Surviving Universal Medicine – Olga speaks

It took a life-threatening experience for “Olga” to break away from Universal Medicine’s hold. First hand accounts like hers are exactly what this unscrupulous organization and its propaganda mill are aggressively attempting to keep from the public. Olga did everything she could to follow the “fiery path” to the “light of the soul” misleadingly marketed as “The Way of the Livingness”.

It nearly killed her.

Recently she launched the German language blogsite Universal Medicine does Deutschland, where she and her friend Piroschka discuss their experiences of UM. (Non German speakers can use the Google Chrome browser to translate the pages.) The following is a translation of her post ‘Psychose, Olga und UM‘ :

Olga left UM behind after a total of 12 weeks as an inpatient in a psychiatric clinic. She left blind faith behind with it. A week of her stay was spent in a closed ward, shortly after she received an email from an influential person in UM in which she was accused of “lack of commitment”. The email wasn’t the only reason she ended up there, but it had its affects.

If a fairy appeared in a puff and offered to fulfil your wish to die immediately and painlessly, would you take it?

A patient who responds this way to a psychiatrist’s questions needs to be institutionalised for their own protection. Who could argue with that?

Yes, I wanted to be dead rather than alive for every single second in the past few months. The only thing preventing suicide has been my inability to do violence to myself and the possibility of surviving an attempt, worst of all, with a severe mental or physical injury I´d have to live with.

She realizes now how sick that statement was, but that was her reality at that time. She submitted to admission to the clinic despite believing she’d be entered and killed by the intense evil pranic energies there, and this “life” would finally come to an end. Her father told her she was very courageous to admit she needed help, and that he was proud of her for taking the step to seek hospital treatment. Her thoughts? “Wait and see, in a day or two you’ll get a call that I’ve died for unexplained reasons.

Her psychiatrists’ diagnosis: paranoid schizophrenia.

Her answers to her psychiatrists’ questions came from the UM world within which she was immersed, but she didn’t mention UM. We still don’t know whether the enterprise was the cause or only triggered an episode of a pre-existing disease. We’ll leave that discussion to qualified practitioners – but not to the doctors and non-medical practitioners whose minds are affected by UM or other pseudoscience. Our uncertainty about the answer to that question says something doesn’t it?

Why is UM allowed to claim without any scientific evidence and formal qualifications, that every illness has an emotional root cause and to claim it can heal them? I am astonished that Serge can preach as much about about that subject as he wants without any legal consequences. People with genuine problems are seeking healing from unqualified esoteric practitioners who have fake EPA accreditations that are not worth the paper they’re written on. It’s dangerous. The esoteric naturopaths in Germany treating Olga at the time were oblivious to her life threatening mental state. They never declined to treat her or suggested referral to a psychiatrist before continuing esoteric sessions.

According to the “International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems” (ICD-10), the following criteria apply to the diagnosis of “paranoid schizophrenia”:

  • The general criteria for schizophrenia are present.

  • Those affected have delusions or hallucinations.

  • Inadequate emotions or lack of expression (flat affection) are not characteristic, or only weakly.

Paranoid schizophrenia: delusions

The delusions of paranoid schizophrenia can be quite different. Paranoid schizophrenia patients often suffer from persecution mania. They are convinced they are being monitored by other people and that these people want to harm them. As a result, the patients develop mistrust towards others. Many patients with paranoid schizophrenia believe they are being watched and monitored in their home.  [in English read about acute schizophrenia at  and article on paranoia.]

Universal Medicine beliefs include the Lords of Form, four powerful spirits “energetically” controlling the entire human race

Another form of warning is: paranoia. Affected persons believe, that normal conditions such as the weather contain a message or warning for them. They think, for example, the radio sends secret messages to them and basically assume that people talking near them are talking about them. Mistrust can also be directed against one’s family or partner. It is important for relatives to know that this behaviour is caused by the disease. Therefore, you should seek professional advice from mental health clinic or doctor. Do not try to argue with the patient. This could aggravate the situation.

  • All those not close to UM are potentially manipulable by the Four Lords of Form for tempting the student back into the pranic life. No exceptions.
  • There are no coincidences or accidents. Everything is related to the energetic state in which one lives and has a meaning.
  • According to esoteric numerology, all numbers in ones life are important and – again – have a meaning. The esoteric fake healing clinic in Cologne has the house number 11, 1 + 1 = 2, which stands for double new beginning. 1 is new beginning.
  • Olga´s father once mixed cream into soup he cooked for the family. He meant no harm. When Olga found out after the meal, it was obvious to her, of course, he had either done it on purpose because he found her convictions ludicrous, or the Lords of Form had manipulated him to do it.

Paranoid schizophrenia: hallucinations

Paranoid schizophrenia often entails hallucinations. These are misperceptions, non-existing phenomenas are heard, seen, or smelled. However, paranoid schizophrenia patients think that these perceptions are real. The most common is hearing voices. Paranoid schizophrenia patients sometimes hear whole dialogues between different voices or get commands from a voice.

UM taught Olga to feel energies and the way those affected her body. In the Heart Chakra 1 workshop (renamed The Livingness) many participants talked about and celebrated such perceptions – with Serge’s blessing. UM taught that one always feels the harmful emotions first, but beyond those …. oh, what joy … always from the inner-heart, the soul, equally divine in us all (feel free to throw up now). 

Paranoid schizophrenia: Other symptoms

In addition to the delusions and hallucinations, patients with paranoid schizophrenia often develop anger and anxiety. They are often restless and argumentative. In very rare cases, the affected persons are also violent. This can happen, if they feel threatened. In this case, relatives should immediately seek help. It is best to inform an emergency physician immediately in such situations. To reason with the affected person is futile. If, due to schizophrenia, there is an acute risk for the person concerned or for other people, a forced commitment to an institution may become necessary…

Olga never became violent. But it is a logical progression from the fears that come of living in a  lake full of pranic energies. The UM community in Germany was quite fragmented. Most of the time she lived alone. She had panic attacks, often huddled on the floor. Once, she even had one during an esoteric group meditation. She asked the person beside her if he had noticed anything unsual. The answer: “Your hand was comfortably warm.” … She had a PANIC ATTACK in the middle of a sacred group meditation filled with fiery love and nobody felt or noticed anything. What more needs to be said? UM adherents would never pass a scientific test for “feeling energy” because it is PURE IMAGINATION.

How naive and credulous can a person be? The extent of a person’s willingness to sacrifice critical thinking can be infinite. Just read the news. 

UM does Deutschland


Please join discussion with Olga in the comments if you would like to ask questions about her experience or to discuss your own experience of UM as a follower or as an outsider. (Please stay on topic in this post. If you have comments or info on other aspects of UM that are not related to the experience of UM believers please discuss on the latest gossip posts.)

Olga was invited to post here after leaving the following comments on the ‘Exposed’ blog’:

I never felt joy-full there. Just a few endorphines here and there during the courses, including the feeling of being part of an fiery elite that is in service for the people, that suffer in the pranic society. “Be Clark Kent among them, you can show them, that you´re Superman later.” SB.. Meaning, you can lure them in with your fake smile without mentioning Unimed at first…

For being joyfull in that pyramid scheme, you have to meet some criteria.
1. Don´t follow his words and books to the letter, just pick, what suits you. If you don’t do it that way, you will go nuts. Like I did. In my last session with an esoteric practitioner, I was absoutely convinced to be Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, a former famous esoteric writer, who, of course, fell off the iniation scale, because… well, Serge doesn’t tolerate anyone besides him. After that, I drove straight to a mental health clinic and told them the esoteric thoughts rampaging in my head. I was psychotic and needed professional treatment.
By the way, to the esoteric practitioner, who knows who I am, I might remind you of your medical confidentiality.
2. You have to have esoteric people around you in your daily life. I didn’t and felt isolated. All those pranic people, especially my parents, inviting me to lunch or dinner with their pranic food… Horrible!!
3. The higher up your position in the system the better for your joy and wallet. Natalie B. for instance is worshipped 24/7. Pull a face and the crowd feels inspired by your “sassiness”.

Well, there are more factors for sure, but these are the ones coming to mind first…

The two killer words for my life were: “energetic integrity/responsibility”. I controlled EVERYTHING I did. How to: breathe, move, speak, think, even have sex or masturbate… Talk about totalitarian control, to quote Christopher Hitchens, a “celestial North Korea” (…

…these were exactly my experiences. The worksop addiction and giving out money with both hands especially.
I managed to escape by having been put into a mental health clinic twice, each time for 6 weeks. It dawned to me, that this could not be it, started to eat cake and give a sh** about energies and the evil in emotions.
My sanity became intact after discovering, that none of the oh so horrible consequences became reality, Serge told would happen to Unimed quitters. Words from the outside world didn’t reach me, but the practical experiences of how liberating it is to live a normal pranic life again.  UM SCAM Exposed

Olga’s blog: ‘Universal Medicine does Deutschland‘.

Comments from Esther

Universal Medicine and its investors have made liars and fools of themselves for years asserting that UM has ‘no victims’. The business is advertised as a ‘complementary medicine’ enterprise that’s all about helping people make ‘healthy, self-loving choices’.

In my legal defence to UM’s defamation claims I will bring evidence that UM makes false claims to healing that cause harm to others and engages in misleading conduct in the advertising of its healing services (among other allegations).

To me, Olga’s breakdown was the inevitable result of a group psychosis. Reading the diagnostic criteria provided for paranoid schizophrenia, we can say the whole ‘community’ participates in a common set of delusions that can readily become pathological. We know of the prominent UMer recording his own delusional episode as a sales pitch. We know the believers congregate to celebrate his descent from the sixth dimension as the ‘World’s Teacher‘ and to share their paranoid aversion to Astral cultists and imaginary spooks. We know UM offers commercial exorcism services – promoted by a spiritually invested NHS surgeon and inflicted on anxious teens.

Bravo to Olga for providing her account of UM’s affects  – an account that unfortunately echoes others I have heard over the past five years – just one of the factors that has motivated me to expose this harmful organization, its disgraceful registered health professionals – really, what an utter disgrace they are – and ensure the full exposure is put before the court and the awaiting media. Make no mistake, UM is potentially, if not actually lethal, and it sickens me to think so few of us are willing to stand up to these malignant cowards.

Finally, only a harmful organization would require comprehensive disclosure of mental health conditions from people participating in a five hour ‘Livingness’ workshop. No such disclosure would be necessary if there were no risks. These privacy invading disclosures, deceptively solicited for ‘consent’ are not for the protection of vulnerable customers either. No one consents to false and damaging ‘healing’. Olga thought she’d found a type of enlightenment. It’s marketed as a health service. It made her want to die. UM’s Esoteric ‘consent’ is nothing other than legalistic backside covering to protect the firm.



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168 thoughts on “Surviving Universal Medicine – Olga speaks

  1. I should remind everyone that UM’s whole attack policy is designed to stop people speaking out publicly and to stop us from communicating with each other – because if people start sharing information about this vicious fraud, uniting, and alerting authorities and the public as I have done, the show is over for that racket.

    The more UM have attacked me, the more support and respect I’ve gotten. Think about that. UM’s business in Australia is bottoming out. They’re trying to blame me – but it’s what was always going to happen when more people discovered what dangerous garbage it truly is. It needs to be exposed, and if we don’t expose this, more people will end up as Olga did. How many more people has UM driven to the brink of suicide? Hospital? How many people have died as a result of UM’s collective psychosis?

    We know UMers are developing severe health problems. And severe social problems and mental affects.

    These people are going after kids. Your inheritances, your loved ones. We have a real chance to fully expose UM – now is the time to help me do it.

  2. This comment from ‘Anonymous’ was part of the conversation with Olga posted above on the Scam Exposed website – it preceded the final paragaraph of her comments:

    I hear you Olga. I was loosely involved went to a few workshops.
    I feel like my iq has reduced as a result of the head fucking I got at these workshops, I’m still getting back on my feet from almost being sucked dry financially.
    And if you are reading this ( yes you know who you are ) don’t even try to come back with some sob story of being held back from your light, which is the standard response to being denied access to the warped teachings of serge.
    I know someone involved.
    They say ” comfort” comes in many forms, and mention dairy/chocolate as one, and put it in same boat as heroin or cocaine, both are as evil as each other. No evolving in comfort. How fucked up is that line of thinking?
    The addiction these students have to workshops and headings is just as bad as heroin or cocaine, the difference is you have some hope of getting off heroin or coke.
    Between 8 and 10 k per year is their acceptable limit.
    Every day they slip deeper and deeper into the Unimed abyss.
    How did you manage to escape, hopefully with your sanity intact ?

  3. Thank you Olga for your brave words. It’s not easy coming forward, especially in light of how Universal Medicine treats anyone who dares speak out against them. I am very happy to see you have recovered. I am sure your journey back to normality has been a hard one and it is testament to you as a person that you fought to get back to who you are, away from the ties that they use to try and bind people to them. I know my family member is so tied to the group she could not leave, her whole identity has become them – every action, every thought is dictated by what she believes they want her to do (or feel as they laughably call it). She has lost her family, friends, career and future and has no place in the real world anymore. She is unable to function with normal people as even the simplist interaction becomes overloaded with emotion and debate and leads to constant conflict.

