Universal Medicine *Facts* – rewriting history

The Universal Medicine cult recently launched their own Esoteric ‘facts’ site to venerate Serge Benhayon, persuade themselves they’re not a cult and falsely defame critics. Just as their One Unified Truth has no relationship with facts, cult propaganda is called ‘true journalism’.  On Planet Serge victims don’t exist, sleaze and dishonesty are sold as ‘integrity’, and they’ll say anything in the name of self love to avoid our questions. In response to their Esoteric versions of my anti-cult and health accountability activism I posted some corrections on the site. Surprise surprise, none were published.

Not a revenge site

From a UniMed broadcast to the faith-full:

New Student Initiative

It has never been the desire of Serge or Universal Medicine to give attention, credence nor time to those who choose to use their energy to harass and lie about Universal Medicine and members of the student body. However the nature of the internet being as is has resulted in the lies and innuendo spread by a small group of anonymous cyberbullies to be very visible for the world to see. Recently, a group of students felt it was time to publically unveil the cloak of anonymity of these cyber- bullies and to set the record straight. So a new website has been launched with the purpose of unveiling the cyberbullies and providing a platform to present the truth to counter the lies. This is by no means a website designed for vengeance but a place to bring about true accountability, true responsibility and a true voice to the absolute facts regarding Universal Medicine, its philosophies and students. This site will give people who are seeking information the opportunity to make a choice – accept the lies of the cyberbullies or the truth of who Universal Medicine and all of us really are while at the same time presenting the truth of who those who are spreading malicious lies behind pseudonyms actually are.

The new website has just been launched and at universalmedicinefacts.com. “The Facts About Universal Medicine”

Be aware that until traffic builds on our site, when you use search terms similar to the name of the site, the main sites that will come up are those moderated by cyber-bully Esther Rockett. We ask you to avoid entering Esther Rockett’s sites as we obviously don’t want to give her any unnecessary traffic. Take care to read the taglines under the search results as these taglines make it obvious which sites are Esther Rockett’ sites – Universal Medicine Accountability and The Facts About Universal Medicine.” 

As we know UniMed is all about ‘free will and free choice’ and no one tells anyone what to do. Students exercise their free will and let the Brides tell them to ignore the evidence I’ve provided with every post. They freely choose the one sided ‘truth’ on the closed sites.

Rewriting the facts

The Brides of Serge are saying the nasty ovarian reading I endured with Benhayon never happened. They ‘know’ because the guru has told them they’re clair-sentient and AMAZING.

In service to the ‘absolute facts’, this comment correcting some errors in their account of my experience was sent off on the shuttle to Arcturus. With the others I posted.

Ovarian Reading Comment

Next is not for profit consultant, Victoria Lister’s rewrite of the facts. TrickyVickyUMFactsNever mind causing further public offence to that organization by blaming me for her dismissal. I learned about the problems when the no confidence motion was already underway.

UM followers, including Ms Lister do not question the One Unified Truth of Benhayon’s teachings on disability and disease, including repugnant balderdash like this:

 A mental and or physical disability is the karma of controlling other people for self-gain. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 302)

From the organization’s public apology:

At our first full meeting, on 17 April 2013, the new Committee resolved to formally apologise to members and supporters of [redacted] who were upset or offended in any way by any connection with or perceived endorsement of the beliefs of Universal Medicine. The committee sincerely regrets the hurt caused in this way. The constitution of [redacted]  sets out our  corporate principles, which commence with the principle that persons with a disability and persons with a disadvantage, whatever the nature, type or degree of disability or disadvantage, are inviduals who have the inherent right of respect for their human worth and dignity. Beliefs about disability, illness and disadvantage that, as the new committee understands them, are not only inconsistent with our principles, but are injurious to the well-being of our members, are rejected as completely unacceptable. 

I won’t name the organization because Ms Lister’s involvement already did enough damage. As far as I’m concerned she owes the members an apology. And me. And a retraction.

Next are NHS employees, Jane Keep and Eunice Minford, abusing their positions in a public funded institution to promote Benhayonism. (click to enlarge or use Ctrl+)

Keep&MinfordUMFactsJane Keep is claiming my pointing out to her employers her directorship of UM UK and her trusteeship of the Sound Foundation Charitable Trust, which is in serious trouble with the UKCC is ‘completely unfounded’.

Eunice Minford’s employers probably were completely professonal and saw my notification about her promotion of a sexual predator and his ludicrous pseudoscience ‘for what it was and more’. They asked her to remove contact details of her NHS surgical practice from her reverential Soulful Doctor site.

Comments are always open here Eunice and friends if you’d like to discuss these issues. I think it’s pretty generous of me, considering you never allow mine.

Propaganda or ‘true journalism’

The site’s ‘writers’ include Brisbane barrister, Charles Wilson, and Serge’s business partner, Desiree Delaloye, who are both directors of the tax exempt College of Universal Medicine. Ex cop, Ray Karam is responding to the hatchet job on Lance’s business.


Finally, who could resist the love-able Simon Williams, who granted the Sound Foundation (aka the UK Church of Serge) a 999 year lease on his Lighthouse property in Somerset.


Anyway, publicly labelling me a mentally ill cyber-bully for exposing facts is nothing compared with the vile rewrite of a seventeen year relationship aired on that site. The Esoteric lynch mob labelled a good friend of ours a domestic abuser and a few other disgraceful labels because he questioned his wife’s involvement with this pack of self righteous liars and enablers, and has taken action to reduce the harm done by UM – including the significant risks to children. He has never met most of the people weighing in on his private life. Those he has met were mostly in passing and the rest were self-loving individuals who had the endearing habit of asking for favours.

