Dr Sam Kim was reprimanded & Universal Medicine drowned in hysterical tears

UM on the rack - Inquisition

UM on the rack

Last month the Medical Council of NSW published its decision on a finding of professional misconduct against lung specialist Dr Samuel Kim, who operates his practice from the Universal Medicine clinic in Goonellabah. The decision made news locally, in The Guardian Australia and overseas. According to the Professional Standards Committee, Dr Kim was found to be an unreliable witness. He expressed no remorse for harm done to the patient. He admitted to misconduct. Yet, UM’s Sons of God have portrayed the finding as ‘torture’ and ‘deliberate harm’ on a par with the Inquisition. 

Last month’s blog has links to all the news reports, the HCCC media release and the decision itself, and it’s discussed in detail there.

It appears that UM’s associates didn’t read any of that, least of all the report itself. The patient was in very poor health. Dr Kim was found to have referred her for esoteric ‘healing’, and to esoteric investors, his mates, rather than appropriate medical specialists. He did not declare his conflicts of interests or inform her of the distinction between evidence based therapies and UM’s contrivances. He prolonged her suffering by delaying her from getting appropriate medical treatment, and she wasted money on Esoteric rubbish that could have been better used.

Dr Kim played the victim to the end.

However, at the end of his evidence Dr Kim said he now appreciates that his connection with Universal Medicine does bias his practice in relation to referrals and that this may have been the case with Patient A. Dr Kim’s delay in coming to this realisation may explain why, from the making of the complaint until the last day of the Committee’s proceedings, he failed to acknowledge the potential harm to Patient A in recommending non-evidence based treatments and Universal Medicine practitioners, in preference to medical specialists and allied health practitioners. He did not express any appreciation of the impact of his actions on a very ill and vulnerable patient. Nor did he express contrition. Report Paragraphs 104-5

Once the report came out, UM then took on the mantle of Dr Kim’s victimhood for their whole movement.

Peter Cavanagh was one who leapt boldly from UM’s maximum security propaganda fortress, where dissent is punishable by many reincarnations into pranic misery and disability as an Esoteric Judas, to post a comment on the Echo article.

There’s a Pandora’s box of issues about this story just begging to be ripped open and exposed…

The true story: A highly competent and dedicated doctor gets investigated at length and held to account by regulatory authorities in a four year exercise that is way over the top for the nature of the patient’s complaint. The investigation, as it was conducted, was an act of deliberate and prolonged harm against the doctor. The published report on the investigation, inquiry and punishment of the doctor, as the culmination of the exercise, is an act of deliberate harm toward not only the doctor but also toward the two organisations and four other people repeatedly mentioned in the report, none of whom were under investigation or subject to the inquiry, but are nonetheless deliberately targeted. One party other than the doctor was mentioned as many as 68 times in the 26 page report. Publication of the committee’s report was a purposeful act of deliberate harm, effectively handing over the doctor and the other parties named for crucifixion by the news media. The media eagerly latch on and sensationalise for a clever, juicy, biased story deliberately crafted and published in order protract and amplify the harm, bringing to full fruition the committee’s intended and hoped-for harm. And finally the internet trolls drool with delight over fresh ammunition with which to launch another round of bullying and intimidation against the doctor and the other parties named in the report. The regulatory authorities involved have a party and dance with glee upon seeing the total harm, damage and suffering inflicted upon their intended targets, even more than they hoped for… Bonus!

This CLEARLY is abuse, harassment, bullying, intended harm and ultimately flagrant persecution of the highest order. The harm to this point already is real and extreme. The future potential harm from the acts already committee is even greater.

The true story: The Dark Ages of the Inquisition, replete with intimidation, torture and abuse actually never ended. They are alive and well!

So, to whom are the Health Care Complaints Commission, the Professional Standards Committee, the news media and the cyber-bullies, clearly all complicit in this persecution, accountable?

They’re accountable to the public. That’s why the decision, like all findings by the HCCC, was published in the first place. To protect the public.