    Good luck to you and congratulations in being you again. And thank you for being brace enough to speak out.

    And to anyone reading this who is part of this terrible group, I hope you too find the strength to leave and reclaim your self. Doing everything UM tells you to do is not living your own life.

  4. So so sorry to hear of what you have been through Olga. So very happy and relieved to hear of your recovery, and your courage.

    Thank you for being so brave and sharing your experiences.
    By doing this it is not only a great example for others to follow so that they too will be able to stand up the UM bullies but it is also very cathartic for the victim to renew their inner strength and reclaim their life.

    Wishing you every happiness Olga.

    Anyone reading this who is part of this vicious group, I hope you too find the strength to leave and live life to the max.

    Stand up, speak up, and share those of us who have done this are so glad we did.

    Let’s keep the daylight on this Termites nest.

    Thank you Esther for your sobering comments:

    ‘its disgraceful registered health professionals – really, what an utter disgrace they are – and ensure the full exposure is put before the court and the awaiting media. Make no mistake, UM is potentially, if not actually lethal, and it sickens me to think so few of us are willing to stand up to these malignant cowards.’

    • Her intentions are very on point in that indeed. I can´t see a single detractor, cyberbully or defamer here.

      “Very cathartic” it is. They should give it a try. Intense awakening, intense bouncing to the other extreme until slowly finding out the absolute doesn´t exist. Well, if you take a look at the latest election results in the country I live in, more people could need that conclusion.

  5. Thanks Scarlet, it’s nice to see you back. Scarlet also escaped a nasty cult that she was born into – she was kind enough to share her story here a few years ago.

    Olga I would like to ask more questions if you don’t mind, to give us more of an idea of your experience. Readers, Olga has said in comments on other sites that she welcomes questions so please feel free to join in.

    I understand you were a UM ‘student’ for a matter of years. What changes did you make to your lifestyle and how did that show itself in your daily life?

    • All my thoughts and feelings had been extremely wrong/wrongly misinterpreted. Didn´t know, who I was, total insecurity. Had to learn to differenciate between reality and misconception through communicating with others, asking them often trivial questions all aimed at learning how to perceive everyday situations without stress and going berserk inside. How to think and feel without harming myself started at minus 10. I let go of the “I know more than you do” and “me me me disguised as self-love” arrogance and started to communicate from human to human. Coming out of that has only been possible in the midst of friends and family including me in their day to day life. Children and dogs were a kick-start for happiness and trust i. e. because they were always happy to see me no matter what.

      • Is that the change back from being Esoteric to being ‘Astral’ (back in the real world)?

        Sorry I meant how did becoming an Esoteric student affect you, what lifestyle changes did you make to become Esoteric? How did your behaviour change? What kind of things were you were doing?

        I would like to ask you about what was going on in your head a bit later.

        • Just to be clear, this is not supposed to be a one man show but interactive, can´t be the only few ones havin practical UM experiences.
          – threw everything away that was pranic and/or had pranic attachments: entire CD collection, all gifts by my parents (electric iron, ironing board, clothes etc.), books – including expensive anatomical/medicinal ones, clothes with pranic writings on it as names of bands or sport clubs etc. etc.
          – stopped, as much as possible, eating and drinking products with dairy, gluten, sugar, vinegar, many carbohydrates andor salt, beef. Pinnes the eso food chart on the fridge and lived according to eat. Mostly eating apples, nuts and that disgusting pea and basil soup.
          – focused on moving gently in ALL I did, including closing doors with gentleness for the next one opening the door to be greeted with that energy.
          – conscious presence was extremely hard and mostly failed at it, try focusing on driving a car, just walking, cooking or chopping a carrot. Dull.
          – cleared many objects with Extractor 1: administrative and tax papers, all I bought, my furnishing, equally so secretive at my parents house.
          – went to bed a spleen time 9 p. m., got up at around 5 a. m. which meant no night life, no evening program on TV, being one of the very few being up in the early morning.
          – only listened to esoteric music, especially the song “Silk in the clouds” by CJ went on and on because it was designed to be a room cleanser energetically.
          – stopped working out, watching competitive sport, reading pranic books and newspapers mostly.
          – went to sessions and courses as much as financially possible.
          – limited meeting pranic friends and my parents – especially eating with them (would only lead to discussions) – tried to join the esoteric community which only resulted in meeting them at courses and sessions. Had to be an esoteric event with esoteric intention. PURPOSE (they even said the English word here in Germany, as they mixed German with English esoteric words).
          – started to invest in becoming an esoteric practitioner: massage tables, decorating a treatment room etc. No one came but my parents and 2 or 3 of theirs.
          The list is endless. Everything changes as every second of your life belongs to Serge and UM.

          • I haven’t had a chance to update the gossip blog with word that you’re here so a lot of readers haven’t realized yet, but they do read and they will. Only a fraction of readers ever make a comment. UM defectors don’t generally comment, which is a pity, because I know they read.

            To me your input is extremely valuable because I don’t have a friend or family member currently involved so I don’t get any glimpses behind the propaganda wall into what goes on behind closed doors and closed minds…

            I have plenty of questions even if no one else does.

            Why did you throw away the gifts from your parents? What was the rationale?

            It sounds like it was a lonely experience – isolated.

            What outcome were you hoping for from doing all of those things?

          • I threw their gifts away, because these were claimed to be pranic attachments binding one energetically to another person holding you back.

            Throwing my own pranic belongings away: Serge said during a presentation, if you know these are pranic and energetically harming and sell/give them to another person, it´s your karma…because you know they´ll keep them pranically imprisoned. It´s best to burn them to completely clear everything that comes with it energetically. I´m quite sure thatt´s behind the famous book burning that never took place officially.

            All I hoped for was energetic freedom, constantly checked/felt, if my heart was “widening” or contracting. The goal was to emanate and live in my own fiery energyt instead of being imposed by pranic energies compressing my body from the outside coming in (from all angles).

            I´ve never been more isolated before and after UM, it caused intense psychological pain I still suffer from today.
            Unemployed, alone in my flat with occasional visits by the esotericly blind at that time Piroschka and parents so worried about my condition they couldn´t conceal their fear and sometimes anger. Explosively so… So, less visits to them as well…. all in the name of energetic responsibilty.

            I stopped asking myself why I did all the things I did and what sense was behind it. Blind obedience to an unreachable fiery instituiton with contact to the Ascended Masters. If Serge would´ve said chili trees keep entities away, I…
            oh, he said that and OF COURSE I bought 4 of these plants.

        • It’s very disturbing to read all of this, and I’m so sorry about what happened to you and your family. I hope you’re okay with going over this again. Let us know if you would like to take a break.

          A number of parents and family members are reading and understand exactly the despair your parents felt and behaved. What did you think of your parents’ reaction at the time?

          Other defectors I’ve spoken with have said something similar to you – they stopped questioning at some point and they can’t understand why they stopped.

          I want to ask you about the Esoteric joy you mentioned in your comment on the Exposed blog – I reposted it in this one. Did you look joyful to outsiders do you think? UM has a thing for glamour photography, but when you see any of them around, the majority look MISERABLE, worried, sometimes greyish green in the face.

          • I´m fine whith going over this again, full range of emotions is pretty cathartic as mentioned above. Often writing in past tense on purpose. I was the master of suppressing these – because: “All emotions lead to illness and disease”. Inside was storming emotional turmoil, outside a smiling face. Piroschka and I believed the outside, too.

            My parents´ reaction was deeply hurting, but I wasn´t able to really feel it at that time but later. I thought, they couldn´t understand but would if they´d attend a course and wished they´d go to Frome (would could could would). They very seldomly got through to me . Once we wanted to spend a day at the zoo and I told them “I cannot go because I´m absorbing emotions and am not able to keep them out.” Never seen my father more furious and out of control.

            We´ve got a family photo from around the height of my UM devotion. It´s obvious, who the two sick persons were (father had cancer, I UM). I´ll send it to you. Piroschka and I both claimed never having felt better in life. We could neither feel nor see reality.

  6. If you ask yourself, where all the money came from though being unemployed: It´s been a big donation from my parents to me and my brother equally for both of us to be financially secure and being able to fulfill our dreams. He took a year off, made a trip around the world and spent it on further education, I´ve spent it on UM. All of it. My mother broke down in tears because of it and because they took me to their home for 2 months after my time in hospital and I showed no real sign of betterment mentally. It was hell for us.

  7. Dear very very brave Olga
    If as preached by Serge UM is the only way to live a successful life, I am wondering why are there so many failed relationships?
    Is it promoted and encouraged to leave your husband/wife and/or partner and then partner up with another cult member – male or female?
    Natalie has appears to have good business going in officiating relationships.
    It appears that she unofficially officiates.
    Does she conduct these for free?

    • Do you have sex or make love? Men want relief, women crave for intimacy…censored because of unintended double meaning… Do you want to live in an energetically loveless relationship that´s hurting you? It went on and on. UM is sold as the chance of living a true fiery life again, thousands or hundreds of years after of losing it as Cathars due to the inquisition of the catholic church. Do you really want to miss that chance for a pranic partner?

      A relationship with another cult member is not promoted, but I didn´t see any other option.

      Sorry, cannot really inform you about Natalie. I´ve only attended one of Natalie´s unofficial presentations about living in a healthy rhythm before one of Serge´s helaing courses in Englnad. Don´t know if I paid for it, gave away money with both hands there, it´s all a blur. However, she is sold as a Ray 2 – 6 as I was. 6 is all about interaction between people and relationships (that´s how far they can go with presenting alternative reality). Will be making good money here with Livingness 1 and 2 and sessions for €113 per hour in october. That´s almost all I know.

  8. Just to be clear, again. You can´t mess with me, my family and countless others and think you´ll get away with it. I´ll not stop supporting Esther exposing UM and do whatever it takes until it´s finfished in a non-violent way.

  9. I have been following your posts here as I’m sure have many others and I recognise the behaviour you describe in our family member who is still involved with UM. I just don’t get what it is that all UMers find so appealing about Serge. He talks rubbish and looks creepy to me but I suppose we are all different. However, no one has the right to control another’s life (I believe we only have one!) or to cause and encourage breakdowns in relationships within the caring and concerned families of UM recruits. You can change your friends but families cannot be replaced. Your parents must be relieved to have you back and in one piece – if broke! I am sure that now you have taken the positive steps to remove yourself from UM that you will rebuild your life and for the better. I guess it will take a while but there are nice and genuine people out there who will not want to take your money for little in return. The best things in life are free!

    • That´s the funniest part about it. Getting out of UM, really making progress alone and together plus developing a social and enviornmental conscience has been free. All I needed: on the internet via texts, websites, blogs and videos, books and DVDs for rent from the library and social interactions within family and community. No courses, sessions, healing cards, money sucking guru, following no one. Got a competent psychiatrist and Job Center advisers team taking away pressure especially within the working/application environment.

      Don´t know what I found about Serge and UM people. He doesn´t even look healty to me now (halfway unqualified opinion from a former physiotherapist and naturopath). Watched the videos “Woman I Am” and the German version “Wunder in mir” yesterday and felt embarassed ever having been part of that fake smile community dancing weird.

        • I’m interested in Anon’s question too about turning points. Lots of families contact me asking what they can do to get through to their loved one – so I think there is a big interest in finding the key to what might might penetrate the Esoteric fog of delusion and paranoia… help them see sense.

          • I´ve written about it in German here: “Keine Alternativen?” ( Could translate it, if the Chrome translator doesn´t work well.

            If I had to recommend just one:

            DVD and/or book “Alphabet” by Erwin Wagenhofer.

            After that, I asked myself what I´d call a life worth living and redefined it.

            Best option I could find for Australia: Not sure if it works though.

            However, my esoteric bubble had burst first by watching countless YouTube videos by Christopher Hitchens debating religion (or any other of those like-minded: Sam Harris, Matt Dillahunty, Cosmic Skeptic, Neil DeGrasse Tyson (he´s the nicest one if Hitchens is too arrogant for you), Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss etc. Cringeworthy so, I needed someone, mostly highly regarded scientists, to show that facts matter and how stupid one looks trying to defend the indefensible. The weaker the argument the more crying – showed me a lot and Hitchens was very good in bringing religious debaters to that emotional state of babbling.

      • Thank you Olga your expression is worth its weight in gold, especially this:
        ‘ Getting out of UM, really making progress alone and together plus developing a social and enviornmental conscience has been free.’

        • Yes, couldn´t almost stand the part about the Chinese school system, but the either putting down or assisting up experiment got me.

          Opinions differ of course, as always and that´s good.

          I didn´t realize the extent of harm I´ve had done to myself as an UM follower until then. Their presentations pushed my need to be as good (like Superman) and perfect as possible to the extreme. Society and the world had to be saved – and 2012, with the highest fiery energy ever on the planet, exposing every pranic hidden pocket, was coming. I´ve been feeling pressure to perform up full blast, with energetic responsibility and integrity watching everything I do and think making up my Kurukshetra – whilst being told day in and day out what´s still there to be healed and how AWESOME I and everyone in uniification will be.

