Keep the Universal Medicine cult out of Lismore City Hall – an open letter to Lismore City Council

Dear Lismore voters and Lismore City Councillors,

In the past few months, Universal Medicine affiliated business, Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd, not only hired Lismore City Hall as a venue for a marketing event to psychologically abuse and prey on breast cancer patients, but applied for a discount on the hire – a motion that was seconded by Councillor Isaac Smith and supported by Mayor Jenny Dowell.

The next Breast Cancer Care retreat is scheduled again at City Hall on October 10. On behalf of those adversely affected by UM, I ask that Lismore City Council moves to prohibit Universal Medicine and all of its front organizations and recruiters from using City facilities to promote their commerce in exploitation and abuse. UPDATE: A response from Mayor Dowell is posted in the comments.

Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd, is not a community group, it’s a business. It’s one of many businesses directly affiliated with Universal Medicine Pty Ltd and part of a multi million dollar conglomerate of businesses run by the Benhayon family. UM head and self proclaimed Da Vinci reincarnate, Serge Benhayon has styled his unqualified family members as deities and religious figures.

Universal Medicine preys on the vulnerable

Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd markets habit forming women’s health practices, such as Esoteric Breast Massage, based on the premise that women’s breasts need to be regularly ‘cleared’ of cancer causing ‘male energy’.

Natalie Benhayon $elling ovary massage to 'clear' cancer causing 'emotional imprints'

Natalie Benhayon $elling ovary massage to ‘clear’ cancer causing ’emotional imprints’

Recent EWH marketing events in major cities attracted hundreds of women paying $145 per head.

Tickets for the Breast Cancer Care Retreat advertised for October 10 at Lismore City Hall are $60 per head. The difference in price is because Benhayon recognizes breast cancer patients as easy targets for his Esoteric ‘healing’ modalities and for bequests. The apparent discount makes him appear generous, but donations and bequests are a major source of the cult’s revenue. Readers have lost or stand to lose significant portions of their rightful inheritances to ex bankrupt and career scam artist, Benhayon, and his charity, the College of Universal Medicine.

Benhayon goes so far as to teach that leaving money to one’s children who are not religious adherents to his occult ‘Way of the Livingness’ harms the reincarnation prospects of the entire family, whereas leaving money to UM has health benefits.

A testimonial from a cancer patient in Universal Medicine’s submission to a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry revealed Benhayon’s modus operandi. Benhayon had the patient attend his clinic frequently for bogus Esoteric healing services – including Esoteric Chakrapuncture. To encourage cancer patients to frequent UM’s money for nothing services, he allows them to stay in UniMed House, across the street, free of charge. He throws in a few of his unqualified indoctrination healings free of charge to impress them with his generosity. Grateful patients then leave him money in their wills and he gets testimonials out of them to post on his promotional blogs – an advertising practice which is prohibited for registered practitioners.

The BCC Retreat flyer advertises participants will receive ‘gentle, nurturing hands on healing sessions’ from ‘accredited’ practitioners. The claim Esoteric healers trained by the Benhayons are accredited is false advertising. Esoteric accreditation claimed to be through Benhayon’s business, the Esoteric Practioners Association Pty Ltd, is counterfeit. The EPA Pty Ltd is not a Registered Training Organization.

As discussed in a post I wrote on Universal Medicine preying on cancer patients, the flyer also states that ‘the body is the marker of truth’, quoted from Benhayon’s teachings that cancer results from a choice to live ‘lovelessly’. In other words, patients deserve to contract cancer for failing to adhere to his preposterous lifestyle restrictions – including suppressing healthy emotions, avoiding non cult music and literature, and avoiding a range of nutritious foods.

Religious adherent and Lismore GP, Dr Jane Barker, is key presenter at the retreats, cashing in on her experience of breast cancer to recruit other patients. In spite of UM doctors being in breach of numerous sections of the code of conduct for medical practitioners in Australia, the HCCC refuse to investigate unless we can name individual patients whose medical care has been compromised by their behaviour. Never mind that they are framing statements of religious faith as medical endorsements and contributing to the psychological and financial abuse and exploitation of patients.

A healing organization that vilifies and bullies patients

A Daily Telegraph article on August 31 reported that a patient had been harmed by a Universal Medicine doctor, who misdiagnosed her, wrongly and unnecessarily placed on chemotherapy for two years and on the lung transplant list, and referred her to a variety of Esoteric healers for ineffectual treatments and a lot of extra terrestrial mumbo jumbo. The patient’s case is under investigation by the HCCC.

Since that patient bravely made her account public, Universal Medicine have vilified and attempted to discredit her by name on their websites – denying she’d been a patient at the clinic and denying she’d been given incorrect treatment. They have accused a woman subjected to two years of unnecessary chemotherapy of lying. The only way Universal Medicine could deny her account with any veracity is if the doctor in the case has released her medical details – in breach of the Australian Privacy Act.