All that nastiness based on his wife’s one sided account which didn’t specify any abuse.

SkullHeartThe most disturbing thing is not the ease with which they ignore evidence and lie. And lie. And lie. But the troubling sense that they believe their collectively generated bullshit.

And they call false and defamatory character assassination accompanied by glamour photographs and glowing promotions of The One, being ‘in truth’ and ‘love’.

49 thoughts on “Universal Medicine *Facts* – rewriting history

  1. The lies that group tells itself and others are horrendous. When they aren’t twisting things to their own favour here and there, they are making an art-form of mangling and beating truth to death so it is unrecognizable. I can’t really imagine how any of them live with themselves or how they communicate within the group. But I’ll give it a shot.

    “Hi there Cult member 1, did you hear about the lie lie lie lie lie lie”
    “Oh really! Lie lie lie lie lie….and lie!”
    “Did you hear what Serge said? lie lie lie lie lie lie lie”
    “Oh his lies are so amazing…..lie lie lie lie lie lie”
    “let’s put up a site of lie lie lie lies”
    “That’s amazing, and so loving…lie lie lie lie lie lie”
    “let’s ask Serge, he knows best how to lie lie lie lie”

    It reminds me of being a primary school, except with far less wit and intelligence. “Look at him! He’s not one of us.He’s telling a truth… Let’s beat him up. Yeah”

    Puppets, empty vessels, imposed truths, arrogance, bizarre, fishy? All words that describe them to a tee.

    Special mention to Ray Karam, the emasculated ex-cop that accuses people of being a criminal, when they aren’t. That’s a very specific allegation. What is making an allegation like that called Ray? One that can’t be substantiated? Weren’t you paying attention at the station house?

    And the accused’s marriage has been downgraded from a 17 year relationship to a 16 year “arrangement”- Now that is rewriting history.

    Lie, Lie, Lie.

    • UM allegedly aspires to “truth” but seems to evade directly addressing valid questions / concerns / issues raised and therefore seem to loyally / blindly / stubbornly accept each others lies / defensive accusations / delusions. I might have accepted some of their more benign UM “truths” if I hadn’t experienced for myself their extreme controlling censoring of even mildly challenging or questioning comments on their websites.

      • That’s a good point. There’s zero wriggle room in their obstinate certainty.

        They make no distinction between mild, polite questioning and robust, impolite questioning. ALL questioning is equally characterised as ‘hate’, ‘abuse’ and ‘bullying’ and prohibited.

        Frankly I couldn’t care less that they believe evolution isn’t ‘true’, or that the Lords of Form emerged from a portal to Sirius or whatever. I don’t even care that they’re fundamentalists.

        For me, it’s the harm they need to answer to – the grooming behaviour, molestation, rorting, deceptive advertising, vandalism of health and privacy, and now the false and defamatory intimidations.

        I’m asking them to be honest, and to stop pushing toxic Benhayonism on patients and clients in their workplaces. For the health professionals to stop publicly endorsing this rot. I’m asking them to stop taking children to these events and sending them to Serge’s house for sleepovers, and to lay off harassing vulnerable people with malicious magical thinking – blaming them for their diseases or for being victims of abuse and threatening them into toeing the cult line. They reckon I’m threatening them. But look at what they do to people who speak up. If you’re not publicly defamed, like us, vulnerable people are threatened with karmic consequences – disease or damnation into future incarnations.

        The whole ‘healing’ premise of Universal Medicine is based on bullying. ‘Do as we say, or else.’

  2. “These articles are only possible because Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of, nothing that cannot go into the public light, NOTHING.”

    – Eduardo Feldman,
    JUNE 2, 2014 AT 5:03 PM

    If this were the case Eduardo, don’t you think it’s a little strange that Serge is still hiding behind a wall of blog posts written by his followers? This is the same man who has repeatedly claimed on the record that he would debate anyone on the planet as to the veracity of his claims. Don’t you think it’s just a little odd that Serge has been completely invisible throughout this recent episode in ‘the New Era’? The World Teacher from Shamballa experiences some criticism from ‘a handful of disgruntled men who haven’t dealt with their issues’ and he can’t even publicly defend himself? If there’s nothing to hide, if there’s no truth to the allegations being made you’d think he’d take legal action or at least be willing to engage in some sort of public debate, but I can assure you that will not happen, because Serge has EVERYTHING to hide. The information that has been revealed here is just the tip of the iceberg and he knows it.

    • These guys are so funny. They know EVERYTHING about other people and events without actually knowing anything at all. If I was as stupid as Eduardo I’d probably be as blissed out as he seems to be.

      Eduardo, you’re wrong- Serge has everything to hide and million$ of reasons to do so. What is strange is that the site he has put up SHOWS the world how much he is trying to hide it. With the exception of you over invested numb-skulls, that site has yelled CULT, LIARS, COMPROMISED FOOLS, CULT LEADER, WTF! to the world. I know we are just pranic but that’s the consensus out here in the real world.

      Many of Serge’s lies are as obvious as the nose on your face. You know that thing in the middle of your face that you pick every so often? Yes, that’s your nose… But there are things that when they become publicly available, even you in your immense stupidity of evidence bereft certainty- will say: “Oh, so he’s not who he said. Dang…next”

      I think Serge thinks that 2 years was enough time for us to do our worst and it was time to lash out. Wrong. We’re just getting started. The real dirt is yet to emerge. It takes time to get these things sorted, but rest assured sorted they will be, and then the real show will begin.

      Then let’s see what the public light shows us then Eduardo. We already know about your stupidity so at least you don’t have to worry about that.

  3. Hello *facts* Brides – a little ditty for you, in case you think we’ll be lying down in a hurry:

    Serge doesn’t give a shit. He’s happy to run UM and the Brides off a cliff.

