Serge Benhayon’s inappropriate behaviour with children

In 2014, Serge Benhayon stated to the NSW HCCC that he has a current Working With Children Certificate. It needs to be taken away from him immediately, for a host of reasons we’ve already documented, including his cavalier attitude to inappropriate touching, the exposure of children to sexually explicit subject matter and the use of covert hypnosis in exorcistic practices at Esoteric events. And then there’s his questionable history with his current wife.

NSW Child Protection Helpline 132 111

2016 updateBenhayon defamation SLAPP attempting to censor concerns about his behaviour with women and children.

Predatory behaviour and other risks

Serge and Miranda Benhayon regularly have the adolescent daughters of followers as houseguests, sometimes for weeks or months.

Serge’s current wife, Miranda Benhayon, moved into the Benhayon household in her early teens against her mother’s wishes. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Miranda’s mother has had contact with her once in the past fourteen years. That instance is now one of hundreds of scenarios where the fracture of the person’s family or other close relationships follows directly from Serge Benhayon becoming a pervasive influence in their life.

A young woman who stayed in the Benhayon household at the time Miranda was in her mid teens describes the household and the interpersonal dynamic between Serge and Miranda as creepy, and told us Benhayon would not allow his young houseguests to close the bathroom door when they showered.

Universal Medicine practices include inappropriate touching and erosion of personal boundaries – discussed further below.

I have been alone in a treatment room with Serge Benhayon where I received a sleazy ‘ovarian reading’ I neither needed, wanted or asked for. It occurred after a few sessions of grooming where I developed a false sense of safety. I said repeatedly I didn’t want the reading, and only gave in under considerable pressure and without informed consent. I’m an assertive woman and dread to think how he manipulates women or girls who are less assertive. The ‘reading’ revealed Benhayon’s unwholesome fixation with female victimhood, and focussed exclusively on negative relationships with men, beginning at pre school age.

Serge Benhayon’s lectures feature content inappropriate for children – such as sexual violence, including paedophilia. Esoteric parents insist on taking their children to Universal Medicine events and exposing them to age inappropriate content.

Benhayon advocates circumcision as a proxy form of castration, to control ‘animalistic’ male sexual desire.

Benhayon encourages corporal punishment of children:

Boys have accidents to shake the energy out of them. If your son comes home and you feel he has been affected by male “pack” energy,  you need to shake the energy out of him either by cutting it verbally  or physically shaking him. It is occasionally best to smack it out of him, so that he avoids an accident. Serge Benhayon, quoted in student notes, Esoteric Development Group 8, May 17, 2008

EDG notes state Natalie Benhayon conducted youth groups in schools where she pressured children as young as 12 years to make disclosures about drug and alcohol use and sex – introducing youngsters to the cult of confession, which aims to reduce personal boundaries and make the subjects more vulnerable to exploitation and indoctrination. Natalie was around nineteen at the time and has zero qualifications. We want to know which schools this took place at, so we can have it investigated. Please contact me if you have any further info.

Universal Medicine has launched scores of defamatory webpages vilifying me and others because we’ve publicly questioned the Benhayons’ sleazy practices and lodged official complaints. On those sites, Benhayons’ minders have defended the practices of inappropriate touching and exploited Serge’s underaged houseguests to publicly vouch he is not a paedophile.

The cult is directly targeting juvenile girls via its Girl to Woman Project and Festival, where girls are plied with toxic occult religious teachings and UM products and services. The Festival in January included a ‘grooming’ tent where little girls were applied with makeup. It was misleading marketed as a child welfare initiative.

Serge Benhayon practices covert hypnosis without informed consent. The most appalling use is in his exorcistic ‘entity’ insertion and removal sessions. A contributor to the Rick Ross Forum gave an account of the entity show being performed on a primary school aged girl. Atrocious. It’s also used in past life regressions where followers are told their reactions are arising from events in past lives as tortured angels or Cathars (persecuted medieval religious minority) and the like. I attended an Esoteric healing workshop in 2005 where adults reached high levels of physical and emotional distress as a result of these practices. The youngest person present was fifteen year old Natalie Benhayon, who I felt was too young to be there seeing the practices were damaging enough to adults. I’ve since learned children are regularly taken to these events where they not only witness adults undergoing cathartic reactions but are subjected to the same. Ex followers have told me they’ve witnessed children in high levels of distress as a result. Anyone who has seen children at events where they are exposed to or subjected to these practices, please report it to the NSW Child Protection Helpline 132 111.

