Esoteric Women’s Health – new marketing offensive

WILMagThe Universal Medicine cult’s primary recruitment gateway, Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd, has had a makeover in fresh pursuit of the minds and dollars of susceptible women. New marketing doesn’t disclose its basis in Serge Benhayon’s occult religion of sexism and toxic magical thinking. Rather, the glamour shots conceal gender divisiveness, gynaecological exhibitionism, privacy invasion, over servicing and other predatory behaviour. And no amount of make-up and floral logos can conceal the narcissism, bitchiness and bullying central to its anti-social ideal of ‘self nurturing’.

What exactly is Esoteric Women’s Health selling?

The marketing won’t tell you. Like everything made public by UM, it’s only a fraction of the story.

GirltowomanprojectlogoThe website doesn’t disclose what Esoteric ‘healing therapies’ entail, or that the events and women’s groups are an introduction to cult conversion. They don’t mention the Girl to Woman Project is an indoctrination exercise run by apologists for inappropriate touching who rabidly defend their guru’s two decade habit of having young girls as house guests – one of whom became his wife. They don’t mention the menstrual cycle app is marketed to blokes, whose emasculation is so total they think they’re experiencing menstruation. And then there’s the joy of belonging to the male and female Women in Livingness who post every minutiae of their self esteem, their unhappy relationships, their gynaecological disorders, and their breast and menstrual fetishes on the Women in Livingness blog. We’ve even seen male Women in Livingness write soliloquies to their daughters’ breasts.

It also doesn’t tell you that the ‘self-loving’ lifestyle is a therapy and workshop dependency and an unnatural devotion to a sleazebag guru. It’s a major backward step from the authentic women’s movement, which is about helping women gain autonomy. The marketing Brides of Serge insist Serge never tells anyone what to do, but they don’t admit that all of their ‘self-loving choices’ are dictated by him – what to eat, when to sleep, what music to listen to, what to feel, how to have sex, and with whom.

Welcome to the New Age Taliban.

Cashing in on divisiveness and concocted misery

Esoteric Women’s Health, incorporated in 2012 is dedicated to the true wellbeing of women everywhere. In an age when women are: 

  • Often more male than men, with an ability to override their feelings and push through, regardless of what that actually does to themselves
  • Exhausted
  • Mothering anyone and everyone, except themselves
  • Super mums, plus holding down a job, and running a household, and multi-tasking all the way,

women have moved a long long way from their essence…

You only need to look at pretty much any woman on the street, or in your workplace, or anywhere else for that matter, to see that we as women, for the most part, are lacking that sparkle, that loveliness, that inner-most sweetness, joy and wisdom that we so naturally are.

Esoteric Women’s Health is inspired by and because of the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Serryn O’Regan, Director, Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd,

Women are more male than men. Men have no feelings. Women care too much. Women are miserable.

Even the Taliban struggles to fit that many idiotic misogynist and misandrist stereotypes into one sentence, but Universal Medicine bases its products on the diseased premise that femaleness is good and maleness is evil. ‘In truth’ Serge teaches everyone is worthless and brainwashed by the Astral Cult, unless they’re paying up to UM.

The doctrine – men cause cancer, babies are parasites, sex is energetic rape

Some of this was covered in the Esoteric Feminism post, but basically UM women are taught that anything involving rationality, intellect, physical exertion, ambition and independence is ‘male’. Those are the qualities that allow people to stand up to scam artists and bullies. In UM, the message is shut up, don’t think, don’t resist, stay stupid, keep spending – or get cancer.

Women have achieved equality, in some measure, by ‘out-male-ing’ the man. Therefore, they too, are in the excessiveness of male energy. This why there are so many cases of ovarian cancer, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, breast cancer, etc. (Benhayon, 2011, p.519)

Stillness is the energy that is honouring you as a woman. Become racy or driven and you have asked the male energy to dominate your body. Looking like a woman but being run by a male energy is not the whole and true you. This is the widespread problem with women since the eighties. Will women stop and listen to this teaching or will breast and ovarian cancer along with so many other complications need to get so bad that they are forced to pay attention to it? (Benhayon, 2011, p.544)

Our breasts hold imposts – these come from how we feel about our breasts as in: ‘I hate my breasts’, ‘they are too big’, ‘too small’, ‘I do not want to develop breasts as they attract the wrong sort of attention’ etc. In effect any one thing you think ill about yourself as a woman affects your breasts and ovaries. Then there are the external imposts from men, for example men who use breasts as their classification of attraction. And then there are those from society, i.e. ‘you did not breastfeed for long enough’, etc. So there are many imposts in the breasts. This is a huge issue. The EBM can help clear the imposed ills that come from ourselves and from those who impose on us.

