Surviving Universal Medicine – Olga speaks

It took a life-threatening experience for “Olga” to break away from Universal Medicine’s hold. First hand accounts like hers are exactly what this unscrupulous organization and its propaganda mill are aggressively attempting to keep from the public. Olga did everything she could to follow the “fiery path” to the “light of the soul” misleadingly marketed as “The Way of the Livingness”.

It nearly killed her.

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The Scarlet Woman – a regular reader tells her story of leaving a cult

The Scarlet Woman was not a follower of Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon. She came up against the group when someone she thought a trustworthy health professional began referring her to Esoteric practitioners. At the same time they failed to refer her for appropriate medical care. A lot of pain, illness, ineffective therapy and expense later, she feels betrayed and duped. She has been reading this site since and recently wrote to me with some heartfelt concerns about UM, and how much empathy she feels for the cult’s victims. Scarlet, you see, grew up in a cult that has a number of parallels with UM, and was in it for four decades before she got out. I thought it might benefit all of us, and ex UM students in particular, if she told her story…

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