    As long as he gets to play out his Messiah complex.

    • Crumbs, Jack White AND Wagner in the one post 😮

      Someone’s on the warpath…. 😈

      That fucked up fAcTs blog is a pretty powerful statement to the faith-full, yes? Thems the consequences for any among them who dares speak out – certain defamation by the whole pack – a good one sided lynching.

      Imagine any of them deciding that all those nasty lies might have gone too far. Will they be next? We’ve seen the 2 minutes of hate clip – the louder you shout ‘traitor’ and the harder you kick the scapegoat with your shiny jackboots, the better you can avert suspicions away from your own doubt.

      The thing is, all of them have done the group confessions. The whole cult knows each other’s nasty habits and weaknesses. THAT’S what they’re afraid of if they step out of line – all their dirty laundry hung out on the internet.

      Better to stay in line.

      Healthy. Self-loving. cHOiCeS.

  4. UM leaders accuse ER of “being unable to have a reasonable discussion” and demonstrating “evident incapacity for reasonable conversation”: however UM sites block responses with a different point of view!

    What about ER’s right to reply to distortions and un-lovely, denigrating slurs on her character?? The apparent denial / minimisation of significant issues raised, self righteousness and hypocrisy is astounding!

    I’m sure ER has better things to do with her free time: why would she so doggedly pursue such a challenging, thankless path … unless of course there’s some basis to her allegations!

    At least ER is open and secure enough to allow others to have their say (even if some may use her platform to perpetuate abuse, including “veiled threats” of physical violence, which you can’t blame her for). By the way, UM follower’s NG’s response (26/5) to Anna’s account may also be interpreted as a “veiled threat”: he hopes that the “real men” will “show LM what happens to bully boys”.

    Accusing ER of “threatening behaviour” for “naming names” or even passing on information to employers / authorities is nonsense if UM has nothing to hide. Why is it a threat to be openly associated with UM?! (In their defensive scramble to destroy ER’s credibility, UM may
    be digging themselves into a bigger hole. Sad as obviously most UM followers are obviously sincere and well meaning).

    Although there may be little reliable scientific evidence to support “brain washing”, “coercive persuasion” or “mind control”, how do we explain some one as intelligent, strong and capable as Anna being so easily oppressed and manipulated by an alleged abuser? Emotional / psychological / verbal and spiritual abuse is often subtle and difficult to detect. Even in love-ly organisations with some commendable principles.

    I agree with Ariana’s words (also May 26/5 UM) that “standing against those who are so ready to exploit the wounded is inspiring to us all”: I hope that the truth of who is the real abuser / abusers is revealed, as obviously someone is lying or at least distorting / concealing the truth. I hope that whoever it is develops strength and integrity to admit wrong, apologise and rectify. (Then the world might be a better place!)

    • Thanks. My ‘evident incapacity for reasonable conversation’ is probably SergeSpeak for not caving in to their hissy demands that I remove their names and all discussion of their harmful public behaviour from my site, or refusing to treat an ex patient who called to invade my privacy and entrap me with a false complaint to AHPRA. Must be it, because that’s the only communication I’ve had from these people – Oh and Dr Rachel Hall who responded to my reasonable request to stop promoting a sexual predator with a self-loving complaint to the police.

      I’m not sure what my ‘veiled threat’ of violence was. How are they saying I managed that one?

      Yes, someone is definite lying. A lot of people are lying. And it’s bloody obvious who they are. There’s a lot of accusations flying around that site, but the evidence they present, and in some cases blatantly falsify, is hardly persuasive.

      The saddest part is that some of are genuinely unable to identify abuse.

  5. Actually the “veiled threats of violence” were attributed to one of the other blokes they’re esoterically assassinating: as you didn’t censor him, you enabled him and are therefore responsible. (So much for self responsibility, they blame when it suits. All becomes “cyber bullying” when it upsets / challenges UM).

    • Oh okay. And again, they’re associating me with comments I’ve never laid eyes on. He never made threats on my sites. Never. And they can’t show any threatening comments that were posted on my sites. Given their readiness to falsify Priness’s comments who knows if he actually made them.

      Which reminds me – anyone who posts on their sites, I recommend you keep a screenshot of what you’ve posted – like I have above. These people are not above falsifying comments and then going to workplaces to harass people. Because I’m self employed they’ve taken it to AHPRA instead. If you feel the need to communicate with them, protect yourself.

  6. I actually did threaten Serge on one of your sites, with buying a trademark for the Benelux. I had lots of other things on my mind lately, so I forgot about it. But didn’t miss the “veiled threat” towards me about Dobbs reply on the Astrodienst forum, according to the new Facts about Serge site (is it me, or is this getting complicated…?), which Dobbs never made there: he wrote those words on the Rick Ross forum. We all know how hard it is to pass Rick Ross moderation, being just blunt and stupid. How convenient it must be (indeed) the 150 pages thread on UniMed on the Rick Ross forum mysteriously disappeared into thin air. Anyway, it was me who quoted it on the Astrodienst forum, because he made a good point by asking what would be the next crazy gadget they would all started buying, concerning ‘ Natalie$’ Moon Cycle app.

    • Ha! I wondered how Dobbs managed to get on to the Astro forum…

      And what the hell is a ‘veiled threat’ anyway?

      Here are some fresh threats for the numpties:

      If you continue with the deceptive marketing we’ll continue to expose you.

      If you continue preying on the vulnerable, we’ll continue to issue warnings.

      If your behaviour amounts to professional misconduct we will report you.

      Those threats are a lot different to Neil Gamble setting the ‘real men’ of Bangalow on our friend just because he has said things that don’t accord with Sergio’s One Unified Bullshit.