          UM just needed to create a fantastic goal worth pursuing and had the most obedient follower in me. Still fall for it in everyday life from time to time.”Alphabet” showed me that and how it´s done to almost all of us. Very calming to feelings of guilt and being a failure to familiy and society first and posing the question who I want to be second.

          • Forgive me I haven’t had time to view the Alphabet film, but I think I watched something else about education you sent. The film concerned me a bit because it seemed to generalize (?) about how oppressive the education system is, but then again I only know the school system I went through… which is certainly not like China or Japan or Europe.

            I remember thinking though that UM has picked up on the ‘becoming who you truly are’ gimmick – and twisted it into regression – who you truly are is who you are when you suppress your critical thinking and emotion and become a deluded passive aggressive (no offence intended). Knowing UM, they would think that the films are saying the same thing as the Glorious leader. They latch onto anything that might support their ‘confirmation bias’.

            But of course, Serge tells people exactly ‘who they truly are’ and rates them on his initiation scale as well. ‘Who they truly are’ turns out to be obedience to ‘Serge Says So’ – otherwise he wouldn’t get 300 emails a day from his few hundred followers seeking his reassurance. ‘Am I being who I truly am Serge? Am I doing it right? By the way you’re AMAZING, can I give you some more money?’

            I don’t know whether it was a good thing or not, but the high school I went to seemed to make no demands of anyone. As long as you wore a bit of the uniform most of the time and didn’t smoke joints on the premises during school hours, school was what you made of it. You did the work or you didn’t, and if you didn’t it was your problem. It was pretty loose. Not because the school was progressive, but because the education system was basically broke and strapped for resources. There was no pressure but no guidance either. Perhaps we could have had more guidance where I went to school? Or not? None of my old school mates blame school for anything – we’ve had diverse career paths – some distinguished some not. I’m not sure that school had much bearing on any of my contemporaries’ paths in life… But now I’m getting off topic.

            My point is – and we all know it – no matter how oppressive the education system or society is, UM isn’t part of the solution. It’s worse, and more expensive.

  10. Wow Olga how courageous and insightful!

    What strength of character to emerge from denial / delusion, admit (after earnestly applying UM principles) you had been sold a lie, identify the arrogance, pretense and fake “love”, extricate yourself from UM grip, then publicly confront the manipulation / exploitation. Go girl!

    Hopefully your open and honest exposure will alert / warn others before they too spiral into a mental health break down.

    I hope you continue to go from strength to strength. (Perhaps start a UM recovery support group?).

    • Thank you. You´re right, the mental health break down can be avoidable if you take a look at Piroschka. She´s just been relieved being able to let go of the restrictive UM dogma. However, she needed the experience of watching my breakdown realizing that. I hope, too, what I´ve written´ ll make others think twice.

      But those neck-deep in it have way too often proven they´ll stay in it no matter what. Have to be realistic, until now, they´ve lied or misterpreted reality all just not to leave the UM bubble not matter what. I´ve got practical experience of being neck-deep in and getting out of it. Ready to do whatever it takes if someone needs assistance in that field . If a UM recovery support group is needed, I´ll be more than happy to either join or start one, thanks for the tip, But, again, I´m neither here to show off or boost my ego, everyone´s got something to bring in and it´s about time doing it.

    • Here here
      Couldnt have said this better
      Olga find strength in your bravery and the truth
      You had to hit rock bottom and almost mentally drown before climbing out of the UM slimy cess pit quicksand of lies
      But you have successfully done this
      Thats AMAZING !!
      There are many followers still snorkeling in the sewer convinced they are in crystal clear water
      They are so used to swallowing shit they have lost their ability to reason

  11. It seems to me that all UM peddles is a class A drug or at least the symptoms are very similar..

    The addiction, dependancy, need to finance, mood swings, confusion, weight loss, new friends, distress and non-comprehension for family and old friends and then withdrawal (hopefully) all seem follow the same patten as drug use. Unfortunately, as with drugs, it is the ultimate admission yourself that you have a problem and the asking for help which will lead to withdrawal. (Such as Olga has had the courage to do). Families who try to help are rebuffed and any help is often counter productive. I am no expert but have seen this process in drug addiction.

    This is very sad for consenting adults, and by comparison would make UM the supplier and THE upper hierarchy, who can make money from the scam, the dealers/pushers. However, to encourage or push drugs on to children or take them into schools would be highly illegal and certainly not encouraged. Vulnerable people such as those with existing medical problems or those in prisons or hospitals would expect to be protected from people peddling drugs!

    Just a thought …

    • UM became definitely a drug to me and it´s very disturbing seeing them bring that to children in schools i. e.
      Had to ask myself, asking myself questions became my favorite hobby :), why I became so addicted to UM and, that was more fun because it destroyed my view of them being the absolute, why the upper UMers needed the drug of self-aggrendisement.

  12. There’s no law against having errant belief systems. In fact, they are actively encouraged. The current (non) debate about marriage equality has seen howls about “religious freedom” from the no camp. What they seem to mean is the freedom to believe in fairy tales which will entitle them to behave in a prejudicial way towards a minority, simply because they don’t like it.

    It’s politically incorrect to call religion harmful, and our laws are informed by this illogical notion that people are entitled to learn and in turn indoctrinate their own kids with adult fairy stories that can make adherents behave in ways that can be counter to how we really are as humans and what’s actually good for us as society.

    UM members have made similar arguments in the past, citing freedom of religion and claiming persecution by us, the detractors. I’d counter that my freedom to call religious beliefs stupid and unnecessary (based on facts) is severely curtailed by the current paradigm that we must afford adherents of fairy tales the inalienable right to discriminate based – implicitly- on lack of evidence (the nature of faith)

    So where do you draw the line between religion, sect, cult and stupidity? Most mental health ‘professionals’ struggle to understand what a cult is (even arguing the term), experts are derided, and legislators are often practicing catholics or anglicans bent on protecting their aforementioned inalienable right to dissonance. In other words, if they legislate something that might stop Martha joining a cult, the same might apply to Martha joining their longer established cult (now called religion)

    So expect no help from (anyone or thing) above.

    I haven’t been through what Olga or others has, but years ago I was involved with a cult and under the influence of its charismatic local leader. It’s a long time back, but I recall some of the thinking and my then lens on the world. I understand the power of imagining you know something others don’t- something magical and transcendent.

    I also spent countless hours trying to decipher the deep and cryptic meaning of the philosophy of the group (theosophical based). Thirty years later I know it is gibberish full of contradictions, fallacies, false assumptions, non-sequiturs and every other error of logic possible; but at the time I was enamoured and felt powerful. While my involvement was short-lived, I recall it altered how I saw my family (hostile/pitiable), my friends (way behind me), the world (deluded).

    I can only imagine this is how UM members feel. This is the right people want to protect when they talk about religious freedom.

    So while we hold to the notion that people should be able to believe in the unbelievable, we’re going to be dealing with cults and cult leaders. They’re a symptom of our need to believe, to have the answer, a mission and sense of empowerment; no matter how false and no matter what it costs others around them.

    Nothing at the time could have talked me out of my vain imaginings. I simply became disillusioned with the friend that has brought me into the cult, and when I subsequently stopped interacting with the group the fairy dust fell away. It was a desultory lesson that with the benefit of hindsight was invaluable.

    Once you’re in a delusion, you’re in a web of deceits from the small to the fantastic, all necessary to enable it. We’re seeing that with UM. They struggle keeping their private and collective delusions cogent as reality rudely intrudes. The proponents of that reality; family, friends, Esther, Olga, me, become their strident enemies, fair game for attack.

    But everyone that stands up against delusion is a hero in my book. We’re all allowed to make mistakes. That’s how we learn. Admitting them and using them to help others avoid the same progresses the human project.

    Thanks again to Olga for her bravery, and to Esther’s none too subtle point, others who been affected and leant on her over the years, should join in to speak up for what we know is the truth. It’s our way of saying yes. And it’s the least we can do.

    • Thank you, Lance, I´m with you on everything you´ve written. If I´d been taught scientific/critical thinking, all would´ve stopped after listening to Serge for 1 minute max. “We´re all equal Sons of God….” Where do you get your information from? Where´s the proof? “I can feel it in my heart” is not the proof for divinity. End of story. Don´t take claims for granted that cannot be proven. These are not facts of esoteric SCIENCE but mere assumptions.

      • I agree Olga, if we were all taught to think critically early we’d avoid a lot of pain. I don’t know what happens in Germany, but in Australia its 2 units in year 11 and 12 (or something) and I don’t recall any explanation of how to apply it to everyday existence.

        I have to agree somewhat with Serge that the way we are taught to think is ‘erroneous’; but not for the same reason. His is that thinking is pranic and controlled by the lords of form, or some such rot. Mine is that the system fails to teach us how to test information and assumptions. We’re too easily swayed by slogans like “We’re all equal sons of god” (meaningless, before you start even considering the epistemology of “God”) or “Everything is energy” (attributed by UM to Einstein [because he was smart] but also misleading) etc etc.

        We’re exposed all day long to messages that are meaningless, of dubious origins and based on false assumptions. More so these days with facile social media and instant internet experts (like Bec Asquith and her cohorts) Serge realises people suspect this and leverages those suspicions to sidetrack them into agreeing with him that the it’s all one big conspiracy (by the lords of form, big-pharma, capitalists and the media) meant to rob people of their next twenty incarnations and the ‘fiery plan’. Whatever that is.

        The more simple truth evades us. We’re just lazy thinkers who have not learnt the skills to see what is hearsay, rumour, false, or just a downright pile of shit. We don’t understand logical fallacies and we too easily allow other peoples ideas and opinions to become our own. If we’re put in a group, we’re more likely to agree. If we hear the same falsehood repeated over and over, we accept it as true.

        UM is a lazy thinkers paradise. Serge convinces you he’s not convincing you while reminding you incessantly you can’t think for yourself, and therefore it is not necessary. Just follow his plan; “The Way it is”. There’s plenty of evidence this happens. Just read or listen to members repeating the same lines and same unconsidered arguments and fact free accusations.

        I’m not having a go at you Olga. We all do it. It’s actually hard work to test information coming in all day long. And if you’re in a group of well meaning people who on the surface look happy, you’re much less likely to do so. But I bet, especially at the start, many people have had serious doubts about UM, what was being said, and Serge. Eventually those doubts give way to acceptance and then support as what didn’t make sense in the beginning begins to develop its own internal logic; aided by rationalisation and our all too human propensity for doubling down on decisions and investments we’ve already made. “The work’ then is the process of forcing yourself not to think.

        Years ago I thought enlightenment would be something transcendent, ineffable, divine. Now I suspect it is much more mundane. It’s making use of all your faculties to know that there are many things you don’t know and won’t know. But to know truth, you do need to test each bit of information for yourself. That’s hard.

        What is transcendental is the humbling realisation that we are endowed with this mind that seeks answers well beyond what is needs, and can look out across time and space and conceive itself as a part of its fabric, even if it’s existence is just fleeting. What is magical is that some (like Einstein, to name but one of a pantheon of real masters) have managed to see well beyond themselves to delve into the true nature of reality in a way that is verifiable and has resulted in monumental advancement for the human species.

        That is the antithesis to UM and their ilk. Superstitions, magical beliefs and meaningless mantra’s that cause divisiveness, contraction and backward thinking. It’s summed all summed up neatly as “Ancient Wisdom”…

        No one will be studying the works of Serge Benhayon in 100 years, other than as a footnote in history of a time when people we’re easily misdirected because as a society we failed to arm our citizens with the necessary cognitive tools to know a nickel and dime charlatan from a soaring genius.

        But as I mentioned before, the journey to self-knowledge has dark valleys. That’s where the real lessons are learned. The day you know you don’t know anything, is the day you on the path to real enlightenment. It probably doesn’t lead to bliss under a Bodhi tree, but at least you can leave this universe knowing you actually did ‘the work’ to really sort out fact from fiction and to spend some time appreciating our small moment basking in this amazing universe.

        • That´s about the same conclusions I´ve come to. By the way, you didn´t have a go at me, my esoteric past is concluded, completely different person now.

  13. Can´t stand the UM tactic ignoring or talking about us only within their circles. It´s childish.

    “To observe is to allow another to make their own choices and thus complete whatever cycle one puts themselves into or under. If allowed, they will soon know whether their choice is from grace and thus with self-love, or, whether their choice comes from an emotion and thus from contraction, that is, from the emptiness of not loving one-self.”
    Serge Benhayon ( Plus audio tips about letting your daughter go out with a harming boyfriend to let her make her experiences. Oh boy.

    As an UM student, I had an expert opinion on everything (because: best teacher in the world). Especially regarding psychology and attitude survey. Analyzing everything without a clue. Conclluding with “from an emptiness of not loving one-self” always fits.