I asked in a comment on the Echo article what Peter’s relationship with UM is? He didn’t reply. A reader sent me a link. Peter is the spouse of Esoteric Breast Massager Jenny Ellis, a long standing business associate of UM leader Serge Benhayon, who practices at the Unimed clinic in Fairfield Brisbane and was a former Unimed Brisbane Pty Ltd company director. Seeing Dr Kim also practices in Brisbane, it’s possible he was referring patients there.

Plus Pete and Jenny live on the premises. As far as I know it’s a $2m+ property owned by Unimed Brisbane Pty Ltd, which is owned by Benhayon and Susan Scully. Last year I published one of Desiree’s 2010 emails calling for ‘investments’ in the centre with ‘tax benefits’, and mentioning the cleaning, maintenance and some of the fit out was provided by volunteers. Student notes also show Benhayon asking for donations to pay the mortgage.

That’s some act of ‘service’ for Jenny and Pete, and the other unisex Sons of God, selflessly caretaking and making improvements on Serge and Susan’s equity.

Anyway, Pete posted his comment on Facebook as well, with the above illustration of UM’s persecution fantasy. It’s one of Benhayon’s favourite themes – the slaughter of the Cathars, recently reincarnated as paid up members of the Esoteric Practitioners Association. Eveyone’s out to get them. Serge says so.

Cavanagh FB whine

It met with the usual consensus from the investors. All of them public promoters of UM. Terri-Anne Connors is a UM event coordinator. Psychologist Marianna Masiorski also works from UM Brisbane and used to advertise ‘Esoteric Psychology’ until AHPRA put conditions on her registration too. Psychologist Caroline Raphael works with Sam Kim and Serge Benhayon at the UM Goonellabah clinic. 

But that’s the thing Caroline, Dr Kim didn’t tell the truth. From the decision:

  1. The Committee found that Dr Kim’s evidence was not always clear or coherent. His oral evidence was at times contradictory and on other occasions, his oral evidence was not consistent with his written statements. When challenged, his responses to these inconsistencies failed to adequately clarify the issue.
  2. On some matters Dr Kim strongly asserted his ‘innocence’, yet at the same time acknowledged aspects of his practice which established the allegation against him. In his submission Dr Kim asserts that his conduct is not unethical, but in an earlier statement he acknowledges that his conduct constitutes unsatisfactory professional conduct under s.139 (l) of the National Law.
  3. At times Dr Kim did not appear to be a reliable witness. He stated that he was using an information sheet for patients but when asked to provide a copy conceded that the document was still in production and not yet in use. There were also times where he appeared to prevaricate or respond to questions in a tangential manner. For example, he attempted to minimise his association with Universal Medicine by challenging questions asked about that association.
  4. In relation to whether he continues to refer patients to Universal Medicine practitioners, Dr Kim gave contradictory evidence and his final assertion that he no longer makes such referrals was difficult to accept in light of his own evidence about the lengths to which he goes to now ensure patients give informed consent to complementary treatments.

In the past year a bunch of UM promoters have joined an organization called HPARA. Its charter is to reform accountability procedures for health professionals. It’s a strange position to take considering a bunch of HPARA’s new members made a bunch of silly and primitively expressed complaints to AHPRA about me. No action was taken of course. I didn’t find the process to be torture. I hadn’t breached my professional codes. I thought it was a waste of AHPRA’s resources.

Dr Kim however, admitted wrongdoing, which makes the above assertions of ‘deliberate harm’ by the Medical Council ring hollow.

Dr Kim made several admissions in relation to the factual aspects of the Complaint and also admitted that his conduct amounted to unsatisfactory professional conduct.

Dr Kim accepts that his conduct is significantly below the standard to be reasonably expected of a practitioner with his level of training or experience. He also accepts that his conduct is improper and unethical. In his statement dated 25 January 2017 he states:

“I admit that I have engaged in unsatisfactory professional conduct under section 139B(1) (a) and section 139B(1) (l) of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law..

The Committee agrees.

