spin about the flop of their 150 frivolous complaints to the ACCC:

          Hi All
          You have all felt the power of what your ACCC complaints brought you and also felt that the power of the group in this process. What was significant was the way we all challenged our own comfort and expressed with authority from the fullness that we are. What I have learnt in this process is that it is a daily commitment to keep that consistency – to ask if I have slipped back to anything that is less than being all of my expression in everything I do?
          It is important to feel that the ACCC process was not a short stint in your life – that once you accomplished it then that was it. The balancing of Kurukshetra – the balance of light and darkness – is an ongoing process and each one of us is needed in this going forward.
          How we are in this new expression and awareness of comfort is a new way of life going forward.
          As we have seen the power of what we have expressed meant that the Naming Names page was reconfigured.

          I’ll also put it up on the March Gossip post on the FACTS site.

          Oh, and hey Donut, I didn’t name any names about our most decrepit and inebriated bunker team member, but no matter how pissed, stupid or doddering we get, none of us will ever match the inanity exhibited by 150 of the cult’s best and brightest.

          • Balance of light and darkness? What? It is so stupid I cannot help laughing out loud when I read that.

            But what about this—- Kurukshetra— Kuru what? A “holy” town in Haryana, India? Huh? Serge will steal anything from anywhere won’t he.

            Well, unlike most if not all of the members, I’ve been there. So I reckon I can claim to be more balanced than the lot of them.
            In fact, I know that is the case.

            Reconfigure that you dopes.

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