The College of Universal Medicine’s Living Sutras of the Hierarchy rort

The UniMed cult’s College of Universal Medicine operates with the alleged charitable purpose of ‘advancing education’. But where is the public benefit in curriculum courses peddling Serge Benhayon’s occult claptrap – supernatural conspiracy polemics and harmful pseudoscientific claims about health and medicine, including that mental illness is caused by spiritual possession? 

Advancing education for the public benefit?

For years the esoteric lynch mob have been flogging fictions that all of our official complaints about their various rackets were baseless and there was no wrongdoing found or action taken. However, between October 2013 and October 2015, four regulatory actions were taken against UM’s charities in Australia and the UK as a result of our investigations and notifications. The UK Sound Foundation charitable trust was hit first, and it wasn’t until June 2016 that we learned the charity was also slapped with a whopping tax bill at the end of 2014 – £378,000. Similarly, we learned late 2015 the College of Universal Medicine had its deductible gift recipient (DGR) endorsement  revoked by the ATO.

I’d argue those measures don’t go far enough.

The following is a necessary context for assessing the legitimacy of Benhayon’s Australian charity rort. Regular readers will remember the College was founded in 2011 by Serge Benhayon, who appointed himself ‘Chairman for Life’. It was a short life. He quit directorship the following year when News Ltd asked him about conflicts of interest seeing the charity was essentially a building fund for renovating his privately owned Wollongbar warehouse for UM Pty Ltd commercial purposes.

Benhayon kept sock-puppets as directors, including daughter Natalie and his pet lawyers, Charles Wilson and Serryn O’Regan. But more on that in the update. A few years ago we suspected that apart from operating as a tax exempt front for commercial fundraising, its ‘charitable activities’ would consist of promotions of Benhayon’s bent doctrines.

Some of the courses are pseudo-health recruitment drives devised and conducted by sycophant volunteers. It also runs creepy ‘carer’ training courses, seeing his nibs has done so well out of the estates of cancer patients and UM’s model of undue influence ridden ‘palliative care‘.

Either way, the College raises the majority of its funds from services apparently ‘donated’ by Benhayon. His ‘Ageless Wisdom Teachings’ (Church of Serge services) are scheduled between UM commercial events on UniMed Saturdays. The ‘college’s’ monthly presentations in 2015, ‘The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy’, shared a title with one of Benhayon’s eight self-published tomes. Furthermore, the Living Sutras, like all his scribblings,  is loosely based on Alice A. Bailey’s channelled post-modern esotericism. With the emphasis on loose.


Some quotes in the sampler below come from Benhayon’s Living Sutras, and some on ‘The Ageless Wisdom’ are from his 2011 collection, ‘Esoteric Teachings and Revelations’. I’ve included the most coherent narrative I could for his polarized dogma on Astral v Esoteric, and his evil projections, the Four Lords of Form v the Light of the Soul.

The question is how the Australian Not for Profit and Charity Commission (ACNC) considers this nonsense ‘advances education’ for ‘public benefit’ according to legal requirements of charities.

Anti-social Ageless Wisdom

Benhayon on mental health

Which authorised and certified intelligence is going to breach the peer ill generated etiquette and standards and thus break the mould and speak from the inner heart? For example, when will psychiatrist finally understand and then actually publicly claim that all schizophrenia is caused by spiritual possession. (2009, p.175)

It is through these lower three chakras that the consciousness of the astral discarnates enters and influences thought…Schizophrenia is the result of such over-stimulation from the solar centre. The over-stimulation is caused by an excess in entity activity, allowing the discarnates access and control over their host. Recognition of this will go a long way to helping those that are not too far gone. The multi-personality syndrome is true, but it occurs because there is a multiple range of discarnates accessing and expressing through the incarnate’s vehicle using his or her lower-mind via the lower three centres. Knowledge of this will one day be the accepted norm. (2006, p.371)

these pranic based energetic modalities will be seen as the cause of the more insidious depth of metamorphosed new forms of illness and disease…such as the condition known as bipolar, which is heightened pranic energy in the pituitary gland and psychosis, which is a heightened pranic activity in the nervous system and schizophrenia, which is possessive spiritual activity that begins in and throughout the nervous system and then from there goes to the endocrine system resulting in deep chemical imbalances in the brain. (2009, pp.414-5)

