Universal Medicine slammed by NSW Parliamentary Committee

Esoteric Practitioners Association website and transparency coming soon since 2009

Esoteric Practitioners Association website and transparency coming soon since 2009

Last month NSW parliament released its report into the Health Care Complaints Committee inquiry into false and misleading health related information and practices. Goonellabah based alternative medicine racket and religion, Universal Medicine, was singled out for its unethical practices, bogus therapeutic claims, and shameless promotion and endorsement by religiously invested medical professionals.

Universal Medicine’s dropkick propaganda division submitted three false and misleading submissions to the Inquiry; one from the scam Esoteric Practitioners’ Association, one from a line up of Universal Medicine’s frontline bullies, and one from Dr Samuel Kim, who was taking time out from blessing patients with assisted death and packing others off to *Sirius* (his religious guru’s concept of an afterlife).

Although parliament saw fit to publish UniMed’s lengthy advertorials, the parliamentarians on the Health Care Complaints Committee, including general practitioner, Dr Andrew McDonald, weren’t buying any of it, and UM’s Esoteric scam healing received a skewering, thanks very much to the contribution of University of New South Wales Emeritus Professor John Dwyer, founder of Friends of Science in Medicine.

Universal Medicine’s response to the inquiry report was predictably hilarious and hypocritical. In spite of three submissions full of indignant protestations that UM fully supports conventional medicine, UM founder, Serge Benhayon’s business partner and bully in chief, Desiree Delaloye, took to Twitter to trash evidence based medicine when the report didn’t go the cult’s way.


Never mind tested scientific evidence of efficacy, it’s what you feel that counts.


To recap, UM’s submissions ignored the purpose of the Inquiry, which was to examine HCCC responses to complaints about misleading health information and practices, and churned out thousands of words about the AMAZING effectiveness of complementary medicine. They went on to trash Professor Dwyer for his criticism of the abusive practice of Esoteric Breast Massage in Australasian Science Magazine, claiming his evaluation of that exploitative rubbish was ‘unscientific’. The same people buy Benhayon’s evolution denial, and his claim reincarnation and numerology are sciences. Similarly, Desiree Delaloye is invested in Benhayon selling the idea that ‘feeling’ is superior to thinking – including when patients assess medical information or seek medical care. Desiree’s academic credentials amount to a diploma in graphic design.

The Inquiry report

Universal Medicine was given a page of its own in the report in the section on ‘types of misinformation and practices of concern‘. The report dispels UM cult propaganda that the Esoteric Practitioners Association Pty Ltd is not a Benhayon scam offering sham accreditation, and also the nonsense that the Commission has dismissed all complaints about UM as baseless or vexatious.

3.4 During the course of this Inquiry, the Committee was made aware of a number of organisations and companies advertising misleading health information or providing potentially unsafe procedures…

Universal Medicine

3.27 Universal Medicine is a Lismore-based organisation which offers a number of unique treatments purportedly for the health and wellbeing of its clients. These treatments include: esoteric breast massage; esoteric chakra puncture; and esoteric connective tissue therapy, amongst others. The treatments claim to be able to help with a variety of conditions through the manipulation of the body’s energy.

3.28 The founder of this organisation does not have any medical qualifications, nor have any of the treatments been proven effective by evidence-based, scientific research.

3.29 The treatments offered were devised by the organisation’s founder and while the organisation provides courses and qualifications for practitioners, they are not accredited. The Friends of Science in Medicine explained that:
… patients are subjected to a whole series of nonsense therapeutic approaches…they claim they can massage your back and actually massage your lungs if you have lung conditions; the practitioners say they have the power to talk to a woman’s ovaries and learn about that; and they explain that all illnesses are due to past misdeeds in previous incarnations of your life.

Esoteric Healers advertise themselves as EPA accredited. Their claims are misleading to consumers because the accreditation is bogus. Universal Medicine and the Esoteric Practitioners Association are not registered training organizations. As we have said all along, only RTOs can lawfully provide accreditation.

