Questions for the Universal Medicine cult doctors

The malignant Universal Medicine cult has grown significantly since medical professionals joined its ranks as recruiters. Cult leader, Serge Benhayon, has zero qualifications, yet the cult doctors endorse his inappropriate touching, idiotic pseudoscience and magical thinking. It’s a breach of the Hippocratic oath, and the professional codes of conduct that are supposed to protect the vulnerable from exploitation. Seeing they are publicly promoting Universal Medicine, we think they should publicly answer our questions. Updated with audio recordings of Benhayon’s toxic teachings – bottom of page.

The line up

Most of the doctors are medical advisors to UM’s bogus accreditation body, the Esoteric Practitioners Association Pty Ltd.

Dr (Margaret) Jane Barker

Dr-jane-barkerEWHWe know Lismore GP, Dr Jane Barker, for her role in helping to train Esoteric Breast Massage practitioners, and as a presenter and facilitator for Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd, including the Breast Cancer Care Retreat, preying on cancer patients.

My questions for Dr Barker:

  • What does it mean that ‘the body is the marker of truth’?
  • Or that disease like cancer results from a choice to live lovelessly?
  • Is it possible to develop disease unrelated to one’s lifestyle choices?
  • Have you ever discussed those ideas with doctors outside of the cult?
Dr Howard Chilton

howard-chiltonDr Chilton is a high profile paediatrician working at Prince of Wales hospital, Sydney and in Bangalow, often called on by the media to comment on neonatal health issues. His wife and daughter, Isabella, are also in the cult, and Isabella is married to zero qualifications uterus massager, Curtis Benhayon. Chilton has presented at Esoteric Women’s Health events ($145 entry).

Howard will share with us, the importance of women listening to an innate knowing when it comes to their expression as new-mums. 

Will you also advise them to use their brains and consult a professional, Howard, if they run into difficulty, or will you just assist them in feeling inadequate when their ‘innate knowing’ doesn’t cut it?

A few more questions for Baby Doc Chilton:

  • Do you support Serge Benhayon’s One Unified Truth that circumcision curbs male sexual drive?
  • Serge Benhayon says dairy products are ‘pranic’ and impede the ‘light of the soul’. Do you recommend mothers stop feeding babies and children dairy products? What alternative sources of calcium do you recommend?
  • Serge Benhayon says that mothers can pass disease causing emotions to babies via breastmilk. Does the innate knowing you recommend to mothers including not loving their children emotionally?
  • Do you tell your patients that When a woman does not have her periods for many months after giving birth, it is because she has put all her focus on mothering and disregarded herself as a woman?
  • How much sleep do children need and what are the optimum sleep times for children at night? You’ve trained in neurology, please cite research that supports any benefits for waking at 3 am.
  • What is Esoteric Uterus Massage as practiced by your son in law? What does it involve and what are its therapeutic effects?
  • What is men’s massage as practiced by your son in law?
  • We know you introduced your daughter Isabella to UM and the Benhayons at age 10. How old was she when she first stayed unaccompanied in the Benhayon household?
Dr Samuel Kim

SamKimLung specialist, Dr Kim, who works out of the UM clinic in Goonellabah, proudly admitted he assists patients to die during an Esoteric Medicine presentation in front of 300 people in 2010. Assisted death is against the law.

Dr Kim is under investigation by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission and AHPRA over allegations he wrongly diagnosed a patient and subjected her to unnecessary procedures and two years of unnecessary chemotherapy. The patient has clinical notes stating Dr Kim would like to send her to Sirius – which, according to Benhayon, is where souls go after death to reunite with God.

Dr Kim also published a non peer reviewed, anecdotal ‘study’ spruiking the benefits of Esoteric Chakra-Puncture and Esoteric Lung Massage. He refers patients to the Benhayons and his unqualified wife, Jasna, for those sham therapies, at $70 per hour. He’s also an advocate of cutting dairy products from the diet, claiming, without evidence, they’re responsible for a rise in lung disease. He’s a frequent commenter on UM’s blogs, providing testimonials for other doctors, which is against the law, and supporting blogs defaming me and Lance.

