Is Universal Medicine a cult?

Esther Rockett - Health Care Activist

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Universal Medicine is resorting to falsely defaming critics as mentally ill cyber-bullies and deriding the world’s foremost authorities to convince themselves they’re not a cult.

Anything to avoid answering our questions.

So do they fit the definitions of a cult?

And what would Alison Greig know?

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Cult psychologist Brendan Mooney talks us through cult conversion

In this 20 minute promotional video ‘Healing Chronic Pain’, psychologist Brendan Mooney tells how his journey to find pain relief delivered him into the clutches of New Age charlatan, Serge Benhayon. The eventual pain relief was unrelated to Serge’s meddling, in spite of cult stalwart, Dr Rachel Hall calling it ‘a miracle’. Esoteric healing merely succeeded in transforming Mooney into a vocal cultist, willing to breach his professional codes of conduct to promote the Universal Medicine business.

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Dismantling SergeSpeak – the Universal Medicine cult dictionary meets the reality tester translator

Gentle breath .. soulfulness .. self-loving choices .. femaleness .. yumminess .. fiery .. pranic   .. in-truth .. esoteric

The SergeSpeak slogans of the Universal Medicine cult have little to no relationship with real world dictionary definitions, so what do they really mean? We pass some of the more exuberant terms through the reality tester (conveniently located between non cult members’ ears) and find they come out backwards, twisted, bent…anything but straight.

A bit like the cult leader himself.

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Esoteric ‘love’ – guaranteed desolation

A well documented characteristic of the Universal Medicine cult is the high rate of relationship breakdowns among its students. This transcript of an audio recording of one of Serge Benhayon’s lectures, reveals how Serge’s teachings on ‘love’ are really instructions on how to emotionally shut down. Is it any wonder relationships, not just with partners, but children, friends, family and even pets then suffer?

Universal Medicine is Habit Forming, Part 4: Dependency and dread. Daily life in the Esoteric bell jar

Having recruited the susceptible by exploiting their sensitivities to past traumas and using healing as a front for his deception, Serge intensifies his thought reform regime, keeping students in a chronic state of trancelike dissociation. In some cases the ensuing dependency on his persona, teachings, practices and the group turns to full blown addiction. We look at how students spend their days saturated with Serge.

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Universal Medicine is Habit Forming, Part 2: Face to face with Serge. Recruitment via dissociation and deception and the gateway to dependency

When I first met Serge Benhayon he portrayed himself as caring, considerate and empathetic. At first I thought he was interested in assisting my wellbeing, but I soon found he was merely seeking to recruit. The following is the first part of an analysis of the dissociative techniques and deceptions I experienced seven years ago.

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