Lismore’s Northern Star protects Universal Medicine

Kate_Greenaway-Twist-UQ Researcher

Embroiled in controversy – Universal Medicine research co-author, physiotherapist Kate Greenaway

The Northern Star, a News Ltd paper, continues to promote and protect the controversial occult healing corporation, Universal Medicine. Its report on the research controversy at University of Queensland whitewashes critical facts.

This morning, five days after the Australian Broadcasting Commission reported on the UQ trouble, The Northern Star got around to publishing a significant local story. The major players in the controversy are not only locals, but UM’s PhD student at the centre of the trouble is a Northern Star columnist. Others involved are associates of the paper’s compromised reporter, Hamish Broome. (Ex-reporter as of 2019.) The delay might be understandable if they’d produced a report of substance, but in spite of the paper’s proximity to those involved, it fails at all levels of fact checking.

Universal Medicine under the spotlight – Northern Star 21 April 2018

A NORTHERN Rivers group has responded to news of an investigation in which one of its members has been accused of failing to declare a conflict of interest in university research.

Nine of its members.

‘Group?’ It’s a corporation and it claims to be a religious movement.

The University of Queensland (UQ) will investigate after a complaint about PhD student Christoph Schnelle, who has ties to Goonellabah-based Universal Medicine (UM).

What are the ties?

As I revealed in my last post, he’s a long term UM adherent, a promoter, and a financial services provider to the UM community, including Benhayon’s benefactor, the late Judith McIntyre. Schnelle’s wife, Nicola Lessing, is a Unimed Living Pty Ltd company director.

Christoph Schnelle In Your Interest

UQ PhD student Christoph Schnelle

UM founder Serge Benhayon said he had no involvement in the research in question, but noted the university would be “duty bound to investigate any complaint”.

No involvement? Serge was founder of the modalities under study, including bogus ‘Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy‘ and the wacked ‘philosophy’ that goes with it. Three of the researchers staff his clinics, including physiotherapist Kate Greenaway, who has worked closely with him in Goonellabah since 2002.

Mr Schnelle said government departments were required to investigate all complaints “at great expense to the taxpayer and everyone involved”.

Providing infrastructure for bent researchers comes at great expense to the taxpayer too, Schnelle. As does the ensuing investigations when authors fail in their mandatory duty of disclosure. It also costs medical journals to publish research, investigate misconduct,  publish retractions and deal with the fallout.

He said the complaint centered on a study which compared Universal Medicine members to participants in the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health.

The University and the journals are investigating three papers published by Schnelle with eight UM co-authors on two research projects. I listed them in my previous post. This info is found on the journal articles. I linked to those.

Somehow the Northern Star missed the majority of the controversy.

‘Comparative’ study of the Brides of Serge

Schnelle C, Minford EJ, McHardy V, Keep J
A Group of 500 Women Whose Health May Depart Notably From the Norm: Protocol for a Cross-Sectional Survey
JMIR Res Protoc 2017;6(11):e234
URL: DOI: 10.2196/resprot.7993
PMID: 29170148

Schnelle C, Minford EJ, McHardy V, Keep J
Comparative Analysis of Women With Notable Subjective Health Indicators Compared With Participants in the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health: Cross-Sectional Survey
JMIR Public Health Surveill 2018;4(1):e6
URL: DOI: 10.2196/publichealth.9490
PMID: 29321123
PMCID: 5784184

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

The authors
  1. Christoph Schnelle, MBiostats – financial planner. Testimonial page on his website shows clients are UM staff & followers. Includes a testimonial from Benhayon’s benefactor Judith McIntyre. Wife, Nicola Lessing, is a Unimed Living Pty Ltd company director. Unimed Living is 100% owned by Serge. Both are UM promoters and have been frequent flyers at UM events for at least ten years.
  2. Eunice J Minford, MA, MBChB, FRCSEd – NHS surgeon and promoter of UM’s exorcism services and Esoteric Breast Massage.
  3. Vanessa McHardy, MA – London based psychotherapist. Presenter at UM’s 2013 psychological wellbeing conference.
  4. Jane Keep, PhD – NHS HR manager. Former Esoteric Breast Massage practitioner and former director of Universal Medicine UK Ltd. Current director of UM’s UK charity, ‘Sound Foundation Community Care‘. Promotes UM’s brand by sharing her conversations with her cervix.
  5. Steffen Messerschmidt – ‘Naturopathic Doctor’, whatever that means. Practitioner at Unimed Brisbane. I blogged about him plugging esotericism to a hospital in Vietnam in 2013.
  6. Kate Greenaway-Twist BAppSc(PT), Physiotherapist at UM’s clinic headquarters in Goonellabah and Benhayon associate and collaborator since 2002.
  7. Dr Maxine Szramka MBBS (hons1), B Med Sci, FRACP, FAMAC pt1,Rheumatologist – ardent public promoter of UM, who, with UM’s other affiliated doctors, refuse to answer questions about their promotions of commercial occult pseudoscience.
  8. Marianna Masiorski B Psych (Hons) MAPS – Unimed Brisbane psychologist. Was reprimanded and placed on conditional registration by AHPRA in 2015 over her promotions of Benhayon and UM.
  9. Michelle SheldrakeEsoteric practitioner and QUT Research Officer

The peer-reviewed article appeared in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. “Notably, nobody has questioned the validity of these results,” Mr Schnelle said.

