Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy – another SCAM modality from Universal Medicine

Registered physiotherapist, Kate Greenaway, softens up some targets

Registered physiotherapist, Kate Greenaway, softens up some targets

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a bogus modality devised by unqualified Esoteric healing mogul and self styled messiah, Serge Benhayon, with the help of long term sycophant investor, registered physiotherapist, Kate Greenaway. Esoteric student notes reveal the occult mumbo jumbo the cult uses to bamboozle customers, and according to first hand and media reports, Greenaway and other practitioners are writing up the sham treatments up to Medicare. To make matters worse, Evolve College/The Australian College of Massage have plans to roll out the scam nationwide via practitioner training courses.

Like Chakra-puncture, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is money for nothing rubbish marketed for no other purpose than to make money for the Benhayon family of professional New Age deities, and their cashed up parasites at the top of the Universal Medicine pyramid scheme. In spite of their counterfeit Esoteric Practitioners Association ‘accreditation’, lower rung Esoteric healers don’t make a living. Customers that return for repeat ‘healings’ are either roped into the Church of Serge and its lucrative workshop cycle, or move on to search for effective treatment. Practitioners stick to or return to their day jobs, and are lucky if they make enough money out of peddling Esoteric rubbish to pay for the courses. Except for a selection of the most avid recruiters invited to teach them.

Connective tissue, the cranio-sacral pulse and the Christ Energy

The following excerpt comes from a set of student notes from 2008. The original meaning of prana is ‘life energy’, but in the Universal Medicine molestation and death cult, prana is evil, and something to be ‘cleared’ from our hapless animated carcasses.

Kate’s Presentation –

Connective Tissue Therapy

Physical and Energetic properties of  the Connective Tissue

Connective tissue is most of the tissue in your body and is intimately related to your lymphatic system.

Energy moves the connective tissue and lymphatic system.

Loose connective tissue holds your organs in place

Fibrous connective tissue is in the ligaments joining bone to bone and muscle to bone.

Cartilege provides cushioning in joints etc.

Connective tissue in the form of tendons allows twist and roll of the arm and flexibility of movement.

Some roles of Connective Tissue are

–     support the lymphatic system

  • – protect and support muscles
  • – shock absorption
  • – transport nutrients
  • – wrap muscles and hold organs in place

The Cranial Sacral Pulse- the fluid pulse that flows up and down the spine and into the head. The movement at the crown is due to the pulse of the fluid.

Elastan- all though the muscles. It retains the magnified energetic imprint of whatever you feed into it (prana or fire) which in turns forms a different body depending on the consciousness you are aligned to.

90% of the body is water- the medium that absorbs energetic consciousness.

It is a river system of tissue and the lymphatics.

Your body is the marker of all truth.

Aging is a process of prana dumping into the body.

When there is an expansion of the connective tissue and the lymphatic system they emanate.

If you are feeling the expansion and then slip back into vascular contraction you are using your own spleen against yourself.

The heart centre, the lymphatic system, the shoulder blades (which retain the energetic form of wings), all calibrate to the light.

The moment light enters a room the wings calibrate to that light. We use the pranic energy through the spleen and the blood to fight being light, circulating the  message to retract, beat yourself up – deepest form of self abuse- affects liver, spleen, aura. The aura feeds the spleen, the heart and thus the aging process. You are then using your blood to keep the light out of your body.

You need to build your harmonious body of light.

The expansion of God’s light in the body  happens by :

1. bringing light through the crown

2. the Christ energy through the spine

3. the intelligence of God through the connective tissue and lymphatic system

The gentle breath ignites the lymphatics and the cranio-sacral pulse.

At the moment of a Revelation you live that truth in the connective tissue. The phenomena is the pain that occurs after the shift once you start living the truth. The connective tissue has pain fibres in it that give you the sensations of dull aches as the prana releases- processing.

The body of evidence was the research as detailed below.

Kate presented the results of a series of 6 week trials that she had been conducting over the past few years. The trials assessed the effects of Connective Tissue Therapy. The technique used was impressed on Serge some 5 years ago introducing a rhythm of livingness to the connective tissue and the lymphatic system. This is imparted by the practitioner who has to have a rhythm within them of at least 9. The effectiveness can be measured by the cranial sacral pulse of the clients, the spinal fluid that flows up into the skull and back down to the base of the spine. The Cranial Sacral Pulse is a measure of how many times the spinal fluid completes the cycle up and down the spine and into the head in one minute.  For example if the spinal fluid flows up to the skull and back 8 times in 60 seconds, you have a Craniosacral pulse of 8.

The Craniosacral pulse  is a mechanical physical reading taken at crown. It is an accurate measure of vitality in the body.

6 1/2-7- really starting to be depleted

– people with depression

8          – not in  emotional scatteredness- just holding it.

– doing reasonably well

8-10     – You are medically healthy, but energetically you are just holding your centre.

10-12   – Vital

12-15   – You are in the livingness of your inner heart.

Trauma has a contracted affect on the vitality of the fluid travelling around.

Kate treated 37 people in her Connective Tissue trials, 17 of which were involved with the esoteric work and 20 that were not. The same techniques were used each week, the same questions were asked and the prerequisites were that the client had no other healings in that period.  You can view the results on the unimed web site  The results most importantly demonstrated that even 6 months after the trials finished all the people reported decreased pain in their bodies and showed continual lessening of their problems and most importantly that the momentum of the increased craniosacral pulse continued on.

The ‘study’ results are posted on the UniMed website allright, misleadingly presented as legitimate research. The write up omits the bit about 17 of the guinea pigs being ‘involved with the esoteric work’.