Benhayon delivers toxic parenting advice, including that children should be loved without emotion, that nursing mothers can pass on disease causing energy to their babies via breast milk, and that normal physical activity is ‘racy’. Emotions, sport and music are regarded as evil. Children are forbidden from participating in sport or non Esoteric dance, and their exposure to music is limited to the dross produced by the cult.

Children are taught to fear Benhayon’s invented supernatural enemies – entities, ‘prana’ (which doesn’t have evil connotations in its original use), the Four Lords of Form and the Astral Cult. Followers place healing symbols under children’s pillows and beds to keep the evil entities away.

Parents lack recognition of normal developmental behaviours and subject children to inappropriate practices. Distress among children is disregarded. Benhayon teaches followers to view children as advanced beings with the wisdom of fourth level initiates, unless the child takes a dislike to UM indoctrination, events or healing sessions, in which case they’re regarded as aberrant, and taken, often against their will, to have the prana cleansed out of them. One of our correspondents, Winston, told us about a young boy becoming extremely distressed at being taken for ‘healings’ with a numbskull unqualified Esoteric ‘healer’, who kept crapping on about the child being a reincarnated Cathar.

Benhayon’s Esoteric diet has zero nutritional basis, encourages disordered eating and results in health problems including malnutrition, developmental disorders and dental deterioration. When inflicted on children, it is another form of physical and psychological abuse.

Universal Medicine persists in attempting to underhandedly infiltrate schools and youth organisations.

Cult musician, recruiter and founding trustee of the Sound Foundation bent charity, Chris James, regularly tours schools.

Inappropriate touching and lousy personal boundaries

Readers of this site will already be aware of Serge Benhayon’s practice of Deeper Femaleness, touching the genitals of sexual abuse victims and calling it healing, and then teaching that to hundreds of Esoteric students. At the moment we’re only aware of him practicing it on adults, however we do have the workshop manual images of other forms of inappropriate touching as shown in the Esoteric Personal Boundaries post.

At the time of the Esoteric Healing Workshop I attended in 2005, I thought the young girl in the images was Natalie Benhayon aged 14 or 15. She’s wearing the same white hooded sweatshirt Natalie wore to the workshop, however the young girl’s face is dissimilar. If it’s not Natalie in these images, who is it? And how old was she? If anyone can identify that girl and her age in 2004 please contact me. If she was under 16, I’ll remove the image.

Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level One Workshop Manual, p.38

Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level One Workshop Manual, p.38

It’s bad enough Serge Benhayon has his hands on her chest, but how does anyone justify his hand pressed to that young girl’s anus?

Serge Benhayon with his hand on 14 or 15 year old daughter, Natalie Benhayon's bottom, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p. 53

Serge Benhayon with his hand pressed to a young girl’s anus, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p. 53

Again, Benhayon’s respect for personal boundaries is nil. It’s inappropriate in dealing with adults. When dealing with children it is utterly unacceptable.

Sexual Content

One of our regular readers felt highly uncomfortable when he attended a relationship workshop where Benhayon presented explicit sexual content to an audience including children of all ages. Ex followers tell me children are present at all events and that of all the age groups among minors, teenaged girls are especially highly represented. We have student notes documenting Benhayon’s rants on violent underaged sex, circumcision and deserving rape.

Grooming behaviour

According to the NSW Child Protection Act reportable sexual misconduct includes includes sexual offences such as assault ‘committed against, with or in the presence of a child’. It also includes the following behaviours, many of which match those of Benhayon, as witnessed by readers of this site:

  • Crossing professional boundaries – including inappropriate touching, ‘accidental’ intimate touching.
  • Sexually explicit comments and other overtly sexual behaviour, including inappropriate conversations of a sexual nature, or making comments that express a desire to act in a sexual manner
  • Grooming behaviour – includes persuading a child or group of children that they have a ‘special’ relationship with the groomer; testing boundaries, including encouraging inappropriate physical contact (even where it is not overtly sexual) and talking about sex. Note that inappropriate insistence by the adult on having a ‘special’ relationship with a child, or that a child keep any aspect of their relationship secret are signs that grooming is occurring.

