Answering the Girl to Woman Festival’s Esoteric antagonisms


Cosmetic application for toddlers – ‘Advancing health and wellbeing of girls and women’

Commercial occult religion Universal Medicine is behind the Girl to Woman Festival, but don’t dare inform anyone. The organizers will trash you online and encourage people to report you to police. That’s what UM have done in the lead up to the event in Tenterfield NSW on 27 August 2017 – in response to legitimate concerns about the welfare of kids.

Universal Medicine’s marketing front, Esoteric Women’s Health has shopped the Girl to Woman Festival since 2015 as a ‘community event’ for advancing ‘the health and wellbeing of girls and women.’

It’s not. It’s a commercial event established to advance Unimed’s interests. It also omits critical information from its publicity.

See also: A parent’s report after being deceived into taking her daughter to Girl to Woman Festival Lennox Head 2018 

Since late 2014 I’ve made notifications about the event, including to Education Departments and schools. The public, and most particularly parents and teachers, have a right to know who is love-bombing their children, and attempting to use publicly funded resources of schools and community groups to further their interests.

Imaginary harassment

Reactive as always, rather than dealing with the issues of concern, on 6 August the organizers posted this announcement on Facebook.


Dear Tenterfield Community,

The Girl to Woman Team is delighted and honoured to be collaborating with many locals to design the upcoming August Festival. This event will bring together people, families, services, organisations and the like in support and celebration of young women for all the qualities they bring now and into the future.

We have been notified that two individuals have been harassing and intimidating members of the Tenterfield Community to not associate with The Girl to Woman Festival and its collaborative team members.

A woman named Esther Rockett has been targeting locals who have shown support for the Festival with emails designed to spread lies and defamatory content about us (her lies would by right incite reaction in any decent person to outrage or fear). We have also been informed of a woman calling herself ‘Anne from Ballina’ who has phoned people and walked into shops making threats to their reputation and ripping down posters.

The Girl to Woman Team would like to officially state that under no circumstance is harassment online or in person an acceptable behaviour in society. We do not tolerate it as adults and by that we set a standard of respect and decency for our aspiring youth.

The local Police have been informed of this harassment.

Have you or someone you know been harassed? If yes, we encourage you to read the support document in the link below, as published on our website.

If you are contacted by phone or in person by someone making claims about the Festival we request that you ask for the person’s full name and phone number and contact us via our Facebook page.

You can also contact your local Police to report the incident. If you are in the Tenterfield local area contact: 6736 1144

Thank you to everyone far and wide for the continual support of this very needed event … countdown to G2W Tenterfield is on!  Facebook

I posted a response to that nonsense and as usual it was deleted. Within minutes. Those are some allegations. True UM form, made with no evidence.
Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 7.58.28 pm.png

Who wants to bet ‘Anne from Ballina’ is Anne-nonymous – as real as one of UM’s supernatural spooks, the Four Lords of Form – invented to hype the paranoia and persecution narrative?

Sarah Davis – an Esoteric role model

I pulled up the above mentioned ‘support document’ apparently authored by Sarah. It exemplifies a lot of the problems we have with the Festival. It doesn’t address any of the concerns we’ve raised, and omits and obscures critical information.

This is not Sarah’s first rodeo either. She started making pseudo-legal threats at me in 2013. The first on Christmas morning at 5:30 am. Last year I answered another one after I protested UM’s infiltration of the Positive Adolescent Sexual Health (PASH) conference. I replied to her email, and also posted my response online.  Unfortunately UM’s hypocrites still had a big presence at this year’s event – which was attended by NSW Northern Rivers high school students, on the public purse.

As much as Universal Medicine likes to advertise its ‘full transparency’, it still needs help in making proper disclosures. I’ve pasted the text from the cited ‘support document‘ below, struck out the incorrect information and added my corrections in blue plus links:

Natalie Benhayon, Founder of The Girl To Woman Festival, wanted to be an ‘international TV star’

As a community-focussed event, The Girl to Woman Festival brings together over 70 Universal Medicine associated businesses and organisations from across Australia in its planning and implementation. All volunteering their time and expertise freely to advance the health and wellbeing recruitment of girls and women to our user pays religion and habit forming products and services.

Understanding the dollar value of this festival to girls’ and women‘s expenditure in the region, the Lennox Head, Lismore and Ballina Universal Medicine commercial communities have continually shown their support for the festival. This year, our summer event was attended by people UM subscribers from Lennox Head to Darwin. Our honorary guests included the Mayor of Ballina, David Wright.

