SCAM Chakra-puncture at Evolve College

Benhayons working chakra-puncture for Evolve College

Benhayons working chakra-puncture for Evolve College – Simone, Curtis, Michael and Deborah

In the past year or two, the nationwide Australian College of Massage merged with commercial religion and Esoteric Healing conglomerate, Universal Medicine to produce Evolve College. It was marriage of mutual benefit, giving Serge Benhayon’s bogus Esoteric modalities the backing of a registered training organization, and ACM’s owners new practitioner courses to market to graduates. One of those is a semester course in worthless chakra-puncture for the price of $8680 (AUD). Chakra-puncture and other Esoteric modalities are the worst of the increasingly profit driven alternative medicine industry – exploiting students and vulnerable patients to fill the pockets of self deified scam artists.


Prior to 2012, when acupuncture became a registered profession, and ‘acupuncturist’ became a protected title, chakra-puncture was called Esoteric acupuncture. Even though its marketers reckon it has nothing to do with Traditional Chinese Medicine, a team of Serge struck acupuncturists assisted in its development. The name was changed to avoid prosecution, and the ex acupuncturists made the switch to avoid the thousands of dollars a year registered practitioners spend on CPD, AHPRA and professional association fees. However, testimonials from UM cult leader Serge Benhayon’s pet cancer patients show his targets don’t comprehend a difference. In 2013 I wrote up Esoteric chakra puncture as an abusive therapy, public health risk and toxic money grab, and lodged a complaint with the inert NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.

The points I made were that chakra-puncture is a sham treatment fleecing cancer patients and other seriously ill people, and a workshop training racket milking money from students. Its inventor, Serge Benhayon, had misleadingly claimed that chakra-puncture is a tradition older than the five thousand year old tradition of acupuncture – even though there is no textual or archeological evidence for it. (Benhayon has also claimed he is the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci and Alice Bailey.) The point system and technique is laughably arbitrary, but most disturbingly, there was no evidence the Benhayons were teaching sterile procedure, and they were encouraging students with only a few hours training to go home and start sticking needles in their kids.

In response to my complaint, the HCCC told me Benhayon claims he teaches sterile procedure and his clinic is registered for skin penetration with Lismore city council. When I asked about the risks to children of untrained fools using them as pin cushions, the officer said the HCCC hadn’t asked about that. With regard to the ancient wisdom of Esoteric chakra-puncture, Benhayon stated in writing to the HCCC that he’d cooked up the modality in the past ten years.

The economics of scam therapies

Chakra-puncture is an untested modality devised by an unqualified, ex bankrupt, ex junior tennis coach cum cult leader and practiced by his captive family of earners. The attraction of chakra-puncture practice for the Benhayon rabble is their status as Ascended Masters or high initiates, or whatever the heck Serge markets them as, means their healing services are fully booked. Bottom rung punters climb over each other hoping for a touch of their innermost ‘integrity’. Sergio worked out his progeny were wasted on flogging hands on Esoteric healings to one victim per hour, when they could be mumbling a few phrases of Ageless Wisdom® and tapping a few needles into four pronated ‘investors’ at a time.

The course is taught by his underachieving family and a few mediocre ex acupuncturists, and UM has pedalled the course since 2008, but at no point have they made the course outline, content or fees public.

Evolve College is charging $620 per subject for a six week certificate course, or for 14 subjects taken over 9 weeks for a worthless Diploma of Chakra-puncture. The course will be held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The discounted package rate is $3348 for the certificate, $7812/$6944 for the diploma. The difference between the certificate and diploma is meaningless, but Evolve College tells us the Diploma makes graduates ‘professional’.

Non accredited qualificationWhat Evolve College doesn’t mention is that hundreds have taken the UniMed course, with around 500 students counted at a single weekend chakra-puncture cattle call in Lennox Head. But our Naming Names page shows less than a dozen are practicing and earning money for it. None of those are practicing it full time, and they include ex acupuncturists and the Benhayon clan.

In other words, by the time graduates rent clinic space and fork out for equipment while industry overheads are at an all time high, and then try to retain customers in a market already oversupplied with sub-competent therapists, they’ll have little chance of ever recouping those fees.

Evolve doesn’t mention that in the brochure.

Graduates of their next big roll out of rubbish Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy will encounter the same reality.

