Dr Samuel Kim reprimanded by NSW Medical Council

Dr Kim promoting Esoteric Breast Massage for Universal Medicine

Lung specialist and Universal Medicine promoter Dr Samuel Kim has been reprimanded by the NSW Medical Council for professional misconduct. The action is the outcome of a NSW Health Care Complaints Commission investigation of a complaint made several years ago by ‘Patient A’, a woman with serious and debilitating illness who can’t be identified for legal reasons. The complaint arose from Dr Kim’s inappropriate prescribing and his referral of the patient to Universal Medicine practitioners for untested ‘therapies’. Dr Kim is an avid promoter of Universal Medicine and its leader Serge Benhayon.


Echo article 30 May 2017: Universal Medicine affiliated doctor reprimanded
Guardian article 31 May 2017: Doctor rebuked over ‘spiritual healing’ group touting ‘esoteric breast massage’
Northern Star article 31 May
Australian Doctor Article 1 June: Specialist reprimanded for ‘esoteric’ referrals
Full report from the Professional Standards Committee published by the Medical Council of New South Wales
‘The Committee made findings of unsatisfactory professional conduct and determined to reprimand Dr Kim and impose conditions on his registration.”

Click the links above to access the reports.

I’ve expanded on the info below. A non publication order prohibits any publication that identifies the patient in this case. Legal penalties apply.

Thoracic physician, Dr Samuel Tae-Kyu Kim is based in Spring Hill, Brisbane and Goonellabah, near Lismore, NSW. He practises from rooms at the Universal Medicine clinic and headquarters in Goonellabah. (Please note, the subject of the reprimand, Dr Samuel Tae-Kyu Kim, is not to be confused with any other doctors bearing the name Sam or Samuel Kim).

The Committee found Dr Kim had acted contrary to the Medical Council of NSW’s Complementary Health Care Policy. He referred Patient A for non evidence based therapies, including Esoteric Lung Massage and Esoteric Chakra-puncture, without making the distinction between proven and unproven treatments clear to her. He monopolized her care and failed to refer her to appropriate specialists. He failed to declare his conflicts of interest in referring the patient or his relationships with UM and Esoteric practitioners. He was found to have inappropriately prescribed hormone therapy and failed to disclose side effects.

The practitioner failed to adequately explain his association with the Universal Medicine organization, and the interconnections between the practitioners which he referred Patient A to between 2010 and 2012, including Mr Neil Ringe, Mr Serge Benhayon, Ms Jasna Jugovic and Mr Michael Serafin, contrary to clause 3 of the CHC and/or Medical Council of NSW’s Complementary Health Care Policy (September 2011). Committee report

The report is 25 pages, but very much worth reading.

Dr Kim admits Particular 2. For example, in his statement dated 1 December 2016, Dr Kim states:

“In my email to Patient A dated 14 November 2012 I said “…I also feel you should see Serge Benhayon one day sooner than later to help you – as your physical medicine is going well otherwise…..” At the time that I sent the email to Patient A I thought that I was clear that Mr Benhayon was not offering physical medical treatment. Mr Benhayon offers “spiritual healing” which, to my observation, can be used to complement conventional medicine, much in the same way many people find benefit from meditation or religion when they suffer from chronic illness. In hindsight I accept that I did not make that distinction clear to Patient A……….

I acknowledge that I did not make sufficiently clear to Patient A the distinction between the conventional medicine I was providing as her thoracic physician and the complementary therapies I recommended she pursue with Mr Ringe, Ms Jugovic, Dr Serafin and Mr Benhayon.” Paragraph 41

Dr Kim said there had been a campaign to discredit Universal Medicine, describing it as a cult, and when he first received the complaint he felt Patient A may have been part of that ‘conspiracy’. He said he still considers Patient A may have colluded with the people trying to defame both him and Universal Medicine. Paragraph 107

Universal Medicine is doing a very good job of defaming itself. See Our Mission page for a summary of issues of concern and regulatory actions taken so far.


I’ve voiced strong concerns and made official notifications and submissions about UM’s practices for almost five years. UM made national news for bullying those of us who put our names to official complaints. Two of us who’ve put our names to online commentary have been called liars, cyber-bullies and ‘trolls’. Since 2015 I’ve been defending two defamation claims for stating the bleeding obvious.

