Dangerous delusion – a UniMed cult member answers our questions

Recently, two followers of Universal Medicine asked to talk to me in my workplace about my blogging. I refused. Given the cult’s recent frivolous complaints about me to various regulatory authorities, I told them it was inappropriate to continue contact, but they phoned, texted and wrote me letters anyway. I’m not interested in communicating with members who are trying to convert me, but the conversation with ‘Noddy’ was fruitful in that she made a slew of admissions about the group’s disturbing teachings and practices, leaving me feeling both sickened and vindicated.

The previous post covered the phone call and letter I received from Noddy’s mother, ‘Nancy‘, an ex patient of mine who’d called to book an appointment for treatment, but revealed her true intention was to pry into my private life and make personal criticisms of me in defence of Serge Benhayon and his vile business.

Not long after Nancy’s call, Noddy called. I had not had contact from either woman in over eight years. Nancy I’d treated about half a dozen times, and Noddy, I’d met twice.

Butter wouldn’t melt – written correspondence

Throughout the call, Noddy insisted we should meet up to ‘connect’, that my impressions of UM are all wrong, I don’t get it, and I should listen to some people who’ve had positive experiences – as if we haven’t heard how AMAZING it is, ad nauseum, reinforced on the UM’s seven ‘truth’ blogs, and done to death on Facebook. UM has helped her get really healthy, and everything she’d tried before in her quest for whatever had been worthless, she says. So I took the opportunity to ask her the questions the Sons of God avoid, and throughout her appalling responses she remained obstinately upbeat and determined to present a joy-full facade. The following is two text messages sent in the hours after the conversation where I told her she was speaking ‘fucking bullshit’ and that I wasn’t interested ‘connecting’ with her.

Hi Esther – thanks for speaking with me tonight. I know we still hold opposite views, but it was good to talk anyway. 


And there probably isn’t much more to say to each other but if you ever do want to talk, feel free to call me…one day though I may become a practitioner – (I am not there yet – still have a lot to understand (not from doing courses but from my own development)) – so I guess that means it will be unlikely, but the offer is there. 

‘Not there yet’ is a phrase we’ve heard before from Esoteric aspirants, and the problem is, no one ever gets ‘there’. They were themes of Noddy’s phone conversation. I was asking serious questions about abuse, and she was telling me she isn’t a good enough student to become an Esoteric practitioner.

Then came the letters, including the following email. There are no surprises within and read as though they were written by the UM propaganda committee.

Hi Esther,

I don’t have your email address so don’t know how else to contact you. You asked when I rang you why hadn’t I contacted you before, well, anyone who tries to write or speak with you to present their view or experiences of UM seems to be the next target on your blogs usually labelling them a cult member, and in ways that don’t represent who they are.

During the phone call I’d told her I knew she’d been asking her relatives about my mental health. Without a hint of acknowledgement that her behaviour was intrusive and offensive, she said she’d called my friends because she ‘knows’ me and the blogs didn’t sound like me or my ‘energy’. She reckons she called them out of concern for me, to find out if something was wrong. I pointed out that she doesn’t know me, and I asked how many times we’d met. Twice. I told her it would be appropriate to ring me if she wanted to know about my personal life. It wasn’t an invitation. I asked who had put her up to it. It was not long after the the cult psychologists failed complaint to AHPRA that I’m not fit to practice my profession because I’m a hater, slanderer, ‘organized criminal’ and suffer from an undiagnosed mental illness.

For the record, no cult members have attempted to ‘write or speak with’ me. Some cult members have written comments on the blogs and didn’t return to answer the questions we asked in response. Others have sent emails demanding I remove all reference to their public promotions of UM from my blogs, and still more have engaged in various forms of harassment.

I have been wanting to speak with you for some time, but not sure how to go about it or whether it would be any use. I had thought of asking [ ] to come with me to see you because he knows both of us, however it was not a good idea to involve him. But when Mum said she wanted to see you, I thought I’d come along with her and see if we could arrange to talk sometime.

Perhaps Noddy makes a habit of accosting people in their workplaces to talk about matters unrelated to their work.

I didn’t know until you wrote the blog in November that there was a complaint made against you, but I knew that you had done such things first to many you have ‘named’.

The difference is I’ve submitted evidence of professional code breaches that have directly harmed people I’m in contact with. It’s not a game.

I am just a normal person. I don’t represent UM and I am not a ‘cult member’.