      As for the Rick Ross Forum disappearing – not quite. UM copied the whole thing – like they keep copies of everything we say or write.

      • Funnily enough, the most obvious unveiled threats have come from UM nutters, including one made to Richard of The Universal Medicine Cult blog (http://universalmedicinecult.wordpress.com/) along the line of ‘I’d like to smack you in the fucking mouth’. A similar (this time public) threat of physical violence/assault was reportedly made towards an ex-member who decided to speak out against UM online. Miranda’s mother’s car was reportedly egged after she spoke to David Leser for ‘The Da Vinci Mode’ article. These are just three examples of the sort of gentle, self-loving conduct you can expect from the ‘real men’ (and possibly women) of Universal Medicine when their irrational belief system is challenged.

  7. BTW, here is Dobbs overheated comment on Rick Ross in full context, concerning the discussion at the time.

    Re: Universal medicinePosted by: Eric Dobbs ()Date: February 24, 2013 03:09PM With all this talk about ” self love ” readers I’m projecting the next stop on the Benhayon Idiot Express will be ….. Esoteric Masturbation. And as Woody Allen once said:” There is nothing wrong with Masturbation , it’s just having sex with that someone you love ” And here is a new range for Natalie Benhayon too – your very own Serge Benhayon personally endorsed Esoteric Vibrator( only for the ladies of course) to add to your esoteric Breast Cream and the elaborately embossed pillow-slip collection . Where do I sign up ? Over and out -Dobbsie http://forum.culteducation.com/read.php?12,107998,page=144 http://forum.culteducation.com/read.php?12,107998,page=145

    Truly happy to see the threads restored again. Thanks!

    • Thank you SubRosa. And thank Rick Ross. A lot of data was lost over there about a number of dangerous groups and I believe it took quite a lot of work to get it back.

      As for Dobb’s comments – in other words they falsified his comments too to make them appear threatening and sleazy. On that basis they are trolling and spamming his employer demanding he is sacked from his job – for making comments under a pseudonym, on his own time that never mentioned his employer – that can now be clearly shown to have been doctored.

      No low is too low for UM.

      And RJM, I forgot about that threat to Richard. None of us have threatened or enacted violence on any of them. Ever.

      Also, I knew from the outset if we could get them to respond to our questions and criticisms it would flush them out – they would provide further proof to the public they are a cult and show themselves for the noxious, aggressive hypocrites they truly are. It’s worked.

      Their latest is to call me gullible, suggestible and stupid whilst arguing there is no such thing as brainwashing.

      Cult logic.

      • Absolute morons.

        They’re claiming that nobody can brainwash anybody else, yet they also claim that everyone outside of Universal Medicine has been unwillingly indoctrinated into the astral cult by The Four Lords of Form, who they believe exist because Serge says so.

        They’ve also clearly forgotten that there’s thousands of other cults out there employing exactly the same sort of manipulation techniques that Serge does.

        Oh, wait. I forgot . That’s all anti-communist disinformation put out by the CIA. Mermaids were real. Serge is from Shamballa. We weren’t meant to exist on earth. William Shakespeare has attended Serge’s workshops. Serge knows where the reincarnations of Elvis and Hitler live. Leaving your inheritance to your children traps them in illusion but leaving it to Serge serves humanity. Rape victims deserve it. Death is a healing. Food is evil. Comparison is the highest form of Prana. Michael Benhayon’s music doesn’t need anyone to like it. That’s why he entered a Battle Of The Bands competition, because competions don’t involve comparison or require people to like your music.

        For evidence that the followers of Universal Medicine have been utterly brainwashed all you have to do is read or listen to their own testimonies: “At first I didn’t understand what Serge was talking about. At first I rejected The Work as too ‘out there’. At first I was ‘in resistance’. At first I couldn’t comprehend Serge’s books but I kept re-reading them and eventually they made sense.”
        In other words, their initial response to Serge’s mind-scrambling baloney was confusion and or outright rejection, but because they WANTED to believe what he was saying they allowed themselves to be indoctrinated into accepting his irrational cosmology, and in doing so they brainwashed themselves.

  8. Personally, I am quite pleased with their all over the net statements they are not brainwashed. It means they are morally and legally responsible for the harm they cause to their students, clients, and those who criticise them, including the families those have.

    But again they are manipulating the masses, by using the manchurian candidate as an example: the myth and hype it is surrounded with, which has nothing to do (as usual) with the truth of the matter.

    MK Ultra experimental mind control for that matter, truly has happened and is acknowledged as such by the US government.
    However, records have been destroyed back in the seventies, and “we the people” these days still don’t know how far it went and if it is still continuing. But it is at the uttermost extreme of ‘the how to manipulate others and/or the masses’ spectrum and a black page in history; which still raises a lot of questions, for all the right reasons.
    The art of manipulation, controlling the masses and black psychology is of all ages; and as old as the oldest professions we have in this world. Spinning it out of proportion as a distraction to the ‘atmic truth’ it withholds is nothing new, if it comes to what we have seen from UM before.

    My God Alison, if you write an article about a subject this delicate, if we’re talking human rights here: please, go do your homework before you do so… Despicable!

    Meanwhile, UM’s hallmark, the battle of the sexes, reached a height I have never seen before in my entire life. The net, media and newspapers are full of it.

    Putin even called Hillary a weak woman on the world stage and said you shouldn’t argue with women in general; after Hillary pulled out the Hitler card on him. For the record, I’ve checked: no Loveblogs for Putin, yet!

