The Conversation: Universal Medicine and the case for better consumer protection from quackery


Screenshot 2018-05-11 08.40.17Emeritus Professor John Dwyer of University of New South Wales examines Universal Medicine’s controversial activities as a purported health service. He takes aim at UM’s bogus esoteric therapies, misconduct among its medical promoters, and the lack of action by regulators.


The Conversation Why consumers need better protection from dodgy health care: the case of ‘Universal Medicine’ 10 May 2018

The Conversation is a highly regarded international publication sourced from the international academic and research community and backed by universities around the world.

What needs to happen to protect consumers?

Unless a patient comes forward and can prove they’ve suffered physical harm from treatment at a Universal Medicine clinic, the NSW HCCC will not issue an order for the group to stop its program. Since 2013, the HCCC has been authorised to initiate enquiries without a patient complaint and does have the power to stop fraudulent practices but it does not use this power.

Herein lies the great weakness of our regulators’ approaches to consumer protection from health care fraud.  The Conversation

I’ve been posting evidence of UM’s misconduct since September 2012, and in that time I’ve looked closely at the corporation’s nasty practices. UM’s Esoteric ‘therapies’ are not only therapeutically worthless, but actively harmful, ranging from dangerous dietary restrictions to supernatural claims about mental illness, and grubby women’s health practices, including Esoteric Breast Massage.

I’ve lodged complaints about UM’s harmful and exploitative practices with the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission. It has done nothing. In 2013 I made a submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into False and Misleading Health Related Information and Practices detailing a lot of UM’s fraudulent health claims and making the case that cults actively coerce and bully victims to prevent them from reporting to authorities. Therefore the Commission needs to be proactive, recognize UM’s risk to public health, and take action to prevent further harm.


A lot of people are appalled by UM’s conduct. Professor Dwyer and I just happen to be two among of the few people willing to go on the record about it. It’s gratifying when someone of his calibre backs what I’ve been saying for years. Professor Dwyer is the former head of the Department of Medicine at the University of New South Wales. He was also a Professor of Immunology at Yale University for 15 years.

The article, of course, was not his first public comment about UM. Here he is on Channel 7 in 2012.

He  wrote a critique of Esoteric Breast Massage in Australasian Scientist in 2013, and, on behalf of the organization he heads, Friends of Science in Medicine, which is a network of 1300 doctors and other supporters, made submissions to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry when I did. He raised the problem of UM’s spiritually invested doctors at the Inquiry hearing.

Since then, the official findings of Dr Sam Kim’s misconduct, and the investigation into UM followers’ academic misconduct at the University of Queensland have publicly demonstrated our concerns were justified.

If Universal Medicine had an atom of the integrity they boast of, they would have heeded criticism from Professor Dwyer. They would have acknowledged the numerous regulatory findings by the Charities Commissions in Australia and the UK, the ATO, the Psychology Board of Australia, the NSW Medical Council, and the Information and Privacy Commission of NSW. They would have absorbed the findings, examined their operations and taken steps to clean up their act. But they haven’t. They’ve continued to vindicate our concerns by denying any fault and by launching a fresh onslaught of irrational ad hominem attacks on complainants, journalists and anyone who challenges them.

Which can only have one outcome.

More scrutiny. More disrepute. More disgrace for them.



140 thoughts on “The Conversation: Universal Medicine and the case for better consumer protection from quackery

  1. Superb article. Rational and to the point. I hope, the described system wil have the urgent changes.

  2. “As for those of us advocating much better consumer protection from groups such as this and seeing so little action: a little more outrage would not be misplaced.”

    Something for all of us to consider!

  3. Well I won’t back down, no I won’t back down
    You can stand me up at the gates of hell
    But I won’t back down
    Gonna stand my ground, won’t be turned around
    And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down
    Gonna stand my ground and I won’t back down
    Hey baby, there ain’t no easy way out
    Hey I will stand my ground
    And I won’t back down.
    Well I know what’s right, I got just on life
    In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around
    But I’ll stand my ground and I won’t back down
    Hey baby there ain’t no easy way out
    Hey I will stand my ground
    And I won’t back down
    No, I won’t back down

    Tom Petty

    • “A lie has speed, but truth has endurance.”
      Serge Benhayon

      All right. In truth by Edgar J. Mohn

  4. Well worth a read of the comments below Prof D’s article. Countless people all came to the same conclusion as we all did. And of course the usual shills defending the cult. Good ol’ Eunice, she’s a trooper isn’t she? I noticed she didn’t use “Dr” this time in her comment, maybe a little wary after Dr Sam Kim’s very public dressing down? But the replies to her rant there are just as they always are – everyone sees through her Benhayon defending script.

    Is it just me or does it feel like with all the recent press, things are really looking good for the exposure of UM? There are nationals writing about them, medical journals writing about them and every defence they make digs them further in to the mud. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet but I’d be willing to bet a gluten full muffin that numbers are down for new recruits and Team UM is meeting regularly to try and work out how to stop the rot. If their brain trust is reading here, do please know this is only the start. The truth is coming out and it’s spreading like wildfire. May not be tomorrow or next week, but soon, very soon, we’re going to be celebrating the end of UM and I for one will be very, very happy on that day.

  5. There’s a laughable but predictable response to questions from ‘the Conversation’ on the UM website. Serge (or his brides) have made some stuff up to convince themselves- Here’s my response.

    ________START RESPONSE_______

    “The author of the upcoming story points to the study in JIMR as the only research conducted on Universal Medicine’s methods, are there any journal papers you would like to point us to that show an evidence base for your techniques?”

    There is NO evidence at all. A survey of unimed attendees will result in biased responses due to the nature of the group and those involved. There is no control group, no scientific method and no peer review. It’s a little like asking ten men to measure their penises and give the results to someone they fancy. Serge, there is NO evidence that the techniques you shat out in 1999 help anyone. NADA, ZILCH, ZERO- that is why you had someone trying to manufacture it. Members are thin because they don’t eat. They don’t drink or smoke because they are scared of entities and astral energies. That is not a health benefit, that is psychological torture.

    “The author of the piece says you receive large amounts of money from bequests and a steady income stream from training of practitioners, do you wish to respond to this?”

    Awards from Lismore Chamber of Commerce stacked with your family and voting rigged with members of your group. What other awards are there? NONE.

    You didn’t answer the part about selling courses over and over (because there’s always something ‘new”) that have no merit and no accreditation, though you claim they do. Naughty.

    And you forgot to mention how you got $800,000 out of Judith before she handed over another chunk to you in her will – unbeknown to her children- and how you diverted that from the charity that was under investigation, to you. You old dog. And what about other bequests and donations to YOU directly? There are not many “businessmen” that have their customers handing them donations and leaving them money and houses in their wills.