Dr Kim is a specialist thoracic physician of many years experience. The Committee agrees with the expert opinion of Dr Yates that Dr Kim’s conduct was significantly below the standard reasonably expected of a practitioner with his level of training and experience. He inappropriately recommended and prescribed treatment (bioidentical HRT) for Patient A, when this was outside the scope of his expertise and done without appropriate referral. He recommended other treatments, such as esoteric lung massage and chakra puncture, knowing there was insufficient evidence for their efficacy as treatments for Patient A’s lung condition. Medical Council decision paragraphs 11, 78-80

When I pointed out that the reactions of Peter and the rest of the unisex Brides of Serge were a tad histrionic we got the usual declaration of Esoteric untouchability, accompanied by the lynching call to have me locked up.

Turns out the same people who wasted AHPRA’s time with nonsense complaints wasted weeks of police time too. Yet when an official finding is made by authorities, acting on a complaint from a patient who had been harmed, it’s an ‘abuse’ of process, the investigation is an act of torture, and a dispassionate legal finding is ‘viciousness’.

Makes sense that folk promoting an ‘attitude to medicine abandoned in the 19th century’ also harbour medieval attitudes to accountability.

So much for the advertised ‘New Era of Responsibility’. It’s becoming increasingly bizarre as the hysterics spill into legal proceedings and open court.

Peter believes himself to be above scrutiny and criticism. It appears to be a UM creed, regardless of their professional and legal obligations to patients and the public. On Planet Esoteric, only the subscribing Sons of God are permitted to make public comments. When anyone else does, it’s ‘trolling’, ‘HARASSMENT’ and a crime.

Oh gawd

I thought I’d finished writing this post when this thing spilled onto the net. ‘Defamation and the internet troll Part 1 Legal proceedings to bring Esther Rockett to account’ for publishing things we don’t like and that get us into trouble  – could only come from UM *FACTS* warrior, Alison Greig. Counsel for the plaintiffs’ wife. She’s married to the other *FACTS* champion Charles Wilson, and together they help run UM’s ‘College’ charity.

Alison dug deep, and found within her innermost to move beyond the Inquisition. My official complaints – that got UM’s charities in trouble to the tune of $1.2m among other things, and my blogging about UM’s vast misconduct, is on a par with a ‘pogrom’ she writes. ‘Genocide’.


Lots of our supporters wonder aloud when these folk will wake up. What will it take?

I don’t know. All we can be sure of is that accountability was never a comfortable fit for UM. There is a lot more to come. It might not change the convictions of the Esoteric Sons of God, but it certainly shows the public what they’re about. And that’s the point.


22 thoughts on “Dr Sam Kim was reprimanded & Universal Medicine drowned in hysterical tears

  1. “If we take a stance other than this we are in effect aligning to every progrom and genocide that has ever occured.” That´s our WTF of the day. How ignorant and poorly educated can a person be… And when will they start communicating with – and not about – us/you?

    • Alison is just repeating a line that Serge has clearly used sermonising about how the world is against them. When he wants people to reject alternative points of view (or considered reasoning), he associates them with the morally reprehensible. Recall when Serge was setting up his charity and decrying others, he claimed “charity has the energy of paedophilia”. It’s part of the thought control process of simplifying complex arguments into an oversimplified worldviews of black/white, good/bad, us/them. The entire UM edifice relies on false (totally concocted) dilemma’s, false (totally concocted) solutions or remedies, and vilification of reasoning by associating opposing (that is, considered and factual) views with ‘abuse’.

      Alison is not capable of thinking for herself, which is why her warbling sounds as crazy as bat shit to the uninitiated. The members, hypersensitive to criticism and programmed to believe it to be abuse, read her nonsense as eloquent arguments. They only write for themselves. It’s a cultists echo chamber that we get to glimpse via social media, collectively gobsmacked at the magnitude of their stupidity.

      Alison Greig, their unpaid mascot.

  2. “If we take a stance other than this we are in effect aligning to every progrom and genocide that has ever occured.” ???

    That’s so deeply offensive to victims of genocide I don’t even know where to start. It’s insanity and author should be be seeking urgent help if they truly believe this. If on the other hand they are just looking for a response from their readers, then they should be forced to meet the families of genocide victims, and then they can explain to them exactly why they feel its appropriate to sully the memory of their loved ones, and the horrors they had to endure, in order to prove a point that is plain and simply wrong.

    Disgusting, vile and reprehensible.

    • Thank you.