So why the sales pitch? To someone she hardly knows? Noddy admitted that a number of UM followers behave as if it’s a cult.

I’ve read what you’d written about people who are good friends and they are not in any way like you’ve portrayed them..

I’ve not portrayed a thing. I’ve responded to their public statements with questions and criticism. It’s not a portrayal.

I hear the presentations at UM and they make sense to me which is why I continue to go. Just as I came to ask you 5 years ago…

Nine years ago…

..about [your work] to find out if it seemed ok.  I just happened to choose the esoteric studies as you have been free to choose [your work related] studies. No-one maligns you for that. 

Noddy can’t distinguish a difference between a legitimate, recognized, non-ideological healthcare practice accountable to a professional association and the national regulator, and a bunch of occult teachings and habit forming practices that include inappropriate touching, evil supernatural entities, privacy invasions and disordered eating, along with sexist, anti-social and anti-family indoctrination.

I’ve explained to you that there is no coercion, no recruitment, it is purely free choice whether people decide to go or not.  

And I talked to her about deception and luring the vulnerable with false claims, followed by a course in suggestibility via trance induction. Perhaps I should have mentioned the bullying and threats on the secret Yammer site when followers baulked at putting their names to yet another public embarrassment.

How are you going to get any other view if anyone who gives their experience in a positive light, you bring them down on your blog.? 

I asked Noddy if she knew anyone who’d had a negative experience of UM. She said she knew only one, and that person had come back to UM after talking with Serge. I said I knew a lot more. I’ve had personal contact with scores of people who are extremely unhappy with UM, but it’s no wonder she reckons she doesn’t know anyone since UM actively censors questions and criticism to mislead the public into thinking they have no critics.

I also asked her about all the people who’d attended UM events or had Esoteric healings and never went back. In spite of saying she knows no one who had a negative experience, she said those people decided UM wasn’t for them and moved on. I told her hundreds of them read my blogs.

I have seen Serge help a tremendous number of people. I’ve seen people who have been in difficulties with drug addiction, alcoholism, self harm, abuse and anorexia who no longer have these things control their life.

Now they have Serge and his hierarchy of Brides control their lives instead, and are practicing a different form of self harm, behavioural addiction and disordered eating, packaged and premium priced as ‘self-loving choices’.

I’ll say it again, you can quit self harm, booze, drugs and cigarettes, lose weight and get healthy without joining a cult. Most of that can be done without spending money either.

They are also normal people, and feeling a lot better as a result. Some have absolutely transformed.

We know. We never hear the end of it.

It is difficult to read what you write about those I am close to and know to be so the opposite of what you say.

Funny how UMers get into a tizz about anything that challenges their starry eyed delusions, but never specify what I’ve said that’s false.

Obviously you have your own viewpoint, but I can only offer you my experience of knowing them for 5 years – and I would hope that I could offer that without the threat of being brought down and used against me or UM on a blog.

Brought down? Used against? That’s what the cult calls it when we question people promoting an organization harming people we care about. They also call it bullying, abuse and ‘hate’.

If you really want to know about these people you can just ask.  

Lots of us have asked, and received lies, insults, threats or zombie like passive aggressive denials in response. Noddy’s friend Dr Rachel Hall tried to have me charged with stalking for sending her an email asking her to stop promoting a sexual predator.

Moreover, I don’t want to know about these people. I’ve seen what they write on the net. I see first hand the cold disregard they have for victims and for others trying to put up with them. It’s not a difference in ‘viewpoints’, it’s serious questions about their accountability for destructive behaviour.

You note on your website that you respect the privacy of those who contact you and I would ask that you do so with our contact,

Noddy and her mother didn’t respect mine, just as the cult has no respect for anyone’s privacy or welfare, except their own.

Disturbing admissions

UMers are careful about what they put in writing, but on the phone, Noddy was happy to talk about sordid facts the cult omits from its publicity.

She told me I shouldn’t rely on our friend ‘You Know Who’ for my information – like I’m an idiot. It’s an interesting accusation seeing she and her associates rely on the one incoherent con artist for their One Unified Truth. I told her apart from experiencing and researching UM for myself, I’ve talked to a LOT of people. The large number of readers who’ve contacted me will be pleased to know Noddy and friends think you don’t exist.

Some of them know or remember Noddy from their time spent with UM.

