Sex and Serge Benhayon

Sex is energetic rape. (Benhayon, 2011, p.695)
The Benhayon family at work - UK event

The Benhayon family at work – UK event

Sexual exploitation is a hallmark of cults, and cult leader Serge Benhayon’s aberrant teachings and practices are integral to the profitability of Universal Medicine and its main recruitment arm, Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd. Disturbing teachings on the disease causing ‘energy’ of normal sexuality, the karma of sexual violence and puritanical prescriptions for emotionless love making sit uneasily with in house assessments of ‘sexiness’. A culture of personal boundary transgressions, including inappropriate touching highlights the sexual confusion among devotees. The manipulation is essential to UniMed’s lucrative death drive; psychologically destabilizing followers, fracturing intimate relationships with non followers, and inducing dependency on dubious occult therapies

Marketing Esoteric Women’s Health – sexual double standards

Exhibitionism is nothing new from Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd’s marketing contingent, Women in Livingness. The mostly female ‘Brotherhood’ of ‘Sons of God’ profess to ‘honour’ themselves by making online disclosures of everything from sexual abuse to gynaecological minutiae to their love-less marriage breakdowns. In recent months, they’ve sexed up the marketing and EWH’s company director and zero qualifications women’s health expert, Natalie Benhayon, is now selling the abusive practice of Esoteric Breast Massage and her upcoming Lovelife TV advertorial gig with assertions she’s a ‘single-by-choice’ ‘sex-bomb’, with six mirrors in her bedroom, who loves gazing at her own reflection.


Natalie Benhayon, company director of Esoteric Women's Health

Natalie Benhayon, company director of Esoteric Women’s Health

Not only is the sex bomb marketing absurdly tacky, it’s confoundingly hypocritical. The Esoteric Women’s Health business model is ‘inspired by the teachings’ of her cult leader father, Serge Benhayon, whose unquestioned ‘One Unified Truth’ condemns both male and female sexual desire outside the context of a paid subscription to emotionless Esoteric ‘love’. He cashes in on passion killing and trauma triggering with his idiosyncratic views on ‘karma’ and his teaching that ‘sex = energetic rape’.

Benhayon’s teachings contribute to the high rate of relationship and family breakdown among his devotees, with partners finding themselves rejected sexually and otherwise because they eat dairy products, or drink a beer, or prefer passionate, non static love making and emotionally engaged love. Divorce and property settlements free up assets for increased expenditure on UM’s therapy and workshop habit, while the same unisex ‘sex bomb’ Sons of God who’ve rejected their non Esoteric partners are willing to dirty dance with each other for cult advertisements – filmed at events in front of kids.

The economics of therapy dependency

UM’s business relies on repeat consumption of its products – workshops, healings, subscriptions and other nonsense that Benhayon would not be able to sell without a the help of professional undue influence and bogus claims.

Like Scientology, UniMed makes money from claiming to ‘clear’ negative ‘energy’ – whether it be the ‘prana’ of dairy products, sugar or emotions; or invisible ‘discarnate entities’. But Benhayon’s most lucrative manipulations are psycho-sexual. The cult’s main recruitment gateway, Esoteric Women’s Health and its modalities are based on his teachings that breast and gyne disease, including cancer, are caused by ‘male energy’ – which comes not only from being in the vicinity of men, but from women engaging in activities like sport, using the intellect, and pursuing equal rights. The advertising of Esoteric Breast Massage tells women their breasts hold disease causing energy ‘imposed’ by men finding them desirable (as well as babies troubling their ‘self-loving’ mothers for breast milk). However, only Esoteric healers have the ‘energetic integrity’ to ‘clear’ impositions from the breasts.

There are many who have knowledge and perform great techniques, but very, very few can heal or conduct themselves with energetic integrity and energetic responsibility. In the end, it is not the technique itself but the energy the practitioner is in that will initiate a healing or add to the energetic harm that has caused the ill in the first place. (Benhayon interview, Spa Australasia, 2009, p.106)

Testimonials show women have been shelling out for breast massages for years. Most were blissfully unaware of nasty energy until an Esoteric busybody convinced them of their imaginary affliction. No one has ever been pronounced clear – that would be detrimental to cartel members’ income stream. Instead, lack of therapeutic results is attributed to clients’ lovelessness and residual prana, and punters return for the promise of benefits in their next lifetime. The most vulnerable patients are particularly susceptible. Followers dying from breast cancer are told Esoteric healing will help them reincarnate into the disease free Way of the Livingness – their level of initiation determined by how much money they spend and how much they can bequeath to the Benhayons and their dodgy church.