The results aren’t valid if you fail at the first hurdle, Schnelle – mandatory disclosure of conflicts of interest.

I notice he didn’t disclose to the reporter that there were two projects either. But she should have done her job.

“What has been questioned is the relationship of the researchers to Universal Medicine.” He said researchers linked to UM did declare the connection in submitting the article.

From the published article:

Mr Schnelle said the allegations were “at best, complete nonsense”.

But the Four Lords of Form are real, and spirits are nine feet tall and have no feet.

Mr Schnelle writes a financial advice column for The Northern Star for which he is not paid.  The Northern Star

The Northern Star provides Schnelle with regular advertorial column space.

And another free pass for UM’s misconduct.


85 thoughts on “Lismore’s Northern Star protects Universal Medicine

  1. ‘UM founder Serge Benhayon said he had no involvement in the research in question, but noted the university would be “duty bound to investigate any complaint”.’

    Maybe the UQ, as a result of its investigations, will discover that it’s part of the education system that’s supposedly designed to keep humanity in the dark when it comes to ‘The Lineage of The Ancient Wisdom’.

  2. Yes, that article is a total apology. Interesting Benhayon and Schnell found their voices for the Northern Star and rejected an opportunity to have their say for the ABC report. And it’s classic obfuscation and dismissals.

    Benhayon “nothing to do with me?!” and Schnell ” I don’t understand that if I have undeclared conflicts that the veracity of the research is by default invalid”

    What is going on at the Northern Star? Too gutless to speak up, sympathetic, indifferent, or crossed to the dark side?

    I pose one question for anyone who doubts that UM is not the love and light outfit they portray themselves as: What healing (“medicine”) organisation consistently discredits people online simply for disagreeing with them?

    Forget that its concocted palaver. What is their motivation for the constant discrediting of critics, ex-members, patients and journalists?

    Point me to another organisation that does the same and I will show you an organisation they say they are not.

    But now they have stepped it up a level. They are revealing peoples personal medical information to again take down someone they find guilty of the thought-crime of disagreeing with UM. At best that is unethical. The consequences of such online bullying could be tragic.

    Think of this behaviour in the context of a group that collects personal and medical information routinely on sign up for their services. All UM students/members/theosophists have handed over detailed medical and personal data.

    The message is, don’t cross the boss. You’re fair game, and we know all about you.

  3. All very predictable of course.
    Publicity is vital to at least warn people of the dangers of getting involved with UM.
    Keep the publicity coming – Great Work Josh & the ABC

  4. UM founder Serge Benhayon said he had no involvement in the research in question, but noted the university would be “duty bound to investigate any complaint”.

    Christoph – no backing or support backing from the Master Puppeteer

  5. “Mr Schnelle writes a financial advice column for The Northern Star for which he is not paid.”

    Could there be a more biased article? It reads like a paid op-ed piece.

    And as you pointed out, “Notably, nobody has questioned the validity of these results” is complete nonsense. They ARE being questioned through this investigation, and the results are all suspect through the involvement of the writers in the paper.

  6. Cult news Roundup: From the BBC –

    Allison Mack, Smallville actress has been charged over Nxivm sex trafficking. Nxivm is a nasty cult, run by a very nasty man who likes to abuse women. Thankfully it looks like he’s got his comeuppance. Interesting quotes from the article:

    “Prosecutors allege that Nxivm has the features of a pyramid scheme, in which members pay “thousands of dollars” for courses to rise within its ranks.”


    Just goes to show, it may take a while and you may manage to convince all sorts of influential people that you’re the next Messiah, but in the end the police are going to come knocking.

    • “Allison Mack recruited women to join what was purported to be a female mentorship group that was, in fact, created and led by Keith Raniere….”

      Now that seems familiar.

    • From the website:

      “This scientific paper shows that a group of women who are being treated with, among others, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy have a very low prevalence of back pain: Only 3.3% of them often had back pain while 17.8% of the general population do and 25.8 of the women themselves in the past. This does not mean that Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy was necessarily instrumental in those big improvements in back pain but it is an interesting fact, nonetheless.”

      It’s complete mumbo-jumbo. Scientific papers don’t contain “interesting” facts (which are not facts). They are made up of empirical research and verifiable observations. How was this shit was allowed to be published in the first place? And very glad it’s being looked in to now. Those papers will be rapidly heading for the rubbish dump I recon.

    • How did it pass the sniff test? That site makes it obvious that they are all heavily pro ‘esoteric’. How could they possibly conduct trials and blind studies in a dispassionate, unbiased manner? Did anyone at UQ see this before the trials were approved?

