Have your say – $ergical excision: a guest post from Cult*ural In$ergent

The upside of blogging exposure of the Universal Medicine cult is contact with a number of brilliant, interesting and caring people who are just as concerned as I am about UM’s harms. All are welcome to submit a post or air their views here or on the FACTS blog, and choose their own accompanying music and artworks. DV.

By Cult*ural In$ergent

I’m not involved with Universal Medicine in any way (thankfully) but in the past I was acquainted with a couple – we first met when our children were quite young – who appear to have a deep involvement (part of the inner sanctum-onious).

Following a cancer diagnosis I was warned to steer clear of UM. What sound advice! It was the first I’d heard of ’em so I looked up the Universal Medicine site. I was surprised to see the photo of a young woman known to me from days gone by, now part of the UM family fold. I find it concerning, as this young woman is potentially very vulnerable due to her background.

Objectively, from the ‘outside’, Serge Benhayon’s philosophical ideas (the initial ‘light bulb’ moment occurring – correct me if I’m wrong – on the crapper, that great seat of enlightenment) seem insidiously, covertly cultish. Perhaps I’m mistaken??? Those who follow UM tenets may feel gloriously glorious making acceptable music and consuming a designer diet. It’s not a cult, though, it’s ‘just a business’.

 UM’s dietary restrictions are highly concerning. Research by The Karolinska Institutet (one of the world’s foremost medical institutes) in Sweden suggests that prolonged nutritional restriction may lead to the possibility of eating disorders in progeny. It’s interesting that $ergio surrounds himself with health and other professionals whose ties with UM add a certain weight to his swirling incoherencies. Yet, it seems, when it’s convenient to do so, he eschews the value of critical thinking. Also, if this esoteric diet is all it’s cracked up to be, why the need to purchase additional dietary supplements from the UM ‘shop’? Hey, just askin’…

I read something about a book burning carried out on a rural property. If this did indeed happen (and it seems to be a matter of public record that it did), then it’s rather disturbing. I have misgivings about anyone involved in the burning of books given the potential implications. I come from a family of cunning linguists and librarians; independent thought and a love of learning were fostered in our household. The burning or damaging of books is complete anathema to me as books represent, even in this electronic age, intellectual autonomy. Would a doctor, a dentist, a naturopath, a physiotherapist, a psychologist, a lawyer or any reasonable, educated person participate in or facilitate such a thing? Surely not! Obviously, one cannot obtain the necessary qualifications to practise professionally in any of these fields without having first studied tomes and textbooks. The slope upon which books are incinerated is a very slippery one that leads to endangerment of knowledge, diversity, imagination and ultimately, freedom.

Having lived for many years in the Northern Rivers region, I’ve seen, heard and read much of the various brands and flavours of New Age codswallop. Some are obviously outlandishly whacky whilst others are less obviously so and therein, perhaps, lurks even greater danger. $erge might seem initially to fall into the latter category, although scratch the surface and he starts sounding a little… off.

$erge’s circuitous (spherical) wafflings are weirdly Woodstockesque. Almost as though he failed to heed Wavy Gravy’s watch-out-for-the-brown-acid warning. What’s he NOT on, people? Evil gall bladders and livers and whatnot; trinities of I’m-not-responsible-the-ventriloquist-and-the-ventriloquist’s-dummy-made-me-do-it (with them)… a warped kind of New Age absolution. But the un-in-truth evil trinity of altruism, empathy and ginger…? Whoa, girlfriend, don’t get me started! Don’t even.

It’s an interesting phenomenon that the hierarchical power structure of ‘but we don’t fit the definition of a cult’ cults invariably involves predictable psychological grooming that gradually disempowers members and leaves children ominously unprotected. Healthy relationships with friends and family are cast aside like detritus, ensuring a loss of support. Ostracism of doctrinal dissenters is paramount, thus crippling any attempted critique. There’s really no such thing as a Claytons cult. A cult is a cult is a cult. Simple.

I really can’t help weighing up the hitherto unforeseen benefits of a double mastectomy – negates the need for esoteric breast massage!!! What everyone looking into the abyss totes needs (I know I do) is an esoterically massaged guilt trip. These guilt trips are absolutely fabulous but honestly they’re soooo passé, daaahling. $erge is just one of countless who have gone before who employ these cheesy-twisted – and highly effective – indoctrination techniques. Charlatans have been around since the year dot but these New Age grifters are particularly ‘grifted and talented’. If you have an illness or dis-ease (how they love to pronounce it that way) then the problem lies with you. You need to take personal responsibility, for $erge’s sake! Then if their healing/channelling/cleansing etc. amounts to naught then it’s still your fault as your attitude/commitment/belief was somehow fundamentally flawed or – and this is pure gold, I love this – it’s because of (your, never their) past life transgressions. It’s a win-win. The main thing is that they’ve acquired (willingly donated, natch) at least some, if not all, of your earthly goods and chattels along the (spiritual) way. The en-lightening of wallets is still done with smoke and mirrors. The Sensitive New Age Cowpersons wrote an insightful song titled Guru Won’t You Please Come Home with lyrics such as “you turned my wine into water, my diamonds into coal”…

Wow, it so blows my mind that Leonardo-not-DiCaprio — and a few other high profile dead dudes (and dudesses?) may’ve reincarnated/set up shop in some nondescript dude-on-a-dunny just up the bloody road from here. Cooool. What an awesome revelation! An’ d’ya know wot? Reckon I’m ’bout in the mood for a cheeky lil’ drop o’ Chakra Puncha (’twasn’t the Kool-Aid, babe, ’twas the Chakra Puncha). Just what the Real Media-ocrity dok-ta ordered. Cha-cha! Cha-ching!! Where’s my quill? I feel a real sense of in$ergency to sign on the dotted line…