    Where is Real Media, Real Change now….? O yeah, that’s right: they opened a new blog screaming “abuse, abuse, boohoo, boohoo, Esther Rockett, Esther Rockett, Esther Rockett,boohoo, abuse! …” Looking completely ridiculous again not being able to make a discernment between sexism and belittlement, abuse, and criticism.

    Sexism and belittlement:



    • I’ve never said anyone was brainwashed, except probably for the time when I commented the cult doctors must be either brainwashed or stupid to breach their codes of conduct to back Benhayon.

      If there’s no such thing as thought reform, the North Koreans really do love the dear leader, the Jones Town victims all moved to Guyana because they wanted to kill themselves and their kids, and the Aum Shinrikyo doctors went through medical school and medical careers to learn how to kill.

      I used Derren Brown as an example for the accessibility of his videos – but any goose knows he’s a stage hypnotist. It’s in his advertising. To write off hypnosis by saying it’s TV trickery is dumb.

      Alison and the committee are going all the way back to my first research into UM where I looked at why UMers all talk and act the same way. (Universal Medicine is Habit Forming) You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to get what’ll happen when people immerse their entire lives in everything UM.

      They also say I’m not qualified to diagnose a dissociative state. What bullshit. I know when I’m in one – I was in a very confused and numb state after the Esoteric Healing Workshop. I had never experienced anything like it in my life and haven’t since. Others at the workshop were in psychological distress – trembling, crying, vomiting…I have more psychologists and psychiatrists in my personal acquaintance than are in the cult, multiplied many times. Does RMRC think those professionals don’t know what those reactions are? Strangely the same experience reported by people who’ve been to Landmark events, Pentecostal services, Scientology etc.

      Do some research *facts* team.

      It’s a bold move, denying entire bodies of multidisciplinary research and practice.

      RMRC haven’t addressed any of the disturbing activities and teachings we’ve exposed since I did the very basic thought reform groundwork.


      I’d like them to start publicly denying inappropriate touching and the stuff with kids. They’ll show themselves again for the nasty, censorious abuse deniers they truly are.

    • Spot on, Sub Rosa. They’re denying the ability of people to brainwash others, stating that such claims originate from CIA Cold War propaganda, yet they’re completely oblivious to the admitted history (that’s not even getting into whatever documentation is still classified) of the CIA and other intelligence agencies carrying out experiments in exactly the sort of brainwashing techniques that the UM damage control hate-blogs deny the existence of. Maybe if they read books other than the incomprehensible garbage published by Serge they wouldn’t be so quick to make fools of themselves.

    • Real Media Real Change couldn’t give a shit about accuracy in reporting of misogyny anywhere, either inside the cult or outside of it. It was established solely to deflect accurate criticism of Serge and the cult. Let’s recap the main points of abuse that got them in a huff of not-so-gentle breath:

      UM has fractured many families (true – Serge is even actively encouraging partners within the group to separate if their relationships began prior to their involvement with UM. So while Serge denies the trail of wrecked marriages in his wake he has made breaking up couples a UM staple, and the fools in the group are happily going along with it.

      The Universal Medicine following is predominately female (True. This is a plain fact but pointing it out is somehow ‘abuse’.)

      Followers are gullible and/or have been manipulated by Serge to believe his bullshit claims. (Irrefutably true on both counts. If you believe his crap you’re a gullible moron, and he definitely employs deceptive, manipulative techniques to ensnare followers into believing his crap. True, it’s their choice at the end of the day, but many of the students are damaged/vulnerable when they first come to UM, and there’s no shortage of head-fuckery built into Serge’s ‘you are free to take it or leave it’ presentation style.

  9. Let’s face it Umers, you are in a cult and if you switch off right now, it only proves my point. The unselfish efforts of Esther Rockett and Co. have revealed some pertinent facts about Serge Benhayon and the Unimed hierarchy. While you toil to provide the somewhat untalented Benhayon family with the financial wherewithal to expand their malevolent organisation we , your true friends and former partners, are longing for the day when you all open your eyes and realise you have been deceived by this bag of calumny .
    Sure we would all like someone to come along and wash away all our inner travails. That’s why, since time immemorial, there has been a saviour hanging about on every street corner just dying to take your money .
    If you need an example to follow then take a lead from Esther Rockett and Lance, ordinary folk no doubt, but people with the courage to stand up and fight against the humbug and harassment that Benhayon and his acolytes throw at them. If there was any foundation to the Unimed top dogs’ claims that this site is a tissue of lies then why don’t they take legal action ? God knows they have enough of your money to do that.
    But Umers , it isn’t going to happen because Benhayon and his chosen few have too much at stake and too much to hide.
    However, if you vote with your feet and shake off the grip of this insidious egotism, there are professionals who can help you recover from your experience of being in a cult and your friends and former partners will welcome you back to Mother Earth with open arms.
    We have suffered enough from the separations this cult has engineered. We certainly would rejoice in any of you deciding to glide back to earth anytime, day or night!

    • A good point La Métempsycose. It is constantly glossed over by the cult the damage that Serge has done to families. Yours, mine, many others I know within walking distance, and even families in the cult too dumbstruck to realise that ‘re-imprinting’ is a bullshit way of Serge taking control over people lives.

      I happened to be reading some of the old love blogs this morning, like you do when needing some entertainment, and their denial of this is astounding. Everything- all the dark, dank, fetid ugly occult bullshit- is just neatly repackaged ” as self-loving choices” and dialogue is strictly forbidden. The hypocrisy knows no bounds with all of them having a hand in it, led by Rebecca and a few other glib but unpaid brides of Serge.

      Serge is not to be heard anywhere, but seen everywhere. In their words, sentences, bad grammar, crap metaphors and utterly flawed thinking.

