Benhayon vs Rockett – help fund Esther’s legal defence

Universal Medicine leader, Serge Benhayon, is suing me for defamation, claiming I’ve damaged his reputation because I’ve stuck up for kids and other vulnerable people. I don’t have the funds to defend it. It’s the latest example of multimillion-dollar UniMed attempting to intimidate critics and cleanse the internet of inconvenient facts. If you believe it’s important to stand up to wealthy, self-deified bullies please contribute to my defence. This is our chance to put Serge Benhayon on trial.

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Speaking up about inappropriate behaviour

November 2015, Benhayon filed his claim in NSW Supreme Court Sydney for ‘aggravated damages’ for a blog post I wrote November 2014, three comments I made on that blog and one tweet. In those publications I made statements regarding practices of hands on healing as well as his behaviours with women and children. I questioned why so many  juvenile girls are sent to stay unaccompanied in his home.

Benhayon’s legal team consists of his in house solicitors, Universal Law of Mullumbimby, with a respected Sydney Senior Counsel (SC). Last year Benhayon applied to have my contextual truth defence struck out. After an argument at hearing in May, his application was refused.

August 30 decision Benhayon v Rockett

September 2016 Benhayon escalated the claim, tripling its size. Mr Tom Molomby SC joined my legal team and we filed a full, 95 page defence in at the end of November.

Proceedings are afoot. As of March 2017 we commenced process of discovery and interrogatories. (Paperwork)

New claim

On 23 December 2016, two close associates of Benhayon filed a similar defamation claim against me in Queensland District Court, Brisbane. Caroline Raphael is a psychologist who works with Benhayon at Universal Medicine’s Goonellabah headquarters. Ray Karam is a small business owner who describes Benhayon as a ‘brother’ and ‘best friend’. Karam ran for a seat on Ballina Shire Council and for Mayor of Ballina last year.

Ray and Caroline are suing me for an email read by Karam’s friend, David Wright, Mayor of Ballina, and six tweets. They are represented by Universal Law solicitors and UM’s in house barrister and College of UM charity director Charles Wilson.

I filed a 157 page full defence on 24 March. I have no funds to pay solicitors, so have had to deal with the litigious love bombing of Universal Law myself. 100+ pages of legal letters in six weeks while I’m under NSW court orders for the most labour intensive leg of the Benhayon proceedings.

In affidavits tendered at the May hearing (the one where they gave two days notice for counsel to materialize and I was forced to represent myself) Team UM labelled me a ‘troll’. The lines were struck out.

I’m determined to get my defences a fair hearing, and so is Mr Molomby SC and associates. We want these defences to go to trial so that UM’s conduct finally gets the scrutiny it deserves.

I’m no longer paying legal fees but I’m working full time on my defence with no income.

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Crash course in UM:

Our Mission – a summary of UM, issues of concern and regulatory actions so far

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Topical concerns – Benhayon’s inappropriate behaviour with children

Practices of sexual manipulation and inappropriate touching

Serge Benhayon’s juvenile human shields 



47 thoughts on “Benhayon vs Rockett – help fund Esther’s legal defence

    • Yes it’s the big announcement. And yes you can expect more of that. These people will stop at nothing to have everything critical removed from the net. Please everybody, think about it. How much have you learned about UM from my exposure? The Rick Ross Forum went offline for nearly a year, and if it weren’t for my blogs there would be no other factual info available. Please think about what that means.

  1. Over the last three years many people have reached out to Esther and myself. We’ve spent countless hours talking to concerned family members, friends and colleagues of members who were looking for support when they discovered their loved one was being sucked into this dreary little group.

    Before I knew anything about UM, there were whispers as to its nature and it’s leader that- like many-I ignored despite my then wife’s enthusiastic involvement. The group grew exponentially in this unexamined corner, and in 2010/11 with the approach of the ‘new era’ (yawn) Serge ramped up his rhetoric demanding members step up to the work, and leave their resistant families and partners.