2017-01-David Wright Ray Karam

The Girl to Woman Festival for blokes. UM Facts Team member Ray Karam and ‘honorary guest’ Ballina Mayor, David Wright (right)

UnLike many community initiatives in the public sphere, The backers of the Girl to Woman Festival have not been immune to dishing out online harassment and bullying for years – against anyone who gets in the way of their lines of recruitment and profit.

With a strong commitment to the expansion of our spiritual and business community, we support all organisations that volunteer their time in support of The Girl to Woman Festival to have a clear roadmap to address such perpetuate the harassment and profits.


The Girl to Woman Festival is an unpopular East Coast Festival that is now in its third year. The summer festival held in Lennox Head in early 2017 was attended by roped in a group of Tenterfield locals who loved what was on offer. Having been thoroughly misled, we allege They later approached organiser Natalie Benhayon about bringing the festival to Tenterfield. From this, the Tenterfield Girl to Woman Festival was born.

The main sponsor of the Festival is Esoteric Women’s Health. Founded by Universal Medicine Pty Ltd, the Esoteric Practitioners Association Pty Ltd and College of Universal Medicine Pty Ltd company director and Festival founder Natalie Benhayon, its board members include Universal Medicine Pty Ltd, Esoteric Practitioners Association Pty Ltd and College of Universal Medicine Pty Ltd, company director, lawyer and RTO (Benhayon owned Evolve College Pty Ltd) General Counsel Serryn O’Regan and International Women’s Health Esoteric Breast Massage practitioner and former company director of Universal Medicine UK Sara Williams.

Esoteric Women’s Health was ‘inspired and made possible by’ the bloke who invented Esoteric Breast Massage – seen below with one of the Festival organizers, ‘social media educator’ and UM employee, Rebecca Asquith, sharing his ‘philosophy’ on how ‘equality’ gives women breast and gynaecological disease. [Cued and ready to go].

The Girl to Woman Festival is a flagship event of the organisation with tickets over-priced to ensure it is a sustainable option for  misleadingly introduces families and local communities to UM beliefs, products, services and associated businesses.

Esoteric Women’s Health hosts events worldwide, predominately advocating and presenting initiatives for advancing women’s health and well-being UM business interests and its New World Religion that is our non-negotiable One Unified Truth®. The organisation values confidence, self-respect and self-worth for women and girls of all ages as long as they go along with everything UM says. If they ask questions we don’t like we’ll bully them with accusations of being loveless, pranic and in ‘male energy’. 

About Universal Medicine

The Girl to Woman Festival is also supported by Universal Medicine, a complementary health provider and unregistered training organisation with an international clientele – which is also an occult religion selling commercial exorcisms that has attracted bad press for five years.

Whilst A Universal Medicine company director is not the founder or organiser of the Girl to Woman event, it is and UM is a natural supporter because of a shared ethos of care for seeking women and their families’ expenditure and unquestioning allegiance.

With a strong a frequently contradictory pro-medicine stance to support an integrated deceive customers it is a legitimate approach to healthcare, the Universal Medicine clinic in Goonellabah near Lismore provides a range of health and healing services including Esoteric Psychology, Physiotherapy, Remedial and Sports Massage, Beauty Therapy, and Esoteric Breast Massage, Sacred Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy, and Esoteric Chakra-Puncture.

Come on Sarah, that’s a major omission. You didn’t think you should disclose UM’s actual trade? The Esoteric ‘modalities’ invented by the ex tennis coach with no formal qualifications after he heard voices while sitting on the toilet?

This year the clinic was awarded the People’s Choice Award at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards for the third time thanks to votes from UM investors, including a number who don’t live in Lismore. It also received a highly-commended acknowledgement for their excellence in health services in spite of three of its affiliated registered health professionals receiving official reprimands, and UM’s false and misleading health claims being slammed by a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry.

In addition, its CFO Deborah Benhayon was awarded a Community Service Award from the Premier for her work supporting the UM community in her volunteer role as the President of the Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry making sure UM businesses got maximum publicity out of the Lismore flood disaster. Did we mention it’s the Lismore Chamber of Commerce that gives the ‘People’s Choice Award’?

Background Our Beat-up on Esther Rockett

Universal Medicine has unfairly justifiably been the subject of target of sensationalised 47+ negative media reports since 2012. Manufactured ‘controversy’ regarding the organisation has been printed in the media including baseless complaints made to government departments, which upon investigation were dismissed because of no wrongdoing found on the part of Universal Medicine. Follow up articles regarding the dismissal of all complaints made about Universal Medicine have not yet been reported, despite being a matter of public record.