…there will be some drugs that I will be very outspoken about. In particular the drugs that numb people that are excessive in the sense of the anti epileptic type of movement that mental health has gone towards, so I’ll be a little bit more screening of my endorsement of conventional medicine. I’m still very pro surgery. I’m still very pro a lot of the procedures, excessive as they are today because of the legal medico way in which medicine is practiced today. But I will be a little bit more distinct in the way that I present about pharmaceuticals cause there’s quite a few of them that won’t make it to what I would call part of what I endorse or the pro conventional medicine that I have a wider umbrella for. (Audio interview, January 1, 2012.)

Benhayon on general health & healing

Universal Medicine needs to be studied. I need to be studied. I want people to say, “how do you know what you know?” …You need thirty years of science to tell you what I can get in one minute. 

Fact. So why are you spending all that brainpower and resource and lovelessness in your body and thirty years of trials. When I can tell you right now with not another cent spent on wasting money of charity. I can tell you right now how women get breast cancer. I could tell you right now what about bowel cancer is. I can tell you right now what men’s problems are; rejection. I can tell you exactly what prostate cancer, what is the cause of prostate cancer. But you’ll say, “no, you’re a lunatic who do you think you are? That doesn’t make sense. Where’s the science in that?” (Esoteric Medicine 11 lecture audio, 2011)

Shouldn’t a professor of university, a professor of philosophy or a professor of medicine actually say, Serge, what you’re actually saying is true, or it makes a lot of sense, can you tell me everything you know, just in case there is something in medicine we don’t know? (Esoteric Medicine 5 lecture, audio transcript, 2010)

The person who sent to give you the message comes unqualified in all conventional forms and yet ticks all the boxes when it comes to making sense, who understands illness and disease like nobody else does. Who understands human relationships and love like nobody else does. Who understands psychology like no psychologist does. Who understands living science like no scientist can. I may not be able to have formulas, I may not be able to have this or that, but boy oh boy do I make sense of life. (Esoteric Medicine 19 lecture audio, July 2012)

All autistic conditions in their many varying degrees and others such as Down syndrome, where there is a lesser form of a natural expression, come from abuse of one’s position in a former life. Those who hold positions of authority and thus the force to inflict suppression, destruction, corruption and other forms of retardation to the natural manner in which each spirit uses life to evolve back to Soul, will incur such Karma. No one can escape this aspect of the Law of Cause and Effect. (2011, p.151)

A mental and or physical disability is the karma of controlling other people for self-gain. (2011, p.302)

Heart disease happens because you don’t love, because you don’t express lovingly and because you hold back and do not let others truly love you. (2011, p.587)

Pranic energy is the root energetic cause of all ill conditions. In addition, we are already well into the phase where the human mind and body are displaying their age old resistance to love (the light of the Soul) and thus, we are seeing more and more cases of what we have predicted much earlier – the case of the ‘multi-symptomatic man’. (2009, p.470)

Karma is great medicine…if you have been sexually abused then you have been an abuser…the only reason you come back and have it done in a confessional box by a Catholic priest is because you haven’t chosen to be aware of what you’ve done to another. (Benhayon, The Study of Esoteric Medicine 13 lecture, 2011)

See also: Universal Insults – Serge Benhayon’s degradation of the ailing & Serge Benhayon’s magical thinking -developing disease is a moral choice

An anti-intellect, anti-education, anti-altruism ‘charity’

Re-connect to your inner-heart – you will then know that you know it all … and always did…Why does mankind so ignorantly continue to seek knowledge by using the mind? (2011, p. 287)

We have deeply retarded ourselves away from our stupendous knowledge by believing in so-called facts, truths and given beliefs that satisfy the limited pranic mind. Clear out your emotions and return to your heartfelt feelings…there you will find the truth of all things. (2011, p. 400.)

All your thoughts and choices come from the energy that has entered you. No education in this world has ever told or taught you that. (2011, p.301.)

