Universal Medicine’s ties with Lismore City Council

Lismore City Councillor, Isaac Smith

Lismore City Councillor, Isaac Smith

Minutes and reports from Lismore City Council meetings reveal Mayor Jenny Dowell and Councillor Isaac Smith’s connection with the Universal Medicine cult. We’d like both Councillors to answer some questions about their association with UM, and the political ramifications. UPDATE Sep. 4: Councillor Isaac Smith has responded to our questions in the comments UPDATE Sep. 1: Scroll down for Mayor Jenny Dowell’s pathetic responses to questions posed by our friends on Twitter. 

Lismore mayor, Jenny Dowell

Lismore mayor, Jenny Dowell

Both Smith and Dowell spoke at the Real Media Real Change Cyber-bullying Conference in Lismore in December 2012. That was the conference where propagandist Sarah Davis invited high calibre speakers but neglected to tell them RMRC is an anti-free speech front for a harmful cult. Eight out of 10 speakers cancelled when informed, but Jenny Dowell went ahead after telling me in an email she was ‘aware of the links’ within the organising group. I also sent Mayor Dowell some information on UM’s unsavoury and predatory behaviour when I was informed Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd would be preying on cancer patients at a breast cancer care retreat held in Lismore City Hall in July this year.

Smith’s role at the event was reported by the inglorious anti-vaccination propaganda network.

Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd, which is part of the multi million dollar Benhayon business conglomerate, asked for a discount on the room hire at City Hall – a discount for which authentic non profit community service groups might be eligible. In spite of having ample information that UM is a harmful commercial operation, Mayor Dowell voted in favour of the discount. Councillor Smith absented himself from the vote due to a conflict of interest.

Councillor Smith plans to run for state parliament against sitting member, Thomas George, for the seat of Lismore next year.

Regardless of their political stripe, Councillor Smith and Mayor Dowell need to explain their relationship with Universal Medicine and answer a few questions to assure Lismore constituents and those of us calling UM to account that the cult is not going to receive political favours.

Lismore City Council Meeting

Requests for financial assistance were discussed seeking exclusion of one item relating to the organisation known as Esoteric Women’s Health through a motion . The issue was raised by Cr Battista. Cr Smith had to leave the room due to a conflict of interest.

Cr Battista’s concerns related to a practice of breast massage therapy for cancer patients and other issues resulting in marriage breakdowns. He was of the view that such groups should not even be allowed to use the Town Hall.

Mayor Dowell declared her membership of a cancer support group but she did not participate actively.

Cr Clough expressed concern about making decisions based on personal views and referred to church practices as an example. Lismore Radio Facebook Page August 12, 2014

From Council Meeting minutes:

Councillor Smith declared a significant conflict of interest in the following item:

14.1 Financial Assistance – Section 356 Report

Nature of Interest:  The organisation I work for is a tenant of a property owned by Universal Medicine, whom has identified as the organisation being asked to receive a discount.  I intend to leave the Chambers and not participate in the vote.

14.1 Financial Assistance – Section 356 Report

A MOTION WAS MOVED that in accordance with Section 356(1) of the Local Government Act 1993, the assistance to persons as listed above is hereby approved…

b) City Hall Reductions in Rental – Policy 8.4.2 (GL390.125.15)

Budget: $17,100                  Spent to date:  $0 

Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre is requesting Council to discount the hire fees ($204) for the use of the City Hall on 2 July 2014 for the launch of a DVD about how family law can help Aboriginal families make good arrangements for their children post separation. An entrance fee is not charged.

Recommendation: In accordance with Clause 5 of the policy, a donation of 20% or $40.80 of the hire fees applies. 

Esoteric Women’s Health is requesting Council to discount the hire fees ($257) for the use of the City Hall on 11 July 2014 for a Breast Cancer Care Retreat. An entrance fee is not charged. 

Recommendation: In accordance with Clause 5 of the policy, a donation of 20% or $51.40 of the hire fees applies…

(Councillors Clough/Smith) (BP14/585)

At this juncture Councillor Smith left the meeting.

AN AMENDMENT WAS MOVED that That Esoteric Women’s Health be removed from the Section 356 Report and that no discount be given. 

(Councillors Battista/Bennett) (BP14/585)

On submission to the meeting the AMENDMENT was APPROVED and became the MOTION. 

Voting for:                   Councillors Battista, Bennett, Houston, Meineke, Ritchie and Scheibel

Voting against:           Councillors Clough, Dowell and Ekins (Lismore City Council Website)

Lismore City Council Website – Minutes August 12, 2014

Councillor Isaac Smith and Serge Benhayon

Smith is operations manager at Northern Rivers Community Transport – a non profit, government funded transport service for elderly and disadvantaged people operating out of 37 Converys Lane, Wollongbar, which we know as the College of Universal Medicine premises owned by Serge Benhayon. That’s the same College of Universal Medicine that is under investigation by the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing over alleged breaches of its charitable fundraising authority, as reported by News Ltd. Last year, NRCT secured a 10 year lease at the premises and an informant suspects Smith played a large part in negotiating the lease contract with Serge Benhayon.

Is that correct Councillor Smith?

We’d like to make it clear we have no issue with Lismore Council or Northern Rivers Community Transport. Our purpose is to call Universal Medicine to account for its abuses. We question political figures knowingly associating with a harmful group, publicly promoting that group, and seeking financial advantages for a cult at rate payer and tax payers’ expense.

While Isaac Smith declared his conflict of interest, he seconded the motion to give EWH a discount before absenting himself from the vote.

Councillor Smith was among the Facebook ‘Likes’ on the Lismore Chamber of Commerce page announcing Universal Medicine had won People’s Choice Award via cult member spam vote last weekend. Among the other Likes was Benhayon’s business partner and vexatious copyright complainant, Desiree Delaloye, and bent Northern Star reporter and UM adherent, Hamish Broome.

The award was not liked by a number of community members, including Lismore Councillor Gianpiero Battista, who also opposed UM using City Hall for its predatory events. He had this to say on the Lismore Chamber of Commerce Facebook page:

Very disturbing news about a cult in our very Lismore Please do your research and don’t be fooled by this very unhealthy practice!!!

If you win the state seat of Lismore at next year’s election Councillor Smith, can we expect that any further dealings with Universal Medicine will be fully transparent and subject to public scrutiny?

More questions for Councillor Smith and Mayor Jenny Dowell

At the business awards, Universal Medicine portrayed itself as a business. On its website it calls itself a religion. It s College of Universal Medicine charity was set up to convert and improve Benhayon’s property at Wollongbar into a commercial premises for Universal Medicine money for nothing services and events to Benhayon’s financial advantage.

Are you religious adherents to Serge Benhayon’s Way of the Livingness?

Do you regard his teachings as the ‘One Unified Truth’?