    Little wonder in 2012 scores of families came together spontaneously out of concern for the loved ones. (I of course was twirling my moustache at this point, letting out a low staccato laugh)

    But back then when you wanted to find out something about UM, all you found was the home page of a rather cheap looking website with some waffle about one-unified-truth, the healers healer, a bizarre statement about not being aligned with any cult, and some hackneyed new-age gobbledygook that seemed odd-ball, but harmless. Now, thankfully, you get the full picture…well, some of it.

    Serge pontificated before the attention he brought on himself that he would never step back from the truth, he’d debate anyone, he knew there’d be critics because of the amazing work he was bringing to earth (as a member of the hierarchy. No specials privileges 😉 and yet he’s spent three years avoiding questions. He had a chance to do a long interview with the media, which he avoided, squandering his opportunity to bring ‘truth’ to the astral cult (aka world). He’s avoided answering questions from journalists, attacking them instead- without fail. He’s the genius (and registrar) behind blog sites established with the express aim of destroying the livelihoods and reputations of people he perceives to be his critics- rather than just answering a question.

    Now, he wants to shut Esther down. (He’d have been far better off just answering the damned questions. And perhaps taking some responsibility. Like for sending emails making derogatory remarks about people).

    I think we owe it to Esther to chip in a few buck$. She’s stood up to them long after others have been worn away. If half of the people that had contacted us- which includes people close to inner circle members- gave just $100 (or more…) it’d be funded better than Natalie’s love something or another TV… (whatever happened to that?)

    Here’s the deal- we gave our time, and our reputations . You give a few buck$. Or else you’ll lose 10 initiation points and live 200 more lifetimes as a goat.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Lance, you really cracked me up with this one. I’m lying here with my paws in the air splitting my sides laughing, although you should know that goat is a particular favourite of mine. At last, those of us who have been hanging around in the astral plain have a chance to make a real contribution. To put our money where our canines are so to speak. I’m in.

      Can’t remember exactly how long ago it was that we first made contact but I most certainly remember that, at one of the lowest points in my life you, Esther and (forgive me) one or two other people whose names elude me, halted my decline and enabled my start on the road to recovery. You lot are truly the beautiful people.

      Hard to believe that Sergio has found a legal beagle with more than one brain cell willing to present his absurd nonsense in court but I believe Esther is very wise not to try and defend herself. Which is why I think we should all put something in the kitty allowing her to hire the very best possible advice and representation.

      Go get him Esther, we love you.

  2. SB never did answer those questions … Still aghast at the hypocrisy: UM blogs criticising / misrepresenting other groups, blocking challenging comments / questions / attempts to dialogue, vilyfying Esther & Lance for simply exposing bizarre, delusional, grandiose, contradictory, family splitting teachings & questionable practices. Lets all donate to support not only Esther, but freedom of speech, justice & truth (I believe Esther is intelligent enough to represent herself, but happy to help with legal costs).

  3. Will be donating, and spreading this article far and wide. I hope you have contacted all the wonderful journalists who have written on UM to ask for their support both in the promotion of this case, and financial aid for the campaign. I am sure those large media organisations can spare a few bucks, and as UM was so very unpleasant about many of the jornos, hopefully they’ll be keen to help (and be front and centre to report on the trial).

    Can you let us know where/exactly when hearing is? I am sure I am not the only one who would want to attend if possible.

    • Thank you. I doubt the press would help with the funding because of neutrality etc. I’ll be doing the press rounds shortly.

      The hearing is at the Supreme Court Civil, Sydney – 9-30 AM December 11 (184 Phillip Street Sydney). I’d say the Lords of Form will be there in a number of varieties…

      Thank you Lance for the awe-some comment and your Glorious donation.

      Just Saying – no way I could or would defend myself. Defo law very complex & tricky.

      Bobbie, thanks I got your PM. There’s something funny going on with that. Can’t say I understand what that’s about. I don’t want to say too much publicly – it gives them ideas. 8)

      • You’d be surprised who may donate of you just ask for help. And make sure you connect with Civil Liberties Australia.

  4. Yes you may make a direct deposit to my bank account if you prefer. Please email me for my bank details. Maybe email me the receipt from the bank’s payment page.

