Serge Benhayon v David Icke – pseudoscience & conspiracy theory special

Einstein-gimme-a-breakIf you’re shopping around for a mindless conspiracy cult, David Icke is much better value for money than Serge Benhayon. Icke’s package is also refreshingly free of NHS surgeon and Benhayon butt kisser, Eunice Minford, and her assaults on common sense, science and Einstein.

Product comparison


The two paranoid egomaniacs, Icke (pronounded eye-k, not ick) and Benhayon, perform a well worn schtick.

  • Both lost their marbles in their late thirties and claim they heard voices from supernatural beings telling them they’re special, amazing and a lot of other stuff that doesn’t make sense.
  • Both are convinced they’ve been sent to heal the earth and they’ve had the same type of epiphany fits that every cashed up charlatan reckons they’ve had. Both are selling a ‘Son of God’ package alongside supernatural/interstellar conspiracy theories.
  • Icke & Serge were both hopeless at school.
  • Icke became a professional footballer. Sergio was a sore loser on the amateur courts who went bankrupt as a brutal junior tennis coach. Both have been married twice, and their wives are or were in on the act.
  • Both have borrowed their more coherent selling points from other authors. Icke adopted the politically elite talking lizards of the Draco constellation reptilian race from a Russian author. Serge clambered onto the shoulders of dead spiritualist Alice A. Bailey, almost crushing her to a second death, did a number on her occult philosophy and resold it by imitating her packaging.
  • Both have too much money and terrible dress sense.

Sergio might have a more diverse product line, but it’s expensive, and if you sign up for a subscription or email list or workshop, you’re sentenced to years of bullying emails from Desiree Delaloye wanting money, and Alison Greig’s CAPS LOCK laden ‘true expression’ drills with orders to listen to Sergio sermons and sit on a symbol. Not to mention the eternal workshop cycle for the next million lifetimes until you dump enough prana to ascend to the fourth dimension. From there it’s another million lifetimes of building fund donations and site hosting ‘subscriptions’ to get to the fifth.

Serge charges $120 for a five hour Glory workshop, whereas for $140 you get a whole 12 hour David Icke lecture. Serge has the Lords of Form only know how many overpriced subscriptions to this ‘content’, but Icke’s are tons cheaper and you get more bunkum for your buck. Age wise, Icke has 12 years on Sergio, and he’s written 12 more self-published tomes, sold DVDs by the ton, and has 150K Twitter followers and 1,000 times more Facebook likes. In 2006, his website was getting 600K hits per week. Serge’s 45 websites currently get about 5000, and only because his ‘investors’ are rostered to click. Occasionally Icke kind of almost makes sense – his partial truths are slightly more truthier and far more sophisticated than Serge’s.

But if you like talking about and to your reproductive organs and breasts; disconnecting with them, so you can reconnect with them; having your breasts rubbed, delicately, with only light stimulation of the nipple; having the rape energy cleared from your pubic chakra with a long, gentle palpation of your crotch; circumcising then starving and smacking the prana out of your kids, writing long tracts of web content for your guru, unpaid, then being charged to host it online, and hassled to donate to his commercial overheads as well, the Serge cult is much more Glorious. It’s also a wonderful safe haven for predators, as long as they learn the jargon, flatter the right parasites and keep their chocolate and porn stashes out of sight.


However, if your priority is philosophical substance, the two are pretty similar. Icke’s conspiracy theory claptrap is slightly more erudite and leans to the secular and the pseudo-political, while Serge’s is pseudo-religious New Age self empowerment rot.

On Icke:

At the heart of his theories lies the idea that many prominent figures belong to the Babylonian Brotherhood, a group of shapeshifting reptilian humanoids who are propelling humanity toward a global fascist state, or New World Order. The reptilians use the rings of Saturn and the Moon, all reptilian constructs, to broadcast our “five-sense prison”: an “artificial sense of self and the world” that humans perceive as reality. Wikipedia

At the heart of Serge’s, ahem, theories, lies the idea that some wayward spirits who never made it into human flesh (a necessary step on the path back to the Light of the Soul®), ‘we speak here of the Four Lords of Form‘, dwell at the darkest recess of the Astral Plane and impulse us all with false-truths via universities, religions, evidence based science & anyone else who is a commercial competitor or threat to Sergio’s business plan. The Astral Plane is impulsed by prana, the troublesome energy of emotions, vitality and fun, that prevents us being expedited to a Glorious death. Serge says we’re also messed up by thinking with our brains in resistance to the omniscient clairsentience of our innermost heart – that strangely no one else is able to access except for Serge. The voices he heard while taking a dump told him so. Never mind that no one else alive has accessed the ‘truth’ or reached his level in the fifth dimension, or even the fourth, no matter how much they’ve spent, donated, kow-towed or bequeathed – everyone but him is living ‘in illusion’. So both he and Icke reckon we have an artificial sense of self and the world, they just differ in their idiosyncratic psychoses/fictions.