    UM expert opinions about breakdowns now, too: Breakdown or Breakthrough: Dear UM, please leave it to people educated for this or leave a footnote like “This is a just a biased opinion from a brick-layer trying to bake a cake.” Or whatever.

  14. Interesting discussion re critical thinking & reflection skills, only taught well at university. I agree more training for all required!

    However if the govt decides to legislate away all faith based, offensive, beliefs / opinions, who or what standard would qualify as right or true? Which politician / s would you trust to decide? (Esther’s insightful blogs may upset a politician enough to be shut down!😮).

    I’d way prefer freedom of belief (no matter how weird or ridiculous), freedom of speech / debate & feedom to choose, rather than arbitrary laws / “truths” imposed by a powerful authoritarian govt which thinks it’s right. (We could end up like North Korea 😨).

    The freedom we have here to read about Olga’s heart breaking experience (& for all to learn) wouldn’t exist!

    (Actually some “faith” based beliefs have an immense backing of evidence based research. Read legally trained investigative journalist Lee Strobel’s 2 year journey from athiesm to “faith”: a rigorous evidence based approach & fascinating, eye opening, humorous read… His 3 best books are “Case for Ch….”, Case for Cr……” & “Case for the real J….”).

    Just another (strong evidence based) perspective to enjoy our awesome universe 💕.

    • I’d rather we didn’t take up space on Olga’s post on ‘that’ debate. No one is suggesting here that the government should legislate against belief. That will not happen, and I don’t want to waste space on that here. I would prefer we keep to the topic.

      No one is trying to stop UMers from believing what they want to believe, however, we have a right to criticize behaviours and attitudes that are actively causing harm – like putting people in hospital, others into financial ruin and others through the courts – family and civil. Harassing, defaming, rorting, robbing, molesting, beating and starving children, peddling authoritarianism, lies and hate – and calling all of that anti-social insanity ‘religion’, ‘love’ and ‘truth’ is false advertising, dangerous and I wouldn’t be surprised if it has a body count. What we’re doing here is asserting our right to say so, to share information and to have something meaningful done to stop the harm. It’s not a religious debate, it’s about stopping harm. Don’t make it into something it’s not – that’s what UM does – and not very convincingly.

    • I’m not suggesting legislating against religious beliefs. The community around many mainstream religious groups has its place. I am advocating early education in critical thinking so a person is armed to make good decisions as to whether a concept has real merit or not.

      I do think there is a line between a relatively harmless religion and a cult. Cult’s are by definition exclusive, have their own doctrine, and often lead to the breakdown of relationships. If a group has those characteristics, they should be watched. If they are making false claims about health, sex, money, their services, they should be prosecuted under existing or better laws.

      There’s no evidence for faith. That is contradictory. If people choose to believe in something (such as Odin, Zeus, Serge, Jesus or some other omnipotent being) that is up to them, provided it doesn’t bring harm to themselves or those around them. No one should impose belief systems or doctrines, which is my very point. Freedom of Religion should also be balanced with Freedom for non-religion. However, non-religious people are often silenced by the current political paradigm and/or fear of offending peoples ‘faith’, which is wrong as that implicit offence cuts both ways.

      That argument is the grey area in which cults operate and it’s where people run when a cherished belief senses it is being challenged. It’s the argument UM’er’s use. It’s okay to believe in something. It is not okay to bash others with it directly or indirectly (as UM’ers and others do) and it’s not okay to exclude others because they won’t share your beliefs, be it theist or a-theist and all the shades in between. We’re one big organism on the planet. It’s only ideas that separate us.

      • Serge perhaps? must? and perhaps? must? does? and has trained others [from where I sit to prey XXXXL= love bomb XXXXL] the vulnerable, NO matter about education level, background etc. Anyone CAN and DOES fall.
        What Olga has expressed here is word for word the same as the HRH Neil Ringe and his UM associates said word for word EG: Cathars etc etc etc etc etc
        Maybe it is all to do with $$$$$’s.
        $tuff anything else.
        Root of all evil, to the point one can dispen$e with con$cience and critical thinking.

        • I understand something´s triggering you as it is a controversial subject, but please get off your high horse. I´m not a writer and English isn´t even my mother tongue and am just trying to share UM experience and how I was thinking at that time because very few have done it until now. Happy to step back and let other, more skilled and smarter people do the job. I don´t need the spotlight and would love spending more of my days outside enjoying nature.

  15. Olga, firstly you are anazing to write and tell us about UM. I will be brief. If you are a UM student do you reveive points or praise for being loving to others outside UM? I feel the students have changed lately and are trying more to engage with other people. ? Many thanks Trish

      • No problem, I know the downside of perfectionism from UM and am in the process of overcoming it. The praise for being loving to others comes energetically: The energy you express comes back to you plus you receive good Karma points. The energy you live in can clear your past lives and will await you in your next life. When you die, the energy of how your money left behind will have an affect on you in your next life, too. To bequeath as much as possible to UM/Serge was my dream as the highest fiery energy would be there in my next life.
        You´re not loving? There´ll be consequences for that as everything is energy and everything is because of energy. That´s the kind of pressure I´ve spent my esoteric days with. Be love and love will come to you also means be not love and not love will come to you.
        The goal is to introduce every pranic person to his soul/fiery energy so he/she can feel it in the heart equally so. I constantly tried to be at least gentle and best in stillness for others to feel the difference and be inspired to change their pranic life. We were Superman disguised as Clark Kent energetically.
        Don´t know how things are now, I´m afraid, but I´d like to know, too. Esoteric students don´t live that close to me and there was nothing about it in the latest UM posts on the blogs as far as I know. Anyone else?

        • Trish I’m surprised UMers are being nicer to people, because that’s not what is being said behind closed doors. The talk is all about being under attack – and that living the Esoteric life is a kind of martyrdom where you can expect to be persecuted, massacred, gang raped, skinned alive and dragged through the streets. That is literally how they are characterising answering official complaints, people commenting on how they all look grey in the face and withered and otherwise asking them wtf? They’re telling each other ‘we are abusing people by not sharing our truth’.

          I’m not joking.

          At the same time business is truly terrible here in Australia. They have a bad name and they can’t understand it’s because of their own attitudes and behaviours. But they realize they have to love bomb people to get new recruits, otherwise their micro economy will dry up. I think that’s what you’re seeing – feigning sociability to try and improve their shocking PR.

          Trish, in what way are they being more amenable? Can you expand on that? (no need to identify anyone – a lot of readers work or live with UMers, so you could keep it general). (And don’t worry about your spelling. We don’t have Andy Baldwin and the Team here checking everyone’s spelling and ‘expression’.)

          Olga, do you remember Serge saying that about wills and bequests? (Can you message me and let me know when and where you heard him say that?) Was that something the students talked about? Leaving money in their wills? Are you aware of anyone who did? Or who donated money, and how much they donated?

          • I´m surprised about the extent they are going with the Cathar story. In my UM days, it´s just been a reason to feel more special as one had been part of an elite group in previous life so to speak. The chasing and murdering of the Cathars mostly by the Catholic Church had been a great reason why it was so hard to claim our love and light. The horror of it and the fear it might happen again was stored in our bodies energetically and there were even healing techniques for it. Interesting they use it in that way now.

          • Yes maybe love bombing. They are More open then before. Im being vague deliberately. They give more compliments. More open to not talk UM although always in the background. Serge still behind everything they do but they are not as closed. I feel as though serge has told them to be more accommodating but that is just my feeling (excuse the um pun). Please dont get me wrong they are still completely into UM and said very wrong things about death etc. I have to be vague. I was wondering do they go up Serge’s ladder if they are “love ” to non Umers and I thank Olga for answering that. You are doing great Olga. I met serge at a workshop and if it wasnt for my obbsession to question everything and follow no-one I could have easily got sucked in. I agree with whoever wrote “it is easy: to follow someone else’s belief system”. Takes all the pressure off and gives you an answer for death etc. UM is totally warped though as it instills fear to make mega bucks off the vulnerable and brain washes in the most appalling way. Trish

        • Hi Olga, I am interested to know why you had a burning desire to give Serge your hard earned money too. How was that idea inculcated? Was it a shared belief? Do members talk about it?

  16. Sure, it´s been part of an EDG Esther has already blogged about :):

    “If you receive money from family- inheritance – clear it by putting your passbook on a clearing symbol – you [sic] kidneys adopt what you are receiving…

    Serge talked about Wills

    If you leave a child $10,000 dollars and the kids spend that money to keep them in recognition and identification – excess – that holds you in contraction in your next life.

    If you invest wisely in your will this gives you fire in your next life.

    If not you leave behind a constant drain on kidney energy and an imprint of a pranic emanation stopping others from being in their centre.

    If you give in sympathy no matter how much you give esoterically you are drained.

    Do you clear it from other past lives?

    …..If you leave a Will to Unimed and you put a lineal condition that it be used to fund those who can’t afford the courses then that is pranic- putting a lineal condition on a spherical nature, not trusting people will know how to best use it.

    Charity- was discussed as creating a greater platform of prana for the lords of form.

    Occultly – the energy of charity is the same as the energy of a paedophilia as it tries to use an innocent expression to disguse its ill pranic ways. Trying to compensate for own guilt through the use of innocent energy. (Esoteric Development Group notes, taken by Kathleen Baldwin, September 2008)”


    German UM students quoted, Simon Williams I think it was, with “Geld muss fließen…” which means “money has to flow”. I think it was also about the fear of saving it for possible bad times shows a lack of trust and drains your kidney energy. Invest in fire and fire will come to you.

    So, the students´ plan was to spend it on very fiery UM as much as possible to recieve fire in their life. Invest in self-love and you will be love. They were secretive (it´s a private matter and exceptionally kept it private) who you leave money to in your will, but it was a matter of logic to my own plans.

    Donating money to the Sound Foundation was a thing here, too. I had a monthly reoccuring investment for it on my bank account. As the total sum of donations dropped, Serge wrote a letter to everyone – or was it an EDG? – how fiery it is to invest in fire and we are here for a purpose – to serve our lost equal brothers, to fulfill the Hierarchy´s plan on earth. That´s about how remember it, not a quote. The donations for the Sound Foundation rose significantly after that from one month to the other. Michael Nicholson being the major donor:

    “Note that one million pounds have been donated by Sound Foundation trustee, Michael Nicholson; Simone Benhayon’s father in law, in the last two financial years. The Nicholson family are multi-millionaire owners of the nearby Upper Vobster Farm, which has been renovated into another accommodation facility to cater for those travelling to the Lighthouse to attend cult events. Advertising for UK events now includes contact details for Michael’s wife, Tricia Nicholson to take bookings.”


    Esther blogged a lot about money, VAT and donations regarding the Sound Foundation here:

    I hope that helps, I´m open for further questions regarding giving money to UM.

    • If anyone has copies of these fundraising emails from Serge, please send them to me.

      Also, I’m interested to know how he managed to get the students to keep their donations secret. Of course he did that so no one would realize how wealthy he was getting from money for nothing. I do have documents of him saying the donations should be made anonymously so that no one would go into jealousy and comparison, but it was really about hiding how rich he was getting.

      Also do you remember questioning giving those donations at all? Did you have any doubts about it that you remember?

    • Thanks for the insight Olga. I do wonder if the UM community did talk about their donations to Serge/UM/Sound Foundation/CoUM rather than keeping it on the low-down (for fear of draining kidney energy and inciting rampant jealousy) whether they’d feel the same about their donations and whether they’d start to wonder where all the money has gone. It’s not like there are any signs of conspicuous and undue wealth surrounding the Benhayons.

      Maybe some of the bigger living donors might have doubts about their ‘investment’ too; but as some of these are seemingly sophisticated investors it might be difficult to accept that the investment (essentially in another possible life) is not the value they were led to believe. After all they’re astute and there’s no way of knowing until a couple of hundred years from now whether it was a good deal or not.

      And you’d think with all that extra money the long-time philanthropist Serge would have laid on some great new digs at his own expense for the students, or something. One wonders why he’s forced to penny pinch to start a new website, and if he’s got nothing to do with the Sound Foundation, why he is sending emails or asking everyone to put in more. After all, if money flows, he should be flowing it back out so fire can attract fire. Or something.

      I guess god does work in mysterious ways 😉 Well actually, it does seem obvious to me. The mystery is that it’s not obvious to those that it should be.

      • The info about how much money each one spent on UM was kept as secretive as sex life within our community. Well, when I recall what I heard Serge talking about his super duper sex life with Miranda during my first presentation in Cologne even more than that. Everyone had a bad conscience in the back of their head about the immense amount of money they invested in UM, throwing it out of the window with both hands. Everyone knew more important things could´ve been done. Like renovating their house or using it to spend time with their family/children etc.

  17. Olga very very well done you talk 100% truth and 100% sense. Hugs to you for a 100% recovery & reclaim of your life.

    Well Well :)!!
    Is it any wonder that Universal Medicine members led by [oops so sorry for the typo as they DO NOT worship nor adore nor obey nor adulate Serge Benhayon] they just write continuously that HE SERGE is such a good fellow OVER & OVER AGAIN and some more.