    I think you can just leave your name off the form on the crowdfund page?

    Thank you to the skeptics community for the support & encouragement. The skeptics are used to dealing with litigious quackery nutjobs and understand the implications of bent censorship.

  5. Is it just me, or is there a touch of Alex/Clockwork Organe about that image of Serge? You could call it a co-incidence, but then again, according to Serge Isaac there’s no such thing. Law of attaction and all that guff. New name for members… ‘droogs’

  6. Maybe some of those Serge left out of pocket in his former bankrupt life would be interested to know where they will be able to find him on 11th December ? Possibly some of those from his tennis coaching days would like to pop in and say Hi … Maybe even give character references ?

  7. It’s very strange to me that I have 32 -34 donors so far (a couple by direct deposit), when it should 134, based on the number of you who regularly read and have contacted me.

    That’s not good enough. You’d really leave it up to strangers to protect your loved ones – the kids, cancer patients, sexual abuse survivors, elderly and mentally ill preyed on by these vultures? You’d like to use the information I’ve exposed and give nothing back? Take up my time whingeing to me and give nothing back? And let those bastards take all of this down?


      • Yes, well. I got a bit hissy – a bit like bossy boots, Rebecca Baldwin, sorry Asquith, on a good day – until the Lord of Form reminded me the pranic folk out there in the hills, the others not on social media, and the one’s who’ve merely resigned to learned helplessness take about 9 months to return a text – so pardon my impatience…

        Now how anon do you want to be? I’ve taken some direct deposits to my bank account if that helps – or I think you just leave your details off the form thingy on the site, except for the credit card part.

        Does that help?

  8. Esther,

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your tireless work! I’ve been reading your blog since the beginning and always hoped that one day Sergio would be taken to court. Mission accomplished! Thanks, Sergio!

    Not sure why most people who read your blogs are so lethargic, maybe they don’t understand what this preliminary hearing means?!

    Defamation is notoriously hard to prove and Serge’s case is so weak, it would get thrown out at the first stage. What he is hoping is that Esther won’t even make it to court because she can’t afford to. Because if she doesn’t turn up he wins. If she doesn’t turn up, he doesn’t have to answer any questions about UM. That’s his best case scenario. If Esther doesn’t make it to court, Serge wins. These blogs will be shut down and who is going to stand up for all of us then?

    Don’t be lazy. We would all donate $20 to anyone who is running a feckin half marathon or baking a cake for humanity without giving it a second thought. Every little helps and this is important!
    (Donations can be made anonymously. And if you’re worried about your money, if Serge is ordered to pay costs you get every cent of your donation back.)

  9. One thing we know about the people that have reached out is that they are scared. Scared of losing what they have left with a loved one, scared of being ostracised, scared of being attacked publicly for daring not to agree with Serge and his droogs. They’ll come to the party when they realise they can do it on the quiet.

    A little off topic, I watched a few vids on the Unimed site. I am dismayed to see that there’s no let up on the disconnection from reality. Helen Simkins and Neil Gamble are stand-outs in their praise of Serge’s tomes of nonsense. It really demonstrates how people can divine meaning from a shadow. I have read several of those books front to back and they are pure drivel. Logical fallacies abound- every form of them from straw-man arguments, false dilemma’s, personal incredulity arguments (abound), circular cause/reason…..arguments from ignorance. The list goes on. Rebecca, who seems never to have read a real philosophy book, reminds the viewer Serge’s helpers are the ‘hierarchy’. Slap me in the head, please.

    I can tell you the source. It’s 50% Alice Bailey, 30% the internet, and 20% Serge’s numskullery. There is so much offensive,divisive and hate-full material in those books, how anyone can use them as the source of their inspiration and admire them beggars belief. It must be that if you can read those books and consider them wise, you’ve passed the test for abandonment of reason and higher thought which seems to be a must have (not) to be a member of UM.

    Staggering stupidity.

  10. [As promised, Rebecca, I’ve transferred your comment here from my crowdfund campaign page so you can continue discussion. Cheers E]

    Jak enjoy your double shot and your beer. I am also a firm believer in each to their own.