As detailed below, unqualified Benhayon also gets money out of sexual abuse survivors, styling himself and the practitioners he’s trained to clear the ‘energy of rape’, which he reckons remains lodged in the chakras for many centuries. Naturally, targets aren’t aware until they’re told of it and it requires numerous repeat healings to resolve.

Capitalizing on deviance – the doctrines

Ex students tell us Serge described his childhood experience, at a UM presentation, of his father masturbating in front of him in the shower. His rants on sexual violence are well documented. One of the many young women who’ve stayed in Serge’s home over the past twenty years told us Serge liked his houseguests to keep the bathroom door open when showering. Combine the above with Benhayon’s near unparalleled grandiosity (a rival to the likes of L Ron Hubbard and Shoko Asahara), his con artistry and dishonesty; and his history with his current wife who moved into his home at fourteen against her mother’s wishes, and we form a picture of a self styled cult messiah and career scam artist, with undefined personal boundaries, a medical fetish for gynaecological disease and death, and perverse fixations on sexual power.

Compliance trumps consent

Sex for Benhayon is about compliance. Typical of a predator, consent is not within his consideration.

Sex can be exoteric as long as it is about honouring self and your fully complying partner. This is an important developmental step to understand, for without it, one cannot make love where the esoteric is in expression. (Benhayon, 2011, p.441)

Typical of a narcissist, he claims sex is about ‘honouring self’. ‘Exoteric sex’ refers to any sexual relations that take place outside the context of his prescriptions for emotionless love making. Partners of followers know that compliance is key to the cult scam. Whether it be food choices, listening to music, the choice of literature in one’s home, or intimate activities, Serge holds all the power. ‘Honouring self’ is an oxymoron – involving surrendering personal autonomy, rejecting partners and families, and giving everything of value to worship him and adhere to his ‘Way of the Livingness’ under the prying judgement of the group.

The quote speaks volumes about his compulsions; his lust for dominance and his incomprehension of equality in relationships and the importance of informed consent. I experienced that first hand in his treatment room when I received the sleazy ovarian reading I neither asked for, or wanted, and said so – repeatedly.

Emotionless love

Love is not emotional; it is an emanating presence that has not one ounce of emotion in it, but the emanating aspect of the joy and harmony that is God. (Benhayon, 2006, p.26)

An emotion is never a true feeling. It is at best the true feeling of your reactions to what you originally felt. Know this energetic truth, for emotions are the root cause of all diseases. (Benhayon, 2011, p.80)

Emotional shut down alienates followers from loved ones who may rival or challenge their devotion to the cult. According to Benhayon, love-making is only possible with another emotionally stunted, cult adherent – a codependent narcissistic sociopathy.

You don’t need someone to love you. Cos the truth is no one can love you. You are love. You can feel someone’s love of themselves and you can join that, and that’s beautiful. That’s what making love is about…

You cannot receive love from another. You can only love and be love and then if you allow yourself to feel that a person’s in love, you get inspired to be love yourself, then you two of you are in-love with yourselves. And should you do things together, then you’re making love. That’s how it works. It’s not something you can give another. (Benhayon, transcript of Esoteric Development Group lecture, 2010)

J.W. Waterhouse, Narcissus & Echo, (or six mirrors, single by choice sex bomb)

J.W. Waterhouse, Narcissus & Echo

Lousy personal boundaries

Marketing the UM commercial religion

As discussed in a previous post on Esoteric personal boundaries, Benhayon also has a deranged view of familial love – building a straw man argument from nonsense that some society somewhere or other deems hugging unacceptable within families. He claims the ‘energy that comes through a hug’ might be ‘interpreted as sexual’ if the person doing the hugging is not an Esoteric adherent.

Why is it not acceptable in society

  • for a father to hug his teenage son as he did when he was a boy?
  • for a father to hug his daughter when she becomes a woman for fear of it being interpreted as sexual?
  • for a man to hug another man?

If one is contracted/reserved you don’t know what energy comes through a hug. If you are open its all there to see. (EDG lecture notes taken by Michael Dixon, February 2011)

Yet he’s not bothered about unsavoury interpretations when taking to Facebook to describe his daughter as sexy.


Followers also accept blatant transgressive behaviour, such as inappropriate touching marketed as ‘healing’. Pressing someone’s anus to dispel sadness’ is bad enough, but the cult is also studiously refusing to disclose the age of the young woman in the image.

Serge Benhayon with his hand on 14 or 15 year old daughter, Natalie Benhayon's bottom, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p. 53

Benhayon with hand well below sacrum, Esoteric Healing Level 1 Workshop manual, p. 53

Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level One Workshop Manual, p.38

Esoteric Healing Level One Workshop Manual, p.38

They’re also fiercely defensive around his history with his current wife, who first moved into his home at fourteen and he thoroughly burned out as his junior tennis pupil. Benhayon is profoundly possessive and Miranda lives in isolation, never seen out of range of Serge or one of his upper rung of parasites in many years.