    Oh, and you forgot the beginning of that ruling where the judge said that he could not rule on the influence of a “wheel of Universal medicine members” who surrounded Judith in her final days because it wasn’t argued. Lucky for you. It’s pretty clear the judge was saying had it been, you wouldn’t have been so lucky.

    “The author claims former patient Ira McClure spent over A$30,000 on ineffective UM treatments, do you wish to respond to this?”

    I think this means that the patient spent $30,000 because of Universal Medicine. The issue was that Dr Kim, under the influence of UM ideas, did not address the real problem causing that money to be spent over time. The doctor’s office was located at the Universal Medicine premises and paperwork referred to it. So even if money was not spent with Serge or others (and I think some was) its fair for one to assume an association with Universal Medicine as an unsuspecting patient when that is the building you are walking into. It seems Serge disowns Sam when it is not convenient and embraces him when it is.

    “Do you accept that Universal Medicine is a cult?”

    I guess it’d be a stretch to get you to admit that one. But let’s face it, on your own website you state you are the next in a long lineage of masters which do include all the greats such as Jesus. You’re members put up sites in your name. They all gush over you day and night- from 3AM on. You claim to be a sixth level initiate and next world teacher. Your members all use the same language, dress the same, have the same stupid looks on their faces, wear the same symbols, drive Audi’s and all resistant to facts, so it’s not looking good. You also have a propaganda team, attack people that don’t agree with you or say something you don’t like. You even attack ex-members and patients. Really not looking good at all. You even predicted your own “coming” (no, not as a hermaphrodite) so it is looking really bad.

    Cult members don’t know they are in a cult, naturally. So maybe cult leader don’t know they are running one? Not that I am saying it is a cult of course. It just doesn’t look good.

    ________END OF RESPONSE__________

    • Very insightful, thanks. Leonardo’s response Website is far off from reality. Victim mode on with refusal to communicate with critics.

      Please go on like that, Alice. It shows, what your corporation is really about.

    • “Spin” yes multiple intelligent, quality evidence based independent thinkers like yourself are coming to the same conclusion!

      Any-one who makes arrogant, grandiose false claims while belittling, manipulating , bullying & exploiting others, don’t be surprised when a ground-swell “conspiracy” arises to expose true truth!

      Pride, arrogance & desperate deception precede a fall.

  6. “Man is the only mammal that willingly delays sleep,” No, it´s not, Unimed Living. It just isn´t. Please don´t spread lies to strengthen your weak agenda.

    • I was once told by a UM student that Serge said David Attenborough is pranic. I wish I was joking.

      • Good to be out of it, I’ve missed so much interesting people and stuff to read and watch as an UM follower.
        No brain numbness due to one trustable source only is a great relief.

      • David Attenborough is a GOD.

        SB & the rest of the tribe wouldn’t be able to keep up with him.

        He is a living legend.

  7. So the mob that have preached #fakenews #churnalism etc all week have become so utterly desperate that they have turned to shitty clickbait television to attack those that criticise them. The hypocrisy only demonstrates that the Livingness Titanic is taking on water fast! Let’s see which of the rats make it to the life rafts, and who goes down with the ship. It sure won’t be Queen B, let me tell you. The ruling clan will be looooong gone as is the normal practice when #cults get undone.

    • I posted this on Facebook.

      “Yesterday ACA run a ‘story’ on a business I have an interest in. They did not contact me for comment before jumping me and ignored an invitation for an interview. The allegations are unsubstantiated and speculative.

      There have been some issues in that business from a previous director, and as a result of four years of blogs from Universal Medicine who have been seeking to damage my reputation and income. It has been their mission to try and paint me as dishonest to protect their beliefs. A dispassionate person can see the story is about nothing.

      The customers interviewed both referred to UM blogs in communications, one citing that as their motivation. There is evidence that UM and some other parties have had a hand in backgrounding the ‘story’. While the group now claim this proves I am not to be trusted and are parodying Tracey Grimshaw on their own websites, they are triumphantly posting this all over their social media as ‘proof’ that my complaints and opinion of their doctrines are not to be trusted.

      As usual, they fail to see their hypocrisy. That business continues to look after current customers and sent away over 1700 families last year without complaint.”

      Of course, the truth has taken a back seat to the sensationalism of some unhappy customers which no one wants and we all regret. All businesses have them. In a travel business, there are always going to be cancellations for one reason or another and active issues to deal with.

      The story was about some customers that got refunded, and some bloke opining it could be “1000 people’ and making up some figure base on his vast industry experience. Completely unsubstantiated, and wrong. The background to that business is complex and will soon play out in court with the ex-director who is currently commenting all over ACA Facebook page like he had no role in the problems and recent events.

      Over the last four years, we have had scores of customers refer to the cult blogs as their reason for seeking refunds, making cancellations or just generally freaking out. It’s moved some customers to make death threats.

      The cult is all smiles and patting themselves on the back right now and claiming a Current Affair report, and threatening and defamatory Facebook comments are proof of a ‘scam’.

  8. What a fiasco.
    The way everyone is behaving on the ACA FB site – it is like they are all paid up members of Universal Medicine.
    Not an ounce of normal human reaction or behavior.
    It has the appearance of a time planned conspiracy.
    Stay strong Lance.

    • An alleged scam, where the only evidence they could find were a few histrionics saying they got a refund, like refunds are a first in the international travel industry. And not a shred of evidence of any of the rest of the allegations – thousands of unhappy customers? the holiday of a lifetime (a budget jaunt to Thailand)? accused of pocketing half a million? Righto, show us the documentation.

      ACA is renowned for hatchet jobs and defamations. NSW Caselaw is absolutely brimming with successful actions against them. UM’s prize halfwits (all 700) are telling us 9 feet tall spirits, the Lords of Form controlling the Astral plane, ABC News as ‘tabloid’ fake news, Professor Dwyer as non evidence based, the Medical Council of NSW as the Inquisition and A Current Affair are the gospel ‘truth’. Fakt. After generating malicious hearsay against a detractor’s business and working up a lynch mob from the kind of bogans who make death threats after they get a refund. Makes perfect sense – UM Facts Team presents no evidence and allows no right of reply. Just like ACA. They’re all made for each other.

      In contrast UM is flogging bogus esoteric modalities and molestation as ‘healing’, phoney practitioner ‘accreditation’ where the practitioners never get a return on their money, commercial fundraising as ‘charity’, ‘international TV careers’ that don’t and won’t happen, and chronic conflict and controversy over nondisclosures as ‘integrity’ – all adding up to many millions of scammed $$ & ££. All easily verified.

      A Current Affair have contacted me in the past wanting info to run something on UM. I refused to work with them. They weren’t willing to do any research of their own, and I knew whatever I gave them they’d fuck up. Absolutely no chance in hell I will ever give them a thing.

      So the ABC is fake news UM? But you can’t specify what was fake? And where’s the defamation claim then?