They both probably read Gurdjieff.

And L. Ron Hubbard.


But bless Icke, he has more balls than Serge does. He fronted up to Channel 9, walking his talk, and what a missed opportunity that was. The interviewers had the chance to challenge him. They didn’t do the research, so they probably helped him sell more tickets. Instead of that, I’ll post a better interview with Bill Maher – but it’s been edited by an Icke fan. In contrast, Serge hasn’t got the guts to front up to media interviews, he uses his attack Brides and exhibitionist/propaganda Brides, as well as juvenile human shields to whip up a protective smokescreen.

In the Channel 9 interview Icke said, ‘…Scientists can’t explain how the moon came into being…There are people in positions of power who are not human…’

No evidence. No reason. Buckets of paranoia.

‘…The same people who lied to you about weapons of mass destruction lied to you about 911…’

Therefore they are reptiles, extremist terrorist groups don’t exist and a passenger airliner filled with jet fuel travelling at 700 mph colliding with a massive high rise building full of combustibles would barely cause a dent.

Icke’s statements are called non sequiturs. Serge’s talks are also are crammed with them. Such ravings don’t withstand court processes and methodical cross examination too well though.

If you can cope, Icke had the guts to address the Oxford Debating Society, although it’s strange to present to a prestigious debating society without Q & A session, unless Team Icke hacked it out of the footage. (There’s an argument for the Q & A being cancelled seeing he’d actually talked much of the audience to death.)

In short, Icke’s a diatribe artiste extraordinaire. A skilled orator, enamoured of his own voice, who drops all the right names and conveniently omits any evidence, at all, to back his extrapolations.

‘People have a mind of their own’, is the Icke version of Serge never tells anyone what to do. Like Serge’s followers speak, write, spell, punctuate, and behave identically to each other after being hammered with Alison Greig’s ‘expression’ lessons out of ‘free will and free choice’.

Audacious Bullshitting

How do people believe this rubbish? It’s a question often heard about ‘prophets’ of this ilk. The audacity of the claims stuns anyone who hasn’t delved into study of the genre. But there is method in this madness. If you can accept that the British Royal Family are lizards, and medical research is controlled by the Four Lords of Form, then you can accept anything. You will pay for anything. You are an easy mark.

The last things these guys want is clever, tenacious people causing trouble at their events. Challenging the exuberant fictions with facts and logic doesn’t just disrupt the flow of the self important diatribes, but the flow of cash. Critical thinkers make them work harder for their money. They don’t need to.

Openly bullshitting, Icke et al risk some public humiliation, but a section of the population then flocks to them as the underdog. Pauline Hanson is another example of the magnetism of stupid. Donald Trump. Open and audacious bullshit and confident stupidity deters clever people. That’s the idea. They turn their backs in droves. The remainder are easy pickings. Icke is performing to packed houses. His YouTube videos have over a million views each. The tour to Australia will earn him several million I guess. And let’s estimate he has a quarter of a million online subscribers paying $5 month. That’s roughly $15M/year just in subscriptions.

There’s no need to impress critical thinkers. That’s for schmucks. Lefties. Why work hard when enough well meaning fools are willing to make you rich for playing to their insecurities and not making sense?

Eunice Minford massacres Einstein: E=mc² equals death cannot be the end

Enter NHS Belfast surgeon Eunice Minford. Eunice’s problem is she’d like to start her own cult – not for the money, for the adoration. Unfortunately she has all the charisma of a tray of kitty litter. Her only hope is to borrow Serge’s followers to help her feel special. While Serge might be the jibbering, semi-literate, poor man’s version of Icke, at least he has the confidence these guys need to persuade targets of their nonsense. Eunice coquettishly rides on his coat tails, militantly moderating critical comments off her blogs and spraying the internet and media with verbose hysteria in his defence.

Peddling commercial occult balderdash

I wasn’t going take up blog space on her, but unfortunately this crass, aggressive, narcissistic public nuisance has far too much influence. Like all of the UniMed cult doctors. We saw her plugging Benhayon’s Foundational Breast Care /Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) scam recently, with a truly gut turning testimonial of her own charms.