For Dr Kim:

  • Can you cite any research to support your claim that dairy consumption has caused a rise in lung disease?
  • Where is Sirius, and why would you tell a patient you want to send them there?
  • What value does the medical profession place on anecdotal studies?
  • Why do you keep Benhayon’s healing symbols in your consulting rooms? What do they do?
  • Why have you done nothing to stop the mobbing, harassment and defamation of the HCCC complainant by your UniMed ‘friends’? Are you attempting to intimidate further complainants? How many people have you harmed?
Dr Anne Malatt

MalattOpthalmologist, Dr Malatt, of Bangalow, also writes and comments on UM blogs and refers patients to Esoteric healers including the Benhayon family of bullshitters. She promotes occult scams like Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy. She has written on her belief cancer results when people fail to follow Serge Benhayon’s loony lifestyle austerities, including not only cutting gluten from the diet, but gluten free cake, because it has the ‘energy of cake’. She has provided testimonial stating that Universal Medicine provides a ‘loving’ way of living that prevents and heal disease.

Questions for Dr Malatt:

  • If a child develops autism or leukaemia, is that a reflection on their capacity to ‘love’?
  • Do you support Benhayon’s ‘One Unified Truth’ that autism is karma for being an abuser in a past life?
  • Why do so many good people develop serious illness, yet war criminals can live healthy lives well into old age?
  • Do you tell patients your advice and referrals are not evidence based but based on your religious belief?
  • Why were the Benhayons asking workshop participants to sign over their medical histories, lists of medications and HIV and hepatitis status? Why would the unqualified Benhayons need that information and how did they use it?
Dr Eunice Minford

EUNICENHS Northern Ireland Surgeon, Minford, promotes pseudoscience, euthanasia and Serge Benhayon on her blog and is another vocal busybody on the cult’s websites. She throws her weight around whenever the press doesn’t print the version of Esoteric ‘integrity’ she’s pushing. In 2016 she went so far as to push UM’s commercial exorcisms and did a number on quantum physics.

For Minford:

  • What is the origin of the quote, ‘everything is energy’, the cult erroneously attributes to Einstein? Please cite the original source of that quote.
  • If ‘everything is energy’ and no amount of alcohol, no matter how small, is safe for consumption, why do UM’s customers require such copious amounts of healings, products, workshops, clearings?
  • Benhayon teaches that babies can be raped by supernatural entities if they come into contact with someone who has consumed alcohol. Have you witnessed this? Why would you endorse someone who claims that?
  • What part of the anatomy is Serge touching in the ‘Deeper Femaleness’ image?
  • How old is the girl in the ‘Transmuting Sadness’ image on that same page? The one whose anus is being pressed by Benhayon?
Dr Amelia Stephens

Amelia-StephensDr Stephens is a trainee GP in Scarborough, Qld, and has presented on breast health for Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd (also $145 entry).  Her mother, Kenmore dentist, Dr Alannah Freer, introduced her to the cult as a youngster.

Dr Stephens:

  • Your guru, Serge Benhayon, teaches that breast cancer can be prevented by his version of ‘self-nurturing’ – meaning eliminating emotions, a lot of nutritious foods and avoiding ‘male energy’. What evidence do you have this could be effective?
  • How does Esoteric Breast Massage assist endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome and menopausal symptoms? Please cite the physiological processes that would make that possible.
  • Is the advice to ‘only eat when you’re hungry‘ sound advice for people with blood sugar or eating disorders?
  • Can you explain the difference between pranic and fiery foods, and why people shouldn’t eat grains, root vegetables, dairy products, bananas, mangoes or beef?
  • What ‘acute’ conditions would necessitate a woman paying to undergo Esoteric Breast Massage daily?
  • What do your peers think of Universal Medicine’s teachings?
Dr Maxine Szramka

SzramkaSydney Rheumatologist, Dr Maxine Szramka lectures at the University of Wollongong (now infamous for its publication of an anti-vaccine pseudoscience sociology PhD, Judy Wilyman). Dr Szramka made a submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into false and misleading health related information on behalf of the Esoteric Practitioners Association. In it she talked up the EPA’s ‘highest code of conduct in the world’, and has provided a testimonial on the new UM site talking about the miracle cures she’s seen since she’s been a religious investor.