      • Correct me if Im wrong…..
        But didn’t Rebecca Asquith (rock star, journo, sexpert, goddess, wife of the UM undertaker, sister of a very malnourished man, Serge’s number 1 fan and paid representative of UM , make fun of ACA and Tracy Grimshaw , in one of her parody sketches as shit journalism?
        Guessing you have to quickly retract that bullet now eh.
        Ive never seen so much vicious attacking of individuals from the UM ants nest as they scramble to protect their hermaphrodite leader hiding deep in the nest.
        Come out Mr ” I cant wait to be criticised” ” I will debate anyone in the world”. Its so obvious. Stop hiding behind your followers. Better still stop this UM rot, you have enough money now surely.

        • Exactly. The best things in life come for free, as UM´s sophomoric volunteers for exposing the truth about UM.

      • The cult thinks this is wonderful. They’ve been tweeting it to each other, and Dragana Brown and her son tweeted me telling me “real people” are going to show me #karma.

        The cult are now dehumanising me completely, probably in the hope, someone does take out their ‘enemy’.

        “The Livingness”- it’s just about love.

  9. UM never do themselve$ ANY undeserved favour$….$tupid idiot$!

    Hello it is all $o obviou$. –

    The most transparent UM has ever been.
    LOL & vomit!! Check ACA FB – [Right click on Shares]…UM Gone overtime bananas-

    $hame on you Tracey Grimshaw and all of the pre selected??Commentators?? & Team @ Channel 9?

    $our Grape$ is it??hmmn?? – That the ABC has presented the reality truthfully???

    UM intensely dislike and rubbish you – you all in the media check their blog$.

    YOU have played into their hand$ just dandy.Be it on your conscience.

    You have done nothing for public protection. $hame on you all.

    I am wondering how much and who?? was paid for this? Cash for comment??? Just asking.

    LOL! that all of a $udden the Bride$ & Groom$ of $erge think that commercial tellie is Grand.

    We stand with you Lance

  10. What does the one have to do with the other?
    Ad hominem attacks for the sake of fiery love make as much sense as ‘war for peace/democracy’. None.
    What are you trying to accomplish here, UM. I’ll keep my eyes on Leo, no matter what.

    • It’s the smokescreen they’ve worked on for years. Scientology stitched up Paulette Cooper. This is not a lot different.

      More real news is coming. Lots of it. Starting with a medical journal’s response to Christoph Schnelle’s claim he and the other authors declared their conflicts of interest. Not according the journal – and they have the documentation. The eds made the UM crew make a full declaration and the journal published a correction to the article. Even when made to declare, Schnelle denied his wife is a UM corp company director. JMIR saw straight through it.

      Personally I would not mess with big wealthy institutions that have powerful connections in academia, politics and the media. Far more clout than UM’s resurrected Cathar cluster could ever dream of.

      JMIR’s peer reviewers have announced they would have rejected the research paper if the UMers had declared their COIs. Not a good look Eunice Minford, Jane Keep, Christoph Schnelle and Vanessa McHardy – and the rest on the other study.

      There will be more. We haven’t fired all the cannons yet. Not even close.

      • Crikey, that link to JMIR says it all eh? They’ve really been dealt the hand they deserve and none of the lies is washing it anymore,

        Pay special attention to the Jane Keep attempt to remove the Uni of Birmingham section UK readers, looks like Jane’s decided trying to bolt on a university for some afpdded weight in her research was not a good idea. I wonder why? Worried what they’ll say Jane? Worried what the NHS will say?

        When you’re involved in untruths the truth has a habit of coming and biting a chunk out of your butt, and these sham researchers and their phoney research has backfired magnificently. Rather than showing how wonderful UM is, it’s displayed them in their true colours – dishonest, deceptive and even when caught out in their lies, attempting to deceive and smokescreen the truth that’s already well and truely out there.

      • Thanks for the JMIR update. It’s baffling that UM’s ‘utmost integrity’ and ‘second to none levels of care’ consistently fail to meet the necessary standards in real-world science and medicine. It’s almost like they’re living in a self-aggrandising fantasy where facts and evidence don’t matter.

    • Makes sense. Of course UM have been ‘fair gaming’ us for years, very similar in essence to what was done to Paulette. These days forensic technology makes it more difficult to falsify evidence as they did with her, but it’s simple for a large and psychotic resurrected martry lynch mob to stoke up a cyber-lynch mob with false allegations. Post something false and escalate it. One of UM’s false allegations is that I’ve done same, but when have you ever seen UM post anything that includes primary evidence – charity accounts, video, audio, quotes from original texts including articles of law and official correspondence? Never.

      When do you see the evidence in my posts? Always.

      Took time but Paulette came out in better shape than that cult.

  11. Rebecca are you actually publically poking fun at and belittling Professor Dwyer?
    You are a poor silly brainwashed little twit.
    I am embarrassed for you.
    Wake up
    All that crap you are putting your name and face to will be on the web forever

    • Yes. Especially, when she´s doing a video interview with Saint Peter, I have to acknowledge the whole impact of UM´s manipulative propaganda on her.

        • Pete told us during an UM event. He married Maria Magdalena (forgotten the English name) after Jesus’ cruxifiction and adopted their children. He recognized Jesus in his next incarnation and taught him to re-connect to his light.
          And they call Olga “obviously mentally very strained”.
          Come on!!

          • And Miranda is claimed to be Mary Magdalene reincarnated. #UMTrueFakts

  12. In the comments following The Conversation article, Eunice Minford asserts that “no – nobody has said any of that” regarding the impression that students believe “Benhayon has special knowledge ‘impressed’ from god or some other plane of existence”

    Be honest, Eunice. That is EXACTLY the founding claim upon which UM rests, and it’s the reason nobody involved can answer a question without resorting to obfuscation, deflection, and logical fallacies. If anything Serge presented was verifiable, as opposed to something ‘felt in your inner-most’ (eso-speak for taken on faith), he’ be stepping up to the criticism he claims he’s long-welcomed and crushing the pranic-intellects before him with his Fifth Level Ascended Mastery.

  13. To all on the receiving end of Universal Medicines DESPERATE attempts


    These recent events are/were inevitable especially as we approach THE September hearing [which $B never really intended to happen]

    THE world AND The universe [move over John Law’s Good morning world $B here] were supposed to have all buckled under or disappeared pufft!
    One way or another through $B’s employee$. Internal and external???

    BUT NO! All are battle fatigued but fighting fit.

    We fight normally in the pranic world clean but UM do not.
    Stay safe. Keep your dignity.
    Be alert but not intimidated by the school yard bullies.
    See something say something.

    Me finks that the $B will hide in the UK after this weeks retreat [to sick to travel???]….thoughts?