      Unfortunately, it’s as LOF above says – this is what happens when you live in the Esoteric echo chamber, insulated from reality and reason. I can’t imagine any of them having the slightest bit of insight. They’re as dense as Dr Kim trying to blame detractors for him getting in trouble for the harm he did to a patient. And as dense as Wilson standing up in court with a straight face and saying I’m being sued for ‘trolling’, and I’m bullying his clients by having a defence that’s ‘too big’. I’m surprised he didn’t say aloud that my defence is ‘too true’. Yes Charlie?

      I reckon the Esoteric snowflakes really do think that bog standard disagreement and some fairly effective complaints to regulators are as atrocious as mass genocide. They really do think that my lack of respect for their bullshit and nastiness is the equivalent of violent slaughter. It’s the problem when they set the tolerance bar so low. They call people asking questions ‘abuse’, so where was there to go when someone like me made complaints that curtailed their free range rorting, bullying and touch ups?

      Dissent = mass murder in UM.

      Lifton called that kind of thinking ‘extremist ideological totalism’.

      So how does a person escape if they have doubts or questions or want out? Knowing they will be tarred with the same brush by a pack of angry zealots…

      Hi Get Sirius – thanks for your point. UM keep throwing around that one – that I set out to ‘bring them down’ and ‘destroy lives’. We only want them to behave accountably – to obey the rules and laws, provide truth in advertising, acknowledge risks to their behaviours, and implement safety and accountability mechanisms that are open to outside scrutiny like every other business and institution is required to. If that causes its downfall it had no integrity to begin with. They should do something to fix it. Instead they waste time bitching about me.

      Pardon me for thinking out loud. Thanks for all your comments everyone.

  3. Businessman, priest and bankrupt tennis coach and self claimed messiah has arrived on earth ready to make his fortune. He staffs his religious factory with vulnerable workers. When the detractors shed light on the damaging and highly suspicious workings of the factory the messiah arranges mass inhouse hysteria to have his workers protected to keep the factory in operation, stating that in doing so, he is saving the public image lives of innocent believers, and ultimately his own.
    * rating

  4. Oh my 😵😨 … another brilliant exposure and analysis Esther!

    UM ‘s escalating melodramatic mass hysteria, bizarre conspiratorial persecution complex and re-framing of objective facts is beyond belief. (Reminds me of the movie “Life of Brian”, where the body chopped down to no limbs says something like “I’m fine, I’ve had worse…”).

    The extreme depth of denial, atrocious self deception, self righteous pride and desperation to avoid responsibility, admit wrong & apologise is blatant.

    The lack of empathy and concern for those harmed (and for other genuine victims) is shameful, or would be for anyone with a conscience. (Where as UM detractors are motivated for the well being of the young and vulnerable caught up in the esoteric tendrils).

    To anticipate UM detractors maliciously relish UM’s demise says more about the accusers. (Who evidently still don’t get Esthers internet postings are aimed to increase awareness, warn, protect and prevent such a tragic car crash in slow motion).

    If UM’s response wasn’t so abhorrent it would be funny 😦

  5. There’s a real parallel to be made between Benhayonites and Donald Trump. Complete narcissists, convinced of their own supremacy and completely lacking in any empathy with those around them. Both have a group of followers who lap up their every word, however insane, and repeat it endlessly. Both also have followers who will viciously, verbally attack anyone who dares to disagree with them – a view of either a Trump or a UM blogs’ comments section shows this to be true. At Trump rallies this has spilled over in to actual physical violence. In the world of Benhayon’s supporters eggs have been thrown, slaps in the face threatened, and now talk of “removing people from society”. Mass hysteria is correct Get Sirius… they are whipping themselves up in to a dangerous frenzy (although as there’s only a few dozen of them, not sure “mass” is the correct descriptor!).

    These people need to take a deep esoteric breath and calm down. All this venting must be terrible for their health.


    [Hello Not Trump, your comment was edited slightly. Contact me if you need an explanation. Esther]

    • I forgot to add – both also have the same view of the media. They call it corrupt, biased, fake and take pot shots at it when ever they can. They share the same paranoid conspiracy that the media is out to get them, as if there’s some global plot to report falsely on them.