In 2012 I made complaints to the HCCC about the doctors promoting UM and referring vulnerable patients. The HCCC did not investigate. Instead, it stated in a letter that the doctors are ‘entitled to provide their personal opinions’ and ‘to refer patients to other services as they feel appropriate’. Five years later the Professional Standards Committee of the Medical Council ended up asking the same questions I had, and reached similar conclusions to mine.

The report will also look wonderful in my legal defences.

Referrals to the UM cartel

According to the decision, Patient A was sent to Dr Sam Kim’s soon to be wife for useless Esoteric Lung Massage. Next, the patient paid good money to Neil Ringe for Esoteric Chakra-puncture. I imagine that entailed an earful of how the acupuncture rip off helps patients to be ‘who they truly are’. And little else.

Dr Kim explained that chakra puncture uses needling, but more superficial needling than is used in acupuncture. He said chakra puncture is based on the natural flow of energy as described in the Science of Nadis. Dr Kim believes that it has been in existence for about 16 years, but also has origins in ancient Egyptian times. He stated that chakra puncture is an internationally recognised therapy, although Universal Medicine is the only group which practices and teaches chakra puncture. Paragraph 60

Michael Serafin

Dr Kim also prescribed unwarranted hormone therapy in consultation with  UM’s pharmacist, Dr Michael Serafin of Ballina Compounding Chemist. Serafin is described at paragraph 103 as a ‘non-medically trained pharmacist’. He also has his own serious trouble with AHPRA. Last year he was placed on conditional registration after an adverse event related to one of his intravenous preparations. The story made the Sydney Morning Herald. He is prohibited from compounding, dispensing and supplying ‘Myers Cocktail’ supplement preparations, as well as preparations containing the amino acid glutathione.

In addition, since that investigation, Serafin has also been prohibited from compounding, supplying or dispensing Ketamine. Ketamine is an anaesthetic, also known as ‘Special K‘. It’s a Schedule 8 controlled drug and can only be prescribed by physicians with a special permit. Doesn’t quite fit with UM’s holier than thou Esoteric image, so watch that space.

Serafin regularly plugs UM, and is a presenter for their troubled College of Universal Medicine charity. The charity had its Deductible Gift Recipient status revoked by the ATO following our complaints. None of the directors have answered my questions on the whereabouts of its $600k gift fund. It appears those assets were confiscated.

By the time Dr Kim referred Patient A to UM physiotherapist Kate Greenaway, and the maestro, Serge Benhayon, she’d had enough.

Patient harm

Dr Kim’s referrals to the Esoteric cartel delayed appropriate medical care, prolonging her pain. The useless therapies wasted her money and time.

Dr Yates says that at the time of the referral for esoteric lung massage Patient A was suffering from chest pain, joint/hip/rib pain and generalised symptoms of fatigue and malaise and it would have been usual to refer her to a rheumatologist and/or endocrinologist. Consideration should also have been given to referral to a Pain Clinic. She believes that at the time of the referral the avenues for conventional medical treatment had not been exhausted. (31)

The Committee is satisfied that Dr Kim’s conduct was contrary to Clause 3 of the CHC as he recommended esoteric lung massage, an unproven and unaccepted treatment, without broad professional support when other conventional referrals and treatments would have been the usual approach. He did not provide Patient A with enough information to enable informed consent and he acknowledged that she suffered economic harm in having the treatment. (39)

Dr Yates is strongly critical of Dr Kim recommending and prescribing bioidentical HRT, for which there is no sound evidence base. She is also critical of his failing to refer Patient A to an endocrinologist. The Committee accepts Dr Yates’ evidence and is satisfied, on the basis of Dr Kim’s admissions and the available evidence, that Particular 3 is proven. (56)

The Committee is comfortably satisfied that Dr Kim’s conduct, as well as being significantly below the relevant standard, is also improper and unethical conduct. (81)

Esoteric obfuscations

From the expert witness Dr Yates:

When asked whether she considered Universal Medicine to be a form of complementary medicine, akin to acupuncture and herbalism or whether it was more like a religion, Dr Yates stated that she didn’t think of it as a religion, but rather as an attitude towards the origins of illness and its treatment. She said it affects an attitude which conventional medicine abandoned in the 19th century and this heightens the need to clearly distinguish for patients the difference between conventional medicine and Universal Medicine. Particularly as it is unclear, given it is a relatively new organisation, how Universal Medicine’s training programs are accredited. Paragraph 73.