    Hey Alison? Who is THE BOSS? You? Yes/No? Paula Fletcher? Charlie?Yes/No?

    Cover up, defend. Blah blah….
    Those of us in all of our own ways suspected/knew? that this is WHY poor [meant sincerely] duped $oul$ UMer’$ are $o intent with EVERY living minute and gentle or not$o gentle breath & booby massage and ovary chat… in thi$ life on bringing Esther and anyone else who speaks out – DOWN [and there have been a few now]
    Power of the people and it is NOT persecution not at all.
    The Ones NEED NO more for a millennium of lifetimes.


    • I´m with you on that. Start caring about the people close to you, In my case also the ones affected directly or indirectly by UM.

      Money seems to be the most interesting subject for some, I started blogging about how much I spent on UM in those years. It´s crazy, once you start a topic, i. e. “money spent on courses including incidentals”, ten other windows pop up. Spent hours on it and am not even close to being finished:

  18. And what about children in this whole sorry mess? Thank you Olga for your courage and openness is describing your experiences. I’m concerned for the second generation UMers which are already being raised in the toxic WoTL. We’re talking safeguarding issues here and if we fail to speak up are we complicit in failing to protect them? Olga, did you see children present at any of his ‘lectures?’

    • Great question thank you. Thanks for your questions everyone, and thank you Olga – it’s very interesting information.

  19. Sure, in Germany, some UM followers brought their children with them, especially to Chris James singing courses. Some, especially teenagers, reluctantly so,one brought her non-UM teenager daughter to a course about the greatness of EBM by Mary Louise Meyers here in Cologne. Also, Piroschka wasn´t the only one buying a Personal Symbol necklace in gold for her kid. We even tried to buy one for a baby, but, oh wonder, UM refused to send one as a baby is close to his inner-most naturally so. We used a healing card for it under his mattress though.

    I´ve only seen one male teenager in the courses in Frome. He was part of a group where a practitioner cleared sex-energy from the lateral thighs of a female friend of mine, who started to cry of pain because the practitioner pushed too hard.

    “Get them while they´re young” is definitely a method in UM. Even if their intentions are good, imposing beliefs on a child, especially as dogmatic ones as these, is not acceptable.

    • Just to make sure, her thighs were clothed during that. We never undressed in courses, but topics like sex, entities raping you energetically, intense diseases like terminal cancer plus healing techniques like freeing the energy of being murdered and tortured as a Cathar and the above mentioned clearing of sex energy in your lateral thighs is nothing children and even young adults should be present at. The loud/intense screaming going, coming from lots of ESH participants during clearing childhood imprints during open healing session time, comes close to what I call an exorcism.

  20. I think, Esther´s comment from Sept. 14th on my blog regarding “Olga, Psychose und UM” may be fitting here:

    “Thank you for writing this. Your story reminded me that when I did the level one healing workshop in 2005 the ’students‘ held hands in a circle at the end of the workshop. The young man beside me, who would have been in his late teens or early twenties was trembling uncontrollably. I feel bad that I didn’t say something to him. I was very worried about him.

    That weekend I had seen people very distressed – screaming, crying. One young woman could not stop crying for the whole day. It was horrible.”

    • Ah yes, and that was the one where 15 year old Natalie was training in how to be an eso “healer”.

      Flo, we know kids are at all events, including the eso healing workshops, EDG meetings, Way of the Livingness etc. – all our witnesses have told us so. You can hear them in the background of the audio recordings. Poor little blighters having to endure hours and hours of unsavoury bullshit and hysteria.

  21. I’m becoming way too angry about UM and children, need to calm down a bit. It seems UMers are oblivous to reality, if on purpose or not is on another page. Olga, not putting you down, how it it possible people bringi their children to a freak show like this and everyone is okay with it? How can they not notice many within their group are underweight, some close to anorexia in my opinion? What is it about the group thinking that even amateurish esoteric music is listened to with glee? And what can I do about it other than donating and writing comments online.

    • Watch this:

      No, seriously, puh, tough questions, got me on the wrong foot here. Have to think about it for a while, others are welcome to help on that of course. Just a few thoughts:

      – most anorexic people still think they are overweight and many obese don´t feel as overweight as they physically are.
      – starts from a young age, becoming an obedient child/pupil/worker/student.
      – critical thinking is not taught as much as I´d like it to be.
      – there´s no one around you giving you an honest feedback but always telling you how precious you are?!
      – once I swallowed the pill of Serge/UM being absolute, I believed everything.
      – the indoctrination doesn´t happen all of a sudden.
      – doesn´t have to do with intelligence, it´s not about being stupid or intelligent.
      – the more fervently I was put down by non-UMers, the more I was laughed at, the more people tried to talk me out of it the deeper I stayed in.
      – society was asocial, loveless and always about defending yourself from being lied to and exploited. My opinion then.

      I think, Esther could give some better answers about what one can do. I really don´t know yet.

      • Here we go, I´ll never ever reveal my real name after this… My answer of why I let myself be placed in a pile of shit sold as a garden of roses:

        Raised religuous, obedient and good with a boss at work testing how far he could go until I said no. Quit with a of mental breakdown unable to work any further. Lost colleagues, friends and perspective in life. Faced with constant existential fear and sleeping problems. Didn´t seek help at psychology or psychiatry but spirituality. Discovered UM, which presented a false sense of security and community. Had a new meaning in life and was willing to sacrifice everything as there was nothing else. Didn´t work out obviously.

        This cannot applied to everyone else I met there, but almost all had been raised religious, followed a guru before and/or had done loads of spiritual journeys before. Many, not all, had or came from a low point of their life, too.

    • Olga, I think you’re doing a wonderful job – I don’t think readers understand you are writing in your second (or third?) language, and how difficult that is. But aside from the language (and we can all agree your English is better than all the Benhayons put together), that you are coming to terms with something that has caused lasting damage to you and your family. I really hope readers understand how momentous that is…

      To whom it may concern (love the name) – if you’re angry about UM and children, it means that you’re human. If you are in UM, you’ve paid a lot to pretend and act like you’re not human. If you’re in UM, you’ve paid big bucks to aspire to being a sixth degree psychopath.

      I don’t believe there is a ‘too angry’ about what UM is putting children through. I’ve been told of one primary school child who gets so hungry on that idiotic diet his whole body trembles. I have heard accounts of toddlers being so hungry they’re screaming in tears.

      Too angry is when you go out and break the law in some fit of rage – and as long as you’re not doing that you’re not too angry. As far as I’m concerned a lot of readers aren’t angry enough. There are people reading who could put a stop to the harm – through the proper channels – and they don’t. Because they have no guts.

      If you’re angry you’re in good company. What can you do about it? Nothing. Except perhaps hope me and my backers get this travesty before the courts.

      Otherwise, if you have the resources to back me, please contribute. A lot of you reading should be ashamed that complete strangers are doing more to try and protect your kids and other loved ones in UM than you are.

      Or if you have information that can be used against UM in court – it’s the in house comms we want – the bullying and scamming for funds, coercion to volunteer and attend stuff, the back of house advertising of courses and sessions, the Brides of Serge issuing orders for The One – please share.

      The last thing the bastards want is for us share information and to pool resources. They’ve done a good job of making sure we don’t.

      • Thanks, it´s my second language, French more than rudimentarily I´m afraid, beautiful language though. Just shortly, I needed Alphabet to recognize pressure to perform is not it. In UM it came diguised as energetic integrity and responsibility, initation scale and Serge being a 6th degree initiate, an Ascended Master walking the earth telling us, we will be that, too – someday – in a galaxy far far away… I´m jealous about your school though, mine focused on obedient acquittal and competition. Germany might be the world cup champion in football (couldn´t care less) but we definitely have to learn how to live a relaxed life. 😉

        The UM and children thing caught me off guard, too. I didn´t recognize how sick that was and is until then.

        I´ve got an UM information to lighten up the mood a bit. Serge is giving group walking therapies. Teaching you how to WALK, for 30$ per hour and person. Meaning, a goup of 10 people equals 300$ hourly wage for him – minus taxes (hahahahaa).


        “Universal Medicine Presents

        Walking Therapies

        In 1999 Serge Benhayon realised no less than seven modalities to complement the release of energies that would initiate an acceleration to the evolutionary pull and by that offer humanity a major shift in consciousness. One of those advances comes in the nature of ‘Walking Therapies’.

        Walking Therapies is a sub-branch of True Movement and True Movement is in turn the name given to expression, behaviour, action or practice where such activity is impulsed by Co-creation (in our case it is movement that is impulsed by the light of one’s Soul).

        The 1-hour course involves group work and expression whereby we learn from each other whilst Serge shares the process. Each participant will be personally catered for.

        We hereby wish to announce the release of Walking Therapy Group Sessions with Serge Benhayon

        Session Details

        1 Hour

        $30 per person
        Cash, cheque, eftpos and credit card facilities available on the day

        Sessions begin on schedule, please be on time

        The ‘Hall of Ageless Wisdom’
        37 Converys Lane, off Bruxner Highway, Wollongbar NSW 2477
        The turnoff is directly opposite the new Shell Service Station
        *Please note that carpooling is essential*

        Please bring your own means of hydration and wear comfortable and appropriate footwear and clothing.
        Please note that sessions will be held inside the Hall of Ageless Wisdom.


        Friday 20th October – 4.30pm (NSW Daylight Saving time)

        Friday 20th October – 5.30pm (NSW Daylight Saving time)

        Saturday 21st October – 8.30am (NSW Daylight Saving time)

        Sunday 22nd October – 3.45pm (NSW Daylight Saving time)

        Thursday 7th December – 4.00pm (NSW Daylight Saving time)

        Thursay 7th December – 5.00pm (NSW Daylight Saving time)

        Friday 15th December – 4.00pm (NSW Daylight Saving time)

        Friday 15th December – 5.00pm (NSW Daylight Saving time)

        Sunday 17th December – 8.30am (NSW Daylight Saving time)


        Bookings are essential for Walking Therapy Group Sessions.

        Please Book Here

        In order to make the sessions accessible to as many people as possible, one session per person will be available initially, with additional groups becoming available in the future for those wishing to attend multiple sessions.

        We will endeavour to accommodate your preferred session date wherever possible.

        We look forward to sharing this modality with you.

        Thank you.

        With Love,
        The Universal Medicine Team”

        • Incredible, thanks for sharing Olga. So this must be what the UM people mean when they say that Serge Walks his talk!
          Yes I am joking. OMG

        • Why doesn’t he do it for nothing? for the love of humanity? To bring the collective energy up? To bring ‘initiation’ to the followers and the masses…?? Why indeed when he can squeeze another few thousand $$$ out his dwindling band of not-so-merry followers. Looks like he’s expecting to get them all through at least once over that couple of months. A cool $10K if he can get them all lined up like lemmings for ‘special attention’. Ye gads. And they’ll be there with bells on.

        • Oh come on!
          Now Ive heard everything
          If you pay Serge $30 / hour he is going to teach people how to walk (esoteric) laps around the hall
          If any of you UM morons fall for this it proves you have lost your minds
          You learnt to walk as a baby, you’ve been doing it for years, you dont need Serge to tell you how to walk as well as breathe, eat, sleep, see and think.
          WAKE UP

          • Wanking Therapies would be far more useful to the cult members.

            All those single, middle-aged women suddenly with no husbands and the only men around are the insipid, male-period advocating Sergio-clones could surely do with ‘a hand’. 😉

          • “Serge never tell them what to do.. We are all intelligent people… Serge does not run a cult… People are free to come and go as they choose… There are no walls..There are no members, just students…students are all members of the EPA..”

            “What if I could get 2000 people to tell you it is not a cult…”

            Latest revelation: The 7 stages of Obedience.

      • Thank you for the waking up call, Esther. I agreed to start commenting here after reading this and a little motivational video Olga´s sent me ( I really am busy, as mentioned below, but UM is still marketing with “We deliver teachings that are about everyday self-loving choices” and I can´t stand that lie anymore. (Writing in German, Olga doing what she loathes so far: translating)

        • Thank you so much for joining us Piroschka – I am very pleased that you are both commenting – and I think we are all benefiting from your contributions. 💚💚

          My responses are a bit slow at the moment but each new bit information you’re sharing is vindicating for me – these experiences you’re both describing confirm to me I’ve done the right thing in exposing this horrible scam. The reaction of the esoteric practitioners is utterly appalling – goes to show how close all of UM are to requiring urgent psychiatric treatment.

          And thank you Olga for Sergio’s walking madness – $30 per head – it will grace the next gossip post – with Atmic love 😉 😂

  22. Running a cult seems to be a good business model. No training or academic studies presupposed, you´re allowed to pretend to be the all-knowing, there’ll be enough vulnerable people needing a strong leader, ready to be sukced dry financially. Just a matter of conscience. Sorry for what you´ve been through and thank you to all involved for giving these people a voice.

