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Concerned about the Universal Medicine cult infiltrating your community? You can help stop UniMed preying on the vulnerable and unwary by making notifications. 

Universal Medicine is a secretive and predatory organization that is breaking up families, draining their funds and preying on children, cancer patients, people with eating disorders and sexual abuse survivors. They are aggressively infiltrating community organizations, schools and media organizations, and exploiting publicly funded services to recruit new victims. This is occurring in Australia, the UK and Europe, especially Germany.

This will continue unless all of us concerned unite to stop the harm. Making a complaint or notification could spare a great deal of grief for others.

Who to notify

(With examples of successful notifications)

*Community organizations (Schools, Medicare locals, Lismore Womens Health, Queen Victoria Womens Centre)

*Event venues (Bond University)

*Media outlets (ABC TV & Radio, Local and national papers and TV networks, community radio stations)

*Regulators, government departments and police (FACS, HCCC, AHPRA etc. Contact me for assistance)

*Workplaces of recruiters – particularly those paid with public funds (Medicare) or recruiting in schools etc. or using workplace time or resources to promote UM

*Celebrities etc. recruited to promote UM fronts

Notification checklist

*Use your name and provide your contact details

*Start with briefly stating your concern about the group or individual promoting and recruiting to the ‘Universal Medicine alternative medicine enterprise and New Age religious group’.

*Provide a link to the Universal Medicine Wikipedia page:

*Provide evidence of the person or front or activity’s link to UM, or of them promoting UM.

*Mention that UM have attracted negative reports from more than ten news organizations.

*You might mention that UM is regarded as a cult by experts, as mentioned on the Wikipedia page.

*Mention that UM are aggressively intimidating and publicly defaming complainants.

*Mention that UM followers publicly admit to inappropriate touching and sending juvenile girls to stay in Serge’s home.

You may attach the document I sent alerting schools to UM. It has a reasonable amount of background material, and it contains a contact address for me.

Download Schools Notification Document (updated January 2016) – to download click the ‘…’ symbol at the top right of the page and select ‘Download’ to save it to your computer.

My blogs have plenty of information and quotes from Benhayon’s teachings. Any of these quotes can be used in your notifications. Use the search box at the top of the page or Google to find the material you’re looking for. You can also look to copies of our official complaints for material. I don’t have time to locate information for you, please take the initiative yourself.

How to get support

Flag your concern here in the comments area. Provide a web link to the activity, group or person you are concerned about.

Ask others to make a notification too.

If you have questions or suggestions leave them here in the comments. Please only email me if your matter is confidential.

Who to notify

Call or email the organization you’d like to notify by searching for them on the internet and finding their contact page. Direct notifications to the people in charge – managers, executive officers, principals etc. CC other people in authority within the organization. If necessary alert the governance board.

Be credible

Do your research. Make sure there is substance to any allegation you make in notifications. Take screenshots of evidence or keep any documentation that supports your concern.

It’s not enough to email or call and complain UM is a cult. Assume those you notify know nothing about UM and nothing about cults. Specify negative behaviours and specifically describe your concerns.

Naming names

If an Esoteric healer, recruiter or business belongs on the naming names page, please leave their name and a link to their website or Facebook page in the comments area of the Naming Names page of this blog or on the Exposed site.

My role

Having spent more than two and half years exposing Universal Medicine, I’m moving on to other projects and other horizons. I made a large number of notifications and official complaints and saw them through to their conclusion. I gained more media coverage, more public support and blogged as much material as I could. I have reached a limit of what I am able to do, and I thank all those who provided information and support. I continue to monitor some activities and will blog from time to time. I will also continue to consult personally with people directly affected.

If readers would like more action taken and more media coverage, it’s now in your hands.

6 thoughts on “DIY Notifications

  1. Reblogged this on Universal Medicine EXPOSED and commented:

    The Universal Medicine cult will be overjoyed to learn I am stepping back from the exposure to pursue new projects and opportunities. I’ll continue to blog periodically but I’ll no longer be making the volume of notifications that have kept UM out of community organizations and schools etc.

    For those of you who would like to ensure children and other vulnerable people are not preyed on, and want more media coverage and more accountability for UM, the work is now in your hands.

    • Esther I’ve admired your pro-active, incisive, intelligent tenacity & strategies to expose real (sane & evidence based) truth. With a very amusing sense of humour & wit. Glad you plan to remain loosely involved. Your informative sites will continue to provide thought provoking insights to help evaluate UM. To forewarn re UM’s superficial, compassionate – less “love” & self care / mindfulness principles which lure the trusting in. The manipulative slippery path into a controlling, family splitting, fear based delusion / hoax. UM has only itself to blame: Attempting to whitewash its public image. Exorbitant costs. Multiple (14?) properties. Scaring & exploiting the vulnerable, sick & dying. False promises of eternal / spiritual rewards. Proclamations of “humble integrity”, whilst denying a shady past & claiming to be geniuses / enlightened masters reincarnated. Blaming the victim & providing a “spiritual” excuse for sexual assault / predators. Silencing those who politely question or more strongly criticise. (Blocking responses to address distortions / lies. Very un-loving character assassinations. Revenge – full attempts at career decimations). Unintentionally propped up by an apathetic, ineffectual government / accountability system. However TRUTH eventually PREVAILS … Esther you’ve contributed more than your fair share of fact finding / exposing. All the best for your future (can we read about your other projects?)… Hope all concerned more courageously & constructively continue to pursue / defer to & communicate true truth …

  2. An anecdote or two. To get UM removed from Bond Uni for the psych wellbeing conference, I notified the events dept as well as senior Uni admins and student reps, and asked about the risks of exposing students to a cult on campus. I also notified local and national media. We came very close to a current affairs TV crew covering that thing with a copy of the workshop manual with the sleazy Deeper Femaleness images, but producer sent crew elsewhere on the day. Journo was very annoyed because he wanted to doorstop Serge.

    Next, Queen Victoria Womens Centre in Melbourne were sent a notification with ten pages of Serge’s women’s health rot, and initially responded with some half baked, weasel word response that didn’t address any of the concerns. So I resent the notification to them and their resident not for profits, that include domestic violence services etc. I asked if the CEO is related to cult psychologist Cynthia Hickman, and if she has a religious affiliation with UM, and the usual questions about inappropriate touching. I asked how a feminist org could be accommodating a pack of predatory commercial misogynists. I linked to the sexual abuse apologism and bullying on the UM Facts site. I received responses from the resident orgs, who were extremely concerned by that content. Didn’t hear from QVWC again, but Esoteric Womens Health has not held an event there since.

    It was a very similar fight with Lismore Women’s Health. Took some pushing, but ultimately the cult’s attempts to discredit me failed badly.

    My point is that it sometimes takes some pushing, and it helps to CC stakeholders. Management often err on the side of avoiding controversy and hoping complaints go away.

  3. I’ve added a link to the schools notification PDF document in the post. Feel free to use it in your notifications – and especially if you are notifying about any activities involving children.

  4. Insiduously hooking in the vulnerable with good self awareness / self care concepts … then the slippery slide into fear generating, enslaving occult beliefs (conveniently publicly glossed over).

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