I ask Lismore Council to consider what kind of health service would publicly comment on the details of the case, let alone label a patient and complainant a liar on their blogs and invite religious followers to contribute to the denials and bullying?

Without irony, the UM Facts Team responsible for trashing that vulnerable patient online are the same people who have run UM’s last two Cyber-bullying Conferences. Mayor Jenny Dowell and Councillor Isaac Smith spoke at the first conference in 2012. Mayor Dowell was warned beforehand by me and others that the conference was being run by the UM cult.

Mayor Dowell received a further detailed notification about UM’s harmful women’s health practices from me in June this year.

Esoteric Women’s Health is just one arm of an abusive commercial enterprise that engages in false advertising, preys on the sick and vulnerable, attracts regulatory investigations and negative press, and bullies patients and critics. Lismore City Council is enabling this harmful behaviour by allowing UM’s businesses to use civic facilities. The support of public officials gives UM an undeserved appearance of safety and legitimacy that only helps further its expansion.

Late last year, Bond University was notified that Universal Medicine was behind the ‘Psychological Wellbeing’ Conference booked at a university venue and promptly threw them out. Queen Victoria Womens Centre in Melbourne recently did the same for Esoteric Women’s Health. We ask Lismore City Council to ban Universal Medicine from its facilities, and do the right thing by the community and publicly condemn their abusive practices.

Contact Lismore Councillors with your concerns about UM and ask them to make sure harmful businesses and cult fronts are banned from using City Hall.


16 thoughts on “Keep the Universal Medicine cult out of Lismore City Hall – an open letter to Lismore City Council

  1. Drat, I only realized the monthly LCC meeting will be held tonight – the last before the next event preying on breast cancer patients – so this post went up a little later than it ideally should have.

    Lismore Councillors also received it as an email. If you live in Lismore, please feel free to email your local councillor with your concerns about UM.

  2. This response has come in via email.

    Dear Esther

    I am not and never have been a supporter of UM.

    Yes I spoke (on my experiences helping young people understand the risks in social media) at the first conference that was not under the UM banner. After accepting the invitation to speak, I was told the conference was organised by a group of people that included UM members. I asked organisers about that and told them that I would not allow my presence to be seen as endorsing UM.The forum was attended by many local teachers whom I know well and who are not associated with UM. I left immediately after speaking and declined further invitations.

    I supported the donation of 25% of the hire fee for city hall because the application was in-line with our Policy. It should not be read as being supportive of UM or EBM. Indeed I discussed my concerns about both with BCNA and with the local BC Support Group and declined to attend. Many times City Hall is hired by groups whose purposes are not those I share- ie fundamental and literal interpreters of the bible, psychics or those who oppose same sex marriage. If they meet the policy, I will support the discount.

    I hope this explains my position and assures you that in no way do I support UM. Indeed I share many of your concerns about this group.



  3. Was the first conference International Women’s Day?

    I am wondering what the policy is for people to meet?

    • Confused? That’s UM all over as well.

      ‘Which is a business’ isn’t it Sharon? Or is is it a religion or a charity, etc.

      RMRC did hold the Esoteric Womens Health Anti-Women’s Day Events to sell-abrate Natalie’s menstrual cycle app she sells to blokes. That was after they held the first cyber-bullying conference in December 2012, attended by Meryl Dorey and other undistinguished members of the AVN.

      To be fair RMRC didn’t declare their cult backing back then. They’re open about their UM connection now. The cyber-bullying conference was a good idea and they invited interesting and knowledgeable speakers. Their mistake was not disclosing their backing, not disclosing their pro censorship stance, and that they label criticism as bullying to justify censorship.

      If we’d known schools were attending we’d have notified them too, but it was all at short notice – and I’m two hours away in Brisbane and had no local contacts. I think Jenny Dowell should have told the schools and given them the opportunity to decide whether to attend or not.

      And I’m with you – that policy, whatever it is, sounds nebulous and Council needs to review it ASAP. It sounds like it’s about revenue raising through venue hire, but to me it makes no sense to allow any anti-social group – and particularly a commercial anti-social group to use City Hall and get a discount. Who is next? Scientology? The Raelians? Hells Angels?

  4. Take a look around, your priorities are extremely obscured. I dare you to focus on what’s TRUTHFULLY happening in the world at the moment, this website disgusts me with it’s lack of integrity and utter ignorance. Grow up. There are men and women half your age risking their lives for YOU RIGHT NOW and this is how you spend your time? Shame on you all.

    • Thanks for posting the same imaginative comment on my three blogs. Only a cult member could degrade truth the way you have, and only a cult member has a problem with our priority of protecting kids, vulnerable patients and sexual abuse victims from UM’s predators and fraudsters.

      Let me remind you, I have direct experience of Benhayon’s transgressive behaviour, and I won’t be told by some anonymous visitor how to prioritize my activism.

      So how much money do you have invested in UM? Or are you one of the ones raking it in with inappropriate touching and vile brainwashing?