The Esoteric Practitioner’s Association Pty Ltd website is still ‘coming soon’ since 2009. They only posted their ridiculous occult ‘code of conduct‘ after I blogged asking its whereabouts last year. However, in spite of the EPA’s promotion of their Esoteric integrity, there is still no sign of disclosure of its business structure (Serge and Natalie Benhayon are company directors), and no disclosure of course outlines or fee structures, or that the accreditation they offer is not legitimate.

If you or a loved one undertook UM courses having been misled it would lead to accreditation as a practitioner, please make a complaint to NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20 and ask UM for a refund.

3.30 While there is little anecdotal evidence to suggest actual harm caused by these treatments, concerns were raised that patients may forego seeking proper medical advice and care. Two patients who were undergoing therapies at Universal Medicine were independently diagnosed with cancer and bronchiectasis respectively, and required proper medical intervention in order to be properly treated.

Two patients that the Commission was aware of. The patient with bronchiectasis was misdiagnosed by lung specialist, Dr Kim, who works out of the UM clinic at Goonellabah, and subjected to two years of unnecessary chemotherapy, erroneously placed on the lung transplant list and referred to an array of Esoteric numbskulls rather than a competent professional. Dr Kim has been under investigation by the HCCC since early last year. That patient is now being publicly harassed and vilified on UM’s defamatory propaganda site. Commissioner Pehm has been informed that cults harass and intimidate complainants but stated at the hearing he wasn’t sure why patients don’t come forward.

UM’s behaviour is a solid argument for increasing the Commission’s powers.

3.31 The Committee has received assurances that the Commissioner is aware of the activities of Universal Medicine and that he has received complaints concerning the treatments being offered. Final Report: Inquiry Into The Promotion of False and Misleading Health-Related Information and Practices, pp. 11 &15 (emphasis mine)

Regulatory problems

The discussion among the committee and at the inquiry hearings concerned problems with legislation that limits the Health Care Complaints Commission’s powers to investigate and act on complaints. Current legislation has meant the HCCC can only investigate retrospectively and reactively if a complaint is lodged by a patient who has been physically harmed. Other forms of harm (sexual exploitation, financial or psychological abuse) are not recognized and the HCCC currently has no powers to act proactively on complaints in order to protect patients before they are harmed.

Recommendations within the parliamentary report include:

…that a complaint under the Act can be brought ‘by any individual’ and be about ‘a health service that affects, or is likely to affect, the clinical management or care of an individual client, or the public, or any member of the public.’

And to improve public protections from healthcare scammers:

that an interagency committee be established to allow relevant regulatory authorities involved in the protection of health consumers (particularly the Health Care Complaints Commission and NSW Fair Trading) the opportunity to discuss common issues, share expertise, and conduct joint investigations.

However, my opinion is that these amendments don’t go far enough, particularly when the Commissioner showed he had no insight into the reasons why patients don’t come forward to complain. There was also the bizarre response from the Commission to evidence of blatant practices of molestation.

Professor John Dwyer on Universal Medicine

I’d like to thank Professor Dwyer personally and Friends of Science in Medicine for recommending my submission to the committee and for raising disturbing issues about Universal Medicine’s practitioners and promoters in their submission and at the public hearing.

From the hearing transcript:

If you have not heard this story, I want you to imagine that a handful of doctors and even some dentists refer patients to a New Age healing clinic—patients with quite serious medical conditions—and when they get to the clinic they meet the leader of this clinic who tells them that he used to be, in his original life, a tennis coach, but he had a vision and knew then that he had to set up an esoteric healing clinic to help patients. He tells his patients that he is the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci and patients are subjected to a whole series of nonsense therapeutic approaches—esoteric breast massage; they claim they can massage your back and actually massage your lungs if you have lung conditions; the practitioners say they have the power to talk to a woman’s ovaries and learn about that; and they explain that all illnesses are due to past misdeeds in previous incarnations of your life.