    And while Jak already proved the calibre of these two, for anyone else still ready to support this campaign it probably pays to pose some basic questions:

    Esther Rockett, When you say that you have proof of Serge Benhayon acting in a ‘highly dubious way’ are you referring to the time he put a hand on your clothed stomach during a hands-on healing session? Did you report this incident to the police?

    Was that ‘incident’ the reason you decided to tell the entire Internet (over and over again) that you were concerned he was a sexual predator that could be grooming young girls?

    When the young people you said you were ‘concerned’ about went public and said that your sexual abuse assumptions were completely and utterly baseless, what did you do?

    Did you:
    A: Realise that perhaps it is not a good idea to publicise assumptions about sexual abuse when there are no actual victims to ‘advocate’ for
    B: Did you mock and scorn the people (including teens) who spoke up about your deplorable behaviour and (along with Lance Martin) insinuate that they did not have the mental capacity to be able to tell if they had been abused or not (?)

    There is ACTUAL abuse happening in the world right now, with ACTUAL victims that need support. You got this one very very wrong, but it appears you want to be youtube famous, so I don’t suppose you will find the grace to admit your wrongs any time soon.

    You two represent everything that is wrong with the Internet right now. What a con.

    • Hi Rebecca, nice to see you back here again…it’s been a while.

      When are you going to reciprocate Esther’s policy of freedom of speech for all on your UM run blogs? You never seem keen to publish any questions or comments that offer anything other than glowing praise for UM, and vitriol and damnation of those who dare to question.

      Doesn’t really seem fair or honest, does it?

    • [This comment also transferred from crowdfunding campaign page. Comments are now closed there. E]

      Yes I didn’t think you would answer the questions. And you know I am not paid to question you. Keep deflecting. It is appears it is all you have now.

      • Hi Rebecca,

        As your question is directed at Esther, why would I answer it?

        Yours sincerely,

        William Wyler

        • Sorry, William – I transferred that comment from the fundraising page – should have pointed that out, and I’ve just corrected it. But it’s a good point. She can’t cope with questions. Or the truth, apparently.

          Rebecca’s never commented on my sites, ever.

          Says it all really.

  11. Rebecca thinks Jak proved our calibre? This shows you how feeble Rebecca’s thinking is. He proved he’s a little twerp with a sanctimonious certainty in his own flawed thinking. That is really a case of confirmation bias. Jak didn’t even make sense.

    Last night I spent about two hours reading Serges book “the living sutra’s of the hierarchy” after the LOF commented on Rebecca’s interviews. I hadn’t been there for a while, and I must say, I am no less amazed that now than a before that anyone can take any it as anything but the fantasies of an Edwardian era medium, updated to include some modern issues like global warming (prana/porn the cause FYI).

    There’s lots of tells in Serge’s words, and its not a hidden layer of wisdom. It’s Serge’s seriously flawed thinking, ignorance and stupendous belief in any idea that flashes into his mind. The first few pages are the kicker. It set’s up a series of false dilemma’s- the well worn fallen from grace guilt inducer- and then challenges you to keep falling from grace, or accept the following 490 odd pages of gibberish. I’d say by the end, your brain would be pretty scrambled if you didn’t keep in mind it’s pure fiction and you aren’t able to identify logical fallacies, which abound.

    But I can see that if you take any of it seriously, you have to accept that Serge is a fifth level master from Shamballah. (He hints in the initiation section that there is one amongst us at this time, which has never happened before.. oh boy) That’s why these guys are all walking around with ear to ear stupid grins. They all know something we don’t. They’re all second level initiates or better. Fifth level- Serge- SEE’s all!!! (Hmm, wonder why he can’t SEE that his assumptions about certain events are totally wrong?)

    But I have read stuff like this before. Rudolph Steiner , Alice Bailey, L Ron Hubbard. It’s the same fantasy vein. Serge has just re tapped it for his own version of the “truth”. For a sceptic like me, it’s a good laugh. Until I remember how dangerous it is because people- well meaning, otherwise intelligent, functioning people- believe it. And once they do, they are putty in the hands of it’s proponents.

