ABC News reports on Universal Medicine privacy breaches

Dr Samuel Kim Pulmonary Care

Dr Samuel Kim Pulmonary Care – has stood down from AMA Qld Council. Medical practice is an ‘Art’ but reincarnation is a ‘Science’


Doctor who gave patient medical history to Universal Medicine ‘cult’ stands down from AMA ABC News Online 2/5/18

Last year, the NSW Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) investigated a complaint that private medical information was improperly disclosed by lung specialist Dr Samuel Kim to head of Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon. The IPC made its finding in March.

The specialist has also stood down from his role as a Council member for the Australian Medical Association’s Queensland branch.

Dr Kim was elected last year as a greater Brisbane area representative on the AMA Queensland council, which makes “by-laws about ethical considerations (including handling complaints related to the profession)”.

Last May, shortly before his election, a medical professional standards committee of the NSW Medical Council found Dr Kim made “significant ethical errors and failings in respect of proper professional standards” in another case of referring a patient to UM practitioners, including Mr Benhayon. ABC News Online

Dr Kim practices from the Universal Medicine clinic in Goonellabah, is a long term adherent of UM’s Way of the Livingness spiritual movement, and is a passionate promoter of UM’s commercial quackery. He was in the news last year after being reprimanded by the Professional Standards Committee of the Medical Council of NSW. He was found to have inappropriately prescribed medication outside of his specialty and to have improperly referred a patient to UM affiliated Esoteric practitioners whilst failing to refer her to appropriate medical specialists. The Committee found Dr Kim to be an unreliable witness who showed no insight or remorse over his misconduct.

The ABC also reported on the despicable outing of a former UM client. Universal Medicine’s vicious propagandists named the person as someone diagnosed with a mental illness, and published photographs of him and his partner. The UM Facts Team, spearheaded by Alison Greig, vilified him in a grossly discriminatory way – attacking his credibility on the basis of a mental health diagnosis. It was payback from UM, similar to Scientology’s policy of ‘Fair Game’. He’d blogged about his experience of UM toxicity. In UM, no challenge to its coercive orthodoxy goes unpunished. The victim had blogged under a pseudonym, and did not identify themselves at any point.

Former Queensland mental health commissioner Lesley van Schoubroeck said it was “entirely inappropriate for any organisation, particularly one purporting to be a health organisation, to publicly reveal identifying information of anyone’s diagnosis, be it mental health or physical health”. ABC News Online

No consequences for improper disclosure of private information

I first blogged concerns about UM’s predatory privacy invasions in 2013. I questioned why a complementary ‘healing’ corporation headed by an unqualified, self-styled guru, that employs no health professionals, was seeking very detailed medical information from participants at five hour healing workshops. UM sought disclosure of HIV and Hepatitis B status, medical and psychiatric history, medications, and ‘major life events’. The disclosures were made under the guise of ‘consent’ to the terms and conditions of attending Livingness workshops.

In 2016 I revisited the issue when UM come out of its occult closet and for the first time in 16 years began publicly promoting its commercial exorcism services. NHS surgeon and Esoteric dogmatist, Eunice Minford authored one of the promotional articles. UM to this day seeks detailed medical information from everyone who registers for any of their one day workshops.

Even those who bought tickets to the the nasty Girl to Woman grooming festival, recently held in Melbourne, had to sign a waiver allowing UM to photograph them and their kids, and to use the photographs in cult publicity and for ‘internal purposes’.

Whatever that means.

What is Universal Medicine doing with this information? The consent and registration forms come with no explanation of why participants are required to make detailed personal disclosures or how that information will be used.

It’s not needed for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes because the UM corporation proprietors and practitioners, the Benhayon tribe of overrated underachievers, don’t have any qualifications to warrant the gathering of such info.

We can only surmise that it’s used for predatory marketing, or potentially for the improper purposes that other unscrupulous groups have used private disclosures. For blackmail, extortion and payback.

Scientology is known to keep very detailed files of disclosures made by its targets in auditing sessions, and to use that information against dissenters. Multimillion dollar personal development racket NXIVM (Nexium), whose leader Keith Raniere and his deputy, Alison Mack were recently indicted in New York State for sex trafficking offences, has been described as running a ‘blackmail based pyramid scheme‘.

The recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal woke a lot of people up to the fact that personal data is a commodity. Cults and other high demand groups have long been exploiting the privacy of members. Such groups metastasise via dishonesty and bullying. They mislead people into joining, manipulate followers into becoming operatives for the cause, and then bully those who witness their misconduct into silence.

We have a gaping hole in Australian law in that there is no established tort of privacy. Dr Kim was found to be in breach. At present victims can only hold him liable through the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal at the victim’s expense. The awards of damages are unlikely to cover legal costs. That has to change. Currently there are no serious consequences for this unethical behaviour.

Moreover, UM’s conduct with its clients’ personal information demonstrates that the corporation isn’t just actively harvesting data, but more than willing to maliciously use it against perceived enemies. To try and keep them quiet.

148 thoughts on “ABC News reports on Universal Medicine privacy breaches

  1. Mr Kim is “an honorary advisor for the College of Universal Medicine,”?? In his capacity as a doctor???

    I find this odd as I have seen people advertising that they have a ‘degree’ from the college of UM … Misleading?

    Practitioners of the modalities taught are supposedly registered with the EPA either Australian or European and this would appear to be nothing other than a figment of Mr Benhayons imagination. Is it legitimate – perhaps Mr Kim knows with his medical background? Copyright of SB 2009.

    Unimeders are practising under this cloak worldwide and their patients think it actually means something – does it??

    • Yes, their almost all the same Fb pages state it. Attends “School of the Livingness” or “College of UM”.

      It’s not that hard to check what that means though.

    • They’re fake credentials and the whole thing is misleading. This is one of the things we complained about to the Office of Fair Trading a few years back. As well as the word “medicine” in their title as many people, including doctors and clients, confuse the nature of the business.

      Broadly the OFT agreed, but nothing meaningful happened due to regulatory grey areas. And it turns out non-registered complimentary healing/religions are surrounded by them.

      Read their code of ethics. Complete waffle. No real-world considerations, such as privacy or conduct with patients. It is all about adhering to esoteric behaviours to create imaginary results. They’re even compiling ‘living evidence’ of the efficacy of UM treatments, which when translated means “anecdotes”.

      I am quite sure that deaths, ongoing sickness and non returning clients won’t count in that study. It sounds like something Christoph should write a paper on.

      It is amazing the work that goes into all things UM and how driven people can be by a common idea, even one that is complete and utter rubbish. There must be a lot of time given up freely to create all that content and activity. Imagine if the same effort was channelled into something that actually works or had some real-world effect?

      • Just short and again. Having the word ‘medicine’ in a business name and propagating ‘healing’ without medical qualification(s)/training is completely illegal in Germany.

        I’m not sure, but calling yourself a ‘religion’ just like that, mainly to avoid paying taxes. Never heard of it here.

    • It means nothing. ‘Accreditation’ in techniques supposedly ‘brought through’ by Serge from whatever dimension The Heirarchy are supposed to inhabit? None of the students understand ‘The Ageless Wisdom’ because Serge keeps tweaking the belief system, and in some of the audio recordings even ‘exposes’ their inability to have kept up with the ‘changes in energy’ that only he knows about. If the students can be slapped down to level one of the imaginary initiation so they have to keep coming back (and paying) because they don’t get it, then it would follow that even in their fantasy world, the alleged ‘accreditations’ aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

  2. I wish, I’d been able to think with that kind of logic as an UM student. Okay, I can now see the oxymoron here.

    • Needs the number

  3. Smoke Screen’s working well. UM’s volunteer bite dogs attacking everything and everyone. Where’s their owner? Still hiding?

    • $B no doubt hiding and making lot$ money at UK UM retreat.
      Hope the UK press are pursuing HIM.

      • Oh, he’$ clo$e. He could come by and have a chat. Pft, who am I talking to? The upper cla$$ i$ bu$y exploiting european minion$.

      • I hope so. The German tabloid newspapers “Bild” and “Express” could do a story about Natalie Benhayon working illegally here as well:

        “Fit For Life 1 + 2” on Sat. 27th May in Cologne.
        Investments, costs, range from 65€ – 75€ each. Will she be doing hands-on sessions for a few days before that again?, 70€ (75€?) per hour working full time for 5 days like last year? Including popular Esoteric Ovary Massage and Esoteric Uterus Massage. No medical qualifications.