Where on the public record, Sarah? UM propaganda websites are neither an official nor reliable source.

Please produce the official documentation that states or proves my complaints were ‘baseless’ and ‘dismissed’ with ‘no wrongdoing found’.

Actions were taken by the Charities Commissions in Australia and the UK, the ATO and AHPRA. I have official documents in my possession, some are in the public domain, and Benhayon is in the process of producing the rest, under court orders, to get an airing in the NSW Supreme Court.

Esther Rockett has been central to inflaming controversy about exposing material the organisation has tried to conceal from public scrutiny and has conducted an extensive online and offline campaign against calling for Universal Medicine, its founder Serge Benhayon and anyone she considers to be associated with that organisation to advertise their products and services clearly and honestly, abide by codes and laws, and account for their conduct. She has provided the media with material that she then relies upon to later justify her campaign and false allegations publications. She has made extensive and numerous complaints about the organisation to regulators, which have all led to the same end with no wrongdoing found led to significant regulatory actions and considerable antagonism and retaliation from UM. As a result of the inflammatory information We talked about suing her for literally years before we worked up the courage, and Esther Rockett continues to disseminate on the Internet and in letters to organisations, she is currently facing legal proceedings in both NSW and QLD for defamation. She has filed comprehensive defences of justification, and is represented by four barristers, including two QCs. Her legal team are not billing her, and will take their payment from the award of costs. She is still waiting for Benhayon to give full disclosure and discovery of documents relevant to facts in issue in the proceedings five months after he was ordered by the court to do so. 

Unfortunately for our interests, the Girl to Woman Festival has been targeted by Esther Rockett as part of her campaign against anyone associated with Universal Medicine’s unethical conduct. She has attempted to derail compel the festival to properly disclose its backing, its commercial nature, and the organization’s harmful, sexist and anti-social belief system for the three years it has been offered. The Lennox Head, Ballina and Lismore UM communities have stood strong retaliated vindictively in the face of such harassment being asked to behave honestly and transparently. The strength of regional communities and the on the ground relationships the evidence has have meant that she has had little traction or impact on helped plenty of otherwise unwary people avoid the festival like the plague

Esther Rockett’s conduct exposure of our unscrupulous enterprise should be considered as everything we do Universal Medicine does not want on the Internet and what we wish to protect our young people lines of profit from. Her Our conduct fitting fits squarely within current community concerns over unscrupulous organizations that prey on the vulnerable, retaliate against whistleblowers and label legitimate criticism cyber abuse and harassment‘. Generally, we can assure you that our attempts to bully and defame Esther Rockett has not continued with her harassment once she has provided her ‘notifications’ to the recipient have only made it more obvious we have something to hide and made her more determined to get all the damning evidence before the courts.

If you receive any contact of this kind we don’t approve of, we suggest that you keep a note of it, for example, you can:

  • Keep a copy of any correspondence or screenshot any online posts;
  • Always ask for names when answering calls from anonymous individuals
  • Document conversations with notes to support you to remember what was said
  • Report such conduct to the police, who will tell you to stop wasting their time

We trust this information supports you with the understanding of the nature of this UM’s harassment and the importance of the community organisations and businesses standing together in the face of trolling and harassment commercial religions that are targeting kids and other vulnerable people.

If there is anything that we can do to further support perpetuate false allegations and avoid proper disclosure please do not to hesitate to be in touch. If you have anything to say that we don’t agree with, we’ll trash you online, spam regulators with unfounded complaints and report you to the police. 


Sarah Davis 

[ ]

Meet the Presenters

Full bios of our presenters can be viewed at the website. Our site doesn’t disclose, but at least eight of them are current or former employees of UM. Two married into the Benhayon family, and all are ardent religious devotees and UM public promoters.–organisers.html

G2W Support Document

Comments are open Sarah. Our readers and I are more than happy to discuss our concerns.
See also:

26 thoughts on “Answering the Girl to Woman Festival’s Esoteric antagonisms

  1.,107998 pg 158

    ‘If you do some studying of how cults gain the trust and loyalty of their members, you will see that the machinations that the psychopath uses to lure you into the relationship are NO DIFFERENT.
    Why the “Love Bombing” stage is the most dangerous phase of the Psychopathic bond.’

    ability to love.wordpress

    But the esoteric women in UM are so lovely, you say.
    But the esoteric women in UM are so gentle and supportive, you say.
    But the esoteric women in UM are so kind, you say.
    But the esoteric women in UM are so helpful and willing to drive out of their way to pick you up and take you to support meetings, you say.