For Dr Szramka:

  • What evidence is there that rheumatoid arthritis is caused by anger at one’s parents?
  • Who do you suppose is responsible for crop circles?
  • You wrote a blog article on the Medicine and Serge Benhayon site conflating quantum physics with Benhayon’s claim that emotions are the cause of all disease. Why did you remove that blog post?
  • What evidence is there for ‘an increasing tide of illness and disease’ and that it’s a ‘global epidemic’? How do you account for major increases in life expectancy?
  • How have you quantified that UM followers’ health improves with age?
  • Have you ever taken into account that more people abandon UM’s bullshit than continue to invest? How do you explain their dissatisfaction with UM products and services?
  • Have you heard of the term ‘confirmation bias’?

General Questions

Serge Benhayon has stated that when we move our little finger it affects the universe. All of you are science trained – please quantify that statement. How does that movement affect the universe and how much?

If any of you started putting your hands on the pubic bones of your patients and telling them it would help them recover from rape, it would be mandatory notifiable conduct, and you would stand to be deregistered or suspended. Why haven’t you reported Benhayon and his family for doing the same and teaching that rubbish to hundreds of impressionable people?

What reason do followers give for sending their adolescent daughters to stay in Serge Benhayon’s home?

Why haven’t you stated on the UM site that your endorsements are not medical endorsements but statements of faith in Benhayon and his religion?

Do you agree with Benhayon when he preaches that cancer research is a waste of money?

Do you agree with Benhayon’s disendorsements of certain pharmaceutical therapies?

What qualifications does he have to disendorse anti-epileptic medications?

If the Esoteric Practitioners Association has the highest code of conduct in the whole wide world, why did OAMPS cancel its insurance?

What is your financial involvement with Universal Medicine? What business dealings do you have with the Benhayon family and how much have you donated to the UM buildiing funds?

How does it feel to sell out?

A sample of teachings endorsed by the doctors:

For readers:

Did the endorsements of the cult doctors influence you into sinking money into Universal Medicine products and services? Did the products and services deliver the benefits advertised? Were you physically, financially or psychologically harmed or exploited by UM? Do you believe the doctors’ conduct was deceptive and misleading?

Please lodge a complaint with NSW Fair Trading. Enquiries: 133 220 Online complaints.

Universal Medicine’s false & misleading parliamentary inquiry submissions – the cult doctors try to mislead parliament with endorsements of Benhayon quackery and scams

Universal Medicine’s bullying of critics, journalists, and a HCCC complainant against Dr Kim made news in a Sunday Telegraph report

31 thoughts on “Questions for the Universal Medicine cult doctors

  1. It’s very telling how we read the claim ” The marriage of Western Medicine and Universal Medicine is the greatest union that will serve humanity” differently to the members. I read hubris, gall, unfounded presumptions, and unbounded stupidity.

    I imagine the members read it with a lump in their throats and an unwavering belief that they are into something big.

    Hence the endorsements. And they are very worrying. Many of these doctors are well meaning, good intentioned people. I have no doubt. But when you stray into supporting something that has the potential to be very harmful, and has demonstrably been so,it is very concerning.

    Fact is, we’ve had contact from quite a few disaffected people, and we’ve met many more that have had poor experiences. They are out there in the community, typically saying very little. No doubt they are fearful because of the zealotry of the group. It sure doesn’t help.

    Where’s the EVIDENCE that esoteric healing works? Not the anecdotal, feel good, placebo effects- but the evidence that peoples health has improved? We know Serge says relief of symptoms is not healing, and has said “death is always a healing”. Maybe that is how it is measured?

    Maybe there are one or two people who have ‘improved’ via treatments. But is that statistically out of the ordinary? And what about the people that didn’t that have gone away to seek regular treatment? Did you count them in your studies?

    If you want to be taken seriously, why not have some independent studies done, with peer reviewed results. If it comes up trumps, we’ll shut up and you can get on with saving the world.


    • What about the people that came to Universal Medicine after extensive treatment from Doctors, nurses and hospitals who were not affiliated with Universal Medicine? The follow up care of being gentle with yourself, wasn’t what made them well in the first place – but that fact doesn’t ever seem to be acknowledged. Looking back there were several people I know of who relied on a sugar free, gluten free, free free Universal Medicine diet to help them regain health and actually died trying.