You voted in favour of a discount for an Esoteric Women’s Health event preying on breast cancer patients. Does that mean you support Esoteric Women’s Health advertised message that the ‘body is the marker of truth’ and that people deserve to develop cancer because of their ‘choice’ to live ‘lovelessly’?

Do you believe people deserve to contract cancer for not thinking the thoughts Serge Benhayon dictates we should think?

Do you believe emotions are the cause of all disease?

Do you agree that everyone who does not subscribe to Universal Medicine is ‘loveless and in pain’, and a member of the ‘Astral cult‘.

Would you like to comment on Benhayon’s teachings that mental illness is caused by entity possession? Or that rape victims deserve their karma?

You’ve seen the images of Benhayon’s inappropriate touching, including touching a woman’s genitals as a ‘healing’ for rape recovery. Benhayon has taught that technique to hundreds of ‘students’? Do you think that’s an appropriate health practice?

Do you agree with Universal Medicine’s publicity that Lance and I are mentally ill cyber-bullies, internet trolls and the rest because we’ve criticized UM and made official complaints?

Are Benhayon’s enterprises appropriate businesses for Lismore City Council to be subsidizing?

Comments are open Mayor Dowell and Councillor Smith, or use the contact form to submit your responses for publication.

Update: Mayor Dowell’s Twitter debacle

Yesterday our friends Reasonable Hank & Dr Matthew Berryman asked Jenny Dowell via Twitter about her support for Universal Medicine. Her responses show she’s given little consideration to the very serious issues raised – beginning two years ago. It’s also a cautionary tale for politicians to give careful consideration before answering questions.


All of that happened while I was busy at work. At some point Mayor Dowell realized she might have wrong footed her responses. However, her subsequent responses weren’t much better. Read from bottom up for order of tweeting. JDMayorwon'topposeIn other words, she spoke at conference in spite of being warned, but it’s all good because she left early and didn’t hang around for the cultism.

She says she won’t oppose any group that applies for a discount on hiring City Hall facilities at ratepayer expense, even if she does oppose them, and that’s if she can be bothered finding out who they are and what their agenda is.

She also supports fundamentalist creationists/evolution deniers using City facilities at rate payer’s expense.

She blames policy for her support of predatory and other questionable organizations – but the minutes show a party split, with two of her Labor colleagues opposing the discount for Esoteric Women’s Health.

Finally, Mayor Dowell, this is not an issue that can be smoothed over via emails or a private phone call with me. This a public matter of your political judgement that deserves a public response. I’m only the messenger. It’s the people of Lismore that you need to make your explanation to, and the families adversely affected by the cult you have supported publicly in spite of receiving evidence of their harms.

Contact Lismore Councillors with your concerns about UM and ask them to make sure harmful businesses and cult fronts are banned from using City Hall.

71 thoughts on “Universal Medicine’s ties with Lismore City Council

  1. Well! well! well!
    Thank you for this report.
    I eagerly await Mayor Dowell and Councillor Smith, responses.

    • And UP go the page views! Thank you to our informants – as always we rely on information from the public, and that public is widening thanks to the cult’s aggression.

      Expect a big weekend of cult bashing everyone. I’ve got an update to the Facts blog gossip post up later this evening, but watch our sites over the next few days…

      Feel free to post your own questions to the Councillors here in the comments.

  2. Lismore Radio shared a link.
    6 hours ago
    How does ‘an alleged new-age cult, run by a former bankrupt who claims to be Leonardo da Vinci reincarnated’, that also has subsidiaries claiming to be a ‘charity’ when it suits them, win the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at a Chamber of Commerce business awards night?

    Probably by massaging some breasts or ovaries, that’s how!

    Will you get your breasts or ovaries massaged by the ‘People’s Choice’?

    • I note that your comments have been removed from Lismore Radio.
      I wonder why?????

      • It’s okay. It was the Lismore Radio operator’s call, but seeing the cult has succeeded in shutting down two of my FB pages with false complaints I don’t blame him. I’m okay with it.

        There’s nothing to stop anyone from sharing a link to this blog with their FB friends privately though.

        I’ve also added a link to a copy of the email from Jenny Dowell telling me she was aware of the RMRC links. It’s in the post as well.

  3. Yeah, my questions:

    1. Esoteric Women’s Health is having their next Breast Cancer mind fuck and bequest pillaging ‘retreat’ at Lismore City Hall on October 10. http://www.esotericwomenshealth.com/breast-cancer-care-retreat.html Why doesn’t the Lismore City Council evict those predators? How about we take a ‘people’s choice’ vote for that?

    2. What the hell are these people thinking? Why are they seeking a discount for a BUSINESS? A very lucrative business, yes? Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd directors are Natalie Benhayon, lawyer and serial UM company director, Serryn O’Regan, and UM UK director, Sarah Williams. Who owns that nice big new house you’ve moved into Natalie? How much did you pay for that? Did you pay cash?

    3. Jenny and Isaac, do the words ‘due diligence’ mean anything to you?

    • Hi Pranic Princess.

      Many businesses have Not For Profit arms, or run community events. Council does not have the time to dig into each applicant, but it could be a way forward in this situation. Due diligence is applying the council policy correctly. There is other groups that people disagree with, but where do we draw the line? Maybe it is time we looked at the policy again. Very happy to do that.

  4. I find it very concerning that Isaac and Jenny can be sympathetic or supportive of an organization that one-sidedly attacks journalists and various people who have had something to say about this nasty outfit called Universal Medicine. Either they are ignoring that cultish behaviour or they too have become victims of the virus that Serge has is flogging. If that’s the case, I most certainly do not want these guys representing me locally or at a state level.

    • Hi JB,

      It was not sympathetic from my perspective as I left the room and did not vote on the issue.

  5. Tweet:
    Darkly Venus @DarklyVenus
    Heads up duckies and look out @sergebenhayon & co. !
    Buy the Sunday Telegraph or Courier Mail tomorrow for report on Universal Medicine cult

    Really D.V!.? Wow.
    So good to hear this news.
    UM & Co have flown under the radar for too long.
    Good on the Sunday Telegraph. It will be an interesting read no doubt.

  6. Have been following the comments on twitter between Mayor Dowell and others on this topic and can now understand why many in Lismore have had enough and are looking forward to her not running again.

    Whilst Mayor Dowell claims not to be a follower of Universal Medicine, she is claiming the ‘political correct’ defence in that to reject support for UM it would be to discriminate against a “fundamentalist creationist religious” group. This P.C. stance is a bit rich for a woman who in the past was prepared to parrot the old racist teachers joke “glue-ear today, tomorrow Long Bay” in reference to Aboriginal children.

    Whilst Mayor Dowell claims to reject cyberbullying, but in contrast presented at Universal Medicine’s anti-freespeech conference, she “was too busy” to read the article about UM’s cyberbullying of Jane Hansen and the online attacks upon her health related to her deceased child.

    Considering this, no wonder child groomers, other sickos and their ilk enjoy such a free reign in our city.