      Christoph, the statistician, once showed me a spreadsheet and told me that house prices would tank in the coming years. Since then they have more than doubled. He also said religion is science and everything Serge says makes sense.

        • So they do the err… trials’, write up the results as they see them (which of course are completely unbiased as no one from UM could conduct a study of UM treatments because that would be a conflict of interest), and THEN they launch a website looking for volunteers for studies already done with their mates so it looks a little more legit? It just gets better and better eh?

          • And guess where they’re seeking volunteers for the local trials? *Drum roll*

            The UM clinics. So among the same customers who believe a spirit can smell a Son of God from a mile away through the tiny slits of its snout…👽


    ‘That is why it usually requires a team of researchers to set up a randomised controlled trial and, if it was done on a commercial basis, a small trial with some 100 participants costs about $500,000 to run. Much of the work on this trial is done by volunteers but the practitioners who do the control or reference treatment (physiotherapy or massage) will need to get paid. For 100 participants, 50 will get the control treatment of 6 sessions each and we expect to pay at least $60 per session ($85 is the standard fee for a 30 minute physiotherapy treatment and we do 40 minutes per treatment) which would be $18,000. Our overall expenses will be substantially higher (in the order of $40,000 per trial) and this is currently covered by the researchers and your help will support us enormously.’
    All Universal Medicine Apostles.

    • Research 4 Humanity.

      FUCKING kidding are they not.

      More like research to justify their way of Livingness & to cash in on people looking for an answer,

      so that the hierachy can continue in their fancy houses, cars & clothes.

      And all the while their followers suffer in their VWs & Mazdas, eating boxes of spinach, shallots & all things green.


      UM participants do an online survey for a research paper & everything is above board.

      1. They believe that they are living a healthy life due to the teachings of a “shit house” philosopher with no scientific training.

      2. Participants can/will say whatever they are told to say in an online survey, to justify their belief in a “shit house” philosopher with no scientific
      training & to further said “shit house” philosophers standing in the community.

      Apparently nobody has questioned the validity of the results.

      I think, that as this was an online survey devised by UM researchers, directed at UM participants & compared to the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health………….there are big questions as to the validity of the results.

      I have already passed the paper to a friend who has a scientific background in NSW Health dept, & they are already finding issues in the basic method of the research.

      It just looks like a push to justify UM methods & broaden their acceptance into the main stream community.

      Look how healthy we are. We’re all fine. Nothing to see here…………….

      Yet we look like death warmed up.

    • His response is utter nonsense. Error-riddled report? The report is stating simple facts about something that is happening at UQ and a group of people involved with Universal Medicine. Perhaps Serge is referring to statements made by the professor? Or the references to his past claims?

      What evidence is Serge referring to that “points to…the emergence of a “world-leading” leading health and well-being organisation”? Where is that evidence?

      What is “extreme science”? Is this what regular evidence-based science looks like when you so far to the right of it that10-foot aliens you can disappear by looking at their feet makes sense? (A fact apparently)

      I think the mature conversation concept was abandoned a long time ago when the propaganda mill started cranking out attacks on journalists, myself, Esther and others on a site with the title misnomer FACTS.

      Commencing a defamation case does not mean those people are wrong.

      Maybe Serge thinks someone outside of the group will buy his ‘statements’? He needs a real-world test, which as it turns out is heading his way.

      A troll, by the way, is someone who attacks others personally and relentlessly and with no reason other than to cause harm. Esther doesn’t qualify. Alison Grieg and the rest of the fact team, however, are a different story. They’ve been trolling me and Esther for years.

      And it turns out, that description is fitting in more than one way.

    • ‘Extreme Science’, LOL. That would be science not corrupted by a conclusion already held by the ‘researchers’ and some of the subjects as a fundamental religious belief before the study even begins.

    • Serge notes that the University is duty-bound to investigate the matter, so why is he now crying ‘indecency’ and ‘religious vilification’? Also, how does his statement, which says nothing of substance ‘say it all’? I was expecting a little more from the self-claimed knower of all the secrets of the universe, who will gladly debate ANYONE who questions him.

  8. Sweeping same old stupid nonsensical statements from Universal Medicine Apostles and Disciples.
    NO questions are ever answered.
    Just sweep it under the mat and blame the Journalists

  9. Esoteric connective tissue therapy for chronic low back pain to reduce pain, and improve functionality and general well-being compared with physiotherapy: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial
    Schnelle, Christoph, Messerschmidt, Steffen, Minford, Eunice J., Greenaway-Twist, Kate, Szramka, Maxine, Masiorski, Marianna, Sheldrake, Michelle and Jones, Mark (2017) Esoteric connective tissue therapy for chronic low back pain to reduce pain, and improve functionality and general well-being compared with physiotherapy: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Trials, 18 1: 328. doi:10.1186/s13063-017-2055-8

    The present study

    A new complementary-to-medicine technique that concentrates on treating the connective tissue was developed by Serge Benhayon in 1999 and currently has about 30 practitioners. This technique is called Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy (ECTT) and is a gentle, hands-on treatment that claims to work by allowing connective tissue in the body to soften and return to its fluid and flexible state, which in turn decreases the compression effects on the body from tight, hard and scarred areas of injured and diseased connective tissue, thereby possibly enabling the affected body parts to resume normal, pain-free movement.