  14. What are you inhaling? It is not truth and love ad light

    Henrietta Chang says:
    MAY 8, 2018 AT 5:40 AM
    Esther Rockett cannot find any so called ‘victims’ of Universal Medicine because there simply are none. For her to victimise ie “make a victim” a person such as ‘Olga’ is playing with someone who is obviously mentally very strained – this alone is very disrespectful and taking advantage of another’s weakness. I call this totally inappropriate behaviour.


    Janet says:
    MAY 13, 2018 AT 5:19 PM
    Anyone can see the commonality of vitality and vibrancy in the faces of the Universal Medicine student photos above…and the world is finally starting to ask what it is about the way we live that results in a consistent and joyful commitment to life. The Way of The Livingness is the future model of health and wellbeing for all.


    Jennifer Smith says:
    MAY 14, 2018 AT 4:53 AM
    Given the comments made in Australia by the HCCC and in the UK from the UK Charities commission, that essentially there is nothing to investigate and similar demands for investigation could potentially be treated as vexatious, it’s interesting that these comments have been ignored by some who make public statements about Universal Medicine that are not true. One could conclude that there is an agenda when the whole story, the whole truth is not published.

    Here is the whole truth NURSE Jennifer Smith –

    • I love that comment by Janet.

      “Anyone can see the commonality of vitality and vibrancy in the faces of the Universal Medicine student photos above…and the world is finally starting to ask what it is about the way we live that results in a consistent and joyful commitment to life”.

      I see UMers almost everyday around the streets.

      The only show of vitality and vibrancy is when they are in their cars, showing little regard for others on the road. They have the power.

      However, on foot they look they are doing a funeral march. No sign of vitality or vibrancy anywhere to be seen.
      Little communication with others unless they want a product or don’t want to exert themselves & have to employ someone the cut their grass.

      Sorry Janet

      The world is not asking what it is about the way you live that results in a consistent and joyful commitment to life.
      The Way of The Livingness is not the future model of health and wellbeing for all.

      It is a farce.


    • Thank you for the link. Two of the comments on the Australian Doctor article – no surprise backing what I’ve been saying for years… Stick that in your pea soup UM.

      Dr D
      In South Australia, only a vet is allowed to treat an animal, however for humans it’s open slather – always makes me laugh and shake my head. And to the usual nutters – I look forward to your usual drivel.

      Dr Z
      Charlatans should be charged with assault, fraud, misleading advertising, and failing their duty of care; their phony outfits banned and all proceeds diverted to hospital ED departments. All we need is a Government with a working high school understanding of basic science…good luck with that.

  15. In response to Christoph Schnelle and co denying COIs
    You lot may be prepared to drink the professional kool aid and throw your reputations down the toilet but I cant help but to ask why? Facinating stuff. Living zombies?
    Have you even asked yourselves why?
    Have you looked in the mirror at your shocking reflection?
    All for one small man who has concocted an overblown reputation for himself and the gain is wealth and narcissistic adoration – for him alone.
    Well done feeding this monster that is UM

  16. UM hypocrisy, contradictions and bullying (in the form of belittling and attempting to discredit critics) is being exposed over and over again:

    Attacking and accusing ACA of bias and fake news following an interview with self-aggrandizing SB, however elevating ACA to gospel-truth status following a UM generated onslaught on a “detractor”.

    Attacking ABC news, eminent professors, etc (desperately attempting to divert attention on to anybody except themselves) co-incidentally following exposure of corrupt, shoddy University UM “evidence based” research.

    Even if all news is tainted by ‘confirmation bias’ (which conveniently UM claims never applies to themselves, so deluded, arrogant and brain-washed into believing they have sole monopoly on “truth”) I would trust ABC news over ACA any day.

    The professionals involved would do themselves a favour admitting they have been maniplulated into compromising professional ethics by engaging in compromised (ie false) “evidence based research” in a desperate attempt to save face (& possibly to gain their leaders approval?). Preferably before they are professionally ruined and become the laughing-stock across acadaemia / even the Western world.

    (This is not about condemning all alternative medicine practices, only non-evidence based used to delude and exploit vulnerable, trusting, often very sick, terminal desperate health seekers).

    Good on you Prof D for supporting Esther to call for more severe penalties for proven deceptive fraudulent deception, exploitative “dodgy” practices!

    • And coincidentally after the same detractor spoke with the ABC about an official finding of a serious privacy breach by Dr Sam Kim.

      UM apparently are joining all sorts of scumbags to agitate against detractors, skeptics and the press. ScUM uniting with scum. Which is good news for all targets in the long run. Everything UM touches turns to shit. They create conflict and chaos within every organization they join. Uniting with other aggressive loonies, liars and histrionics is bound to end the way the lot of them deserve – trashing each other into the gutter.

      In contrast I have top lawyers, top media organizations, top medicos, top academics and my friends and family giving me unreserved respect and encouragement. My blog & social media stats are at an all time high. Keep at it UM. You’re doing wonders for *my* reputation. 😎

  17. I had a UM ovarian reading.
    It was very very interesting and very detailed.
    One of my ovaries was dominant over the other. My right ovary was full of male energy and larger. My left ovary was more female and battling the right one for recognition and felt ashamed and sad.
    The reading brought up alot of subconscious abusive childhood issues that were new to me.
    I also found out what my body was trying to tell me in the now and how my ovaries had a plan for the future me.
    One problem
    I had a total hysterectomy some years before.

    • Why does that not surprise me… The same lot have convinced blokes they’re manstruating. Who performed the reading?

      If you don’t want it made public, write that and I won’t post it. But I’d like to know. You can also call me on a blocked number if you want to discuss and remain anon. See the contact page. My phone reception is crap at moment tho, so keep trying if u can’t get thru.

      • I was once in a ´Sacred Esoteric Healing´course and asked about a client, who´d had a nephrectomy. The tenor was, that the organs remain there energetically. So, I treated the client´s kidneys with their techniques.

        The No. 1 alibi for every UM member is adding the word “energetically”. Though it doesn´t explain the ovarian´s plans for the future you. Hold on, I´ve got an idea: For one of your next incarnations.

        Imhotep´s not medically trained at all. An ex tennis coach giving advise about cancer patients and healing a sickness per se is highly irresponsible.

        • I went to a level 1 workshop in rainy Frome. It rained all morning and then through the skylight a little sun was seen. Benhayon had been rabbiting on about some nonsense or other and I kid you not, as the sun broke though, he held his arms out and smiled upwards, acknowledging it was obviously down to him that the weather had changed. The usual suspects in the crowd laughed in a sort of chummy “we know you did this too Serge” gesture. It was the first of many bizarre things he did that left me after that day in doubt.

          • Zoroaster can do it, I´ve never had a doubt.

            Besides, who´s screaming “unreliable sources” like mad now? Take a look at your own source(s), please.