      When I first went to Universal Medicine, it was because a ‘professional’ person and member Of Universal Medicine thought I would gain some success with a general health issue. In due course I was recommended to see a further four Universal Medicine health care ‘professionals’.

      No nepotism within Universal Medicine and it’s members?

      • And that’s a story we’ve heard several times, which is why the cartel label fits.

        The codes of conduct for health professionals call that a conflict of interest – when the interests of the health practitioner precedes the welfare of the patient.

        ‘A conflict of interest in medical practice arises when a doctor, entrusted with acting in the interests of a patient, also has financial, professional or personal interests, or relationships with third parties, which may affect their care of the patient.’

        Apart from the clauses about declaring conflicts of interest and not expoiting patients’ vulnerability or lack of medical knowledge, that includes:

        ‘Not pressuring patients or their families to make donations to other people or organisations.’

  2. The Office of Fair Trading site is a little difficult not really user friendly for issues like this.
    Or is it just me?
    Any tips anyone? Is it better to phone them first?

    • I’d phone them.

      You can also send a complaint in the post.
      PO BOX 83
      LISMORE NSW 2480

      If anyone is wondering what the Office of Fair Trading does; they handle complaints about scams.

      UM and its dimwit doctors would fall under misleading and deceptive conduct:

      Business conduct is likely to break the law if it creates a misleading overall impression among the intended audience about the price, value or quality of consumer goods or services.
      Whether a business intended to mislead or deceive is irrelevant; what matters is how their statements and actions, the business conduct, could affect the thoughts and beliefs of a consumer.

      Or false and misleading representations.

      It is unlawful to make false claims or misleading descriptions:
      about the supply or possible supply of consumer goods or services
      when promoting the supply or use of goods or services.

      For example, promising health benefits or benefits to relationships from Serge’s crap, and rabbiting on about the highest code of conduct in the world – which includes rip offs, over-servicing, molestation, bullying and psychological abuse.

      Or selling ‘accreditation’ by the EPA when it isn’t a registered training organisation, or that it offers ‘discounted’ professional indemnity insurance, or that someone has to be EPA accredited to gain insurance.

      All bullshit.

      • “Puffery is wildly exaggerated, fanciful or vague claims that no reasonable person could possibly treat seriously.
        For example, a café owner claims to make the best coffee in the world or all your dreams will come true if you use a certain product.
        There is no legal distinction between puffery and misleading or deceptive conduct.”

        “Serge Benhayon is known as the Healers Healer, there is no one like him working in Australia or internationally. The calibre of professionals that attend his workshops and train with him is testament to the work he is doing”, Terri-Anne Connors said. Universal Medicine trained practitioners showcase Esoteric healing at upcoming Melbourne’s Mind, Body, Spirit Festival Friday, June 13, 2014 5:15

        What a claim,“Serge Benhayon is known as the Healers Healer, there is no one like him working in Australia or internationally.”
        How do they know this? Is this Puffery? I wonder.

        • Bullshit. There are many sham merchants like him; charismatic, authoritarian leaders whose followers believe have special prophetic powers.Yes, he is successful in preying on vulnerable, weak- minded souls who need someone to follow. He is just another cult leader who wants your money and adoration. It is a repeated process that the wold has seen from Scientology to the Moonies. Recruiting membership at Mind, Body Spirit is a new way that this slimy little failed tennis coach can rake in more money and membership.

    • Hello. The AMA are aware of said imbeciles, but have ‘no power to hear or investigate complaints’. They recommend complaining to the HCCC.

      The HCCC’s response to my last complaint about the doctors was that they were unable to do anything unless I provided contact details of people who have been harmed. Notifying them of code breaches gets nowhere unless a person who has been physically harmed gathers the wherewithal to make a complaint.

      In other words, the HCCC and AHPRA don’t protect the public. Doctors can do and say whatever they like. The HCCC wait until someone complains they’ve been harmed and then after a few years of buggerizing around they might do something like send the doctor for counselling or an audit. I reckon they hope the patient will be dead by then, or so ground down they won’t kick up a fuss.

      • We must remember that if the HCCC decide to prosecute anyone they must have their case airtight and their brief thoroughly prepared knowing that the offender will do all within their power to defend and overturn it.