    Trial registration
    Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry, ACTRN12616001196437. Registered on 30 August 2016.

    Brief summary The primary purpose of the study is to ascertain how a newly developed complementary-to-medicine low intervention therapy called Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy (ECTT) compares to the standard treatment, physiotherapy, for chronic low back pain………………………………………………………………………

    Public notes There is no funding. The researchers are all unpaid volunteers who cover their own costs. The hospitals provide their facilities and personnel free of charge.

  10. chris james
    When you grew up in the outback of Australia over 60 years ago, all you had to listen to, was the ABC radio… And of course no television, and one big black phone… on a cord! We all listened to the rural hour… religiously… Every day. To this day I still imagined that this media organisation was a source of information that I could trust. That it wasn’t like every other media, that seemed to sensationalise, trivialise, demonise, and generally dis-inform according to whatever particular drum they were beating.
    So as you can imagine, it was quite sobering to discover that this institution was actually no different from the others. An organisation, Universal Medicine, that I know has the most integrity of any such organisation on the planet, and that is offering so much, to so many, and that is sorely needed, has been pilloried and besmirched by sensationalist gutter press by the ABC.
    For many people I know, this has been, and will be an extremely rude awakening, because as one lifts the veil of conveniency and sees the world as it really is, the axis shift of perception that happens reveals corruption to the core, and the essence of self serving where one has been led to believe so much was ‘for the greater good’.
    What’s left you may ask? The exposing of one of our major religions, trusted by countless millions, as a haven for paedophiles? Oh no … thats already happened!

    Elizabeth Dolan
    I absolutely love this video and seriously laughed so much that the tears were running down my face. What a powerful way to expose what is really going on with the media and how they operate as well as with evidence based medicine that is backed by lobby groups that have their own agenda. Serge Benhayon is exposing the corruption in all of it just by doing what he is doing and has done since 1999 and this is infuriating those who do not want to be exposed. I love also how this video exposes that the medical profession has commandeered the word ‘medicine’ when it in fact means so much more and has done so for a very long time. Well done Rebecca Asquith and Jonathan Baldwin, you have seriously made my day, if not year.

    • This little attempt at humour “skit” like the UM blogs went on way way too long for something that wasnt remotely funny.
      Blonde Becca should have focused on the fact that the UM healing modalities do” nothing at all” to promote health, instead of a death count. That comes later when the vid is set up for the bequeathing evidence in case of a family challenge in court doesnt it Bec? With yr hubby lurking around the corner with a cardboard coffin in an Audi stationwagon.
      I would’ve picked a better background for JB.
      Pale, washed out, unhealthy anaemic pink was an unfortunate perfect match to his morphed Serge complexion highlighting an unhealthy lifestyle beautifully.
      The suck up about “dashingly handsome and youthful good looks” attributed to your leader was a pass the bucket moment Bec and all I can say is ” in the eye of the bewildered” only.
      I cant get past the goose egg wobbling around in his throat myself
      Off for yr booby massage now, wont kill you Im sure, but your attempt at comedy is killing us

    • Typical UM defensive damage control response re media exposure: this time re failure to disclose significant ‘conflict of interest’ issues obviously compromising the integrity, quality and reliability of UM promoting ‘medical research’.

      Panic, denial, arrogant narcissistic projection, supercilious obfuscation and re-framing of “truth”.

      Discrediting eminent journalists & professor’s: implying ineptitude, incompetence, motives of revenge, jealousy and witch-hunting.

      Compromising professional and perhaps personal values to help prop up a disintegrating house of cards. Anything to evade and admit true truth.

      Apologizing and making amends might evoke more respect.

  11. Josh Robertson

    4h4 hours ago
    Looked forward to UQ academic reviewers grilling a promoter of alleged cult UniMed this morn but session cancelled

  12. The UM ‘parody video’ casts dispersions on female evidence based investigative journalists / interviewers. It reveals UM’s underlying misogynistic attitude towards intellegent women who ask too many hard questions. (RA lacks awareness that she has inadvertently absorbed and reflected this attitude in her dogged determination to defend UM to the hilt).

    The ‘parody video’ co-incidentally and conveniently focuses on discrediting the harsh, ‘biased’, passionate interviewer, casting poor innocent victim SB as the focus of a baffling witch-hunt.

    The ‘parody video’ implies journalists have self-interests and savage motives, conveniently overlooking UM’s.

    Where are the ‘20,000’ people SB has treated since 1999? (Beamed to Serius? Dead?). Why are only ?300 people supporting UM if it is as effective as implied?