        Does the health office know about that? What about a labour permit? Payments in cash again? Straight into the pocket and leaving the country without any official agency knowing about it? Again?

        But what am I complaining about? The Lighthouse in Frome is ten times more efficient, when it comes to making money behind closed doors. The regulators turn a blind eye on unqualified black labour in Germany and UK as well.

        • FIT FOR LIFE??? Me thinks Harvey and Marylin Diamond will be delighted to hear about the copyright infringement. Good ole Sergio probably read the Fit for Life tomes in the 90s and absorbed every morsel of woo before he shat out his epiphany. For the uninitiated, the Diamonds tell you all about evil fluoride in drinking water and that one should exclusively consume fruit until lunch time because…. fibre.

          On the illegal working issue all I can say is that will take it upon myself to enquire with the German tax office. Cash in hand is not taken lightly in Germany, especially when the work is done by someone on a tourist visa who also does this regularly (and there’s ample evidence for it) and without qualifications.

  4. Please choose wisely, which kind of press you´ll inform. “Express” or “Bild” are market criers like “The Sun” in England. Though they´ve got enormous market power, there´s a very high risk, the story won´t be portrayed sincerely. I don´t trust NATO papers like “Der Spiegel” either, however, since it´s not about (foreign) politics, you could give it a go.

    Free press like “KenFM” or “Rubikon Magazin” have got higher quality and are part of the peace movement here. Their readership´s growing constantly, but you can´t call them media for the masses. I don´t know, if they´ll be interested in a cult story. What propaganda and constant repetition can do to a human mind and the extension of belief followed by that could be more interesting for them.

    I´m not sure, all I´m saying is, be careful which one you´ll contact as the consequences will vary.

    • Oi! Leave The Sun alone. I’ve read it since I was a nipper. Sure it’s got some funny stories and used to show girls with the boobs out on page 3, BUT it does actually have some very serious journalism in those pages as well. It’s also very good at telling complicated stories and government inadequacy in simple layman’s terms.

      UM loves to criticise the tabloid press, but that’s just another prejudice of there’s against the lower classes and what they choose to read.

      • Haha, The Sun works with shock “news” all over the place. But fine, prejudices lead us nowhere. I have to live with the German tabloid press and they´re unreadable. Their section for differentiated texts is called “counterstatement”.

        Either way, it´s idiotic defaming a newspaper or the press in general. Especially, when ones most trustworthy and main source is everything affiliated with UM. The Facts Team never asked the opposition for their point of view. “Always ask both sides” falls away. Why?
        They are so happy to be on the good side. The ultimatively pure and good side. I don´t want to live that way.

  5. Re: JMIR findings and UM hysteria
    Will their now be cries of Medical Journal churnalism?
    Will everyone from Prof Dwyer down now be sued for defamation?
    Will Serge look at our feet hoping we will all go away?
    Are the crevice sniffing spirits multiplying beyond control?
    Where is Elvis when you need him, stuffing around in Asia somewhere?
    What is a 5th level initiate reincarnated genius to do?
    Keep lying
    With love

  6. Way too much Brahmanic energy at Casino beef week coming up
    Pranic pies and raping entity ridden beer
    UM prefer the silence of the lambs
    And like lambs to the slaughter
    The UM followers march on

  7. Great day at Bangalow for billycart derby
    Shame UMers weren’t allowed to attend or enjoy due to their religious beliefs
    Its a competition, big no no, theres jealousy in comparison as to who had the best carts, there was beer, icecream and softdrink spreading copious raping entities amongst the crowd 😟.
    There was fun and laughter good energy and no one was sued.
    Great day was had by all the unenlightened

  8. #doorknockingadventures
    Oh (gluten free) crumbs….Nooooooo
    Sergiovas witnessing and whats with the overly oily noggin, thats just weird
    Is he preaching from the purpley blue bibles?
    About raping entities and crevice faced ghouls?
    Handing out little kale food samplers
    I genuinely fear for UMers’ safety
    Knocking on doors and interupting someones beer and Saturday footy game to tell them how pranic they are
    They’ll end up shark bait in Ballina

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