I have experienced EBMs with a number of different EBM practitioners and what is remarkable is the consistency of care, deep regard and respect that each has afforded me. There has never been a whiff of anything inappropriate or sexual…

The EBM itself has enabled me to get in touch with a tenderness and preciousness within me that I never knew or perhaps more accurately I had forgotten existed! I had always taken on that it was better to be hard and tough – thinking that was me being strong – but the EBM has awakened me to the true strength that resides in delicateness, fragility and vulnerability. Foundational Breast Care

I couldn’t care less what Eunice the euthanasia enthusiast does in her spare time and the gory details of her self-love affair, but it gives an idea of her hubris. What made me cranky is her nibs mangling physics for the love of Serge. Truly. This sick hobby of hers unduly influences people who think they can trust her because she’s a science trained medical professional.

Trashing science

Eunice Minford and the rest of UM’s unisex Sons of God drag Einstein into flogging the brand.

From Wikipedia, the scientific definition of Einstein’s equation for his theory of relativity:

In physics, mass–energy equivalence is a concept formulated by Albert Einstein that explains the relationship between mass and energy. It expresses the law of equivalence of energy and mass using the formula {\displaystyle E=mc^{2}}where E is the energy of a physical system, m is the mass of the system, and c is the speed of light in a vacuum (about 3×108 m/s). In words, energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. Because the speed of light is a very large number in everyday units, the formula implies that any small amount of matter contains a very large amount of energy. Some of this energy may be released as heat and light by chemical or nuclear transformations. This also serves to convert units of mass to units of energy, no matter what system of measurement units is used…

A consequence of the mass–energy equivalence is that if a body is stationary, it still has some internal or intrinsic energy, called its rest energy. Rest mass and rest energy are equivalent and remain proportional to each other. When the body is in motion (relative to an observer), its total energy is greater than its rest energy. The rest mass (or rest energy) remains an important quantity in this case because it remains the same regardless of this motion, even for the extreme speeds or gravity considered in special and general relativity; thus it is also called the invariant mass. Wikipedia

MInford butchers that into a loopy metaphysical statement of faith.

E=mc2 is the most famous equation in the world – yet the world chooses to remain woefully and willfully ignorant of the meaning and implications of Einstein’s discovery when applied in everyday life. Why is this?

Because it’s not relevant in everyday life. It’s relevant to nuclear physics. You know – *BANG!ⁿ*

But no, the Queen of the bonkers non sequitur persists with this rot.

Therefore, in E=mc2 we have E for energy, c for light which is also energy and m for mass which is also just a way of carrying energy and is ultimately not solid but a mass of vibrating particles and space, all of which are energy. In essence, this equation is therefore simply saying ‘everything is energy’.

No it’s not.

That’s like saying 2 x 2 = 4 Lords of Form.

Again, the equation is Rest mass energy of a physical system = the mass of the physical system multiplied by the speed of light in a vacuum squared. Rest mass and rest energy are proportional, and not easily interchangeable. It’s not Energy = mass, therefore everything is energy, Serge is from the fifth dimension and we all have supernatural powers to manipulate matter to change manifestations.

Over to real scientists:

It is not uncommon to hear that energy is “equivalent” to mass. It would be more accurate to state that every energy has an inertia and gravity equivalent, and because mass is a form of energy, then mass too has inertia and gravity associated with it. Wikipedia

But no, Minford makes a leap from misrepresenting a complex, very specific physics quantification to occult mumbo jumbo in a way so bent it would reduce even deadpan David Icke to blushing paroxysms of urinary incontinence.

Are we just stupid and failing to understand physics – or is there more to it?

Einstein himself recognised that people did not understand this equation or its ramifications:

It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.’ 

Different *manifestations* of energy, Eunice. Einstein said it. Reread it. For human beings to manipulate mass to transform into energy, which is what you’re blindly, irresponsibly and brainlessly fantasizing about, involves big fucking explosions, a ton of infrastructure and science, and risk management for fall-out.