    • Yes, Esther, again, shared some informative videos about that, too:

      November 17: Video: Being in cults & breaking free:

      Couldn´t find her post about the second one, so here´s the YouTube Link:
      Why do people join cults? – Janja Lalich
      This one comes close to what Piroschka and I experienced. Hope these help to understand, what´s (been) going on.

      • Thanks, the second one answered some questions. Sorry for asking all these questions and coming to the fore, please feel free to not answer, if it gets too personal, but I somehow missed out on Piroschka. May I ask, who she is and why she’s left UM?

        • Don´t worry, I´m here for a reason and it can´t become much more personal than that.

          Piroschka and I are close, can´t be more specific on that. I lured her into UM with my enthusiasm and she´s been neck-deep into it, too. Her experiences are written in German here, please ask, if the translator doesn´t work properly:

          Plus, she´s been helping me with the blog about “the insanity of energetic integrity”:

          Luckily for her, she couldn´t leave her pranic family and had to live, work and interact with them under one roof. They didn´t believe one single word of her UM beliefs and demanded to live their own lifes and eat their pranic food she had to cook for them, “had to” from an UM perspective of course. They knew, where the limits of communicating with her were though and respected these.

          Also, nothing helps more than looking into an horrified face with wide eyes whilst being warned not to come for a visit in the mental facility I was in…. because entities would invade her, rape and drain her kidney energy. She even asked an esoteric practitioner how to protect herself from this scenario.

          Would not have come out of it without her.

          • Piroschka agreed to anwer questions, too, by the way. It´ll just take longer as she´s busier with regular life than I am (family) and I´d have to translate her German answers first.

  23. Thank you both for your time and efforts it is most enlightening as to the damage caused to adults and children by UM – keep it up! Most of us reading here are no doubt, like me, those of concerned families and friends who know the damage caused to the wider group and relationships with loved ones involved in UM, but find it difficult to understand. Hopefully potential recruits may be discouraged too. Olga, your translations are brilliant. Just look at it as training for a future career in languages! I’m sure that putting it all down on paper must help you with your recovery too, as it becomes more clear what you have been involved with. Putting it in writing is kind of like getting rid of it once and for all. Esther is heading for a new career in law I imagine, having had to do a personal crash course in the legal systems on at least two continents!

    It is interesting to read about the courses in walking (ha!ha!) One foot in front of the other, slowly and anti-clockwise? I can see that it would be very useful if directed at people who couldn’t walk or had real physical problems, but this would probably expose the ‘healers’ for their inability to miraculously heal those with real problems.
    The courses in breathing used to amuse me too as every one who is living manages to do that to some effect without even thinking about it too much. It seems that all these courses do is to make people aware of, or imagaine, problems that didn’t even have before … (and make a few more $)
    The real test for a 6th degree initiate, an Ascended Master even, would be to make someone walk or breath when they had lost the ability to do so themselves – somewhat like we are led to believe Jesus was capable of. I assume that Serge does not believe in Jesus as he would seem to be the opposition? I believe he also has a low opinion of other healers/cult leaders? As you say UM seems to recruit people who have been involved with other healing/new age groups …

    • Thanks, PA. it´s funny how it sometimes goes, neither Esther nor I planned it that way I´m sure. Everytime Esther starts writing about law, I´m out very quickly, using vocabularies like an advocate..:) Me writing the UM days down really helps coming clear with it.

      Before I answer the further questions, I don´t believe in Jesus or spiritual healing therapies, the facts are too weak regarding these topics. I hope, I get Serge´s Jesus story right: Jesus was an 3rd degree(?) initiate, betrayed by Judas before rising to his full potential. Judas reincarnated into thousands of miserable lifes after his suicide. Remember the “You´re just jealous” T-Shirts? That was the emotion making him do it. Think twice, before becoming jealous of the even higher fiery energy presented today!!! (Sorry, can´t keep a straight face on that). However, Jesus, though going through torture and cruci-fiction, never denied his fiery light and reincarnated close to Peter (Serge), who had married Mary after Jesus´ death. Peter, who recognized Jesus in this reincarnation, facilitated his potential so perfectly super, reincarnated Jesus even became a higher inititate and did ten times more wonders than in his previous life. Shame to history, no one ever noticed…. I even believed THAT!

      All spiritual healing modalities are of course pranic and only suppress the symptom(s) energetically. The client´ll feel better and continue his irresponsible life. Responsibility is one of Serge´s favorite words. Won´t stress the way too obvious irony in that. The symptom, buried in the body, will have to accumulate even more prana and come out much worse. His healing modalities are the only ones adressing the root cause(s), which are the specific emotions related to a specific illness. One illness, one root cause. Keeps bashing yourself simple. People from other healing/new age groups admitted, nothing from their past worked and consider UM as the final fiery answer. Like Piroschka and I did. “Feels like coming home”, another famous saying in courses.

      • We can´t stress enough, how deeply harming it is to suppress emotions due to the belief of these being harmful and the root cause of all illness and disease…. and how ingrained it´s been in our way of thinking. Just try it for one day and get a sense of the boiling pressure cooking pots we became after years of following this doctrine.

          • We tried to live to “just be”:). A life from the soul consisting of fiery joy, stillness, harmony and love. The way to get there from the spirit on his way to the soul was gentleness. Really, try applying gentleness, at least, to every situation you´re in. You´re angry about kids in UM? Breathe gently and say stop lovingly.

        • Piroschka, it’s interesting that you didn’t realize Olga was in distress. It explains why a lot of people who left aren’t really sure who else has. The doubts and anxieties are so well hidden.

          From the contact I’ve had with others, UM has had deep and lasting negative impacts on them. One impact is the humiliation of being ruthlessly conned and anger about the blatant greed and lies – that they could no longer deny.

          It can’t be easy to adjust from thinking ’emotions are the cause of all disease’ and you have to be ‘joy-full’ at all costs, to working out how to function in a normal and healthy way. As difficult as that can be, none of the people I’ve communicated with regret leaving.

          I think UM amply demonstrate a lot of the harmful effects of suppressing their emotions in their very fucked up overblown reactions to everything. Aired publicly thousands of times, and never once acknowledging that their reputation and relationship problems are generated by themselves. They are irrational to the point of psychosis – including the ‘elders’ and ‘professionals’ among them. Except perhaps Neil Ringe, who is just an conceited, self-serving prick. He’s finally found a community where he can enjoy status for being aloof to the vulnerability and suffering of others. He can’t help himself. He and Bill Foley are just two boring old blokes in a long tradition of privileged paternalistic religious arseholes who get a little too excited by doom and destruction. Tell us about ‘Deeper Femaleness’ Bill & Neil, and the ludicrous Four Lords of Form.

          Olga, I meant to comment on your comment above, how you wouldn’t want to put your real name to this:

          ‘Raised religuous, obedient and good with a boss at work testing how far he could go until I said no. Quit with a of mental breakdown unable to work any further. Lost colleagues, friends and perspective in life. Faced with constant existential fear and sleeping problems. Didn´t seek help at psychology or psychiatry but spirituality. Discovered UM, which presented a false sense of security and community. Had a new meaning in life and was willing to sacrifice everything as there was nothing else.’

          I think a large proportion of UM’s targets were or are in a similar situation to the one you were in. Probably more than you think. I think a lot of people are ashamed of that kind of thing, but it’s really just a very human history. It’s such a pity UM exploited it and they have a hierarchy of cashed up geriatrics who don’t give a fuck.

          And sorry about the legal language. I’d like to make it easier, but in a litigious climate I have to be very precise with my language.

          • No problem, understand that, I don´t even understand the German legal language. 🙂
            I´m okay now with my human history, but the hardest part was just I was raised to be intelligent and successful and fell down the social ladder. Good to knowI wasn´t happy with the first part either.
            LOLed at your Neil Ringe assessment. Got practical experience validating that it´s not about the highest love on earth for everyone in UM.

          • t´s weird, isnt´t it? An UM follower is in distress and saying “I´ve never felt better in my whole life” at the same time. We don´t have an explanation for that. Olga and I´ve just watched Serge´s presentations “on why men and women are not expressing their essence” ( We´ve had the Image of him being playful, healthy and loving in our UM time, but in that, he´s just grumpy and nasty. Healthy doesn´t look like that either to us now…. “You and all others are equal and precious, BUT…..” That´s what´s really amazing about UM, defending ones misjudgement of reality as absolute truth, all outside UM are wrong. End of conversation.

          • Yeah, let’s not kid ourselves. There are genuinely good people who’ve been lured into UM – they are the victims. And then there’s a special class of complete arseholes that make up the inner sanctum. Opportunists. Self absorbed, emotionally stunted pricks who not only have no empathy but take perverse pleasure in the suffering of others. I challenge any UMer to tell me I’m wrong. When any of the victims are struggling they are either sneered at by the Hierarchy parasites, or they get satisfied affirmation from the crusty old creeps Serge keeps close, and encouragement to suffer more. ‘You’re suffering? Oh good, you’re doing it right…’

            The common denominator? I’ve met cactus plants with more emotional intelligence than those bastards.

          • Olga refused to write the story, but I will as I had to spend the night in one room with the psychologically tarnised person.
            I did a SEH 1 course in England in 20**. My only SEH course luckily, the clearing of childhood imprints in Level 2 with all the screaming and moaning would´ve been too much for me. We got in groups of 6, one being the client, 5 the practitioners. A female friend took the role as client and ** was the major practitioner working on her stomach. He pushed so hard that it became very unpleasant for her and she asked him to be more gentle. * just pushed harder so she had to suppress screaming in pain – as it was in a course with 80 or so participants (privacy). I think, he did it, because he thought her spirit in resistance to returning back to soul asked him to push less, great excuse, I know.
            Back in our cottage after that, she still suffered from the invasion of privacy and couldn´t understand, why he´d pushed harder even though she clearly had told him not to. Puzzled and moved to tears, but not shaming UM. She just went to day 2, avoided ** and still is an open UM follower as can be seen in **. A pity, as I consider her to be a nice and genuine person.

            [** redacted by Esther]

          • That is a perfect example of the sadistic streak among UM’s egomaniacal ‘elders’. I’ve seen them nodding and laughing perversely when people talk about their difficulties in being in UM. They love it. Nothing like watching the underlings struggle while they enjoy their status.

            I redacted the identifying info to protect your identity and the victim’s. I’m undecided as yet about whether to identify the ‘elder’ who inflicted that on her – which I’m sure he perversely justifies to himself as being for her ‘evolution’. I’m sure he enjoyed himself doing that. Sociopaths tell their victims they’re doing them a favour.

            These days he’s one of the ones telling the ‘students’ to really ‘claim’ their religion, while being awfully careful not to put his name to any such thing publicly. Gutless, self righteous scumbag.

    • Exactly, but think twice before you express anger and frustration. It will give you relief, but hurt your liver and gallbladder energetically.

      I didn´t recognise Olga´s emotional inner turmoil until she snapped and was completely caught by surprise. Feeling other people´s energetic state of being….. sure, didn´t work out for me!

      • Anger is just an example, of course. The whole range of emotions was controlled in my day to day life.
        A song by a prainc band comes up and you would´ve enjoyed it if it wouldn´t be clear that one band member is doing drugs and the energies are trying to invade you.
        Softness is just suppressed anger, it´s about true gentleness. How on earth shall on differentiate between these two?
        I even asked myself on Chris James events, if everyone is in fiery joy or just pranic happiness tricked by their spirits.
        Becoming emotional about a movie? It´s just a movie, don´t fall for that trick by the 4 Lords of Form. Why did you switch on the TV in the first place? What was your PURPOSE? Comfort or observing how society is portrayed?
        Etc. etc. All that whilst keeping up a smiling face and trying to present a loving alternative to pranic society full of lost equal brothers and sisters. Amen

    • Any bully like this should be named and shamed. You should publish their name and any pertinent info on them. People need to speak out and not be afraid. Look at the Weinstein thing… so much hurt and fear and then one person bravely speaks out and the floodgates open.

      Thank you Olga for your bravery and dedication to help others, you are truly a wonderful person who we can all learn from. I am glad you escaped from the prison of UM.

      • You’re right. Of course. They should be named and shamed. I did that and then I stopped earning a living to crowdfund and play solicitor on legal defences in two states – the first one headed into its third year. Please. It’s not that simple, which is why Weinstein and the rest of his ilk get away with it for decades.

  24. Every aspect of your life was being controlled then. Your time, your feelings, thoughts and emotions, even what you saw, heard and tasted. Seems like he has all the senses covered! Guess that’s just what a cult does. Enjoy getting your own lives back. There is so much out there to enjoy 🙂

    • Thank you, we´re getting enjoyment back to our lives, UM was just a pure waste of time we could have spent amongst friends and family.

      • That’s sums it up perfectly Olga. 🙂

        The real joy of family, friends, uncertainty, possibility, not knowing, feeling good, feeling bad, melancholy, exaltation, wonder, anger, empathy, happiness, sadness, love. Emotions. Emote, live, en-joy.

        It’s cult 101 to convince members that feeling a range of emotions is an illusion. It’s the head-trap that keep members on a self-perpetuating hamster wheel. And while they are doing that their real life and all that it has to offer is passing them by, for the sake of a life that may or may not exist in another plane or time.