We need to re-develop the one single tool that can expose this fact as a living truth. That technique, which is in-truth our most natural ability, is called clairsentience. It is the science of clearly feeling energetic impulses. Therefore, being clairsentient is a tool by which we can know truth instantly. (2009, p.63)

Vast and deeply damaging evil is hidden in pranic forms of charity, good, nice and benevolence, and not just in the brutality we can all see is evil. (2011, p. 296)

The highest forms of evil lay hidden in what we have erroneously accepted as being good. This teaching may take a while to come to the fore, but in time, it will be known. (2011, p.297)

Sympathy and empathy are both emotions. Emotions are poisonous to our physical body, for they are indulgent energies that help the spirit individualise. (2011, p.283)

Interpret compassion as an emotion and you have drunk the poison of another. (2011, p.284)

Evolution denial
Evolution is erroneous

Evolution is an erroneous belief says Serge Benhayon

The Horse, Elephant, Eagle, and Cat for example, will evolve to a Dog, Dolphin or Whale. then one day, one million years from now, the Portal of Initiation for their kingdom will open and thus the sub-spirit world will re-enter into the human form…These evolved sub-spirits will continue to evolve and discard each and every body of expression until one day they can begin to re-soul into the human form…This is the significant difference between the animal kingdom and the evolution of the true man. It is an ill thought that stems from those who believe we evolved from the apes. We did not. (2006, pp.109-10)

…if we were to be part of the evolutionary process as man likes to accept or think that he is, why not simply strive to better our way forward through a better body as does the Animal Kingdom (?)…No animal or plant in this world creates, by choice, their own demise. They simply evolve to a better state of being even if it means the extinction of the body they carry…

We are not part of the same evolution as are all other beings on this planet, for if we were, we would have retained much more of our so-called, so assumed ancestry to NOT make ill our environment, ourselves and our planet.  As we can see from the Animal Kingdom, a species does not evolve to discard the learned process that got it there. In stark contrast, human beings will repeat the same acts that bring violence to others and their own not to mention the fact that they can choose to eat what harms and brings ill to the body…

Who is smarter when a tsunami hits – man or cow? No amount of greed, violence, fighting, war, vile-rape, paedophilia, anger, bitterness, jealousy etc etc has ever moved anyone to higher ground before a tsunami…as the theory goes, if survival of the fittest is what evolves the Animal Kingdom, which is what is erroneously believed, why and how did we evolve so well and so clever that we discard our knowledge of nature in favour of violence and lovelessness towards another and or in favour of war and the decimation of other people. (2009, p.6)

Living Sutras of the Hierarchy – Benhayon’s Four Lords of Form

It’s not entirely bonkers if one considers the cult economics of loony diatribes. Benhayon doesn’t want critical thinkers causing disruptions and creating work for him with questions and rational interjections. Those who will accept this nonsense will accept anything. Rorting, bullying, molestation, grooming – they will buy anything. They will volunteer their time and donate or bequeath to anything. Benhayon just has to brand it ‘healing’, ‘love’ and ‘religion’.

People with brains won’t fork out money for bullshit. They avoid UM like the Astral plague. That’s how he wants it.

Benhayon claims to have ‘impulsed’ (channelled) the Ageless Wisdom from the Ascended Masters, ‘hence’ the bonkers shifts between first and third person – from Benhayon’s voice to that of the ‘Masters of Wisdom’. In essence, the impulsed wisdom is that everything is energy, we are all divine, clairsentient beings, but we get sick, suffer violence and have bad investments and shitty reincarnations because of the pranic energies that ‘enter’ us thanks to illusions fed to us by the pranic consciousness of the Astral plane. The Astral plane being normal old mediocre reality, which he reckons is controlled by petty, conniving spirits, the Four Lords of Form. Serge says their problem is they’re jealous of God. And him. Or something.

We might also speak of the Four Lords of Fonts. Each of the voices of ‘impulsed wisdom’ appears to be impulsed with a font of its own. Whether its a product of delusion or dishonesty, or both, it’s part of his deliberately confusional brainwashing technique. The faith-full are known to read these texts multiple times.