Dangerously confused about acceptable boundaries, followers participate en masse in the predatory grooming of children, taking their kids to lectures where Benhayon gives explicit instructions on seduction techniques. Natalie has no higher education or formal qualifications, yet held youth groups where she pressured children as young as twelve to make disclosures of their sexual activities and use of pornography, and then went on with Esoteric Women’s Health to hold  the grubby Girl to Woman Festival – targeting girls as young as eight with dubious Esoteric products. Marketed to the community as a ‘child welfare event’, the festival featured a grooming tent where little girls were applied with makeup. Parents also continue to send their juvenile daughters to stay in Benhayon’s home, and proudly put girls’ names and images to online testimonials vouching that he isn’t a predator.

Disturbing fixations

In keeping with his twisted pronouncements that charity and altruism are ‘evil’, compassion is ‘drinking the poison’ of another, ‘death is a healing‘, rape is karma for being a rapist in past life, and that rape and murder are not evil ‘in truth’, Benhayon rants in suspiciously graphic detail about underaged sexual violence. He also also reinforces obedience with threats that coming into contact with someone who has consumed liquor or marijuana, or has been in ‘pub energy’ leaves one and one’s children open to being ‘entered’ by supernatural entities.

A follower told me of one of the faith-full who had grown up living above her parents’ pub and was relieved to have Benhayon validate her vivid experience of entity rape. Students live in fear of karmic rape as payback for mythical crimes committed in past lives, and rape by imaginary demons if they fail to live ‘Esoterically’.

Serge & Miranda

Miranda first moved in with Benhayon at age 14

It’s all about power and nothing to with health. None of his teachings mention the pleasurable or healthy aspects of sex in consenting adult relationships, nor does he suggest how followers might improve their sexual relationships – except to sell a charade of intimacy he strictly controls. He views the female body as a locus for disease, and women and girls as perennial victims. To Serge, sex is something women hate, or at best endure out of emotional neediness, and ‘at the expense of their bodies’. That might be true for the women who’ve copped him as a partner. His characterization of men as lust crazed, emotionally stunted animals who only partake to ‘relieve themselves’ could be a projection of himself. He’s externalized that jaundiced view of sexuality into a religious doctrine and anyone who doesn’t subscribe is declared a detractor ‘Judas’, condemned to lifetimes of disease and disability, and a member of the ‘Astral cult’.

Most people have sex to either satisfy another so that they are liked and continue to be needed, or for relief. (Benhayon, 2011, p.93)

Women sleep around because they didn’t get the affectionate male energy from their father; men sleep around because their mother rejected them – both are using sex for relief.  (Benhayon, 2011, p.417)

You know what you’ve been married 20 years, you sleep next to an empty person. You have not made love once, you have not met your partner and she has not met you. Truth is she doesn’t like having sex with you but she does it to relieve you. (Benhayon, transcript of audio recording, early 2010)

8. And so, accepting sex at the expense of their bodies is part of being a woman in this cult, for you are frigid, cold and not beautiful if you do not. And therefore, it is the woman who is at fault if they say no to sex … the kind that men like to use to relieve themselves by using the woman…

10. Men are from birth unlovingly conditioned to be a certain way, and then they are blamed for being that way.(Benhayon, EDG Message 23, Date unknown. p.7-8)

Even lesbianism is a reaction to ‘hurt by the opposite sex’.

Our greatest form of rejection comes from the opposite sex. As women, if we have been hurt by the opposite sex we can shift the energy in our ovaries and then be able to be with a woman rather than a man. If we deal with the hurt then next life we can chose to be with either a man or a woman. (Esoteric Development Group notes taken by Elizabeth Dolan, October 2011)

(He makes no such pronouncements on male homosexuality because the men’s reproductive health market is not such an easy touch. Although UM does market a menstrual cycle app to blokes. Serge denies Leonardo Da Vinci – in his previous lifetime, when he wasn’t Serge – was gay, presumably to avoid stigmatizing himself with his own homophobia.)

Benhayon’s sexist views that women have zero sexual agency, are incapable of harm or bloody mindedness and that men are always at fault in relationship failures, infantilizes and disempowers women to keep them servile. Much motivation for his sexist doctrines is a desire for revenge –  arising from perceived threats to his superiority and his grudge against smarter, wealthier, stronger and more handsome rivals who won the girls who rejected him. He’s learned to pretend at ‘gentleness’ to disguise aggression, albeit poorly – emasculating male followers and alienating non cult partners to monopolize the women.