It’s not in the report but Dr Kim is one of the ‘honorary Patrons and Consulting Medical Advisors‘ for Benhayon’s in house ‘accreditation body’, the Esoteric Practitioners Association.

From the 2015 NSW Parliamentary Inquiry Report that slammed UM:

3.29 The treatments offered were devised by the organisation’s founder and while the organisation provides courses and qualifications for practitioners, they are not accredited. 

UM is not a registered training organization and therefore can’t offer officially recognized accreditation.

The real victim was Dr Kim. According to Dr Kim.

Dr Kim drew a distinction between his personal beliefs and his professional practice, and strongly denied that Universal Medicine influenced his practice as a thoracic physician. The Committee considered that he has not fully understood the extent to which his association with Universal Medicine and ‘esoteric practitioners’ has influenced his practice as a thoracic physician, nor that his bias toward Universal Medicine practices potentially put Patient A at risk.

However, at the end of his evidence Dr Kim said he now appreciates that his connection with Universal Medicine does bias his practice in relation to referrals and that his may have been the case with Patient A. Dr Kim’s delay in coming to this realisation may explain why, from the making of the complaint until the last day of the Committee’s proceedings, he failed to acknowledge the potential harm to Patient A in recommending non-evidence based treatments and Universal Medicine practitioners, in preference to medical specialists and allied health practitioners. He did not express any appreciation of the impact of his actions on a very ill and vulnerable patient. Nor did he express contrition. Paragraphs 104-5

The committee didn’t buy it.

The Committee is comfortably satisfied that Dr Kim’s conduct, as well as being significantly below the relevant standard, is also improper and unethical conduct. Paragraph 86

The Committee found that Dr Kim’s evidence was not always clear or coherent. His oral evidence was at times contradictory and on other occasions, his oral evidence was not consistent with his written statements. When challenged, his responses to these inconsistencies failed to adequately clarify the issue. Paragraph 97

At times Dr Kim did not appear to be a reliable witness. He stated that he was using an information sheet for patients but when asked to provide a copy conceded that the document was still in production and not yet in use. There were also times where he appeared to prevaricate or respond to questions in a tangential manner. For example, he attempted to minimise his association with Universal Medicine by challenging questions asked about that association. Professional Standards Committee report Paragraph 99

Disciplinary action

The Council’s action against Dr Kim may not have been swift but it was decisive. There’s too much to list here, but he’s prohibited from making referrals to complementary health practitioners without seeking a second opinion from a fully qualified specialist. He’s undergoing supervision, he’s now required to align with Medical Council policy and fully explain the difference between evidence based and non evidence based medicine to patients. His practice is being audited. A specialist appointed by the Council will check his files for further evidence of misconduct.

Questions for Dr Kim

Foundational Breast Care is another Universal Medicine front, run by Esoteric Womens Health and the Esoteric Practitioners Association to push Esoteric Breast Massage and the practitioner training swindle that goes with it. It’d be interesting to know what the Committee would have concluded if they’d been able to consider these promotions as part of the complaint. Dr Kim misleadingly links the controversial practice to breast cancer prevention, breast disorders in general, and any other thing he can cook up.

Who knows what this means:

Such promotions don’t get much support from Dr Kim’s non UM affiliated peers.

Otherwise, I’ve taken Dr Kim to task in the past for his bogus ‘research study‘ into Esoteric Lung Massage. He’s also a frequent contributor to UM blogs and websites where he contributes pseudoscience and devotions to Benhayon. Not to mention the concerning remarks Serge Benhayon made on audio to a large UM audience stating Dr Kim had assisted patients to die.

Questions for UM’s invested health professionals

As I’ve asserted for years, Dr Kim is not the only compromised medical specialist mindlessly banging the UM marketing drum. Five other specialists grace the internet selling ‘miracle cures’, with NHS surgeon Eunice Minford extending the madness to promoting the enterprise’s commercial exorcisms and pseudoscientific butchering of quantum physics. For the love of Serge.