The Shambolic-Lighthouse-Keeper and his heirs may yet be dashed upon the rocks of misguided greed. Seems to me it’s about time all those emperors-sans-clothes in this world started their own naturist cult. It’d be awfully crowded, though, as there are so many (shitloads, actually) ‘Chosen Ones’ or, even more conceitedly, ‘The One’. Methinks it’d be damn near impossible to chill out, like ev-ver, ’cause the pointy bit at the top of the cosmic pyramid is uber ouchy when you’re stark naked…

By the way, I’m trying to work out how to market a fantastic product I’ve recently invented (it’ll-change-your-life-in-ways-you-never-imagined-possible-no-pressure-you’re-free-to-decide-try-it-for-yourself-let’s-listen-to-what-others-have-said-about-this-product) — the amazing new $erge Protekta. Oh, wait a minute, I just thought of the perfect vehicle/business model… I’ll start a cult! There’s mega buck$ to be made that way. Yay!! There’ll be fees (donations) and working bees in my not-for-your-profit organisation. I’ll have lots of stuff paid for by you (and yours) sequestered away for me (and mine). In my cult I’ll be the Grand Poobah Dominatrix Inishi-shat ascended to the Gazillionth Level ’cause I say so! Why stop at the 5th Dimension? Some mind-f*#kers really lack vision. Where’s their get up and go? Where’s their Up, Up and Away? Maybe they’re held back by the ‘impress’ of Margaret and David’s rating system.

Seriously though, cults aren’t frickin’ funny. They’re dangerously, unsettlingly disturbing.

In the Eungella/Tyalgum region we have the alchemist Jessa O’My Heart of Hermes Far Eastern Shining (formerly Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember) whose followers pay a mother lode for his alchemically transformed water. But, you know, it’s really, really worth it. Wow! Then of course, not too far away, we have Jesus and Mary of Murgon. The current Mary (Mary Suzanne Luck – guess one could say she really Lucked out) hails from Gympie originally, from what I understand, although apparently there’s been a myriad, a veritable multitude of Marys (forgive me, I’m exaggerating – um, was it The Three Marys?) who came before. Add $erge to the mix and I must say I feel truly blessed and underwhelmed to be surrounded by so much wisdom and wondrousness. There’s nothing notably unique about the havoc they daily wreak.

Ah, the loveliness of livingness. Prana = yukky. Fiery = yummy. Or something like that. Anyhoo. Deeeeeeeeeeeep. And damp.

Honestly, I’m not cynical. I mean, I didn’t START OUT that way…

6 thoughts on “Have your say – $ergical excision: a guest post from Cult*ural In$ergent

  1. Brilliant post, my friend.

    You made a great point that we discussed about how UM is a cut more sinister than the usual cult rabble in the Byron area. They take on a mainstream appearance, with endorsement from various professionals – but the content is extreme, in terms of both weirdness, totalistic thinking and potential harm.

    Ultra conservative, non chilled out bigots are not really the norm in Far North NSW. And for people who call themselves lovers of humanity and demonize emotions, they sure do a lot of bitching and emoting.

    Thanks again for posting and I hope you’ll treat us some more with your work.

    To our other readers, see how nice it is to have other voices on the blog, and to share someone else’s music taste? Some of you have offered to contribute a post or two, so please get typing. And you can choose any images or music you’d like to go with it.

  2. Dang. I wish I had thought of Cult*ural In$ergent. How come everyone else is so witty? And I am just the Lord of Form.

    Now let’s see- a young lass that you knew fell into the Benhayon Lair and ended up a member of the inner family? How I wonder? Did she go for a visit and never return? I guess we’re talking about one of those lucky lasses betrothed to the anointed ones handsome offspring’s; with a little help from dad me thinks. And is there some other connection we should know about?

    Well, I guess we already do. It smells a little like creepy history stuck on repeat. And nothing weird at all about high profile members are their daughters all hitched up to the Master’s clan. Seems nothing like the branch Davidians or those crazy salt-lake mormons, does it now?

    You are so lucky Cult*ural In$sergent to be flanked by such a phalanx of enlightened ones. It must be hard to choose. Jesus here, a master there, Sergey baby just over here. And all of them with their rusted on followers oblivious that the next group feel exactly the same about their self-anointed leader and exclusive wisdom. I think those of us who haven’t fallen prey to a group should thank our lucky stars that we’ve got the good old cult of society to impose things on us like education, laws, liberty and long health. We just have to put up with rampant advertising and manipulative media, but at least our brains are (generally) intact enough to know what is bullshit and what is not.

    It’s good to hear from you. We know that there are a lot more ex-friends, associates, family members and interested parties out there that have an opinion and a not very nice story about Serge and his minions. We are always glad when someone else has the courage to put up their hand and say their piece. If everyone did, there would be hundreds of dissenting voices by my reckoning.

    We look forward to the day when people don’t feel intimidated by the insanely zealous Serge groupies and their hate-attacks so everyone can at last express how Universal Medicine has negatively impacted their lives which I dare say outdoes their purported “healing and service to mankind” 100 to 1. Thanks for your voice.

  3. If everyone who has lost a friend, family member or partner to Serge’s laughable, half-baked, batshit insanity (or been ripped off by any of his innumerable historic scams) were to make their voices heard his name would be worth less than mud. And I’m not referring to the dirt he used to dig up from his backyard and deceptively peddle to gullible New-Agers as miraculous “healing mud”.

  4. Ha ha, yes, it loses the plot a bit around the four minute mark, althought the biatch could be $erge, but yeah, give them a sex change and put them in neck scarves and it’s UM.

    • If any of you would like to post YouTube vids in the comments, just paste the URL (web address in navigation bar in your browser) into the ‘Tell us what you think’ reply form above. You don’t need to enter an email address or name.

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