Teachers are Gold, children are rubbish – the Universal Medicine cult’s continued push into schools

Things didn't fare so great for zero credentials Michael Benhayon

Zero credentials Michael Benhayon wasn’t so great

Teachers are Gold, a UniMed cult front group headed by zero credentials Michael Benhayon, recently renewed its recruitment assault on unsuspecting Australian and UK teachers and schools. It’s not being received too well. The front is engaging in persistently deceptive conduct by omission, but most concerning is the risks to children exposed to UM.

Because the education & child care professionals involved haven’t put their names to their Universal Medicine cult promotions, their full names and locations are listed below.

Update – Michael Benhayon video

Failed incursions into schools

Before discussing Teachers are Gold, readers can be reassured that the NSW Education Department, other education bodies, such as Catholic Education Australia, and numerous schools have now banned the Benhayons, Universal Medicine, and its fronts.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the trouble to notify those bodies and their local schools.

Of all the Benhayon misadventures, the forays into schools and initiatives for mass grooming of juvenile girls have caused the biggest uproar among readers and members of the general community. The public isn’t having a bar of it.

Most recent successes have been:

  • Teachers are Gold ejected last week from a national education conference in four states.
  • Sarah Davis, Rebecca Asquith et al barred from the NSW State Government sponsored Positive Adolescent Sexual Health (PASH) Conference. Sarah Davis was stood down from the conference consortium executive. Kids in Connection’s Kristy Wood and Co-Creative Audio Visual’s Rebecca & Simon Asquith and Jonathan Baldwin were also canned. THIS INFORMATION WAS INCORRECT AT TIME OF PUBLICATION. All of that lot are working at the PASH Conference this year. I’ve had a demand from Davis to remove the incorrect statement and I’ve published a response and sought an explanation from the organisers and schools.
  • Teachers are Gold ejected from Southern Cross University

The national education conference (which I won’t name, the organisers were embarrassed enough) hurled Teachers are Gold out without need for notifications. Complaints from participants were enough to do it. Word from those who were there, (ticket price for the day was $285) was that Michael Benhayon’s 45 minute performance was woeful and ‘arrogant’. Benhayon was only given the platform because of the airbrushed submission supplied by SergeProp’s psychology and education professionals.

The PASH Conference and SCU had to be notified, just as we made notifications to get Curtis and Natalie Benhayon’s occult exercise scam, True Movement, chucked out of schools in the NSW Northern Rivers. Warning the public about the creepy Girl to Woman Festival, marketed to the general public, is much more of a challenge. It takes a lot of work, but has been largely successful, and kept plenty of prey away.

Misleading conduct by omission

Preventing Universal Medicine’s schools invasion is challenging because Serge’s mass of paid and volunteer propagandists are aggressively recalcitrant. They think they’re doing society a favour by underhandedly imposing Benhayon’s toxic Way of the Livingness on the community, and persisting in doing so without disclosing their agenda.

Behind these initiatives is the same people responsible for its ill considered public bullying of complainants and journalists. But Sarah Davis, Rebecca & Simon Asquith and Kristy Wood ought to be singled out as repeat offenders. Ever since the launch of Real Media Real Change, Universal Medicine’s propaganda department has persistently omitted Universal Medicine’s backing from publicity for its fronts.

The Teachers are Gold site is no exception. No mention of UM, or the occult philosophy behind their anti-social notion of ‘self-care’ for teachers, and their oppressive and abusive attitudes to children. The site omits names of key facilitators and full names of the Teachers giving testimonials. The original facilitators/enablers are now extremely shy about being seen to be publicly promoting the cult. NSW Health psychologist, Jo Frare (correction, as of late 2017 Joanne Margaret Frare is no longer a registered psychologist), psychologist Aimee Jeffreys, education specialists, Kristy Wood, Vicky Geary and Marcia Owen, and UM propaganda dogsbody, Sarah Davis, were listed on the original site and have been careful to keep their names off the relaunch.

