The College of Universal Medicine’s Living Sutras of the Hierarchy rort

The UniMed cult’s College of Universal Medicine operates with the alleged charitable purpose of ‘advancing education’. But where is the public benefit in curriculum courses peddling Serge Benhayon’s occult claptrap – supernatural conspiracy polemics and harmful pseudoscientific claims about health and medicine, including that mental illness is caused by spiritual possession?  Continue reading

Serge Benhayon’s inappropriate behaviour with children

In 2014, Serge Benhayon stated to the NSW HCCC that he has a current Working With Children Certificate. It needs to be taken away from him immediately, for a host of reasons we’ve already documented, including his cavalier attitude to inappropriate touching, the exposure of children to sexually explicit subject matter and the use of covert hypnosis in exorcistic practices at Esoteric events. And then there’s his questionable history with his current wife.

NSW Child Protection Helpline 132 111

2016 updateBenhayon defamation SLAPP attempting to censor concerns about his behaviour with women and children.

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Dangerous delusion – a UniMed cult member answers our questions

Recently, two followers of Universal Medicine asked to talk to me in my workplace about my blogging. I refused. Given the cult’s recent frivolous complaints about me to various regulatory authorities, I told them it was inappropriate to continue contact, but they phoned, texted and wrote me letters anyway. I’m not interested in communicating with members who are trying to convert me, but the conversation with ‘Noddy’ was fruitful in that she made a slew of admissions about the group’s disturbing teachings and practices, leaving me feeling both sickened and vindicated.

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Esoteric Psychology & entity possession

FreudinFrazzleThe Psychological Well-Being Conference was just held on the Gold Coast, with a line up of insight deprived cult apologists flogging Universal Medicine cult leader Serge Benhayon’s damaged brainchild, Esoteric Psychology. Lending the thing undeserved legitimacy were registered psychologists and unabashed Serge worshippers, Marianna Masiorski and Caroline Raphael.

So while they were busy avoiding the subject of inappropriate touching of sexual abuse victims and Serge’s underaged houseguests, what psychological well-being palaver could punters expect? Emotions are the cause of all disease? Boys need the pack energy smacked out of them? Loving children emotionally has never worked? Or did Serge wheel out an old chestnut – entity possession? Or that the healing symbols have been blessed by ARCTURANS? Either way, there was bound to be some heinous balderdash the cult omitted from its publicity.

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Psychological Well-being 2013 Conference – another Universal Medicine cult front


Cult conference blurb:

Gold Coast ‘Behaviour Specialist & Counsellor” Tanya Curtis is the latest Universal Medicine cult member to front an undisclosed cult recruitment drive marketed as a conference. The speakers include cult leader, and unqualified founder of Esoteric mind-fuck psychology, Serge Benhayon, and a laundry list of ardent yes artists all lined up to promote the malignant commercial scam he’s taken to calling a religion.

UPDATE: The conference venue has suddenly changed from Bond University to the Mercure Resort at Carrara. 

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Esoteric ‘Compassion’: Callous damnation

 Interpret compassion as an emotion and you have drunk the poison of another. Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations
Interpret compassion as an emotion and you have drunk the poison of another. Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p.284

A year ago I visited a children’s hospital in Cambodia; one of five founded by a Swiss doctor, funded by private donors and run on a budget of $17 million per year. Without this care, almost 3,000 children would die per month. Come 2013 and I’m ensconced in the UMA bunker quoting the incoherent scribblings of a millionaire ‘healer’ with 2000 followers who describes charity as a ‘vast and deeply damaging evil’ and says disability is bad karma for being selfish in a past life.

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Esoteric diet or death wish? Serge Benhayon’s assault on public health


The intent of cake is always comfort, same goes for mousse, ice cream and other treats. ©Serge Benhayon and the Hierarchy.

Serge’s non nutritionally based diet is a public health risk. Not because it regards cake as comfort food, but Serge is programming his students to avoid perfectly nutritious foods because they ‘hinder the flow of the light of the soul in the body.’ Seeing Serge regards death as the true path to the soul, the reality testing device translates this as ‘stay away from decent food. It keeps you alive’.

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Accountability: Complaint processes against registered healthcare practitioners

Registered healthcare practitioners in Australia, including dentists, psychologists, physiotherapists, pharmacists and Chinese medicine practitioners are required to abide by national laws and a code of conduct to protect patients. Breaches of those may be reported to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority (AHPRA). Links to the authority and the code follow, with some potentially relevant sections.

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Diet or Eating Disorder Part 2 A Level Headed Nutritional Analysis & Diet As A Tool For Instilling Malleability

I think I’m getting the hang of Esoteric Medicine. As long as prescribed remedies make you weak, sick, neurotic, wooly headed, and kill off your sex drive, you’re well on your way to Esoteric bliss.  Continue reading