The Four Lords of Fonts - Living Sutras of the Hierarchy

The Four Lords of Fonts – Living Sutras of the Hierarchy

This book represents and is part of what is known as the third phase of specific release of the Ancient Wisdom for the New Era as impressed forth by the Hierarchy. In simple terms, this work is the third instalment of a series that is dedicated to the revelations of the energetic truths. The ‘energetic truths’ are impressed forth by the Masters of Wisdom and they are comprised of the wisdom and knowledge that come from the Science of the Initiates. Such science is in itself comprised of Universal Energetic Laws and Principles which all life is spherically governed by.

In late 1999 the author commenced the trading vehicle Universal Medicine as a name that indicated and described the healing impress of his practice and the energy of its teachings. Universal Medicine has since delivered many of the revelatory teachings that take mankind into the New Era, the ‘Era of the Soul’, and the new healing modalities that are required to support the human body in response to the light of the Second Coming which we are all now under. (p.14)

The teachings come from and thus are based on two Divine principles:

  1. That there is a group of ascended sages or true Masters of Wisdom who have over many thousands of years remained in the living fire of truth and not wavered from that ‘living centre’ nor from their fiery state of being. Hence they have not succumbed to the ways of pranic delight in any way shape or form. These men and women stand is the living truth of all things, as they themselves have once lived in Earthly shoes and thus have arisen from the ‘miasma of the astral fog’ by lovingly defeating the hindrances and seeing through the ‘illusionary veil of light’ to bring themselves out of it…
  2. That there are in fact a set of ‘living teachings’ and ‘fiery’ sutras that clearly defined a true way of being…

These men and women are known by many names – some are true references and some are not. Esoterically, they are known as the Masters of Wisdom. Occultly, they are known as the Hierarchy, for they are the units of life that impress forth our highest vibrational pull back towards the way of our Logoic Father. (p.17)

…we must not ever preach or attempt to convert or convince anyone. Such efforts are futile as the pranic force of resistance will be channelled through those who are not ready for the fiery energetic truths. (p.20)

Each and every one of us is an instrument of Divine light, but not if we separate from that ‘fiery-light’ and its impulse and thus misuse our unit of expression… It is vitally important to know that the opposing false pranic-light is there due to the influence and control of the Astral-forces through their Dark Rule. The ‘Dark Rule’ is a term given to all the pranic impulsed ideals and beliefs we are taught from young that we then grow-up to think are the ways to truly live by. Such falseness needs to be revealed and fully exposed. (p.22)

All of these outer imposters come from the four Lords of form…These four, here mentioned, are spirits just like all humans are except that they have never had an incarnated life…That is they are the least developed in fiery-light in as far as our evolution of getting back to the fiery-light of the Soul we originally come from goes…The four Lords of Form, as is their occult descriptive name, live in an etheric realm – a non-physical realm…It is they, who hold the balance of pranic-light against the otherwise Divine light we ought to be in…the four spiritual deceivers impulse the life of imbalance via the lower energy centers of man. (p.52-53)

It is/was originally intended that we resurrect our Divine expression and not continue our Etheric growth when we spiritually came here from Mars and Venus. (p.55)

The deceitful bastardisation of a true meanings of words has occurred directly because and through the intellect of man. That place we call the human intelligence is but the lower mind – the instrument of expression that the spirit uses to manifest its reality according to the impulses it un-be-knowingly received from the Pranic Consciousness, which is entirely governed by the four Lords of Form. (p.58)

From an esoteric perspective, a revelation is that which states, presents, announces, and or signifies that which is truth according to Divine Rhythm and Energetic Science…from an occult perspective, a revelation is that which is Cosmic in rhythm and thus contains the Energetic Science of 5th Dimensional Thought and Expression. (p.95)