On the website the leader of this group says that he knows more about medicine and healing than anyone in the history of the world has known about it and that, indeed, he knows about a technique called chakra-puncture, which is a form of acupuncture that predates any of the Chinese involvement in acupuncture, and he can use it to treat people who have had chemotherapy and their body needs to be purified of these things. Patients go to this unit and they are shocked at what they hear so they go to the Health Care Complaints Commission and they say this is what happened. To add to it, they say, “One of the reasons we accepted that there might be something in this is that we were referred by our doctors, including some specialists.” The complainant says, “Surely, the doctors should be questioned as to why they would refer us to such a service?”

So the HCCC gets the complaints, it says, “We will have to consult the medical board about the doctors and we will look at your complaints” and it comes back to the complainant saying, “The medical board says the doctors were just expressing an opinion when they sent you to these people. They were not really endorsing this service”, despite the fact that the code of practice for doctors makes it perfectly clear that you can only refer someone in good conscience if you know the clinical competence of the people you are referring to and that that clinical competence would be accepted by the vast majority of your peers. But the HCCC’s report back said, “This is just doctors expressing an opinion”, and since no actual physical harm was documented to these patients, despite the fact that there was psychological harm and despite the fact that one patient claimed that she had spent $30,000 with them—as if robbery is not harm—and the HCCC, since January 2013 at least when these complaints have come in, have not done anything about this organisation.

To me, it is a classic example of the fact that the HCCC is crippled by a lack of capacity to act. You would have thought that a prohibition order would have gone out immediately saying, “Cease and desist. You cannot continue to do this to the public. If you continue to do that we will prosecute you”. But no. We are going to suggest today from Friends of Science in Medicine that the HCCC may not have the resources that it needs and it does not have the adequate powers, and we have made recommendations to you for five or six changes that we think would be crucial. We are recommending that there needs to be much more proactive action to stop the spread of misinformation and to stop practices that cause harm, but the definition should be broadened to make it perfectly clear that people who can almost be indoctrinated into a cult or can have psychological damage, be robbed or have a condition not properly diagnosed and treated in a timely manner because they have been mislead (sic), should be addressed…

CHAIR [Don Page MP, State Member for Ballina]: I might kick off questions by referring to your statement. To a layman, having doctors and specialists fully trained making referrals along the lines that you were talking about would give most people considerable concern. You indicated that you thought that part of the problem might be that the HCCC only forms the view that they are giving an opinion. The first question is: Are these people who are trained referring patients to people who are not trained, doing it, do you think, in part because they know what the law is? Or are they doing it because they think that the treatment that is potentially available might be helpful?

Professor DWYER: It is hard to know what the motivation is. There have been numerous reports that the organisation we are talking about, Universal Medicine based in Lismore, that some of the doctors have a financial interest in Universal Medicine, and if that is the case that adds to the problem. That has been investigated and those claims have been made many times. I am not sure whether they are true or false.

CHAIR: Would that be an ethical issue for the medical profession?

Professor DWYER: If that is the case that is a totally unacceptable practice on the part of medical practitioners. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that 99.9 per cent of doctors would be horrified to think that these people would place patients in the hands of these people. One of the doctors who was investigated and did not even get a disciplinary warning is a cardiothoracic specialist who sends patients with severe respiratory problems for lung massage from these people. Could it be that these doctors actually believe? I cannot say, but certainly when five or six doctors who are involved in this are brought to the attention of the medical board through the HCCC, it is quite appropriate for the HCCC to ask the medical board’s opinion about this. A response comes back that the doctors are just exercising their right to state an opinion about a therapy. The average layperson would be horrified to think that that is the case, but there is much more responsibility for a doctor. If I refer a patient of mine to someone, I have a big responsibility because naturally that patient trusts me to think that I am acting in their best interests and that this person is competent to do what I have referred the patient to do.

CHAIR: Are you suggesting that the HCCC legislation should be amended to tighten that up?

Professor DWYER: Absolutely.