    • Well spotted about the journalist parody. I couldn’t watch it (it was soooo bad). UM are looking so bitter and twisted right now. If RA reads this I want her to know that I personally love complimentary medicine, so my concern over UM is not about complimentary medicine (well maybe UM’s but not other complimentary medicine). My concerns are all the concerns that Esther has brought to light. My main concern is UM is creepy and fixated on women and little girls and takes inheritances that aren’t meant for them. That whole Judith McIntyre episode is so disgusting. How can UM get away with that?? They are greedy and narcissistic and have created havoc in peoples lives without owning one ounce of what they have done.

      • They excel in avoiding responsibility for their bullshit while preaching about ‘claiming it’. According to the gospel of Hermes Inhotep Da Vinci, even the most abhorrent crimes are necessary ‘karmic corrections’ and/or the result astral entities. Yet, also according to UM, the rest of us are condemned to more pranic reincarnations before we ‘get it right’ for the cardinal sins of enjoying a toasted cheese sandwich or a morning coffee.

        • But a toasted cheese sandwich or a morning coffee is okay to $ell if you are at Belle Central or Belle General.

      • And if you are reading this RA, I want you to know, that you are less than one tent away from a full blown circus now
        How embarrassing for you and I’m certainly not ” just jealous”
        Wouldn’t swap places for your cringeworthy life for anything

  13. Now lets see:

    Dedicated well-meaning worshippers follow strict dietary, sleep & sex restrictions.

    UM leadership exposes children / families to spooky beliefs and distasteful sexual braggings.

    Desperate UM researchers compromise ethical integrity (through non-disclosure of conflict of interest) to promote UM’s waning star-dust practices.

    UM lamely blames Esther Rockett “the troll”, evil spirits, Lords of Form, cognitive bias, anything and anybody but themselves re decline in ‘business / religion’.

    UM enablers cast aspersions on multiple other critics including high profile journalists, eminent professors & university managers. Projection ++

    Hysterically cry ‘bullying’, ‘bias’, whilst engaging in same.

    UM journalist omits critical facts / details in Northern Star, accusing others of biased reporting. On it goes…

    Nothing dodgy here!

  14. Sarah Broome shared Universal Medicine’s post.
    7 hrs ·
    The media in their creepy desire for sensationalism yet again do a complete botch job on Universal Medicine, an organisation I have a deep personal respect for – calling it a ‘cult’. That apparently makes me a cult member… How disgraceful to bully and harass people in the community like this with completely false and misleading information. Well.. drama only works with supply and demand. Let’s stop paying for this crap.

    • She’s lost it. Started ranting about nazis lol when a friend of ours replied on her post.
      I replied and asked her to calm down and focus on the issues etc. but she deleted it within minutes. I posted a screenshot of my reply in the comments of my FB post.

      To the person who asked if UM is involved in the PASH conference – yes – for several years and I’ve blogged about it. It’s completely unsatisfactory that they’re using a publicly funded initiative for kids to lift their profiles.

      Sarah, you and your associates have consistently failed in your duty of disclosure. Remember the cyber-bullying conference you organized in 2012 that tanked for that reason. And in over five years you’ve consistently run into conflict for the same reason. You and your mates have been caught doing the wrong thing. If you keep refusing to acknowledge it, you’re going to keep having these conflicts and controversies. You never learn. Instead of attacking the messengers I suggest you and your friends address the issues – and be specific.

  15. Is SB’s disassociation from this for real?
    Are you telling me that if this University “research” had snuck through the scrutiny and come out the other side he would not of used it preaching loud n proud how his created health modalities were “accredited” by the official medical profession world wide backed by official research. Come on Serge, own it, ” it wasn’t me” doesnt cut it anymore.
    And how shocking that the professionals involved have been manipulated to this extent throwing away their credibility and professional reputations. Now theres a psych research study in itself!

    • Good point. If there had been no deception, it would have been the leading article on the UM websites, instead of more vindictive attacks on vulnerable ex members and anyone else who dares to question the integrity of the ‘world teacher’.

    • Sometime back I recall Christoph saying he would start a study to prove the efficacy of the modalities. Like all things UM these ideas come into peoples heads magically. “Nudge Nudge, wink wink. A few initiation points. Say no more” (but if you fuck up you’re under that bus all by yourself)

      Sarah and Hamish Broome are fixated on not being cult members. I get it. No one wants to think they don’t think for themselves. But the problem here is Serge explicitly tells them they “can’t think for themselves. It’s impossible. You can only choose an energy”. So, um, bit of an issue for them.

      And the word cult really feels like a pejorative term so who wants to be labelled with that? The best way I can think not to be is to not slavishly repeat what the leader says/not go to every meeting/not talk down to people/not start fronts for the group/not try and recruit people to the cause/check available evidence that disproves claims of leader, and of course an oldie but a goodie… start thinking for yourself.

      What Hamish/Sarah/Christoph/Victoria Lister (remember that debacle)/Elizabeth/Rebecca/Charles Wilson/Alison Grieg/ and many others have in common is they have paraded themselves in defence of someone and something that is patently ridiculous to anyone not in their church.

