Esther wins Benhayon v Rockett defamation proceedings

Northern Star headline Serge Benhayon leader Universal Medicine cult

Northern Star 20 October 2018

On 15 October 2018 a four person Supreme Court jury unanimously vindicated Esther Rockett after a three year court battle against Universal Medicine cult leader, Serge Benhayon. Read about the court’s findings on the blog article: Benhayon v Rockett victory at last and the way forward.

Esther thanks all of her supporters and her legal team for all their efforts in ensuring her success at trial. If you’re new to Universal Medicine see the Wikipedia overview the list of UM news reports, Esther’s other blog Universal Medicine cult exposed, and her YouTube video series Unpacking Universal Medicine.

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Defamation claim or censorship – Universal Medicine’s complaints to Google

SHUT-THE-INTERNETJust over a year ago, Universal Law solicitors of Mullumbimby, on behalf of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and 56 UM ‘students’ managed to exploit a loophole in Australian law to have this and our sister blog’s Australian and UK URLs removed from the Google Blogger platform without a court order. When we moved the blogs to US based WordPress platform where freedom of speech is taken seriously, the cult succeeded in having several URLs removed from Google search results. In spite of the cult’s continuing onslaught of complaints, all such removals ceased mid last year when Google realized the defamation claims were baseless. Extracts from the original complaints also reveal the group’s collective delusions.

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Esoteric legal action – Universal Medicine’s latest censorship FAIL

XWP-CHARIOTS-OF-WAR-1X02-xena-warrior-princess-18580789-748-576As expected, when I issued counter notices to the Universal Medicine cult’s bogus copyright and trademark infringement notices and agreed to challenge them in court, the legal action was not forthcoming. The threat to suspend this and the FACTS blog has passed and all disputed images have been restored. But we’re not dropping it there. The cult’s aggression and our success at standing up to their bullying has made us more determined to expose their abuses, and tackle them head on, with some special attention for Universal Law solicitors Mullumbimby.

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The Universal Medicine Cult’s bogus censorship push – Updated August 14

Since I wrote about Desperate Desiree Delaloye issuing bogus copyright infringement notices on the FACTS about Universal Medicine site explaining copyright law and how her charges won’t stand up in court, she has issued more, and WordPress will be removing all of the images of Serge Benhayon’s inappropriate touching taken from his Sacred Esoteric Healing workshop manuals from this and the FACTS site. UPDATE: Now its Paula not on the Payroll Fletcher of Universal Law Mullumbimby trying a Trademark Infringement claim. Update at bottom of post Continue reading

When Cults Become The New Internet Censor – with the help of Google

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

– George Orwell

The all new, bigger, bolder Universal Medicine Accountability, is alive and swinging on WordPress (so bookmark us here), and as we farewell our old Google blogger platform we give a short post mortem on Google’s Esoteric freedom of speech policy that saw most of the content removed from our Australian URL and the UK blog removed outright. Plus a glance at the terms and conditions of our new host.

See also: List of links UM had removed from Google search index for searches for the name ‘Serge Benhayon’. Includes news reports.

Defamation claim or censorship – Universal Medicine’s complaints to Google – includes full copies of the complaints

And 2016: Benhayon’s SLAPP defamation claim made a full 3 years after his legal team’s complaints to Google, and about 250 blog posts later.

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Cyber Bullies Updated – The Universal Medicine cult is shutting down our blogs

UniMed is claiming their ‘self-loving choices’ by attacking freedom of speech. Links to the UK URL of this site no longer function because Google has removed the blog at instigation of the cult. We expect the full content from the Australian URL will be next. While we move to other platforms, bookmark the Rick Ross Forum for updates.