        To quote another great narcissist of our time. Sad.

  25. Very disturbing to read Olga & Piroschka’s brave accounts. Including the accounts of witnessed abuse of others re-framed by UM hierarchy as ‘treatment’ / ‘healing’.

    Trusting, loyal followers effectively silenced through brain washing, manipulation & fear. (Even courageous Esther is unable to expose the heartless sociopathic perpetrators! Yet?).

    Earnest UM followers desperately trying to convince themselves it’s about love, integrity & expressing the inner – most (despite the mounting evidence & how others experience them).

    In deep denial how costly burdensome UM treadmill principles insiduously impact on emotional / physical health, relationships & possibly the development of their children. (Malnourished, some seem to lack childish energy, glee and spark).

    Hopefully Olga’s & others insights will further inspire courageous reflection, exposure & safer choices in the future.

  26. Concering “Esther Rockett legal defence October 2017 updates”:
    I´ve had similar problems reconnecting with reality by the way. Luckily not for everyone to see as in this case so far, but I´m still feeling into things and have remind myself, that a good/bad feeling aobut is a factor, but NOT THE ONLY ONE.
    However, relying on only one source of information for every aspect of life made and makes my brain go numb very quickly from my experience.. If a person or institution claims to have that, especially, when it´s presented as “The way it is” or “one unified truth”…. RUN.

    • 👍🏼 I sometimes think I should install a like button on the comments…

      A very interesting comment. Other ex UM people have told me that – they’re still psychologically processing the experience and get caught in magical thinking from time to time.

      Intuition is a very interesting topic, and for those who aren’t aware UM overrates it, with Serge saying it’s superior to knowing what you’re talking about – facts, evidence, reality etc. He even tells UMers that (third dimensional)reality is not real because it doesn’t access ‘multi-dimensionality’ – which, strangely, only he can by ‘feeling into his body’. He convinces a few of his creepy old sycophants that yes! they too are ‘impulsing the Hierarchy’ – but they never get close to the level of amazing clairsentience he has – where when one of his prophecies doesn’t come true, it’s because he’s so amazing he put out an energy to stop it from happening. On the Astral plane we call that ‘one of the oldest scams in the book’.

      UM overlooks the major difference between intuition (feeling or ‘impulse’) and knowledge. Intuition is more often wrong, and very often inaccurate in the details. The Eureka moments in history were ideas that then had to be fully ‘nutted out’ into testable theories or inventions. Knowledge is consistently reproducible to a high degree.

      UM don’t seem to notice how often they’re wrong.

      • “Fact.” S. B. Just an example of “getting caught in magical thinking from time to time” after years of a life without UM: I cleaned the hall in front of my flat yesterday and had left the door open. Didn´t feel comfortable with it and the first reasoning coming to mind was, “because an entity (or more) could enter my rooms”. Though I know 100 % it´s bullshit, that´s how deep UM got into my head. The emotional need to just follow an absolute is still there.

  27. I’ve been to a course and still don’t get it. Serge constantly talks about being in joy, but the bigger part of people attending and on stage look dull, haggard. How can Serge convince his followers they´re living “life to its fullest”?

    • First, thanks for yesterday´s ABBA earworm. 😦
      Can only speak for myself. If my life would´ve been as it is now, I would´ve noticed the seriousness of UM people claiming to be play-full immediately. I´ve recently told Esther that my dentist is a happier place to go to. Before UM, I just knew, society sucks and life is strenuous. Could not even enjoy leisure time, constantly busy, at the least in the head whilst not knowing what I want my life to be about other than that. Many UM students I knew had been in a similar situation, often with trauma of some kind experience. Who can help there? An ex tennis coach. As UMer I heard the words “fiery, joy, love” and didn´t feel a thing other than relief from time to time. It was more a dangling carrot. Serge is constantly pushing the followers to be more, they cannot take a break, always clearing pranic issues. The goal now is “due to the current energies available, we can become Ascended Masters in one lifetime”. For me, it´s not possible living a life worth living with a goal like that. Pressure to perform for who can live the most love and joy. Comparison is evil. They do it day in day out measuring themselves where they stand compared to their 6th degree initiate leader.

    • Unfortunately anyone who has to deal with a UMer cops a hiding as well. Everyone pays when a UMer subscribes.

      Thank you Olga. Please let me know where you heard about that Ascended Mastery in only one lifetime special limited offer. Might come in handy for the defence.

      Yeah, ‘comparison is evil’ and ‘we’re all equal Sons of God’, now gimme some money and I’ll read your initiation level. I heard the jealousy and comparison backstabbing went super feral after the last round of readings, lol.

      I’m also intrigued by what you said about still thinking about entities after several years. I was surprised to hear that it still comes to mind.

  28. Just a side-note. If Serge really lives the highest love on earth, why all the money-grabbing and showing-off? Sunshiny people I know are humble and don´t need to consume all that crap like costly cars, expensive (looking) clothes and grand mansions.

    • Yes Olga, it is a glaring contradiction, but not uncommon with these sort of groups it appears.

      In the UM universe, Serge was once a simple healer who gave whatever money he made (presumably modest) to ‘charity” and “helping people out”. When he was outed in 2012 as a multimillionaire property speculator with an interesting backstory, the group swung behind him as a ‘successful businessman’ who was under attack by jealous critics. The students didn’t miss a beat as the story made a high speed U-turn. He now vacillates between being a healer, a businessman, The One, and just like everyone else; depending on who is asking and who he is trying to lord it over.

      Once he understood his fairly unexplained wealth (for a business turning over just $2M) was accepted by his students he upgraded his digs from a fairly humble, though extensively upgraded, suburban home, to a lavish spread on prime acres. HIs cars went from prosaic Alpha Romeos to more prestigious Audis. His kids moved into grander residences and bestowed visits to slack jawed students.

      He’s entitled in his mind because he’s already there. There is where he says it is. He also likes to show the faithful how smart he is at doing what he is doing to them and have them celebrate it, all the while coming at great expense to them.

      Reality is, he isn’t anyone special. He’s just a bloke with a tall story who’s number one goal to be ascendant.

  29. Yes, great insight. Whilst Serge plays the “not anyone special” role,no one is “like everyone else” like him. His equalness is so inspiring then, students know what the work is all about again. Even in being normal he has to be the most normal of all.

    • As in Life of Brian?

      “You´re all individuals!
      Yes – we´re all individuals.
      I´m not.”

      If it wouldn´t be for all the harm he´s doing, his ramblings could be made into a stand-up comedy. Okay…. it´s already been done. Can´t find the vid though.

      • :-)) Don´t get me started on that movie. Have to control myself. Watch the “Hermit” scene and you´ve got an impression of his followers. I think, the stand-up video has been taken down I´m afraid.

  30. Olga and Piroschka, I would like to know more about what you were thinking while you were involved with UM. Did you have doubts? If you did, what were the doubts and how did you dispel them?

    • Olga didn´t have doubts whatsoever concerning UM until her last (12th) week in mental ill health clinic. Sick, isn´t it? How desperate for love and communion can one be?

      Before that, both of us had doubts only about ourselves. If Serge told us something extraordinary we couldn´t feel… like Elvis´ music is clear now energetically… it was our fault. We weren´t developed and committed enough to feel it. Not high enough in initiation. Piroschka ate chocolate or bread with evil Nutella from time to time and blamed herself for it.

      So, never UM, especially not Serge, is to blame. The student is to blame. All the time.

      • Again: No UMer ever felt a thing. Neither Olga having panic attacks nor Piroschka eating gluten-fat-sugar. They don´t feel shit if Serge doesn´t tell them what there is to feel. Neither did we, even when it came to ourselves.

      • Wow. No doubts at all?

        Were you aware of any cult allegations?

        Also, do you remember any followers having doubts or questions?

        • Only self-doubts.When it comes to passion, I´m like Leo P from Too Many Zooz as you might have noticed. 🙂 When it comes to being an UM member with doubts, Piroschka is the more suitable contact person. I´ll ask her, will take time, as I´ll have to translate.

          Anyone else? Can´t be the only ones regarding that topic.

          • Hey Olga, I think its even hard for people on the edges – family members and bewildered partners- to realise there is something amiss so I am sure it is extremely difficult inside the esoteric machine to see what is really going on and take the time to form doubts.

            As you’ve said, you’re kept so busy thinking about yourself there’s little time to stop and look at the person making the claims. And as you’re told that thinking is a no-no, doubt is sent by the lords of form, and that evidence is a trick, you’re thrust into a neat little illogical loop that keeps you from looking up.

            I reckon that’s why Sergio von Preyon* calls it “the work”- it keeps you busy day and night while the glorious leader gets on with his business of buying Audi’s, building mansions, accepting juicy bequests, flying first class and just generally having a great old time.

            Footnote- Byron Katie and a few others have also called their rat baggery “the work” so perhaps it’s a purloined term. Why not..? just about everything else is.

            *any similarity to persons alive or dead is purely co-incidental. May bear a striking resemblance to transcendent masters holding day passes to the fifth dimension.

          • Thanks, you´ve described it very well. just adding some situations Piroschka had doubts below. We both didn´t know anyone inside UM with doubts concerning the business, all “working” on becoming more “fiery” in “service” to humanity.


            – putting Extractor 1 into the wallet and all will be cleared
            – biggest doubt: eating meat, even non-organic, why aren´t they all vegans?
            – eating eggs and meat only from chicken fed with corn (others might contain gluten), but it didn´t matter, if the animals had a good life before slaughter.
            – eating green apples in the evening is better to help the body calm down before sleep. Red ones are too sugary.
            – “it either heals or harms”, black-and-white-thinking…
            – meeting esoteric people just for fun wasn´t possible, it all had to have a deeper PURPOSE

            It was all too dogmatic, not possible to live “the work” within my pranic family I would´ve never abandoned.

          • Thanks Olga and Piroschka. Take your time with the translations, there’s no rush.

            I’m not sure if you’ll get responses from other defectors. I don’t know how many read the blogs and comments. When we have contact I don’t ask whether they’ve looked at the latest blogs. One person told me that they know you aren’t the first or only person to have had a breakdown. The others were told similar to you – it’s your fault, go away and get psychiatric treatment and come back (and spend more $) when you’re more manageable.

            From the feedback I have it seems the doubt levels vary like the commitment levels vary. Clearly some people have no doubts at all. Others say they’re not a follower but they still go to the events and do favours for guess who. Some know it’s all bullshit, but they’re opportunists.

            I was told of one example of a doubter – a person who visited one of the gossip posts a couple of years ago to have a go at me. They repeated the cult fictions and naturally I disagreed with them. That person stopped going to UM events and has never been back… It seems to be part of the process of working out what is true and not true for some people. They come to test what I’ve said.

            Another person never read my blogs, but saw the community turning uglier and couldn’t understand the level of hostility toward me and others. They then realized some Esoteric revelations were too much – it’d gone too far – carrots are as bad as heroin for example, and the more they looked at what they were being told, the less sense it made. They wondered why they had stopped questioning. That person seems to have similar experience to Piroschka – was aware some things didn’t make sense.

            I’m very interested in the topic because I think a lot of followers would like to find the exit, but don’t know how. They can be free from all that pressure and enjoy life, relax, have fun, have peace – and more money. They might need to be shown the keys.

          • We asked ourselves, what “the highest/most fiery love on earth” would truly be about. Maybe it helps doubting follwowers. You wouldn´t be able to consume nearly everything society is up to. You´ve got to have the highest standards… highest love on earth…not possible:

            Sorry, but you´d have to become a greenie somehow. Switch to green electricity, Olga and I never did that as UMers. Care about where products come from and how they´ve been manufactured. If the company is conscience-proof, you don´t consume their products. The whole economic system is only focused on making money, don´t care about child labour, fair salary, environment. Wouldn´t be possible i. e. buying products from Apple (UMers love that company), Vittel as it comes from Nestle (Serge´s favorite water), high-priced cars – especially not Audi, who manipulated emissions values, wearing Adidas or Nike clothes, who are sewed in developing countries under miserable conditions etc.

            You couldn´t live in mansions whilst whole cities in Syria are destroyed (many other examples regarding that).

            Eating meat, fish or consume any animal products. Erwin Wagenhofer published the movie “We feed the world” and it´s still too hard for me to watch it. He states, in World War II, we had concentration camps for humans, now we´ve got the same for animals. If you can feel energy and have a connection to all living things, it would be impossible to not feel the killing industry.

            The wars and areas of conflict would make you want to scream 24/7 with clairscentience. Just imagine the violence and horror going on in the world and UMers just feel the amazing energies of the esoteric courses?

            Why are they not doing truly good and claim charities come with the energy of pedophilia. “Doctors without borders” and many other organizations are ten times more altruistic. I´ve never seen an esoteric student flying into a war zone treating patients whilst hearing gun shots nearby. They call it “being on a mission – saving kids in Africa – hurts your pancreas – this is not, what fiery love is about”. Are you effing kidding me?