The Esoteric work clearly involves plenty of repeat visits to the local ECTT monger to increase one’s craniosacral pulse/energetic integrity score, because ‘you have to be 12+ to be in the livingness’, no matter how many years you’ve been throwing money at SergeCorp and enduring the daily gentle breath and pea soup ordeal.

The Connective Tissue Therapy brings the light up from your inner most through the connective tissue and removes prana from the inside out. This allows you to be in the light of your inner most, and when you embody it you re-create your fibrous body. Being a practitioner  it comes back to energetic integrity. You have to live the work allowing the body to lift itself. You have to be yourself in that state to do it – to kickstart the clients’ rhythms. It is about passing on the rhythm that you are. The technique introduces the rhythm , locates the areas of prana and pushes it out. The  practitioner is only imparting the rhythm – can tell you if you are on the way to getting ill. Low pulse- you are not living, only existing.

Serge spoke about the science of the nadis.

As a practitioner doing connective tissue work it is imperative to be in harmony, with a pulse of at least 9.

When we treat anyone esoterically you need to hold your heart with everything you do- then you are healing.

When you are emotional or either in excess or stagnation energy is wasted as it bounces around the chakras- the 45,000 chakras pulling towards disharmonious functioning which is educating the body on how to kill itself (you). When you are operating through the connective tissue vitality comes back as the energy is no longer wasted bouncing around the chakras as it moves directly through the centre of the chakras.

A body should be elevated in pulse to enable it to heal itself.

Our deep pulse in our body is based on harmony. The moment you get cross or lose it you are 50x away from who you are. The body takes on the form of anger or frustration or whatever emotion you are have taken on.

Athletes are not vital- they are just fit.

Disregard – using pulse to drive you, the athlete,- not listening to the harmony the body wants you to be.

This compounds in the body…. 200miles away from harmony- leukaemia (4th stage spleen disease).

Medical profession knows so much but needs to bring the spherical into it.

With Connective Tissue therapy a doctor can write a script from their inner heart – this brings an imprint to the body that ignites the connective tissue in the other letting them be who they truly are.

You have to be 12+  to be in the livingness.

Everything you create emanates. This is the Science of Energetic Imprints.

Paintings become a living imprint of who you are. A living imprint of you.

Elvis is doing well – albums clearer today than they were. (Esoteric Development Group student notes, unidentified note taker, September 27, 2008)

Back on planet Earth

Universal’s registered physiotherapist told Jenny her “cardiosacral pulse” readings – which supposedly measure fluid infusion in spinal tissue via a person’s head – were poor and suggested she undertake six one-hour sessions plus counselling.

Her open mind winning over scepticism, she told the Universal counsellor of her desperation to be a better parent. The counsellor’s advice: stop preparing all food for her five-year-old son, because she was passing him bad energy. From now on, the boy must feed himself.

And she also undertook “esoteric breast massage”, which she said Universal staff told her would prevent breast cancer by “clearing… all of men’s negative energy” that she had accumulated in her life. The “EBM” was conducted by female staff, but still “it was the most horrible thing I’ve ever had in my entire life,” Jenny recalled.

Meanwhile, her craniosacral readings – in which she was told Mr Benhayon was the only person with a perfect score – were improving. After three sessions in which her hopes were raised, her GP, who had ordered tests with traditional specialists, gave her the real news: she had cancer. Medical Observer

Finally, the scientific findings on craniosacral therapy and  the ‘cranial impulse’.

Researchers have since tested the ability of craniosacral therapists to detect and count the rhythmic cranial impulse, an important part of the therapy. A number of therapists looked at the same patients at the same time, without comparing notes. The therapists’ counts did not match, which suggests that these counts were not reliable. The British Columbia Office of Health Technology Assessment conducted a wide-ranging search for solid information on craniosacral therapy and found no evidence to support the claims made about it.

…“very few RCTs of CST [craniosacral therapy] exist. Most of these trials are seriously flawed [and consequently, not useful in evaluating this treatment]. Therefore, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that CST has therapeutic effects beyond placebo.”

Which means bogus Esoteric Connective Tissue therapy, with its spherical Esoteric gobbledygook carefully omitted from recent marketing, is not much better.

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  1. Why need Neurosurgeon’s who study years and I mean years in training to practice their required field, when we have Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine Esoteric Craniofacial Therapy?

  2. Shite, that’s probably giving them an another idea?? You have to be so careful in what you say.

  3. Mother Liane Mandalis: She’s such a mixed bag of fruit, so different to her big sister (Ruby, four). She’s got this amazing quality of softness and gentleness and tenderness, which is different to the first who was very feisty. I haven’t vaccinated but I am going to put her on a catch up. I don’t like to vaccinate in the first year, so she’ll be on a catch-up. her health has been brilliant. I take her regularly to my physio who gives her connective tissue therapy. that has been an amazing thing for our whole family; it’s like hands-on healing.

    100 babies — One Year Later – The Daily Telegraph…/story-fnmlh5g6-1226956107784
    Jun 16, 2014 – 21 February 2013. Lulu MandalisMother Liane Mandalis: She’s such a mixed bag of fruit, so different to. L

    • Well spotted. Spruiking delayed vaccination idiocy – identical to Serge’s advice not to vaccinate according to the GP schedule but ‘when you feel to’, PLUS some bonus occult Eso Connective Tissue garbage – courtesy Kate Greenaway herself, in the Sunday Tele.

      Two years later she’s put her image and name to a post trashing Jane Hansen for the love of Serge.

      And did she write the immaculately spelled post and the quoted emails all by herself? Where she regurgitates all the cult lines verbatim – witchhunts, vitriol, ‘threats’? But she’s ‘not brainwashed’ and ‘Serge never tells anyone what to do’.

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