      Those of us living on planet earth know that such a conspiracy does not exist and throughout the multitude of unconnected media sources that have reported on UM, ALL have found issue with it.

      Wake up UMers… your blinkered vision may allow you to ignore everything going on around you, but the truth is out there (to coin a phrase) and it’s getting closer and closer to you everyday.

      And no worries about the edit, Esther.

  6. ‘Propaganda is information that is not objective and is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively (perhaps lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded messages or “loaded language” to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is presented.[Wikipedia]

    This defines the method used by Universal Medicine ‘Facts’ Team headed by Mrs Alison Mary Wilson-Greig does it not?

    This keeps the converts focused and faithful.
    The next few weekends are big recruiting weekends for Universal Medicine.
    Brisbane refurbished HQ and then two days at Converys lane Goonellabah.

    Serge Benhayon needs Mrs Alison Mary Wilson-Greig ‘as she has intelligence off the Richter scale’ according to Serge Benhayon- [UM post August 20, 2014]

  7. Intelligence off the Richter scale lol – which end of the ‘Richter scale’? I reckon Alison’s earth shattering ‘intelligence’ may get some well deserved recognition in the next months – given the damage she’s done to her husband’s clients’ defamation claims. Might just rip the foundations out from under the Empire of Serge.

    In other news, someone sent me this from Nicole Serafin. Remember her husband, pharmicist Michael Serafin, got prohibited from supplying and dispensing etc. a bunch of compounds including those containing ketamine – a high potency anaesthetic. He also had special mention in the decision about Dr Kim. Dr Kim inflicted Patient A with some unorthodox endocrinological prescribing – that sent her condition backwards – in consultation with Dr Serafin – who was described as a ‘non medically trained pharmacist’. In other words, inappropriate, high risk prescribing from two tossers working outside their specialties that screwed with the health of a very ill patient. Patient A was told her GP couldn’t handle her care, that the GP prescription was ‘harmful’. Serafin’s ‘bioidentical’ bollocks prescription made her condition worse – it didn’t work. Patient A had to go back to the GP prescription. It’s all written up in the Medical Council ruling. Alison Greig doesn’t call that harm. Harm is when you disagree with UM or think non Esoteric thoughts, yes Alison? Alison got her medical qualifications from Weightwatchers.

    Nevertheless here’s Nicole on Facebook going into bat for Dr Kim.

    Dr Sam Kim is one of the most caring, talented and extraordinary physicians you could ever meet. I have known him personally for over 10 years and both as a man and a Doctor he is gentle, caring, loving and passionate about humanity and the care they receive both in and out of the hospital.
    The malicious and aggressive way the media has gone after him, and the medical institutions is nothing short of appalling.
    We need men like this is the medical profession, we need men like this general. Sam Kim it is an honour to know and have you in our lives, you are one exemplary physician and an amazing man.

    To hell with Patient A, hey Nicole? To hell with her health and prolonged suffering. Of course you’re going to moan about losing all those lucrative referrals, aren’t you Nicole? All those overpriced ‘supplements’ and the other pseudoscientific pharmaceutical fuckery that Dr Kim clearly didn’t know from a bar of soap. How very Esoteric of them to use a vulnerable patient as a guinea pig and charge her premium price for it. How much was Dr Kim worth to the business Nicole? Over ten years… Would you like to put an annual figure on it?

    • ‘Dr Kim made several admissions in relation to the factual aspects of the Complaint and also admitted that his conduct amounted to unsatisfactory professional conduct.

      Dr Kim accepts that his conduct is significantly below the standard to be reasonably expected of a practitioner with his level of training or experience. He also accepts that his conduct is improper and unethical. In his statement dated 25 January 2017 he states:

      “I admit that I have engaged in unsatisfactory professional conduct under section 139B(1) (a) and section 139B(1) (l) of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law..

      The Committee agrees.’

      • Repeating this for those at the back who seem unable to hear, and for those in the front who refuse lift their faces out of the purple books they are reading:

        ‘Dr Kim made several admissions in relation to the factual aspects of the Complaint and also admitted that his conduct amounted to unsatisfactory professional conduct.