    • I don’t live in Lismore, and I don’t have a horse in the local political race, but I’m disturbed by local politicians attempting to subsidize a cult. Mayor Dowell’s Twitter responses were dismissive and unsatisfactory. I’ll post her Twitter responses as soon as I get time. For those who haven’t heard, the Sunday Tele article on a patient speaking up about one of the cult doctors was published.

  7. The more I read and the more that gets revealed the more utterly disgusted I become.
    Corruption everywhere. Who can you trust?
    Helping out UM whatever for? Why?
    UM have so much money they do not need help.
    I smell a plague of rats.

  8. How factious it is of Mayor Jenny Dowell to lecture ReasonableHank with “dare I suggest you are being as persistent as those you seek to criticise”.

    This a public matter of poor political judgement that deserves a public response. This may involve dodgy political leadership and may involve one or may large groups involved in unacceptable or rampant cronyism and perhaps it seems unlawful behaviour. An insult to the little people in Lismore LGA.

    ReasonableHank etc are the little people with no power. Universal Medicine and Lismore City Council are the big players with it seems too much power, money and influence.

    Seems that in her dreams, if Mayor Dowell had the power she’d be the type to get rid of ‘Whistleblower Protection Laws’ as well. Stinks a little like Abbottism.

  9. Comment; Local community groups and possible ‘conflicts of interest’ with Universal Medicine (thanks to these two?)?

    I am assuming State parliamentary ALP candidate Isaac Smith has belligerently not responded to the questions on this page. Apart from ALL his unanswered questions above a further question remains. Do any other groups/NGOs under influence of Smith perhaps have a conflict of interest with UM?

    As Cr Isaac Smith has declared “a significant conflict of interest” with UM in the Council minutes, this suggests that Northern Rivers Community Transport has a very significant conflict of interest with UM (innocently perhaps if Smith was behind the lease). Putting gov funded local NGOs into compromising positions like this is unacceptable and dilutes their essential need for independence free from any fundamentalist religious dogma.

    Simple domain research shows Smith has a control over a few local NGO’s media, and control of a media is power. This is mainly through his ownership (registrant) of their web domains and control (hosting) of their websites. Apologies if these other NGOs have no conflict of interest but yet need to shake off Smith’s ownership and control of them. Let’s hope these other NGOs listed below don’t also have ‘conflicts of interest’ with UM thanks to Smith, until then the question still remains.

    The following websites in 1-4 are all owned by (registrant) Isaac Smith as well as all their websites are located (hosted) at ‘summerland.net.au/auschurch.com.au’ a web-service Smith is an “employee” (silent partner?) in:

    1. nrct.org.au & nrct.org (Northern Rivers Community Transport. The NGO Smith operates & manages, located at the College of United Medicine property. Owner Cr Smith).
    2. nrsdc.org.au (Northern Rivers Social Development Council, Lismore NGO, owner Cr Smith).
    3. daisi.asn.au (Disability & Aged Information Service, Lismore/Ballina NGO, owner Cr Smith).
    4. galah.com.au, isaacsmith.com.au & mrlismore.com.au (Not NGOs. Owner Cr Smith ‘@auschurch.com.au’).
    5. goingplaces.org.au (Lismore NGO, was up until recently owned by Cr Smith but no longer. But is still hosted at summerland.net.au).
    6. daisi.org.au (NGO as above. Owned by another person. But is still hosted at summerland.net.au).
    7. jennydowell.com.au (The Mayor’s own website, now closed, was owned by Cr Smith).

    8. Note Smith’s own business ‘galah.com.au’ is directly linked and associated with Lismore web-service ‘summerland.net.au’ & ‘webdoor.com.au’ which incorporates Australian Church Web Host Service ‘auschurch.com.au’, ‘auschurch.com’ & ‘auschurch.net’. Smith is an “employee” at ‘@auschurch.com.au’.

    • No, no response from Councillor Smith. And I won’t be emailing or calling Jenny Dowell seeing she ignored my prior notifications. She can explain herself to Lismore voters and the ALP.

      Thank you for this info. We’ll have to keep an eye on organizations Isaac Smith is involved in and be alert to any infiltration from UM, or him attempting to gain any recruitment or financial advantages for UM via these organizations.

      This is where we rely on information from the public – so if any readers have further information about Isaac Smith operating to promote UM or further their interests in the Lismore area, please contact the blog.

    • Hi Penny,

      The first I knew about any of this was today Sept 4th. So I am answering questions here in teh comments and I apologise to Esther if she has tried to contact me, as I have not received anything.

      I have already addressed the lease issue below. As for more info on the building I work in, it was sold by Hearn’s freight a few years ago and was purchased by UM. This was all before my time as I started here in March 2012. Local govt advises that you declare a significant conflict of interest if any issue that comes to council is connected to your day job. So as soon as the Clr said that EWH was linked to UM I declared and left the room.

      Before I worked for Northern Rivers Community Transport I was a web developer with Summerland Web Service. This is why my name is on a number of local NGO websites. I built them. I no longer have any links to these organisations, but my name would be on the original documentation.

      Let me know if you want any other info.

  10. Hi,

    I have just found this page thanks to the fake twitter account that bears my name and I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Reading the above comments, it seem like someone may have tried to contact me, but I have never heard from anyone about this issue. Esther did you try and contact me?

    I will look at this article and comments in detail and get back to you as I am very puzzled by what is written here. It does not make any sense to me or any to anyone who has met me.

    I look forward to discussing this with you further and good on you for sticking up for what you believe in.

    Cheers, Isaac

  11. OK so here are some answers on the questions above:

    “NRCT secured a 10 year lease at the premises and an informant suspects Smith played a large part in negotiating the lease contract with Serge Benhayon. Is that correct Councillor Smith?”

    A- No. Our HR manager looks after building related matters. I was not involved in negotiations.

    “While Isaac Smith declared his conflict of interest, he seconded the motion to give EWH a discount before absenting himself from the vote.”

    A- I seconded the motion as I was not aware I had a conflict till a Clr pointed out that the EWH was linked to UM. As the NGO I work for is one of 3 tenants in a building owned by UM I needed to declare that as per Local Govt rules. Had I known that EWH was a part of UM I would of left the chamber before the report had commenced. They should have sought a new seconder for the motion after I left, bu tI was not part of the discussion, so I don’t know what process was followed.

    “Councillor Smith was among the Facebook ‘Likes’ on the Lismore Chamber of Commerce page announcing Universal Medicine had won People’s Choice Award via cult member spam vote last weekend.”

    A- I liked a number of posts that night and that particular post also included Black Sombrero, where I have been supporting Julie and Jono with since before it opened.

    If you win the state seat of Lismore at next year’s election Councillor Smith, can we expect that any further dealings with Universal Medicine will be fully transparent and subject to public scrutiny?

    A- Absolutely. I believe in complete transparency and accountability. No exceptions.