NSW Parliament, Inquiry Into The Promotion of False and Misleading Health-Related Information and Practices, hearing transcript, day 2, p.2

NSW Parliament, Final Report: Inquiry Into The Promotion of False and Misleading Health-Related Information and Practices

Questions for the Universal Medicine cult doctors

23 thoughts on “Universal Medicine slammed by NSW Parliamentary Committee

  1. Parliament deemed a number of submissions confidential because they named names – including several Anti-UM submissions, and also some by StopAVN proponents – the folks exposing & challenging anti-vaccination propagandists. StopAVN were basically responsible for changes last to legislation giving the HCCC increased (but not quite adequate) powers. We would have preferred our submissions were publicly posted, as they were well examined and discussed by the Committee, and it was curious the parliamentary inquiry office chose to post the advertorials by UM and the anti-vax wackjobs.

    And a bit of trivia, I wrote to the committee, as I publicly posted I would, about the cult publicly defaming me in May-June, labelling me a vexatious HCCC complainant & sociopath etc. My correspondence is mentioned in the committee minutes on p.55 of the report with that of UM company director and cult lawyer Serryn O’Regan. LOL

    (a) Correspondence Items
    The Committee noted the correspondence of Ms Serryn O’Regan, Universal Medicine, and Ms Esther Rockett.

    So what did you tell them, Serryn? Esther Rockett is a #cyber-bully and internet #troll? Or was it that I’m loveless and in pain? Or I use a *gasp* PSEUDONYM on my blog? Or did you send another advertisement for cult ‘integrity’?

    Fat lot of good that did.

  2. I have no doubt the UM ‘devoid of facts’ websites will make no mention of this report, will deny it even exists, and should it be put to them that to does, will level the usual accusations of media bias, loveless males, cyber bullies etc etc. But it does exist, and thankfully is out there for all to see. So come on UM, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, get underneath it, and really expose the truth – as you are all so fond one of saying…

    The truth is you’re a sham, everyone who examines you comes to the same conclusion, be that newspapers, TV shows, bloggers. The only ones who don’t are those invested in profit from you or those too lost to have any idea of the truth/reality anymore.

    • I reckon they’ll go into battle again, with their rifles aimed squarely at their feet. Apart from the parliamentary committee being brainwashed by a ‘vicious trolling campaign’ of ‘lies’, they’ll publicly claim what they did a few months ago, that Dr McDonald, Prof Dwyer, Jane Hansen and me have formed some sort of conspiracy. Behind the scenes they’ll add Eckhardt Tolle and the Four Lords of Form on horseback, and they’ll all go and sit on a laminated healing symbol.

      I predict they’ll write several million words on the *facts* site about how there aren’t any financial ties between the cult and the doctors. We can’t be sure of business associations, as they are difficult to trace, but the doctors are all donors to the College of UM scam charity, and we have Dr Jane Barker photographed helping Serge call for cash. Three doctors have presented for Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd, but Dr Amelia Stephens at least says she wasn’t paid. The doctors have all invested in repeat workshops & courses and Dr Kim is a tenant at the Goonellabah headquarters. All of them are religiously invested, and Dr Chilton’s daughter went to stay as a teen at Serge’s house and ended up married to a Benhayon. All of which represents significant conflicts of interest when flogging Serge’s rubbish to patients and members of the public.

  3. The question is, will anything come out of the committee in terms of how the HCCC operates? And when is a (positive) opinion and a referral not an endorsement? Especially from a doctor. The fact that the HCCC has failed to take these doctors to task shows they just don’t really want to do anything. A letter, a warning, a reminder even?

    The “doctors/psychologists” who promote Universal Medicine are a particularity worrisome group. Where do you start? The psychologists who don’t understand that the utterances of their guru are clearly grandiose and delusional? or the doctors who don’t stop to question the contradictory ramblings of their pontiff after years in university learning modern medicine and the scientific method- confounded by the fallacy that “because medicine/science doesn’t know everything, pseudoscience might be right” A slippery slope right into the new jaws of new-age mumbo jumbo.