The course

No amount of polish will brighten the turds that are Chakra-puncture and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy.

I could teach the whole Esoteric healing sham in less than two hours if I removed Sergio’s contrived occult bullshit that comprises the theoretical component. It’s easy, get your mark to lay down, close your eyes, look holy and and rest your hands on them. Literally anywhere will do. Or take some needles, stick them anywhere on a Crohn’s disease or cancer patient, invent some ‘energetic’ jargon to make it sound mystical, and charge them $70. When it does nothing and the customer complains, tell them they need a few thousand more treatments to clear their evil prana, and if they protest, tell them they’re loveless, in pain and haven’t dealt with their issues. I could issue diplomas too.

As I explained in 2013, chakra-puncture is a sick joke – a shameless, dumbed down bastardization of acupuncture.

The ‘points’ are random and their locations so imprecise they are meaningless.

Esoteric Chakra-Puncture Level 1 Introductory Training - PART 2, p.16

Chemowash technique preying on cancer patients. Esoteric Chakra-Puncture Level 1 Introductory Training – PART 2, 2009, p.16

And I can tell you right now, because I am an acupuncturist, the needling shown in the images from the Evolve course brochure will do exactly nothing.

Michael Benhayon administers chakra-puncture to his mother, Deborah

Michael Benhayon administers chakra-puncture to his mother, Deborah

The images confirm to any knowledgeable viewer that chakra-puncture is an out and out scam. Needles placed at that depth at those locations are useless and will have no effect at all.

The brochure doesn’t specify any health benefits for the practice.

Evolve College chakra-puncture course brochure

Evolve College chakra-puncture course brochure. No evident health benefits for patients.

But the fact chakra-puncture does nothing for patients is of little interest to Evolve, as long as they can sell those courses.

The course is taught by ex acupuncturists, Michael Benhayon, Neil Ringe and Rebecca Poole, who also happen to be three of the very few chakra-puncturists earning from Esoteric healing. The brochure talks up their extensive acupuncture training and practice, and Neil sell out Ringe’s blurb does some Glorious name dropping of Japanese masters he reckons he studied with during his ‘eight years clinical study in Japan’. So how much time did you spend in actual clinics there, Neil, while you were teaching English full time? And what did those teachers think of you then? And now? Seeing you’re dropping their names to promote a shitty bastardization of the real thing?

It’s also telling that a nine week course in a sham therapy is being taught by qualified acupuncturists, who did a minimum of three years training each.

Apart from that, the course outline is another laugh, featuring a clutch of meaningless subjects hatched from Sergio’s stunted imagination (and ripped off from the likes of Caroline Myss):

Foundations of Chakra-puncture Introduces the energetic sciences and practical needle skills that found Chakra-puncture practice.

And perhaps the story of Serge’s 1998 energetic impress when he heard ‘sweet and beautiful voices’ while sitting on the toilet.

Energetic Anatomy and Physiology 1 An introduction to an energetic understanding and view of the energetic role and relationship all parts of the body and the organs play in the overall function of us as human beings.

Healing with Chakra-puncture 1 Provides a sound understanding of the use of Chakra-puncture programs and why they are so important, deeply healing and powerful.

Healing with Chakra-puncture 2 Explores in greater detail the powerful application of Chakra-puncture through different types of programs in relation to energetic and physical illness, disease and ailments.

Application of Chakra-puncture through different types of programs in relation to energetic and physical illness, disease and ailments??

What does that mean?

Is Evolve College claiming chakra-puncture can treat illness and disease?

Based on what evidence?

What about injuries?

I thought not.

*Professional Integrity Professional Integrity is Evolve College’s signature subject and is included in your course. Professional Integrity relates to everyone – no matter what our profession is or our choice of expression within the workplace, we all have a responsibility to bring professional integrity to our professional practice.

At least the Wilds and Evolve College are honest about one thing. Chakra-puncturists are not accredited, and neither is the course.

Evolve College chakra-puncture brochure

Evolve College chakra-puncture enrolment form

Unlike the Esoteric Practitioner’s Association, that misleadingly and unlawfully claims to be UM’s ‘accrediting body’, even though it is not a registered training organization. Yet, Esoteric healers continue to advertise themselves as ‘EPA accredited’, and the accreditation fiction is actively promoted by the cult’s invested health professionals, like rheumatologist, Dr Maxine Szramka.