She continued to try and to discredit You Know Who by attempting to tell me about his recently ended marriage, telling me I don’t know what happened between him and his ex wife. I pointed out that neither does she. She admitted she doesn’t but said she ‘knows’ his ex wife. I asked why she was talking about their marriage. What business is it of hers?

She took a gulp and changed the subject.

She told me I should go to some presentations if I wanted to find out about UM. I told her I’d been to two back in 2004-5 and that was enough. She said knowingly, ‘ohhh, that was then’, implying Serge’s rubbish had improved. I disagreed, having listened to recent audio, and read five of the books, a heap of EDG messages and student notes. Ten years on, it’s the same bullshit, stuck on repeat.

On charity being akin to paedophilia, Noddy said that a lot of charities are run in the wrong energy, but conceded that perhaps it isn’t as bad as paedophilia. She said she’d donated $800 to the building fund, and I asked her if she thought that was a cause in the public benefit, worthy of tax exemption. She said she didn’t think Serge should have to keep running courses at Lennox Head and it would be great to have their own building. She sees no problem with donating to Serge’s multimillion dollar commercial business under the pretence of charity.

Noddy was aware Miranda moved in to Serge’s home at 13, and was living unknown to Deborah in his Pineapple Rd address before the marriage broke up. She said that was ‘fiiine’, and nothing untoward was going on because she ‘knows’ Miranda, and ‘Miranda isn’t like that’. When I said it was unfair on Deborah, she said Deborah was upset by it but the marriage hadn’t broken up over Miranda. Deborah was holding Serge back from his light. When I said it was because he’d found someone younger and prettier, Noddy reckoned Serge and Miranda ‘aren’t like that’.

On Serge ranting about sex and sexual violence in his lectures, including underaged boys injuring adolescent girls via violent sexual acts, Noddy said it was good he talked about those things, and they were important subjects that should be talked about. I questioned the context of a health care lecture from an unqualified idiot to an all ages audience and asked if he’d reported it to the police. She said she doesn’t think he has any evidence. I asked if she would take her children to those events. She said her kids play down the back of the venue and probably don’t hear it.

On the necessity of children staying unaccompanied in Serge’s home, Noddy said Serge is fine and wouldn’t hurt anyone and the children are all ‘fiiiine’. She knows ‘a lot of them’ and they aren’t really children anymore, ‘they’re 12’ (years old).

I asked whether she’d performed the ‘Deeper Femaleness‘ technique during workshops or healings, and put her hands on anyone’s genitals, and she insisted the vulva isn’t touched during the technique. I said that’s not what the images show, and she said they put their hand on the pubic bone.

As if that’s any better.

I asked why they had to put their hands in that region at all and Noddy said Serge’s practices have helped her friends ‘clear the energy of sexual abuse‘. I asked if any of them have been successfully cleared. In nine years she’s been into UM and all that money spent, if anyone had reached a point of graduation where they no longer needed ‘clearing’? She doesn’t know anyone.

When I asked about holding a child or baby after I’d had a glass of wine, and how Serge has said that can result in the baby being raped by supernatural entities in the night, Noddy asked me if I’d allow someone high on drugs and alcohol to hold my baby. I asked her what that had to do with being raped by imaginary entities. I asked if she and her friends were more concerned about being sexually assaulted by figments of Serge’s imagination than a real life sexual predator. I questioned their sending little girls to stay in the home of the bloke who dreamed this rubbish up, and she told me that entities are real. She told me I don’t understand, and that one of her friends grew up in a pub, and ‘it was amazing’ when Serge talked about entities raping children in the night because it had happened to her friend. She said how amazing it was that Serge understood what had happened to her.

I suggested Serge had made her believe that had happened to her, and her friend is in need of responsible mental health care. And not from the cult’s compromised psychologists.

Noddy was still insisting UM was amazing and cheerfully dismissive of my concerns. I’d had enough. I reiterated that I had no interest in ‘connecting’ with her.

Then came the text messages, thanking me for ridiculing the nonsense she spoke, and then the email continuing the pitch.

Every day I ask myself if I’m doing the right thing in taking action against UM, and every day I reach the same conclusion. The conversation with Noddy, who joy-fully puts her own and other people’s children at risk, and laughs off psychological and sexual abuse because she feels healthy and amazing and beauty-full, merely strengthened my resolve.