        Just look at the AVN case.

        Investigating any (legal) case takes time and the HCCC need patients for proof. Affected patients need to come forward or they can appoint someone (next of kin, friend) to act on their behalf, the complaint forms have provision for this. (Or a letter stating who it is that you appoint to act on your behalf.)

        When a complaint is made you do have whistle blower protection.
        You can also request that UM does not see your name and address.

        Yes it can be frustrating (anything legal often is) and lengthy but if anyone feels wronged by this UM group, please do not give up. Scam artists hope that you will be too frightened to come forward.

        Maybe the Officers in all of these NSW government departments are frustrated as well.

        Maybe revealing what you know to the appropriate authority will prove to be a healing for you when you see those who have caused you harm brought to justice and stopped.

        This matter needs to be kept before our Politicians so that these governmental authorities have the laws behind them to act to be able to protect the Public so that grey areas and loopholes are not there for scam artists to cash in on.

        Please do not be intimidated the bullies aren’t.

      • HCCC and AHPRA should be able to act on breaches of Code of Conduct. AMA, however, is a professional association, not a regulatory authority.

        Have the people whose breasts have been inappropriately ”massaged” submitted complaints?

  3. It’d be very optimistic if the AMA, HCCC, APHRA did anything. Philip Nitschke has been going about his business for a long time unmolested:

    He’ll probably win the appeal too.

    The lesson for us unfortunately, is that government regulators are ineffectual. The best we can do is draw things to their attention.

    However, there are some that have powers to investigate. One of them is the Department of Fair Trading, and they do have cross-over authority into false medical claims that the HCCC is supposed to govern. They wrote a submission about it for the current parliamentarian inquiry.

    If you’ve got something to say, tell the DFT. It’s your best bet.

    The cult doctors also wrote submissions, arguing that evidence based medicine does not have all the answers and championing the alternative ‘intuitive’ healing, or a ‘mixture’ thereof. This lets us know a few things.

    Firstly, the doctors don’t understand peer review processes or the scientific method, and why it has been so successful.
    They haven’t read their code of ethics.
    The group think they are special and have something to offer, and they are emboldened by lack of action by the regulators, which they possibly mistake as an endorsement because, like all of us till we butt our heads up against it they mis-understand the process.

    The culmination of this stupidity is the endorsement of the EPA, which is an arbitrary body that sets a standard of an arbitrary nature. A lot like intuitive healing. The group decide who meets the standard, and who doesn’t, and what the standard is. According to Serge. Basically, it is abiding by their ideology and forms of behavior that he insists upon. It has nothing to do with the standards and integrity one would expect in the real world, and of course they do not have to, nor do they, abide by them.

    This Sunday the group are having their B.C Ball, which we assume means Before Christ. Whether it does or not, this is the fantasy they are living in- that in ancient times people were better off, more intuitive, more in connection with god. They are worshiping an idealised past that never existed over a now that has given them the best life of any human generation.

    It’s a metaphor for their muddle headedness. Doctors are not immune from it. They believe this stuff as if it is real.

    Do you want a doctor that doesn’t know fact from fiction looking after you? Or a doctor that can’t tell the difference between evidence and evocation? If they are a member of the EPA, or endorsing it, take heed. Do not see these doctors- at least till they wake up to themselves.

    if that is possible.

  4. The same sort of thinking has led to this debacle in PNG where people are abandoning their HIV medication for faith healing. The leader of the revivalist group is using the same grossly flawed and toxic thunking as Serge.

    Death is healing.

    “Health workers have told the ABC revivalists visit hospitals and clinics telling HIV patients to throw away their medication.

    In a case that shocked many, one of PNG’s first openly HIV-positive women, Helen Samilo, fell prey to the revivalist message.

    Even though she was working as an advocate for anti-retroviral treatment, Ms Samilo joined a revivalist church, stopped taking medication, and died in August last year.

    “It’s just the revival church that told her not to take her medication. They are responsible for her death,” Ms Anton, a friend of Ms Samilo, said.

    Pastor Wippon sees Ms Samilo’s death differently.

    “She has been healed spiritually. She died physically, naturally. But spiritually she’s right with the Lord,” he said.”

    Now Imagine that marriage of UM and Western Medicine and the real results if allowed to run unchecked.