      Also, notice how I allowed your comment on all three sites, but your self-loving comrades allow no response or redress on theirs, and how you have the opportunity to respond – and I’m looking forward to more opportunities to shred your hypocritical cult logic.

  5. My dear.

    ‘Anonymous’, another brainwashed UM cult member venting some unrelated crap due to some sociopathical disorder that reveals itself when others have an opposing opinion. Get some treatment Anonymous, youre a danger to society!

    This site is to discuss the suffering of those terrorised by UM, not islamic terrorism you nut.

    Ever heard of ‘get your own house in order first’? Bad examples such as UM set an even badder example elewhere. Including to those involved in the unrelated issue that bothers you.

    If anyone had done the same repeated postings to the UM site they would have been reported to the police and would expect a visit of warning shortly. Luckily for you this site is not run by sociopaths such as those found at UM.


    So far all we’ve heard is that the mayor can’t tell the difference between a predatory business and a community organisation and nothing will change her ignorant position. And the deputy mayor is easily upset and skirts around the issues.

    If this wasn’t such a serious issue we’d all be laughing.

  7. The comments from the two Councillors over this site is a perfect example of how Deputy Mayor Smith and Mayor Dowell just don’t get it. And don’t want to get it.

    I’m sure the Salvation Army would be furious right not that Mr Smith has compared the Salvos to a predatory cult such as UM. UM were set up and have their primary agenda as a predatory institution. The Salvation Army were not set up with this purpose, just a few rotten apples have done some harm that is being attended to.

    Example of a simple example of a concept the Mayor and Deputy Mayor cannot grasp:
    Have the Salvos been officially banned from schools in NSW, No.
    Has UM been officially banned from schools in NSW, Yes.

    Mr Smith is turning the other page on this site into a ‘feel sorry for Isaac’ election campaign. This site is not for Mr Smith to crap on about himself and his family and make no headway with the issue of Council still supporting UM. It is also not an electioneering site for Mr Smith.

    The Mayor and Mr Smith still can’t shake off the fact they supported UM by their attendance and the anti free speech UM conference. And as we can see from their responses nothing’s changed with regard to their ‘I’m innocent of any wrongdoing but still happy to give my time to UM’ ridiculous responses.

    What Council policies? The only policy is some wacky interpretation floating around in the Mayor’s head that she’s trying to convince other Councillors are facts. That’s why they have refused to spell it out. We’re being treated like fools.

    As I said before Mr Smith is not to reply or converse to me. He does nothing about the issue and craps on about too much unrelated stuff. Understood!

    • *Sigh* I know. What policy?

      If any of you haven’t caught up, Isaac Smith has made further comments in the previous post continuing to say he doesn’t know anything about UM, he’s a nice guy really, and that the Salvation Army had problems with abuse too.

      And then he wonders why people don’t flatter him online.

      I will spell it out again. Esoteric Womens Health is not a community group or a non profit – IT IS A BUSINESS. A patriarchal, misogynist, damaging and deceptive business peddling sexist and occult indoctrination and therapy dependency. It’s part of an industry of abuse that is Universal Medicine PTY LTD WHICH IS A BUSINESS that profits Benhayon and his parasites.

      For pity’s sake, Jenny and Isaac, do your research before you make public comment. Saying you don’t know anything about UM when you were previously warned, doesn’t cut it.

  8. Also, Lismore Council’s contribution to the “National Child Protection Week”.

    And we can consider Mayor Jenny Dowell’s belligerence on this issue her contribution to Child Protection Week. The week that this alleged ex-teacher made a whole lot of excuses about being unable to protect the community from UM predatory behaviour. And the same week that UM and its projects were officially barred from NSW schools.


  9. College of Universal Medicine tells everyone on their webpage that,”Please be aware that: By choosing to be part of AWT world-wide you are giving us the permission to share your e-mail address with fellow AWT students that are looking to connect with other members, or in cases where we feel that you could be the one able to help another fellow student we might put them in touch with you. No other contact details will be shared with anyone else.”
    AWT apparently means Ancient wisdom teachings whatever that is I think it means in others words money making crap.
    This is how that lot keep such a tight rein on everyone. They tried to get me in and did not and would not succeed, I was bombarded
    for my facebook account details! It is also a recruiting method I think.
    Also you have to pay $35.oo for use of the library I saw, I thought to was supposed to be a charity. Any crap they give always comes with a buck value.
    Bad news that lot. Sorry to all that all you here are suffering at their hands.

    • Dear Worried,

      Thanks for the info on the way a multitude of UM members were recruited or brainwashed to harass you to try to indoctrinate you on behalf of UM. Perhaps you also want to write to councillors Batista and Bennett to explain your reservations of them and their disturbing recruiting techniques.

  10. Local ALP branch members report that over the last few years Jenny Dowell received complaints from a number of local women about universal medicine’s questionable practices and behaviour, not just from Rockett. They claim Dowell has been dismissive of all these women’s complaints.

    • Why does this come as no surprise. It is shameful.
      Jenny Dowell claimed her innocence.
      What can we do about this?

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