Why seaweed is not a good source of dietary calcium

SeaVegSaladPackCan anybody you eats dairy actually love you? (sic) Serge Benhayon, EDG Message 13, date unknown

Universal Medicine cult members live in mortal fear of dairy products, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and a comprehensive list of nutritious foods because Serge says they’re pranic and loveless. To justify their messiah’s demented food neurosis cultists misrepresent scientific research studies in order to demonize them nutritionally. Among some of the unsound nutritional advice propagated by UM is that seaweed is an alternative source of calcium to dairy products. It might be good advice if seaweed was appetizing and didn’t contain potentially toxic levels of iodine in the amounts required to deliver calcium.

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The Esoteric diet – more lethal than ever


Michael Zavros, ‘Phoebe is Dead’

As Universal Medicine cult leader Serge Benhayon continues to pound his Esoteric pulpit on the evil energy of perfectly nutritious foods, we should all be alarmed to hear he’s imposed further restrictions on the Esoteric diet – better described as self-loving starvation. Meanwhile the Huffington Post continues to pay cult apologist Sarah Cloutier to promote a dangerous eating disorder under the guise of ‘food writing’. And I’m officially a troll.

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Esoteric diet or death wish? Serge Benhayon’s assault on public health


The intent of cake is always comfort, same goes for mousse, ice cream and other treats. ©Serge Benhayon and the Hierarchy.

Serge’s non nutritionally based diet is a public health risk. Not because it regards cake as comfort food, but Serge is programming his students to avoid perfectly nutritious foods because they ‘hinder the flow of the light of the soul in the body.’ Seeing Serge regards death as the true path to the soul, the reality testing device translates this as ‘stay away from decent food. It keeps you alive’.

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Diet or Eating Disorder Part 3, Surviving the Universal Medicine Diet and Thriving

Ample evidence shows that unqualified healer, Serge Benhayon’s arbitrary PRANIC! FIERY! food classifications and erratic dietary advice is making his followers sick. We offer some scientifically backed measures for making better food choices and finding a way back to health.

Diet or Eating Disorder Part 2 A Level Headed Nutritional Analysis & Diet As A Tool For Instilling Malleability

I think I’m getting the hang of Esoteric Medicine. As long as prescribed remedies make you weak, sick, neurotic, wooly headed, and kill off your sex drive, you’re well on your way to Esoteric bliss.  Continue reading