Interestingly, Evolve has wisely dropped the ‘Esoteric’ prefix from chakra-puncture, because outside the UM cult anything branded ‘esoteric’ is marketing poison.

And what on Arcturus is an ‘evolutionary technique in Bodywork’?

The merger

Evolve College Pty Ltd was registered in December 2012. Last year, devout Serge worshippers and owners of the Australian College of Massage, Robert and Deborah Wild’s business partnership with Universal Medicine was made apparent when an ex student contacted us objecting to the College’s restricted musical diet of Chris James’ wailings.

I can’t be bothered forking out money to find out who Evolve’s directors are, but it’s pretty obvious it was a merger. Company director of several Benhayon ventures and part time lawyer, Serryn O’Regan, became ACM CEO last year, and fellow believers/upper rung parasites promptly joined staff. These include general manager, Tania Billing; trainers Michael Benhayon and Dr Danielle Pirera, and then Sally Scott, Leonne Sharkey, Vicky Geary and expert in cyber-bullying, Sarah Davis. Terri-Anne Connors has dropped out for some reason or another – perhaps for getting banned from Wikipedia for vandalism. UMers also provide the testimonials for the chakra-puncture brochure, including staff member, Sally Scott’s husband, man-struation expert, Lee Green.

The partnership is good business for both families. Benhayon needs the backing of a registered training organization to legitimize the survival of his bent healing modalities, while the modalities and the habit forming potential of Esoteric healing services are the basis for a set of lucrative new products ACM can offer to massage graduates. Next they’ll be flogging the initiation scale Serge ripped off from Theosophy.

As yet Evolve is only approved to deliver training and assessment in massage therapy. It’s only a matter of time before Esoteric hogwash courses gain approval too.

While Evolve College is based in Melbourne, the business name ‘Byron Wellbeing Retreat‘ was registered to the same ABN in March last year with a listed postcode of 2481, but cancelled two months later. It suggests the Wilds might have considered investing with the Benhayons in a local compound marketed as a commercial health retreat. Perhaps they still have enough business sense to abandon that idea.

The fact images of the Benhayon family dominate the chakra-puncture course publicity and more new publicity is populated exclusively by UMers shows that Evolve College is the Universal Medicine cult’s new Melbourne hub. The merger could mark the beginning of an all new recruitment push via a legion of massage therapy graduates, or it could spell certain and undignified death for what was once a respectable nationwide training enterprise.

Esoteric Chakra-puncture – abusive therapy, public health risk, toxic scam

Neil Ringe on the Esoteric difference between acupuncture and chakra-puncture

21 thoughts on “SCAM Chakra-puncture at Evolve College

  1. Thank you to the readers who provided the information to make this post possible.

    It didn’t make it into the post, but a concerned loved one of a cult bigwig has told me the cult members gloat about vomiting after Esoteric healing treatments. Because vomiting helps clear the prana.

    And their body fluids, and the enamel on their teeth.

  2. Occasionally I wonder if any of the family have the courage to step out of Dad’s fairy land. Seeing the entire family lined up like lemmings -including Deborah who at one time hand drew P&L statements as she fended off bankruptcy and ran around saying very bad things about the then un-ascended master-it is hard to understand that not one little brain cell would turn on to how they are wasting their lives propagating Dad’s delusional detritus.

    This post highlights the fact the you can polish a turd and even get people to buy it. Provided you use the right words and keep a straight face.

    Serge has made a career out of pretending to be an expert where non exists. Expert business man, expert tennis coach, expert healer, philosopher, writer, dietician, and even an expert enlightened master. “The enlightened masters guru” perhaps.

    The turd metaphor is so apt considering it all started with one presumably big one in September 1999.