    When you are listened to like never before, gently arm stroked and smiled at with unnerving eye contact, don’t be deceived. This is a recruitment tactic used by all cults. The Smiling Assassin of Goonellabah is the Master of this technique and has trained his recruiters well. You see the “students’ are given a quota, the more ‘pranic’ souls they recruit by sharing their ‘fiery’ light, the better the students ‘Atma’ which in turn improves their Karma for a better life next time around. Simple, ‘do you get it?'(!) The pity of this type of pyramid selling is the students don’t even get free a Tupperware container for this lifetime!

    So look out for the Love Bombing.

    As soon as any interest is shown by the recruits,
    they may be love bombed by the recruiter or other cult members. This process of feigning friendship and interest in the recruit was originally associated with one of the early youth cults, but soon it was taken up by a number of groups as part of their program for luring people in. Love bombing is a coordinated effort, usually under the direction of leadership, that involves long term members’ flooding recruits and newer members with flattery, verbal seduction,affectionate but usually non-sexual touching, and lots of attention to their every remark. Love bombing – or the offer of instant companionship – is a deceptive ploy accounting for many successful recruitment drives.

    Margaret Singer Cults in Our Midst.

    Beware of esoteric UM women, infusing you with their fiery bullshit. But heaven forbid you question the teachings of the Pineapple King. That’s when the knives come out and it’s not to eat!

  2. Kind of remiss of Sarah Davis to omit mention of Esoteric healing from a defence of Universal Medicine’s connection with the Girl to Woman fest… Also notice how it states at the top of the ‘support document’ that Natalie Benhayon is ‘founder of the Girl to Woman Festival’, and a few paragraphs later she’s director of Esoteric Women’s Health, which is a ‘sponsor’.

    So which is it Sarah? Are Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd the organizers or not. Strange to ‘found’ an event, host it three years running, but then push Natalie into back seat role as ‘sponsor’, and also omit mention that she is company director of UM Pty Ltd.

    Did you really whinge to Tenterfield police? As if they don’t better things to do? Did you tell them how the last slew of police complaints went?

    Typical Esoteric approach to disclosure plus a whinge about UM’s reputation problems and how it’s all so unfair. 😭

  3. This is so spot on, I had to laugh out loud a few times. Weird, how far away from truth their opinion is about your expertise. Just ‘cyberbully etc’ over all those years. Makes me question, if they read your Lof texts at all.

    • Thank u.

      Seriously, they read all of it – behind the password protection. Then they have a jealousy and comparison competition about who can denounce it the most. The one who denounces it the most gets to be the most Esoteric. If you don’t denounce my stuff enough you’re obviously ‘in contraction’ and not in your ‘truth’ and you get a dressing down from ‘expression’ drill sergeant Alison Greig and sideways glances from the male and female ‘Brothers’.

      Thank you also to ‘thanks to the heads up’. Nice comment about love-bombing – which of course is a synonym for grooming.

  4. UM’s space traveller
    Tenterfield meddler
    Keep your heads
    Frightfully conning you
    And now your kiddies too
    Filled with dread

    UM time traveller
    Tenterfield knows better
    Turn your heads
    Like us they’ll be jack of you
    And your religion
    Til your deathbed

    This cults unravelling
    Tenterfields rejecting
    Theres no cred
    Might block off the range from you
    Dont let the Audis through
    Stop the spread

  5. Despite organising a public event, it is clear that the Girl to Woman “social enterprise” has absolutely no tolerance for views that are inconsistent with their esoteric philosophy- let alone for those who ask the questions. Along with its affiliate Universal Medicine, the Girl to Woman Festival strongly discourages critical thinking and the ability to find reason.

    It is well within the public interest to be fully informed about the nature of what is offered at the Girl to Woman Festival in Tenterfield:

    How will the esoteric philosophy of the festival’s affiliate Universal Medicine be incorporated into the event?

    Will esoteric health treatments be provided or marketed at the event? If so do these health treatments have an evidence base?

    Is there an intention to recruit young followers to the Universal Medicine esoteric organisation?

    How relevant are the speaker’s qualifications in esoteric modalities to the theme of girls transitioning into women?

    Children and youth can be highly impressionable and vulnerable to adults who seek to influence them. Given this, have ethical guidelines been considered regarding the possibility of recruiting young members to Universal Medicine?