None of the six medical specialists and three GPs selling Serge have risen to answering our questions.

Finally, we shouldn’t forget the group’s psychologists flogging ‘miracle pain relief‘ that isn’t, and supernatural entity possession. One was put on conditional registration for her public devotionals. Another directed to undergo counselling.

Unfortunately it took four years for the Health Care Complaints Commission to reach the decision on Dr Kim. We may never know how many vulnerable patients have been adversely effected by this group. The fact more of UM’s health professionals haven’t been investigated or faced tougher disciplinary action is a matter of serious public concern.

See also:

Universal Medicine Accountability – Naming Names 

Questions for the UM doctors

Universal Medicine slammed by NSW Parliamentary Inquiry – excerpts Professor Dwyer’s testimony at the public hearing

45 thoughts on “Dr Samuel Kim reprimanded by NSW Medical Council

  1. This is very good news. I hope it will lead to further, national coverage to help prevent any other people being harmed by these sham therapies. Absolutely disgusting how this patient was treated. It’s unethical and dangerous for doctors to be referring people for ‘treatments’ to unqualified individuals. The doctor/patient relationship relies on trust – trust that the doctor has the best interest of his or her patients at heart. Kim failed woefully in this, and sending Patient A to see unqualified pretenders is a serious breach of that trust.

    I hope Patient A is now fully recovered after receiving genuine medical care.

    • So now his integrity has been compromised will he be kicked out of the epa?
      He has to be surely as he has broken their code of ethics.

    • MED0001206762
      Hey serge take a look under this number on ahpra
      That’s the consequence of aligning to you.
      This is why the medical profession is regulated and why your modalities will never ever be accepted.
      See the conditions

    • I’ll write the EPA a letter citing which section he has breached and recommend he be disciplined.

      • 😂

        & they’ll have to write a million more words on the *Facts* site about those bullies and abusers on the Professional Standards Committee of the Medical Council.

        And Dr Yates, and Professor Dwyer, and Josh, and Jane, and Chris and two loveless men from Bangalow, lol 🤣

        By the way, I just heard from The Guardian – their report was one of the most viewed on their Australian site today. It has also been published on The Guardian UK site, and apparently the journalist Bridie Jabour discussed it on radio this afternoon. Not sure which radio and I’m too busy to find out, but I imagine it was the ABC.

  2. Great news. We had a little dance here in Russia. Though the language is getting too technical for us, we just hope, Patient A is well again.

  3. I read an article in the past once where a surgical Dr, after delivering a child by c-section, was suturing up the wound only to finish off by carving his initials 8cm high and 2cm deep into the patients abdomen. Apparently his defence was a mental condition resulting from cult worship. The patient was awarded multiple millions in damages.
    This demonstrates the extreme case of blind worship and the fact that even the most intelligent people can ditch their integrity, awarenes of right and wrong and professionalism to appease their guru and beliefs

  4. Thank you, The Guardian article delves a little further into Dr Kim’s UM promotions and gives Professor Dwyer’s testimony to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry a mention. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/may/31/doctor-rebuked-over-spiritual-healing-group-touting-esoteric-breast-massage?CMP=share_btn_tw
    The journalist, Joshua Robertson, had reported on UM in 2012 and was the only one to ask Serge about the charity. Thank you Josh!

    Thank you also to Jane Hansen for her article in the Northern Star.

    Thanks for your comments. Keep them coming. I’ve been busy! 😮

    • Wow what a week, finally finally there is indipendent evidence and proof of what you have been saying, and everyone on this blog has known all along.
      After reading the news article one thing sticks out.
      Unimed has been appropriately and legally exposed.
      Me thinks serge will cast him out for him being caught with his pants down.
      The brides will call it an attack but read the friggin report, referring someone to your partner without disclosing this, that alone should be grounds for deregistration in my opinion.
      Either way serge has to cast him out,
      For exposing him ( personal reason) will probably depend on the depth of their friendship if this happens
      And for professional reasons, out of EPA for breaching the highest standards of integrity in the world, to maintain any sense of integrity within the EPA.
      I have an idea for the EPA, have similar procedures where it is on public record if a practitioner is reprimanded.
      Oh that’s right the EPA answers to itself, so that’s unlikely.