      They “feel” their rep problems have something to do with other people when it is ALL their own doing.

      They chose the energy they wanted to be in. It just happened to be a very bad choice.

  16. Tomorrow is Anzac Day
    Back to the real world
    Lets hope the pre dawn Audi parade head down to the service in Lismore to pay their respects to the men who deserve it rather than one man who says he does.

    • Awkward last year.

      Former wife, child & new partner all marching with MB.

      Did not see this year.

      Lots of Audi movements in the surrounds though.

      Maybe counting the profits of the Lennox retreat.

  17. God inspecting UM is like lifting the lid off a septic tank
    Stinks to high heaven and plenty of shit to wade through
    And funnily enough the final resting place of the initial miraculous movement passed by the maestro himself whilst sweet voices spoke, approved and worshipped by the followers of UM

  18. Occasionally I start to think that maybe I’m totally crazy……
    But then the voices reassure me that I am” the one”, a reincarnation of past genius’s who knows more than anyone on earth, have never told a lie, can orgasm as a hermaphrodite, has been smelt by aliens miles away and not only does my shit not stink, it should be worshipped

  19. By Dr Rachel Mascord, BDS (Hons), University Medal; Dentist
    I am an experienced dentist, and dedicated lover of science and media. Both are in urgent need of reform to make them real, accountable and something of true service to everyone. Media barons and sceptics beware.

    • That’s the sort of comment that tells you there is no point having a conversation with members. They are so far down the rabbit hole they don’t get how contradictory and crazy they are. I don’t think media “barons” and sceptics have anything to worry about.

      • I am sure Murdoch is quaking in his boots at the though of a bunch of uniformly dressed/talking Serge worshipers launching an attack on his newspapers. They are so misguided and off with the fairies they just don’t have a clue. Laughed at more and more for every tweet they make (they really should stay of Twitter if they don’t want to be thought of as a cult, the volume of ‘I love Serge’ tweets and attaching of anyone that questions him reek of cult symptoms) and with no understanding of how the media actually works – with checks on facts before printing, oversight and lawyers making sure what’s printed is accurate. Sure sometimes there are mistakes. But not across multiple newspapers and journalists reporting on the same story and all coming to same the conclusion.

        • Yes and nothing like the 24 hour fake news mill that is the UM FACTS TEAM and its hands on investors – where they’ve never substantiated a solitary word out of the billion they’ve spilled. Loony laughing stock.

  20. Ray Karam – in the community
    April 22 at 6:57pm ·
    Most are aware of the fact there is absolutely nothing to be had from talking to most forms of current #media @sergebenhayon @UniMedUM @northern_star_ #news #ABC #agendas

    Current ABC report by Joshua Robertson: A statement from Serge Benhayon
    In the wake of another error-riddled report by Joshua Robertson, now of the ABC, Serge Benhayon has issued the following statement. To the media currently…

    • Can we flick him
      Yes we can
      Can we flick him
      Yes we have
      On the council
      He was banned
      No one cares bout
      Ray Karam

    • Everyone is wrong except Serge Benhayon
      Everyone is lying except Serge Benhayon
      Its all fake news if it is against UM
      Ray YOUR brain tissue is way too esoterically connected to your guru “brother”

    • But Ray was happy to talk to all those “current” forms of media when he ran for office wasn’t he? When he thought he could use them to promote him he couldn’t of been more friendly. Seems to me that the media is only bad when when it doesn’t tow the UM line. The Northern Star is great because UM has it in his back pocket.

      So facile and so transparent the folks of UM are, and the louder they squawk the more everyone realizes it. They are their own worst enemy.

  21. Ray, you would be in bed asleep now, Sergio says so, and I hope you dont have any nightmares about being smelt by aliens and riddled with entities, but if you do, just stare at their feet and they will disappear and keep your healing symbol TM under your pillow, Sergio says so.
    Or maybe you’re dreaming about those “good girls” from Maroubra worth chasing cause Sergio said so or pondering on hermaphroditic orgasms like Sergio has cause he said so.
    So, is there any part of your life not managed by what Sergio says?

  22. Yeah, nah, yeah, nah.

    Nah. Sorry Chris but I think you are full of shit.

    Now you think the UM has been “pilloried & besmirched” by sensationalist gutter press by the ABC.

    “Most integrity of any such organisation on the planet”. Really? Have you check all such organisations out? (God help us if there are more UM like organisations).

    If UM had such integrity, they would not hide their affiliations with numerous community base projects (eg G2W).

    The article was about UQ researcher not disclosing a conflict of interest with UM, when their research participants were involved with UM & so were the researchers.

    How is that sensationalist gutter press.

    “The axis shift of perception that happens reveals corruption to the core, and the essence of self serving where one has been led to believe so much was ‘for the greater good’”.

    Is that Um you are describing there?