    Is asking the questions, rather then simply taking the Girl to Woman Project at face value worthy of a call to the police or a form of defamation?

    Without full disclosure, the presence of the Girl to Woman Festival may well be the greatest misfortune to hit Tenterfield since the untimely death of Peter Allen.

      • Thanks Esther. It is important that the Tenterfield community if fully informed about the true nature of the Girl to Woman festival. If there is nothing to hide, then just be transparent an answer any questions. I hope that the parents and girls of Tentrfield receive all of the information about what is offered by Universal Medicine and it’s affiliates. It would be wise for any parents considering going to this event to do the research and think critically about the information that is offered. It is not beyond reason to strongly suspect that this is a recruitment exercise for the Universal Medicine esoteric organisation.

  6. If we are to believe the sprouting from the members of Universal medicine – then this is really a religious event.

    UM members promote/spruik/write about and attend their religion the UM Serge Benhayon’s Way of Livingness.
    These events are side kick tricks to recruit.[All well disguised of course]

    Shame on Universal Medicine Member Dr Jane Barker for promoting/speaking at this Girl to woman event.

    Oh the gift bag is full of stuff promoting UM’s businesses. What a surprise!

    “Okay, best G2W gift bags ever for Tenterfield girls ✅ CHECK. A huge thank you to Melinda for her dedication to organising this. The photo shows it all, so much care, sweetness and quality all bundled togethers. A heartfelt thank you for the donations from L’Alchimiste – Natural Medicine, Jewels By, Esoteric Women’s Health, La studio 3/52, Feather Light Productions & Instil”

  7. If I’m less active on the blogs over next few days don’t freak, I have some commitments need attending to.

    G2W is all happening out at Tenterfield. Got horrified call today from concerned local that the local chamber of commerce etc. have been thoroughly love bombed by the Girl to Woman Sons of God.

    The Audi convoy is due to roll into town any minute. Cash, credit or debit card?


  8. What next, the Man to Woman festival? Believe it or not, within the UM business clientele there may actually be a market for this. The insidious sexist group has really done it again! Shame on you for trying to infiltrate unsuspecting Tenterfield and providing esoteric treatments without an evidence base. Shame on you for the litigious attempt to shut down free speech. SHAME ON YOU FOR RIPPING PEOPLE OFF WITH YOUR OVERPRICED WORKSHOPS AND ESOTERIC HEALING SESSIONS.

    Get your popcorn ready folks because it is going to be quiet a show when it is suddenly revealed that the Emperor really does wear no clothes and never was wearing clothes the whole time!!

    • Ray is conservative? Wow usually people in spiritual organisations are very left wing. However business people generally pay less tax under a conservative government. Does anyone know if there is a general political affiliation within UM? Cheers

      • There you go – UM is a business. A racket. UM’s self-loving political affiliations go where the power and influence is – whoever they can schmooze to further their expansion plans, and their draconian right wing anti-free speech agenda – sue and jail the critics, shut down the media, hide the profits, dodge the taxes…

        • I know in the local elections they tend to support the group member that is running. But more broadly is there a general consensus to support conservative candidates in UM? Has the group actually advocated for a particular political affiliation? Cheers

  9. Another Question thanks: You mention UM is a business–Is there public knowledge or information about the revenue that is raised from running the esoteric workshops? Has the group publicly stated whether or not they pay tax on this- or is it considered a charity donation? Just doing the simple maths (700 multipled by 50) they could gross a good amount for a weekend workshop.. Cheers

    • Hi, the charity College of UM and the business entity UM Pty Ltd are separate entities on paper. Long story. The esoteric workshops are a commercial activity of UM Pty Ltd and officially UM would pay tax on running those, however we can’t be sure how many are paid for in cash. It’s also difficult to say whether UM pays tax in Europe (or anywhere) for the commercial activities run there given that a great deal of UM commercial activity is not publicly advertised and paid for in cash.

      The UM enterprise is also more than one company – it’s comprised of a number of companies and trusts – deliberately convoluted.

      We don’t know what the turnover is from all of those companies. His nibs said it was $2m per annum in 2012, but we think that was grossly understated. There is also a large income from monetary gifts to various entities and individuals apart from the charity. Those too are very difficult to trace.

      Also, we know that in 2011 or thereabouts, his nibs was recorded saying the level one workshop had 350 students attending. Multiply by $350.

      I don’t know of UM advocating for a particular party but I know they suck up to whoever is in office and trash anyone in office who doesn’t buy their PR.

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