    I’ll start a new message for the next section of questions.

  12. “Are you religious adherents to Serge Benhayon’s Way of the Livingness?”

    A- No. I don’t know much about UM, apart form what I have read in the media and online over the past 12 months

    Do you regard his teachings as the ‘One Unified Truth’?

    A- I don’t know anything about UM teachings

    You voted in favour of a discount for an Esoteric Women’s Health event preying on breast cancer patients. Does that mean you support Esoteric Women’s Health advertised message that the ‘body is the marker of truth’ and that people deserve to develop cancer because of their ‘choice’ to live ‘lovelessly’?

    A- I didn’t vote on this issue due to a perceived conflict of interest with my wokrplace.

    Do you believe people deserve to contract cancer for not thinking the thoughts Serge Benhayon dictates we should think?

    A- No one deserves any sort of illness. I spend every day at work trying to get people to medical and social appointments to improve their health and wellbeing.

    Do you believe emotions are the cause of all disease?

    A- No. But I believe emotions play a role in how our physical body functions.

    Do you agree that everyone who does not subscribe to Universal Medicine is ‘loveless and in pain’, and a member of the ‘Astral cult‘.

    A- not sure what that means, but I am full of Love and I an unaware of UM teachings.

    Would you like to comment on Benhayon’s teachings that mental illness is caused by entity possession? Or that rape victims deserve their karma?

    A- No

    You’ve seen the images of Benhayon’s inappropriate touching, including touching a woman’s genitals as a ‘healing’ for rape recovery. Benhayon has taught that technique to hundreds of ‘students’? Do you think that’s an appropriate health practice?

    A- No I havent seen any images and I have no knowledge of what is an appropriate health practice in this situation.

    Do you agree with Universal Medicine’s publicity that Lance and I are mentally ill cyber-bullies, internet trolls and the rest because we’ve criticized UM and made official complaints?

    A- I haven’t read any UM publicity, or much against UM at this stage. I believe that people have a right to be heard and raise their issues, but that personal attacks detract from the issues and arguments. In my role on council I have been attacked many times, and I make mistakes, so some criticism is warented. I am happy to be criticised as long as the discussion focused on facts and on issues, not the people involved.

    Are Benhayon’s enterprises appropriate businesses for Lismore City Council to be subsidizing?

    A- Council has a policy under which people can apply. Council can revisit that policy and change it if it feels that there are groups who should not be able to apply.

    Time for part three…

  13. Thank you Isaac for your responses.

    I linked to the images of inappropriate touching in the post. I think it’s important you see them and are aware of the kinds of practices UM is propagating among their ‘healers’. https://universalmedicineaccountability.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/universal-medicines-womens-health-special-having-your-genitals-touched-by-the-one-and-any-other-cult-member-who-feels-to/

    I also ask that you take a look at the site where Universal Medicine defames and personally slurs critics and complainants supported by hundreds of followers and without allowing critical comments or questions.
    This post attempts to attribute News Ltd’s Jane Hansen’s negative reporting to a personal tragedy she experienced. http://www.donotlink.com/babk
    We’d like you to be aware of their hypocrisy in running conferences purporting to combat cyber-bullying, having made numerous attempts to censor, intimidate, defame and destroy the livelihoods of those of us adversely affected by the group because we’ve spoken up and lodged official complaints. http://estherrockett.com/2014/07/16/addressing-cyber-bullying-with-the-embattled-college-of-universal-medicine/

    I would also like to correct you in congratulating me for sticking up ‘for what I believe in’. This is not a case of belief. I’m sticking up for myself and others who have been harmed by this group. It’s not my belief but my direct experience, and serious concerns about the aggression and censoriousness of UM.

    Yes, I think the Council policy needs review, and exploitative businesses like UM and EWH should not receive any benefits or advantages from Lismore Council or any government.

    I think it’s reasonable to ask on behalf of our readers that UM is not allowed to use Lismore City Hall for their events. Least of all receive discounts.

    I do hope you have declared all of your conflicts of interest with UM and that we don’t find out about further associations you might have with them.

    I appreciate you responding to each question, but I think it’s fair we seek some assurance that UM does not receive any political or other favours from you or Mayor Dowell.

    • Hi Esther,

      I don’t have any idea on Esoteric practices, so I don’t know if what is happening here is “normal” or not. But I appreciate the links you have provided and I will look into it further.

      At council we declare conflicts at each meeting, so it is constant accountability issue. I am not sure how or why UM would come up again, but as long as I work at Community Transport I can not be in a position to assist them financially.

      I don’t think Council has given support to UM in the past and they did not receive any the other night. So they have never got any favours from anyone at Council including myself or Jenny.

      • Please look into it and please examine the information available on these sites. All of it is referenced. Most people when they see the images of inappropriate touching are appalled. Esoteric or not, it is not an acceptable practice to touch the genitals of sexual abuse victims and portray it as ‘healing’.

        The Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council is currently devising a national code of conduct for unregistered health practitioners which includes prohibiting the touching of genitals under any pretence that it’s ‘therapy’. It’s already mandatory notifiable conduct for registered practitioners. I believe AHMAC partly introduced this having been notified of Benhayon’s practices and the HCCC’s inaction over them.

        You’ll see links to all News Reports about UM at the tab at the top of the page. But I’d also ask you to look at Our Mission page.

        UM has received previous favours from you and Ms Dowell. You both spoke at the Real Media Real Change Cyber-bullying Conference in December 2012?

        Were you aware that UM was behind it?

        You’ll see from the the link above to a copy of the email, that I notified Jenny Dowell, who said she was aware. I believe she’d also been warned by at least one other person – the same person or people who’d notified the other 8 speakers who cancelled.

        I find it curious that she went ahead having been told the conference was run by a cult – partly to intimidate me and others.

        If I’d known you were to speak I would have notified you as well.

        I also find it disturbing that she disregarded a detailed notification I made to her and a breast cancer support group regarding EWH’s abusive practices. That was in June this year.

        I was shocked to later learn she was backing giving them a discount for hire of City Hall facilities.

  14. Is it me or do I see contradictions with the answers Cr Isaac has given??

    An Example:

    A- No. I don’t know much about UM, apart form what I have read in the media and online over the past 12 months

    A- I haven’t read any UM publicity, or much against UM at this stage. I believe that people have a right to be heard and raise their issues, but that personal attacks detract from the issues and arguments. In my role on council I have been attacked many times, and I make mistakes, so some criticism is warented. I am happy to be criticised as long as the discussion focused on facts and on issues, not the people involved.

    • Hi Truthseeker,

      As I am part of the discussion, you can ask me these questions directly, as I have no problem being open and honest about what I know.

      To give you some more detail. I did not know who UM was when I started work at Community Transport in their building. The issue of who owned the building never came up until our lease needed to be renewed. This was also around the time that our local paper had a few article about UM, so that is when I first became aware of the people involved. I did read the Northern Star articles at the time, but I did not look any further into the issue.