Matter may be converted to energy (and vice versa), but mass cannot ever be destroyed; rather, mass/energy equivalence remains a constant for both the matter and the energy, during any process when they are converted into each other. However, since c^{2} is extremely large relative to ordinary human scales, the conversion of ordinary amount of matter (for example, 1 kg) to other forms of energy (such as heat, light, and other radiation) can liberate tremendous amounts of energy 9\times 10^{16}joules = 21 megatons of TNT), as can be seen in nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. Conversely, the mass equivalent of a unit of energy is minuscule, which is why a loss of energy (loss of mass) from most systems is difficult to measure by weight, unless the energy loss is very large. Examples of energy transformation into matter (i.e., kinetic energy into particles with rest mass) are found in high-energy nuclear physics. Wikipedia

The mass–energy equivalence formula was used in the understanding of nuclear fission reactions, and implies the great amount of energy that can be released by a nuclear fission chain reaction, used in both nuclear weapons and nuclear power. Wikipedia

Serge Benhayon’s cosmic claptrap

Never mind reality – that E=mc² doesn’t apply in ‘everyday life’ unless you work for CERN or Mr Burns. According to Eunice, E=mc² totally equals ‘everyday’ MAGIC, sixth senses, supernatural powers and immortality. Serge the high school dropout says so.

In time people will understand that you only have to move your small finger and the whole cosmos knows about it. Expression is everything means that everything you do has a bearing in the universe, and we’re only, we’re one of the only few beings that carry what I would call extra limbs. For example, your soul doesn’t have arms or legs and there’s not many planets that I know of that have arms or legs, so we have when we move our elbow, when we move our fingers, we have enormous impact on life on earth and also on the cosmos. And one day we will learn that we’ve become so complicated that we added actually arms and legs, whereas in other planets they don’t have arms and legs, they don’t need to eat, and they don’t have a mouth, they don’t have a stomach, they communicate purely by intuition and impression, so for them life is super super simple, because it’s really just about expression, just the being-ness is enough. And as they move they understand that they’re moving and creating vibrations in the cosmos  so they actually move in the way that they would never disrupt the harmony. Whereas here on earth we don’t care about how we fold our elbows, but one day humanity will understand folding your elbow creates an enormous impact on the universe. Sergio’s New Year broadcast 2012 24 minute mark

He means an impact so infinitesimally small it is near immeasurable and actually insignificant…

But that madness gets the tick of approval from Eunice the death glorifying surgeon. And more:

However, since 1999 Serge Benhayon has been presenting in great detail the full implications and ramifications of the understanding that everything is energy. He has articulated a one-unified understanding that combines science, religion and philosophy based on the universal truth that everything is energy and how that applies to our lives and our way of living. The implications that he has presented are too many to enumerate in this one blog but, for example, understanding that everything is energy means that:

  1. Ultimately everything is interconnected – nothing is truly separate or isolated within the whole universe.
  2. Everything that happens does so because there is an energy making it happen – there is nothing random, by chance or accident.
  3. We are energetic beings in communion with the universe – energy is passing through us 24/7 without fail and rather than being elusive or invisible to our senses we have a sixth sense that is constantly feeling everything.
  4. Every choice has a consequence – our bodies are affected by the way we live, constantly so.
  5. Death cannot be the end for energy cannot be destroyed – we change from form to formlessness.
  6. True freedom is being aware of the quality of energy we are choosing to live from – for it is this which gives us the quality of our thoughts, our movements, our behaviours and choices.

So why do we ignore, deny, resist, fight and reject these understandings and fail to apply them in our daily lives? Not only that, but why do some even ridicule, denigrate, abuse and attack those who explain or expand upon them?

I dunno Eunice, because you’re flat wrong, and your guru is either out of his mind or a shameless bullshitter. Because you’re a science trained surgeon salaried by Her Majesty’s tax payers with no respect for the public or your Code of Conduct? Because you are fraudulently misrepresenting science and unduly influencing vulnerable people to follow a dangerous crook? Because that has consequences? Patients exploited and robbed? Families broken and robbed? Kids starved, beaten and circumcised because your scumbag guru recommends it? Complainants harassed and bullied because you can’t publicly defend your New Age waffle?

The curry you get for the pseudoscience and perversity you’re pushing is nothing compared with the abuse sold by UM. It’s a fraction of what you deserve.

And David Icke is a cocky dingbat, but he may have a point about reptiles.


Self loving NHS lizard, Eunice Minford sells Esoteric Breast Massage

15 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon v David Icke – pseudoscience & conspiracy theory special

  1. Phew, this post ended up way longer than I’d planned. If any clever clogs science person wants to help in spelling out for layfolk why Einstein’s theory of relativity is not a religious doctrine and is not particularly helpful or applicable in everyday life, please feel free. I ain’t a Scientist, but someone needs to challenge that vexatious fool Minford.