    The members were at Lennox today paying for further instruction from this unqualified guru whose infinite knowledge appeared in a flash in 1999 and whose expertise has his own stamp of approval. Exactly like the EPA. No doubt “doctors” and “psychologists” were amongst the faithful. A day of mutual-massage and mind-mangling would have ensued.

    Desiree has summed up their argument- for want of a better word- succinctly. How they “feel” is paramount. What is true, right, considered, fair or honest is not just irrelevant. It is downright bothersome. Evidence- it just is not required.

    This particular nasty little cult aside; it demonstrates how humans are feeble, capricious and self-interested creatures. Those rare individuals who emerge and live their lives according to higher objective values above all else- even their own personal good and gain- are the rarest of gems in a quarry of dross. In modern times I can think of maybe two.

    I make that point strongly because if UM members were really interested in truth as a core value, that alone would motivate them to seek it. If love was a value they lived by, they would seek it inclusively. And if they really wanted to “heal” that value would subjugate any other consideration, belief or comfort. If it was enlightenment they really valued, they would consider all before them, not just the interests and ideas of a few.

    But we know this is not the case. Values is something Serge or his followers clearly have no grasp on, except those that receive endless lip service and are then stampeded in a bid to discredit any nay-sayers. I have wondered-whimsically and pointlessly no doubt- why not one member has had the spiritual largesse to ask a question, start a dialogue or seek to understand those that have concerns. That’s rhetorical of course.

    I had once imagined enlightened people to be those that can heal any human condition, bridge any gap and bring love and understanding to any situation.

    In my view, Universal Medicine is an anti-enlightenment movement. There is no law against ignorance of course, and it is plentiful. And because of that fact there should at least be values that some are made to conform to. A code of conduct not just invented to serve oneself.

    In this case that’s where the HCCC should step in. But hasn’t.

    And yes, tomorrow the cult will start bleating how great they feel and start destroying their new imagined enemies, sinking them further into the abyss of ignorance Serge has led them into.

    • Perhaps UM discredits / demonizes Esther & Lance as they’re not just onto them, they’re too smart for them! Concerned friends & family read & contribute here, as UM blocks / silences any challenging question, concern or clarification. It’s the only way to be heard (maybe). We bother because we truly, deeply care about our well meaning loved ones …

  4. I studied with Universal Medicine for 2 years 09\10 and left after completing the healing trainings and also attended 2 week long retreats/workshops. I left ostensibly to integrate what I had learned in my own way. I am now 52 years old, I have studied alternative and allopathic (conventional) medicine for 30 years, I have a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and have had a successful practice as such.
    All I can say about the attacks and debasements of Universal Medicine and Serge is that they are based on ignorance and conventional prejudiced thinking. Since attending these trainings and healings my health and vitality, my outlook and general emotional well-being are streets ahead of what they were. As a hypnotist past-lives and reincarnation have become commonplace in my life and it is a fact that the western paradigm and religions are the only ones in the history of our people to adhere to the one life theory.I am a very sceptical and discerning person but I have yet to see any evidence that supports the one life theory. ALL evidence points to reincarnation as an undeniable fact. Anyone who cannot understand where UniMed is coming from needs to do some research and stop listening to the established line that keeps us in fear and ignorance and led to the chaotic world we are now living in. I had ailments I did not reveal to the practitioners and yet they were found and treated and I no longer suffer from them. If one of my loved ones were to fall seriously ill I would not hesitate to take them to be treated by Serge.

    • I removed your surname and a couple of identifiers, Geoff. This is an accountability blog, and it won’t be used by cult apologists to sell their religion or their merchandise.

      I don’t care if you believe Sergio is the reincarnation of a non homosexual Leonardo da Vinci, or that the healing symbols were sent from Arcturus, if you want to contribute to the site, you’ll need to answer our questions.