    • Sadly can’t read as not a registered doctor. Is it possible to copy and paste here? A lot of people are interested in this story and would be good to be able to pass on all relevant info.

      • Sorry, I thought it was public access. Posting the whole article is a no no. Contact me directly for further info. There’s nothing new in the article. The following is an extract:

        A thoracic specialist and senior university lecturer who referred a patient to “esoteric” practitioners for chakra puncture, lung massage and spiritual healing has been reprimanded.

        The patient first saw Dr Samuel Tae-Kyu Kim, who practises in Brisbane and northern NSW, for a chronic cough in 2010.

        Dr Kim, a senior lecturer in medicine at the University of Queenland, prescribed a range of medications and offered a series of different diagnoses, eventually settling on hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

        A couple of months after the initial consultation, he referred the patient to his partner, Jasna Jugovic, for a $70 “esoteric lung massage”…

        Dr Kim did not tell the patient that he was in relationship with Ms Jugovic, nor that they were both members of the Esoteric Practitioners Association, a branch of an organisation called Universal Medicine.

        According to the committee’s written judgment, Dr Kim indicated that the organisation focuses on healing “with a capital H” and endeavours to understand the root cause of illness.

        At one point, Dr Kim emailed the patient, telling her that “deep-seated grief is a major driving factor in lung disease”.

        The committee said Dr Kim had also referred the patient to another esoteric practitioner, a compounding pharmacist, for what was described as bio-identical HRT.

        The patient was already using HRT patches prescribed by her GP and did not have abnormal hormone test results when Dr Kim told her that her regular HRT was harmful, the committee was told…

        The committee found that, when referring the patient, Dr Kim did not explain the difference between evidence-based medicine and ‘esoteric’ medicine, nor that he and the other esoteric practitioners were all linked through Universal Medicine.

        “It is very unusual for a specialist medical practitioner to refer a patient for non-evidence based treatment, but should this occur, full disclosure and detailed discussion of the treatment is essential,” the committee said..

        Dr Kim told the committee that he was still recommending Universal Medicine practitioners despite the patient’s complaint but was “more careful”.

        He also said there was a campaign to discredit Universal Medicine — including people calling it a cult — and that he thought the patient might be part of a conspiracy to defame the organisation…

        • Sorry but telling the truth about an organisations practices when those practices are let’s just say a little wacky, is not the same as trying to discredit.
          More like trying to raise awareness.
          Sorry you got caught, not.

        • The whole ‘conspiracy’ UM has dreamt up is a poor excuse for their fears of being questioned about what they are up to. There’s nothing wrong with examining what a group is up to, discussing what a group is up to, or lodging complaints to regulators where appropriate. UM have been crying conspiracy since day one and attempting to smear inquisitors at every opportunity. It reveals far more about them than I suspect they are aware, and their campaign against Esther, Lance and others has confirmed for many people exactly what UM is really about. How many news reports have there been now? And every one ends with the same conclusion. UM’s paranoia must be extreme if they think the HCCC, the Medical Council, the TGA, and every media outlet that has chosen to write about them is part of a conspiracy against them!

          • You have to remember that ‘us and them’ is an ethos of the group. It stands to reason to members that the pranic world is aligned against them. They will frame anything against them as corrupt, a lie, or as a conspiracy using spherical logic to conclude their case and the ‘truth’ of UM is again verified. It keeps them going, otherwise they’d have to put up with Serge’s whack job theories and energetic edicts without any drama to keep them pumped.

            They’ve withstood Serge recanting, reclaiming and then recanting his laughable Leonardo claims, Serge’s infamous “Pineapple Express” incident where he magically found an online “news” account the very night he was confronted by David Millikan recounting his heroism in the face of a unexpected criticism, the demise of Serge’s/UM “charity”, with Serge quitting as an eternal chairman the day before a critical news report appeared, Serge picking up large bequests from his patients and fighting families in court to retain large chunks of cash he doesnt really need, Serge claiming he’s nobody special, while also claiming to be the only 5/6th level master ever- better than the Dalai Lama. Let’s not forget his stories about always being wealthy (bankrupt), how he and Miranda magically got together (bankrupt) and that he knows more than any scientist (but he doesn’t know the formulas, of course). That’s leaving out a wealth of other misdirections that are too numerous to list.