  3. This is the modern day version of the psychic surgery done in the Philippines years ago.
    The “practitioner” would create an apparent incision into the patients body using his bare hands, blood would flow, material (usually chicken guts) would be extracted, then a spontaneous healing of the incision with no scar would result.
    This, of course, was a complete hoax and slight of hand with no medical benefit other than a psychological placebo effect.
    Same, same for chakra puncture, but with a smiling family with needles

  4. How do the Benhayon’s get away with it? With their dirty filthy scams of Chaka-Puncture. And what about the Chakra needles they use
    (a )Are the needle used multipurpose for student’s learning on each other, after all Universal Medicine is all about saving as much money as possible, therefore a limited supply of a needle (b) can you catch Golden Staph from this multiple use of the same students practising on each other. ( Community Golden Staph has a much higher rate than Hospital acquired Golden Staph,) and is very difficult to treat with antibiotics. (d) can you catch Syphilis, without wearing gloves and touching skin lesions in secondary Syphilis.
    End of Quiz; all true facts and the quiz could go on and on and on.
    Very dangerous to the uninitiated and at the end of it I will want full payment of $7,812 and I,The One will give you a made up Chakra-point Diploma. Non accredited of course

    • as far as I know the needles are being re-used and the “practitioners” also “reserve” needles for their clients. So basically, when you go see your “practitioner” then they’ll whip out “your” needle and it shall be re-used on you until it bends. Unless, there’s a mix up, in which case they’ll use someone else needle on you. No sharps bins are being used, either.

      PS: When I challenged this behaviour (as a relative, not a client!) I was told that there’s no risk of transmitting infection because “the needle doesn’t penetrate the skin”. Well, until it does.

      • That’s a breach of health regulations. Those needles are penetrating the skin. If acupuncturists reused needles we’d be deregistered and hurled out of our professional association.

  5. Disgusting, by far not at all the best practises at all for this so called Chakra-puncture course. I was thinking that this is what they were doing Pranabunny. I am sorry to say that the needle do penetrate the skin, and cause the above diseases and others. As I say not for the
    The uninitiated and the risk of infection is high. So wrong. The Umer’s performing these so called courses, should all be hanged, drawn and quartet.

  6. Everything else aside, why pay $8,000 to do a course that doesn’t accredit you with anything?

    They must be relying on utter stupidity or it’s set up to funnel members in to suck more cash out of the already impoverished mob.

    ASIC site is down but I will grab the company document later. My guess is UM/Serge will have licensed his “intellectual (seriously) property” to the college so he will be getting a clip on each SCUM sold.

    I think there is a case for going back to the regulators and alerting them that it is now a national course on sticking needles in direct contravention of various legislation’s.

    Yes, on my list.

  7. I Wonder why they called it ‘evolve college’, since according to their guru and inspiration-Sergio Benhavingyouonbigtime- there is no such thing as evolution?

    A better name would have been “Sirius college of advanced quackery”

  8. Taxpayers to fund teaching of ‘pseudo-science’…/taxpayers-to-fund-teaching-of-pseudoscience-201501...
    Jan 11, 2015 – Relax: Natural therapy courses would be eligible for funding under proposed higher education reforms. … to teach students unproven alternative remedies such as homeopathy, flower … any policies covering natural therapies not supported by evidence. ….

    Accredited private colleges would become eligible for grants of $6323 a year for each student enrolled in courses such as homeopathy, naturopathy and mind body medicine. This is more than public universities would receive per student studying law, economics, languages or the humanities under the new funding structure.

    Turning to the alternative | The Australian…to…alternative/story-e6frg6zo-122718149309...
    Jan 12, 2015 – According to the National Institute of Complementary Medicine, ..

    • Would you mind looking up the correct links and repasting them? You need to paste the whole link (all the numbers). Thanks

  9. Sorry I do hope this is better – had a bit of bother.

    Taxpayers to fund teaching of ‘pseudo-science’…/taxpayers-to-fund-teaching-of-pseudoscience-201501
    Jan 11, 2015 – Relax: Natural therapy courses would be eligible for funding under proposed higher education reforms. … to teach students unproven alternative remedies such as homeopathy, flower … any policies covering natural therapies not supported by evidence. ….

    Accredited private colleges would become eligible for grants of $6323 a year for each student enrolled in courses such as homeopathy, naturopathy and mind body medicine. This is more than public universities would receive per student studying law, economics, languages or the humanities under the new funding structure.

    Turning to the alternative | The Australian…to…alternative/story-e6frg6zo-122718149309
    Jan 12, 2015 – According to the National Institute of Complementary Medicine, .

    • And, thank you, they are good articles – very relevant. Basically the Evolve College merger is anticipating rorting more government money for a bogus therapy.

      So they won’t just extort money from students for this shitty course, they’ll get a government kick back as well. Bastards.