Cashing in on sexual abuse – the practices

As if that profile wasn’t dire enough, Benhayon styles himself as a sexual abuse therapist entitled to touch the genitals of sexual abuse survivors and market it as ‘healing’.

Serge Benhayon inappropriately touching the vulva of a young woman Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 Workshop Manual, 2002, p.71, in use until at least 2011.

‘Great for cases of rape recovery…’ Esoteric Healing Workshop level 2 manual, p.71

Followers manipulated into thinking that is an acceptable practice participate in the technique at Esoteric healing workshops, inappropriately touching each other and learning to do it to their clients.

The one in six men and one in three women who has experienced sexual abuse are another target market for Benhayon’s psychologically abusive practices. They’re told they deserved it because they were abusers in a past life.

Even if one believes in karma and reincarnation, traditional teachings on karma at least allow for the accumulation of ‘merit’ – that actions performed for the good and with good intentions ameliorate harmful actions over time and lifetimes. But Benhayon teaches benevolence is evil. The only escape from karmic payback for Universal Medicine clients is to pay up for the UM commercial consumption cycle and commit to the impossible austerities of his Way of the Livingness religion.

Followers are taught the ‘energy of rape’ ‘wounds the chakras’, where it can remain lodged, magically giving rise to ‘trauma and chronic conditions’ for thousands of years. Only Esoteric healers have the ‘energetic’ qualifications to ‘clear’ it, and to decide when a client is healed. Given the rate that long term customers still undergo healings and still experience illness and misfortune, the success rate is dismal.

Rape wounds the chakras for hundreds or thousands of years

Rape wounds the chakras for hundreds or thousands of years  – Level 2 Esoteric Healing training manual, p.17

Benhayon’s students and paid propagandists publicly insist it’s not abuse, swearing blind that the region below the pubic bone is not the ‘genitals’ and there’s nothing sexual about touching the pubis to ‘clear’ the energy of sexual abuse.

Their false sense of entitlement arises from Serge’s con that ‘the work’ has made them special, superior, Esoteric ‘Sons of God’, and no matter how damaging or hateful their behaviour, they see it as ‘loving’, ‘soul-full’ and ‘in truth’.

If any of us did the same they’d have us arrested.


Paid propagandist, Rebecca Baldwin, has participated in the technique and is not concerned that her hand ended up on a student’s penis without his consent, and to his great discomfort and disgust. She was in her truth, which she believes makes it okay. The student reported Serge (who instructed workshop participants to do it) to the useless Health Care Complaints Commission. I had previously reported those images. The best the HCCC could do was tell us they did not condone the practice but they would need further evidence the touching occurred without consent.

Students’ refusal to see anything wrong with these practices makes UM workshops and practices an open hunting ground for predators, with sexual abuse survivors highly vulnerable to revictimization, and children in attendance. Potentially, predators can put their hands wherever they are ‘in truth guided’ as long as they blend in and pretend it’s Esoteric ‘healing’. With no formal training in anatomy, hands can end up anywhere when ‘students’ grope for the ‘sacred chakra’. Serge told the HCCC that was beyond his control.

The exploitation continues with exhibitionist students putting their names to explicit accounts of their own histories of sexual abuse in Benhayon’s defence.

Sexual exploitation in cults

Religions have manipulated the sexuality of followers throughout history. Many instil obedience by inducing guilt and a sense of pollution. Cultic manipulations are more extreme again. Robert Jay Lifton defined cults as having three characteristics: ‘thought-reform-like practices, a shift from worshipping spiritual principles to worship of the person of the leader, and a combination of spiritual quest from below and exploitation, usually economic or sexual, from above.’ (Lifton, 2000, p.11) Genocidal cult leaders, Jim Jones, David Koresh and Pol Pot, controlled the sexual activities of their victims; demanding celibacy at times, and also forcing couples to have sex, sometimes in front of other cult members. The more garden variety cult leaders, such as A.J. Miller of ‘God’s Way of Love’ play match maker and relationship breaker at whim.

Cult expert, the late Margaret Thaler Singer, regarded sexual manipulation as a means of inhibiting behaviour that reflected the person’s social identity prior to joining the cult. The aim is to supercede personal identity with group approved behaviours, ideologies and beliefs.

Old beliefs and old patterns of behaviour are defined as irrelevant, if not evil. (Singer, 2003, p.66)

Sexuality in cults is almost always monitored or controlled in some way. Pairing off with another means you may care more for that person then for the leader or group mission. So cult leaders develop ways to ensure that allegiance goes to the top, not sideways in pair bonding. (Ibid., p.317)

Serge Benhayon’s subversive teachings and direct meddling in relationships spell doom for healthy sexual partnerships and also cause chronic psycho-sexual confusion and distress among the faithful. That correlates with decreased personal autonomy of cult members, the deterioration of relationships outside UM and increased dependency on the group.