      I only became aware that there were Anti-UM websites such a few weeks ago when a fake twitter account linked me to UM. I only found this site today. So I answered Esther’s direct question as best I could as I have not seen any UM publicity documents that she referred to, or read any articles on site such as this.

      If you have any questions, ask away.

  15. This is democracy in action. Considering the victims and critics of UM have all had their comments blocked on the UM websites. UM can serve it up and ruin peoples lives, but they certainly cant take it.

    To victims of UM and other concerned citizens,

    – Mr Smith says he only now found out this debate was happening due to twitter. It is more likely due to letters sent to the ALP that have been floating around the last few days as well as people ‘trying’ to contact him directly over time that encouraged him to respond.

    – Mr Smith spoke at the UM conference in 2012 but did no research on the group? That’s just irresponsible.

    – He declares he didn’t know the relationship between EWH and UM. But prior to the LCC meeting they were all made aware that EWH (not called UM) were claiming a Council favour and in direct response prior to the beginning of meeting Mr Smith made a declaration of his conflict of interest with UM. His argument of ‘I knew nothing’ certainly doesn’t stack up.

    – Mr Smith says he just found out about UM abuses. Sorry he should have known for years considering all the media reports, and this argument of ‘I knew nothing’ doesn’t stack up because if nothing else the other Councillors raised abuses at the LCC meeting. They’ve all known for sometime (especially the Mayor), but all this info of UM abuses has somehow eluded Mr Smith for so long.

    – Mr Smith is the 2nd in command of Lismore Council ALP and the closest confidant of the Mayor and his argument of ‘I knew nothing’ doesn’t stack up. Either all the warnings of UM the Mayor received over the years were not shared by the Mayor to anyone including her closest ally. Or Mr Smith is not telling the truth. Perhaps its true that the Mayor has for years ignored the warnings about UM, not told anyone, and let UM have local support and grow larger in our town. Doesn’t say much for Mayor Dowell.

    – Mr Smith says ‘I am happy to be criticised as long as the discussion focused on facts and on issues, not the people involved’. People without power or influence should not be personally targeted (such as those supporting victims of UM). But those in positions of power and influence being ignorant or doing the wrong things can be, this is our democratic right. Examples of people that can be criticised are powerful businesses teaching harmful esoteric healing, trusted local GPs conducting those practices or referring patients onto people who do. And last but not least politicians, if politicians cant stand the heat then its time to get out of the kitchen. And anyone else in a influential position who supports such seedy activity.

    – Of a separate issue, Mr Smith supports a group that for years has successfully campaigned by picketing outside the local NSW members office, defacing pictures of the member and other civil disobedience etc. What Mr Smith is saying is once I get into power please don’t target me in the same way you’ve targeted my opponent. Sorry politicians don’t get off that easy, they all can be critisised and picketed etc. No-one forces them into politics.

    T Bent.

    • I don’t know much about Lismore politics. I don’t live there, but I know it’s not a big town, so it strikes me as unusual that the operations manager of an organization wouldn’t be aware their multi millionaire landlord has been in the news however many times.

      I’m also shocked that Mayor Dowell could ignore the information given to her about serious abuses and bullying, or turn a blind eye, and also not inform her political comrades.

      Also, there’s some dismissiveness to your responses, Isaac. None of us care whether UM’s practices are ‘Esoteric’. Anyone with any sense of propriety is disturbed by those images, the loony occult teachings, the censorship and bullying, and the acknowledged fact Benhayon regularly has young girls as house guests.

      And it appears to be a Kevin Andrews syndrome of not being able to distinguish cults from religions. It’s a common error among politicians and public institutions that they fear being perceived as anti-religious. We don’t care whether UM is a religion either. It’s the destruction, exploitation and abuse we object to.

      As Councillor Battista said, please do your research.

      It shouldn’t be up to me to inform the local government – at my own risk.

  16. Thank you TS.

    So, now that 80% + of Councillors at LCC don’t agree with the teachings of UM, and all have access to info of the harmful and extremely practices they undertake, we can look forward to LCC attempting to ensure our safety with the following:

    A motion moved at the next Council meeting cancelling Esoteric Women’s Health ‘retreat’ at Lismore City Hall on October 10. And also UM not being barred from use of any other LCC properties at any time in the future.

    Perhaps Councillor Gianpiero Battista can move the motion. And Councillor Isaac Smith can second it seeing its OK at Lismore Council for someone with a ‘conflct of interest’ to second a motion. If not then someone else.

    We look forward to LCC ensuring safety in our community and undertaking this brave initiative. Anything less is irresponsible. Your move Lismore City Councillors.

    • You have raised the bar to where it should have been. Well done
      Now we await the response and result.

  17. Correction: And also UM “BEING” barred from use of any other LCC properties at any time in the future.”


    Councillor Isaac Smith, who is also the Labor candidate for the NSW State seat of Lismore for the March 2015 election, is your new Deputy Mayor for the next 12 months after being elected by his much loved ‘Six Pack’ at this month’s ordinary council meeting.

    The only other person to put their hand up was Cr Marks looking for back to back terms. He did not stand a chance coming into a State election.

    A question was put to Cr Smith asking how he would do the job properly without neglecting his potential constituents who are not in the Lismore City Council area like those at Tenterfield. Those interested in his response can seek him out and ask him.

    Consideration must then turn to the question that If he did not neglect those potential constituents, would he then be neglecting his Lismore City Council position for which he gets paid?

    Either way, it will be an interesting campaign with the stress already starting to show and we are still six months out.

  19. I am not sure why T Bent and Truthseeker refuse to ask questions to me, but they would rather make statements, express opinions and avoid a discussion with me directly. Thank you Esther for interacting with me on this forum and giving me a voice where people like Big Rob and his Lismore Radio page are happy to Bully and slander. I have lost count of the amount of people I know who have been blocked from his pages for asking questions about his vendetta against me. I still have no idea why he targets me personally as he does not want to discuss facts or debate issues, just throw mud. But I guess that is the way of modern politics, or society in general. Perhaps T Bent and Truthseeker feel the same way? I am right there if you want to ask me anything. There is no conspiracy, so why not direct your questions to me and hear what I have to say?

    Flowerpower if you insist in posting from the Lismore Radio page an least have the decency to ask Big Rob why he hates me so much that he has to put up pictures of me with violent red crosses through my face, or why he thinks it is ok to abuse people and call them names. This disgusting behaviour has upset my wife and family and is such a poor example of how people should behave. The reason I am in politics is to try and stop this sort of thing as it is hurting people and becoming far to common.

    • Isaac, I’m sorry to hear your family have been distressed by name calling and other bad online behaviour, but frankly you’re coming across as precious. I’m also disappointed to hear that you’re in politics – Labor politics at that to ‘stop this sort of thing’ – as in some crass behaviour online.