  5. Very irresponsible of any faith leader or Dr to endorse abandonment of evidence based western medicine. All leaders have (or should have) a duty of care to provide accurate information … You would expect Drs to be intelligent, honest & impartial enough to evaluate all objective information available. Surely they’re not falling for UM’s extreme efforts of information control (eg being dissuaded to read ER’s sites & imply that all questioners or critics are mentally unstable, abusive, obsessive, possessed, etc, with sinister motives). I suspect that some, or all, UM Drs are too enmeshed in the “circle of trust” (& / or care too much for loved ones). And / or too fearful of repercussions to self extricate now. They’re between a rock & a hard place. Yet (especially together) they are probably most respected & with great power to bring all into line & a truly healthier place. They could arrange for psychiatric evaluations of all who need to be on medication. If not to save face, for the sake of the more vulnerable, well meaning, trusting members & future generations. Influence to keep the good, ditch the dark & dodgy. (If they’re worried about financial loss, they could write a best seller analysing the manipulation & other inner psychologicsl dynamics of cults). Just suggesting …

  6. ABC Four Corners this Monday 28th July is advertised as being about Cults.
    OMG I have just looked at the UM site the one that has their take on their facts. Unbelievable.
    Well not only do they contradict their own previous blog on you all and the Journalists,and Professor Dwyer but their latest
    blog is choka block full of contradictions from one paragraph to the next.
    What is wrong with these people, crackpots.
    I am wondering if this was the content of their cyber bullying con yesterday.
    And yet again NO answer to any questions. Man o man.

      • Yawn yep boring repetitive – ness(LOL)
        That blog of theirs really really shows them twisting the truth and so blatantly.
        Again their article has no continuity of thought – it is all over the place. AND
        Of course it is love bombed by the love bombers, same ol same ol bragging about their cyber bullying con.
        It is sickening to know that schools were involved, how dare UM try recruiting school children now.
        That is all that conference was for as far as I am concerned. Recruiting.

        • That Allison Greig is such an idiot. Wants to be special into the eyes of a kingsize narcissist so bad, that she doesn’t even see the hubris she is displaying in pissing off the journalists she is humiliating for the sake of Sergio.

          He’ll never love her back of course, just will ask for more money for the one thing narcs do best: taking care of themselves and their image… sending her out for esoteric breast massages to humiliate her as the cherry on top of the pie. Gluten free of course, because nobody is supposed to have some real sugar in Sergios paradise. Bastardo!

          She can’t even write and uses punctuation on occasion, which makes that blog a wiring nightmare to read. But who cares…? as long as you have 100 lovebloggers telling you how wonderful you are after every crappy blog you come up with.

    • Oh my, surely this is a joke!? What this dude describes sounds more like mystical wishful / positive thinking rather than prayer (God doesn’t get a mention once)… Re diminishing evidence based practice: how can anyone trust intuitive, arbitrary opinions which feel right? (Blind faith, power of suggestion, placebo, confirmation bias …?)

  7. Have there been any answers from the Doctors to the questions that were raised here?

    Thanks for the link to yesterday’s Herald Sun article on cults.

    I found the comments that followed this article very interesting.
    What a difference it would make if these cults had to pay taxes like the rest of society.
    Perhaps it would curtail these groups from forming if there was no tax free incentive and it would help with Australia’s deficit if they all pay tax on their millions that they have been given! lol

    Some of the comments:

    “…All with taxpayers money of course, whilst giving a tax free status too.”

    “About time they paid taxes too”

    “….basically all about some humans dominating and exploiting other humans.
    There isn’t any difference at all between the ‘wacky cults’ and mainstream religions though. The are all peddling an alternative to reality that has no basis in truth whatsoever. The deeper they drag people into them. all of them, the more dangerous to the individual and society.”

  8. A few responses:

    Another mailing address:

    NSW Fair Trading

    PO Box 972

    NSW 2124

    They accept anonymous complaints, but anons can’t be given any contact person, of course, or follow up on progress or outcomes.

    FlowerPower, no, no response from the doctors. I wouldn’t expect it. I’ve issued many invitations for them to come and discuss our issues and questions, but no – their Esoteric code of conduct deems public accountability beneath their Gloriousness.