      But I am not sure when the truth reveals itself- which is due very shortly- that the members will come back to earth. They are far too invested in his lies, his fantasy, his utter bullshit to have the courage to be truthful, decent, or honest, least of all contrite as they should be when they mess they find themselves tangled up in is revealed to them.

      Some of them have paid up with their kids, their time, money, businesses, partners, families, properties…but all of them have given their minds and their souls to this deceitful little man who manipulates with impunity, and tells lies so big that you average person can’t wrap their heads around them.

      While they are pasting fanciful but derogatory accusations of others on their new “love’ blog, he’s conned them out of more money than anyone dare imagine, sold them snake oil for a decade, and con-vinced them that some fictitious after life is more important than the life they actually have and the people around them; who get abused with a deadly double blow of esoteric silence and passive-aggressive self-righteousness, followed by a kidney punch in the form of an ironic accusation of being the abuser.

      La Métempsycose, I have gone from believing they are victims to knowing they are enablers, and just as bad as Serge. He may have tricked them in the first place, but choice always remains. We keep giving them the opportunity to see facts, but they keep denying that opportunity to choose wisely. The consequences of those choices will become apparent soon enough.



    But the messiah says there is…

    Remember EDG Message 23: ‘A revelation for all students to ponder –

    Have you been part of a brainwashing cult that UniMed’s teachings have pulled you out of?’

    What is called mainstream/conventional life is nothing more than a brain-washing cult that easily preys on anyone who is not impulsed by their Soul or does not live from their inner-heart. These are words ‘they’ loathe hearing…

    The astral’s brainwashing skills are based on — telling people anything and everything they want to hear so long as it feeds the ability to not feel their Divine truth and the universal and one-unifying responsibilities that come with Divine Truths…



    • “The astral’s brainwashing skills are based on — telling people anything and everything they want to hear so long as it feeds the ability to not feel their Divine truth and the universal and one-unifying responsibilities that come with Divine Truths…”

      For example, like telling people that you have exclusive access to all truth and supernatural wisdom and that you have the one true path to God? Like keeping people trapped in a fog of bizarre beliefs enhanced by extended meditation/ massage sessions, thus disconnecting them from the verly likely Divine Truth that this life is all we have, and the emotional connections we forge with our loved ones are the most important things we have in this existence? Contrast that with Serge’s teachings: emotions cause illness, human love is Pranic, human existence is a mistake and we aren’t meant to be here. But while we are here, give me all your money.

      The only ones not taking responsibility for their choices and actions are Serge and his rabid defenders.

  11. Flabbergasted as to how UM followers accept all the whitewashing (because Serge is a nice, humble guy) and reconcile this with the dark ramblings in his books… Maybe they haven’t read the books? (Or all those big words make him sound so intelligent & deep, they just pretend to read them)… Like North Korea’s sophisticated propaganda: cut them off from the outside world & soon they’ll believe all their told. (Everything’s fine there too).

  12. Well, I can dig the diet things, I wish I was disciplined enough to not drink coffee or alcohol for longer than a day! I am sure my before and after shots would look awesome especially if I could maintain it for 5 years or more! But some of the before shots did look like they were much more fun type of people than the after shots! But what gives everything away is the way they talk in a slow monotone way and the deliberate slow blinking of eyelids. (Like the little owls in the kids movie “Owls of Ga’hoole” when they are put into a trance by the full moon). However, anyone who thinks “Glorious Music” is Glorious is indeed insane! And that for me is the indicator!
    The UM’ers really need to move out of the beauty bubble of Northern NSW and go live in another country for a while, there are 7 billion perspectives out there, each to their own of course, but just to get a little understanding on what the rest of the world is thinking, hearing, seeing and experiencing!

    • Love this! “Beauty (or delusional denial) bubble” seems an accurate description. UMers seem completely oblivious to the real world & serious issues raised. Or prefer to believe Serge as he is so “humble” & “tender” (as if these are reliable indicators of truth & trustworthiness). Or their too busy oozing beauty – ful validating complements on one another to care …

  13. This is a great blog. I lost my wife to the absurd ramblings of Benhayon nearly five years ago. I have waited and waited in the hope that she would wake up and see UM for the trashy cult that it is. I lost and must agree with Lord of Form that in the end the brides become as unpleasant as their glorious leader.

    • So so sorry to hear of your loss and pain.
      Thanks for sharing with us it can help to know that one is not alone.

      • Thank you Truthseeker. I believe I felt a small tear trickle down my cheek. Your reply is the truth and light.

    • Hi Robin. Yes, it is not pretty is it? There’s no getting through either. Serge has spun such an illusion around their minds, that facts, truth and reality cannot penetrate. A key symptom of membership seems to be a reduced radius of empathy; ergo “self-love”. They lose the capacity to put themselves in your shoes or imagine how it must appear to someone outside of them. Love, care, kindness all evaporate and are replaced by esoteric self-righteousness. A la Serge.

      Sorry to hear about your loss. We know of many unfortunately. It is part of Serge’s legacy of hate and divisiveness. The more people that speak up, the more chance there is that he will be brought to account sooner than later. Thanks for adding your voice.

      • I have tried many styles of alternative medicine and therapy on the grounds that if one has not actually experienced something it may be difficult to have a valid opinion about the nature and effectiveness ( oh lord another *******ness word ) of any particular technique. When my wife, Anita, was originally drawn to UM she asked me to attend some meetings in London and a Chris James sound workshop at the Lighthouse along with a lecture on Leonardo da Vinci and a dissertation on pranic colours by Benhayon. I joined her at these sessions because I was interested to find out why she had become so enthusiastic about UM. It quickly became clear that the facilitators of these events struggled to present anything that made even the smallest amount of sense. I had lunch with Chris James after his sound workshop and was unconvinced about him and the effectiveness of his sound therapy. I genuinely thought that Anita would see through all the crass stupidity that was being presented and move on to something a little more edifying. I was completely wrong. She became more and more obsessed with UM attending various courses and coming home with little diplomas,signed by Benhayon, declaring a level of attainment in some form of healing. I spent two years watching someone I loved slowly turn against me because I could not share her UM belief system. It was indeed a painful process and I still do not know if our children have been damaged by UM’s reckless and unmitigated selfishness. We have separated now and Anita is about to marry one of Benhayon’s boy-brides whom she met on a retreat in Vietnam. Truly, I wish them all the best and hope that it works out for Anita.