The effect on followers and their partners

A correspondent shared how Serge’s teachings affected his intimate life.

My long term partner went from being interested in sex, to telling me she had no urges and only did it for me all within 2 years, and it wasn’t loving for her to do so. When I expressed concern that as 40 somethings this was dismal news she said I was pressuring her, which is like ‘rape’. When we did get intimate, it was done in a very controlled way with me not able to look interested at all outside of the obvious giveaway. All spontaneity was gone. I was told I had to be ‘loving’ and in the right space, which is not defined (but I later realised is not possible when I am pranic) therefore our intimacy dropped from a lot to 3-4 times in 1 year!  (By the way, I never pressure and have always been loving so it was a situation I couldnt redress.) This is very common story for UM partners I have found from speaking with others. Serge gains control of them sexually and removes the love partner by making sex expression between them dirty and lower.

Faith-full 'sex bombs' at Universal Medicine retreat

Faith-full ‘sex bombs’ at a Universal Medicine retreat

The relationship is over.

The ultimate control freak, Benhayon isn’t satisfied with merely controlling the sex lives of his followers. His aim is complete enslavement – breaking down his followers’ personalities until nothing is left. It’s part of his Livingness death drive, his denigration of human life, the human body and relationships, for power and profit. 


Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, 2011

Benhayon, S. The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, 2006

Lifton, R.J., Destroying the World to Save It, Owl Books, New York, 2000

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26 thoughts on “Sex and Serge Benhayon

  1. Wow, what a transformation that is…?! What happened to all the Mona Lisa look alikes, trying to please Serge, we’ve had a couple of years ago? Did their smiles fade.


    Did Natalie ever had relationship? If not, how does she knows she is single by choice…? Did she had math in school?

    Six mirrors sounds like a burden to women my age. Natalie’s workshop, presentation, whatever, sounds like a ‘How to loose your self-esteem in three days’ manual, to me. Good for Serge, business and loyal UniMed recruiters.

    Utmost integrity…

    • I saw her walking with a guy one day at Ballina a year ago or so. But imagine being part of that clan as a male? Simone’s ex already butted his head up against that one and ended up in court after taking his frustrations out on her Alpha Romeo ( and Serge has said that daughters will never marry someone abusive if they are parented his way.)

      You’d have to be neutered first.

      Serge groomed the boys partners from the pulpit and with the aid of a few sleep overs. He’s not so interested in having boys over so the girls have lucked out. So far.

      But true to Benhayon form she is now an expert on relationships, sex and marriage.

      Let’s see.

      Dad is an expert on under-age sexual violence, and is married to a former teenage student and likes teenage slumber parties. Tick.
      Deborah is a financial expert- having helped Serge dodge the books while both were bankrupt. Tick
      Simone is the best swimming teacher in the world! (and even won some awards with the help of members) and is the reincarnation of Winston Churchill. Because she lives in England. Tick.
      Curtis is an expert “Uterus Masseuse”– just because dad said so. Tick.
      Michael is an amazing self taught muso- the best in the whole wide world. Because dad said so. And he couldn’t win an award even though they did try to rig the votes.

      It just shows you can fool people who want to be fooled. Natalie’s probably even fooling herself that she is single by choice.

  2. Alison Greig And Co, – c’mon answer this post.
    See who you all have aligned yourselves with!

  3. Mona Lisa has made way for the Esoteric pole dancers – using each other as poles. Whatever – you can guarantee Sergio will change those goal posts again in the next few years – for display on YouTube. He’s enjoying himself. Instructs hundreds of them to reject their partners, touch each other’s crotches, massage each other’s breasts, and now wear tight dresses and look into each other’s eyes as they gyrate together to his latest sermon.

    As for Natalie, the bogan Princess, that’s quite a sale her Dad’s made – she has no higher education and no qualifications; she can’t sing or dance and is embarrassingly inarticulate; her Dad chooses her friends, who are either business associates or customers; all she knows about sex is what her Dad and his sycophants have taught her, and she deserves her own TV show because she knows about hair products, applying makeup and how to regurgitate her father’s scam pitches verbatim. What a fraud.

    I’ve invited the faith-full to come and comment. They won’t. That’s some personal development course they’ve paid a fortune for that renders them incapable of defending their so called ‘truth’. Cowards.