    Sue, I don’t know of any women who’ve copped Esoteric Breast rubs making complaints, but I have heard from some who were disgusted and traumatised by the experience. One was referred by one of the idiot doctors. They are not willing to come forward for various reasons – mostly fear and humiliation.

    I agree with the Lord of Form – we have a better chance of bringing the doctors into line via the Office of Fair Trading.

    Susie Q., good idea about the puffery.

    SubRosa – Alison Greig is doing a brilliant job of convincing anyone who reads UM is a cult, if they weren’t already convinced. Serge is enjoying himself – the more his flock prostrate themselves at his altar of bullshit, the more gratification he gets. Particularly the ones who are paying for the privilege.

  9. Would any of the above named doctors care to comment on Serge’s claim that miscarriages occur when the fetus decides for some esoteric reason or other that it doesn’t want to be born, and that it is effectively committing suicide in the womb?

  10. This article in the Northern star is well worth a read – the story sounds so so familiar.

    “Horrors of Coffs Harbour cult on Four Corners.”

    “In the report, one male informant tells why he could not simply walk out of the Pastor Williams’ cult.

    “It’s a web. It’s a furious web. It’s like he’s the spider and he’s got you there and you can’t get out of the bloody spider web because he injects that indoctrinated poison to believe that once you’re out of that net, you’re condemned for life,” he said.

    Ms Meldrum-Hanna told ABC Breakfast the pastor was eloquent, charismatic and confident.”

    The Four Corners report Cult of Horrors airs tonight at 8.30PM on ABC

    • What a revealing of an ugly horrid setup, the exact opposite of the meaning of charity, perhaps Four Corners will do an investigation of Universal Medicine or maybe they already are.
      In the 4-Corners report last night the Abbott’s government decision to disband the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) which was intended by the previous government to ” maintain, protect and enhance public trust and confidence in the sector through increased accountability and transparency”. Why why why?

      I look forward to reading your blog listing the similarities between last nights expose’ and UM.

  11. Its time to take away the tax free charity status on religions, lets see how many bother to exist after that.
    It’s time to stop the cult doctors publicly and in their practices supporting Universal Medicine & Serge Benhayon.
    Would Mr Benhayon’s BUSINESS Universal Medicine – exist if this happened?

  12. Dr Maxine Szramka says:

    “The health care system holds doctors to blame, to ransom, with the threat of being sued at a moments notice, of being hauled before a medical board that does not connect with you as a person but can rather judge you on one case, and not a lifetimes of work.”

    Why shouldn’t Dr’s be regulated and investigated for wrongdoing? Every other profession is regulated.

    • Personal message for Dr Maxine Szramka from the Medical Council website:

      “Support for doctors

      The Medical Council of NSW appreciates that dealing with regulatory authorities in response to complaints is very difficult for students and practitioners. The Council constantly refines its processes to improve timeliness to minimise distress.

      The Council strongly advises doctors involved in regulatory processes to seek help from their medical defence organisation, and others such as the Doctors’ Health Advisory Service (DHAS).

      DHAS offers a telephone help-line on 02 9437 6552 (24 hours) for personal and confidential advice for practitioners, students and their family members. They handle calls relating to anxiety, mental illness, drug and alcohol problems and personal or financial difficulties. No problem is too trivial or too serious. Their staff and volunteer doctors can provide advice and referrals if required.

      For more information visit the DHAS website.

      The Council also recommends you have your own general practitioner if you are unwell. As William Osler said: ‘a physician who treats himself has a fool for a patient’.

      • Dr Szramka is well aware that she is part of a privileged class of individuals, and she would also be well aware of the resources available. Her victim posturing is arrogant and inappropriate.

        Dr Szramka as written above is online scamming UM ‘miracle cures’, and part of the protected Esoteric lynch mob trashing complainants and calling them liars. When criticized she squeals she’s a victim of religious persecution.

        She is one of the most reprehensible, repugnant individuals in UM, acting in total disregard of her medical ethics to exploit the most vulnerable members of our community.

        My question for Dr Szramka. How at risk of suicide are victims of medical misconduct, Maxine? How at risk of suicide are official complainants grievously harmed by cult compromised doctors who are labelled liars online by a mass of cult bullies?

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