      A large number of our readers have been victimised and damaged by a cult. We have people served with baseless AVOs, false accusations of bullying and abuse, and fighting to keep access to their kids, or to keep their families together. We have others who stand to lose their inheritances to Serge. Others who have been threatened with violence, molested, bullied and psychologically abused. I’ve had my Facebook pages removed by false complaints, and had to fight off a lot more to keep my blogs online. I’ve had cult members try to entrap me in my practice to have me deregistered with false misconduct complaints. I’ve had the Mystic dentist try to have me charged with stalking for sending her an email asking her to stop publicly promoting a predator. A number of us are being defamed online with the intent of destroying our livelihoods.

      Welcome to public life. I’d say if you’re going to run for the state seat, Big Rob’s Facebook page will be the least of your problems.

      I’d like to hear you raise your aspirations to doing something to protect members of the public from the serious damage wrought by the likes of UM – damage far worse than having your feelings hurt.

      • The behaviour I want to stop Esther is the very thing you are talking about. People thinking it is ok to abuse others. Everyday we see politicans on TV yelling at each other and thinking it is OK to bully and abuse. No wonder other also see this is OK, they just copy our so called leaders. I am not upset or hurt by the comments of people like big rob as they reflect more on him and his standards than mine.

        I will fight for anyone’s right to not be abused. I do not support anyone who abuses others or thinks it is OK to use name calling an bullying to get a desired result. As a Christian I truly believe in following Jesus example of love and grace as it is the only way you can change yourself or others.

        You say welcome to public life. I say public life should not be like that. We are better than that.

        • And Isaac, again I’ll say to you, name calling is the least of our problems.

          We’re talking about physical, financial and sexual abuse, and abuse of the legal process by cult bullies. We’re talking about cult bullies trying to destroy families and livelihoods.

          I ask you to stop making this a personal issue – about you – when it is a political and community issue involving your public roles.

          I’ll also ask you to do your research on UM before you make any further comment. I’d like you to stop feigning ignorance. You’re on a website that is an archive of material. For a start there are links to all news reports at the tab at the top of the page.

          You still haven’t addressed the question of what LCC is going to do about UM.

          And using the Salvos an example is an insult to everyone. Yes, the Salvos have had problems in the past with abusers – but you’ll find, unlike UM, the Salvos is a genuine charitable organisation working at enormous benefit for the public and they’ve taken major steps to prevent abuse and improve scrutiny and accountability.

          UM is a massive scam. The rorting, deception, bullying and abuse is going on now – under your nose. You’ve been directed to it. Yet, you’re derailing our concerns with some off topic trivia about how people should be nicer to each other. You’re in politics in Lismore, and you’re commenting on a site exposing a large scale abusive organisation – conversations in either case are going to be impassioned – and are only become more so if you continue to take things personally and minimise the issues.

          • I am sorry if you found the example of the Salvo’s insulting. I was not trying to diminish your experiences and I apologise if you felt that was what I meant.

            What I was trying to say was that every issue comes to council with a for and against. Each item we deal with has a group of people for it and a group against it. My job is to find the truth, which is why I am here listening to what you have to say. Thank you for sharing all this information with me, as I get to hear all sides of the story.

  20. Mr Smith.

    You may be comfortable having conversations with others who don’t see the need to tell the truth but I and other normal people do not! IT TURNS OUR STOMACH like you cannot imagine. As a politician you are tuned into this B.S. and we are not, and don’t want to be! Politicians operate on a different plane of reality to average people, so please discuss B.S. only with others who appreciate B.S.

    Or with Esther if she’s happy to, that’s her call.

    I made the point that you were obviously not being truthful on at least one point, if not more. So don’t try any discussion with me on that point and that point alone.

    I am sorry that that National Party loser devotee Big Rob’s behaviour has upset you, your wife and family. If you can’t cope with his rants then how in hell are you going to cope in the NSW parliament? Not very well I think. Perhaps take your (what I assume) families advice and perhaps get out now.

    And there are other people’s families suffering much more than yours. Just look at all the frightened people and ruined families thanks to UM. If our familys could exit from the terror experienced by UM we would in a flash. Your families minor upset is regrettable but has an easy exit strategy, that is you getting out of politics and leading a normal truthful life. There is not comparison on the info you have provided.

    Truthseeker, please don’t repost any of Lismore Radio’s stupid comments here. It seems to upset Mr Smith more than any upset or empathy he feels for the victims of the predatory Universal Medicine. Sad fact but seemingly true.

    T Bent.

    • I guess my issue comes from your use of term B.S.

      You have to understand from my perspective that I came across this article by chance, it talks about things I did not do, people I do not know and all sorts of theories about what may be happening.

      I can only tell you about my experiences on council and what I have actually done. There is no B.S. in what I have said, only a willingness on my part to look into this and find out what is happening. I have no vested interests.

      AS a councillor I very much consider myself an average bloke. i have an average family, work two jobs, mow my own lawn and play soccer on the weekend. I don’t have a big income or networks in high places. I just love Lismore, a city I have lived in all my life and I wanted to give something back. I don’t believe you know anything about me, so I don’t think you can compare my life with yours, but if you want to meet let me know.

      I need to be clear in saying that I am not upset with Big Rob or his posts. I am not angry or wanting revenge, I am simply disappointed as I believe there is a better way to behave and I believe that people deserve respect above everything else. Which is why I am very saddened to hear of they way you have been treated. No one deserves to be abused under any circumstance. It seems to me that a lot of the comments here assume a lot about me or some relationship I have with UM. But I have only just started speaking with you all. How can you possibly know about me if I am only now finding out who you are?

  21. Isaac, why would you care if a couple of commenters address you directly or not? Out here in voter land we hear politicians talk and talk. We’re more interested in whay you do, mate.

    Like coming on to an anti cult site and talking about yourself. The people running this site don’t just talk, thank god, their doing something about UM.

    My question is what are you going to do about UM? And why didn’t you put a reply in the other page about Keeping UM out of Lismore City hall? Are you going to ban UM from Lismore city hall or not? That’s what the article is about.

    • I came on to this site to talk as it is the only thing I can do. I have never received any communication form anyone here or involved in this group, Yet many things were said about me. So I believe in being available to discuss any issue. I am not the person to sit behind a wall and not engage. I am here talking to you because I care about your situation. It is up to you to interpret what I do and how I do it, but I can only put my case here.

      As for banning groups from the city hall, it would require a change of council policy as Jenny has stated. A lot of people have been hurt by the Salvation Army as news of the child abuse inquiry has been running. If a group of ex-Salvo’s came to ask the same thing, would we have to agree to that as well. I am genuinely asking, as it is the job of my community (not sure if you are local or not) to tell me how they want to be represented at council?

      • You’re right, talk is the only thing you can do. If you want to engage try listening mate. UM isn’t the Salvos. The Salvos do some good, unlike UM which does none, except when it’s good for Sege.