    Benhayon would be doing a lot less harm if he didn’t have her endorsements.

  2. I don’t think it would matter how well the science is explained, Eunice and co will refuse to get it. They’re relying on simplistic misinterpretations of science to confirm what they want to believe. Eunice’s list is one long non sequitor, Serge inspired. It’s conclusion, point 6, is the door to the mind trap they are in:

    “True freedom is being aware of the quality of energy we are choosing to live from – for it is this which gives us the quality of our thoughts, our movements, our behaviours and choices.”

    Ergo, true non-freedom. Serge’s clever word play – Linguistic trickery. It’s five fallacious arguments leading to the snare that binds them. Walking around thinking (or not thinking) they are making ‘choices’ they can’t make as they don’t exist; as directed by Serge, who knows the energetic truth of everything. That is, the truth of nothing as his entire argument to date is based on a spurious take on Einstein. Now confessed as wrong.

    You’d think Eunice and some others might be a little brighter, but as they are not, they are dangerous because of the positions of influence and credibility they hold.

    I know the members still spend a lot of their waking hours listening to Serge’ droning. I remain stunned that they don’t understand that everything he says is complete and utter rubbish based on every false premise ever debunked.

    None the less, it’s their choice if they want to inflict themselves with a case of terminal stupidity, however they should not be inflicting it on children, the vulnerable, patients or clients.

    And I bet none of them are aware they are proselytising day and night, nor have they considered what type of people proselytise.

    • Here she is with her bonkers hypotheticals:

      And, just for fun – have you ever considered the energy potential in your own body?
      Well if the maths of E=mc2 is applied to an 86kg man, it works out that the potential energy is about 7.8 septillion joules of energy which is roughly equivalent to 1.86 million kilotons of TNT worth of energy. To put that in perspective, the bomb that destroyed Nagaski in Japan was 21 kilotons of explosives. So one human being can have more than 88,000 times explosive energy than a bomb that destroyed an entire city!6 Now the 100% conversion of mass to energy used here is unrealistic, but nonetheless, fun to consider our potential…
      And imagine all of that energy used not for explosives but for the Love of all mankind?

      But it’s not our potential, Eunice, you irresponsible numbskull. That energy isn’t available to us. The conversion is, as pointed out by actual science, very very difficult and needs all kinds of nuclear technology and infrastructure. Nuclear reactions aren’t stunts we can pull off by paying subscriptions to Serge Benhayon, eating pea soup and practicing gentle breath meditation until we liberate mass atoms into energy atoms with our minds.

  3. The story of science is far more interesting than the simplistic take of new-ageists and conspiracy theorists- which UM’ers essentially are, with their “astral cults, sponsored medicine and arrogant education creating empty puppets”.

    It’s divided the world into two camps. Those that say they don’t know and see where the evidence actually takes them, and those that say they do know, who conflate theories into proofs for their beliefs or flashes of ‘insight’. And there goes Serge, leading the (a) pack.

    And while Serge has been wrongly quoting Einstein for the better part of 20 years so he looks like he’s had a famous endorsement of his woefully ignorant take on ‘energy/mass”, I bet most people and no UM’ers know that Einstein could be obstinately and spectacularly wrong.

    The UM’ers also never seem to talk about his equally famous observation as to the relationship between time and space, which I think is something they could really twist into a spherical proof of Serge’s hairbrainery. If they knew about it.

    But they don’t. Because unpacking what science has learned, especially in the last 100 years, will evaporate their shared fantasy. Especially around quantum mechanics which they also allude to. As the equally famous physicist (but hitherto unknown to cult members, I assume) Neils Bohrs stated: “If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.” And unlike Sergio’s laughable ‘philosophies’ quantum theory has led to observable proofs, deep insights about the origin of the universe, and therefore us; and much of the technology we have today, which they also enjoy oblivious to how or why.

    In any case, they are not alone in their lack of understanding, which probably wouldn’t matter, except they pretend to understand it and use it to bamboozle others who know even less as part of their induction into their cult, the basis of which is a dozen false dilemma’s remedied by a hundred whack job “truths” dreamed up by Serge; with a little help from Google and his new age predecessors. And a big shit.

    Eunice and the propagandists are also confused about ad hominen and straw man arguments, which they excel at (in fact, it’s all they’ve got*) which they then accuse others of (you and me) when we ask them questions, point out they are mistaken, and suggest they give it some proper thought.

    I guess when you’re magnificently unreasonable, reasoning is not ever going to be your forte.