It is not surprising to see the amazing results, but most importantly, the deeply revealing discoveries that women are making about themselves through the release of what is insidiously held in their nurturing centres – their breasts.Original Esoteric Breast Massage Site

It should be noted that an expressing male energy is not an outer appearance, although it some cases it can be, but not necessarily and certainly not in the majority. The male energy has nothing to do with the way one looks, although this can also be affected. It is the inner imbalanced expression that is here being presented for you to ponder on.

Some very feminine-looking women are only expressing from their male energy. This is a sad state, for many are not aware and sadder still, there are many who are not aware what Femaleness is and therefore, have lost the ability to regain their true inner sense. (Benhayon, 2006, pp.246-7)

After giving birth, the connection a woman has had with her femaleness leaves unless, of course, she has her own connection to her self. Post natal depression is the disconnection of the femaleness that was there only because of the pregnancy and not from her choice to be in femaleness. (Benhayon, 2011, p.525)

When a woman does not have her periods for many months after giving birth, it is because she has put all her focus on mothering and disregarded herself as a woman. (Benyahon, 2011, p.520)

We have been confusing love for a baby with the enormous need they have of us. Too many foster that need so that the dependency keeps them needed as the child grows. This is not love – it is a form of control that is used to cover up for the adult who was not shown true love when they were young. (Benhayon, 2011, p.693)

Serge then came on stage and said that the energy of a tampon in our body is like having sex with the dirtiest guy you know all the way through your period. (Esoteric Womens Presentation, Somerset UK, notes taken by student, Fiona Pierce, 22-6-2012)

It’d be impossible to take seriously if Benhayon and Co. weren’t basing a multi-million dollar commercial scam on it.

Healing Therapies

EsotericWomensHealthlogoThe new marketing offensive features a new push to portray Esoteric Breast Massage as a legitimate therapy, with all new inferences that it can prevent breast cancer. The cult’s submission to a recent parliamentary inquiry took aim at Professor John Dwyer, who criticized UM for claiming EBM could assist breast and gynaecological disorders. However, they didn’t address the specifics – that those claims were fraudulent – and waffled on instead about his criticism of complementary medicine. They then snuck in links to an article about laboratory research into the compression of breast cancer cells, but didn’t point out the research’s purpose or conclusion.

“Compression, in and of itself, is not likely to be a therapy,” said Fletcher. “But this does give us new clues to track down the molecules and structures that could eventually be targeted for therapies.” Science Daily

Ironically, the Parliamentary Inquiry was into false and misleading health related information.

And our lovelies have never addressed the questions I raised about the practice – the privacy invasions, the misandrist indoctrination and the amateur sexual abuse therapy.

Not to mention the overservicing:

How often do I come?

This is entirely up to the individual woman. You can attend weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc. In some acute and extreme cases, you may need to have one a day.  Original EBM Website Q&A page.

And why doctors are pushing it.

Esoteric Uterus Massage

The propaganda department has never disclosed what Esoteric Uterus Massage entails either. We’ve had to scrounge around the internet archives to find it’s only practiced by unqualified underachiever Curtis Benhayon, who began the practice in his teens. And this bit of high quality medical information:

Esoteric Utero Massage (For women only)

The Esoteric Utero Massage restores for women a very lost state of harmony in the pelvic region which is the base and foundation of the woman’s body. The ‘Utero Massage’ also helps restore ovarian harmony and allows the pelvic region to re-sit as it should in relation to its harmonious position in the body thus giving the woman a much needed aid in restoring her true foundation to move forward with. Archived Lighthouse Clinic web page

Where do you stick your hands for that, Curtis?

Events – Women in Livingness, Wellness for Women & Breast Cancer Care

BCCEsoteric Women’s Health has a full schedule of events lined up, including the ‘pilot program’ for preying on cancer patients, reeling them in for plenty of ineffectual ‘healing’ and consumption of other UM crap, and to harvest bequests to Benhayon’s dodgy charity.

The Brisbane Event on July 13 marks the launch of the Women in Livingness Magazine, which I imagine will feature articles by the upper rung Brides making the most money out of this fraud. Targets will get to read about their self-loving choice to adhere to Benhayon’s  eating disorder, their gynaecological fixations, their emotionless parenting skills and the New Era of wowserism – decorated with over made-up glamour shots.

The theme at the Brisbane event is ‘true self-worth’, with unqualified at anything, Natalie Benhayon doing her best impression of her father:

‘True Self-Worth’ will pick up the topic of Promiscuity as a form of gaining recognition & acceptance from men. Probably as an introduction to the topic of sex impeding the ‘light of the soul’, and the enjoyment and ‘comfort’ it brings is not conducive to rejecting your partner, getting a divorce settlement and turning that over to the cult.