      Is Serge & UM promoting your business?
      Do you inform your clients you are selling a religion?
      Do you put your hands on the genitals of sexual abuse survivors and call it ‘consensual’ ‘healing’?
      Were you in attendance at the presentations where entity removals were performed on children?
      Do you tell your clients their children will be raped by supernatural entities if they come into contact with someone whose had a glass of wine?
      Would you send your daughters to stay in Benhayon’s home and then ask them to put their names and photographs on the internet telling the world he isn’t a paedophile?

      • Hey Geoff, extra questions: what is the evidence for reincarnation making it an “undeniable fact”?? (Why don’t most Scientists agree?) Aren’t UM undeniable “facts” only based on feelings?

        • Yes, based on feelings only; but at the end of the day you’re supposed to “make love” without one ounce of emotion….

    • I know of other professionals who also refer people to Serge with the same sort of fuzzy thinking Geoff.

      You’ve made a pretty conceited argument, common to those who are suffering from magical thinking, that we haven’t deeply considered our position and the information at hand, while at the same time indulging in common fallacies that lead people into a shadowy world of of illusory ideas.

      To wit, Geoff, there is NO evidence that points to reincarnation being right. What you mean is your ‘feeling’ is that it is right, because it confirms what you think you observe. What you observe is purely subjective, and your subjective view is that there is agency and meaning, even if you can’t work out what it is. Because you can’t, you decide there is, and everything else is confirmation bias.

      Of course, if you are the first person in history to have worked it all out, do tell.

      We do not have prejudiced thinking. In fact, you demonstrate it is your thinking that is prejudiced. An argument often used by exponents of woo is that ‘the mainstream’ are not open minded’ by which they mean, not prepared to accept things without evidence. My simple response is, if you are not prepared to look at information that contradicts your cherished beliefs, than in fact, you are the one with the closed mind.

      Ergo, I am happy to review evidence that proves reincarnation is right. Are you prepared to look at information that shows it is not?

      What I find interesting is that you think our comments are “debasement” (a Sergism no less) of Universal Medicine and Serge, and find no issues with Serge and the group publishing clearly wildly false and defamatory attacks on people they don’t know, including the authors and commentators on these blogs and various journalists?

      Surely that is a clarion call that the core of the group is rotten?

      What of the serious questions that have been raised?

      The teenage girl sleepovers? With several turning into Benhayon spouses?
      The financial questions? The questionable charity?
      The obvious untruths from Serge about his past and even current events?

      Or is it simply, that your “feelings” trump any thinking or any ethical consideration or right and wrong?

      Me thinks it is the latter Geoff. And so it is with all the members. Over and over again when confronted with the opportunity to view facts that may contradict their cherished beliefs, I have heard. ” I have never felt so good, so whatever you tell me is not true”

      And that is what you have said above Geoff in your own convoluted way. That is why there are these royal commissions into abuses perpetrated by such groups, and why cults even exists in the first place.

      As a hypnotherapist Geoff, I hope you are aware of priming and false memory syndrome? Given you are clearly very ideological and defend an unethical business, run by an obvious scam artist, you need to be very careful Geoff.

      But since you don’t hesitate to send people to see Serge, I am absolutely sure you are not.

      • Thats great Geoff that you feel better (from good UM self care principles). However, it’s a huge (blind) step of faith to also accept the dark occult based teachings. Esther bravely & confidently accepts all comments like yours on her site, even unfair attacks. Whereas UM forbids / blocks any questions, concerns, clarifications, intelligent discussion & criticism. (Except against the rest of the world, esp their misrepresented critics & other faiths). Like you, they are stumped by challenging questions: their nice but confused, spinning gluten free heads disappear into the esoteric sand 😦 (We just want our loved ones to discern whats truly good & be strong enough to reject the rest).

    • “ALL evidence points to reincarnation as an undeniable fact.” Really? And what evidence would that be? The wiki definition of a ‘fact’, and it’s a pretty good one, reads like this:

      “The usual test for a statement of fact is verifiability, that is, whether it can be demonstrated to correspond to experience. Standard reference works are often used to check facts. Scientific facts are verified by repeatable experiments.”