The Pranic Consciousness is ruled by the Four Lords of Form…They are the four pranic-mighty spirits who have never had an incarnation into the world of form (no physical lives) and thus they hold a slightly more advanced spiritual view and knowledge than those who have incarnated. Incarnation is the only way back to the Soul in this world of ours. They, the four pranic-dwellers hold the point of most separation away from the light of the Soul. That farthest point of separation is a place called ‘the Dark Lodge’. The ‘Dark Lodge is nothing more than the centre of activity of the Astral Plane. It is where the four and the many sold out servants reside in the pranic mist. Note that all human emotions come from the Astral Plane. It is we who feed that plane or realm by the emotions we express…Humans are, or can be very intelligent about the physical world, but they are incapacitated by the fact that they are ruled by the world of spirit and, due to our pride driven ignorance, we are insidiously, and to our great detriment controlled by the Lords of Form via the Pranic Consciousness we feed with our own life force – emotions. And it will be a long, long time before mankind will admit this irrefutable fact. (p.237-238)

The fact that – you get an entering ill-energy or at times an entity (a spirit – a disembodied member of our human race) when you partake in anything that in-truth takes you away from the life you cannot cope with – will one day be discovered to be an absolute fact. (p.484)

…that clairsentience, that is, in our ability to feel and discern energy, we will discover the real and extensive astral damage we do to our spirit in using drugs and, the real damage we do to our spiritual-body when we smoke cigarettes and or drink coffee and or other caffeinated drinks or food. We can add to this list all dairy products, all forms of gluten bar none and all forms of sugar (include fruit here if there is an excessive consumption of it) all being ways of lessening your light greatly in your body. (p.485)

We can thank the ACNC for passing this as ‘education’ for the ‘public benefit’ of Benhayon and associates accessing tax concessions.

Benhayon, S. The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006

Benhayon, S. The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2009

Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011



9 thoughts on “The College of Universal Medicine’s Living Sutras of the Hierarchy rort

  1. If you can stomach it, these are audio samples of some of Benhayon’s profuse content. Click upper left of YouTube screen to select from the list.

  2. Hope you don’t go nuts Esther immersing your incredibly incisive, analytical mind into such bizarre, (sometimes impressive sounding), dark, intricate systematized delusions…

    Applying SB teachings: he is possessed by entities & destined to be reincarnated as a severely disabled person for using his power to exploit vulnerable (fearful, sick, dying, mentally traumatised, faithfully trusting) followers.

    If “Karma” is “true” / real why is he making choices (eg amassing wealth) disregarding his own / his followers / childrens’ / grand childrens’ needs / “karma”?

    If UM /SB is confident & secure in what SB professes, why block valid questions & concerns on their multiple sites?

    Why chop & change (sometimes contradictory) teachings to suit? (Eg condemning charities but claiming charity status for tax benefits).

    UM followers will read Esther’s incisive analyses to have the delusional veil lifted from their eyes… oh wait, they are forbidden (controlled) to read Esther’s sites.

    (UM followers are psychologically & spiritually manipulated to distrust their minds: to only listen to SB & their esoteric hearts which happen to clash with the hearts / minds of family & friends who love them).

    • I don’t think I’ve gone nuts yet. Lucky for me I have caring people in my life who would tell me if I had and give me a loving boot in the arse.

      My neighbours might hear the odd WTF?!, but if anything reading Serge’s crap makes me feel vindicated for exposing this scam as a personal priority.

      The College update is coming soon, in the meantime, I’ll also leave this here. The other directors are lawyers, Charles Wilson and Serryn O’Regan – who aren’t stupid enough to expose themselves on social media.

  3. Serge’s entire life post 1999 reads like an invented and inverted “B” grade science movie script. He is a time travelling space pilot from Shamballa who tries to turn the world and its inhabitants upside down starting with an announcement of glorified poop and voices from nowhere. ( who writes this stuff) He is full of hate and calls it love. He is the only one to have evolved and tries to dominate a race of primative humans, uncovering the shocking secrets of mankind and presents his keys to its future.
    But simmering beneath is a human hating attitude brought on by being a catastrophic failure and causes a strong psychological need to take over and take control of everyone and everything with a supreme goal of being successful. Its a difficult brain to map but patterns form as the same preferred surreal and conceited elements surface.
    The sad truth is vulnerable people will believe, and other shonksters will see it as a bandwagon to benefit from, but all are loyalists who are prepared to jump through ridiculous hoops and justify why. Human nature is so facinating and sometimes nauseating.
    There is money, sex, lies and intrigue.
    I dont think there will be a happy ending and the battle of proof of integrity and truth will end with him losing.
    Stay tuned……..