  18. Not hiding anymore completely he is:

    With such a one-sided narrative, we share with transparency the true Conversation – a Conversation deliberately suppressed from readers. You will not read any of this on 'The Conversation' for although comprehensive, not one quote made it into the article.— Serge Benhayon (@sergebenhayon) 11. Mai 2018

  19. Jesus Christ
    Do you think you’re all you say you are?

    Everytime I look at you I dont understand
    How anyone could get caught up in this scam
    Why you’ve let the things you did get so out of hand
    Suing the detractor didnt go how you’d planned

    Only wanna know
    Only wanna know
    Only wanna know
    Let the records show

    Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ
    Who are you?
    What have YOU sacrificed?

    Tell me what you think
    You’re the one at the top
    Youre the only one
    Who is the cream of the crop
    Buddah is he where its at?
    You’re above him by far
    Mohammed cant move mountains
    Needs your team for PR

    Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ
    Tell me tell me
    Why you’re never wrong
    Only wanna know
    Only wanna know

    Who are you?

  20. Miranda is Mary Magdalene?
    Oh come on UMers
    I can’t stand much more
    Im gonna wet myself

    • The Ascended Master in human form told Chris James was Genghis Khan. Reasoning impossible so far.

      • That might explain why several of the UM brides badmouth him behind his back. Although I don’t think it has to do with his past lives.

  21. Does anyone know who Deb B’s reincarnation is? Just curious. Or Michael and Curtis?
    Are they all MULTIPLE personality reincarnates?
    Nuttier than Squirrel shit

    • There were 2 public readings about preparing for 2012 – fire on earth. In one of these, he mentioned the exact number of lives we´ve all had so far. Around 1200. Mainly, it was to push the guilt of not having claimed our fire. Like: All those lifes, all those chances and look, where you are now. Having difficulties, searching for excuses and running away from love.

      Can you feel the guilt? Fine, I´ll give you a relief. All in this room have lived an esoteric life before. Be it as Cathars or whatever. You´ve been murdered for it – insert the Catholic Church slaying Cathars here – and therefore chose in your following lives security over love. Many of you reincarnated as priests or nuns. Switched sides so to speak to never have been tortured and slayed again. Understandable, but that is not, what true evolution is about.

      Besides, I´ve had to go through these gruesome deeds, too. But I always claimed the esoteric and never backed off. Even in the most horrible moments, because I knew, I´d reincarnate with the same fiery love – as a claimed Son of God – again. It´s about surrendering to love and never giving in to the pranic comfortable life. I´m the best, you´re not.

      Why do I still remember this stuff?

      No idea about Deb, Michael or Curtis from my side.

      • Do you happen to remember when gave the public readings about preparing for 2012? Contact me privately if you like.

        You remember it because it was repeated so often, and still is. Recorded and played on repeat probably. Ex UMers I’ve spoken to have said they don’t remember when they stopped questioning. That’s because the repetitive indoctrination wrote over the memory banks, and usually wrote over the data processor as well.

        • Repetition is key, repetition is key, repetition is key, repetition is key, repetition is key.

          “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” True, but NOT a Goebbels quote.


          • I tell you the followers are well and truely at the kool aid level.
            Even with this latest bombardment of facts and exposure of the lies from the outside world
            They are sacrificing their reputations, finances, professionalism, time, families, friends and sanity to defend an ex bankrupt tennis coach and attack what is perceived “enemies”
            He is not the messiah no matter how much he wants to be.

  22. UM might generate more public respect by comprehensively studying / emulating Jesus life and words:

    Humble, loving, kind, respectful, peace promoting, protective towards women, children, animals.

    (Except when challenging / exposing hypocritical religious / political leaders who place unnecessary, unreasonable expectations, burdens / rules on followers. Or who abuse power and exploit the vulnerable).

    Financially poor, spiritually wise.

    No interest in accumulating wealth / properties.

    Sacrificed his life for all out of love (claimed to be the only way to access God post “the fall” Genesis).

    Looked at heart motives.

    Summarised (all previous requirements) for followers to love God, self & others. (His followers help to unpack this eg advocating / sharing / caring for the poor / vulnerable / oppressed / abused).

    [*Okay, thanks I appreciate your opinion but it’s off topic. Please don’t introduce religious arguments into this. It’s not about religion. Jesus didn’t have a monopoly on ethical behaviour. If this comment causes another useless off topic bunch of lengthy pontifications for and against religion from the usual suspects I will delete this and any replies. We’re talking about a predatory scam by predatory scum. It has nothing to do with the alleged actions of someone’s version of ‘God’. Esther]

  23. Universal Law throws evidence based medicine out the window for eternity and now uses nutty anti-vax, flat-earth conspiracy theorists blogs as a reference. UM and the anti-vax conspiracists they have fallen in love with are as insane as each other.

    This blog UM’s lawyers refer to is written by madman Brett Smith or anti-vax conspiracy theorist Dr Phyto

    • I read this today, actually skimmed, and vomitted in my mouth a little. These people have no idea how stupid and sycophantic they look to the real world – 6 billion people minus the 700 (mostly women) servants of this hateful, poisonous scheme. Is the boss cross subsidising all this shit?I mean, really. Does UM demand you sacrifice your dignity too? Of course it does.

    • I find myself up at Audi fart this morning😏
      Made myself a coffee with milk and sugar
      Shit I’ve broken three rules already, Pete.
      Loveless, guilt ridden and pranic I press on pondering your rant
      The world v UM
      I realize what you’re claiming boils down to how UM works in transforming followers health to an acclaimed amazing level spiritually and visually.
      I figure dieting organisations have always been around, transforming people visually therefore making them happy spiritually. Makes sense, they look and feel great.
      Take Jenny Craig for instance, Pete.
      Before and after shots, if you were overweight the after shots are amazing and you have learned how to not overeat for the future
      I thought to myself (rule 4 broken) and questioned (rule 5 gone) Why doesnt Jenny Craig have major bad international press and continual major criticism from all areas coming at her business and her personally. And it hit me.
      Jenny Craig doesn’t claim outrageous lies including being the smartest woman on the planet or reincarnations of geniuses or sent to earth to save the world. She doesnt control her clients every move and decisions including isolation from loved ones, sues people who dont believe in dieting, has websites attacking non clients or past clients who have put weight back on and fat shaming them, demands clients work for her voluntarily and comment positively on her, runs courses in how to use a knife and fork her way, or runs festivals targeting children to recruit them into dieting early. She hasnt used her wealth to promote her family as the best in the world in their chosen fantasy lives as rock stars etc.
      Cause you know what, if she did all these things it would be the Jenny Craig Cult and the intense scrutiny would follow. Fact
      No, Jenny Craig just runs a successful business helping those people who need it to diet sensibly. Fullstop.
      Im looking with my own eyes and listening with my own ears Pete, something you are not allowed to do, and I see very very underweight sickly men in particular at UM who should never be on such a restrictive diet. I have witnessed arrogance, particularly in the women,in the belief that they are above others.
      UM isnt important to world issues and the attention of large pharmaceutical companies and multi national corps, criticism of it does not compare to the holocaust or humanity dying or a global crisis. Its the grandiose narcissism of one man who has elevated his claims on his own” say so”. And you believe it.
      If it wasnt for “evidence based science” and those true scientist geniuses who work their entire lives to progress humanity medically we would still have hospital polio wards full of dying people as one example.
      Pete, you are against anything “evidence based” or “conventional” because UM and its leader’s claims have no evidence and are certainly not convential (spirits, voices, imaginary planets, fantastic faecal moments, reincarnations, evil in tampons etc etc). Its a hoax based on lies and the fantasy world of one man to make money and gain respect from others where there was none previously. And you have been sucked in. You cant see that you are locked into the UM mousewheel. UM vs the rest of the world. No, its UM vs the truth. Everybody watching this can see it. Stop and free yourself.
      With love and concern for your mental and physical wellbeing