            The group backed Zac Featherstone who’s been implicated in major fraud, so I am sure they will be in Sam Kim’s corner despite his incompetence. They’re probably pandering all over him right now. Patient “A”‘s suffering?? Irrelevant to them, just like the McIntyre kids and everyone else they’ve attacked and besmirched along the way. In the name of Serge.

            The group’s collective and personal dissonance is bullet proof. They’ve transformed Serge into the messiah with superhuman qualities. He’s a projection of their own need to believe in something that transcends their rather insignificant lives.

            The good news is that the public, and would be recruits, get to see UM for what it is before they sign on the dotted line. Sadly, I suspect this is why they are now infecting countries where English isn’t the first language and where Google search results are kinder.

  5. Very well said, “Mr. Cyberbully”. Please be assured, Unimed has people resisting them here in Germany, too. We would even translate some of Esther´s texts if needed/permitted.

    • Good idea Klaus. I am sure we could put our heads together to ensure there are translated versions of these sites coming up in search results where it hurts the most.

  6. Hey friends, this is the proof we’ve all been waiting for and what Esther has been banging on about for years. The medical professional UM “students” are deceitful towards their “clients” and are steering their business towards the Hocus Pocus Circus instead of real medical help. Their snake oil marketing is shameful and corrupt, because their lack of empathy is non-existent.

    Trademark Narcissism at its best.

    Esther is going broke and is getting so close to her historic win. Now is the time to donate to her fun. She this doing this for us, and the future victims of these monsters. Reach deep and give her some much needed cash to get the Rockett to Sirius.

    PS This is not Esther, nor affiliated. I just care.

    • No public one, no, but you can bet your bottom dollar emails are circulating rapidly behind closed servers. “Loveless males”, “bullying”, “abuse”, “media bias”, “give me your money now” are all phrases in multiple use…

      Sorry, that last one is probably not being said out loud, just being thought of by SB 😉

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments, especially you DONATE NOW – you can come back anytime. 🙂

    Hello Klaus und Klaus – please feel free to translate any of my stuff. Our Mission page might be enough if it includes the links to this site perhaps – and the link to the Wikipedia article on UM. Most German people seem to have good English – a lot better than Serge and Alison Greig’s! Only tip I would give is to avoid Google platforms and use a US or other platform (I recommend WordPress) where content can’t be taken down without a court order.

    Which reminds me I need to update it with the finding against Dr Kim.

    To Bob and Truth prevails – very interesting. I haven’t had a chance to look. The only reaction I’ve seen to Dr Kim getting caught was someone hiding behind a pseudonym 😆 running the ‘facts about UM’ Twitter account snarking about me. Apparently every time a UMer gets caught at misconduct it’s my fault. They gnash their teeth and wail my name in indignation.

    Remember at the last court date, Charlie Barrister Pants Wilson went into jealousy and comparison and told the court I ‘bring the media’ and ‘use the media’? That’s after the judge told him to stop calling me a ‘troll’. How many press releases have UM put out Charles? Your wife? How many did the press pick up? The’Real story’ hey? Put out a press release then evade questions, or answer in a way that makes people more concerned? Hilarious the Facts Committee tell each other to be careful not to ‘go into reaction’ but every word and deed is a brainless foot bullet. Then they blame me when they get the reputation they deserve. In truth.

    I may have mentioned on the other blog there is more to this story. I’m not sure how long before it comes out, but it’s a pretty damning development. There’s no going back for UM. That’s how bad it is.

  8. Remember when UM tried to have me face the firing squad for using a pseudonym? 😄

    Here’s the UM – Alan? The *Facts* Committee? – rant on the Dr Kim decision on the Echo website. To hell with the legal process of the NSW Medical Council. To hell with Patient A’s frail health or UM’s policy of attacking and defaming official complainants & making Esoteric tits of themselves – the real victim is poor bent Dr Kim and the poor, bent UM racket.