        • If you don’t mind me saying – from what I’ve observed relationship breakdowns are difficult enough under normal circumstances – where people find it hard to resolve their differences. However, it appears to be more difficult to come to terms with these cult breakups where one partner is essentially the victim of a con – and part of that con is toxic relationship advice which prohibits reasonable communication and negotiation. It’s marketed as ‘love’ and ‘self-loving choices’.

          There’s an extra dimension of sadness and grief for those who’ve lost loved ones to this wasteful, good for nothing madness. It makes it more difficult to come to terms with.

          I hope it works out for Anita too. More so I hope things work out for you!

          • Hi Esther. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I have had more love and affection from this blog than I’ve had from the last five years of my marriage. I’ll give you a moment to dry your eyes. Worry not, I am strong and will prevail. It’s going to take more than Benhayon’s sodding cult to take me down.

            On a serious note I have my children who are my first consideration and I need to do some balanced damage limitation without turning them against their mother. Not as easy as it may sound. Well, not for me anyway. Perhaps I should email Benhayon for some thoughts on the matter.

            The toxic relationship advice to which you allude is extremely powerful. I have only recently realised that my marriage was effectively over four or five years ago. It seems I had committed the unforgivable crime of being a man. Some of your readers may think me foolish for not seeing the degrading of our relationship earlier but it was very hard for me to believe that the beautiful, slightly nutty but adorable lady I had married fourteen years earlier was growing into a monster. I had always hoped that the UM effect would pass and that we would reconnect. It was not to be. I was so stupid I even delivered her into the hands of the Lighthouse like a lamb to slaughter.

            Interesting that you use the term reasonable communication. I remember being treated with disdain because I was reluctant to believe that Benhayon was the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci and that his daughter was the reincarnation of Winston Churchill, perhaps because she was resident in the UK. As good a case as any for border control I think.

            There must be people out there who are just starting on the downward spiral of the UM effect. How awful to think of all the pain and confusion that lies ahead for them. I wish I could be of help but the chances are one would be seen as bitter and vengeful like some sort of demented divorcee. UM should come with a health warning just like a packet of cigarettes.

            I am reminded of a cult run by Bhagwan in the 70’s and 80’s. I had friends at the time who lost loved ones to this vicious and perfidious organisation. There are some similarities with UM. The majority of the followers were female. There were supposedly professional people at the top running the cult to give it credibility. Followers were asked to donate substantial sums to the cult. Thinking outside the Bhagwan’s teachings was forbidden. The list goes on. Here is a link to some interesting reading.


            Worthy of note that the Bhagwan briefly visited Uruguay. I wonder if this is where Benhayon was inspired to ply his absurd and hateful trade.

            My very best wishes to you all. Let’s keep going with the real truth and light.

    • Hi Robin and welcome. Thanks for commenting. Ditto what the Lord of Form says – a large number of our readers have lost loved ones to this lot. It’s always sad for us to hear. It might hearten you to know that you’re in good company.

      • Thanks Esther. It is indeed a great sadness to be drawn to this blog but uplifting that there are others who know what is going on. It is beyond my ability to understand how an organisation that preys on the vulnerable can obtain any kind of accreditation. The more we expose this nonsense the better.

        • Hi Robin,

          They have no accreditation that we are aware of. They just say they have it. It’s analogous with the rest of the groups behaviour and claims.

          I feel your pain when I read your story. I am very sorry to hear it. Along with others, I’ve been through the same thing with my wife, who you can see has now made a very public show of her hostility towards me and unwavering loyalty to Universal Medicine, without any consideration of the negative effects on our child, or indeed herself. Of course, I don’t even come into the equation.

          It’s been heart wrenching times, especially as I have not had any decent communication as you would expect, and the accusations are not just baseless, but somewhat ironic. That communication really fell apart when I also expressed my view that Serge was not the reincarnation of anyone, and it went downhill from there. I bet you’ve experienced the same based on the many conversations I have had with ex’s.

          We too did not have a normal discussion about the demise of our marriage, or about anything since. In my case, as a vocal critic of Serge- and one of a few with the actual facts on him- the vilification has been intense and thorough. However, by degrees, this seems to happen to most ex-partners of members who express any form of concern or who ask questions.

          We’re also aware of many other families in similar distress as yours. We have regular contact from family members and ex-partners, often weekly as they discover this and other blogs and the light finally goes on as to why their former love is now so hostile, self-interested and just plain nasty. Unfortunately, it is a small pandemic in the wake of Serge’s ‘teachings’.

          And you’re right. Being a man is a no-no in Serge’s world. He once gave me a 20 minute talking-to about it in a face to face. He delivered it well though- with a smile, very sincerely and enthusiastically. I was thinking at the time “I wonder who falls for this crap”. Well, we’ve had the answer haven’t we?

          His teachings are all about gender politics, and as some other women (not under his influence) have observed, he taps that inevitable dissatisfaction that anyone has in a relationship and themselves to cleave them apart and take control. I haven’t been able to find one positive comment about men in any of his books, writings or rants. I don’t know why this is not obvious to members- especially the men involved- but like Serge’s porkies, it just isn’t.