It’s an odd contrast to UM’s latest propaganda site – launched to counteract the Universal Medicine cult accountability Naming Names page – where UM’s promoters post their own glowing self congratulatory bios.

The golden teachers and their backers are obviously aware of their predatory deceits. If they believed they had any integrity, they’d have put their names to it.

Risks to kids

A lot has been posted about the Benhayons’ inappropriate behaviour with children. As leader of UM, Serge Benhayon is responsible for the hazardous Esoteric diet that sees children deprived of dairy products, grains, root vegetables, beef and array of fruits and vegetables. He reckons the ‘energy’ of those foods ‘hinders the flow of the light of the soul in the body’ and ‘imposes a flow of energy in the body that is not our true state of being’. His holiness also reckons people in connection with their souls need less food. So when his investors’ kids are suffering mood disturbances and stunted growth, and in tears begging their parents for more food, they’re told they’re not hungry and not being themselves.

Teachers are Gold propaganda reinforces that dangerous crap.

Teachers encouraging disordered eating

Teachers encouraging disordered eating

Please report names of parents inflicting that rubbish on children to Child Safety. It can be done anonymously. Malnourishment can cause irreversible damage to developing kids. Those restrictions are child abuse.

There’s also the problem of Benhayon’s orthodoxy on circumcision, which he recommends for curbing ‘animalistic’ male sexual urges. A kind of proxy castration that has his followers clamouring to have grown boys circumcised, and horrified non cult parents seeking legal advice.

Ditto for his enthusiasm for corporal punishment and forcing children to stare at walls when they don’t do or feel or think what they’re told.

Boys have accidents to shake the energy out of them. If your son comes home and you feel he has been affected by male “pack” energy,  you need to shake the energy out of him either by cutting it verbally  or physically shaking him. It is occasionally best to smack it out of him, so that he avoids an accident. Student notes, Benhayon lecture, 8, May 17, 2008

His anti-family teachings that emotions are the cause of all disease are fracturing families. Mothers are persuaded they can poison their babies with breast milk, and develop breast cancer by caring for others, which Benhayon insists can only be done by sacrificing ‘self nurturing’. Followers live in fear of carcinogenic ‘male energy’ which includes physical exertion, sport and the exercise of reason and critical inquiry. That’s employed as an excuse to disempower and ostracize fathers and vilify empowered women and other critics. Even non cult music and dance is prohibited as energetically harmful. All so Serge Benhayon can monopolize the emotional, ideological and financial loyalty of his targets.

Stillness is the energy that is honouring you as a woman. Become racy or driven and you have asked the male energy to dominate your body. Looking like a woman but being run by a male energy is not the whole and true you. This is the widespread problem with women since the eighties. Will women stop and listen to this teaching or will breast and ovarian cancer along with so many other complications need to get so bad that they are forced to pay attention to it? (Benhayon, 2011, p.544)

Serge then came on stage and said that the energy of a tampon in our body is like having sex with the dirtiest guy you know all the way through your period. (Esoteric Womens Presentation, Somerset UK, notes taken by student, Fiona Pierce, 22-6-2012)

Finally, Teachers are Gold are not forthcoming about the anti-education dogma delivered by their fifth dimensional source of ‘One Unified Truth.’ Naturally, Benhayon is hostile to education due to his own intellectual and scholastic shortcomings. Why else instigate a book burning held at the property of Universal Law solicitors, Cameron Bell and Paula Fletcher. Education is also a tool of empowerment that works counter to his enslaving business model.