    My opinion in response:

    There’s a Pandora’s box of issues about this story just begging to be ripped open and exposed…

    The true story: A highly competent and dedicated doctor gets investigated at length and held to account by regulatory authorities in a four year exercise that is way over the top for the nature of the patient’s complaint. The investigation, as it was conducted, was an act of deliberate and prolonged harm against the doctor. The published report on the investigation, inquiry and punishment of the doctor, as the culmination of the exercise, is an act of deliberate harm toward not only the doctor but also toward the two organisations and four other people repeatedly mentioned in the report, none of whom were under investigation or subject to the inquiry, but are nonetheless deliberately targeted. One party other than the doctor was mentioned as many as 68 times in the 26 page report. Publication of the committee’s report was a purposeful act of deliberate harm, effectively handing over the doctor and the other parties named for crucifixion by the news media. The media eagerly latch on and sensationalise for a clever, juicy, biased story deliberately crafted and published in order protract and amplify the harm, bringing to full fruition the committee’s intended and hoped-for harm. And finally the internet trolls drool with delight over fresh ammunition with which to launch another round of bullying and intimidation against the doctor and the other parties named in the report. The regulatory authorities involved have a party and dance with glee upon seeing the total harm, damage and suffering inflicted upon their intended targets, even more than they hoped for… Bonus!

    This CLEARLY is abuse, harassment, bullying, intended harm and ultimately flagrant persecution of the highest order. The harm to this point already is real and extreme. The future potential harm from the acts already committee is even greater.

    The true story: The Dark Ages of the Inquisition, replete with intimidation, torture and abuse actually never ended. They are alive and well!

    So, to whom are the Health Care Complaints Commission, the Professional Standards Committee, the news media and the cyber-bullies, clearly all complicit in this persecution, accountable? https://www.echo.net.au/2017/05/universal-medicine-affiliated-doctor-reprimanded/

    Um…. the government, the public… ‘Peter’ 😂

    It’s UM’s characteristic disrespect for accountability, the law and legal process. Expect more whining just like that as it hits harder. And harder. The persecution! 😱 The injustice! 😫 The trollz! 😭


  9. Isn’t that exactly how we expect them to think and react? Denial of the facts and a conspiracy. I guess we and the slow moving HCCC are answerable to Serge..? or the fiery plan? or god? Who knows. It’s clear “Peter” doesn’t understand that the bureaucrats in the HCCC and Professionals Standard committee almost have to see a corpse before they can be bothered to do anything. Can you imagine them conspiring at length with us ‘trolls’ to take down some random doctor as part of a ‘vendetta’ against Universal medicine. As if they even really care. Hm, they even said, “they don’t care”

    I guess it’s too hard for Peter or his fellow “students” to imagine, it MUST be true. And for those bodies to act, it must be serious. Posturing Pete read the report and missed the parts about serious harm and the robust disingenuous attitude of said doc. But managed to count names mentioned and get all indignant.

    Well, ain’t that typical. The esoteric mind* hard at work.

    But we know there is a lot more to it than that. Sam Kim isn’t the only one up to his neck in Serge’s fantasy world thereby compromising themselves in the name of someone else’s overwhelming sense of destiny, that started – so legend has it- with the most ironic shit in recent history That’s the shit that is now on a lot of students faces. Including pathetic Pete with his mangled moral compass. They are all circling to defend Sam. No student of the esoteric can do wrong.

    Unless Serge says so.

  10. Well well well, there’s a Peter Cavanagh recently married to the proprietor of Unimed Brisbane. Nothing like a bit of ‘persecution’ of one’s missus’s dubious income stream with an official finding is there Peter? Careful, or one might get all overcome with cancer causing emotion.

    Funny how they all ‘express’ alike. Just like the UM brains trust on its *Facts* Commissariat of recycled Cathars.

    Someone’s trying to make us accountable! 😵 The persecution!! 😫

    • Judging by Peters langauge he’s drank the cool aid. It is remarkable how they are “know” the “true” story on any matter despite EVERYONE and EVERYTHING informing them otherwise with an abundance of facts.

      That’s called delusion.

    • I knew I recognised that name! Thank you for clarifying. Such a load of horseshit he wrote. The guy’s one card short a full deck (or maybe most of the cards short) if he thinks there’s some huge global conspiracy against Benhayon’s Bogans. Most of the world has never heard of them and the majority of those that have don’t really give a shit about them either. They are just an insignificant group of numptys, led by an even more insignificant numpty who sadly has caused an in proportionate amount of harm for his tiny stature.