In Benhayon’s case, he’s not only grooming children by normalizing inappropriate behaviour within large group activities, but grooming his followers to accept inappropriate behaviour, and enable and participate in a range of abuses.

We are aware that the majority of Serge’s followers are decent, well meaning people, however, we are also appalled at the profound level of psychological manipulation that allows adults to not only stand by and watch children being abused, but who are offering their children up for it under the gross misapprehension that the distress and lasting damage it causes is ‘healing’.

The healthcare professionals promoting this abuser have no excuse. Famous paediatrician and author of parenting books, Dr Howard Chilton‘s enabling is particularly reprehensible.

Anyone with any information on the content of this article please contact the NSW Police or the Child Protection Helpline 132 111.

Anyone who has witnessed children undergoing entity insertion or removal, or children brought to states of distress in any UM events or clinics please call the Helpline.

Please report any parents that take their children to stay in the Benhayon household, or any parent that neglects to take their child for proper medical care.

Never leave your child alone in a treatment room with any health practitioner.

On the FACTS blog: Posts on UniMed’s risks to children

The Child Protection Helpline 132 111 is open 24 hours and reports can be made anonymously.

15 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon’s inappropriate behaviour with children


    Ironically, I recall my wife being ‘disgusted’ when Woody Allen married Soon-Yi. I recall saying at the time, being cautious, that we didn’t know all the circumstances, however she was adamant, quite rightly, that because he had been her parent that there was something seriously wrong with him.

    Roll on a few years, and now as a supporter of Serge Benhayon I am told I am a ‘liar’ for suggesting there is something not right with Serge’s relationship with Miranda, which more or less mirrors Woody’s with Soon-Yi. Ah life- as soon as it’s convenient to lie to ourselves, we do it with gusto. She ‘knows’ Miranda, therefore it isn’t true because, I guess, Miranda has some story she tells to euphemize the real events. And I am loveless.

    Problem is, I know where everyone was right through that period, and it certainly tells a different story to the one that they’re readily accepting from Serge and his captive wife. I’ve also spoken to plenty of people that confirm that there was something going on with the pair in the mid to late nineties. Bloody facts. They just get in the way of a good story don’t they? ” Serge, please tell me a story that will make me believe your fantasy so I can live in my dream world and abuse anyone around me who tries to tell me the truth….ahhh that’s better”

    I mention this because denial is the issue. It is difficult for us to imagine someone doing something we wouldn’t do. And doubly hard when that person is a star, or guru. But the facts speak for themselves. And besides the obvious connotations, Serge does interact with kids and they are exposed to his stupid supernatural ideas. This is dangerous. Kids rely on adults for their sense of reality. If parents allow this, and so-called professionals such as Howard Chilton endorse it, then then the psychological damage will be significantly worse.

    Report him, and stop taking your kids to see him or events. We’ll keep reminding the guardian of children office he doesn’t have a working with children certificate.

    You might be one of those people that think having sex with an older guy at 14 is okay- like Sarah Baldwin told me when she deceived me into speaking with her on these matters on the promise of an open mind (LOL)- “because how I feel from doing UM is great” therefore, apparently, it doesn’t matter what Serge has done and who he has harmed (hundreds of families and individuals for starters).

    It may be that you have significant time and money invested in Serge’s crazy idea’s and fantasy world. So be it. But that doesn’t make it right. It just makes you someone who has no values, and no sense of right from wrong. And that you are letting facts and truth surrender to antecedent decisions that suck. You then have to ask yourself, what is it that Universal Medicine has given you? Love, enlightenment, compassion? I would say not. Clearly, the end result of investment in UM is a much lesser version of you. Someone who is so self absorbed that you steadfastly refuse to look at the abuses beneath your noses, and tacitly approve and even involve yourself with them.

    That is not enlightenment or growth. It is being infantalized and compromised. As I have said a thousand times before members- wake up to yourselves.

    Do it yourselves now or slam into the wall of reality that is coming. And for god’s sake, keep your kids away from Serge and his coterie of practitioners. They are toxic.

  2. If anyone can stomach it, this is how Dr Howard Chilton, the famous paediatrician, promoted Sergio the dropkick in his letter to the editor of the Medical Observer:

    Benhayon is a kind, honest and caring teacher of enormous integrity. How sad that there seems to be a propaganda war against such a deeply principled man and his equally principled (and rigorously regulated) organisation.

    Propaganda? Why don’t you answer our questions Dr Chilton? Where are you now?