    Rebecca- if you dare read this site- you, me, your melon headed husband, my ex, your sisters, your mum and dad, all want the same thing. Peace, love, community, family. You’re not evil, and nor am I. Although you have been led to do some very unnice things. I haven’t said or done anything at all or extraordinary, other than speak my mind and truth and not cower when Serge told me too. I do more or less the same things as you everyday, except that you believe in Serge and I believe in Reason. I’ve done nothing illegal- although the comments you moderate say I have. If you remove your assumptions about what you think I did, which are largely wrong (though I don’t mind the legend), what are you left with? Someone that disagrees with you?

    The same stands for Esther. You might find her directness threatening, but all she has ever done is asked questions. It’s about ideas and thoughts. No one has done anything to you other than pose questions,

    Questions you refuse to answer, which has led to this point. They are the very reason Esther’s blogs even exist.

    The push comes from your side. While I profoundly disagreed with Serge and his wacky ideas, I actually had no problem with my ex being involved, provided I wasn’t required to believe it too. I know this is a contentious point with you guys – like most things you don’t want to hear- but it was forced on me subtly and then more directly. And it HAS to be that way, because Serge’s doctrine demands it. Yes, I know he says it doesn’t- but that’s his way- to say one thing and then influence you to do another. To believe Serge’s rot, you have to push back against others, because they are sleepers, and you are on a path they are not.

    It’s the source of the divisiveness, the rancour, the hate. Not us. Again, we’re just asking questions that are met with a wall of silence, or denial.

    Your attacks on myself, Esther and others has demonstrated to anyone in doubt about the group that this is what it leads to.

    I don’t know if there is a day you guys will ever see it, but that is, to quote Serge, a fact.

    • You’re too soft. I don’t agree Rebecca’s not evil. She is a contractor for the Benhayons. She has worked to have my blogs taken down for three years and then worked as one of the chief attack artists on the UM Facts Site. She’s one of the ones who spammed the police with complaints about me, and has gloated to the flock about trying to put me out of business and disrupt me funding my legal defence.

      And then she gets up and sings in Serge’s choir about claiming her love and truth and calls herself a role model for the Girl to Women targets.

      If we weren’t protected by the rule of law and we were in, let’s say North Korea, she’d be at the right hand of the Glorious Leader and the first to have us in front of a firing squad and shot. Don’t kid yourself.

  12. I’m trying to be generous. I agree, Rebecca was party to influencing my ex to her tv appearance spelling the end of the marriage. She did put up a website to defame me. After picking over photos to make me look evil. She did spend a lot of time attacking my business which I’ve now had to shut. So no, I’m not happy with her. I think she’s a fool, nasty, self righteous, muddle headed, myopic, and shameless. To name a few of her less endearing qualities. But she’s not evil. I’d reserve that for her overlord whose lists of sins are long. That’s evil.

    • She’s evil. There’s a scale and Serge is an extreme. Rebecca is a lot like that repulsive NHS surgeon and occult quackery shill, Eunice Minford – the only reason they haven’t started cults of their own is because they have no charisma. No one actually listens to them. They get their way because they’re aggressive. Serge recognizes their talent as protectors and rewards their nastiness with positions of power. Without the cult, they’d have none.

      And yes, Rebecca, I will respond to your questions as soon as I have time.

      • I just saw one of their concert video’s, accidentally. Rebecca really can’t sing. Nor her friends. It was an evil assault on the ears.
        What a terrible noise. It was so unbearable, I was actually laughing before I was forced by self preservation to shut the page.
        It looked like Michael is trying to channel Jimmy Page too, less the panache and masterful skill. The album title was Heaven’s stairway. Arghhh.