Conversation with Noddy’s mother: The Anatomy of Denial


13 thoughts on “Dangerous delusion – a UniMed cult member answers our questions

  1. A couple of points:

    “you have been free to choose [your work related] studies. No-one maligns you for that”

    Actually, Serge maligns you for that. Serge has repeatedly stated on the record that every non-UM healing modality is a creation of, or has been corrupted by, his fictional, apocalyptic Four Lords Of Form. He warns all his followers that any practitioner not doing ‘the work’ is not only incapable of healing their clients, but us effectively harming them via the transmission of pranic energy, astral entities etc. My ex partner actively attempted to dissuade me from doing pilates, and seeing any physiotherapists, dentists, or counsellors not affiliated with UM. Essentially, anyone not following Serge is a source of pranic energy, thus harmful and/or evil.

    Secondly, regarding the highly questionable genesis of Serge’s relationship with Miranda, Noddy may believe that they “aren’t like that”, Deborah apparently thought otherwise at the time these events were occurring, and reportedly vocalized that opinion publicly on more than one occasion. Why she decided to align with Serge only she knows, but I will speculate that either money talks, or Serge has some dirt on his ex wife and was able to coerce her into supporting his cult scam. Or both.

    Finally, Noddy and the other followers may believe that they don’t need Serge, and I suspect that they will continue on practicing the deluded principles of ‘the livingness’ if he ever has to answer for his past misconduct, however I’d like to remind them of something; I have heard a recording of Serge where he says that when you bake a cake, for example, the energy of everything you’ve done in your life is transferred into that cake. Following that logic, the energy of everything Serge has done in his past has been transferred into all of his teachings and ‘healing’ techniques.

    Everything he has ever done.


    Remember that students, because when the true extend of Serge’s transgressions is revealed and you (hopefully) accept just how badly you have been swindled and manipulated, I can assure you, you are going to want NOTHING to do with him or anything he has taught you.

  2. Picture this:

    You call someone you barely know, after you’ve been asking unwelcome questions about them to friends of their’s behind their back.

    In the call, you put down their friends or make out they don’t exist, keep a smile on your face and dismiss and contradict everything they say, and in spite of the person telling you you’re talking ‘fucking bullshit’ and not to contact them, you send them text messages and letters talking about yourself and your religion. And then you ask for it to be kept private.

    I am just a normal person. I don’t represent UM and I am not a ‘cult member’.

    No. No. And um, No.

  3. So in a nutshell.

    Noddy thinks that ghosts raping children is a real problem and although she knows Serge initiated a relationship with Miranda when she was in her formative years, that is not a problem at all? Invite the kids over. Quick!!

    They also think you’re insane- under the spell of the dark triad- and I’m a delusional liar hell bent on revenge.
    But tall stories about lords of form and astral entities aren’t insane and Serge being caught out as a liar over and over is a media beat up.

    FMD-these people are wilfully stupid.
    Spherical truth.

    I guess they’ll need to flock down to Lennox now to get on top of the one unified truth from the mouth of the master of deceptions. You never know, it may wear off and the absurdity of their convoluted thinking shock them out if their collective stupidity. How scary would it be to think for themselves?

    • Ha! I forgot that bit, Noddy tried to tell me I don’t know you, and that you’re ‘hell bent on destroying people in UM’.

      It’s all a bit lurid isn’t it? Hell bent on stopping harm to vulnerable people caught up in this madness – including kids – doesn’t have the same overtones of villainy, does it?

      The other point there was that Noddy kept telling me I don’t know this and that, but she ‘knows’ your ex, like she ‘knows’ Miranda, and she ‘knows’ me – having met me twice, years ago. Like Serge ‘knows more than any scientist’ in his inner heart.

      I said to her, ‘yeah, you know everything. Serge taught you feeling is knowing, and then he told you what to feel.’

      The cult calls it ‘clairsentience’. The reality translator calls it smug deluded arrogance that looks to outsiders like garden variety fuckwittery.

      • I don’t care about what people choose to do. That’s up to them. But I do care when people are tricked into thinking they have made a choice when they haven’t. I care that Serge pretends to be running a healing clinic and alternative healing courses, which is how it looks to an uninformed outsider, when he is really selling his own exclusive occult religion and deploying well known thought reform techniques to embroil them in it.