    Come here and tell us babies should be circumcised to curtail their sex drives as adults.
    Come and defend putting children on a diet that prohibits root vegetables and grains, as well as beef and dairy products?
    Do you recommend feeding children seaweed as their main source of calcium?
    Do you endorse loving children without emotion? How do you recommend that is done?
    What do you have to say about passing disease causing emotion to babies through breast milk? Do you have any research citations for that?
    Do you endorse performing stage hypnosis on children and calling it entity insertion and removal?
    Why don’t you endorse Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine on your website?

    If you’re going to throw accusations of propaganda at anyone who publishes facts, we invite you to come here and defend anything written in that post.

    • Don’t know if you guys know but Dr Howard Chilton’s daughter Isabella is now Isabella Benhayon.

      • Gawd. Either she’s married Curtis the Uterus Massager, or her old man has bought shares in the Benhayon name.

        Thanks. You just put me off my dinner.

        I tell you, I was very worried when I first read that account of stage exorcisms done on kids by Skergio, and was hoping it was a one off. Last week, an anonymous caller confirmed that Serge has done entity removals on numerous children at Eso events. Hearing that infuriated me more than any thing I’ve heard in the last year and a half – including when the HCCC told me the Deeper Femaleness images are not evidence of sexual misconduct.

        It took a lot for that ex follower to work up the courage to call me, and I’m extremely grateful they did. That person got my name from the recent Echo article and found my number. I asked the caller to report what they saw to the Helpline. I have no way of knowing if they will. So I’m urging any of you who’ve seen that carry on at events to please report it. Like so much UM activity, it is damaging to children, and it has to stop.

        I reported what was written on the RR forum, but stuff written on the internet is rumour, and the authorities can’t and won’t act on it. The only way this harm will stop is if people take the trouble to report it. It can be done anonymously.

        As for Howard Chilton and the other health professionals involved in UM, they are either brainwashed or fucking stupid, because there is no other excuse for enabling this abuse.

        • Well Howard is committed now isn’t he? I do hope that Curtis wooed this lovely girl himself, and Serge didn’t have a hand in it, like he has with others. Come forth Isabella Benyaon…I mean Chilton…” I will put money down this is what happened.

          My skin crawls just thinking about it. But little wonder Howard has been an advocate for Serge. He’s family now. It just gets worse. There’s such a web of inter-connectivity between the members these days- all living with and marrying each other (in Goonellebah!), plus dating, mating, and confabulating – that when the Astral Shit hits the very real fan, it’s hard to see how they can wake up from the collective love-in.

          But it will be interesting how they justify to each other with Serge thoroughly discredited. I am looking forward to that.

  3. A couple of things I should mention:

    I’m not dropping this. Not ever. I’m determined to get to the bottom of the working with children check and to make sure Benhayon doesn’t have one, and I do everything I can to prevent kids being taken to his shitty events. I’m taking the matter to the Minister for families and the local members to make representations to the department. If anyone wants to write to Thomas George, Don Page or Pru Goward, please be my guest. I’ll be wanting to know if Benhayon has a certificate, getting it taken off him if he does, or having him prosecuted for making false statements if he doesn’t.

    Second: reports about Benhayon to Child Protection are kept as ‘secure files’. This is done because the Lismore FACS office has cult members on staff, namely Karoline Schleiffelder. The department is aware of this and I’ve asked the department that she or anyone remotely involved in UM are not allowed near investigations or files on Serge. Any problems, contact me immediately. If anyone has the names of other staff at Lismore FACS involved in UM, let me know. Use the contact form on the blog.

    You don’t have to enter an email address if you want to contact me, or you can leave comments anonymously. Just leave the fields blank.

    Don’t let kids near Serge.

    • Interestingly I am reliably informed that Howard & Tamara Chilton were always seeking a new high in their lives… Does this behaviour fly in the face of the teachings of Serge Benhayon, yes it does, perhaps they have found a need to perform penance for their past abhorrent behaviour/s.
      What has happened to their daughter is of great concern indeed. The Karma Bus has arrived in the Chilton family.

  4. Not sure where to post this? Maybe you can move to an appropriate thread?

    Interesting to note on the ‘COUM’ website a quick link on page 1 to donations. Lots of ridiculous text about not accepting donations under certain criteria, but qualified at the end with all the info needed to do so.