    Last time I heard “for the greater good” was in a movie where the citizens were obsessed with “winning awards” for the town.
    Everything was always rosy & all was done “for the greater good”.
    Moving undesirables on, falsifying information, killing people who caused problems………………”for the greater good”.

    Have a look at “Hot Fuzz”.

    No don’t. You might actually have a laugh & that would spoil everything.

    And as far as Dolan is concerned, I think I’ll be in contact with Josh Robertson soon.

    I know way more than UM realise.

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Boom! Boom!

  23. I saw that certain UM folks are screeching about how condescending and disrespectful it is for anyone to suggest that they’re in a cult and/or not entirely thinking for themselves as a result of taking on the belief system of ‘The Ageless Wisdom’. Critics are being compared to Nazis for daring to call it as they see it. This, despite the fact that Hermes Imhotep Da Vinci had himself filmed while stating that everyone in the ‘astral cult’ (that’s everyone not involved in UM) don’t think, and instead of raising children who are ‘initiates’, raise dumb, obese children who are puppets of The Lords Of Form. The core belief of UM is that everything outside of UM, including every healing modality and every religion, is corrupted and harmful. Healers, including qualified medical specialists, cannot truly heal anyone unless they’ve healed themselves via ‘the livingness’. In short, humanity can only ‘truly evolve’ via UM, and will be condemned to endless cycles of miserable, pranic, human reincarnation until they get with the program. It’s quite possible that I’m just in resistance; that I’m not capable of thought and I’m just being controlled by The Lords Of Form, but all that sounds pretty fucking condescending to me.

    • Ye$, a fucking conde$cending and arrogant way of thinking.
      Plu$, do you know the game monopoly? UM i$ claiming all field$ without “go to jail” with that concept.

  24. My wife was reading a bit about Pythagoras today.

    Did Serge claim to be a pythag reincarnate?

    Check out Pythagoras on wiki.

    That may explain some of the other aspects in the life of SB.

    I would however discount any mathematical or scientific claims of SB.

    Original thought for SB………….Nope!

    A squared + B squared does not equal Serge squared.

    • Dr Schofield is one smart dude. I have no idea what he is referring too, it seems like some really deep research tools algorithm. But even in my ignorance I can ascertain that he’s looked in to the research and found massively overinflated results, anomalies in the formulations of the research and glaring holes in it that when questioned, the UM guy says the info is not avail yet, and Dr S replies that it is.

      So as usual UM lies about the facts, tries to wangle its way out of their untruths and then when presented with actual evidence of them has no proper response. I am sure Dr S will be the next one they are claiming is part of the conspiracy.

      • I know nothing about statistics. But I have read some of the papers and even to an uneducated layman such as myself, I can see Schnelle wanders into opinion and unsubstantiated statements from time to time.

        He’s also tweeting defences that are ridiculous.

        He claims he ‘did’ declare a conflict of interest – nope, he says “No conflict of interests declared” on the papers in the big white space where it is all supposed to go. He does mention a passing interest in going to UM courses in the abstract. Not good enough.

        He’s also saying it is BIG news that the average BMI of his control group (member woman) is 21 compared to average 26. Which means? We all know they live on half an apple and a plate of peas. Frankly, I am surprised the BMI is not 15.


        Sergio is lobbing red herrings about religious persecution and how indecent it is even to question UM. His view seems to be that if they are a religion no one is allowed to say a thing about them. But if it’s the Catholic church… then they can go on endlessly about corruption and harm. It’s a get out of jail card UM can use, without actually being a religion, but an actual recognised religion can’t play the same card … why does that seem familiar?

        Neil Gamble thinks the behaviour of AMP is about the same as the ABC writing a story about a schmuck who didn’t declare massive conflicts of interest. This is the same bloke who was the big boss when Star City was backhanding of John Laws that became a parliamentary enquiry.

        Rachel Hall reckons all evidence-based medicine is corrupt. She prefers her science evidence-free and out of the mouth of a bloke that dropped a lunker so good it blew his mind.

        It’s warming up in the UM bunker.

        • Persecution? What a load of shite. Firstly they are not a religion, they are a business as stated many times Benhayon himself on record and secondly, the University and the Press are examining conflicts of interest in order to ensure that the reasearch submitted is accurate and fair. Which it is not.

          Benhayons’s ego is far greater than his IQ and he appears to live a fantasy that what he says is taken seriously. His “press releases” (picked up by no one but his own website) clearly show narcissistic tendencies and the sooner he he stopped the better.

    Australian College of Nursing
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    Send submissions and queries to by 22 May.

    Jennifer Smith FB
    Jennifer Smith Elizabeth Dolan Luke Yokota Lee Poole Amber Goodwin Susan Turra

  26. Hi everyone, there might be more news coverage – a different angle on the UM mess – breaking before I can blog about it. Watch ABC online, Josh Robertson @jrojourno on Twitter or my social media – Twitter first. I’m around and paying attention, just busy keeping my many hats on.

    There’s lots to blog etc. coming soon.