          You and I sound alike in a few ways in this situation we find ourselves in. I too adored my wife and would have done anything for her. Unfortunately, this was not reciprocated. I guess you’re suffering the same sting of not being given just a little bit of loyalty you no doubt more than earned and deserved.

          But truth is, they’ve made their choices, albeit persuaded in part by the mad world view of Serge. It’s taken me some time, but I’ve realized that there is no love lost from their side. They’ve forgotten the good stuff, subsumed by Serge’s insistence that they were in a dysfunctional needy relationship – because they felt emotions. In fact, if you read closely, Serge convinces them if they feel strongly towards someone, it is by definition an illusion. That’s very cunning.

          What can we offer? Mortal human love, with all the attendant uncertainties… Serge is offering salvation and a cosmic vision. And it comes with an instant group of like minded people, a mission, a lifestyle, and all the answers. Crazy as they sound to us.

          And don’t beat yourself up; I too drove my wife to events and retreats and it was only in the end that the sneaking suspicions I had about the group and their behaviour that I put it all together and the penny dropped. We did that I believe Robin because contrary to the lies of the group, we’re the sort of men that support our partners and want them to have what they feel is best for them. Why would we suspect there is something amiss? After all, who knows what a cult is? The members sure don’t.

          A journalist made the comment to me that if we were manipulators and abusers and not “open minded”, then our wives wouldn’t have been going to the retreats and events in the first place. It’s not a bad point. And from the men I’ve met in our situation, I’d say ironically, we’re probably the sort of men these women would all love to have- less the critical thinking and bullshit detectors of course.

          What I am driving at is that the fact is, your wife will probably regret giving up the person who truly loved her for someone she probably (should, esoterically) feels dispassionate about (and is also stupid enough to fall for Serge’s crap). She’d deny that now, and tomorrow, but in 10 years when she’d figured out it was just a con, and it could have been one of any number of cults and ultimately deluded cult leaders on the planet, she might have pause for thought of what she really had and gave up without so much as a decent discussion.

          It’s obviously triply tough having your wife hook up with a member of the group. I can feel your pain, and I guess that raises serious considerations with your kids as well. I’d have to say that while I think the intention of the members is not bad the ideology is unavoidably toxic and seeps in like a miasma fog. (Serge’s term interestingly) And they end up doing bad.

          Look at their behaviour as members of the group -They certainty are not in any way aware of how far their moral compasses have drifted. That is cause for concern I think when you think of them as parents.

          My primary aim as the non cult parent is trying to keep Serge’s very bad ideas about human emotion and (emotionless) love away from impressionable minds; and then later the anti-intellectual edicts and pseudo-science he’s built his doctrines of stupidity upon. There’s a lot of other potentially harmful stuff to watch out for too- diets, music, art, critical thinking, education, sport, friends- and that us-and-them mentality that the group exudes which is contagious.

          You know we’re here Robin, and while it probably doesn’t help given the place you’re at, you are in good company. There are many of us, and many families and friendships split asunder by Serge’s bullshit. We’ll do our best to keep the spotlight on the group so it doesn’t go the way of others that eventually implode 30 years later- belatedly exposing its ugly innards.

          Good luck, and you can always contact us off the public side of the forum if you need to know more, or we can be of any help.

          • Very sad the trail of broken relationships … Might need a support group for the esoterically rejected who dared speak out 😦

          • Hello Just saying. Cheer up, I am planning on being reincarnated as Genghis Khan……

          • Hi Lance, many thanks for your reply. I have been deeply touched by the support I have encountered over the last few days. It has been stunning. I am fine, looking after the children and moving forward constantly laughing at many of the posts I read. There are many perceptive insights into the workings of UM.

            I cannot help but feel that whilst laughing at the crass stupidity of Benhayon’s absurd ramblings is an obvious response, the danger he and the UM cult present to vulnerable people is worthy of an organised and determined rebuttal of the nonsense they peddle. Is there anything at all I can do to help? Regards, Robin

          • Oh Pranic Princess. Does this mean that together we may render UM headless and penniless and without livingness. What a splendid thought. I will sleep well tonight.

  14. Robin you are away too witty for the likes of UM. UM and a sense of humour do not go hand in hand. Its that simple. Keep laughing and the world will laugh with you (in a good way of course).

    • Thanks Trish. Laughter is good soul food but never let me loose sight of how serious this whole sordid issue is. Thank heaven for Esther and Co. without you all I would be in a kind of wilderness which I know, bad as I am, I do not deserve.

      • Yes of course… I lost my friend to Serge but not my partner…. I can’t image. I am very sorry for all of those whose families have been broken up. Take care and yes thanks to Esther.

        • Hi Trish. I am on the warpath. Just found out that my wretched ex-wife (don’t you just love those hyphens) took our (then) thirteen year old daughter for esoteric massage sessions at the Lighthouse. Cannot pretend that it is possible for me to remain reasonable after this appalling discovery. My daughter says that there was no inappropriate touching but who knows what these miserable whackos might have been planning. How dare they. You take care. Hope your fiend sees the light one day.

    • Thanks Trish. Our policy is either laugh when we can or reline the bunker walls with rubber more often.

      Astral Tiger – sorry to hear about your daughter. I’d be angry too. I’m angry in advance – knowing the obstinacy and secrecy of these idiots.

      I notice the Lighthouse website has removed advertising for its clinic – which happens to be located in the Sound Foundation building. Something dodgy going on there.

      And the Lighthouse proprietors, Janet and Simon Williams have carted their kids to Serge’s rot since they were tiny – including the retreats and the whole exorcism roadshow.

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