Serge of Interest – Private Eye does it again!

Private Eye Benhayon HeadlineThat worked nicely. The UK’s top selling current affairs magazine, Private Eye, was so impressed by the Universal Medicine cult’s frenzy of defensiveness over their probe into UM’s connections with the UK NHS they decided to follow up.  It’s no surprise to us cult members swamped the mailbag protesting about allegations the Eye didn’t make, and couldn’t quite specify which information published was ‘lies’.


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$erge Benhayon hates music – except for the stuff he’s $elling

Enkel Dika, 'Renaissance Rocks'

Enkel Dika, ‘Renaissance Rocks’

For Leonardo’s sake, don’t allow music to ‘enter’ you!

It’s ‘laced with poison’!!

How do we know?

Because $ERGE SAID SO! And how better to eliminate commercial competition than have his highness of holy hubris, the messiah of mediocrity tell you proper music is hazardous to your health. More after the jump, plus an intro to our ripping anti-cult Music Player, but first, a Melody Emergency call…

DIY Prophecies: The coming weekend with Sergie

Roll Out The Sycophants Redux
It’s easy really. You don’t need a crystal ball or to sit on the toilet and listen for the ‘loveliest, sweetest voice’ of the Ascended Masters or whoever. You just need a copy of my hastily compiled ‘Cashed Up Guruism for Dummies’ to surmise what Serge will say when he ‘presents’ this weekend at The Lighthouse. So bets are on for guessing how he’ll avoid explaining why public scrutiny is escalating and he’s sinking into doo doo. We take a stab at the apologisms, excuses, cryptic non panderings and other assorted obfuscations. Continue reading

Roll Out The Sycophants Redux

Oh well, Frome TownTalk removed the news item about Serge Benhayon, the millionaire cult leader about to visit UM’s UK headquarters, The Lighthouse, and the overheated comments melee it inspired. Thankfully, one of the Rick Ross forum contributors saw fit to reproduce the story there, and I’ve decided to copy and paste it here too.

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