      • Hear hear. Thank you very much.
        I may add to the fat shaming the putting down for being workless. In CAPITAL LETTERS.
        “Strong people don’t put others down, they lift them up.”
        Darth Vader

      • Well, their story is different:

        “What inspired the group of 280 plus volunteers to come together to create the Health and Wellbeing website Unimed Living?”

        Pete´s joining the conversation after all. Watch his Twitter account, too. I won´t pay you for that though.

        • What’s his Twitter account? I’d like to @ him with some questions. But he’s probably pre-emptively blocked me lol. Like most of them have.

          In other news all five Unpacking Universal Medicine videos have been restored to YouTube.
          Apart from making bogus copyright infringement complaints to get them taken down, it seems UM tried to stall YouTube from restoring them. I’ve asked YouTube to forward all the correspondence to see what kind of bullshit UM tried – in breach of Section 202 of the Copyright Act.

          • Of course he blocked you. Like cowards do. [redacted]

          • Wrong coward lol. I meant Peter C the Great Defender. Anyone know his Twitter address?

          • I agree with you Pete
            The evils war are due to religion, culture and economic advantage.
            So why create and follow a mini version of exactly that?
            UM has created its own mini religion, is at war with its perceived enemies, created a culture of followers disassociated from initial family and loved ones and entrenched into an insular controlled group forced into bullying and attacking. Its upper rung hierarchy show off their economic advantage with flash cars and property achieved with less than integrity methods of money raking.
            Talk about Star War fantasies, Pete.
            You are living in one.
            I prefer to believe in the Rockett and Rocket launches here on earth.
            And when they eventually land on Arcturius, will they find a scarf flapping from a tennis racquet planted in the frozen planet surface declaring “Serge was here”
            Dont think so

          • According to Serge’s tome ‘The Way It Is’, Centaurs and Mermaids were not only real, but examples of the physical forms we experimented with when we first migrated to Earth (after existing as ‘beings of light’ on Venus and elsewhere), before settling on the biological forms we currently know as human. That’s what Pete believes if he’s advocating UM’s teachings over “the cult of the Evolutionists and their religious belief system”. ‘True evolution’ according to UM apparently involves the gradual elimination of all foods from our diet, with the only nourishment necessary being derived from ‘the light of the soul’, resulting in the eventual ‘return to oneness with God’.

    • Pete is a true believer. When you’re in the pink bubble, you cant see beyond its tenous walls. I feel he may have also enjoined his feeling for his new wife with UM, just as members confuse themselves about their identity with UM’s.

      He’s also a committed conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy of a few “trolls” and the media, who somehow have time to plan strikes on UM and their beliefs. UM’ers are unable to see the actual problems with the things reported on because by default a UM’er is blameless and can do no wrong.

      Science- “a bigger conspiracy” goes to the heart of their willingness to believe in the ridiculous. Of course, what science has over gut feeling is that when it gets it wrong, or is corrupted, or has vested interests- which it does from time to time -it has an autocorrecting mechanism. That is how Schnelle got caught out early. That’s how a conspiracy to pervert facts gets uncovered. Other scientists applying the same rigorous methodology and reviewing others claims, theories and research.

      Gut feelings don’t. They don’t find cures for cancer, disease or new ways to help people live longer better lives. That’s because there is no research- just thought bubbles – and no one to study, check, verify and review results. No study will ever demonstrate that UM ‘modalities’ achieve positive health outcomes. Members may feel better, granted. But that’s a combination of psychological and placebo effects. Nothing else.

      It is the powerful glue that keeps them all fighting for their man. I agree there is a potent, hypnotic effect from some of the treatments. They call it ‘feeling yummy’- It’s actually a process that suppresses their critical thinking. They practice this on each other regularly. Eventually, that is their new state of mind.

      They are therefore not mounting arguments. They are constructing rationalisations and reasons why they want to keep believing and feeling what they do. They don’t want to hear from other people that there might be something wrong at the heart of their beliefs. They probably suspect there are contradictions, but they don’t care. As long as they feel good.

      Therefore, everyone who says otherwise is fair game.

      Pete is right about one thing. Mistruths can spiral out of control. But truths can become meaningless just as easily by the same mechanisms. It does become a spaghetti bowl of facts, fictions, fantasies and falsehoods. Finding the truth in all that starts with not having a vested interest in a prized belief.

      UM critics aren’t defending a belief. They are simply voicing their concerns and pointing out glaring problems that you can easily see standing outside the big pink UM bubble.

      They gain nothing from speaking up. In fact, as myself and others have found, it comes at a high price.

    • Thousands of satisfied UM clients worldwide and you got only 71 likes and 33 shares on FB? Gosh, Pete, they really must hate you.

  24. If this is turning into a debate of western medicine versus alternative medicine i’m afraid you have lost me. I love alternative medicine. My family would not be where it is today without herbal medicine, often at times when western did not work. In saying that I’m not a fan of Universal Medicine at all and especially Serge Benhayon. But the voices on this thread seem to be so completely against everyone who might not believe western medicine is always the answer to everything. I have known children who have become very sick after vaccines. We do live in a toxic world and gut flora, immune responses etc are very complicated and for some children the vaccine schedules are difficult. For the record I have vaccinated my own children but also give them herbs and vitamins to keep them strong and healthy. I just wish the language on this site would be a little less nasty and vicious. The people I know caught up in UM are lovely people. They have just been brainwashed. That is all. Please think about the language you use before you start being so cruel in your responses.

    • It’s not a debate about any such thing. The anti-vaxxers referred to in the comments above have defamed and criminally harassed people. I don’t police language here or opinions, but I keep comments on topic. The topic was UM promoting a vicious and organized bunch of lunatic criminals for their shared purpose of fair gaming critics.

      If the conversation does turn into that kind of debate following your comment I will delete your comment and any others who go off topic. If you don’t like it, too bad.