    • Hi Les, yes that has been done with some success. Serge was forced to sign an undertaking not to benefit from the charity and the funds being collected. By the time that was enforced they had $800K in the bank, earmarked to improve his building for the “College of UM” which was then going to be leased from him (??) That money is resting in a bank account now looking for a way out. Unfortunately, they were about to collect another $800K from a ‘student’ who was terminally ill while this investigation was underway. She was subsequently ‘influenced’ into giving that to him directly (and a further $600K in her will) with the help of devout inner members who helped engineer that generous ‘gift’. As far as we know, $800K has not been spent on that building, though he said it would be in court when stripping that ladies children of their rightful inheritance. Serge is currently building a lovely new palace out in the bush though.

      Who can read above and not understand Serge ticks all the boxes of a cult leader? But you can also understand why members won’t engage with those who ‘resist’ their truth or raise questions about Serge. In their heads, its entities and tricks of the Astral Plane. That’s why Esther and I have both been classified as members of the “Dark Lodge”.

      It’s a pretty serious head trap he has them ensnared in. From the outside it’s a magnificent yet steaming edifice of dung. From the inside it’s a crystal castle of wonderment made of a million sparkly mirrors. Finding an exit is near impossible.

  4. This is so so wrong & delusional?…..get real Eunice.
    “They have deliberately chosen the lies carefully to do as much harm as possible. But imagination and made up lies do not count as factual evidence for obvious reasons. There has not been any financial impropriety, tax evasion or fraud. The sheer breadth and kinds of accusations the detractors have hurled would have meant a person who had perpetrated such acts would be in jail – if they were true – but they are not. The complaints by the detractors have seen multiple government agencies thoroughly investigate Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon – and apart from some minor word changing on a product label, they have come up with a clean bill of health and no wrongdoing. The fact that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing should be enough to blow these concocted lies to smithereens and lay rest to the media stories that have been founded upon such lies.”

    • She also said entities exist, ‘there’s not a whiff of anything sexual about Esoteric Breast Massage’ and beliefs are facts. She’s deranged.

      I’ve given up on do not link BTW, looks like Australia’s free speechers (sarcasm) had it nobbled here.

    • She admits to the word changing on the eso herbs (nothing to do with the known detractors) but fails to admit to the undertaking not to benefit from the charity fundraising, the cancellation of their DGR by the ATO (which can only have happened because those govt bodies thought there was a problem), the UK charity having to pay VAT retrospectively which means the govt authorities in the UK thought there was a problem.

      There’s a certain naïveté the group default to about how the world works too. We are all aware, in the real world, that people get away with heinous stuff their whole lives without consequence. It doesn’t make them innocent. It makes the system flawed. Mother Teresa has just been canonised, that’s how little reality matters when myth takes the front seat.

      If Eunice doesn’t think there is some hint of ‘impropriety’ in Serge redirecting $800K to himself during the charity investigation then she is not just naive, but an idiot. Like the rest of the members, she can’t add up. There is clearly fancy accountancy going on at cult HQ or Serge’s $2M a year turnover claim is an absolute lie. She’s also forgotten that a parliamentary enquiry into alternative medicine showcased UM as a sham by experts (that they discredit because they like evidence)

      Does Serge have young girls stay over at his house? Yes, according to them. And did he marry a young lady that once stayed at his house as a teenage. Yes, according to them. Did his sons also do the same? Yes, according to them.

      Did Serge claim to the the reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci, then recant, then reclaim it, then recant, then lie about it? Yes, according to the clear evidence of his own statements.

      Would just those things raise questions for a reasonable person?

      I know I am flogging the same message but how obvious it all is is staggering. Eunice remains confused because she’s allows her mind to be filled with illogical self serving beliefs that demand discounting reality. She and her friends are so occupied trying to make sense of things beyond sense that their senses are dulled to the reality of the ugliness right before them. And I am not just talking about Serge’s pin head. I am talking about what comes out of it, and his obviously errant behaviour.

      How is Eunice still a practicing surgeon?

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