      But first it’ll have to be government approved…and prospective students need to be aware the Acupuncture Association with thousands of members (more than in Serge’s cult) is lobbying the health ministers and AHMAC with the same proposal I made, which is that skin penetration therapies have to be restricted by law to AHPRA registered practitioners – to bring chakra-puncturists and other shysters in line with the registration standards we have to abide by.

  10. Ah, okay, I see what’s going on. Best not to copy the links from the Google search page – there’s no short cut I’m aware of, you have to click the link on the Google page to go to the article page. Then on the article’s page (on the site or wherever) copy the link from the address bar, and then paste it into the comment.

    It’s only Google search pages that do this – complicated to explain.

    One way is to right click on the link on the Google search page, select ‘Open in New Tab’, then go to the new tab and copy the address of the article…That way the Google page stays open, and you don’t have to click return to go back to your search.

    On any site other than Google you can right click and select ‘Copy Link Address’ and you’ll get the original link, which you can then paste here or wherever. Okay?

  11. Serge Benhayon and his quackery practises with Chakra-puncture courses, make him and the rest of his family-super rich.
    Can anyone tell me the price of a session and how long it takes


    None of what is stated on this site was my experience with Chakra Puncture.
    I had my useless treatment done by one of the Head Honchos.
    Waste of money.
    There was NO Sharps bin.
    There was NO washing of hands nor gel used for hands cleaning.
    Weird as.

  13. “Serge Benhayon is the founder of Universal Medicine and of the Universal Medicine Therapies that have fast become significant transformational healing tools for thousands of people all over the world. Since 1999, when Serge was reawakened by his Soul, igniting a re-connection back to his inner-most being, he has committed his life to serving humanity in a profound and remarkable way. Leaving behind the successes of a lucrative tennis-coaching career, his re-connection led him to embrace life in a very different way than he had previously. Married with 4 young children, he embraced in full, a life of absolute joy, true meaning and deep connection and he has been living this ever since.”

    A couple of corrections:

    “Leaving behind the successes of a lucrative tennis-coaching career,” IF THIS IS TRUE WHY DID SERGE DECLARE BANKRUPTCY?

    THIS SHOULD READ THAT SERGE NOW HAS A LUCRATIVE CAREER – breaking up families. Conning people with ineffective conjured up whilst he was sitting on the toilet scams.


    • He also left out the part where they collected social security from at least 1994 – 1998 due to the bankruptcy. Surely a sign you’re business isn’t that lucrative. Unless of course you’re collecting cash and not telling anyone?

      Now that sounds familiar.

      You should see he’s full blown bio from the pre 2012 site. The exaggerations are very specific. He even alludes to a scam he was involved with which he described as an “opportunity” to continue his life of ease and success. He doesn’t seem to care a whole lot about those that ended up on a whole lot worse off from that “pre-enlightenment of the soul” gig, or the creditors back in Sydney who had to repay loans taken on his behalf which he avoided by going bankrupt.

      Just like he doesn’t care now. How many people have handed money over to Serge in one form or another with nothing in return except the promise of something in “the next life”?

      The world through the eyes of Serge Benhayon.

  14. Heard this through the grape vine. So I checked it for myself on Facebook and this is what I found.

    “Tanya Curtis said:
    A great opportunity for a free chakra puncture session – one of my favorite heLing modalities. A group of my friends are doing a diploma of chakra puncture from evolve college and looking for people to offer free sessions to at their clinic – I think next weekend. If your available this is an awesome opportunity. Feel free to share with anyone you feel will be interested. With love, Tanya”

    “Greg Hall said:
    Next Sunday 5th of June hails another Evolve College diploma of Chakra-puncture student assessment day in Brisbane. This means Chakra-puncture sessions are being offered free of charge to the general public.

    We are all worthy of receiving this truly supportive and deeply relaxing modality.

    If you would like to participate by having a 1 hour session between 10am and 4pm at the college situated in Murrarie (near the gateway bridge) please comment below or message me.”

    Useless costly Diploma – right?

    For Scam bogus Chakra puncture – right?

    So desperate are they offering to do it for free on the unwary Public.

    Will the unwary Public have to fill out the Chakra Puncture Universal Medicine Consent Form?
    Then UM have you.

    These UM people believe that Chakra puncture clears Chemo Washings (whatever that is) and the effects of anesthetic.

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