    *I await the next attack.

  4. Minford’s ad hominem rebuttal to criticisms of her pseudoscientific cult promotions. The intelligence is scintillating. Asking her to account for her fraudulent public claims is an ‘ad hominem’ attack. And the Brides of Serge have blocked me from viewing their defamatory Tweets AND given me my very own hashtag. They make so much SENSE!

    • Hm, I suppose Eunice regards the blogs on you and I as reasoned arguments then. And I don’t recall meeting Eunice or several hundred of the other cult members who have spent a great deal of their time denigrating us with their breathless copy-cat comments. Further evidence as to the nature of un-reasonable people

      As I alluded to, Eunice can’t come back with a reasoned argument, because there is none. Eunice, Simon, Rebecca, Sarah, Hamish, Serge.. the quality of their so called arguments is about as good as Pauline Hanson on Q&A last night. They just keep screaming the same accusations or denials without drawing a breath. Sadly, that technique does work well in convincing those that want to be convinced.

      You can’t reason with an unreasonable person. Perhaps you can hold them to account.

  5. Beautifully and entertainingly well written piece, Esther, which again is crystal clear in explanation and faultless in investigation.
    Crystal clear to a………………….. clear mind!
    Many intelligent people, it seems to me, are in search of spiritual buried treasure, the “answers” , the “meanings”. Nothing wrong with that as they do not abandon their own lives or hand their lives over to someone else or pay for the promise and get nothing.
    Others need someone to lead them, they are followers. They copycat, idolize,mimic and believe in a perceived guru just as they would a celebrity famous for no real reason that matters. These people are vulnerable to the hoaxes of the likes of Icke and Benhayon.
    Most cults are based on getting free $ and sexual focus which Benhayon, rather than keep this underground, slaps you in the face with it, (“open and audacious bullshit”) calls himself a man of integrity, in fact the smartest man in the world, and waits to skim off the wide eyed believers left in the net. To his surprise a number of professionals with imbalanced IQ/EQ ratios are in among the lemmings and he has upper-runged them to good use. All women. Very Interesting. Fair bit of practice in manipulation of the fairer sex I reckon.
    To Eunice, why EBM at all, why? You say how it has only ever been done to you with integrity and carefully non-sexual, but why at all. Starved for loving touch. So sad.
    For credibility if planning to run a scam align yourself closely with a deceased genius or if your ego is beyond huge, say you are that genius reincarnated. Ha, utter crap.
    Create a percieved enemy to rally the warrior women troops against (anyone who questions or exposes your master) and fight as if you are protecting your own child.
    Speaking of kids, funny that when Serge tried to sell his little packets of magic tennis grip clay dust to the tennis hopefuls parents the kids said “mum this stuff is just dirt, its not magic”

    • This was my main (only) website until Sergio the bullshitter hired some thugs (now on charges for alleged fraud etc.) to make trumped up complaints to Google, and got it removed from Google search…I like to post things here from time to time to keep it alive and also so the Facts/Exposed site doesn’t get too congested. Maybe I’ll share it on my blog as well??

      Feedback is always welcome. If I don’t like it I’ll just snark at you mercilessly 😉

  6. Loling at the photo of Eunice caught in mid shape shifting ……..classic
    Icke now has his proof
    Serge would be so turned on it might even cure his e-reptile dysfunction👽
    Cant help myself😶
    These people scream to be mocked and remember they have put themselves out there publically, trying to suck in and con the public and therefore open to public backlash
    Yes thats BACKLASH not BULLYING, big difference, look it up morons

  7. At least Icke is truly entertaining to watch. Funny thing about Eunice to me is: even with the loving smile in glorious livingness on her face, she always had that IRA/Baader Meinhof vibe to me… Interesting quote the one above in terms of that slightly weird feeling I have every time I see a picture of her.

    • An Icke lecture is like being barked at by a dog in the early stages of rabies…hmm please elaborate on the Baader Meinhof vibe…? She comes across as militant, angry & humourless. Or is it the death drive? Talking about death seems to excite her. A lot.

      • I don’t agree with Icke, but do think he has a certain entertainment factor, which Serge simply doesn’t have. No more no less.

        Eunice, to me, has a certain vibe I recognize. So, I could be wrong about her: it’s a vibe, something I think I recognize. No more, no less. But I could be wrong.

  8. Good be me though. Maybe it is projection… Maybe it takes one to know one, I don’t know: need a shrink myself with credentials.

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