    UM should also note another user of the COUM name:

  5. My, it’s a hectic time in the accountability bunker.

    A few updates for our correspondents.

    First, a massive THANK YOU for the various tip offs. Keep them coming.

    We’re aware of Chris James flogging music through ACM, and we’ll be covering that connection in the near future with some juicy revelations.

    To the AnON person who sent me a long distance love letter today – we’re intrigued, but can you give us some more info on that? Where did you get it, or can you let us know how we might verify that? The cult’s publicity still says otherwise… ❤ to you too.

    And a heap of you will know now that the cult has launched it's College of Universal Medicine website, with the announcement that money for nothing courses will go on sale this year. Yes, I'll be blogging about that soon! In the meantime, they're asking students to re-enrol on that site, likely because they want to clear the trolls, detractors, spies and Astral cult members off their mailing list.

    Whatever. I've already signed up and I'd encourage all our readers to do the same with whatever email addresses you've got. The cult is big into accountability, transparency and integrity these days, or so they reckon, so we want to make sure they remain open to scrutiny. Are they going to publicly advertise their tax exempt courses or not?

    Thanks W. Harper. I might re-post your comment when I put up a post dedicated to that. Give me a few days and CoUM's new site will get the pasting it deserves, with a new whinge to the ACNC about the utter bullshit in the publicity.

    And to Serge. Have you patched things up with Mirtha, your mentor? Mirtha was belching her way through fake exorcisms before you were in shorts, duckie. You ought to show her some gratitude.

  6. I think you are all very, very sad trolls and karma will indeed be a very big price you pay for the harm you are inflicting.

    • You’re entitled to your opinion, Megan. Would you like to specify what you believe the harm is?

      We’re not the ones performing entity insertions on children, or covert hypnosis. Nor are we touching the breasts and genitals of sexual abuse victims or promoting disordered eating, or sending little girls to stay in the home of a known liar and predator. Worshipping death, telling women their bodies are full of disease causing energy that can only be cleared via indefinite ‘healing’ etc etc.

      UM’s new customers have a right to know up front what they are buying into.

    • Let’s hope karma is indeed real, and then those guilty of so much harm will pay a very, very big price.

      Take from that what you will Megan, but I sleep well at night.

    • Coming from one of Serge’s followers, it’s not much of a threat. I’d rather cop karma as an Astral Cult member sliding to zero on Serge’s specially priced initiation scale than spend one minute as a vile narcissist enabling child abuse and thinking I’m a fucking special ‘Son of God’.

      I think when Megan talks about the harm we’re inflicting she’s referring to harm to the cult’s cash flow, harm to the precious feelings of some viciously self centred followers, and harm to pervey Uncle Serge’s capacity to satisfy his unsavoury appetites.

    • At least Megan has the courage to speak up. And notice how her remarks, along with any others get up on the site?

      I think what is really sad is how the members, Megan included I guess, don’t find any issue with their own heavily moderated blogs which regularly attack people that are trying to reveal facts to them.

      Luckily karma doesn’t exist in the sense that Megan says it – consequence however does.

      If like us, Megan, you had spoken to Serge’s victims, whether it be people he ripped off, or people he manipulated, or ex-members of the group that are now spending years putting their lives back together after being trapped in Serge’s upside down fantasia- you would know that his undoing is an inevitable consequence. Not by some magical agency, but by people sufficiently indignant and motivated enough to ensure it happens. That’s us. The sad trolls.

      And happen it will.

      We are paying a price. Our time and money- for no personal reward. The payoff will be for everyone else that manages to avoid falling into his carefully hidden rabbit-hole and surrendering their souls, intellects, emotions, partners, families and money to Serge.

      Thanks for the comment Megan, however next time you might want to specify the “harm” we are bringing, unless of course it is only the psychological trauma of facts and reality beating up against the construct of your shared fantasies.

  7. After first misleading the HCCC “subsequent checks have shown (Serge Benhayon) gained or renewed the (NSW Working With Children) check on January 19, valid until 2019”.

    What? Authorities need to question in what situation Benhayon personally ‘needs’ to be ‘entrusted alone’ with other people’s children? Otherwise absolutely no need for this certificate. Does UM endorse any or all their grown unqualified men working alone with other people’s girls?

    What this shows is that UM men intends or presently works in some way alone with other’s children. Why does it and he need to?

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