  22. Mr Smith welcome to Public life. It is not always pleasant. You chose this.

    Have you seen what UM have PUBLICLY done to Esther and Lance and Jane and Ira and others?
    What do you think about that? What are you going to do about that?
    Are you going to stand up and be counted?

    This site is about exposing the horrific hurt caused by UM and any assisting them.

    Have you listened to the massive hurt and destruction that UM have caused?
    What are you going to do about it?

    I am interested in your replies to the comments of Tony Rabbit and Esther and T Bent?

    • I chose to be in public life Flowerpower. But you seem to be saying that this mean I should be abused? I don’t believe that anyone should be abused, under any circumstances. I am in public life to change it. I believe there is a better way. We should be able to speak our minds without diminishing others, so while I can not fully understand what the people you have mentioned are going through, I do know what it is like.

      As I have said, I am not aware of any abuse handed out to ex-UM members as I am only just coming across this website. i will continue to look into it and am always happy to hear form anyone who wants to discuss an issue with me.


    So far all we’ve heard is that the mayor can’t tell the difference between a predatory business and a community organisation and nothing will change her ignorant position. And the deputy mayor is easily upset and skirts around the issues.

    If this wasn’t such a serious issue we’d all be laughing.

  24. Mr Smith does the difficulty with having a conflict of interest perhaps occur in your everyday life just maybe, perhaps just asking Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are putting pressure on you perhaps, seeing that you work on their premises?
    It would not be easy at the moment I am sure. We all have had to stand up and be counted as a moral duty we are ordinary citizens.
    If you knew that atrocities were being done by any other group using Lismore facilities, then I am sure you would speak up.
    Please research, this site and see what UM really represent.

    • I am here to research Flowerpower. I am hear to listen to your story. If I was some mindless politician I would ignore it all and dismiss everything, but I can’t do that. I don’t believe in doing that. I believe that everyone has a voice and everyone deserves to be listened to. I am glad that you can support each other in this way.

      But i can assure you that I do not have some great connection with Serge or UM. I have met Serge on a number of occasions as he does come here to the property and meet with all the tenants and the facility manager from time to time. I can not speak for the other tenants here, but at no point has ever put pressure on me or my employer or council to do anything. He has always been polite and respectful and we have never discussed anything related to UM practices.

      To be quite honest I don’t find conflict of interest difficult at all. As a Christian (following Jesus example) I always operate for a personal spiritual place of honestly, accountability and grace. I am far more interested in people and community outcomes than personal advancement or money. Just because something can be done, does not mean it should. This is why I have been fighting for our community against CSG. Yes they have the legal right to mine for gas in our community, but I am not going to let that happen as they have no social licence.

      I am hear to listen and I really appreciate you taking the time to contribute your experiences here.

  25. Dear Mr Smith

    Respectfully you have not answered anything, you have just talked about yourself.

    Please do the research that you say you are here to do then talk to us because we are really listening.

    You have said lots of words as politicians do, but none of our questions have been answered.

    What does this mean? “Just because something can be done, does not mean it should.”
    Does this mean that just because Universal Medicine can use Lismore Councils facilities that they shouldn’t?

    We want to know what you are going to do to protect the community from UM spiritually and physically. We don’t just want words.
    The community wants action.

  26. Stunned silence falls!

    Perhaps we all need to show a little understaning of Isaac Smith and his off centre responses here. The following may be good reading for those trying grasp the nature of the debate seen here: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder

    Its hard to try not to insult or convince one with many of the symptoms of NPD. Often they are well learned at faking empathy but in reality cannot internally comprehend it.

    • Not silence Victimizzed, just busy. My weekends are full of soccer, dancing, church and family, so I don’t have a lot of time to get online.

      And wow, what a jump to NPD. I am the only person here in this forum that is myself, everyone else is anonymous. This article is all about me as it has my picture and it accuses me of doing things. All with no basis in fact. Clearly no one here actually knows me or anyone I know or we wouldn’t be having this conversation. NPD does not apply in my case as you don’t get a lot of admiration being a councillor. I would not be here talking with you if it was all about me, I would just ignore you all. But thats not what I do. I am here to listen and understand what the people here have been through.

      Please if you are a local find someone I have worked with, or went to school with, or that goes to my church. I have lived in Lismore all my life, so if your local you should have no trouble finding someone who actually knows me and can tell you the truth.

      • I think point proven.

        When I said “stunned silence falls” most of us understood this related to us – we are stunned silent with his lengthy unrelated argy-bargy reponses but still no action.

        Smith instantly took this as a slur at him. No the sun does not revolve around Smith.

        Smith does also not understand anonymity. He obviously cant grasp the damage and revenge taken out on the latest expatient who bravely went to the paper, Ira.

        Smith is a waste of space, no doubt.

        • Mr Smith has used alot of words and said nothing.
          You rightly speak of the vicious UM revenge and damage to Ira the ex patient who went to the paper so bravely.
          Mr Smith doesn’t even in anyway acknowledge this.
          I am sure Ira and Jane would have their facts right, they should take legal action against UM and all of those 200 odd who have commented so viciously. Universal Medicine cannot even quote the story from the newspaper correctly.
          Mr Smith has no comment. I wonder why?
          Why should we write to the Councillors they already know about UM as does the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

  27. Maybe it is the other way around maybe Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are politically supporting Isaac Smith?
    What do you all think.

  28. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to comment on this forum and letting me know what they have experienced. As a Councillor I can make better decisions if I have all the information. So I am always willing to listen.

    Can I again restate that I have at no point as a councillor made a decision that favoured UM or was biased in any way. I am only now learning about their philosophy, so up until now I have had no knowledge of their practices. Council can look at a policy change, and often does, so I urge you to contact all councillors if you would like it changed as we need a majority or 6 to pass a vote.

    My only wish in all this is that someone would have contacted me before all these conspiracy theories got started. Can I urge anyone in future to speak directly with the person involved if you have an issue to raise. It is always more productive to fostering a positive relationship and getting answers.

    If anyone wants to continue this conversation they can email or phone me using my councillor contact details.

    • Mr Smith you have showed us by using lots of words and saying nothing of any substance about our serious concerns that you are only concerned with yourself. Very sad and very concerning.

      • Hi Flowerpower,

        The only words I have put here have been answering questions. But from my perspective those answers are being ignored as different questions are asked or personal judgements are made.

        It is stated that I or the Mayor have some sort of personal connection with UM. I don’t and from my conversations with Jenny, neither does she.
        It is stated that Lismore City council has and is supporting UM. They haven’t in the past that I am aware of, and did not this time.
        It is stated that council has a policy to provide discounts to UM if they use the City hall. This is correct as any not for profit organisation can apply for the 25% discount if they do not charge people a fee to come to the event. Here is the policy:


        Council does not decide who is or who isn’t a not for profit as it is listed on a national register:


        Council can chose not to allow any organisation a discount, as it did last time and UM’s application for a discount was rejected. Council can change the policy and I am happy to be a part of that, if a reasonable solution can be found so that community groups can still benefit form using the City Hall.