You know what? You’ve been married 20 years, you sleep next to an empty person. You have not made love once, you have not met your partner and she has not met you. Truth is she doesn’t like having sex with you but she does it to relieve you. (Audio recording of EDG lecture, 2010)

Sex is energetic rape. (Benhayon,2011, p.695)

Most people have sex to either satisfy another so that they are liked and continue to be needed, or for relief. (Benhayon, 2011, p.93)

Anything would be a relief after reading that rubbish.

Wellbeing for Women won’t have time to give targets instructions in emotionless lovemaking. Serge picks that up once the Brides have reeled the punters in to the workshop cycle. Men aren’t allowed to look interested because that’s ‘objectification’, oral sex is forbidden, intercourse must be with the woman on top, and it has to be ‘gentle’, with minimal movement.

Paula Fletcher and Cameron Bell at Universal Law Solicitors are on hand to help with ‘self-loving’ divorce.

And a couple more topics Wellbeing for Women is guaranteed to avoid is their Glorious culture of feminine bullying and their censorship and defamation of anyone with the guts to recommend punters get the full story before they pay up.

Benhayon, S. The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006

Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011

12 thoughts on “Esoteric Women’s Health – new marketing offensive

  1. The opposite to the bullshit Serge has his young daughter espousing in slow…..staccato…words…using…the….same….adjectives….and….phrases….as…………………dad.


    You get the idea.

    A common tale in household where one partner is in the cult and the other is trying to be normal is the withdrawal of intimacy, except on terms dictated arbitrarily by the member based on the edicts of Serge the marriage messer. This TED talk discusses what happens- in reality- when one partner passive aggressively takes control of the intimacy levels and dictates the relationship.

  2. Serge knows exactly the effect his sex directives will have – and that is to add one more strain on already strained relationships.

    The cult partner will already be behaving strangely – imposing stupid dietary restrictions, avoid socializing with non Esoteric people, avoiding emotional expression, spending much of their time absorbed in repeats of Serge’s podcasts, or reading his junk, or attending UM gatherings, keeping up with the social media love-in, throwing out non cult music and literature, and going to bed at 9 and getting up at 3 am.

    No one can live with that.

    All calculated by Sergio the misanthrope to bust couples where one partner is not committed to UM.

  3. Sergio reckons in that news story no one can be brainwashed. How does he explain Natalie B.?

    • Or Michael.

      I love how they threw in that Science Daily article about breast cancer in defence of EBM – when they’ve done contortions making out they’ve never made claims to cure cancer.

      Anyway, if compression prevented breast cancer, women who wear bras wouldn’t get it.

      If breast massage helped gyne disorders, sexually active women wouldn’t get gyne conditions.

      And for God’s sake ladies, sex is a lot better when you move – when everyone moves – and in lots of different ways – backwards, forwards, sideways etc. It’s fun.

      A lot more fun than being in a cult.

    • It’s not often the “editor-in-chief’ is also the ‘celeb’ featured on the front cover is it.

      Weird. And why does she talk like she has had a lob-ot-o-my? And use words like ‘thus’..? Is this how you people are talking these days?

      Why is she talking about things she would clearly have no knowledge of, or whether they are actually true? Why would anyone listen to her?

      Is this a cult?

      • If you’ve ever heard Serge speak, Natalie is speaking exactly like him. Exactly. Same phrasing, same cadence, same language. He’s probably had her listening to repeats of his recorded brainwashing lectures for years.

        Really, when you see or hear Natalie, you’re seeing Serge by proxy – which is why she’s company director for UM’s satellite companies and the College of UM charity. Same with Serryn O’Regan. They’re Serge’s proxies – carrying out his orders.

        Why does anyone listen to Natalie? She has special supernatural powers. Serge SAYS SO.

  4. And again, Sergio proves that he has no fucking clue when it comes to the most basic scientific facts. The reason women do not menstruate “for many months” after they have given birth is that while breast feeding a baby, the body produces hormones that suppress ovulation. And that has nothing to do with women “mothering too much” or the likes. That’s just another sick spin Sergio puts on a perfectly normal natural process to make women feel guilty.

    • You might think some of the doc’s imbedded in the group might have known that. Or about four hundred other things.

      It’s hard to wrap your brain around the fact that seemingly intelligent people can buy any of Serge’s knuckle-headed clap-trap.

    • I wonder if Howard Chilton endorses Serge’s mothercraft skills?
      He’s endorsed Serge and they are now in-laws, so one guesses so.

  5. What I don’t understand is why the general health and mental health authorities don’t see the danger in what these people are preaching ??

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