    • I have met a lot of the lower rung followers and they are lovely people, vulnerable, easily led, looking for answers, but essentially nice people.
      A lot of the people on this site have been personally very hurt one way or another by SB and UM and they are angry, very angry
      The upper rung, everything to lose, paid followers and professionals of UM are the most vicious in defending their leader and attacking anyone who questions or criticizes UM
      They are the ones we are responding strongly to
      Have another look and see
      Adios to you too

    • You also have to remember that opposers to UM are also nice normal people who have bothered criticizing and questioning UM because they have been stung in some way, some much more than others, and feel strongly about protecting innocent and vulnerable people from experiencing the same.
      They also are passionate about the truth being exposed and sorted from the lies and the irony that is UM.
      Why would you bother about an insular adult community constantly making fools of themselves and getting sicker and sicker and poorer and poorer (at the pyramid base level)

      • AMEN! Well said: There are no walls, they can leave if they dare to says

        There is nothing in it in any way for any of us who: “nice normal people who have bothered criticizing and questioning UM because they have been stung in some way, some much more than others, and feel strongly about protecting innocent and vulnerable people from experiencing the same”

        I say Professor Dwyer included.

      • We care about the children being raised in a microview lifestyle that is dangerous, restrictive, and let’s face it, damn embarrassing. The fishbowl UM cultists are stuck in their teeny, tiny, little pond, sadly with the children accompanying them. The voices in their heads must be all consuming. PS Fish ain’t that smart.

  25. That Greig woman appears to be losing it a little (and perhaps is a little stalky in her approach too). Responding to every tweet of yours with the same cut and paste message multiple times is more than a bit odd. I always suspected something was up with the crazy formatting on her blogs, the RANDON SECTIONS IN BIGGER fonts AND colours BUT THIS is way more than that.

    Are you ok Alison? Maybe time to step away from the screens for a bit? Get some fresh air, a walk on the beach perhaps?

    • Only a little? It’s the same histrionic bullshit she’s been shitting out in 8,000 word dumps for four years.

      But you may have the wrong impression. She posted that rhetorical question once about real research and real evidence, which of course I’ve been publishing for five years. I’ve retweeted it a few times with just a few refutations to show how her how irredeemably estranged from reality she has become.

      • Ah, I see.

        I said “a little” as whenever I say any of them (and one in particular) is bat shit crazy it gets edited out for legal reasons. So was erring on the side of caution 😉

  26. Not all esoteric healers are the same. Ella Green from Byron Bay says

    LOL. Great comment.

  27. When Doctors receive conditions due to disciplinary action how are the public to know?
    Who of us checks AHPRA for Dr’s registration/conditions/ notations etc
    [Not e to self do check that from now on]

    Who is the gatekeeper for making sure that these Dr’s are abiding by the rules of their conditions?

    It has to be the public, lodging complaints to the Medical Council AHPRA and HCCC.

    Thank you to the Conversation and ABC for protecting the public by at least making the Public aware.

  28. I´m wondering, if UMers can be inspired by people meeting criteria like

    – adult
    – alive
    – no UM affiliation

    The best outsiders can be is “naturally esoteric”, but Alice said, UM students saying that are in illusion.

    • Cult or dogma, you can call it whatever you like. If that´ll change, there´ll be no UM anymore.

      For our fellow German (UM) readers: Immer der gleiche Schaum auf den Lippen, das ist unappetitlich.

      • “Always the same foam in his lips, that’s disgusting”.

        Lol crazy translation!

        • :-O It´s an expression for “Always so mad with the same foam on your lips (rabies), that´s unappetising.” Ad hominem, straw man seems to be UM´s only way of communicating with us.
          Weak for claimed Sons of God, spending thousands of $$ into building a fiery foundation.

      • “Give me a child and I´ll shape him into anything.” B. F. Skinner, but could be UM. That´s what I´m really worried about.

  29. By Dr Rachel Mascord, BDS (Hons), University Medal; Dentist “I am an experienced dentist, and dedicated lover of science and media.”

    Rachel is the author of the article linked above. It’s interesting because it shows the disconnect between facts and fiction. Her article starts out trying to say something about biological evolution then jumps to ‘spiritual’ evolution without a decent segue.

    The one she uses relies on is ‘the missing link’ argument that is actually a misunderstanding of a complex but largely resolved, knowledge problem from about 50 or 60 years ago. For a lover of science, she is a little out of date.

    She doesn’t understand what scientific theory is either, as most pseudoscience nuts don’t. Theory in science means a body of evidence and testing that continues to verify the veracity of the hypothesis made. It’s a theory because science, unlike know it all ratbags, accept they don’t know everything and there is always the chance, even if small, knowledge may be updated.

    Biological evolution has an abundance of evidence. Especially since DNA analysis became a thing, verifying in detail the lineage of all life on earth. Fossils are rare and the absence of a sample of every species that ever existed does not prove man was suddenly popped into creation or travelled from Venus to populate the earth in some strange cosmic melodrama.

    Nor does biological evolution suggest humans are the pinnacle of evolution. We’re just a transitioning species like any other. We just happen to have more cortex and can take ourselves out of the moment to contemplate the past and future.

    Anyhow, my take away from Rachels numbskullery are. She is repeating her guru’s feeble-minded theories despite probably knowing better, and after exposure to UM, one can write paragraphs and say things that don’t make any sense at all but somehow feel like you are a genius.

    That has to tell you something about the brain scramble that goes on within UM.

  30. L’Alchimiste – Natural Medicine
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    L’Alchimiste – Natural Medicine
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    L’Alchimiste – Natural Medicine
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    • Worth a few undercover drop ins to check out the “advice” and tape it on your phone
      UM spreading like cancer, thats the only connection there

      • Two fucking “E” words
        Energetically and Esoteric
        I can make anything up and put these two words in front for proof

        • Indeed. Shhht, please don´t expose the propaganda trickery. Also, like, er, introduce a no fun fact and set the frame the follower is allowed to think in afterwards with a question.

          Illness and disease is on the rise. Could it be there´s more going on than meets the eye?
          You´re trapped in this question then and swallowed the first as a given.

          Do NOT think about them attacking us. The word “not” is irrelevant, because you´ll think about it anyway. The clue is to make you think about the topic I want you to think and not to exit the frame I´m setting you. Ask questions you want them to think about.

          Can it be, that….?

          • Someone´s read George Lakoff here? Do NOT think about UM. Hahahaaaa

          • “Yes esoteric breast massage is a very personal modality practiced on women by women founded initially to bring forth a womans tenderness from within and reconnect to their breasts.”
            Then comes the grandiose claim to magnify importance.
            “Its something the entire world is sorely in need of”
            The entire world?
            In need of?
            Is it?
            Cause I said so, can make money training people to do it and I love boobies.