      I wish they would all rack off back to whatever planet they think they are from and leave the rest of us in peace.

    • So someone copied me a Facebook post with a soliloquy to Sergio from Peter, and lo and behold he LIVES at Unimed Brisbane – you know, in the $2m building owned by The 6th Degree initiate and Susan Scully. The one they wanted UMers to chip into the mortgage for – with Esoteric ‘tax benefits’, after they’d asked them to clean it, build some of it, fit it out and maintain it as well.

      Peter Serge is my Landlord and the Saviour of my lost Soul Cavanagh. He went on a date with Jenny and ended up married to Serge.

      Do Jenny and the rest of the Fairfield Esos get referrals from Dr Kim too, Pete?


      The intimidation! 😮 The torture! 😲 The *Inquisition*!! 🙀


      P.S. I don’t have time to look up the link, but to person who sent it, you can paste it in comments. Right click and copy the link in the date of the Facebook post and bung it here. No need to put the whole comment, it’s a waste of blog space.

  11. Admissions
    11. Dr Kim made several admissions in relation to the factual aspects of the
    Complaint and also admitted that his conduct amounted to unsatisfactory
    professional conduct.

    78. Dr Kim accepts that his conduct is significantly below the standard to be
    reasonably expected of a practitioner with his level of training or experience.
    He also accepts that his conduct is improper and unethical. In his statement
    dated 25 January 2017 he states:
    “I admit that I have engaged in unsatisfactory professional conduct under
    section 139B(1) (a) and section 139B(1) (l) of the Health Practitioner
    Regulation National Law.

    Click to access Decision%20-%20KIM%20Samuel%20Tae-Kyu%20-%20PSC%20-%208%20May%202017.pdf

  12. Professional Standards Committees:

    Complaints which may lead to a finding of unsatisfactory professional conduct are normally referred to a Professional Standards Committee (PSC). A PSC takes an investigative approach rather than a strict adversarial format. Unlike Courts, a PSC is not bound to observe the strict rules governing the admissibility of evidence and can inform itself of any matter in such manner as it deems appropriate. However, a PSC must be conducted in accordance with the principles of natural justice. The HCCC prosecutes the complaint before a PSC and the parties are entitled to be accompanied by an Australian legal practitioner or other adviser, and should feel free to seek the assistance of their adviser at any time. Another adviser may represent the practitioner.

    A PSC is legally separate from, and independent to, the Medical Council. A PSC comprises a legal practitioner, two medical practitioners and one lay, or non-medical, member. PSCs constituted from 1 October 2008 are conducted in public unless the Committee determines otherwise.


  13. UM health professionals are probably shaking in their shoes… The true emotional, social and professional (reputation) costs of following a narcissist’s delusions are emerging.

    Denial, arrogance and desperately formulating bizarre conspiracy theories to blame everybody except themselves, confirms how far they have lost touch with reality.

    Focusing on “woe is me” (them selves) and disregarding the impact on victims also exposes where their true hearts lie (excuse the pun).

    So much for integrity and responsibility, easier to shoot the messager / s.

  14. 1. UM has now deleted the webpage of Dr Kim giving a glowing testimony of Breast Massage, here is the archive – https://web.archive.org/web/20170722014318/http://www.foundationalbreastcare.com/sam-kim.html
    2. After the discipline, Dr Kim has now deleted his twitter account, it was at – https://twitter.com/pulmonarycare1
    3. For historic value here’s the archived PDF report of the PSC inquiry into Dr Kim – https://web.archive.org/web/20170728033246/http://www.mcnsw.org.au/resources/1585/Decision%20-%20KIM%20Samuel%20Tae-Kyu%20-%20PSC%20-%208%20May%202017.pdf

  15. Thank you & good to know ‘For your information’
    There are quite a few other still active postings of Dr Samuel Kim’s UM promotion and support.

    A sampling:

    Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine ~ a doctor’s perspective


    Truly seeing the truth of what is | Unimed Living

    Jasna and Sam Kim A love That is For All – Universal Medicine Exposed

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