  13. A critical fact is being glossed over here. The majority of comments being made by Benhayon supporters aren’t providing any proof that Esther has done anything wrong. All they are doing is trying (and failing) to prove that he is above all the criticism he has received. Criticism is an integral part of a democracy, just as long as it doesn’t cross the line into blatant statements of fact that have legal precedent in actual defamation AND the statements are not true. Esther has made it clear that they are true – and that is a defence in defamation. This is clearly a SLAPP suit that Benhayon is running, trying to stop criticism of his group. In a democratic world where Freedom of Speech exists, this is unacceptable. A responsible person would face and answer the criticisms made.

    Here’s how it works. Benhayon is the plaintiff. It is therefore incumbent on Esther to prove her statements are true and defensible. She can do that easily as I understand it. So any pleas by the plaintiff to integrity as per the comments that have been made in support of him are in fact useless. The only way Benhayon can get around Esther’s evidence would then be to prove point blank that Esther is not telling the truth. And attacking Esther’s integrity in any way won’t change that.

    This is a very important case in the battle for Freedom of Speech in this country. I’m sure Esther knows this and it’s why she is fighting it. If it can be proven that this is a SLAPP suit, Esther will win easily as courts view proven SLAPP suits in a very poor light.

    I wish I could add some money to your coffers, Esther. But I can’t. I do however wish you all the best.

    • Thanks hon, don’t worry about donating – the moral support I’ve been getting has been very sustaining. The money will get there one way or another.

      Thank you for your comment. You are right about my motivations. It will be very interesting to follow for the legal aspects alone, but as you point out, there’s the added dimensions – the political implications of free speech and I also think it’s potentially a groundbreaker in the battle to expose cults.

      And then there’s a separate social welfare issue of free speech & whistleblowing on grooming.

      The other point you make is another interesting one unique to defamation cases – as defendent, I won’t be on trial – the plaintiff, Serge will.


    • Yep- First they have to prove Esther said what they allege in their order, which with the evidence they are presenting, doesn’t seem to be the case. Secondly, if it goes the distance, Serge will have to explain why the girls sleep over ( he might march a line of them through the court as witnesses. Good Lord. Can you imagine them all repeating the same “Serge… is…a… man…of …absolute…integrity. I.. know……of…abuse…) He’ll have to prove that Esther’s account of events with him is ‘a lie’ (impossible, and since others have said similar…) In fact, it will be him that will have to prove himself. He might be con-vincing to the members, but to a world weary judge and the rest of the astral cult, he will come across as the spectacular nut-job that he is. Own goal.

  14. Does Serge Benhayon HAVE to be in attendance by Order of the Court?
    Or will it be just his UM legal puppets & gals?
    Go Esther!
    What a woman!
    May Truth prevail!
    You are one gutsy courageous woman!
    May we all emulate you!
    Bullies hate courage!!
    We are supporting you in all ways xxoo

  15. I would contribute
    But I have been sent broke by a um cult investor.
    I can’t wait for this ass wipe to get what’s coming to him

  16. Serge’s Hormonal Female helper’s have found their calling “to help” (they think) their own fragile (very sad & real ugly actually) non existent self esteem.
    They are vicious and nasty and totally off the beat to say the least. VILE actually and in need of true real help.
    Win win (they all think) for Wannabe God notso Serge as he is suffering the same as them….this lot think that they help each other through their vile obnoxious immature horrid behaviour.
    Here’s hope they ALL get questioned in the witness box for the vile, obnoxious sub human idiotic comments that they have ALL written.
    Especially Serge, and Alison and Ariana, Henrietta and Rebecca and Desiree, and Ray and the Doctors and Specialists to name but a few.
    This works BOTH ways all of you…..
    Good luck Esther….there are more with you than against you……
    Truth WILL prevail.

  17. A chalk and ink drawing, attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci and valued at more than $220 million by art experts, is a fake. La Bella Principessa was said to have been drawn in the 15th century. However, Shaun Greenhalgh, who has spent time in jail for art forgery, produced the drawing modelled on a supermarket cashier named Sally.
    Superb parallel lesson for UMers, you may think that Serge is the real deal, but its all fake.

  18. On twitter recently, Bernard and Michael use the words “creepy” and “nutters” in reference to UM and Serge. Oh, how dare they, they must be so pranic!