    • Have to admit: I could definitely use a workshop how to polish my nails properly, because I really don’t know how to keep that stuff on my fingernails; but all the subjects mentioned by Natalie as if they’re life-savers, stolen from us, and rediscovered by Serge and Natalie Benhayon, are very plain, common, women issues we women pass on to each other on a daily base (except for the pole dancing and the six mirrors thing: that’s just plain weird). Even Dr. Phil has shows about many of these women issues, what is Natalie selling, exactly, this special, you have to spend such an amount of money on…?

      Great post, BTW.


      • Thank you. The nail polish trick is simple – you reapply it every day – that’s what Natalie has taught in the women’s groups. Ditto the ‘lovely creams’, the inch thick petrochemical slap and the hair, and a big daily fuss over the outfit and the heels…when the rest of us are expanding our minds, earning an honest living and taking care of house and kids etc. Obsessive self absorption is just another form of dissociation that keeps the poor fools safe from reality and locked in the Esoteric expenditure loop.

        And take a look at this – $120K raised to deify the Goddess of Mediocrity to produce material of this quality, lol! ‘Millions of viewers’ are going to tune in to see this underachiever burble over basic syntax and literally stumble her way through ‘sacred movement’? To sell Esoteric crap?

        ‘Millions’ will pay to see a crowdfunded cult advertorial on a subscription only start up digital channel that hasn’t launched yet?

        On what planet?

        UMers you’ve been SCAMMED.

        Natalie, With Love – Celebration Dance from Natalie Benhayon on Vimeo.

        • ” ‘Millions of viewers’ are going to tune in to see this underachiever burble over basic syntax and literally stumble her way through ‘sacred movement’? To sell Esoteric crap?”

          Alice Bailey never mentioned in her books the ascended master’s had their own Kardashian family; in fact she was completely against glamour and fame. How embarrassing.

        • Didn’t have to change much of this Genesis classic……….

          I can’t dance
          I cant talk
          Only thing about me is my slutty walk
          I can’t dance
          I cant sing
          Im just standing here selling everything
          Oh and checking everything is in place
          Millions round the world are watching on
          My perfect body with my perfect face
          Mmmmmm. Hmmmmm

          You’re just jealous

          • Now, for the benefit of UMers, like Rebecca Baldwin, who are very very confused, I need to pull you up here and say that inferring Natalie B has a slutty walk might be insulting to sex workers and promiscuous people if they find the word ‘slut’ derogatory. Promiscuous people generally don’t, but it depends who’s saying it and how it’s meant.

            Personally, I wouldn’t call any of the UMers sluts or whores because I don’t think the words are insulting enough, and it’s not fair to people who enjoy or sell sex.

            Nope, I haven’t found a descriptor low enough for these callous, dishonest bastards – demonising sex to smash normal relationships and then using sex to sell damaging exploitation – making money from it, terrorizing sexual abuse victims and others and exposing kids to it. Utterly crass and vile.

  4. The faithful won’t answer…
    Why?! What is Natalie selling, exactly…? What makes these women pay to be a part of such an obvious display of a man with a Madonna/Whore complex, this huge.

    Subject their daughters to, even…

  5. Well written powerful, factual and revealing examination of the sex based cult that is UM.
    Its so so obvious.
    The followers think they have discovered their true self empowerment, sexuality and love but this is precisely what they have given away.
    They have degenerated into mass group chaos and bitterness on their sites which looked at rationally, does not have much to do with reason and makes no sense.
    Look at the facts, quotes and examples that Esther has brought out of the shadows into the light of day at her own personal expense to bring this cult into public focus.
    Its obvious that UM followers are unconscious and mentally comatosed to the truth.
    These people should pick up a mirror, look at the reflection of who you really are, rather than who Serge thinks you should be in almost every aspect of your lives.
    And that’s the illusion, the madness of UM.
    Have the courage to no longer be at the mercy of SB and UM.
    You have a choice, have that ice cream, glass of wine, stop being victims of UM but be creators of your own lives and futures.
    Esther, well done for riding the rapids and dunkings you have experienced on this journey. People notice and heed the warnings, those personally affected by UM are grateful, many read and its impossible to remain indifferent.

    • Wow, thank you.

      I like the ‘rapids and dunkings’ – that cracked me up. Really whatever they try and dunk me in is water off a duck’s back. I’ll never be drowning in the bullshit like that lot – or if I start heading that way I’m sure I’ll be pulled up 🙂

  6. Step back and consider the “context” for a moment to see the madness of it all.

    Why does Serge- an ex-bankrupt, authoritarian junior tennis coach- with zero credentials in health or psychology and a failed marriage replaced by one with one of his ex-teenage students- think he has anything meaningful to say to about other peoples sexual relationships? and why would anyone in their right mind accept that he has anything useful to say about them?