        I care that he’s broken up scores of families, and created a trail of misery. But I am not hellbent on getting anyone, other than Serge. Why they may ask? Simple- it is because he is a reprehensible and duplicitous conman. Even I gave him the benefit of the doubt- until I saw the bizarre changes in my wife’s thinking and behaviour, and then his urgings for her to ‘live the love she knows she is’ after years of priming that amounts to discarding ‘pranic’ people. Especially partners.

        Members can do what they want. Even if it is an idea, memory and feeling that has been implanted. It is not my business. (promoters and enablers exempted of course)

        Serge on the other hand, has finally met a group of people who will continue until the job is finished. And due to Serge’s dodgy background, finished it will be. Very soon.

    • Yep, the Lennox Head RETREAT begins tomorrow.

      One wonders how many of the faith-full have forked out yet another $1600 to touch each other up and be told what to feel by SergeCorp, while the cult kids enjoy an entity free break with pranic partners and other detractors.

      And no way Nancy and Noddy wrote those letters. My guess it was a committee effort with the Rebecca clones, Baldwin & Poole, plus Jenny Ellis.

  4. Noddy, Nancy and the other unquestioning believers of Benhayon’s bullshit are not cult members, but followers of a “true religion”:

    A “true religion” whose central tenets, the followers believe, are supernaturally transmitted to its exclusive prophet (and for his exclusive profit) by the ghosts of reincarnated paedophiles and murderers living in Shamballa. Nope, nothing culty about that.

      • The May 1st deadline for the UK Charity Commission investigation in to the Sound Foundation is approaching rapidly…

      • Small Yay!
        But then this from their listing on the ACNC site:

        “Date Established
        Who the Charity Benefits
        General community in Australia
        People with chronic illness

        From the horses mouth:

        A claim to “benefit people with chronic illness” how? I see a TGA complaint right there, or APHRA or someone. Except they are useless.

        And youth… What the hell does that mean? I think it means young girls. As in the ones that have been cult inducted at Natalie little shows, and brought in by their star-struck mums as sacrificial lambs to the altar of Serge.

        People with chronic illness? Youth?! Advancing “eduction” (in what, for fucks sake!??), Charity?!

        Bloody hell.

    • Re: “True religion” link … a significant proportion of UM website blogs includes individuals reflecting on the horrors of their austere (usually Catholic) “church” upbringing. Sadly many were deeply traumatised and understandably never entered a church again. They’ve then wrongly assumed all churches / Christians are / believe the same. Most frustrating is that when I’ve attempted to address their misconceptions (eg that the Bible tells us that the most important goal is “faith expressing itself through love” or “Christ died to set us free” it isn’t approved / published. So they not only wallow in their distortions / miserable past experiences, Serge or whoever vetoes a healthier perspective, instead offering only his brilliant solutions… “true religion” yeah right. (If I cant express it on UM blogs, then I’ll do it here instead!)

      • I noticed the following disclaimer on that blog:

        Please note we reserve the right to decline the publication of comments that are purely self-promotional or which are designed to advance a predefined agenda or dogma, we find that comments of this nature are not conducive to open two-way conversation. This means no Scripture-spam please. Refer to our Comments Policy for further guidelines.




        On a purely self-loving, Serge-promotional propaganda site where open conversation is forbidden by a bunch of fascist enemies of free speech who spam anything and everything that gets in the way of indoctrinating the unwary with their suffocating One Unified Truth.

        Gentle breath INTOLERANCE.

  5. UM’s “disclaimer” and “comments policy” is very interesting, implying a lot of anonymous “self promoting” and “dogmatic” criticism, non-conducive to “open two way conversation”. Rationalising the censoring of alternative world views and apparently oblivious to their own hypocrisy.

    My UM blog responses have always included my full name and certainly weren’t “self promotional”. (In fact, I risked seeming narrow minded / ignorant and alienating much loved family and friends).

    My motive’s been to find common ground (such as “love”, self love, self responsibility and “grace”) and to redress major “church” related, damaging misconceptions about Jesus / God, which understandably UM followers react against. (As Jesus said “The truth will set you free”).

    It’s hard to remain silent as evidence based beliefs (eg see lawyer’s Josh McDowell’s “New Evidence the Demands a Verdict”) are massively distorted.

    After taking time to help dismiss unnecessarily guilt provoking, burdensome religious / cult like (emotionally, physically and ultimately spiritually damaging) principles, it’s hard not to disrespect close minded UM leaders who apparently block all but the most benign comments.

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