    • Sorry your comment didn’t go up for a while. Weird system, they have to be moderated if you include more than one link – but I don’t get a notification. If anyone gets stuck in moderation limbo post a second comment and ask me to approve.

      Vindicating to see some public heavy hitters are as outraged by UM’s bullshit as I am.

  19. Fundraising seems to have stalled, and yes we should have a minimum of double the number of donors – currently at about 50 I think.

    Problem is, Stergio has been shutting down blogs, Facebook pages etc. for years – stopping people adversely affected from finding others with whom to share their experience. It’s called censorship and bullying.

    If it weren’t for US law and Rick Ross, none of us would be reading this, and Serge would now have many thousands more captives.

    I’ve been contacted by easily double the number of families than the current tally stands at – many of those donors are also skeptics and activists who share my concerns. In other words I’ve only received donations from a fraction of the people suffering because of UM.

    A lot of people have contacted me anonymously and are not on social media. Most people affected still don’t know this is happening – so please don’t assume they do. Spread the word as much as you can about this case – we will get public support with media coverage etc., however these are your loved ones – if you haven’t donated yet, please do, and donate what you can afford.

    Think, why should it be up to strangers to stand up for your loved ones? Or for kids with cult struck parents who have no choice?

    Please spread the word – make the calls, the texts and the emails. I’m in court in one week. I’m very busy helping compile our evidence. We are on track to blow Serge out of the water, but it means going to trial and we can’t do it without funding.

    Please think about what you would know about UM if I hadn’t fought to make all this information public and worked to get something done about these people. If I hadn’t risked my livelihood and my good name. The authorities WILL NOT ACT to stop Serge. All we have left is public exposure. If I don’t do this no one will. No one. Imagine how much harm will come if UM is allowed to grow unchecked again. Think about what you would take a risk for. There’s no risk in making a donation.

    What do you value in life?

    • You’re right. Many of those adversely affected are not social media types. A straw poll tells me most are not aware, and don’t even know how to find the blogs. Many more were getting updates via Facebook so they’re now not. Also some have lost interest after the initial shock wore off. You’ve got a week. I’ll crank up the emails. Some publicity would help I think too. The court day may produce that. Some press releases couldn’t hurt. I’ll look into it.

      • If they are not aware and they contacted this blog, email them or call them. I am sure most if not all would gladly donate if they knew.

        • I wish it was that simple. A lot contacted me using first name only or Anonymous, fake email addresses, or email addresses they no longer check. Blocked phone numbers etc. Also, I’m busy preparing for the case – mountains of materials – as you can imagine, running out of time, have family commitments of my own, losing money and work – which of course is the Benhayon plan – bully the one person who would stand up to him into silence.

          But we all know, the numbers suffering because of these scum are in the thousands – anyone who has to deal with a self loving cult member.

          • Heard of another previously unknown gaggle of men selling their estates so they can pay out their cult-enamoured wives. Looks like the show rolls on. Good news is rustled up a few more donors from some of those early contacts. I will keep going through the Rolodex.

  20. It makes you realise how impressive it is when Serge convinces people to hand over thousands at a time for energy healing courses that are self accredited, and then convinces them to hand over tens of thousands to improve his real estate holdings, and THEN convinces them to change their wills so he ends up with hundreds of thousands in bequeaths when his members pass into the light (which they do regularly enough)

    I bet he’s also got his hat out for this legal action. And they’d be swarming to give.

    • Fuck let’s hope not
      I swear if I had the spare 100 k I would hand it to help Esther and to see this evil monster go down. Hell he has indirectly sucked over 50 k from me and I want it back in the form of being able to see his face when the judge says serge you are wrong case dismissed.
      Then to see his house of cards crumble and he go back to the gutter where he belongs.
      Lords of form and the astral cult are too powerful serge if the ancient wisdom were so grand it would not be ancient it would be present.

  21. I’ve seen many of these cases with seminar and cult leaders before – they start of very righteous then end up being investigated by the authorities. Will be a nice day when the man is practicing his psychobabble in jail.

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