        Dr Kim accepts that his conduct is significantly below the standard to be reasonably expected of a practitioner with his level of training or experience. He also accepts that his conduct is improper and unethical. In his statement dated 25 January 2017 he states:

        “I admit that I have engaged in unsatisfactory professional conduct under section 139B(1) (a) and section 139B(1) (l) of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law..

        The Committee agrees.’

        End of story unless he appeals. Which he is allowed to do as this is a PROPER regulatory committee decision, not some wishy washy nonsensical esoteric group with no independent oversight.

  8. Dr Kim was given the right to appeal!

    Folks are asking why Dr Kim wasn’t deregistered?

    Full disclosure is not part of Universal Medicine’s way of living.

  9. When a complaint comes before the HCCC/Medical Council or PSC or Tribunal.
    It is disciplinary only it is NOT a hearing for compensation or suing.

  10. Rachel Hall says:
    JULY 13, 2017 AT 6:25 AM
    When you examine and pull apart the facts of this case it is strange to me that the hearing even got so far as the medical board. I think if you spoke to anyone off the street they would clearly understand the difference between medical treatment and a massage. However, it appears to me that the PCR seem to think that this is not the case and that Dr Kim should have made this clear to the patient in case they did not know. Doctors and specialists refer to all types of practitioners all the time – often they are friends and colleagues that they have a professional ‘agreement’ with to do so as it is mutually beneficial to them and the patient, yet they do not or need not disclose their connection. Neither should a Doctor or Healthcare professional have to disclose their religion, sexual orientation, relationship status or preference for still or fizzy water (yes I’m highlighting the ridiculousness here!) For this case to be heard and then for it to take 4 years to reach a conclusion is a travesty and shows the flaws of the system that is supposed to ensure care for all. And I can’t help but wonder what the underlying possible agenda here is?


  11. Dear dear me!
    Poor Rachel is NOT allowed to read the judgement 25 pages long from the PSC {Rachel Note NOT PCR}
    Even if ducky Rachel could and would read it she would NOT comprehend it, with her serge-speak mind!

    And she’s dropped herself into the wotsit basket.Go back to the LAW manual Rachel
    “Doctors and specialists refer to all types of practitioners all the time – often they are friends and colleagues that they have a professional ‘agreement’ with to do so as it is mutually beneficial to them and the patient, yet they do not or need not disclose their connection”
    What is this please explain Rachel? ‘professional ‘agreement’

  12. “If you are going to report a story, one of the first tenets of journalism must be ‘get your facts right’. This requirement was startlingly absent”

    • You’re wasting your time. It’s all they have left – lies, and clinging in terror to their ‘community’. Three years persisting at the mad bullshit they call UM Facts and the fortunes of UM have never been worse. They don’t think for minute she’s one of their main problems. Their other has voices emanating from his rectum.

  13. Following an investigation by the New South Wales Medical Council in 2017 a Universal Medicine advocate and affiliated doctor, Dr. Samuel Tae-Kyu Kim was reprimanded for referring a patient for esoteric lung massage and chakra puncture: “knowing there was insufficient evidence for their efficacy as treatments for Patient A’s lung condition.” Dr. Kim stated that chaka puncture was an “internationally recognized therapy” however it is only practiced by Universal Medicine. The Council heard evidence from a Senior Staff Specialst and thoracic physician, Dr Yates, of St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, who stated Universal Medicine: “affects an attitude which conventional medicine abandoned in the 19th century and this heightens the need to clearly distinguish for patients the difference between conventional medicine and Universal Medicine. Particularly as it is unclear, given it is a relatively new organisation, how Universal Medicine’s training programs are accredited.”[38][39][40] The investigation and published adverse findings surrounded Dr Samuel Kim’s patient referrals to his wife Jasna Jugovic (esoteric lung massage) and three “Universal Medicine practitioners” Neil Ringe (chakra puncture), Serge Benhayon (spiritual healing) and Michael Serafin (pharmacist).[41] Dr Kim had told the patient that “deep-seated grief is a major driving factor in lung disease” and that regular HRT was harmful.[42] Following the enquiry, the HCCC found almost all allegations against Dr Kim to be proven, him “guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct”,[43] and concluded by placing permanent restrictions upon his practice.[41]

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