Surviving Universal Medicine – Olga speaks

It took a life-threatening experience for “Olga” to break away from Universal Medicine’s hold. First hand accounts like hers are exactly what this unscrupulous organization and its propaganda mill are aggressively attempting to keep from the public. Olga did everything she could to follow the “fiery path” to the “light of the soul” misleadingly marketed as “The Way of the Livingness”.

It nearly killed her.

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Guilt, death and the absence of grief


Heidi Yardley, ‘Cut’

Universal Medicine cult leader, Serge Benhayon, programs followers to believe disease is punishment for failing to adhere to the oppressive moral code he calls the Livingness. In the following extracts and quotes from Universal Medicine’s ‘truth’ blogs, his followers, including medical professionals, express guilt for minor infractions, and their beliefs that cancer is deserved and disease is a blessing. Responses from fellow cult members reveal Benhayon’s success in emotionally neutering his followers to the point where they believe death is nothing to mourn.

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Serge Benhayon’s magical thinking – developing disease is a moral choice

Universal Medicine’s specialists in pseudoscience take the meaningless premise that ‘everything is energy’ and extrapolate it into an Esoteric theory of disease causation where the human body reflects a person’s moral indiscretions, disease results from incorrect thoughts and behaviour, cancer is a blessing and the prevention of disease is secured by the ‘choice’ to join Serge Benhayon’s cult and pay big bucks to toe his puritanically perverse Livingness line.

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Esoteric Parenting Part 2 – self-loving parents and divided families

Louise Hearman, 'Untitled 1091'

Louise Hearman, ‘Untitled 1091’

In the Universal Medicine cult children are regarded as superior beings until their intellectual capacity develops enough for them to question Serge Benhayon’s teachings. Like the rest of the cult followers, children are free to express themselves provided they do so without emotion, intellect, ideals, creativity, activity or criticism. Benhayon views familial karma as invariably bad, and he exploits painful pasts along with parental feelings of inadequacy to divide families and redirect followers’ loyalty from loved ones to the cult. Divisions are sealed when cult members adopt narcissistic self-love as their parenting ethos, ensuring children are emotionally starved. Finally, as evidenced from the behaviour of his own family, his version of parenting is not about nurturing and protecting but dominance and control.

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Death Drive Part 2: Serge Benhayon & the cult doctors

Rene Magritte, Perspective II Manet's Balcony

Rene Magritte, Perspective II Manet’s Balcony

Cult leader, Serge Benhayon is quoted referring to life energy as the root cause of ‘all ill conditions’, that our Soul has no need for a physical body, that health practices are a waste of energy on a body we will eventually not need, and that  death is a ‘healing’. He’s welcome to his beliefs, but we have a major problem when he establishes a large, highly profitable, international ‘healing’ organization around them, and uses covert hypnotic techniques to indoctrinate the unsuspecting into a drive toward death. Worse when doctors publicly participate, and worse again when AHPRA, the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority, fails to take regulatory action.

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Death Drive Part 1: Serge Benhayon’s cult of death – the doctrine

Esoteric students believe they’re following a path of ‘innermost loving’ and ‘Soulfulness’, yet, analysis of the Universal Medicine cult leader’s writings reveal that Esoteric ‘healing’ is a euphemism for a drive toward death. The ‘glory’ of a UniMed death is marketed as a gateway to more distinguished reincarnations, as well as a ‘cleansing’ and finally a ‘healing’. But not before Serge extracts the maximum funds.

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Esoteric ‘Compassion’: Callous damnation

 Interpret compassion as an emotion and you have drunk the poison of another. Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations
Interpret compassion as an emotion and you have drunk the poison of another. Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p.284

A year ago I visited a children’s hospital in Cambodia; one of five founded by a Swiss doctor, funded by private donors and run on a budget of $17 million per year. Without this care, almost 3,000 children would die per month. Come 2013 and I’m ensconced in the UMA bunker quoting the incoherent scribblings of a millionaire ‘healer’ with 2000 followers who describes charity as a ‘vast and deeply damaging evil’ and says disability is bad karma for being selfish in a past life.

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Packaging Death – Serge Benhayon’s Great Esoteric ‘Livingness’ Swindle

A sampler of Benhayon’s writings reveal his formula for the most sinister of power plays. Not content to fleece his students of their funds, he’s designed his Esoteric program to rob them of their health, their connection to humanity and ultimately their lives. All in the name of ‘healing’ and ‘Medicine’.

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$erge Benhayon hates music – except for the stuff he’s $elling

Enkel Dika, 'Renaissance Rocks'

Enkel Dika, ‘Renaissance Rocks’

For Leonardo’s sake, don’t allow music to ‘enter’ you!

It’s ‘laced with poison’!!

How do we know?

Because $ERGE SAID SO! And how better to eliminate commercial competition than have his highness of holy hubris, the messiah of mediocrity tell you proper music is hazardous to your health. More after the jump, plus an intro to our ripping anti-cult Music Player, but first, a Melody Emergency call…

Cult doctors: the official complaints process

With their high social status and influence and the qualifications to perform hazardous, invasive procedures, prescribe powerful pharmaceuticals and literally hold lives in their hands, medical doctors are rightly subject to the most rigorous codes of conduct. As recruiters and apologists for destructive cults like Universal Medicine, they have the highest capacity for harm. Relevant sections of the Australian code of conduct for doctors follow, with directions for making official complaints.

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