    If one of the cult members picked up a newspaper (say Paula Fletcher or Alison Grieg) and read about a “healer” elsewhere, that pontificated on the sexuality of his ‘clients’ they’d have a lot to say about it. They’d rightly conclude that that person had overstepped a big boundary. They might even put up a blog or start a petition they are so bereft of insight and irony.

    But with their heads stuck up Serge’s bony white arse, they are unable to see the blindingly obvious and ludicrous truth when that very situation is imposed on them. Meanwhile his daughter prances about like a two-dollar kings cross dancer as a gigantic F.U; and they are forthwith prohibited from having a good old roll in the sack- because it’s “exoteric”- whatever the fuck that means.

    If anyone else dared claim to know what is absolute right and wrong with sex, the group would smash them to bits on one of their 35 blog sites. But when Serge does it, he’s Mr. Integrity.

    If anyone else married a former teenage student, had teenage sleep overs and ranted about paedophilia, they’d be writing to a minister (Rod Harvey), but when Serge does it, it’s amazing.

    If anyone else claimed to know everything in the Universe, Caroline Raphael, Marianna Masioksi and some other under-qualified ratbag would declare them insane on a blog. But when Serge does it, he’s a guru.

    If anyone else claimed to be able to slip into the fifth dimension, be the best lover in the world, and know fucking everything, Alison Greig would write a dissertation in grade A gobbledygook that’d go on for a month. But when Serge does it…they put up his picture on the fridge, hand him cash, read his books and get a glazed look in their eyes.

    Most of these members have had their primary relationships stolen from them by Serge and his band of merry helpers. All they have now is to slut themselves up and dirty dance for Serge and each other. What empowerment!

    I guess they get to imagine how amazing they are right up to the day they find out they’ve been conned out of a real life and they’re too old to do anything about it. I guess they may as well hand over that estate as well. Right Paula.

    How any of them can take Serge’s edicts on sexual relations as anything but the upchuck of a sick mind, I don’t know. But then the obvious scam that is Serge Benhayon and his clan of no-hopers had been apparent to me for a long time. LIke football sized gonads on a corgi. And about as attractive.

    This post reveals those unsightly gonads perfectly.

    • “Sex can be exoteric as long as it is about honouring self and your fully complying partner. This is an important developmental step to understand, for without it, one cannot make love where the esoteric is in expression.” (Benhayon, 2011, p.441)

      exoteric -al (ek so ter ik -al) [Gr. exoterikos, from exotero, comp. of exo, outward, from ex, out]
      a. External, public, fit to be imparted to outsiders; comprehensible to the vulgar, opposed to the esoteric; (of disciples) not admitted to esoteric doctrines; ordinary, popular. n. One of the uninitiated; (pl.) truths or doctrines suitable for popular instruction. exoterically, adv.

      Hmmmm: sex can be vulgar, public, fit to be imparted to outsiders as long as the ex is complying to it…?

      That explains a lot doesn’t it?

  7. And that celebration dance is the shitest dance I have ever seen. The music is shit, and the editing is shitter. Is that a sample of the quality for what they get for $126,000?? Hasn’t she ripped them off enough with her bullshit dream analysis? Now’s she’s just humiliating them.

    I guess I am just jealous. And pranic. And love-less. And resisting the truth. And not in my heart. And too heady. And too male.

    But it’s still total shit.

  8. Bratalie Benhayon
    Strutting her stuff on TV
    Australia’s next top moron
    Stay tuned for the next embarrassing episode and byo sick bag

  9. What a revealing post with sickening evidence, this is another well researched post that you have produced here Esther.

    And again and again and again – deify the Goddess of Mediocrity.
    Readers please – BYO sick bag before reading this
    (do not link)

    “There is a change taking place now, and we are starting to address this historical imbalance, as the interest in ‘philosophical women’ of the past is growing in women of the current times, and one woman in particular – Natalie Benhayon
    At 24 she is a woman of grand knowledge, of incontestable grace, beauty and wisdom. She is a true lady and one who knows her purpose. An amazing teacher, she is prudent in her actions, exuding eloquence and astounding authority.

    Those who connect with her accord Natalie tremendous respect, deeply honouring her being and her presence. She has gained huge influence and many women and men around the world consider what she presents as sacred and profoundly life changing.

    In her presentations she displays logic beyond the conceivable. She inspires people with the power of words, only truly powerful because these words are deeply lived from her core.

    She has developed a rhythm to ensure a healthy body and super sound mind. To Natalie, and through the reflection she offers, rhythm in everything we do is our way of being through life.”