    Serge Benhayon
    Serge Benhayon
    Indecency is alive and well. Australia is not free from religious vilification. This statement says it all. (link:

    6:47 AM · Apr 26, 2018
    Neil Gamble
    Neil Gamble
    ·Apr 26
    Replying to @sergebenhayon
    The AMP CEO lost his job last week for not acting on the misdemeanors of his staff; let’s see what the ABC CEO and its regulators do with this Charter breach.

    Beverley Croft
    Beverley Croft
    ·Apr 26
    Replying to @sergebenhayon
    Absolutely agree with you. Time for a change in what we will accept in this country and in the world. Religious vilification is abominable.

    lance martin
    lance martin
    ·Apr 27
    Replying to @sergebenhayon
    I don’t think your toilet enlightenment is as good a metaphor as a burning bush. Not quite a religion yet. Give it a few hundred years maybe? Next time you’re back you can be the Pope if no one bastardises your work. Meantime it’s got nothing to with religion. Real ones, or yours

  28. You see an individual’s true colours under pressure:

    The ‘light and love’ esoteria mafia impress me with incredible, mind-blowing, blatant denial, ‘truth’ distortion, white-washing, projection and desperate distraction, sledge-hammering (bullying) silencing tactics. (Including resorting to unjustified legal action).

    For years Esther has tried to focus on UM’s misleading claims, non-disclosure, unproven (some creepy) ‘healing’ modalities, fear mongering beliefs, targetting the vulnerable and other mainly non-personal issues. UM adherents (those who haven’t back-pedalled out / slinked out broke / beamed themselves to Serius or died) have responded by resorting to personal attacks and (cruelly) attempting to discredit Esther eg persuading the gullible she is mentally disturbed, a woman scorned, controlled by the Lords of Form and part of a (miraculously) an ever-increasing, far-reaching conspiracy to bring them down. Blind to how they are soley responsible, looking worse and worse in the public eye.

    Watch out any-one who cares enough to question the integrity of the self-acclaimed Messiah and his desperate, proud, sometimes arrogant, condescending enablers.

    All UM leaders / followers accuse others of (eg corruption, hypocrisy, jealousy, irresponsibility, insanity, cognitive dissonance / distortion, etc) can be better applied to themselves.

    It is obvious UM’s bizarre, extreme attempts at damage control are contributing to the flop they are trying to avoid.

  29. One of these official statements from UM medicos is a lie –

    Competing interests
    CS, SM, MM, MSh, KG-T [Kate Greenaway], MSz and EJM are insiders in that they attend Universal Medicine events. However, none of the researchers has received any funding, reimbursement, instruction or direction of any kind from Universal Medicine or its affiliates. CS received ECTT for back pain in May 2016. No other competing interests exist.

    Kate Greenaway
    July 2002 – Present (15 years 11 months)Universal Medicine Clinic Goonellabah/Prema House Medical Centre Lismore NSW
    Kate Greenaway
    May 2002 – Present (16 years 1 month)Universal Medicine 15 Bluehills Ave Goonellabah 2480 NSW

      • She was the one publishing her findings about the correlation between craniosacral pulse and the esoteric way of life. Serge´s one was the highest of them all. I´ll leave it in the double-meaning, as it shows, what this study was all about.

  30. “Indecency is alive and well. Australia is not free from religious vilification.”

    UM is a business, not a religion. You stated so yourself on camera. Remember? Hiding behind claims of religious persecution is sick and insults millions who ACTUALLY have to worship in secret to avoid persecution. You run a complementary medicine business. You give people massages. You speak at events people pay to attend. This is not religion. It is a business.

    If you want to start an actual religion (which would be a weird thing to do so great has been your criticism of religions in your speeches and books) perhaps try a little humility, grace, compassion and most of all, have a good heart. These are the values of a leader of a religion. Lawsuits, attack websites, hatred, smearing of indivuals, these are most definitely NOT characteristics of a religious leader.

    • Actually, it sort of is. At least for fringe groups.

      Remember the “sermons” on the ‘true meaning of the world religion”? That was around the time that there was a push to get the charity registered for religious purposes. There are additional benefits in being a religious charity. Tax breaks, grants, less reporting requirements.

      Members bucked up because they’d been fed anti-religion messages for years, but they were brought back into line when the word “religion” was given a new meaning by the boss. Just like a lot of other keywords- Integrity. Love. Empathy. Service. Charity. Medicine. Healing, and so forth.

      The religious vilification argument they are now using is a way for them to avoid complex discussions and rational argument. And it keeps them firmly in their in-group via make believe persecution. Read any of their blogs, they rant on about this endlessly, talking about Cathars (which they believe they were) and the persecution of minorities throughout history.

      And that gets to the foundation of what the group is about. Them, and everyone else. It’s why they look some bonkers and why they behave so irrationally.

      They have exclusive knowledge that will save the world. And our souls. And we’re all in denial at how amazing they are.

      Not exactly original.

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