Re-connect to your inner-heart – you will then know that you know it all … and always did…Why does mankind so ignorantly continue to seek knowledge by using the mind? (Benhayon, 2011, p. 287)

We have deeply retarded ourselves away from our stupendous knowledge by believing in so-called facts, truths and given beliefs that satisfy the limited pranic mind. Clear out your emotions and return to your heartfelt feelings…there you will find the truth of all things. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 400)

Serge read from his new book “The Way of Initiation“ from page 703 -706…Our whole world is under illusion because education is training /teaching people to be empty puppets. Arrest all of what you are not. Know that you have been set up in that way through your education. (Esoteric Development Group Lecture notes taken by anonymous student, August 22, 2008)

All your thoughts and choices come from the energy that has entered you. No education in this world has ever told or taught you that. (Benhayon, 2011, p.301)

The Horse, Elephant, Eagle, and Cat for example, will evolve to a Dog, Dolphin or Whale. then one day, one million years from now, the Portal of Initiation for their kingdom will open and thus the sub-spirit world will re-enter into the human form…It is an ill thought that stems from those who believe we evolved from the apes. We did not. (Benhayon, 2006, pp.109-10)

Preying on kids

Teachers are Gold is just one Universal Medicine recruitment front organisation that targets or impacts children without disclosing its cult backing. Others include the Girl to Woman Project and Festival, and Sexual Education & Life Foundations for Youth (SELFY), ultimately inflicting juveniles with Benhayon’s hazardous ‘healing’ racket, and bent sexism on women’s health, ‘sexiness’ and the ‘karma’ of sexual abuse.

It makes sense that in order to grow his following, Benhayon needs to recruit young people into an investor pool heavily populated with withering baby boomers. Many devotees are recycled from the Barry Long free-love scam and while the oldies bring plenty of cash, that crowd has little appeal for new inductees. What doesn’t make sense is how educated people deceitfully and unconscionably promote his primitive occult balderdash and undisguised predatory sleaze.

Update: ‘CEO’ Michael Benhayon talks about how he has no higher education achievements (does anyone know if he finished high school?), no qualifications to treat or assess health and wellbeing, and no knowledge of teaching or education. His Dad had an idea on how to recruit teachers to give a false sense of safety to the cult’s mass predatory grooming, and suddenly Michael did too.

Naming names – Universal Medicine cult teachers, education, childcare & child welfare professionals

Most are earning their living in part or full from tax payer funds. Please name any others in the comments or via the Contact page.

Australia & UK

Tracy Aisbett – Brisbane

Ruth Anderssen – Southern Cross University Lismore, faculty of education

Rebecca Asquith – Goonellabah (pitches herself to youth initiatives as media presenter & cyber-bullying role model)

Heidi Baldwin – Goonellabah

Matilda Bathurst – UK

Natasha Bebich – Perth

Karin Becker – childcare, Goonellabah

Antonietta Bua – Melbourne

Marshall Chang – Ballina

Tanya Curtis, FABIC Behaviour Management, Brisbane and Gold Coast

Sarah Davis – Grad. Dip. Psychology, Goonellabah

Gina Dunlop – Brisbane

Libby Forbes – Brisbane

Jo Frare – Lismore, NSW – former NSW Health psychologist – unregistered as of late 2017

Vicky Geary – Connect Education & Training, Goonellabah

Jennene Greenall – Aspergers Girls and Women CAN, Brisbane

Coleen Hensey – Brisbane

Aimee Jeffreys – Psychologist, Goonellabah

Vanessa McHardy – Child psychotherapist, London

Rachel Murtagh – Frome, UK

Marcia Owen – Connect Education & Training, Goonellabah

Gyl Rae – Scotland

Arianna Ray – social worker, Somerset UK

Nicole Ricketts – family day care, Goonellabah

Karoline Schleiffelder – social worker, FACS, Lismore

Johanna Smith – Perth

Kristy Wood – education consultant, Kids in Connection, Goonellabah

Reference: Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011

13 thoughts on “Teachers are Gold, children are rubbish – the Universal Medicine cult’s continued push into schools

  1. Michael Benhayon is NOT a health professional
    Full stop!
    And all those UM professionals with actual qualifications supporting this dangerous crap………HUGE shame on you all
    Mikey has been sent as a frontman to suck up to teachers at schools soley to recruit for the perpetuating girl parade pyramid on Serge’s Fantasy Island.
    “Theres nothing going on at the sleepovers” they cry over at UM
    We cry “There shouldnt be ANY fucking sleepovers”