            Yes, it´s a pain in the ass thinking about that, but UM pretends to awaken FIERY love, a love that comes with a responsibility the whole world is in resitance to.

          • I agree, it’s impossible to live that way – taking responsibility for everything that is wrong – whilst also ignoring all the things that are right, and that most people are doing their best. It’s no wonder UMers all look miserable and get sick. I also think that most importantly, UM is part of the larger problems and more dishonest than the most corrupt multinationals and governments. One example – I can’t think of a single other legal proceeding where the proprietor of a corporation and his management deleted their emails knowing they were bringing, and again after they brought a legal action and after they were served with court orders.

          • Yes, the only mind-blowing thing about this business is how far they are away from what they claim to be without noticing it. Dragging you to court is their most prominent own goal “since late 1999”.

  31. As we’re writing about inconsistencies here: Why didn’t Serge feel what David Millikan was up to as he went into an UM course and told them they were in a cult? I thought, Serge can feel people upside down energetically, gives them readings 24/7, but fails there?

    • Good point, he doesn´t feel anything he claims. I was in Sacred Esoteric Healing 4 part 1 with intense mental problems and nobody noticed. Had and gave many sessions during that course and was told how gentle and loving I am. Serge even said at the beginning, nobody in this room has a Kuruktshetra below 50. Which means, fiery expressions at least for 50 % of the day.
      Right…. fairy tales, contradicting themselves all the time.

      • Serge told me, at my one and only course, that I was in an “abusive” relationship. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Someone else said I smoked too much dope. Couldn’t be further from the truth. I suppose they get it right some of the time.

        • He tells everyone that Trish. Abusive means not agreeing with your partner, coming home in the “wrong” energy, wondering why you can’t each cheese out loud, desiring intimacy, talking too loud, being too down, too happy, listening to music, slumping in a chair, having a glass of wine….

          I highly doubt that any of the ex-partners of members, all of whom have been labelled ‘abusive’ did a lot more than any of the things above. But that’s his starting point to erode primary relationships. He spells it all out in his blue books, describing how women should treat men (not the other way around) when they transgress. The death blow comes later when the student is convinced that they are being held back from “the work” by the intransigent partner (or family member) with Serge reminding them that it’s better for everyone to move on from the abuse and step into the light. ( he fails to mention co-habitation with other members, impoverishment, single parent parenting, family court)

          Hence, a flock of single middle aged woman spread over dating apps looking for deep and meaningful relationships with a presumably compliant and by necessity brain-dead man. Photo courtesy of Clayton Lloyd.

          • Sorry for interrupting your conversation, but why the dating apps? Zero chance of finding someone “esoteric” enough, if that person is not UM infected.

  32. My experience, too. They´re just guessing often enough and the client has to be naive enough to say yes to one question. I was told in a session “I can feel the woman in you more”. Just an across-the-board sentence. “Are you on your period? I can feel something concerning your uterus.” Guess work, too, and violation of privacy from an medically untrained practitioner. They know no boundaries.

    • Hi Olga, I joined your group. But I think you can see the members once you approve them which might not be good for people who want to chat about their concerns and experiences. Maybe you can check your settings to see if you can make members not visible unless logged in.

  33. Hi Lance, thank you letting me know. The goup is secret now, which means, only members can find it and read the comments. Not well done by Fb in my opinion, there´s no option for “everybody can find it, but members and comments are hidden.”

    • I’ll put word out – maybe on the gossip blog. The defectors that I know are very reluctant to identify themselves. I’m not a big fan of Facebook. You kind of need a maximum security anonymous platform. UM has one, but not anonymous and it leaks lol. UMers don’t trust each other, that’s for sure.

      • Yes, that´s the problem with Fb. If anyone knows “a mximum security anonymous platform” and has made good practical experience with it, please let me know. Meanwhile, I will do my own research.

    • I have seen pages where you can’t see the members, yet the page is discoverable. So there might be some privacy settings that stop your friends/members being seen on the page? Not an FB expert but I’d check that out.

      • Hm, strange, I´ve only found that info:
        If you, or anyone else, feel free to contact me here/on Fb. I´m really curious as the privacy settings you describe are the ones I want to have for the group, too.
        I´ve read, TorChat has got the highest privacy setting, but, well, it´s a chat, not an online platform. When I´m done here, I´ll be an IT expert and foreign minister and Esther will be my solicitor.:)

    • I know that speech of course, but his best bit is the “I love Jesus song” in my opinion. Quite inspiring and hilarious at the same time, helped me coming out of UM those non-conformist comedians like him and George Carlin. Humour is a great way of realizing, how solemn UM is. Claiming to be in joy, whilst, well, you know the looks and behaviours.
      Boy, I (still) got time to kill and can excuse myself during those YouTube sessions with “Hey, I´m learning English, important.”

  34. Congratulations ‘Olga’ on not only quitting Universal Medicine but also having the courage to talk to the world about your traumatic experience. I wasn’t sucked into this cult but my ex- partner was and still is as far as I know. Maybe your experience will enlighten some of the dwindling ‘acolytes’ of Serge Benhayon . It takes someone like you to see that Esther has no axe to grind but is trying to facilitate a democratic debate on what is actually going on in the world of Universal Medicine. I hope it starts a ball rolling in the same way that Ashley Judd’s call for truth and fairness in Hollywood led to Harvey Weinstein and others being exposed for their sordid exploitation of their power and position.
    My experience of UM is limited to the loss of my partner to the labyrinthine beliefs of this self- absorbed ex- tennis coach .He must be exposed for the total fraud he is. Which reminds me, I must send a cheque to Esther for her defence fund.
    I’m getting old. My pain and loss does not really matter. But the thought that young people, children even, could be hoodwinked by this fraudulent nonentity fills me with despair and anguish. This is the 21st not the 13th Century. We should be looking to the future not burying ourselves in the mire of some illiterate’s reconstruction of the past which places his ego in some kind of direct lineage to Da Vinci and others. I can almost hear Plato and Pythagoras turning in their graves.
    The machinations of UM are truly monstrous. You, “Olga’, have survived and all credit to your courage and determination. I wish you well for the future.

    • Thank you LM. Wish you well for the future, too. I wouldn´t have joined UM with these infos here and perhaps some people can be warned. My former German/Swiss group completely ignores me, which is good as discussions with those deep in have always proven to be pointless.

  35. Hi Olga, just wanting to know what happened to you about food and UM. Sorry if you have already answered this. I have just read a students UM post about over-riding tastebuds but since they found UM they are now listening to their bodies eating healthier etc. They also talk about not having to fit in. There are over 1000 comments on how everyone is better now they follow UM and don’t have to fit in with the rest of us. Can they not see the irony of these statements? I cannot dispute that not drinking alcohol, smoking, etc etc is not a healthy way to live but I can dispute that they are trying to fit in with Serge’s belief on food. There are many foods that are very healthy that are not allowed on a UM diet. And every UM student doesn’t follow their intuition to discern what is healthy for them they follow Serge’s rules on food. This is my biggest frustration. They say they don’t have to fit in with “evil” society but they wouldn’t eat ginger or have an oyster because it’s pranic. I struggle with this. I could never argue this with the people I know in UM. They are so entrenched. This,to me, is just one part of the brain washing.

    • Not sure, if I´ll anwer what you want to know. Please ask, if I leave anything out. More like a brainstorming:
      It´s definitely part of the UM brain washing system. They´ve already made fun of that term, will call it “manipulation” instead, the difference null though.

      You can email me or Esther for photos of before – in – after UM. They show what happened to me about food and UM.
      I had a blood test shortly before hospitalisation into psychiatric ward. My doctor was quite shocked and helpless, everything he had said so far went “one ear in, the other ear out” (his words). The results pointed out deficiencies uncommon for people in industrial nations. I had lost weight and muscularity. I stood there like a bump on a log (thanks

      Serge mad fun of a few followers carrying the most fiery spices in their bags, chili/tumeric/garlic powder, just in case they had to raise the served food energetically. He could tell them everything. Everyone consumed vinegar until he claimed its pranicness, after that, we felt it crystal clear. He told us, what´s fiery/pranic and we had to feel it for ourselves. (Emotionally) biased to the max, we felt the same effect of the food in our bodies, too. Oh wonder. If you want to feel it the UM way, you´ll feel it the UM way.

      • Thanks Olga, Wpw I’m really concerned about the brainwashing….. the diet etc…. You are so brave to be here. We all appreciate it. I was with my firends and they have a child. The child asked me “are you dairy free”. what a strange thing for a child to ask. I said no. They didn’t mind me eating dairy but there was no way they would or their child would… anyway, I feel quite sad about this as my friends are lovely people. So I stick by them. That is all I can do.

        • Good for your friends, espc the child, you can stick by them. That´s something I have to work on. When it comes to manipulations and beliefs, I´m so strict now, can barely control myself. My mother knows exactly better not to bring up that topic. Haha

          By the way, I´m not as brave as it seems. The practitioners I went to surely know, who I am, but are bound to professional discretion. It´s quite clear, if anyone exposes who me and Piroschka are, I´ll be naming names and what went wrong where, too. I doubt the esoteric clinic I went to meets the German standards now for they know what. Didn´t then. Etc.
          It´s just a game of “If you won´t, we won´t either”. Don´t like it, but talking to people with a different view isn´t their speciality to put it mildly.

  36. Hi Olga, please don´t be ashamed, you´ve been manipulated to the max. We all are, that´s what neo-liberalism is about. UM is just a minor example of, as Warren Buffett said:
    “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”
    The “elite” knows exactly how to manipulate the masses, focused on what the media tells us to focus on. Oh my, the effing entertainment industry is so much more interesting than organizing ourselves about important topics.
    Just have a look at the link below and tell me more than a handful of people not affected by it. UM just knows the tricks of manipulation, using them on gullible people like you were:,_belief,_and_behavioral_biases

  37. Thanks for that. Frightening list. We´re all just manipulated puppets of our biases and the elite with the media knows how to use that. UM´s just a copy cat again. Did they invent anything by themselves? Serge´s just one of many, most intense insult for him for sure..
    There´s so much material about neo-liberalism, war rich vs poor etc… Noam Chomsky´s my favorite at the moment.

    Anyway, I´m less active now, ready to take action when needed, which is not that often regarding the apathy of many here. Prof. Mausfeld calls it “atomisiert”, putting people in a way of living, which is too fragmented to from a resitance that matters. Sure, it´s all a conspiracy theory. Can´t be any different. Just like WTC 7 regarding 9/11.

    Too far away from UM´s centre of power physically, too, I´m afraid. I could even give away my real name and then what? Nobody cares about UM here in Germany. Piroschka and I are against a handful of dimwits here ignoring us completely, feeling superior in their fiery loving arrogance. I´ve written all I know here and there. People can make up their own minds.

    I´ve joined the movement for peace here, where I can communicate in my mother tongue and actually meet people I can love and hate in person. Again, not leaving, just more active in real life here.

  38. Hi, what is with the chilli eating? We have a family friend who is UM, who insists on adding chili to everything. Even for the elderly and children who have said they don’t like it.

    • *whispering and nudge nudge*
      Mozart´s from Austria (like Hitler).
      Take Bach, Wagner, Beethoven, Strauss, Goethe, Schiller as name, but don´t mention the war.

      • No problem m-a-t-e, we love to listen to some Mozart conducted by Karajan (another “German” one from Austria) from time to time.

        Natalie is Queen B within the German UM group, they worship the ground she walks on. They´re organize courses and illegal sessions for her. Making more money with one visit than I will ever earn in 2 months. Fakt.

        Got to give credit to her for giving it a go, though €€€´s the main motivation I suppose. English is way simpler. Take the paper to the right i. e.:
        English: I want, you want, he/she/it want, we want, you want, they want.
        German: Ich will, du willst, er/sie/es will, wir wollen, ihr wollt, sie/sie wollen.

        When it comes to counting members, we´d say: 1. Australia 2. UK and greeting from a distance sharing 3r place: Germany and The Netherlands. Plus very few people in Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium…. no idea when it comes to further European countries.
        UM UK is just not talked about that much on Esther´s blogs, but it´s the most popular there. However, it´s all relatively small, they´re pretending to be much bigger with sayings like “shared all around the globe”. Don´t like them spreading their greedy fingers anywhere though.

  39. I just HAVE TO post that here. Hm, relevance to Unimed… relevance to Unimed… could it be that (already a reference) you two just misunderstood too much of his teachings due to language problems?

    • Very funny. Both, video and question. Just like “Persecution concerto in D minor”.

      Do you want to know, what Sarah/Elliot says? “Good morning, do you want to milk the cows?” and “Eat your Schitzel or you won´t get dessert.”

      FYI, Chuck Lorre. I want to be starred by her in the upcoming movie/series/opera/play/musical. She even speaks better German than “the German patients” in that episode. Gosh, the Nerd´s got too much time and willingness to learn…

      • German is such a beautiful language…
        I think, you’ve understood too much of the concept. Too much UM love for someone as UM loveless as U2. 😝

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