Real Media Real Change Relentless Scamming – Esoteric ‘Feminism’

After last December’s epic failure of their Cyber Harrassment Conference, Real Media Real Change is back to old tricks. This time attempting to exploit the good name of International Women’s Day for cult recruitment drives disguised as presentations on women’s health. However, they haven’t registered their events with the IWD organization and again haven’t disclosed themselves as a front group for the harmful and sexist Universal Medicine cult. One wonders how the IWD committee will respond considering they’re now in possession of a collection of Serge Benhayon’s most ‘joy-full’ and loving misogynistic quotes. Continue reading


Naming names – December update

December 2012: This site’s Naming Names page provides a picture of the international scale of the Universal Medicine cult cartel. An update on the official complaints process follows with a message to Universal Medicine practitioners.

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Advertising breaches by healthcare practitioners

Previous posts outlined the codes of conduct for Australian healthcare practitioners and avenues for making official complaints. In addition,  national practitioner boards have jointly developed advertising guidelines for registered practitioners, administered through AHPRA. For unregistered practitioners outside NSW, deceptive advertising may come under the Fair Trading Act.

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Cult doctors: the official complaints process

With their high social status and influence and the qualifications to perform hazardous, invasive procedures, prescribe powerful pharmaceuticals and literally hold lives in their hands, medical doctors are rightly subject to the most rigorous codes of conduct. As recruiters and apologists for destructive cults like Universal Medicine, they have the highest capacity for harm. Relevant sections of the Australian code of conduct for doctors follow, with directions for making official complaints.

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Accountability: Complaint processes against registered healthcare practitioners

Registered healthcare practitioners in Australia, including dentists, psychologists, physiotherapists, pharmacists and Chinese medicine practitioners are required to abide by national laws and a code of conduct to protect patients. Breaches of those may be reported to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority (AHPRA). Links to the authority and the code follow, with some potentially relevant sections.

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The cult lawyers sink to a new low

Again, it’s not a coincidence that I pose questions to Universal Medicine’s apologist lawyers and within a couple of days the propaganda blogs post damage control. As usual the lawyers, like ‘The One’ himself, never do their own bidding. This time it’s foisted on a victim of domestic abuse fleeing a bad marriage and recruited by the lawyers in their very own offices.


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Universal Medicine is Habit Forming, Part 2: Face to face with Serge. Recruitment via dissociation and deception and the gateway to dependency

When I first met Serge Benhayon he portrayed himself as caring, considerate and empathetic. At first I thought he was interested in assisting my wellbeing, but I soon found he was merely seeking to recruit. The following is the first part of an analysis of the dissociative techniques and deceptions I experienced seven years ago.

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