        • Isaac, it’s established that Universal Medicine and Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd are not community groups – they are businesses. EWH Pty Ltd is a marketing business for UM’s harmful healing modalities. Their next ‘retreat’ is charging $60 entry.

          No one disputes legitimate community groups using City Hall. We want the Council to make sure harmful businesses and front organizations for cults are banned.

          And I’ve lost patience with you claiming you’re being ‘attacked’ when commenters/constituents are merely voicing valid concerns and opinions.

          There’s an entire website dedicated to personally slurring me and a handful of others. Tens of thousands of words of highly personal invective aimed at destroying our livelihoods and reputations. It’s also aimed at distracting us and deterring us from our work of bringing UM to account. I refuse to respond to it or acknowledge it. Readers aren’t stupid. Cult members have been told not to visit my sites, but my sites are reaching record numbers of pageviews, and I’ve only gained support. Why? Because I’ve remained focused on the issues and continued the activism and exposure.

  29. A couple of observations in response to comments above and Isaac asking us to contact the Councillors, and then the person directly if we have a problem…

    The Council is aware of our concerns. I thought alerting Jenny Dowell nearly two years ago and again three months ago might have amounted to something. It didn’t. Alerting other councillors however has had a much more appropriate response.

    Plus, I’ve contacted people directly when I’ve had a problem – including a polite request to Mystic dentist Rachel Hall to stop promoting a sexual predator. She tried to have me charge with stalking for sending her an email. I spoke directly with Northern Star journalist, Hamish Broome, who told me he was interested in running a story on UM. He did not state his conflict of interest but passed my identity and information on to his wife – RMRC conference organiser and cyber bullying specialist, Sarah Davis and the rest of the cult.

    If we choose to publicly expose people behaving in ways that affect the general public rather than enter pointless personal dialogues – at our own risk – we have good reason. Don’t blame us. Blame Serge and his cult hierarchy of aggressive parasites.

    And I agree, somehow Isaac’s discussions always come back to talking about him. The issue is keeping the UM cult out of Lismore City Hall, and making sure they are not allowed to have political favours or influence.

    • Thank u Chris Isaac for taking the time to keep responding & trying to understand the massive issues here, but also aiming to be impartial, objective, fair, discerning, graceful & caring 🙂


    Hamish Broome Journalist Attached to Universal Medicine he wife a key organiser for UM.

    Kate Greenway Universal Medicine physiotherapist:(From Um site- Practitioners)
    Kate has been a practising physiotherapist for over 25 years. Early on she worked with sporting teams and on sports injuries and then further specialised in complex spinal and pelvic conditions. In the 90’s Kate worked and studied overseas and learnt craniosacral therapy, a less imposing and more holistic way of helping the body recover from trauma and injury.
    Since 2002 Kate has been a practitioner at the Universal Medicine Clinic in Goonellabah NSW.

    Elizabeth Dolan – Universal Medicine
    Jane Barker – Universal Medicine

    Healthcare workers stressed and care services struggling
    Hamish Broome | 16th Sep 2014 7:31 AM

    LABOR and the Greens will join to block the Federal Government’s attempts to introduce a GP co-payment, according to Labor Senator Deborah O’Neill, who visited Lismore yesterday as part of a national Senate inquiry into health policy.

    The announcement followed several local speakers who revealed the deep unpopularity of Coalition’s proposed changes to health funding.

    They spoke about a litany of issues, from frontline health services under pressure to the increasing burden of costly “lifestyle diseases” such as diabetes.

    Lismore local Cathy Ridd, whose 62-year-old husband Andy is dying from motor-neurone disease, said better care was needed for those with rapidly degenerating diseases such as MND.

    Nurses Association Lismore Base Hospital branch secretary Gil Wilson said the proposed co-payment would push lower socio-economic groups into emergency departments which were already overcrowded.

    “It will cause people to stop… being proactive about their health,” Mr Wilson said.

    Local physiotherapist Kate Greenaway highlighted the need to fund preventative self-care programs to address the one in five Australians with chronic pain who already cost the system “$34 billion a year”.

    “They’re predicting that this will increase with the ageing population to over five million people,” Ms Greenaway said.

    Local GP Jane Barker and nurse Elizabeth Dolan said the health of frontline healthcare staff could implode with further cuts.

    Dr Barker said Australia had one of the best healthcare systems in the world, but had reached a point where staff were facing an “intolerable” level of stress, with burnout a career hazard.

    Northern Rivers Social Development Council chief executive Tony Davies said research funding needed to also focus on social research into effective prevention strategies.

    “What we need is a healthcare system that generates health in the community; what we have is a system that focuses on treatment of acute conditions,” Mr Davies said.

    “If we don’t get serious about prevention it won’t be sustainable.

    “The focus needs to come back on to health equity.”

    Lismore Northern Star

  31. Why in this news story, in the (we’re too scared to say anything questioning UM) Northern Star, do we hear linked names appearing again?

    * Hamish Broome, associated with UM and code-of-conduct breaching hack journalist.
    * Kate Greenway, associated with Universal Medicine, physiotherapist.
    * Elizabeth Dolan, associated with Universal Medicine.
    * Jane Barker, associated with Universal Medicine.
    * Northern Rivers Social Development Council, associated with Isaac Smith.

    We have to decide that if Smith and Dowell are not part of the solution, then maybe they’re part of the problem.

    My conclusion: Councillor Smith and Mayor Dowell are part of the problem.

    • If you are listing all the places I have worked in the past as being a part of the conspiracy Trent you need to include Southern Cross University, Crazy Clarks and Spot X Surf Co in Lismore.

      I don’t know any of those other people except Hamish, who I have spoken to a few times when he is writing an article for the Northern Star. So I urge you to stop looking at conspiracy theories and look at solutions to your issue. Attacking someone is not a solution.

      • Isaac it’s understandable that you want to defend yourself against misperceptions & false conspiracy theories (Esther’s & others have copped it way worse!). However skepticism may continue until words are translated into constructive action. The issue as I understand it is whether it’s appropriate for council to subsidise / support a business (rather than a not for profit organization), especially when it has questionable or dangerous practices / beliefs. You & the mayor may be in a difficult position not wanting to discriminate against anyone, especially without solid evidence of harm (as no criminal charges have been laid). You mention on Sept 11th 15:15 that banning specific groups from city hall would require a council policy change. Will you be opening this discussion in council, or does having SB as your “landlord” prevent you from doing so …(due to a perceived conflict of interest). If not you, who? Are you suggesting the local community needs to request this policy discussion / issue review. If so, how? (Thanks again for taking the time to try to understand the complex issues involved & continuing to patiently respond on this thread).

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