      Seeing as none of the above criteria have been met by anyone claiming to be the reincarnation of anyone else, including Leonardo da Vinci, Winston Churchill etc, I think we’ll have to wait a while longer before claiming reincarnation is an undeniable fact.

  5. It is worth noting the appearance of Geoff and Bob Dillard on another thread at this time. A cynical person may ascribe this as a rather shallow attempt to divert attention from the HCCC report, and to lead commentators on this site, and readers, away from the facts of that report.

    • Yes, it was interesting they appeared around the same time with the same sort of apologetics, but with different word-views. Apparently. The mystic and the Grinch with a disturbingly similiar and ill considered set of rationalizations.

      My “feeling” is that the group are wondering why we have failed to stop commenting given their explosion of loving truth, and after some muttering and more lying to each other, some fringe dwellers, sympathetically connected with the group, put up their hand to venture into the inferno of the “hate-blogs” – otherwise forbidden territory to the ever-so-energetically-pure members- to be the mouthpieces for those poor souls who can’t speak for themselves.

      Thus spitting out the same stupidity that the members use to convince themselves with that everything is A-okay.

      They got a brow beating, but at least they got to say it. Which is more of an opportunity than we’ve ever had. I’d love to get up on a cult blog and be lovingly flogged with their feeble whinings and twee arguments.

      But of course, the reason they don’t “play ball” with us is the know in their little dark hearts they don’t have an argument that will stand up in the hard light of fact.

      But I do hope they send some more cannon fodder. It’s at least amusing.

      • I suspect that we won’t hear anymore from Bob or Geoff. Discussion and debate are just not their thing. To even listen to someone with a counter viewpoint (supported by facts) would crumble their whole world view. Sad, but true.

  6. Of course, he’d never do that. Neither would any other paid up member of UM. They’d just suggest that if someone “felt” to do so…

  7. Using EPA in a Federal case. 2015 and still no published members.
    Hey Esther, most of the time they incriminate themselves if you wait…

  8. I’m no longer working on UM, except the occasional blog post.

    What those of you affected choose to do with the info I’ve exposed is up to you.

    And thanks for taking the trouble to point out the bleeding obvious.

    • You’ve done an amazing job exposing UM. Thank you, and I consider your move to step back a wise one. It will be interesting to see what UM chooses to blog about if they no longer have you as public enemy number 1. They’ll probably just go over old ground repeatedly as it seems to me they use critics as a galvanizing force to unite members. Without that, hundreds of posts sharing lovely recipes pea soup and love poems to the Benhayon kids will do little to glue the members together.

      • thank you

        I don’t really want to be defined as the person who stood up to UM, or the UM ‘expert’.

        In some respects it was an experiment in social media. Online anti cult activism is still in its infancy, so it will be interesting in years to come to see how much impact a very few of us had on the UM juggernaut.

        I agree, they’ve gone beyond their hateful point of no return. 3 years ago the publicity was all love and congratulations & pea soup, as you say. The nastiness was strictly behind the scenes. Now they’ve outed themselves as a heaving, public blood lusting pack of bitches. The greatest shot to the foot of all time.

        I call that a win.

        • I am sure you will not be defined as anything except what you choose, but you have been a vocal and visible critic of UM and for that many people owe you a debt of gratitude. I think a large impact has already occurred – attendance down, new recruits able to see counter point online. At least now people are able to see both sides of the coin, if they choose to. If not, then they have no one to blame but themselves if they commit to a sad existence within UM.

  9. Winners of the Peoples Choice Business Excellence Awards!? A business that exploits the vulnerable, targets unhappy children of wealthy parents, splits families, whitewashes / conceals bizarre occult based teachings, refuses to answer questions, lies / distorts reality / truth, blocks criticism & vilifies critics… (Must be an award for miraculous profiteering from fear inducing delusions).

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