    • Really, truely allied UM health professionals what you’re actually saying is ” my hard earned University qualification and professional experience isnt worth a pinch of goat shit”
      because I worship the so called, self elevated to professional, Benhayon family members as equal practitioners in the Health System.
      Have you ever asked yourselves why Serge has chosen the health profession for him and his family to be an experts in? Prior to this he was a self announced best tennis coach in the world. Did it cross your minds that you’re enabling is in effect his human shield.
      Will you NEVER question anything he does or says, but always support it blindly as the gospel truth. Were is your freedom and honoring your true self in that.
      He has conned you into ignoring your oath to heal and protect, and blinded you to his obvious greed and harm.
      Dont allow the tentacles of this monster to creep into any other professions or lives.

    • Yeah, that’s pretty straightforwards, isn’t it.??

      Why then do they need to parade those young girls all over the web to vouch for Serge? And why can’t the cult “strategists” figure out why that makes it all look really really really suss? Those questions and more courtesy of bizarre world of esoteric “thinking’.

  2. They’ll be blaming you/me and anyone else they can think of for their expulsions and removals, and as usual will fail to see the real problem- themselves and their highly toxic and unusual behaviour.

    Imagine having Serge clone young Mike telling teachers what’s what? The I-know-everything-in-the-universe gag generally works with the members- especially after a few good body work sessions and some gentle breath meditations (AKA, trance induction)- but to your everyday Joe & Anne it can only be a case of WTF.

    I am wondering if he stooped to a 20 minute discourse on eating chips and carrying bags, courtesy of hair brained in house pyschco-logist Caroline- I look not a day over 36 (cough, gag)- Raphael. For sure it would have been along those lines.

    I do feel a bit sorry for these kids though. A lifetime of being bent out of shape by Dad and his all encompassing vision of the universe with him at its centre… Far out, what a head job. I am really wondering if its a case of nature or nurture though?

    Let’s hope this is another misfire for the hair brained nut-jobs over at Goon-ellebah HQ. Heads up for Serge, there was no “White Lodge”. It was always the “Dark Lodge”. Always.

  3. Re: Serge, Michael and your “Teachers are Gold” campaign
    I have done some deeper research into your UM group beliefs and behaviour on your websites and I have been very troubled by my findings.
    1. The world has moved on from girls being skinny, pretty little things and the pressure to uphold an image usually for the benefit of being attractive to boys and peer pressure from girls. This is what leads to bullying and eating disorders in my experience, and we are globally trying to create acceptance of the individual and their gifts that is each child at school.
    The Girl to Woman Festival seems to fast forward girls into womenhood with a definite image aimed at being attractive to older men, even though they are only young girls.
    2. Arranged marriages are usually old cultural (ie India) practices but have surfaced in modern times through cult groups headed by a male leader who matchmakes couples from family and followers. Your family sites are very revealing.
    2. Attaching guilt to circumcision and claiming uncircumcised boys will be more animalistic in sexual behaviour as men is again against parental choice vs cultural choice.
    3. Making disabled people feel less than human and also attaching guilt stretching from past lifetimes, to present and into the afterlife. To say that genetic and hereditary conditions are attached to black magic and the supernatural is a cruel alienation tactic which again the world has moved on from
    4. The use of tampons. Girls commence menstruation with pubity usually at aged 12 or 13 with some exceptions each way. The obscene comment stating that “to use tampons is like having sex with a dirty man all through your period” is astounding due to the fact that the legal age of consent for intercourse is 16.
    6. The amount of sexual material is alarming.

    All adults should be protective of children.
    Teachers have a special role to play in the school environment as children grow into young adults.
    We warn children about stranger danger and that appearances can be deceptive.
    The nice looking man with a puppy in the shiny swish car calling to a child to come to them is just as dangerous as a derelict in an old van with blackened windows and a bag of lollies.
    I reject that your interest in school age children is honorable and fail to see any reason to it.