    • The delusion of specialness is a well researched disorder. It can have its benefits however. People suffering from it do feel a high sense of self esteem, are more motivated and less inclined to depression and suicide. Until they realise they are not of course.

      But the reality is, no one is more special than anyone else. This disorder is a a contagion in the Benhayon family. As I satirised elsewhere, all of the clan are more special than anyone else, but Natalie is elevated to an exalted position, probably as dad’s heir apparent.

      Imagine the damage done to this young, naive and inexperienced girl by her parents pandering, and by the ridiculous adulation of the cult members. Think back to when you were in your earlier twenties and how you were deeply influenced by the way you thought others thought of you.. When reality shatters the delusions of this family cult and she is left to make her way in the world, she’s in for one hell of a shock. And I bet, with no real friends.

      Serge and Deborah should be ashamed of themselves for letting their whack-job followers treat her like a demigod, rather than the inexperienced, post adolescent girl she actually is. And I don’t mean that to demean her. She is- just like all people in their twenties, brain development is not yet complete AND life experience is at a minimum. But as you may recall, idealism, confidence and certainty is not. Chuck in the sort of supplications dad has been getting from the mind mangled members for the last decade and you’re asking for trouble.

      The narcissism that Natalie displays nowadays seems to be a new role model for the members who aspire to the same level of self-absorption. Perhaps part of the attraction to Serge’s creed is that delusion of specialness, and Natalie is the new pin up girl for the mainly middle aged women members who participate in some sort of vicarious arrangement by worshipping her…?

      By the way, I met Natalie once. She was offhanded, rude and unimpressive. She was about 18 at the time and already revered by the members as a “seer”.

      The members no doubt do not understand the mechanics of the “Halo effect”. It’s worked for dad, big time. And now it’s working for Natalie too.

  10. Its a shame the Benhayons weren’t a billion light years away!!

  11. Serge has now turned ‘teachings’ into ‘sermons’.

    ‘Today it is sex that serves as a support for the ancient form – of preaching. A great sexual sermon….has chastised the old order’.

    So passe’ Serge.

      • Agreed absolutely, obvious actually, SB gunning for tax exemption as a religion, then these people who have lost their powers of reason can claim that questions and exposure are persecution.
        It is a shallow belief if one cannot answer questions.Their postings are all only reactive. Predictable.
        I am wondering how many of these people actually know the ugly teachings of Serge.
        It seems that it is all nail polish and selfies and telling each other how wonderful and sexy they are and now Serge’s sermons to make them feel religious and even holier, with lots of expensive workshops.
        These people sadly cannot stand on their own two feet.
        Cult hoppers, lost souls their own written stories reveals this.
        Sadly they are to frightened to question.

        • Can someone please answer…
          What is an entity and how does it/they, rape you?

          • Hello, perhaps you are new to the UM rubbish? Entities are part of Serge’s cult fiction that followers accept as a literal ‘truth’. He was carrying on about entities at the Esoteric Healing workshop I attended 10 years ago. For more info take a look at the post on entity possession, or ask Alison Greig – main author of the UM *Facts* site.

            *Facts*. Jesus.

            I was aware of Serge talking about entities ‘entering’ people because it came up in the few hours I’ve listened to of his recorded lectures. I didn’t realize he was talking about entity rape until a loved one of a cult member told me her loved one warned her not to cuddle a baby after drinking a glass of wine, because entities could then rape the baby during the night. I thought it might have been just one cult member that had gone psychotic, so I asked Anne Cummings when she rang me to entrap/convert me last year. She told me ‘entities are real’ and one of her friends had grown up in a pub and had experienced supernatural rape as a child.

            It’s also the reason cult members have to be in bed before 9pm, because entities are active between 9 and 3, and will enter them unless they’re tucked up with their podcasts.

            This is from one of Serge’s 2010 recorded lectures:

            …to do what is truth, your partner then has to deal with the fact that they had sex with you when they had an entity in them because they had alcohol and your kidney energy got drained, but nobody likes that truth, they want to say that is rubbish…

      • I’m not so sure Foucault is rolling, anywhere.

        However I do think of all the women who have died needlessly because of the teachings/sermons of the philosopher and Cult leader Serge Benhayon. They definitely would be turning in their graves.

        Do the ‘followers’ of Serge Benhayon, reincarnate Pythagoras, know that he (Pythagoras) believed that women were inherently ‘evil’ and that women were the cause of human misery?
        Good old Pythagoras wrote about the ‘evil principle which created chaos, darkness and women’.

        Given that Serge sermonises about the ‘energy’ we all bring back through Karma from our past lives – then I shudder to think what Serge has, held within.

        ALL philosophers eh?

        I guess some of you just didn’t pass finals!

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