  31. Hello my name is Kay I want to be your candidate.
    Does not matter where – anywhere in the world is fine.
    I am so full of truth and integrity second to none there is not a person in the world better than me other than Blerge.
    I am your man, just look out for the man wearing the frilly pink blouse – that is me.
    I love Blerge, I say he is my bro we are just so close.
    As long as I deliver the bacon oops so sorry kale.
    I am full of integrity. It’s obvious isn’t it?
    No one will pick on or ask me questions me like they do Tony or Barnie or Malcolm or Julia or Bill or Pauline or Jackie.
    No way.
    That would be abuse.
    Take notice Barrie Cassidy and your ABC Insiders team.
    If I do not win the election any election anywhere then i’ll keep trying until I do.
    How dare the people not vote for me I am full of integrity second to none.
    I can say I am from Casino, Ballina, Lismore, Goonellabah, THE WORLD EVEN – whatever suits.
    See I am full of integrity.
    Vote [1] Kay.

    • Yep, all positive reviews from cult members. Presumably, most of them have not been customers.

      Completely negative reviews from real customers. Looks like a job for ACA to me 😉

  32. “Brisbane and Goonellabah based lung specialist Dr Sam Kim, who, for those who have had the privilege of meeting him, know him for his purity, integrity and his loving dedication to people and medicine that is simply out of this world”
    UM FACT$ According to UM FACT$ team on the $B UM FACT$ 24/5/2018 Screenshot upon request.

    HELLO ALISON WILSON/GREIG/BENHAYON @ Facts UM THE Commandant who is really Off the Richter $cale according to $erge

    And then AHPRA reprimand

    • You’re wasting your time. By ‘out of this world’ she means off the planet.
      As for herself, she got up in court the other day and had his nibs’ barrister tell the court that Serge has an acupuncture qualification, which is false. That stupid pest knows Serge doesn’t. The barrister was forced to retract it in writing to the Judge. Embarrassing much?
      Her husband, UM’s legal scarecrow, also denied to the court that the pest had posted the name of Lance’s business beside allegations it’s a scam. He is on the record saying ‘no she didn’t’.
      The good thing about arseholes like them is they eventually turn on each other.
      Word around the traps is that the ones UM shoves out front as models of Esoteric ‘integrity’ are despised within their own community. ‘Chauvinist pig’ and ‘absolute prick’ is how one of their star candidates has been described by UM’s women.
      No need to convince anyone UM *Facts* Team are shitbags. Deep down they know it about themselves – that’s why they’re in such a panic. They’ve been outed and they’re at each other’s throats.
      You give them too much oxygen – which is exactly what they want. That bullshit is a smokesecreen for the cash raking, molestation and death scam currently ravaging UK families.
      They’re not quite unstuck yet. They’re hanging by a thread – in total panic. Lemmings.
      Let em go.

      • Yes, many posts on followers´ Twitter accounts prove your point. Let them show, who they are and focus on UM´s management.

      • Buddy your a boy make a fart noise
        Turd lands at your feet means you’ll be a big man someday
        Botox in yo’ face
        You big disgrace
        Putting your hands all over the place
        We will we will rub you
        We will we will rub you

        Buddy you’re a con man, turd man
        Shouting in the street gonna take over the world someday
        You’re a dud from space
        You big disgrace
        Slaves to your rants are all over the place
        We will we will rub you
        Sing it
        We will we will rub you

        • We are the rubbers, my friend.
          And we’ll keep on rubbing till the end.
          We are the rubbers,
          we are the rubbers of the world.

          • Ha ha raise you with this….
            All we hear is Sergio ga ga
            Sergio goo goo
            Sergio ga ga
            All we hear is Sergio ga ga
            Sergio blah blah
            Sergio whats new?
            Started with your poo

  33. Urine my heart
    Urine my cult
    With gentle breath
    Your breasts I’ll mold
    Find a new lover
    Your new best friend
    Urine my cult

  34. Wee will not be beaten by UM
    Next UM course…..
    What is your wee telling you?
    To pee or not to pee?
    That is the question
    Is your bladder babbling bullshit?
    Maybe wee like a Benhayon?
    Making circles anticlockwise
    Sometimes I laugh so hard the tears run down my leg

  35. For the ones wondering, why UM people are giving us the silent treatment. The deception is:
    “Don’t feed the troll.”

  36. Any decision from Justice McCallum?
    Is the date of THE hearing set in concrete?
    If you want supporters there, we need to know as soon as you do/

    • No judgment, and as I’ve repeated several times readers will know as soon as I know.

      However, I need to make clear I’m preparing for trial. In the past week Team UM have called hearings in both Sydney and Brisbane to occur at the same time knowing my SC and QC are not available, knowing I’ve been evicted and am in Sydney, and knowing I’m preparing for trial, and doing so against court orders in Qld that were put in place to stop them harassing me while I am preparing for trial. Team UM are feral.

      My priority is getting my evidence to court. The media will be there. My full legal team will be there. The Church of Latter Day Cathars is likely to be there flailing around in the throes of persecution. If anyone else wants to come along for entertainment it’s up to them.

      I cannot reply to everyone who contacts me at the moment so please restrict it to urgent stuff only please. I ask you all to be patient and I’d appreciate it if people don’t pester me when there are much more important things happening – like outing the bastards.

      • We ALL hope you are surviving Esther.

        Poor soul. ….So many UM entities to deal with.

        We are ALL with you – courageous Chicky babe! Warrior Princess!

        Understatement to state: UM are pushing legal boundaries big time and exploiting every loophole. LOSERS!

        Pace yourself there are more with you than against you.

  37. Wish you all the best. I’ll be there for support and in-joyment.

  38. I´ve watched UM´s Retreat promo vids lately. Working as a Physiotherapist and Osteopath, I´ve gotta say, that, if “the body is the marker of all truth”, we´ve definitely got reasons for doubt. The myofaszial structure of many (including the upper ones) show obvious signs of lack of physical activity, especially of sitting too much. Clear at first sight – in a promo video.

  39. [Christoph Schnelle’s wife]
    Nicola Lessing says:
    MAY 25, 2018 AT 8:40 AM
    Truth is an expression of love and does not contain an ounce of bullying. Only those who lie who have something to hide could even consider truth to be bullying whereas in fact they themselves are of course the bullies and bullies never like to be exposed!

      • The more I read about “their” fight against so-called bullies, the more I realize, they don´t get their own irony.

  40. The Conversation is forever asking for donations. But with lower-than-tabloid performances like this, it is best to ignore those pleas and assign it to the tip. They just can’t help themselves – why is the truth, responsibility and care so difficult for the media?
    neil gamble a day ago Reply 6 likes currently

    • didn’t Neil get in touch to trouble over some cash for questions type deal? he’s the last person that should be talking about donations! Neil, get back in your hole!

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