  4. Serge Benhayon, you have humiliated your own children & you continue to do so.
    You continue to use them as fodder so as to build your empire.

    You are not educated it shows by your lack of coherence in your writings, and also many other ways.
    Your children are not well educated.

    You try to operate by bluff.

    What you do not seem to realise is that humanity sees it all for what it is – abuse and a scam.

    We do not want you in our schools or families.

    We do not want you and yours messing with the minds and lives of our precious young ones.

    Stop now.

    The grandiose & over the top repetitive phrases and words that you and your members use is a dead giveaway.
    Cult! Scam!

    It seems that you are encouraging your members to hide their membership with UM so as to be more successful at infiltrating
    this won’t work.

    I agree with the above statement:”I reject that your interest in school age children is honorable and fail to see any reason to it.”

    Thank you Esther and Team for being so diligent.

  5. Sergio The Spaceman and his Incredible Intergalactic Journey to Earth

    Once upon a time there was an alien spaceman called Sergio who was a level 5 genius and lived on the planet Shamballa far, far away. Shamballa was not like our planet earth, the creatures who lived there had no arms or legs or eyes and they didn’t eat any food at all. One day in 1999, Sergio the spaceman lifted off in his spaceship called “Amazing Me” and travelled to earth. He landed on a landing pad in a place called Goonellabah. He went there to teach the earthlings about ageless wisdom and save them from the Four Lords of Form who were baddies and lived in the Astral Plane. When he landed on earth, all the humans were full of entities because they were always naughty.
    ” I can save you” said spaceman Sergio “because I am smarter than anyone on this planet” “Just do everything I say and you will become a glorious human being and everyone will be jealous of you”
    He told the humans lots and lots of long stories. Their favourite story was about the miracle of the brown babies from Uranus and the sweet voices that spoke as the babies dived into the water and disappeared underground.
    He also told them about the scary planet, Sirius, which is where you go when you die.
    Spaceman Sergio told them not to be scared of going to planet Sirius, he would make sure everything would be ok, if you gave him all your pocket money.
    The end

    Any questions children?
    Yes Miss…….is that a true story?
    What do you think Johnny?

    • I’ve renamed the Facts Exposed Debunked site in commemoration of this mythic retelling. Thank u.

      Esoteric Teachings & Revelations might be renamed Setting course for Sirius 👽 Landing on Uranus 💩

      • What an honour, thank you💖
        But I cannot take all of the credit for this little ditty as my good friend Tia Maria played a special part in the creative process👄
        I also need to acknowledge the inspirational source of ideas from websites at UM👽
        However any resemblance to anyone real or reincarnated is purely coincidental😒

  6. I’ve just updated the post with this. He’s as inarticulate as his blithering old man.

    • Poor bugger. He’s living in the long, dark and twisted shadow of his father. He does look stoned, and scared, and completely lacking in insight. Goes without saying that at 25 or so, he has no idea of what he is talking about and absolutely nothing to offer anyone in a profession he knows even less about. Ergo, I really doubt that he “felt” to start a movement to look after teachers. It’s a project no young fella would just dream up themselves. Dad strikes again. “I am your father luke…”

      Serge just stepped out of the way and “boom, they were in their power”.

    • My browser froze during playback of the video, I didn’t even notice for 10 seconds as Benhayon Jr is so inarticulate I thought it was just part of the video. It’s no wonder he was booted from the conference, public speaking is not one of his talents.

  7. Obviously a preying attempt on teachers for new recruits into the Benhayon Cult family. Please tell me if I am wrong but most teachers have breast and ovaries ?. Perfect market, not to mention it gives the Benhayons more access to children and adolescents. Is that their real goal? To access students. Just like a pedophile, gain trust with the carers first.Besides that, why would suitable educated people seek the advise from anyone who isn’t ?

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